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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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n's aggressive defense coming up in 20 minutes. here is marc martinez tonight at 10:00. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. sky fox over the scene right now of the us-60 in mesa. this is where a d.p.s. says a wrong-way driver caused a crash at signal butte. the driver was going eastbound in the westbound lanes. the wrong-way drir four people have been hurt in this. three of them seriously hurt. d.p.s. says this stretch of freeway will stay closed for some time as they investigate. the eastbound lanes are open. if we hear more on this, we'll bring it to you. our other big story, police investigate a gruesome mystery after a severed arm is found in a scrap yard.
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with what we know. >> reporter: witnesses say it was in a large field behind the building and workers showed up this morning were shock to hear about the discovery. police making a gruesome discovery this morning,al severed arm lying behind a scrap yard at 23rd avenue and broadway. >> this is creepy. i did not know about this. >> reporter: daniel hernand right way auto parts where the arm was found. police were at the scene when daniel arrived. >> i saw police, k-9's, the van pulled up and they are investigating. >> reporter: a worker says he found the arm in the back of the property near the salt river. the arm still had the hand attached. >> it was creepy. i never seen this in my life. now hearing about this being next door.
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but found none. >> whoever did this, it is not right. >> reporter: police are working to identify the victim and, of course, try to figure out how the arm ended up behind the auto shop in the first place. i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. with parents dropping off their kids at the elementary school today found the school was canceled after someone vandalized the school. this was at mid-midtown primary school. it happened this morning when school leaders got there to open up and found this left behind. bus passes and hundreds of dollars of cash were gone from the school. school officials had to clean up the mess that was left behind.
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problem. it is sad. we didn't deserve this and i don't think the other businesses in the area deserve this. >> there has been a large number of burglaries in the area over the last six months and police are trying to figure out if the burglaries are connected. a phoenix business owner is accused of committing food stamp fraud over it is near 16th street and mcdowell. the woman seen here was placed under arrest for letting cucustomer exchange snap benefis for cash and purchase items with e.b.t. cards. you're looking at new video showing a fiery crash of a small plane as it goes down destroying a gilbert home. this video is from start night. there were four skydivers and a pilot on the plane.
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they were able to jump to safety. there were two people inside the home. amazingly, when you see what is left of the house they were not hurt. today, neighbors rallied outside of the home. one woman saw the couple watching their home burn. the couple does have insurance but neighbors say they want to do more to help them out. on a door and not find a neighbor that they haven't helped. they are just those people who come out and doing the for you. >> they are staying with friends for for you. more than $4 million in legal fees from sheriff joe arpaio racial profiling case and who is footing the bill, maricopa county taxpayers. >> unfortunately, the sheriff put the taxpayers in this
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now having to pay for his wrongdoings. >> reporter: the maricopa county board of supervisors voting unanimously to pay $4.4 million in legal fees for the attorneys who won the racial profiling case against sheriff joe arpaio. the supervisors making it clear they did not want to pay the attorney's fees but legally had no other choice. >> we don't have the election as to whether or not we want to pay this. this is one of those things that under the statues, we have a respon >> reporter: aclu attorneys say most of their costs stem from contempt of court violations after he was ordered to stop them. the costs were $6 million but negotiated down to $4.4 million. >> at the end of the day, it is not the sheriff's office that is paying it. it is the taxpayers. the sheriff is not paying the
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county. >> the sheriff's office released a statement saying in part, sheriff joe arpaio and his always want to set the record straight that he is costing taxpayers millions of dollars because of the lawsuit. sheriff arpaio made several attempts to reach a settlement in the parties of the lawsuit. arizona groups want back the election from the 10th to the 11th. it is busy as usual on columbus day so the deadline will be october 10. your looking at the living word bible church tomorrow and tomorrow it will host an event featuring mike pence. it will stat at 6:30 in the evening and open to the public. this will be his third campaign stop in arizona.
