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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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him. >> reporter: maricopa police calling this a fax spoof. something else that is interesting is the same kind of fax with a bomb threat in it was faxed to two other schools in the country, one was facted to a school in mcdermott, ohio, the other to a school in atlanta, georgia. those incidents, too, turned out to be hoaxes. things are calm here it. was an eerily quiet day here at maricopa school will go on as scheduled tomorrow. reporting live from maricopa, linda williams, fox 10 news. north canyon high went into lockdown after reports of a student with a gun on campus. the student was taken into custody. they let out a letter to parents saying that students after the incident were safe and the campus was safe, no problems.
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happened. the school was placed on lockdown after a gun was found in a backpack. police in casa grande investigating another incident. police say they found a 13-year-old seventh grader with a firearm in his backpack. the gun was not loaded but there was ammunition in that backpack. the boy told police they wanted to show off the gun to his friends. he was released the pinal county attorney's office have have the case to see if charges will be released in this. you go out to your driveway and a guy stole your car. the thief stole the car out of the driveway. police found the car ditched after a crash near 56th and southern. the thief took the keys and left
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no sign of the suspect. parents of a valley pilot who crashed into a home is speaking out. the pilot suffered serious burns before the plane went down and he had his first surgery. kristy siefkin is here with how he is recovering tonight. >> reporter: a scary situation. jan and bill kilgore says their son is a licensed pilot a because of ryan's quick actions. s. >> we received a call that no parent wants to receive. >> reporter: speaking out at the arizona burn center at maricopa integrated health system where their son is being treated for burns he suffered before his plane crashed into a home. on saturday night, ryan kilgore was flying a plane for an event in gilbert.
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ryan's parents say he flew the plane as long as he could. he was burned while the skydivers escaped safely. >> he jumped with a parachute that skydiving pilots are required to wear. >> reporter: when he landed in a field, people rushed over to help. two freedom were in the home when the crash happened but thankfully, they got out ok. >> ryan was deeply concerned for the family whose hom damaged in the crash. to his relief, he learned no one else had been injured. >> reporter: they say they are proud of their son's actions and they are grateful for the support they have received since the crash. >> for the heroic actions and the outpouring of the community, we remember the world is filled with people who care. >> reporter: good news coming
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they say ryan is in stable condition after his first surgery. i'm kris tie siefkin, fox 10 news. a military plane crashes during a training session. the f.a.a. confirming that plane went down near you back -- you back city. one of the pilots died, another injured. scary moments for onboard an american airlines flight that left phoenix after a pilot reported a malfunction with the landing gear. passengers onboard tell us the flight was scary when they heard about this. troy hayden has the story tonight. >> reporter: flight 574 was scheduled to land in tampaed a about midnight. just before landing, the plane
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minutes. >> i called my father and said they can't get the landing gear down. we're leaving everything to you. i'll go home and make a will but i haven't done that yet. take care of my dog. >> you make quick phone calls to your loved ones and you never think you're going to do that. when you're in that situation, you do it, so i called my mom from the plane and told her i loved her and if i didn't get through it just >> reporter: the flight attendants instructed them to brace as if the plane were to crash during landing. >> prepare for impact, prepare for impact and we landed safely. >> reporter: passengers say the crew members did a great job handling the situation. >> everybody on the plane was calling their loved ones and a lot of cheering and a lot of tears and a lot of grateful people. >> reporter: there were 146
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troy hayden, fox 10 news. >> in a statement american airlines say the inldz cater light went on in the cockpit. the aircraft landed with no problems but everybody is safe. no problem. new details about the man suspected in the bombings in new york city and new jersey. he -- his father contacted the his father was a terrorist. the f.b.i. looked into the matter and determined that ahmad khan rahami's father retracted the comment and it meant that his son was hanging out with the wrong crowd, including gangs. 29 people were injured when a pressure cooker bomb exploded in new york. police believe that ahmad khan rahami may have been responsible for planting the bombs, along
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away and one in seaside heights, new jersey. a former classmate says he is shocked by these allegations. >> what is shocking is he went from a kid who was normal to go off to a cubicle or sell cars or accounting. i don't know what the mentality of someone like that is. >> rahami was taken into custody after a shootout with police in linden, new jersey. new security measu phoenix city hall. anyone who wants to visit city hall has to go through metal detectors. city officials say they want to beef up security in -- after shootings in orlando and san bernardino. let's talk about gas prices for a minute. they remain above $2 a gallon.
