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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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next at 9:00, a gunman kills four people at a mall near seattle. >> and now the search is on the gunman. the very latest, coming up next
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we begin with a fox 10 fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. breaking news. we begin with a fox 10 news alert out of washington state. at least four people are dead at a mall after a shooting in seattle, and it's a manhunt that is now underway for the and you can see here, dozens of police officers and emergency responders swarming at that parking lot. >> this is happening at the cascade mall in burlington, washington about an hour north of seattle. we are hearing that the shooter walked into the macy's. here's seattle. we are going to move up a little bit north of mount vernon, here's the mall right here,
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entered about right here, that's the macy's, and then entered the interior of the mall. that's where the shots were fired, and then we are told he fled out toward i-5, a hank man, dressed in gray, last seen heading out toward i-5. it's not clear if there are any other injuries, other than the four people killed. they are looking for the suspect tonight and trying to assess if there are other involved that we may not know about yet. >> let's go to live pictures from the scene. police are still in the process of getting everybody out of the mall and determining what other injuries, if any, there are with people in the mall. we are also told they are trying to determine if there are any other shooters involved in this. fox 10 is it covering it. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast and
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streaming to our social media and other pages. police say he can be seen on surveillance cameras carrying away an unconscious woman, and then he rapes her several times, kooshgt police, and -- according to police, and now they are concerned there could be other victims out there. >> danielle miller joins us from oldtown scottsdale, people particularly concerned. although this guy streets, this illustrates how vulnerable people can be in a situation like this. >> definitely a horrifying story, the topic of conversation here in oldtown. this is where it all started saturday, the galleria parking garage here in oldtown scottsdale. they are telling us that the victim was heavily intoxicated and waiting for her friend to come get her with the car. they say that's when the friend came back and the woman was
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about to see show the suspect, 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez, throwing the victim up, taking her over his shoulder, and taking her before the friend returned. >> nothing like that has ever happened. >> 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez being held without bond on charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. during his initial court appearance, the defense argued ramirez should be released because he's a husband, holds a job, and owns his house. >> this particular case you based on the lack of prior convictions, and i don't believe that he is of any danger to the community. >> the prosecutor disagreed. the>> the defendant did in fact sexually assault this victim, the fact that she had no ability to consent, the fact that she was out cold, the fact that he
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kidnapping. >> reporter: the incident happened in oldtown scottsdale saturday during the early pmorn ramirez sexually assaulted an unconscious woman this her mid twenties in a parking garage and then twice more in his home in scottsdale. surveillance video shows him picking the woman up and throwing her over his shoulder. >> he had a familiar face. people had cpa seen him around l.a. fitness. very shocked that the person did it. it can be anybody that does something crazy like that. >> he first denied knowing the victim and later admitted to having sex with her. he said her eyes were closed most of the time and she could have consented to having sex. >> ramirez is due back in court at 8:30 in the morning. as of now police are telling us that they are investigating this as an isolated incident, but they are telling us there could
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they are asking with anybody with possible circumstances similar to this one to give them a call. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. a valley teacher is behind bars tonight accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student. the alleged swal contact happened back in 2011, allen johnson teaching at that time in glendale. johnson admitted to all of this, the six-month affair, during a phone call that was recorded. paradise valley where he now works. listen to the exchange with the judge today. >> you need to keep your mouth shut. i'm setting a $500,000 cash only bond in this matter. the law requires that i set a bond for you. if i could do it without a bond, i would hold you in a moment. in a remote area tonight in
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police say the remains were partially submerged in the water. the identity of the person, the cause of death still under investigation. it has been more than two months now since the serial street shooter last struck in the valley, but tonight the guardian angels are making sure that people don't forget about this case. >> the guardian angels patrolling the area of central and baseline tonight. the serial street shooter has been linked to a total of nine oo marcy jones joins us from the phoenix police department with the latest. >> kari and john, the guardian angels were walking around tonight as they normally do, passing out these fliers with the suspect's sketch on it. you may be thinking we haven't seen or heard from this guy in two months, but the guardian angels say it's exactly the opposite. as long as he is out on the streets, we are all in danger. >> the reason they patrol the
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store, not have to look over their shoulder without having to get jumped, robbed or beaten. >> even though it's been two months since the last in a second quarter string of shootings, mike says he doesn't want history to repeat it itself. >> the guy has not been caught yet. the problem is just like the serial shooters of 2006. they were out for a couple of months while we were patrolling, and then afterwards. somebody out here knows something. also we run across a lot of people who are unaware of what's going on. >> they have added a sketch and tips for you to keep you out of harm's way. >> make eye contact, then he knows you know who he is.
