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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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suspected of lifting up a woman's dress and grabbing her from behind. this all happened in a neighborhood on 59th avenue just north of beardsley. tonight detectives have a sketch of that suspect. fox 10's marcy jones has the latest. >> reporter: according to police, this took place on 1:40 p.m. on september 9th. neighbors here in this area say it's very disturbing and disgusting. it was pretty bold of this guy to do it in broad daylight. now they're keeping their eyes and ears off the streets. this glendale neighborhood on high alert after police say a man lifted up a female's skirt and grabbed her inappropriately. >> it's a great neighborhood. unfortunately, things like this happen way too frequently. i know the people in the neighborhood well, so hopefully we can get him caught.
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and about all the time. >> they play in the cull see -- cul de sacs. they go to each other's house to swim and play. they walk to school. this is a big shocker. >> reporter: while the suspect is still out there, it happened all while she was waiting for the bus. she doesn't have her license yet. she says that she's okay, but obviously, very shaken up. of course, if you have any information about this incident, you're asked to call police immediately. in glendale, marcy jones, fox 10 news. the body of an arizona woman is found in new mexico, and deputies are treating this case now as a murder investigation.
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the 33-year-old victim on sunday night. it was along a road. her car was found about two miles away. at this point, deputies are not releasing the man's name, and they're not saying where she lived in arizona. there's no word yet on a motive for that killing. a small charter school in phoenix burglarized and vandalized overnight, and police are trying to figure out who's responsible for that crime. the burglars broke out windows. they just trashed the classrooms. this was at midtown primary school near 19th avenue and camelback. bus passes and hundreds of dollars in cash were also stolen. city crime records show there have been a string of burglaries in this neighborhood over the last six months. police are trying to figure out if recent burglaries are related. >> we've been here at this location for 18 years. we've never had this problem. it's really sad. we didn't deserve this. i don't think any of the other businesses in this area deserve this. >> the school had a fund-raiser that was planned for tonight at
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that fund-raiser will now be used to raise money for repairs for the school. a phoenix fund-raiser is under arrest for committing food stamp fraud in the amount of $600,000. undercover state, local, and federal investigators served search warrants at two locations, including one near 16th street and mcdowell. they took myra ramirez into custody. she's accused of benefits for cash and then purchasing those items with edt cards. chandler police say this guy went 0 into a mid first bank branch on august 11th near chandler boulevard and old school road. he demanded money from the teller, got the cash, and took off. these images are not good quality. but anyone who might recognize this man is being asked to call police or silent witness. maricopa county supervisors today approved more than $4
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lawyers who won a racial profiling case against sheriff joe arpaio. the legal costs continued to grow in this case, and they're expected to surpass more than $70 million. taxpayers so far have been on the hook for $50 million and millions more will go toward future costs. sheriff arpaio continued to conduct immigration sweeps months after being told not to. the sheriff, seeking a fifth term in office criminal proceedings. the council says it's required by law to pay the attorney's fees. >> to be clear, we don't have the election as to whether or not we want to pay this. this is one of the things where under the statute we have a responsibility to pay. >> we shouldn't be in this situation. that's the unfortunate part. you sit here and start writing up a wrirb list. what could we have done with $4.4 million? >> the original cost to cover the attorney's fees is nearly $6 million.
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the $4.4 million. it's being paid for out of the county's emergency funds. the story has a lot of you sounding off on the facebook page. eric writes all the green baloney savings that arpaio espouses in his commercial will never add up to the settled lawsuit awards. and marty says, "he'll win in another landslide. the haters come out in every term, and the voters in maricopa county elect him by a wide margin." "can we stop this guy already? any savings from tent city are blown away by the legal expenses and lawsuit payouts." on fox 10 phoenix, you can find a list of all moneys paid out in this case. i'm a firm believer of justice. i'm a firm believer of doing the right thing. i can't believe enough in just
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numerous times, i say i'm an african american. i am not happy what or how the justice had been kind of dealt with over the years. the state of oppression in our community, but we also, as black people, had to do right by ourselves. we can't be hypocrites. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton there speaking out after a deadly shooting in charlotte. there was a violent protest overnight that continues into this evening police officer killed a black man. investigators say keith lamont scott had a gun, but the family is disputing law enforcement's account of what happened. the protests continue for another night. >> reporter: protests breaking out here in charlotte, north carolina, after a black man was fatally shot by police. demonstrators blocking an interstate highway, looting a walmart, and damaging police cars. more than a dozen officers suffering injuries in the melee. police are looking for a suspect
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they say keith lamont scott was sen exiting a car with a gun. authorities say the 43-year-old ignored several warnings to drop the weapon, and officer bradley vincent, also black, then fired at him. >> it's time to change the narrative because i can tell you from the facts that the story's a little bit different as to how it's been portrayed so far. supporters of scott refute the police account of the incident. some say he had a book, not a weapon. one local relimgius leader calling for a boycott of the city. >> black lives do not matter for this city is not true. >> this comes after a police officer shot an aun armed black man in oklahoma. presidential candidate donald trump says he supports police but is troubled by what happened in tulsa. >> to me it looked like somebody was doing what they asked him to do.
