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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 27, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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next at 9:00, an officer involved shooting in north phoenix. >> we'll have updates on the suspect and the officer's
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hello and thanks for thank you for joining us. we begin tonight with a fox 10 news alert. phoenix police shoot a man in the parking lot of a gas station near 19th avenue and the loop 101. the shooting stemming from a traffic stop. >> when police went to pull over theri and appeared to pull out a gun so they opened fire. ty brennan the live at the scene with the latest details. >> reporter: the suspect was taken into custody after he was taken to the hospital with that gunshot wound. the passenger of the car was also take into custody and the good news is no officers were injured. police are still going over this and you can see the suspect's
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and the minivan is an undercover car. take a look at what we saw. police approached a four-door dodge sedan. they stopped the car for a possible drug charge. the driver put the car in reverse and slammed into the officer's car. at this time, the undercover officer arrived on scene. sergeant vince lewis described what happened next. >> during the encounter, there was another officer in the vehicle to the suspect's who was covering that angle and saw that the suspect then raised a handgun. the officer perceived the threat and fired striking the driver. >> reporter: again, the driver of the car was transported to the hospital. we are told he is in critical but stable condition. again, no officers were hurt here. this is just the beginning of a lengthy investigation.
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handguns were recovered from the suspect's car. ty brennan, fox 10 news. just in tonight, a maricopa county sheriff's k-9 catches a suspected burglar who crashed a van into a pawnshop on purpose. eric hernandez was trying to run away from the k-9. he is believed to be the only suspect involved in this morning's burglary. it happened at arizona e near 9 fourth avenue and bell. they drove the van into the store. $1,000 in watches were stolen before the suspect got away on foot. the van was stolen from a church in avondale last night. a bad crash overnight by a group of people were who stranded on the side of the freeway.
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this happening on the i-17 at 16th street. the group got out to change a flat tire when that crash happened. the driver who hit them was arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. >> marcy jones is live with more. >> so outspoken, so outgoing, always stood up for what was right and he always protected his >> reporter: patricia said her son died doing what he always did, protecting his family. the 22-year-old and three others were struck by a drunk driver while fixing a flat tire on the side of i-17. >> he was always happy. he was always happy. >> he was always laughing. >> he always cheered me up. being a single mom, he was my only son. >> reporter: steven was a special boy.
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be a trooper. his sister adding she can't believe a drunk driver ended his short. >> he knew he was intoxicated and he made that decision and it cost someone his life and that happens to be our brothe. >> reporter: patricia says steven is her only son she wants justice but she lost something she will never get back. >> it is not going to change the situation. >> reporter: the 61-year-old driver is in custody and the others that were injured last night are all recovering. marcy jones, fox 10 news. less than two weeks ago, another man was killed on the side of i-17 near thomas. xavier gonzalez was stranded on the side of the road when his truck broke down.
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>> if your car breaks down on the highway, exit to the right shoulder as far as you can, avoid pulling off on a curve where you might be in a blind spot. if you get out of your vehicle, do not stand behind or in front of your car and call for help right away. there is just a few days left of monsoon 2016 but mother nature put on quite a show tonight. this dust storm started like many others. it came up from the valley fr the southeast. as the storm came through, the sun was setting and the colors combined with the dust. a huge storm here but beautiful nonetheless. the time-lapse shows the changing colors throughout the course of the evening. the dust formed into a thick wall that you're seeing here. >> we felt it down here in downtown phoenix as well in the evening. dave munsey joins us with what is happening right now. >> reporter: when i went out to dinner, you can see it in the
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throughout the city. not everybody got a little bit of dust but there is moisture out there, still problems out there. you can see the storm system that fell apart as it was coming in with the dust. there is not a lot of rain falling in these areas. there was pretty good rain down to the south where the storms came in from. you can see a little bit of .5 of an inch and that is just shy of .5 of an inch. corner of the state and we see action there. look at flagstaff, that storm system rolling through the flagstaff area and as we back off here, we see a little bit coming into phoenix. flagstaff probably going to get hit again. another storm forming right there. you see the little bit continuing to come in.
