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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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good afternoon. right now, the f.b.i. is looking for two men in a surveillance more about the. recent bombings in new york and new jersey. >> at the same time, we are learning new details about the suspect in the attacks. the f.b.i. released an image of two men taking a bomb that never exploded into new york city. the unidentified individuals are those who the f.b.i. want to
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device behind while leaving the suitcase. court papers show that the f.b.i. looked into ahmad khan rahami two years ago. they did not take any action because nothing tied him to terrorism. the u.s. citizen recorded himself igniting a blast in his backyard and his father spoke out with his media saying he knew his son was capable of something >> what did he do bad? >> he hit my wife and i put him in jail four years ago. >> that man is the suspect's father saying rahami stabbed another one of his sons and hit his wife so he put him in jail two years ago. his wife is being extradited back to the u.s. after fleeing before the bombings. another fatal police
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over in north carolina. a black police officer shooting and killing a black man. there are protests and arguments if the man was armed. police insisting he did have a gun. a dozen officers injured during protests that turned into riots. it started when police officers were searching for a suspect with a warrant. they spotted a man inside a car. police say he got out of the car holding a gun and got back inside. it prompted one of the officers, who is also black, to open fire. the man died at the hospital and the officer is on administrative leave. >> the riots broke into walmart. riots looted the store. one employees say technology was stolen, including a flat-screen tv and ipads. suspect behind bars for the
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in and he killed his friend because his friend insulted his girlfriend. he was drinking and smoking before he shot him. he is now facing first-degree murder charges. a convict who raped a prison teacher has been ordered to pay $10 million to the teacher. jacob harvey was ordered to pay the victim after he refused to participate in a telephone interview. prison after pleading guilty. students heading back to class after the big scare at maricopa high school yesterday we brought you as breaking news. the campus locked down, evacuated, a threat was made. a bomb thread was faxed to the school. the fax threatened teachers saying they will be taken hostage. faxes were sent to schools in ohio and atlanta yesterday.
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middle school so parents could pick them up. students in north canyon high school arrested saying he brought a gun on that campus. the student showed the officers where the gun was. the student was cooperative. he didn't mean to harm anybody but this is not the first time a student brought a gun here. back in may, a 17-year-old in the same school was found with a loaded gun in his backpack. travel time at sky harbor could take longer over the next several weeks. on october 6 they are shutting down the north runway for a month. the airport is you are -- warning passengers that it could cause delay especially during peak travel time, 7:30-10:00 a.m. and then
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phoenix drinking water contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical? a new report raising concerns. building a wall to keep immigrants out isn't a donald trump original idea. we'll show you which european nation has started to build their own wall. can you guess how many millions of dollars that brad pitt and angelina jolie will be >> it is time to talk finances and see who gets the chateau in france or the vineyard in italy?
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donald trump has gotten a lot of flack for proposing a donald trump has gotten a donald trump has talked about building a wall, part of it here in arizona to keep immigrants out but that is what france is doing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. france is going to that stretches along a popular port so it stops immigrants from jumping on trucks and heading to england. it will be 13 feet high and on both sides of the road. after prices went from $890 $890 -- $90 to more than $600 for epipens.
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lowering the price. she says the company does not want to go back to a time where awareness to allergic reactions was low. an alarming study shows that drinking water here in phoenix has high levels of chromium 6. the city says hold on a second this study is misleading. the study claims that phoenix water has the highest chromium levels in the scientists think are safe. chromium 6 causes cancer, lung damage, the water has been tested and the water they came out with is ground water but overall, the water is safe. >> the unique thing about phoenix is ground water is only 2% of the water we use. 98% is in surface water.
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water going to customers has low levels of chromium in it. >> once the studies are complete, new regulations could be put in place. apple is building a new solar power plant to make up for the electricity used in the data center. s.r.p. recently voted to purchase power from the plant, which will be built in florence. it is expected to generate enough homes. apple will use it to company the power they use already. parents at one elementary school want to stop studying so hard and they want their kids to go outside more. they want to extend their kids' recess so a petition signed by more than 100 parents asking for one more recess throughout the
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break during the school day. a survey will be sent out to parents before they make final decisions. are you looking for part-time work for the holiday season? macy's is looking for workers and shippers. >> i've a an image of uncle sam. landslides sweeping away homes. these images are heartbreaking. >> reporter: we've got weather to still raining in some parts of arizona. how long will it last?