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>> we are safer xh communities respect the police and police respect communities. >> reporter: police say the officer who shot scott was not wearing a body camera. he is currently on administrative leave while the investigation into the shooting continues. in charlotte, north carolina, jonathan sari, fox news. indiana governor and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence will be making another stop in the valley. he'll be at the living word bible church in mesa at brown and val vista drive. the event starts at 6:30. we'll carry pence's remarks live on our website, the city of phoenix could soon be the largest city in the country observing national indigenous peoples day. they unanimously recommend the city adopt a resolution creating indigenous peoples day. mike gallegos says, by making phoenix the largest city in the nation to take this step, our
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to declare that our city and tribal nations are inextricably linked, both as we remember the past and plan for the fewer. there's no word yet on when that proposal will go to the council for a full vote. if passed, indigenous peoples day would coincide with columbus day on november 10th. many u.s. cities have ditched the columbus day for indigenous peoples day. columbus day is not observed in the city of phoenix. ? disney has pulled a costume from its online store that's based on a character in its upcoming animated film moana after it upset a lot of people. it features the polynesian figure maui. it's brown with long sleeves and pants and full bodied tattoos. some critics call it a new form of black face, saying it's inappropriate. in a statement, disney has apologized and say it regrets offending people with the
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fedex is already hiring for the holiday season and has 1,000 open seasonal positions in phoenix. a majority of those positions will be seasonal package handlers at the fedex ground facilities. the company also needs drivers and other support positions to be filled. fedex expects to add more than 50,000 positions nationwide before the holiday season. still ahead, we meet a disabled veteran during his stop in the valley as he his journey across the country. plus from computer science to web and app development. we'll take you inside the phoenix coding academy. now open for teens. lots of exciting weather. a cool front moving in, bringing temperatures down, but also another chance of rain coming up. i'll break it down for you
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a disabled veteran is traveling across the country... to draw attention to our nation's veterans and a disabled veteran is traveling across the country to draw attention to our nation's veterans and first responders. larry hinkel started this journey.
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lejeune, north carolina, in april. he's heading to camp pendleton, california. he's stopping at fire stations and v.a. facilities all along the way. hinkel is a marine who served in iraq. he saw many of his fellow marines suffering from ptsd and had a friend who committed suicide. he started this to bring attention to veterans issues. >> there are that final, when you think there's no way out, pick up the phone and call a nonprofit. >> hinkel is expected to arrive in california in november. new at 6:00 tonight, after two years in the planning and months of construction, the phoenix coding academy is up and running. it's a high tech oriented high school that just opened last month for ninth graders. students collaborating on this group project at the phoenix coding academy. the new school focuses on
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>> i don't feel like i'm wasting my time, learning something i'm never going to use in the future. everything feels useful to me. >> would that be controlling this? >> reporter: the school makes sure the students get the core classes and electives, but the foundation is computer science. >> i'll have coding skills when i graduate and have different options. there's web development, software development, which could be video game development, app development, things like that, networking and engineering. cyber security. >> reporter: information, security, web and app development, the school is training future workers in these kinds of industries to fill high demand jobs. >> i'm set to graduate with the option of applying for college anywhere in the country or to apply for, at the least, entry-level positions. we'd like to see them shoot higher. >> reporter: companies need coders, and students are being prepared for diverse job opportunities. >> i feel like i'm getting more concentration in terms of
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what they're talking about. so i'm not being weighed down. >> reporter: phoenix coding academy also provides students with the tools they need to create what they can imagine. >> up here in the maker's space, we have 3d printers, laser engraver, plasma cutter. >> the creativity and the knowledge is hard to keep up with them. >> reporter: from video game design to information security, these future leaders of the industry are busy dreaming up new ideas. >> smart kids there. right now the to teach ninth graders. enrollment is closed for the year, but it will open on november 5th for incoming freshmen. the school will ultimately be able to accommodate 400 ninth through 12th graders. still ahead, carrie lake is
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the mornings have been great, though. i know a lot of people are starting to go hiking again. >> i waited probably two hours too long. i must have sweat three gallons of water because it was so humid out. >> if you wait until 10:00, it's too warm. >> the sun came out right about 11:00, and i thought, good, i'll get some cloud coverage. >> humidity at 30%.