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any information leading to an arrest. you are asked to silent witness if you or anybody you know knows anything. trips had been halted back in july due to allegations of abuse to the pack of horses used to hiker's belongings down to the campgrounds and back up. federal authorities made annen precedented arrest by a havasu triable member for animal abuse, after finding his badly abused and in such bad shape there. horses must be inspected by the tribe's animal control officer. the tribe has also put some weight limits in place for the pack animals. a pilot and four other people were on board that plane,
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and parachuting to the ground. a preliminary report from the ntsb is shedding some light on what happened moments before they bailed out. the plane was flying at about 5,000 feet. when the pilot heard a loud noise. the four sky divers jumped out just as the left wing was catching fire. the pilot did all he could do to save the aircraft before jumping out. let me show you what happened here. they believe the fire was confined. well, we'll go back h moment. they believe the fire was confined to the left wing, so we'll get you back there and show you this. this is -- there we go. okay. so left wing, they believe the fire was here. four people bail out of the plane, and then eventually the pilot also exits the plane. then the plane crashes to the ground. look at the perfectly good home in gilbert, and then look at the aftermath after the plane hit it. just a shambles of a home. amazing that the two people, a
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that home on opposite ends of the house, they were not hurt. there will be another report in about nine months. much more details, the final report, on what went wrong a week ago with that plane crash in gilbert. who is excited about football this weekend? it's going to be a gorgeous weekend here in the valley, and if you plan on heading over to sun devil stadium tomorrow night for, john. >> yes, the a.s.u. cal. >> the a.s.u. cal game, then you. the temperatures couldn't be better. we put down a 4:00 tailgating time. you start earlier at your house. >> it's 8:30. >> plenty of sunshine, and by kickoff time, lots of sunshine, 84, not too much humidity, a perfect, basically, game time
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cards to win, at 10:00 a.m. you would start your game at 57 in buffalo if you are heading there, sunny and 64 degrees as they take on the buffalo bills, temperatures a little bit cooler obviously in upstate new york. great weekend for football. it's happening again, a surge in the number of children crossing into the u.s. from mexico. what authorities plan to do about this growing problem. you may have seen it on the road. supporting donald trump, and soon it could be yours. the valley man who's ready to sell it to the highest bidder. but up next, we go inside one of the scariest attractions in the valley as it gets ready to open its doors. a preview of the 13th floor,
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have you ever notice
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in many buildings, especially the tall ones, don't have a 13th floor. it's considered bad luck. >> kind of spooky, but starting tonight, the 13th floor haunted house in phoenix is bringing your worst fears to life. >> kristy siefkin, braving enough to take a stroll in, joins us from the haunted house tonight. she takes us inside. >> reporter: if goblins and ghouls turn your blood cold, get ready to lose your head. the 13th floor haunted house is spooking guests with two new shows. one, a throwback to classic haunts. >> i have had people literally after one act, too much, i'm out of here. >> reporter: the other, a journey through the zombie apocalypse. >> who is going to win? the zombies, the humans? you are just trying to get
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cemetery gates. >> this is our ghoul. he takes care of the excess dead bodies. >> reporter: i'm guessing there is no touching. >> typically, no, but i couldn't know -- >> reporter: a cast of other creepy characters not far behind. inside the haunted house, a corroded morgue, blood spattered kitchen and insane asylum. >> are you the are you going to fix me? >> reporter: jacob says it's attention to detail in every scene that sets this haunted house apart. >> you can see that it's a short scene, you walk by it in a few seconds, and you there's an immense amount of detail. and stuff around every corner. >> reporter: this is why i don't go to haunted houses! this overgrown rain forest, home
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ship cursed with witchcraft. on the 13th floor, you're never really safe. >> i don't want to send you home with nightmares and have you actually have to see a therapist, but if you can enjoy the ride and suspend disbelief for a little while, i think that's a good ride. >> reporter: and as they say, if you can't beat them, join them. kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> >> she can pull off the part. my kids when they hear it on the radio, the spot, they totally get freaked out. >> they get scared? >> yeah, they are already freaked out. >> we used to love that as a kid. i think it's gone too far. >> too scary? like everything else, it's gone another step. >> we have a link to the website and their hours of operation on >> i don't know about the 13th floor. i want nothing to do with that.