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according to, the average gas price in phoenix comes in at $2.09 a gallon. statewide, the average is running about $2.11. we're getting a break here in phoenix. nationally, take a look at this. the price the higher up to $2.21 a gallon. prices up 6 cents but they are down 9 cents from this time last year. when it your car runs on regular but you try to get extra kick. aaa says you shouldn't bother. there is no point in buying premium gas. 16 million drives spend $2 billion a year that they didn't need fop check your owner's manual to see if premium
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obstacle for drivers along bethany home road. it was happening this afternoon. the obstacle is a dog. afternoons -- adot tweeted out these pictures. they were able to safely get the dog off of the interstate. maybe he was going places. >> they are always going places. >> they are on the run. >> reporter: parents here at fulton elementary hoping to get their students more recess tim i'm danielle miller. i will tell you why they say it is ben dpicial. samsung rolling out replacement phones after exploding phones prompted a recall. a construction project is under way at mesa-gateway
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i always say recess. recess is great, how do you turn down recess? parents at one chandler elementary school think their kids are spending too much time in the classroom and they want an outdoor break for their kids. danielle miller is live at fulton elementary where they are meeting with school leaders about the concerns. my son just stopped recess and i
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fulton elementary school grades three through six get a 20 minute break. they can do whatever they want with those 20 minutes as long as they are under school rules. parents are hoping to get more breaks like this one. this group of parents is focusing on grades three through six because kindergarten through second graders get more breaks throughout the entire day. these parents are her at this school. they are meeting with the school's principal to talk about the benefits of having more break time and students do have breaks, which are designated by the teachers those are called brain breaks. they are not outdoor breaks, typically what we think of as recess. parents are hoping to get one more 20 minute break of free play. >> i think there is a lot of academic pressure but research
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break from this concentrated instruction and come back, they are able to retain information better, make better decisions. we feel like those minutes become quality instead of quantity. if they want to play soccer, they can play soccer. if they want to walk around with their friends and be on the swings and that is what we love about recess that it is unstructured and the children are making the decision. >> reporter: there has been a petition passed around where the group of parents signatures so far. what is going to happen here moving forward, there is no designated date when there will be more recess added. there will be a survey going around to see if they will like this or not like this and that is when the school will make the decision. danielle miller, fox 10 news. samsung expected to begin its replacement program tomorrow.
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new ones in the markets in seoul, south korea yesterday. the faulty batteries were found in a fraction of the phones but as a precaution, they are replacing all of the batteries. samsung announced a voluntary recall because some of the phones caught fire and exploded but last week, the federal government issued a recall of all you probably noticed the humidity out there today. plenty of cloud cover and we're not done with this system yet. we'll give you a look at the
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>> reporter: little bit of a break of sunshine but over all we've seen cloudy skies today. overcast conditions for several days now. the temperatures are great. 87 degrees right now in sky harbor. a little bit gusty out there. winds at 17 miles an hour and take a look at the bulk of this moisture tracking through northwestern arizona. the valley has been spared for the most part from many rain showers. most of the rain we are tracking
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border into lake havasu city approaching bagdad up to the ashforks area. we've seen pockets of heavy rain. rainfall rate about .5 of an inch an hour, if not more. the valley has not gotten rain but neighboring cities have, particularly to the north and west of us. tropical depression paine is to blame that we're seeing in california and arizona. it has been downgraded from a category one hurricane and it north and to the west as it approaches the baja peninsula. it is not expected to be a tropical depression as it approaches the area. dew points in the upper 50's in bullhead city and prescott in the 60's in lake havasu and yuma. drier as we look in northeastern arizona. this system is going to lead to
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washout by any means. a little bit of activity possible into wednesday afternoon even into thursday as we start to see the clouds breakup, we may see a few stray showers. temperatures pleasant across the state. 68 in payson. upper 70's in bullhead city. 86 in nogales. temperature wise, well below the seasonable norm. we only came in at 89 degrees today so the norm. we're a couple days away from fall. thursday is the official first day of fall. we're going to see cool conditions as we make our way into the afternoon hours will be 92 degrees cooling into the 80's and eventually into the 60's keeping showers in the forecast. we'll coo down to 74 degrees. 65 for safford. 50 for window rock. into tomorrow, seeing a bit of
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93 for gila bend. 84 into winslow. 70 for the grand canyon. 76 for show low. slight chance of showers continuing into tomorrow. still cool but not as cool as we saw out there today. we'll be in the low 90's as we make our way into the first day of fall. we'll see pleasant and cooler numbers as we make our way into the weekend. >> that looks great. it is hard to believe. >> sneaky next week. >> she tried to cover that up in there. a big makeover gets under way at phoenix mesa-gateway
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu.