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we're finding out the circumstances surrounding the death of an arizona football play. the medical examiner determined he died from combined of toxic effects of a powerful muscle relaxer and an anti-anxiety drug. he was 21 years old and passed away this august. fox 10 news alert, former prime minister has died after suffering a major stroke. he served at the ninth president. one of his defining roles is he negotiated peace with the palestinians. his health deteriorated after he had the stroke two weeks ago. he was 93 years old. still ahead on fox 10 news at 9:00, we're talking with "tmz." the latest on the fight that is
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jenner's phone number on twitter. >> we'll find out what that is all about. plus, last night's presidential race makes history. we're finding out who won the contest. first, pack your bags for an 80 day journey with 100 of your closest friends on board a a
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well, pack your bags. humans are headed to mars and soon that is if it is up to elon musk. >> this is exciting. the c.e.o. of spacex unveiled his plans to get people to mars to colonize the red planet. the spaceships would carry 100 people each.
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cape canaveral. it would be refilled by tanker ships in space. musk says the journey would take 80 days. >> it is going to be fun and exciting and it can't feel cramped or boring. the crew compartment is set up so you can float around and be likehe restaurant, it will be really fun to go. you're going to have a great time. >> he is selling this thing. >> my question is what do you do once you get there? >> you're going to hang out with a million people. >> eventually. here is what it looks like when they land and they are on mars. >> they send the fuel so you can
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says it will take a million people to colonize mars. it will take about $200,000 for a one-way ticket. musk says he hopes the first flight to mars could start in seven years. >> his plans to get to mars are trending on twitter and a lot of people seem interested in making people joking that his plans won't happen soon enough. this one, the bad you news won't be complete by november 8, 2016. a former a.s.u. student is putting a new twist on staying fit. benjamin allen created a one hour funk dance and fitness
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california. the class has become popular with people of all ages and dance backgrounds. >> groove three is for anybody who wants to learn how to dance, anybody who used to dance, and also people who want to break a sweat. >> i'm no whippersnapper. i'm up there in age and you can see it is all levels. >> i can't follow zumba. he has bee six years. caught on camera at tonight's yankees game, a wedding proposal gone wrong. the proposal was supposed to happen during the fifth inning but the hopeful groom must have gotten nervous. he fumbles the ring and drops it. so everybody around him jumps up to help, including his girlfriend. it finally turned up after what had to be a rough few minutes
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they will have an interesting story. >> reporter: it is about posing the pocket. you can't fumble away the ring. last season the cards were one of the most explosive offenses in the nfl. what is the issue three games into the season with carson and the cards passing game. bruce arians spokane diddley about the issue. you will want to hear this in sports. >> reporter: take a look at that. 80 degrees and the winds are down. look at the beacon light left of center. look to the left of the beacon light and you see there is haze around and dust in the air.
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a fast burning wildfire a fast burning wildfire on the california coast is threatening hundreds of homes. >> the loma fire has stories tall. it is intense. more than 500 firefighters are trying to contain the flames. it could be seen more than an so far one home has been destroyed and it is not clear what caused the fire. a large fire shuts down part of a highway north of san francisco. witnesses say at least four homes have caught fire near highway 101. there is no word if anybody was hurt by the fire. the area was evacuated while
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fires getting a little bit of help as you can see there is high pressure in there and the movement around the high pressure is also cascading down the mountains and kind of warming things up a bit. a little bitty head wave for those folks in california. on the other side of things, it is cold in north dakota. they had their first 32-degree read. the cold weather has found them. more showers up in the area of the great lakes, new england did get shower activity as well. almost an inch in the area of michigan. the flood waters are not going as high as they thought they would by 6 inches, in iowa they are still looking at flooding. they are looking at rain and heavy rain south of miami.
