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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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make their quick escape when the wheel of the van got stuck in a planter. they may have had to run away. all of this made for a chaotic morning in sun city. residents in the retirement community of sun city surprised to see this scene unfolding. >> they decided to smash through the whole thing. apparently, they thought they were going to fill up the van. >> reporter: a smash and grab swat team. the alarm alerted the sheriff's office. >> we were there within minutes. there are weapons in there so we secured the area. we had the swat team secure the area. >> reporter: no suspects were
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road. as for the van they used, it turned out to be stolen taken from a church in avondale late monday night. >> i'm not sure if that was the plan to back it in, leave it, and have a getaway car around the corner. we're looking at all avenues on this. >> reporter: all of this swat activity didn't faze the residents. >> this is one of the safest sun city, i moved here three years ago from the chicago area. i will take this any day of the week. >> reporter: maricopa county deputies are still on the look out for these burglars. they haven't released surveillance pictures or video and say they don't know if they have any images that will be helpful. if we get those images, we'll bring them to you. i'm linda williams, fox 10 news.
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arrested after police say they were involved in a deadly robbery last month. police believe they were involved in a robbery and shooting at a motel 6 along the i-17 highway. the two black men carrying drugs walked into the motel and tried to rob the front desk but a security guard shot and killed one of the suspects. they believe the girlfriend was hassan has been charged with hindering the prosecution. on to a developing story that ended with one man dead and two others injured after they were hit by a car. last night, police say a vehicle with three people inside stopped along i-17 to change a tire when a pickup truck hit the three victims. the driver died at the scene.
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injuries. the driver of the truck was a 61-year-old man who police believe was under the influence at the time of the crash. a motorcyclist thrown from his bike after he collided with another vehicle at 19th avenue and north of thunderbird road. the biker in his 50's was taken to the hospital in critical condition. traffic was restricted in that area for about three hours. expecting moms now have a new option when it dealing with pain during childbirth. courtney griffin explains. >> reporter: it is called nitrous oxide and it is similar to laughing gas. st. luke's hospital is making it an option for expect tanlt mothers. >> everything seems to be safe so i think it is a great option. >> reporter: she is 37 weeks pregnant. >> i'm having a girl.
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a try. >> i want to be able to walk around but help with the pain management it might help with my energy level. >> reporter: the nitrous oxide takes the pain away while keeping the mom present. >> this is patient controlled. she can give herself as much or little and it is safe. >> reporter: the nitrous oxide gives the mom and oxygen, not less. >> because it includes a 50% blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen, she is getting more oxygen than we are breathing in air. >> reporter: babies will not be sleepy or sedated from the nitrous oxide. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> the doctors say it does help with pain, it doesn't always completely eliminate the pain
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coming up later, a study that shows morning sickness can be a good thing. find out what a mother's morning sickness means for the health of her baby. a former a.s.u. football player has been sentenced for his role for burglary. on the right of your screen, he pled guilty to one count of attempted theft of a credit card. he was sentenced to of supervised probation. he was a safety for the sun devils. he was immediately dismissed from the team. tempe police say him and another man were arrested when spotting outside of the apartment complex and they both admitted to breaking into the home and stealing property from inside. chilling new details about the black man killed by& charlotte police. we'll tell you who had a restraining order against him
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the c.e.o. of wells fargo is blaming the thousands of employees he fired for illegal activity. tom hanks surprises a couple
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new information new information tonight about a black man killed by a black charlotte police officers. court documents show that keith scott had a restraining order filed aginst him a year ago after he threatened to kill his wife and these documents showed that keith's wife filed the order last october. police say that scott was armed with a handgun when they approached him at an apartment complex last week. his family says he wasn't armed. ash carter says legislation backed by the families of the september 11 attacks could be devastating to the u.s. military. congress is set to override president obama's veto of the
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to sue saudi arabia. the victims' families have wanted to sue the kingdom for the backing of the terroristsiss who carried out the attacks. president obama warned that it would make the u.s. vulnerable in foreign courts. the united states is providing another $364 million in humanitarian aid for those affected by the civil war in syria. the u.s. has given almost $6 billion to the country since 2011. that money is expected to provide food, shelter, safe drinking water to syrians. almost five million syrians have fled as refugees as millions of people still need relief. in tonight's business watch, wells fargo' c.e.o. is blaming
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employees. some of the employees filed a lawsuit in california against the bank seeking more than $2 billion in damages for the employees who were fired and penalized for failing to meet senior management's sales quotas. the lawsuits are piling up for yahoo over the 2014 hack that exposed the information for 500 million people. three lawsuits have been filed and two were filed in san francisco. the suits failing to protect personal information. shares of twitter rose at premarket that disney might make a bid for the social media company. other companies that might make a bid, include google and sales the dow climbed 133 points
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the nasdaq finished at 5305. s&p rose 13. wedding days are a special day for the couple that is getting hitched but one new york wedding party got to hang out and snap photos with one of the biggest stars in hollywood. >> this is a crazy story. you can see it is to hanks. he ran into the couple who was taking their wedding >> oh, my god. >> right here. what is your name? elizabeth. >> what is your name? >> ryan. >> ryan, you are a lucky man. i have to post this. >> we have extra seats.