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable --
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money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. a weather alert out of a weather alert out of indonesia where torrential rains have triggered deadly flooding
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at least 19 people have been killed and several more are missing. two rivers overflowed forcing the evacuation of 1,000 people. many homes have been swept away. we've had interesting weather here the last couple of days. it is cloudy but not raining. >> it is not bringing anything. >> reporter: not >> high country. >> reporter: lake havasu city has been busy. >> really? i like lake havasu city. >> spring break. >> reporte: london bridge. >> good steakhouse. >> reporter: i like your angle and syleste's angle, spring break. >> there is an excellent steakhouse and she is like spring break. >> you bring the food and i will bring the fun. >> reporter: we're going to
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14 years. we're headed for sunshine across much of the state although you can see the clouds out there. they have been on and off throughout the day and western parts of arizona are busy with showers at the moment. 92 at sky harbor. not much of a breeze going out there. here is a look at the radar and where the rain is falling, not much going on in the metro area. you have to head farther to the west to catch the real weather. this is part of area of showers. it is what is left of that tropical storm. it used to be called hurricane paine but that storm has been really reduced to next to nothing. i don't know how much longer we'll last with the cloud cover but as far as the real threat for rain goes, i have a feeling by tomorrow afternoon, it will be out of here. this mess does have to drag itself across the state and it
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now. the whole mass of showers will have to track eastward so that may take until tomorrow. skies will have cleared out and i think we're going to be in for a fantastic launch towards the weekend. friday, best day of week. temperatures will be on the cool side and that is always good news, too. here is what we're talking about. see how the showers stretch from they have to move in this direction so it has to take until tomorrow. we'll see enough sunshine to keep you sun lovers happy as well. get on to your temps and they are looking not so bad at this time of the day. it is a nice way to roll. are we going back -- there we go. i know we love mohave county but that is enough for the showers.
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93 degrees in gila bend. here in the valley, these numbers look pretty good, too. everyone situated in the generally low 90's. apache junction the warm spot at 95. same with ahwatukee. around the rest of the country, look at this, 90 in omaha and it is only 2:00 p.m. out there. 89 in st. louis. mid 90's in dallas. it is going to be a tough afternoon for folks in the middle of the country. they can't seem to buy any cool we have showers moving through the great lakes and a stubborn mess off of the east coast that is bringing rain to virginia and north carolina for most of the morning. so back here in arizona, here is the way your numbers will stack up. 90's for the deserts. 70's for the mountains. on we roll for the next week and a half. today, 93. tomorrow, still a chance for lingering thunderstorms but the
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86 degrees there and sunshine will be constant companion as we head into the weekend and next week, too. >> i think that degree on friday dropped a bit. >> reporter: i like the -- you're like the lady at the grocery store watching that tape and checking every item. >> saving us something. >> it is all in the details. coming up, brad and angelina are worth some can you guess how much they are worth? plus, hollywood heavy weights are coming together for a remake. what the rock, jack black, and
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? whole foods agrees to pay welcome back. whole foods agrees to pay $3.5 million for mishandling environmental waste. the grocer came under fire by
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products that were once for sale but then classified as hazardous waste. the retail world, macy's announcing they are hiring and big time. 83,000 workers, temporary workers for the holiday season. the new hires will work at macy's, bloomingdale's, call centers, and shipping facilities. kohl's and target are announcing seasonable hiring plans. it is probably the biggest breakup in 2016 and we're learning that brad pitt and angelina jolie did not sign a prenumb. brad is worth $240 million and angelina jolie is worth $160. they have a $60 million chateau in france and the vineyard is worth $41 million, plus a home in london, another in new orleans all worth tens of
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they both earn about $21 million per movie. we're learning more about the late alexis arquette. she transitioned over. this is her in earlier roles. cardiac arrest is the immediate cause of death but it is revealed she was living with h.i.v. for 30 years. she had an infection in her heart but.i curtis hanson has died. he was found in his california home last night. he died of natural causes. he was best known for his screenplay work on "8-mile." he was 71. your first look at the set
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that was robin williams, right? >> it was. >> the team is filming in hawaii. the film is expected to come out next year. "empire" is back. there are a lot of unanswered questions after last season left fans with two major cliff hangers. taraji p. henson says we can expect cookie to find herself, grow as a character as she takes on a bigger role in empire. season three premieres t there is a lot of slapping on that show. >> lots of excitement. >> got a look at your forecast when we come back. we're going to show you one
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>> reporter: all right, weather fans. here we go. we'll take a quick tour of the state. who is getting wet? nobody in the metro area but you get to yuma way and you will catch showers along the eight, rocky, point and northward. it is thees state with this tropical event. more showers on the way although that hurricane has is now no longer named but the rain is around. look for a slim chance of showers tomorrow, after that, into a sunny friday and into a great weekend. >> hurricane paine is no longer. this next story has a lot of
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can't eat or drink in his tesla. >> look at what he did. >> when i count to three, take a sip, one, two, three. how did you do? >> bad. >> bad what? >> it went in my nose. >> terrible but oh, so funny. >> dad did it with a straight >> he is not laughing. i would be dying if it was me. those teslas really accelerate. that will knock the water out of your glass.
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. welcome to "dish nation." we are fresh off the emmys high, but where do we go from there? i tell you what, we have a great show for you. we kim from empire, and we might have convinced him to tell us who fell off that balcony. >> i need to know where. >> ne is which actress was told she needs to weigh less than 140 pounds? people are hateful out there. z . >> they're wrong. >> first, the paperwork has been filed. angelina jolie has filed for a divorce from brad pitt. >> i don't need to hear that. >> say it isn't so. >> i said this before, honey. the same she got him is how she's going to lose him. >> years have gone by. they have kids, jerry.


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