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the arizona cardinals in buffalo. they just landed tonight in search of their first road win of the season, and like the saying goes, defense travels well. what defense coordinator james bettcher says will be the key to stopping a desperate bills offense, that's coming up in sports. >> and are you ready for some football here in phoenix, tempe, maybe? john? >> absolutely, against cal, you bet. >> so we have got that happening. if you are just going to hang to be outside. your first full weekend of fall, will it be fall like?
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your exclusive accuweather forecast on fox 10 news. i don't know about you, but i'm loving fall. hasn't it been great? we had the rain yesterday, cooler temperatures today, and look at this, 75 degrees, it is a perfect night. clear skies, dry conditions. we have humidity of 21%, so it
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we are a little bit below where we should be. normally we would be at about 98, so pretty close to 100, and our morning lows would be 75. we came in at 71 this morning, got a little bit of rain. it just really has been a great 24 hours. it was a little hazy today. we had quite a bit of dust in the air for the winds that were behind this cold front that have moved in. 108 though. we know it can be worse. 108 not too many years years ago the record high that was set. we know that it can be really hot this time of year. just thankful it's not hot right now. we had the cold front that moved through, right now pushing through new mexico. the clouds right now, for the most part, late this afternoon the last remnants of that system moved through southeastern arizona. look at this, really beautiful, southern california or heading to san diego, l.a. over the weekend, in really good shape,
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tendency to warm up a little bit faster, also has a tendency to cool down quitedly, and we are going to see some nice temperatures for overnight lows. you can see that all of the rain, all of the moisture drying out. this is what we have of received since midnight, anywhere from a trace of rain down in tuscon to about two tenths in window rock, about a tenth of an inch in flagstaff and a quarter of an inch in sedona. remnant of the storm today. we saw a little bit of lain -- rain. but the temperatures were fantastic, 75 in winslow, 71 over in st. john's, and the grand canyon 58. 82 degrees in bullhead city today. but look at the forecast lows fr tonight. readings in the 50s, casa grande, nogales, 40s up along the rim, payson, 30 in flagstaff, a chilly night in flagstaff, and it will warm back up tomorrow, pretty close to
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now, i wanted to share some of the social media pictures. we have some beautiful pictures that you shared with us on our fox 10 news page. we appreciate the weather pictures. this is in the white tank mountains over in the west valley, beautiful with the saguaro and the beautiful clouds up there. we live in a gorgeous state and we appreciate the pictures, very fall like. the whole ten days is looking lucious lyon fall li we have no readings in the one hundreds, which is amazing for this time of year, and the overnight lows and the lows in the 70s and 60s, look for 84 tomorrow night, 94 sunny and dry. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news, are passwords really keeping your information secure? >> i'll give you an analogy. it's a little bit like insisting
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already out there that can stop even the best hackers. now this valley man is accused of stalking again. >> i am almost 70 years old. i am not stupid. i did not commit these crimes. ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips.
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now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics,
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you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00. with john hook and kari lake. back to our top story, a
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dead, and the gunman is still on the loose, the shooting taking place about an hour ago at the cascade mall in burlington washington. that's about an hour north of seattle. >> just moments ago, authorities released this surveillance video piture of a man, described as a hispanic man last seen in a black and gray shirt, last seen running from the ma. are other shooters this. right now they are going through the mall. they are making sure that nobody else was hurt in the shooting, and we are keeping a very close eye on the store, monitoring the live feeds and all of the information coming in. we will bring you updates during the newscast, and of course you can find live coverage on fox 10 news now as well as our facebook page. maricopa county prosecutor first put this man behind bars for perjury. he lied on the witness stand during a trial.
