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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 22, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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it was chaotic. riots erupting in charlotte, north carolina, again tonight as protesters clash with >> one of the protesters found shot outside of a hotel but right now, it does not appear he was shot by police. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. the protesters are a result of an offers-involved shooting earlier in the week. >> marc martinez has been following the developments tonight. he joins us from the newsroom with the latest. things got chaotic, especially a couple hours ago, marc.
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the governor of north carolina declared a state of emergency tonight following the two nights of protests on the streets. we're keeping a look at the live feed in north carolina. the officers are trying to push the crowd back. the crowd has thinned out but there are a few hundred people out there from what we're being told. they are showing a line of officers out there keeping people at bay trying to keep them away after the erupted outside of the omni hotel. a few feet away, a man was laying on the ground and he appeared to be shot in the head. that man was rushed to the hospital. initial words, he passed away but a clarification from the city of charlotte is that man is on life support apparently, shot by a protesters, not shot by a police officer. this violence began to erupt
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scott. according to police, they were serving a search warrant when they approached scott because he matched the description of a suspect they were looking for. he was holding a gun and they ordered him to put the gun down. a police officers who is also african american shot scott. family are disputing that he was earlier tonight, the police chief stands by the officers' account 06 -- of what happened. >> everything we have supports from what the officers and the video we have on the screen. we're going to present the facts and let the justice system run its course. >> reporter: you see the officers there. things have quieted down on the street but a heavy presence of
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anyone who does not leave the downtown charlotte area. a very active situation right now. we are streaming live on fox new nows with the latest pictures coming in and on our facebook page and you can check out what is going on right now. we will keep you posted and bring you the latest developments on air. >> hope everyone stays safe. this just in, sheriff joe arpaio speaking out tonight about the growing surrounding his racial profiling and contempt of court cases. maricopa county approved more than $4 million in taxpayer money who won the racial profiling case against sheriff joe arpaio. taxpayers have been on the hook for nearly $4 million and the costs continue to grow as a judge found arpaio in civil
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sheriff who is running for seventh term in always could face criminal contempt of court. the fees could reach up to $7 million by next summer. they are required by law to pay the aclu's fees. the fees are being paid by the emergency fund. >> unfortunately, the sheriff had pus the taxpayers in this position and they have to pay for his wrongdoings. do we cut services in maricopa county or do is the decision the superrer visiers going to have to make because of the sheriff's actions. >> supervisors saying they don't like to be in the position. in response, the sheriff's office said they made several offers to set the case but they say aclu forged ahead with the lawsuit anyway.
12:05 am mike pence is coming to the valley tomorrow. he will be speaking at the living word bible church in mesa. the campaign rally starts at 6:30:00 p.m. it is open to the public. this is pence's third visit to arizona since he accepted the vice presidential nomination. i'm heading to new york for the first presidential debate on monday. donald trump and hillary clinton will go head-to-head for the first time. some are saying it may most watched presidential debate in history. it could top 100 million people watching that night. we will have live coverage of the debate on fox 10 news and full debate coverage for a full half hour right after the conclusion of the debate. i will be live out there. developing tonight, police are trying to figure out how a human body part ended up in a phoenix scrap yard.