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also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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take a look at this young aviator. one of the many heros who saved this nation during world war ii. this morning, an honor flight with 28 veterans onboard left sky harbor d.c. it is there for the first time these veterans will see the world war ii memorial. liz kotalik talked with them before they took off. >> reporter: terminal four of sky harbor filled with the stories of american heros. >> bring back old memories. >> reporter: memories of piloting an f4u4 in world war ii. >> flying this off of a carrier, teaching me how to do it, and doing it.
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you? >> yeah. >> reporter: this 92-year-old one of 28 veterans flying to d.c. to see the memorial for the first time. a memorial pays tribute to the 400,000 lives lost but remembers the sacrifice of survivors. you were on the island of ire woe jima and you got there 24 hours after the marines did. you did not have enough food and water, did you? >> no, they had to bring the they allowed us one canteen a day. if you wanted to wash your face or shave, which nobody did, and drink and that is all there was. >> reporter: he got kidney stones and stuck in a hospital as bombs were dropping from the sky telling his doctors he was too tired to leave and if they needed to leave, cover him with
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>> our fellows put on a pageant and the guards brought in their families to watch our pageant. >> reporter: reality for many others is grim and painful. this trip, ken says, a way to help all of their legacies live on. >> i'm just thankful i can go and pay tribute to these fellows that didn't make it >> reporter: liz kotalik, fox 10 news. >> a.s.u.'s partnership with the iconic landmark in downtown phoenix and they are gathering for the grand opening on central. it is an historic hotel that houses elderly and low-income residents. the space will be used by nursing, nutrition, and social
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residents. >> our normal clinical setting is any hospital that is where we do clinics every week. here it is very much in the community, very much in the center of this residency for for the ten ants here. >> nearly 300 residents live in this iconic westward an investigation under way after a high school student comes forward claiming she was sexually assaulted on campus. >> we'll have the latest from the campaign trail, including results of a new national poll. shocker of the day, angelina jolie in a surprise move files for divorce from actor brad pitt. she says there is not another woman so why does she want out? premiere week continues on
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nine-nine" followed by "new girl" and at 8:00, "scream
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new tonight at five... new tonight at 5:00, a student is sexually assaulted on the campus of high school. the teen was attacked in an elevator at the east valley institute of technology. >> andrew hasbun has been following this story. what happened? >> reporter: john, just after this happened last week, that female student reported it to a teacher here at the east valley institute of technology. as mesa police continue the investigation, the school tells us the teenage suspect has
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the incident happened in an elevator inside a sprawling campus near main street and alma school. the victim claims a male student sexually assaulted her after the two exchanged a hug. the female student told a teacher and the school notified mesa police. the incident hand on september 15. the two classmates are in the east valley institute law enforcement program. in a statement, the school tells us they immediately notified police when the student notified the teacher. the male student has with drawn from school and that are recommending charges against him. both the victim and suspect are under age, we don't know much about their identities, especially the suspect but we're hearing the suspect may be charged as an assault.


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