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back to jail for stalking that prosecutor again even after he was ordered to stay away from her. nicole garcia has the story tonight. >> 67-year-old albert heightsman was recently indicted and arrested for stalking a maricopa county prosecutor that put him behind bars during 2007. he was convicted for lying, perjury during a capitol murder trial. jeanette gal prosecutor during the case. according to court documents, the suspect delivered documents to his attorney, entitled my plan to assassinate gallagher. he has been ordered to stay away from her and the courthouse. when offers searched his home, they found a rifle. at his initial court appearance, he spoke up on his own defense. >> i ask that you release my on
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i have two bachelor degrees. i am almost 70 years old. i am not stupid. i did not commit these crimes. >> he has been indicted on one count involving weapons and two counts of felony stalking. the number of central american crossing into the united states alone is surging once again. this year more than 54,000 kids have crossed our border, that is up 14,000 from you may remember there was a rush of unaccompanied minors immigrating to the u.s. in 2014, and the situation became a political fire storm, prompting president obama to enact emergency measures. the department of homeland security is due in front of congress next to week make clear what's going on with this growing trend. across the country authorities battling a heroin epidemic, happening in small
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a bit of good news tonight, 25 people indicted in new york for their roles in a nationwide ring. some of the drug dealers were from arizona, record busts leading to 30 kilos of heroin and two kilos of heroin worth a street value of $2 million. it could be the most watched >> it is the first time that the two will take the debate stage together, and the event is highly anticipated, both candidates holed up this weekend preparing. >> for both candidates, monday night's debate is unchartered territory. the format calls for 90 minutes, one on one, with no breaks to powder up, study or rest.
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during the primaries, the fewest number of candidates on stage was four, had ten at times, so that ended up not being a debate but a set of serial news conferences. >> i kind of liken it to a band that is a one hit wonder. they have got a song that you know really well, love that sing, but then when you go to the concert, you want to find out if they have any other music that you actually like. >> for hillary clinton, there is the threat of a coughing a script of sticking too much to a script, status quo. >> being trapped in the briefing book, i like it call it. >> it trump will be studying sunday at his home. he has no sparring partner and is not telegraphing his strategy. >> if he's nice and respectful, he can be incredibly charming as well. >> meantime, trump has an
9:35 pm
various styles. should he attack, he would be wise not to counterpunch as rbio did in the debates. >> i think any other politician who tries to compete in name calling with is not going to have a very good experience. >> aggression towards clinton poses its own risks, as candidate found out, wagging a finger at her, becoming the debate narrative, helping clinton win the seat. >> so much drama. >> high wire, it's high wire. >> a hundred million americans are expected to watch the debate monday night, which falls only 14 million short of the highest rated super bowl in history. >> i'm going to be there, can't wait, new york to cover the debate on monday. you can look for my live reports
9:36 pm
well as online on our streaming site, fox news now. you can watch the debate, full coverage, monday night beginning at 6:00. we'll of course have the news at 5:00. then we go to the debate at 6:00. then stay tuned for a special edition of fox 10 news immediately following the debate at 6:30, well, it's going to be 7:30 because we are going to be up there for seven >> you'll be three hours difference. >> we'll get it by then, yes. an arizona law makes it illegal for groups to go out, collect the ballots and turn them in, will be in effect for this election. in a ruling, a judge said that the law did not prove that it would disproportionately affect minority voters.
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someone's ballot if they live in the same household. facebook's nationwide voter registration drive, facebook says you will see the reminder over the next few days. if you click the register button now, it will send you through a guide process for stranls in your -- registration in your a state. one san tan valley man gets a lot of attention for his license plate supporting donald trump, but now he's selling that plate on ebay. joshua bridge's vanity license plate simply says go trump. he was kind of ahead of the curve on this one, i guess. he gets a lot of attention out on the road, and the person who may end up with this may get a lot of positive feedback.
