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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 21, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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person to attend. they appear to be gearing up to what looks like an expensive fight against those who support legalizing marijuana. they have raised millions. some of the special guests include governor doug ducey and the mayor of colorado springs. >> my advice to arizonans is to sit back and watch the other state's experiments continue to involve and see if this is something you want to be involved w if recreational marijuana will be legalized like alcohol. >> prop 205 is chock-full of special interests that guarantees you get rich while the rest of us pay the price. >> reporter: the invitation for the fundraiser shows it costs $10,000 to participate in the roundtable discussion and
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reception. the other side has raised just over $3 million. >> this is an issue about regulating and what is in the marijuana and taxing it and sending that money to schools and local governments taking it out of the hands of drug cartels. >> reporter: a recent poll shows a third of colorado voters voted to repeal the colorado laws. >> it shows after allowing responsibly and legally that the sky is not falling. the residents of colorado think it is a good thing or it has had no impact. >> reporter: according to the latest filings with the secretary of state's office. those who oppose legalizing marijuana have raised $1 million and half of their contributions came from individuals. on the other side of the issue, supporters of legalizing
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and more than 90% of their donations came from businesses and the businesses include marijuana dispensaries. reporting live in paradise valley, i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. maricopa high school campus evacuated after officials received a fax with threats against the school. the fax mentioned a few threats, including a bomb. maricopa county school district students were bussed to a middle school and that is where parents picked them up. >> i'm not shaken. i'm not frightened. i don't know if there are other people freaking out. you don't know if anybody is serious or if it is really bad. >> we're told that schools in ohio and georgia received similar faxes today. classes at maricopa high school will go on as scheduled tomorrow. police are investigating.
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to parachute from a burning plane over the weekend are speaking out. ryan kilgore was flying skydivers over a festival when& the plane caught fire. this was a terrifying ordeal. the four skydivers were able to jump safely from the plane but kilgore continued to fly it and he was badly burned. his plane crashed into a gilbert home. >> ryan was deeply concernedor damaged in the crash. thanks to his quick and appropriate action, everyone onboard the flight survived. >> the two people inside the home, the home heavily damaged but the two people inside were unharmed. kilgore is still in the hospital in stable condition. sheriff deputies make an arrest in guadalupe in a murder there. investigator says ramon quinner
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killing his friend because his friend made fun of his girlfriend. he shot his friend while his friend was sleeping. dean saxton was a street preacher known as brother dean. he is under arrest for kicking a female u. of a. student in tucson. in the past, dean says young women deserve to be raped, pretty shocking words. dean is now. the water in lake mohave reservoir will drop seven feet in the next several week's. officials are lowering the water level to move the sucker fish to the colorado river. once the endangered species is back in the natural habitat, the water level will be replaced at
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cancer-causing chemical contaminates water in all 50 states. danielle miller is live with what the city has to say about this. >> reporter: pretty scary stuff to hear, especially all of the negative things we heard about chromium 6. we did speak with a city official and he is telling us this drinking water is tested thousands of times a day totaling five million times every year. he is telling u t study is misleading. a recent report done by e.w. g. claiming the average level of chromium 6 in the city of phoenix drinking level supply is one of the highest in the country, which is 400 times scientists deem safe. chromium 6 can cause lung cancer, liver damage, and
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contact with the geology under the ground. when it is pumped out, it is in the ground water. >> reporter: water services director with the city of phoenix says people living in the valley drinking water from the tap have nothing to worry about. he believes the newspapers are misleading because he says it was the ground water that was tested. >> the unique thing about phoenix is ground water is only 2% of the water we use. 98% is the surface w the water in our distribution center, the water going to our customers has low levels of chromium in it. >> reporter: hayes says drinking water in the valley is a safe product for the customers. >> the technology to remove chrome is only one part in our technology and that is only half of what the technology can remove it to. reporter: the e.p.a. did release a statement saying in part, acceptable level of
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but they are studying it and its affects. if anything comes from the study, regulations could be put in place and hayes tells us, if there are regulations put in place that are not already there, phoenix will stand up to the regulations. he says the drinking water in the valley is completely safe. parents at chandler elementary school say their kids spend too much time in the classroom and not enough time running around getting they are asking the school to give their kids more recess time. kids in grades three through six only get one 20-minute recess after their lunch period. the parents are asking the school's principal to give them at least one more break for the kids. they started a petition and they have collected 116 signatures for more recess time. >> research has shown that when
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concentrated instruction and come back, they are able to retain information better, make better decisions. we feel like those minutes become quality instead of quantity. >> right now, students in grades three through six have other breaks designated by the teachers but they are not outside breaks. a survey will be sent to the parents on the matter and the school will make a decision. a.s.u. teaming up with the historic hotel phoenix to give students more experience in nursing and social work. today marked the grand opening of the clap a tori for students to work with the 300 residents that live at the hotel. coming up next, you work extra hours so you deserve to be compensated, right? why one arizona city is fighting
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employees. agents find the journey of - journal of the man accused of setting off the bombs back east. >> reporter: trump campaigning hard and the polls show the race
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the accusations against bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami are chilling. criminal complaints filed in federal court say that rahami wrote in a journal "the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets." the afghan born naturalized u.s. citizen will be facing attempted murder charges in new jersey. those charges stem from the police gun bat that will battle that left two police officers injured as well as rahami. donald trump and hillary clinton are amping up their campaign. >> reporter: donald trump had the campaign trail to himself taking advantage of a clear lane to press new attacks against his opponent. long before he hit the stage in north carolina, trump was