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severed arm was found on the property this morning. kristy siefkin joins us live from the phoenix police department. what have you learned? >> reporter: john and kari, the severed arm was found behind right way auto parts and it was on the edge of a field that extends to the salt river. workers were shocked and confused when they found what had been discovered there. police making a gruesome discovery this a severed arm behind a scrap yard. >> i'm going to be honest, it is creepy. >> reporter: daniel hernandez works a few doors down where the limb was found. police busy at the scene when daniel arrived. >> i saw police and k-9's and the van pulled up. >> reporter: a worker at right way auto parts said he found the arm at the back of the property
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hand attached. >> it is creepy. i have never seen this in my life and hearing about it next door. >> reporter: police searched the yard for additional remains but found none. >> whoever did this, you know, it is not right. >> reporter: police are working to identify the victim and, of course, find out how the arm ended up in the yard in the first place. siefkin, fox 10 news. the next story has a lot of people in glendale concerned. a man has been groping women while they are out walking. police are searching for this guy who specifically groped one woman while she was out for a walk. this is the sketch of the guy they are looking for. the man came up behind her, lifted her skirt and grabbed her and ran off. this happened at 59th avenue
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help to find this guy. if you have any information, call glendale police. we are getting a look at new video of that plane that crashed into a gilbert home last weekend. it is coming from surveillance cameras attached to the home of kevin who lives a few blocks away. this is the crash site right here, this home on baylor. kevin's house is right here. we're going to give you some perspective. his surveillance camera was looking this night when this happened. let's show you this video. you can see what looks like a fireball plummeting from the sky of kevin's home. this is scary stuff. he captured that bright light and debris falling to the ground. that debris was falling. all of the skydivers jumped from the plane and the pilot was burned. we're getting a new look at
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we're going to show you what the home looked like before and after the crash and it puts things into perspective. a perfectly good home in gilbert. i want to take this picture. we're going to swipe it and show you the same shot with the damage. is this remarkable? look at this damage here and what struck me is these homes over here completely untouched. this is another picture from the air. this is our aerial view. look at that damage right there. just incredible damage and you can see the home punctured and you can see load-bearing walls right here and entire rooms wiped out. it is amazing that no one was killed. i'm going to give you one more because it gives you a great view of this. it is so sad that it happened to the home. the plane hits it and look at
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just took out this home right here with all of that damage. that shows how fortunate the people on the ground were not killed because they were in opposite ends of the house and the plane split the difference and landed between where they were in the home. it is a miracle, kari. >> the only thing that was not damaged was the jacuzzi out back. the neighbors in the area where the around the family whose home was destroyed. the neighbors have set up a go fund me account that the family can use to rebuild their lives after this horrible crash. >> i don't think you can knock on a door that they haven't helped. they come out and do anything for you. >> if you would like to help out, we have posted a link on the go fund me account.
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help. there are other issues you have to get through. >> think of the trauma. >> we have it on our web page. you can find it on still ahead, fighting addiction. it is a problem facing society. while finding treatment in this case in prescott but the number of sober living homes is on the rise and many residents want to know if they are safe. the uproar over taking a knee during the national anthem during a protest. what hundreds of valley boy scouts learned about patriotism and what they think about colin
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i'm proud of y'all. i'm proud of y'all doing that together. that's big. that's big.
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right? >> the trend started by 49ers colin kaepernick reaching the wnba because the indiana fever was playing in indianapolis and the entire roster for the fever, plus two mercury players knelt during the national anthem. that was the coach's voice supporting them for their actions. >> this started by colin kaepernick, a football player started during the preseason. kaepernick says he is protesting the national anthem to call attention to inequality in this country. >> a group of boy scouts is getting a patriotic lesson. >> reporter: that's right, guys. the lawn behind me was filled with 1,000 boy scouts about to
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american citizen and i got to tell you although little, the boys have a big appreciation for this country. some 800 boy scouts got a lesson in patriotism and when asked if it is important, they had a good answer. >> if you don't know where you come from, how do you know what you're going to be. >> reporter: seventh grader micah echoed the same sentiment. >> i history and our founding fathers and. it is interesting to know how much they sacrificed to make our country. >> reporter: it is answers like that to make it worth to volunteer time to teach the youth about being a citizen, especially in light of recent events. >> we're all trying to define what it means to be a patriot these days. we teach the importance of voting and how their conduct
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community and those who came before us. >> reporter: when asked about sports figures sitting out during the national anthem, we got a range of answers. >> i think you're right because it is your choice for your community. you can be a citizen here or sit for the national anthem. i think you should stand up for it but that's my opinion that's not his opinion. >> i think it is sad as an american citizen not appreciating the america, especially someone really popular. >> reporter: for many scouts, they say it is more about getting a badge but it is getting respect. >> for those of the people who died for you and keep your country free. >> reporter: now the group, constitution week is a nonprofit. throughout the year they visit classrooms throughout the school year. marcy jones, fox 10 news.
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the arizona cardinals. when you look at the honey badger, maybe not just full tilt just yet but step by step working his way back to be the nfl playmaker he was last season. we are going to hear about the step by step process and how it gets closer to be tyrann mathieu. cards lead the way in sports. how about this humidity? could you feel it? >> oh, yeah but i'm not >> i know you're not. we are going to get more and it is going to get more humid as raindrops forming.