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reactions, a lot of thumbs up, but once in a while you have the person who does not agree. the only suggestion i have is to be aware of the surrounding activity, because when people see it, they go kind of crazy about it. they go wild, in a good way. >> i imagine there's one of two responses. you either get the thumbs up or the middle finger. >> that's exactly right. i looked at it it like got milk, got trump, but no, it's go trump. >> if you would like to get your hands on it, bidding starts at 3,500 bucks. you may remember this hillary clinton license plate affixed to the car. the man had this license plate made in 2014, well ahead of her
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of ahead of the game. that's mark. we get mark on facebook, all the time. after the break, another reason for the cardinals to score touchdowns this football
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yahoo users are scrambling to change their passwords in yahoo users scrambling to change their passwords in the date. the account information of hundreds of millions of users stolen by hackers way back in 2014. but the breech was just uncovered. >> this is a mess, and tonight we are learning passwords as we knw them will soon become a thing of the past, and passwords of the future, they will be very technical. biometrics, your body's own unique identifiers, they will be
9:43 pm
unique identifiers, voice prints, maybe vocal recognition, beyond that, brainwave readers, heart baen beat sensors, even body odor sniffers could be methods to confirm your identity. >> diversity will rule. there is no one thing that will replace passwords. i can apply any combination of these security mechanisms depending upon the situation that i want against. >> how about that. >> body odor passwords? >> yeah, and you can do a combination. we'll do body odor, we are going to do the blood vein analysis, and then heartbeat. and maybe not in that order. >> needle in our arm? i don't think so. >> arm the probe. since each method has its own wiring, that can become pretty expensive and complicated, especially for businesses, but with the fast online identity platform, a number of methods could be used.
9:44 pm
to remember all of these paz words. >> so you can get rid of password 12345? >> exactly. a surprising number of employees say they would in a heartbeat sell their companies' passwords for cash. >> that's -- wow, that's encouraging. so much for loyalty. >> a security company called sale point found that 20% of workers employed that they would do it no problem. 44% of them said that they woul less than a thousand bucks >> oh, man, at least up your price. >> according to market watch, the company also found nearly two thirds of workers had shared passwords with their leagues. >> well, yeah. i mean sometimes you have got to get into your computer. you are like, hey, can you log in? here it is. >> but you have never done that you would admit. >> never, not publicly, certainly not here. it's more than a century in the making, but this weekend a
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smithsonian institute in washington, d.c., the national museum of african-american history and culture, chronicling t the ending of slavery and the civil rights movement, as well as contributions by african-americans to this country. mcdonald's is bringing all day breakfast to kids. starting monday, the fast food giant is a breakfast version of its happy meal, including the egg mcmuffin sandwich, just without the canadian bacon. in the meantime, marriott closing the deal with starwood hotels, buying its rival for $13 billion, creating largest hotel chain in the world. stocks falling on friday,
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ending the week in positive territory. >> first comes the ring, then comes the social media posting. three out of five brides announce their wedding date on social media within 24 hours of saying yes. it's an annual tradition between arizona cardinals and srp. for every touchdown scored, they will donate 100 trees to be planted significant fire damage. since that program started, 1 million trees have been planted. >> after last sunday's game, they are busy planting trees. tonight's talk back, a former nba star turned mayor gets a pie in the face. he fights back, but it's the other guy that goes to jail. is that fair? and guys, a question for you, boxers or briefs?
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we'll talk about it more in talk about. . >> i thought there were no wrong answers?
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to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box.
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coming up in just a few minutes on fox ten news coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00, we will have the very latest on the deadly shooting at a mall north of seattle as police are now searching for the gunman. plus new at 10:00, spacex now believes it knows what caused that accidental explosion before launch a few weeks ago.
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blast. that's tonight at 10:00. time for tonight's talkers. >> you're going to love this one, john. remember when bill clinton was asked that infamous question, boxers or briefs? >> yes, i remember this. >> turns out the answer now, it better be briefs, because boxers are seriously out according to gq. >> good because i'm a briefs guy. >> i was thinking more of a thong o >> no, no. >> they say with form fitting clothing, there is no room for loose, lumpy boxers anymore. they say it ruins the whole suit, the whole look. >> yeah. >> what did bill clinton say? >> what was bill clinton? i can't remember. i think he was briefs, wasn't he? >> what if you say neither? >> or was he boxers? i can't remember. neither? do you remember kevin johnson, phoenix suns guard.