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the day off again. sleep well, hillary. see you at the debate. in front of a crowd that includes more young people, trump zeroed in on the terrorist attack blaming a failed obama and clinton policy. >> these attacks are made possible because of the extremely open immigration system that fails to screen the families come into our country. >> reporter: he hopes his message resinates in north carolina but the real clear politics that shows the state is up for grabs. both candidates are fighting off negative perceptions. the washington post shows that trump may have violated u.s. tax law by using donations from his foundations in settling legal
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firestorm when he compared refugees to skittles and two or three of the skittles are poisoned. clinton is taking a couple of days off to get under donald trump's skin under their first debate. trump prefers momentum and taking the weekend to get ready. john roberts, fox news. >> fox 10 is where you want to be for complete coverage of the john hook will be at new york on monday for the first of the three presidential debates. a long island brewery is whipping up a special beer in honor of the presidential debate. the blue point brewery is putting off finishing touches on their ale used by president george washington, including
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good news for passengers at this is not good news for passengers at sky harbor airport. beginning ne is closing the north runway. it could mean that 30-minute flight delays are possibly during the peak hours. the runway will be closed for a month for maintenance starting on october 6. passengers are being asked to check on the flight status before heading to the airport. speaking of flights, a terrifying flights. what a terrifying experience for passengers on an american airline flight from phoenix to
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to make an emergency landing after there is problems with their landing gear. the flight was about to land at tampa international airport, once the plane started circling for 45 minutes, the passengers knew something was wrong. >> i called my father and said this is donna, they can't get the landing gear down. i will leave it up to i said take care of oceana that is my dog. >> reporter: passengers were told to prepare for a crash landing. >> prepare for impact and we were in the impact position and we landed safely. everyone on the plane was calling their loved ones and a lot of cheering and tears and a lot of grateful people. >> reporter: none of the 146
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arizona is among 21 states suing the u.s. department of labor over a new law making more high-wage salary workers eligible for overtime pay. the lawsuit was filed today. it asks the court to block the law before it takes effect december 1. the law would burden businesses by more than doubling the payroll to pay what is well compensated workers for >> reporter: i'm sure you noticed the additional cloud cover out there today. we're not done with the push of moisture yet. we'll talk about the chances of
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i woke up in the middle of the night to rain but i thought we would get more today. >> reporter: are you sure it is not your sound machine? >> maybe it was the dog scratching. i did hear a little bit of rain. >> reporter: some people did get it. some people saying where the heck was it, all of that cloud cover, where was the rain? we're going to see the same pattern. maybe you will be as lucky as kari 84 degrees at sky harbor. most of the moisture we've seen today has exited arizona. it is making its way to the north and to the east. phoenix dry as a bone right now. the green we're seeing on the sensors right now is ground clutter. scattered activity and that is what we're going to see once again as we get into the next few days, all thanks to what is a tropical depression paine.
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been downgraded. expected to make landfall as a rehm nentd low. rahm emanuel going -- we're going to see rain conditions. 68 for the dew point in lake havasu. as we time out the rain over the next couple of day, you will notice it is scattered even as we get into wednesday. a chance f in the cloud cover and a little more sunshine pouring through. 60's in st. johns, winslow. 77 in yuma and the valley. we're looking at numbers in the 80's. florence, you have dropped into the 80's same for apache junction. much cooler than what we have seen for the seasonable high. the numbers we're going to see for the first day of fall in two days looking great.
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activity for your afternoon into the evening and overnight hours cooling into the 80's and eventually into the upper 60's. 64 for sedona. 62 for nogales. page in the upper 50's. tomorrow, 90's across the lower deserts. 70's tonight. slight chance for rain tomorrow and maybe intermittent storms for thursday. we see the upper 80's and 90's into your weekend. prioritize the number one issue for the arizona cardinals heading back east against ?the buffaloes, we'll give you a
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>> reporter: let's start with the coaching tree, rob and rex ryan broke into the nfl here in arizona two their late father buddy ryan. that was 20 years ago, can you imagine that? buddy's philosophy was all about putting pressure on the quarterback that is where it started. i say that because when they travel to buffalo, it will be all about protecting carson palmer in the passing game. quite frankly, pass protection against the buccaneers looked really good. you saw the touchdown catches by
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carson palmer said the clean pocket was significant for him to pick and choose where he wanted to go and make his reads and go down field to jaron brown. i talked to d.j. humphries and to react to his clean pocket comment. he says that is the way you get it done if you want effectiveness in the passing game. >> it is good time knowing how hard i have been t and doing my end and protect the edge for a minute. in the whole line, we picked it up this week. we have to do it again. >> reporter: here is your lineup for sunday, nfl kickoff at 8:00, fox sunday at 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. cards at the buffalo bills. what do they do on their off day?
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hartford elementary for patrick's book corner program. contributing 1,700 books for the kids out there and just setting up and helping the library in dramatic fashion. you remember sunday, the i.n.t. at the early part of the game and patrick pointing at the end of the stands. i got a chance to talk to him about the program and what he does in his off time. i wanted to know who are you pointing there are 60,000 fans who thought you were pointing to them. >> no, i pointed to my baby girl. i told her i was going to get an interception so she was siting in her seat and i pointed to her and told her daddy got her one for the 2016 season. >> reporter: cards back on the field tomorrow. d-backs, rain, rain did not go away for a while.
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finally, later in the evening, archie bradley back on the hill strikes out jon jay. bradley, consistently better and better as the season progressed and not bad today. the double scores but this game has tightened up. keep in mind with the rain delay, we're talking only in the sixth inning. who do you think comes in to save the day here to tie it up? paul goldschmidt, you got i two run homer to tie the game at two as we speak in the sixth inning. we'll keep tabs on that. i will tell you it was fun to get out there with the youngsters and see how patrick interacts with the kids and handing out books. >> reporter: it is nice to see there are paperback books and not just ipads. >> get them interested in reading young. "modern family" is up next.
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