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almost felt like miami today. it was so humid and even tonight. guess what, we're going to see the humidity increasing before
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we are at 87 degrees right now. 18 miles an hour out of the west. we'rening going to pick the winds up a little bit as we watch the frontal system move in. look at that dew point, 66 degrees. that indicates a lot of moisture in the air. our humidity at 49%. that explains the curls i have in my hair that i normally don't have. this is to blame right here, paine that is the turned into a tropical storm and now is a low pressure system. california could use some rain. we can always use rain. this is the area that has primarily been getting the rain. you can see bands of rain to the north of us. northern arizona, along the colorado river basin is where we see most of the rain. let's zoom in and we've had a few rain showers tonight. most hitting the areas with
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but there is a 15% chance of rain overnight tonight. we see that increasing by midday tomorrow. we have a chance of rain through the white mountains but nothing too intense. closer to midnight, we could see heavier rain. look at the dew points. it is rare we see dew points in the 70's. this air is ripe with moisture. any disturbance will create a thunderstorm and that is why in yuma they are getting rain. up in bullhead city, the chance is higher. any dew point over 60 is a good chance we will see sprinkles. i wanted to show you the rainfall totals since midnight. i heard a few raindrops on my roof. we saw a little bit of rain, .05 in bullhead city. a trace in page.
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we will see more of it. look at this band coming across. tomorrow, a little band of rain could come across. a 50% chance of rain by midday between 10:00 and 2:00 and things cool down and clear out. look at these highs tomorrow. 86 degrees. that is a cold front moving through. we will see a chance of rain and the cooler temperatures behind it. 70 in prescott. 71 in sedona. 62 in flagstaff. just a beautiful, cool day across the state of arizona below normal. we kind of hold that for the weekend. 89 and sunny on saturday. a chance of rain on thursday. 86 on thursday and 86 on friday. we warm up by next week. we're still below normal but look at the overnight low, 64,
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the first day of autumn we're expecting a cold front and it will feel like autumn.
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. only on fox tonight. only on fox tonight, arizona has long been a destination for people seeking a treatment for addiction. in prescott, the number of treatment centers and sober homes have jumped dramatically.
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sober homes have complained to the city and now there is an effort under way to set new standards and crackdown on the bad operators. andrew hasbun with the story tonight. >> reporter: with the serene landscape and charming town square, prescott has long been a place that people come for many reasons to get away. one of the reasons is to get sober. >> you're surrounded by recovery, by people who come here from all over the country to get sober. >> reporter: in locals know a white van in front of a home, it means that it is a sober home. prescott counted 150 sober homes operating in the city, most of them were concentrated in the center of town. some have excellent reputations, others don't. >> the tone in this town has become terrible. >> reporter: timothy michael runs the recovery center.
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far from the town square. they bring in a house manager to watch over the ad dignities seeking treatment. >> they do every training that we do. if it is a hand washing train, they are here. >> reporter: not all sober homes have the same standards. >> it is a kid that just got out of treatment or somebody's friend and there are too many places that are running with people who just do not have the skills to do the simple. >> reporter: there are no formal rules and that is why prescott has complaints from neighbors. thanks to a bill that recently got signed into law, they are starting to get a handle on the problem. >> i'm not going to speak for everybody in prescott but there are people affected negatively by the homes. >> reporter: they began to
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>> we're not trying to get rid of sober homes in prescott. we're trying to eliminate the bad operators, the people who are negatively impacting our community. >> reporter: martin would know how to spot one. his son joey died in a sober home in california. the teenager became hooked on pain pills. >> he was looking for a he signed up for college. he wanted to move on for the rest of his life. >> reporter: while staying at a sober home, the 22-year-old got his hands on drugs. >> the manager not being trained to recognize overdoses did not do a drug test. instead, he sent him to bed and he never woke up the next morning. >> reporter: now, martin is working to better the industry. >> we want to set a standard and set something where people come
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become productive citizens of the community or wherever they live. >> reporter: yavapai college launched a course for house managers this month and the city has discussed making that a requirement. prescott is a small city so the issue is very visible here. this is not just a prescott problem. cities across the country are trying to figure out how to handle this issue, too. a group of congressmenav letters asking for more clarity and regulation when it comes to sober living homes. >> there are a few of us in town that have been in prescott for a long time and doing things the same way and the right way for a long time. >> reporter: she came to prescott from san francisco where she was addicted to heroin for 20 years. >> my life changed when i decided to try heroin for the first time.