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when the dewpoint's at 60, that means there's enough moisture in the air to create some storms. and we do have a slight chance of storms tonight. bigger chance for tomorrow. right now we're at 96. we do have a few clouds out there and some sun as well. we're still dealing with pain, i call it the pain in the az. bringing the clouds. i know a lot of you love it. bringing additional humidity and bringing rain showers to the baja also into southern california and into -- especially into the extreme south western corner of arizona. look at this current picture. you still see a few bands of the rain shower activity in yuma into the northwestern corner of our state. these are hit and miss storms. you see a few down by gila bend. watching a few come up in the southeastern part of the state. not much happening in phoenix.
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have a chance of rain tonight, but we don't see any of the rain shower activity right now. because of this 60 degree viewpoint there's enough moisture in the air. anywhere you see a dewpoint above 55, you've got enough moisture in the air to bring about rain showers. look at gila bend. it is humid down there. almost miserable. look at the rain shower monday night. we're expecting that by tomorrow about midday we'll see a band of storms move rain showers about midday tomorrow. be prepared for that tomorrow and things will clear out by friday a cool front moving through. when we get that cool front moving through, ten degrees cooler than they should be. 72 in sedona. 63 up in flag. 64 at the grand canyon. look at these temperatures the next couple of days. 88 tomorrow. chance of rain showers, even
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86, a nice cool, gorgeous friday. this is going to be a friday to remember. sunshine, cool temperatures. we warm it up ever so slightly. this week temperatures above normal. but overnight lows looking great in the 60s and 70s. most of the time, we are referring and talking about larry fitzgerald and michael floyd and smoky john brown. but how about the big play skill set of game. ext up, buffalo.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign.
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or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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we have learned the protests on the streets of charlotte, north carolina, has turned deadly tonight. the police chief there confirming that one person has been shot and killed in those protests. the second night in a row following a deadly police shooting earlier in the week. we'll have the very les this coming to you on fox 10 news tonight at 9:00 and 10:00. well, the argument has been made, and it's a pretty strong argument. the arizona cardinals with the deepest, most talented group of wide receivers in the nfl. you know about fitz and floyd and the speedster john brown. let's not forget about the other guy who not only plays well on special teams, but it's jeron
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when you look at the big throws against the tampa bay buccaneers, man, who do you match up against? michael floyd back of the end zone, the touchdown there. but the big play, the 51-yarder, came from a guy we don't talk a ton about. it's on this play, number 13 jaron brown. here's carson palmer. >> jaron, you just love him. you love everything about him. he plays special teams. he'll play every position on the field. he doesn't have mental breakdowns. he doesn't we play every single spot in the offense and all personnel groups. he just makes big plays. when his number's called, he makes plays, and he's done it since his rookie year. >> fox nfl sunday at 9:00. game time 10:00 a.m. bills-cardinals. wnba playoffs, penny taylor, once last run. she's going to retire after this year.
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low post. how about this? 18 points for griner. taurasi chipped in 20. mercury advance to take on new york. good news for wnba fans. the mercury advance to the second round. >> always fun games to watch. thanks for being with us.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the biggest stars in the world are now stuffing concerts over the brad pitt/angelina divorce. >> adele had her concert in ma night. >> i'm dedicating this show tonight to them. harvey: they got married two years ago. that's not an era. >> they don't know these people. >> they don'hy are you so upset breaking up? >> you can be affected by tragedy that has no personal connection to you. >> yeah, but it's not tragedy! >> chris pratt at l.a.x. so he's wildly regarded as one of the nicest guys in hollywood. he's so lovely. harvey: universally. >> it's weird to see him lose his cool a bit. he gets this thing like, i'm talking to you!


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