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we'll have live reports of the day bait from new york. outrage over the skyrocketing price from epipens. congress hearing the issue, steven lynch says the controversy could lead congress to passing legislation allowing medicare to directly negotiate prices with companies to prevent gouging. the obama administration the move. the price of epipens has gone up from $50 in 2007 to $600 today. he is a familiar face. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and his wife pledging at least $3 billion to curing all disease over the next 100 years. that donation includes $600 million over the next 10 years to the university of california san francisco.
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erratic all disease by the end of this century. protests over the police shooting of a black man in north carolina turned violent. we'll hear from one angry protester. we have new video of the man suspected of the terrorist bombing attack back east and f.b.i. is looking for two men caught on camera. ? >> you probably know that song. charlie daniels is being honored. we will hear from the man himself. if you would like to contact me on social media, i would like to hear from you. you can find me on facebook or to hear from you. you can find me on facebook or on ? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service
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an update tonight on an update on the bombings in new york and new jersey on saturday. there is new surveillance here showing rahami running before he was taken into custody after a shootout with new jersey police. arahami's wife fled the country before the bombings. she is being extradited to the united states. rahami is facing four coups, including terrorism and use of mass destruction for the bombings over the weekend. 29 people were injured. nobody was killed.
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officers and rahami wounded. f.b.i. needs help identifying these two men. they were seen picking up luggage and removing the explosive device and walking off with the bag. the explosive was linked to rahami. a man shot while protesting in north carolina. he was not fox reporters caught up with angry protesters there. >> get shot every day, right? that is ok, right? it is ok for our fathers and brothers not come home? >> reporter: may i ask you one question, a man was shot 50 yards over here, why are you here? >> i serve a purpose. i serve a purpose. my father serves a purpose. i'm here because, guess what,
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got shot over here so you said why would i put myself in danger? >> reporter: exactly. >> i could be at work. i could be at school in my car, i can still get shot. >> protests is economics. black people spend $1.1 trillion. >> reporter: are you talking about a boycott? >> i'm talking about a massive boycott. no more walmart, n mcdonald's. >> heated exchanges erupted last night after the shooting death of keith lamont scott. police say he was armed and refused to obey commands. witnesses say he was unarmed and was reading a book in his car while he was waiting for his son. there are storms rumbling across the state and a better
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kari, i noticed the winds are picking up out there. >> reporter: it is getting windy and there is a frontal system moving through. there is going to be moisture in the forecast but there is a cold front is moving through. when was the last time we said there is a cold front moving through? tomorrow is the first day of autumn so it is appropriate. it is going to bring a little chance of rain. 85 right it is nicer when it is not humid because the temperature falls even more. temperatures won't be as cool as we like to see them. we will look for temperatures to be in the 70's. west wind, 16 miles an hour. you can see the flags flying and the trees blowing. right now the humidity is at 55%. look how high the dew point is. 67 dew point at 55 we are
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enough moisture in the air to produce storms. that is a key measurement of how likely we are to get storms. we have storms in the forecast all because of paine the former hurricane. it is bringing in tropical moisture into the baja of mexico and southern california and southwestern arizona. we did see a few sprinkles but most of it wasn edge of arizona and the northern part of arizona. we saw a few sprinkles in the valley. look at what is happening tonight. look at the storm that brushes up north of the 60, passes by wickenburg and disappears. this is going to be the extent of the storms. you may get a rumbler buzzing by your neighborhood. it will be short-lived tonight. better chance for storms as we head into tomorrow. this is the dew point and you
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the state. anywhere that you see 55 or above, you have a shot at rain tonight. this is the amount of rain we've we haved in -- we've received in the last 24 hours. along the frontal system, we'll see a band of storms and cooler temperatures tomorrow. take a look at the forecast highs tomorrow, 86 for phoenix on the we will remember that for a long time to come. 76 in prescott. sedona, 71. 62 in flag. warmer in yuma at 95 but this is the 10 day. chance of rain about 50% chance of rain by midday. the rain chances will dry out. it is going to be a quick little storm moving through. we should see the chance diminishing and look for 86 on friday.