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manages and owns the own house. >> this is the men's house. >> reporter: at chapter five, everyone living in their home must follow rules and stick to a schedule that is what she did when she was seeking treatment at chapter five. >> having the daily routine that you have to get up every day. you have to make your bed and that is how you form a habit by repetition. >> reporter: house managers at the men and women's homes that are located in residential guidelines. >> when working with vulnerable people, there are standards. there are many that have no requirements. many may graduate and be sober will be able to work there. some need allot of oversight. >> reporter: that the what joey martin needed. >> when you have seven to eight
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is nothing normal and it will go south fast. >> reporter: andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> insurance companies are cracking down on the sober home. a recent investigation resulted in many sober homes having to close their doors. we have a fox 10 traffic alert. a crash along the us-60 has shut down part of the freeway. the westbound lanes of 60 near signal butte are closed. signal butte are closed. >> it is strange to see any kind of traffic at this time of night. >> it is piling up because you can see the emergency lights. only two eastbound lanes are open right now. >> there are lucky loos on the other side of the freeway. it is slow going in the part of the system. this section of the freeway will remain shut down for hours and they are advising drivers to
12:34 am
we're learning more details about the man behind the attack unless new york and new jersey over the weekend. >> ahmad khan rahami remains unconscious in a new jersey hospital where he had surgeries for gunshot wownltds after he was shot by police. he is being guarded by the f.b.i. in addition to the charges he is facing for the shootout with police, for the bombs he is accused of jersey edge new york. a journal was found on him and he praises terror leaders and talks of his plans for bombs in the streets and to shoot at police. all of this happened, according to authorities. we are also learning that rahami was easily to purchase components for his bombs online. >> a big mystery. are they involved or are they innocent people in the wrong
12:35 am
the f.b.i. wants answers. they are searching for these men. these two guys took luggage holding a bomb, the one that never exploded a few blocks away. they were seen removing the bomb from the piece of luggage and leaving the bomb behind and taking the luggage. investigators believe the men could possibly know something about the attack that wounded 29 people in manhattan. the house oversight committee grilling the c.e.o. of the company that makes epipence over the life-saving medication. the cost shot up from $57 in 2006 to $600 now. the mylan c.e.o. heather bresch told the oversight committee that the company does not keep the $600 as revenue. >> i wish we better anticipated the magnitude of issues for
12:36 am
full acquisition cost or more. we listened and focused on this issue and came up with an immediate and sustainable solution. >> the company, mylan, is offering coupons to cut the costs in half for patients paying full price. the company will offer a generic version of the epipen. facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and his wife have ambitious goals. disease. they are committing $3 billion to help accelerate basic research that includes a $600 million donation for a new research center at the university of california
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dressing up for halloween that could be a problem. they pulled the costume because it upset a lot of people. people not thrilled about it. it is based on the character in the movie and it features brown long sleeves and pants a a full body tattoo to mimic the character who has tattoos.?somem of black face. disney yanked the costume. with the costume. >> interesting. day two of the brangelina breakup. after the break, details of the split that everyone is talkng
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day two of the brangelina breakup that everybody is still talking about. >> are we going to count the days? we might get to day 630. >> we could. this may not end quickly. >> i'm not sure if you knew this but the couple's close friend gee -- george clooney did not know. he found out in the middle live tv interview. jolie filed for divorce claiming brad pitt smokes too much pot, drinks too much, and has anger issues. the latest is that the couple did not have a prenup, which could make things more complicated when it comes to dividing the assets. she is not asking for spousal sport. the couple the worth $400 million.
12:42 am
>> we are told most of their assets lies in real estate, mansions. >> a lot of people are making this divorce about jennifer aniston, brad pitt's ex-wife. he met angelina jolie on the set of a movie, i think it was "mr. and mrs. smith" while married to jennife a photo here laughing like she is enjoying the whole drama. he met jolie, again, on the set of "mr. and mrs. smith" back in 2004. prince's paisley park estate may open in 2017. the minnesota estate would serve
12:43 am
oversees elvis presley's estate would operate the facility but neighbors are concerned about the increase traffic and the lack of parking. the council will vote on october 3 on this matter. it does not give the estate much of planning to open on october 6. if you need a job, you're in luck. jobs. if you do a good job, they might keep you around. majority of the workers hired will be package handlers at fedex and drivers are needed. company is expected to add more than 50,000 positions nationwide for the holiday season. >> reporter: most americans feeling the burden of debt. a new survey showing seven to 10 debt prevents them from living
12:44 am
all of the financial stress could have an impact on their nearly a third of spouses disagree all of the time. policymakers deciding to leave interest rates alone for now but they did indicate at least one rate hike could be coming by the end of the year. staying put for now has stocks surging at an all-time high. air brad is making bacon better for you. the restaurant will cut out artificial ingredients from their strips and bits used in salads. healthy bacon, is that an oxymoron? that is business on the old cavuto. >> i thought bacon was good for you. after the break, we're talking about college loans
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americans have to deal with. >> tonight, some students will get relief.
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night.