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flooding and they are still getting rain in that area. .66 of an inch in miami. we had .43 of an inch in washington, d.c. temperature wise, we still have warm temperatures. 89 in atlanta. 90 at new orleans. 85 degrees at houston. 90 in orlando. when you start going north of those, temperatures start dropping ff a little bit. we start to see the 80's. 70 in detroit and chicago. 77 in salt lake city and 69 up in seattle. 80 degrees here. winds out of the southeast at 5 miles an hour. there is your high -- excuse me that is the temperature right now. 78-degree unless fountain hills. 79 degrees in chandler. 81 degrees in glendale. once again, we give you a look at the moisture traveling
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tonight. we see the stuff moving through the phoenix area and look at the dew points. remember we had the due points in the 30's. there is a 30 at the grand canyon. mostly 40's and few 50's and 60's down south where the moisture is coming in. so the due point is up. there is your high at 88 degrees. other number, 88 at goodyear. we had 88 at glendale and 88 at 75 degrees up in sedona. let's take a look at what is happening on sunday. it is the walk for hope at phoenix zoo. it is to cure women's cancer. overnight, 73. 92 for tomorrow. nice-looking temperatures will round out the 10 day. watch your kids around water. just a reminder, you can check the forecast and get
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weather app available in google play and apple stores. still ahead, is a toll road coming to arizona? it will be our first. why adot wants to built it. a major turn of events in the wells fargo scandal. what the c.e.o. is doing. first, we're six weeks out in the presidential election. how did the candidates fare and
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new sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records sheriff paul babeu. related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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you decide 2016, an unprecedentedded move by the arizona republic. for the first time in history, they are throwing their support behind a democrat. the newspaper is 126 years old and traditionally conservative and has never endorsed a democrat. the republic says it cannot endorse donald trump because he is not conservative and not qualified for the job of being president. mentime, last night's presidential debate has made history. final numbers are still being counted but this will be the most watched debate ever. >> millions watched online and that is not something that is measured. >> who won is the big question and that depends on who you talk to. both candidates touted victory
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our steve krafft spoke to an expert for his take. >> reporter: the first presidential debate is in the books and everyone wants to know who won the debate? who better to ask than a debate coach? the stakes could not be higher. after it was over. >> i thought it was a missed opportunity for both candidates. each one had questions to answers. vista's speech and debate coach says that trump waded i when iraq came up. >> donald trump didn't say anything. he looked composed but as the debate went on, he interrupted her and that comes off as too aggressive. >> reporter: as for hillary
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policy details and needs to find ways to relate to voters on an emotional answer. >> when you listen to an answer, you only listen to the first 15 seconds or the last 15 seconds so she did not give the sound bites that americans were after. >> reporter: there are two more debates. >> we're six weeks until the presidential election. this map from fox news shows whole. dark red is trump, pink are leaning towards trump, dark blue are clinton and teal are leaning towards clinton. states in yellow, including arizona, it is a tossup. we're shaded yellow so that means the race here is very tight and that is unusual for arizona, traditionally a red state.
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face a congressional hearing for taking advantage of customers by opening millions of fake accounts. wells fargo has apologized for the scheme. the company fired 5,300 workers and some have filed a lawsuit against the bank. a border patrol agent apparently, takes his own life after getting into a shootout with police. his daughter called 911 reporting domestic violence in the home. jeremy russo exchanged gunfire with two police officers. no one was hit but three homes were struck by bullets. the swat team was called in and after several hours, they decided to blow up a security door. police say he shot himself in the head.