9:51 pm
guard star, the ring of fame, whole thing. this is wild. he's the mayor of sacramento. you know that. a guy pied him in the face because he's mad at him for not doing enough for the homeless, is he pies kevin johnson, turns around, whacks him hard, lacerations to the face, and the pie assaulter ends up with assault charges, and kevin john they said it was an attack on a public official. the guy who did the pie in the face got serious charges, kevin johnson got nothing. >> as a mayor, you can't beat someone up. >> public officials get pied. it just happens. i don't know if that gives you liberty to beat the heck out of
9:52 pm
six and seven -- all right. we are done talking. your turn to talk back. i'm getting out of here. stand back john. we posted our thoughts on facebook. it's your turn. >> stop by, john hook on fox 10, kari lake on fox 10, post your thoughts. we'd love to hear from you, and above all have a great weekend. marc is up next. >> i think k.j. was having a flash back to the '94 fight with the nicks, greg anthony, the cheap shot. hoping to bring their defense with them in buffalo, and the arizona sun devils play
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9:54 pm
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sluggish performance against the patriots in week one... after a sluggish performance against the patriots in week one, the cardinals defense really went to work in week two, forcing five turnovers and giving up just seven points to the buccaneers. now, this week the boys hit the road looking to shut down a bills offense. >> here they come -- >> richard saenz has more. . >> and still tiptoeing along the sideline is marcus cooper. >> the arizona cardinals were
9:56 pm
first win of the season, and the boys will have to continue to battle this sunday in buffalo. >> i have seen explosive offense with tons of speed in the backfield on the perimeter, at tight end, at backup receiver at goodwin. these guys are very, very explosive offense. >> when you look at this game on paper, you might think, oh, the bills are 0-2 and in turmoil after firing the offensive coordinate. but not so fast. dangerous and desperate. it's a very dangerous football team because you have to expect the unexpected. like i said earlier, these guys have a very talented football team. with them having a different offensive coordinator, it's going to be difficult the first couple of drives. >> when you get the interception in this game, do you point to the press box? >> no, no, no. i'm going to score this time.
9:57 pm
because i did tell her that i was getting one, but i won't point anymore. i got her the first one of the season, and the next one, the ones that do come to me now, i'm looking forward to getting to the end zone. >> i'm richard saenz, for fox 10 sports.3 of course you can catch that game right here on fox 10 sunday, kickoff, 10:00 a.m., it's a business trip for the cardinals and they seem to be all business, kickoff. the sun devils 3-0, they want you to know about it, running back richard, mr. eight touchdown ballage, leading offense average 48 points per game, cal averaging 47 points per game. prior to the start of the season, the sun devils picked to be at the bottom of the pac-ten
9:58 pm
>> we knew what we had on this football team. i don't know what you guys thought. >> i told you all it was only a matter of time before y'all get to see everything that we are doing. of course i'm happy with it. we are winning games, 3-0. >> it's going to be a shootout tomorrow night in tempe, speaking of a shootout, a little bit of a slugfest, scores a touchdown, he goes 100 yards, goes coast to coast, u.s.c. leads late in the game. instead of kicking it on a field goal to tie, utah goes for the touchdown and wins. we head to baltimore. beautiful night. dbacks taking on the orioles. and they look good early. segura drives one deep to right.
9:59 pm
trumbo, not known for his defense but his stick, you'll hear more from trumbo later. they would lead late in this game until alvarez, bottom of the 8th with a solo shot to right, 2-1, cutting into the diamondbacks lead, shelby miller, by the way, six innings, no earned runs. we go to extras. and in extras, oh, no, trumbo, the former dback, takes it out of here. it's a walk-off home run, and the orioles win a big one. they are still fighting for the play-offs there in baltimore. hey, more on the dbacks and the cardinals in about 20 minutes. why head coach bruce arians won't be overlooking a desperate bills team. but first it's marc martinez and fox 10 news at 10:00. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. and we begin tonight with a news alert out of washington
10:00 pm
opens fire in a mall north of seattle, and we are getting a more clear picture now of what has happened. three dead, a man taken to the hospital not expected to hurt, another woman hurt but with non-life-threatening injuries. right now a search is on the for the shooter. all of this unfolding in washington state. here's seattle. this is all happening at a mall here in burlington washington. it's called the cascade mall, and we are told that there was a very busy place tonight, of course, and you see the mall right there, and next to the i-5 freeway, and they believe that is where the shooter may have fled after inflicting all of the violence tonight. here's a picture of the suspected gunman, seen walking through the mall. witnesses say he walked into the macy's and opened fire. it is believed he is armed with a rifle. officers say the shooter is believed to have left the scene before they got there. officers say that he was last seen walking towards the highway, the i-5. it is not clear what led up to


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