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you play hooky. don't go to work on friday. 86, sunny, drier conditions and a beautiful weekend shaping up for you. next week, not too shabby. a little bit below normal but look at the overnight lows in the 60's and 70's. you can get weather 24/7 on >> if you call in sick on friday, just tell them that kari told you to do it. a big honor for charlie danis. reflections featuring pictures, rewards, and a signed check from elvis presley about the career of the "devil went down to georgia" singer. >> i'm floored. one of the great things about something i was looking forward to see is, of course, i'm familiar with all of these pieces. i haven't seen some of them in years. someone takes the souvenirs of
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a way you never think about. >> he looks the same, too. daniels will be inducted into the hall of fame next month just before his 80th birthday. lessons in patriotism. hundreds of boy scouts learn what it means to be an american citizen and what they think
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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the san francisco 49er's the san francisco 49ers callen kaepernick says he has received death threats since he started protesting the national anthem last month. he says he won't let the death
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he stands against police brutality in the u.s. a new espn poll shows that kaepernick is the most disliked player in the nfl and that list includes tom brady and ben roethlisberger. the boy scouts are getting a patriotism lesson and marcy jones talked to them about the controversy over colin kaepernick. >> reporter:,0 are learning what it means to be an american citizen, although little, these boys have a big appreciation for this country. 800 boy scouts got a lesson in patriotism today. >> i think it is important because if you don't know where you come from then how do you know what you're going to be? >> reporter: michael porter echoed the same sentiment. >> i like to learn about history
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think it is interesting to know how much they sacrificed to make the country. >> reporter: it is answers like that makes it worth the time to teach the youth about being a citizen. >> we're all trying to define what it means to be a patriot these days and we're teaching -- we teaching them voting and how they have a voice and the pride in the community and those reporter: when we asked about sports figures sitting out during the national anthem, we got a range of answers. >> it is your choice for your community. you can be a citizen or sit for for the national anthem. i think you should stand up for it but that is my opinion that is not his opinion. >> it kind of represents our country and is a symbol of respect to sing the national
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it is more than just getting a badge. it is about respect. >> it is to honor the people who died to keep your country free. >> reporter: they visit schools throughout the year to give lessons in patriotism as well. marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> reporter: just who is this guy? the newest card singled out in a good way. we'll explain.
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(jude)its understandable if hey, look, it is understandable if you look down at your program and say who is this number 41 guy? by the end of the game, you knew his name and you knew what he was able to do with this interception return for touchdown. marcus cooper acquired from kansas city. you want to t impression, very impressive. two i.n.t.'s and he will be up against rex ryan. for rex ryan, it is in his d.n.a. he is coming after the quarterback. you know he is going after carson palmer. >> reporter: all right, cardinals fans we're back in
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groove back. it is final for the first road game of the year. >> for me, it has been harder for a west coast play to play at 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning than east coast players playing at 4:00 in the afternoon. >> don't overlook buffalo and rex ryan, especially on offense. he blitz o i want to watch film and correct all of those and know what i'm doing. >> reporter: the cardinals could be catching the bills at a good time. after losing last week, rex ryan fired his offensive coordinator although his brother gave up 37 points to the jets. interesting. in tempe, i'm richard saenz, fox
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through the day on sunday. fox nfl kickoff and kick time at 10:00 a.m. d-backs wrapping it up in san diego. paul goldschmidt says hello to per domo with his 22nd home run. does it again in the sixth with a man on. that is the difference maker. the final in san diego, one and done. win or go playoff against indiana. taylor drives and scores 12 points. brittney griner came up big, especially with the low post, 18 points. it was all mercury. diana taurasi, 20 points. they win and they will advance to take on new york. >> thanks, jude. >> "modern family" is up next.
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