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i am an ordained minister so if the guy cancels let me know. >> the bride is in shock. she has this look like is this real? we have the three-person selfie. got to love that. >> tom hanks running through the park when he stopped. the couple was taking wedding photos in central park and he was out there for a job and went up to them and started chatting and they invited reception but he had a dinner he had to go to. >> i imagine he needed a change in clothing. sweat suits are frowned upon. >> i think they would have let him show up in anything he wanted to. one of the biggest difficulties in diagnosing c.t.e. is you have to wait for the patient to die in diagnosing the brain. the young professional
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he left his mark on his florida community. see how senators honored him today. >> reporter: when you play in the nfl, if you're unable to perform at a competent level, the nfl, as they say, stands for not for long. the cards make a today.
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experience morning sickness but a new study shows the morning sickness is a sign that your baby is healthy. women who experienced morning sickness were 50%-75% less likely to have a miscarriage. the study focused on women who had one or two miscarriages. four out of five women experience vomiting during pregnancy. experts are trying to determine serves a purpose. researchers may found a new way to diagnose concussions and can lead to dementia. c.t.e. is linked to repeated concussions. testing for the disease is usually done after a patient has died. now, scientists believe they can test for the disease while the patient is still alive. they would inject chemicals that flow into the brain and send a
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determine if a patient has c.t.e. there is no definitive way to know if someone has c.t.e. without an autopsy. senator marco rubio shared words about the life and legacy of jose fernandez. >> rubio took to the senate floor to talk about the boating accident. better. he made all of baseball better. he made miami and tampa better. the way he lived his life, he reminded us of how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth. my friends, that the is not bad for a 24-year-old kid from cuba. >> in yesterday's game, the
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the number 16 will be retired, the marlins' first jersey retirement. >> reporter: well, in the world of professional football, the nfl stands for not for long. if you don't perform at a competent level, you are out of a job. the rookie found out the hard way. he was released. the long snapper with this snap cardinals a touchdown. you see it in slow motion. the offsnap that cost the cardinals to win the patriots game late in the game. again, he is out and we'll find out more who they will sign. as for the missed cues in the passing game. are you getting the right calls in the huddle? what is the miscommunication all
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route and carson palmer throws it down the field and michael floyd doesn't run the proper route and it is one of four interceptions for carson palmer. interesting to hear bruce arians give you an insight on what isn't happening in the communication from quarterback to wide receiver. >> potatoes sounds like tomatoes. you have to hear the right word to run the rig he is throwing anticipation throws that is the one with john brown. the one with michael floyd, if he is expecting you to turn out flat, you have to turn out flat. he was short on some throws down the sidelines. we dropped two big balls. >> reporter: cardinals hit the practice field tomorrow in preparation for fox nfl sunday. seahawks at the jets and the
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post game coverage right after the game. speaking of the arizona cardinals, is there a leadership issue in the locker room? bruce arians says no but it is what he says regarding the followers that has people buzzing a little bit. in addition, the sun devils are 4-0 and they are getting ready for a trip to usc. you'll hear from todd graham. more football on the way at 6:00. adel "25" gets an award that few artists see in a lifetime and this is her second. peter rabbit is hittinghe big screen. we'll tell you which late night tv host is starring as the
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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? adele's latest album "25" hasn't been out a year and it went diamond. i did not know what this meant until today. >> very impressive. >> it means it went platinum 10 fold. the singer was presented with a plaque at madison square garden and this isn't the first time one of her albums went diamond. "21" that propelled hits like "rolling in the deep" and "someone like you" took two
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she continues her tour here in phoenix. chinese collectors got a good look at marilyn monroe. it is on display as what they call an important piece of pop culture. it will be moved around the globe and set up and will be in the u.s. when the items go up for auction come november. another hollywood couple has called it naomi watts and liam sh schreibr have called it quits. they have never married but they have been together since 2005. tv late night host james corden will be bringing peter rabbit to life.
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along with rose burn and night manager's elizabeth devicki will be part of the voice cast. the tale of peter rabbit was published in 1902 and has become a global franchise. it is due out in the spring of 2018. blowing dust advisory in effect. dave munsey standing arizona governor doug ducey speaking at a business event featuring newt gingriche governg about last night's debate when
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests,
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because you deserve leaders you can trust. first tonight at six take a look at sky fox tonight at 6:00.
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for maricopa and pinal county. this is a big wall moving in right now. this is east of maricopa. that system is moving through the area, as you can see the national weather service telling drivers on the roads to be careful. if you get caught in this, it can be a nightmare. the blowing dust is creating low visibility. the monsoon season ends three days from now but it is not going quietly. update on the forecast. >> reporter: there is a lot of moisture working its way up to phoenix at the present time. as that starts to fall apart, you can see that storm is falling apart a little bit. as that continues to happen, it will continue to send high winds out of that area and, of course, that will create a lot of dust. when the storms fall apart, heavy, heavy air falls from
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hitting the ground and kicking the dust up. we end up with a blowing dust advisory. this is until 7:00 this evening. so be aware. you can see phoenix is not involved in this at the present time. gila bend and casa grande, and some of the smaller towns just to the south of the city are involved in this. phoenix at this time, is not. it is until 7:00 and it is going to be throwing dust up into this so it may get a little relief after the dust comes through. however, there is another storm. it is a big storm east of flagstaff that has a severe thunderstorm warning attached to it. we'll have news on that coming up. let's get back to the pictures from sky fox. the wall of dust is making its way in. this is east of maricopa as we


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