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right now our most popular mattress starts at $1599.99. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep. >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. new at 10:00, imagine no more disease. what one power couple has and what they are doing to cure many health problems by the end of
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>> reporter: charlie daniels gets a huge honor. we'll have that for you along with the rest of the day's news coming up on fox 10 news at 10:00. time for tonight's talker. >> college debt is a huge problem but one college says you don't have to worry about student loans. they are going to foot the bill for you with some strings attached. keystone college, i don't know where it is, of your loan if you get a degree there but you have to learn less than $40,000 a year when you are finished then they will pay it. this will start next fall for full-time freshman. >> so if you get out and you're not successful, they will help you? i feel like they are encouraging you to not be successful.
12:49 am
a low-paying job then once it is paid off then you get a good-paying job. >> i would like to see them reduce tuition and you can be as successful as you want. >> how about just being successful. forget all of this. the problem is the burden of the student loan. some of the most successful people in hollywood, big-name actors teaming up for vote. it doesn't mention donald trump by name but it is clear that the stars are against the republican nominee. they are urging people to vote, that's a good thing, my question is do people want actors to tell them who to vote for? >> i'm not sure that matters. i'm not sure voters are based on
12:50 am
donald trump. people who are stars that are out there who are saying this, i don't think the voters pay that much attention. >> i think people want to be entertained. you want to look at the actor and enjoy it and know where they stand politically. >> it is like the concert where you say just play the hits. we're done talking. >> it is your turn to talk back. the topics are on our social media sites. >> find us on john fox and kari lake fox 10. >> reporter: cards' fans are talking about tyrann mathieu. when will he return and be the honey badger fans know and love? it is the first commandment for
12:51 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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(jude)308 yards passing three >> reporter: 308 yards passing, three touchdowns. beware of the bills. rex ryan learned from his late
12:54 am
richard saenz looking ahead to sunday in buffalo. >> into the end zone and a flag is down. it is ruled a touchdown. >> reporter: a great day for carson palmer and the cards' first win of the season as he hooks up with several guys, including guys like jaron brown. >> with jaron, you love him. you love everything about him and he makes big when his number is called, he makes plays. >> reporter: in the first two seasons, carson palmer has been efficient, five touchdowns and not one interception. it is ball security like that that will be key this weekend in buffalo. >> it is the utmost importance. we talk about it all of the time and we do drills to protect the ball.
12:55 am
points and being successful on third down. if you're punting or turning the ball over, you don't have a chance. it is something we stress all of the time. >> reporter: one of the reasons why the cardinals have been so successful in recent years. i'm richard saenz, fox 10 sports. >> reporter: the other intriguing store line, tyrann mathieu. when you look at a major knee injuries, surgery less than nine months ago, you take your time he did not play much in preseason. he is still taking it step by step. you don't see him aggressively coming off of the line of scrimmage but he is making plays. when you think about a second knee surge, -- surgery, there is a plan. slowly but surely, tyrann mathieu is getting back to his old form as the honey badger. >> quickness, speed, him coming to my.
12:56 am
and get in the box and blitz more and do different things other than play in the middle of the field. i want to be mindful. it is a long season and i'm sure my teammates will rather have me in displaying those types of positions than september. >> reporter: here is the lineup for sunday, kickoff at 10:00 a.m., ball security is all todd graham talks about. it didn't happen against san antonio. a couple of fumbles and interceptions and that is not going to fly for todd graham, especially against cal at home. >> the turnover ratio deal is the number one thing. it is the number one focus right now and it has been the number one focus. we have to take care of the football. turning the football twice
12:57 am
in two touchdowns so that hurt. >> reporter: d-backs in san diego. chip hale would love to grab a win before he leaves town. paul goldschmidt on fire tonight. his 22nd home run. goldy finishing with a fury. he comes back in the sixth and that is the difference maker. d-backs win, 3-2. th won or done. brittney griner came up big. look at the assortment of moves. 18 points for griner. diana taurasi, 20. more on the cardinals and facing
12:58 am
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n's aggressive defense coming up in 20 minutes. here is marc martinez tonight at 10:00. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. sky fox over the scene right now of the us-60 in mesa. this is where a d.p.s. says a wrong-way driver caused a crash at signal butte. the driver was going eastbound in the westbound lanes. the wrong-way drir four people have been hurt in this. three of them seriously hurt. d.p.s. says this stretch of freeway will stay closed for some time as they investigate. the eastbound lanes are open. if we hear more on this, we'll bring it to you. our other big story, police investigate a gruesome mystery after a severed arm is found in a scrap yard.


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