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bed and there was more shooting and then the flash and bang and the helicopters. >> reporter: russo's wife and three kids were home at the time of the shooting but they were not hurt. his wife reported he had been drinking. police arrest a man accused of taking pictures of girls inside of a bathroom at xiaoyuan zhang was arrested inside a lecture hall. police searched through his phone and discovered images of girls in bathroom stalls. there are six victims. police arrest three juveniles in connection to three online threats. carl hayden high school was the first to receive threats early yesterday morning and the threats quickly spread through social media. they all alluded to possible violence. those arrested could be
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they may face suspension or expulsion from school. unlike other states, arizona does not have any toll roads but that could change. adot is looking to build a toll road called state route 30. the yellow line marks the proposed road that would be constructed. it would connect 85 to i-75. it would help to alleviate valley. right now, this is a proposal. there is not enough funding to build the road before 2025 and adot is studying options to see how they can make it happen. coming up, childbirth can be very painful for some new moms but now a new method is being used by doctors to alleviate the pain. the big dust storm tonight, you were probably caught up in
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many expecting mothers many expecting mothers are nervous about the pain that comes with childbirth, understandably. now, there is a new way to deal with the pain. last week, st. luke's hospital started offering nitrous oxide, similar to laughing gas. it will take away the pain but keeps them alert about what is
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>> because the mask includes a 50% blend of oxygen and nitros oxide, she is getting more oxygen than we are breathing in the room. >> it doesn't completely eliminate the pain the way an epidural can. the first baby born to three parents. this revolutionary i.v. technique was used because the mother had a genetic disease that would have been the baby. it leaves the disease-causing d.n.a. behind and it was injected into a donor's egg and the baby inherited d.n.a. from both parents and the egg donor. the healthy baby boy was born five months ago. smoking rates dropped to an historic low. the adult smoking rate in our
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down to just over 19% in 2011. this means that 200,000 arizonans have quit smoking in the last five years. governor doug ducey speaking about supporting small businesses. newt gingrich was on hand for the event at the center. ducey spoke on free enterprise principles and working to make our economy grow. >> we look at any regulation that gets in the way of job creation that isn't beneficial, it does not help the state or protect the citizen or protect the consumer. >> governor ducey is headed to mon montreal to promote business between canada and arizona. the presidential candidates could have more to say about
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will spend less this year depend on who wins this november with it evenly split between donald trump and hillary clinton. when people go shopping, more than half of americans turn to amazon first when shopping on the international. it -- internet. it is another reason amazon stock is up 21% this year. cleaning on your always computer because three out of four employees admit to having digital files that could be harmful to them or their employers. workers hoarding embarrassing e-mails, company secrets and even their own job applications to other companies. one word, delete. that is business. >> reporter: hi, everybody.
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temperatures as we get to 88 degrees in the valley or excuse me, these are the highs on the day today. 88 in glendale. 88 in goodyear. 88 at gateway. we'll look at 92 degrees for tomorrow. take a look at tomorrow's highs. 92 at sky harbor. 94 at glendale. 92 at buckeye. 89 at cave creek. 93 very popular on the board tonight. gateway and florence wanting 93 for tomorrow. those temperatures looking pretty good. don't forget heading off to school tomorrow what things are going to be like, partly cloudy. 20% chance of showers and that's early in the day through the afternoon and a beautiful morning temperature of 73 degrees. so nice weather out there even though it is going to be a
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we'll have more for you coming up in the next hour. thanknext, it is "tmz" tuesy and tonight we're talking about the latest in the investigation of jose jose fernandez's death. he was killed over the weekend in a boat crash. what he was doing minutes before the crash. another family fight for the kardashians and this surrounding rob kardashian and kylie jenner. why he tweeted
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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coming up in just a few coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00, we'll have the latest on the officer-involved shooting and a live report from ty brennan on the scene. a former pageant contestant the target of insensitive comments 20 years ago but the comments resurfacing at last we'll hear from the former miss. universe. we're joined by brad from "tmz." we have new information about the night of the crash that jose fernandez died. what do we know now that we did not know before? >> obviously, a sad story. jose was out with friends 90 minutes before the crash. there is a bar out there and you
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the bar. we learned he was there. investigators are working to speak with people at the bar and try to find out if there is security footage so they can gain more understanding as to what he was doing leading up to the crash and what led him away from the area. >> brad, we heard that friends warned him about going out that night because it was so dark. what do you make of the tweets of friends water? >> any time you boat at night, it is not the best idea. he did have the proper lighting on the boat. it was still on when officers found the crash scene. it feels like he was following proper safety procedures. you never know if there are bad conditions and if it is dark, that is not a good idea. he would leave early in the morning to go fishing so it was not his first time boating in the dark either.
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talking about is the kardashians. rob tweeting out kylie's phone number because she did not invite blac chyna to the baby shower and the reports that they are not together anymore. >> he fired off a bunch of tweets throwing kylie under the bus. we know the relationship with her and tyga and the relationship with her. kylie took the b the two haven't been together for several months so the sisters planned separate baby showers and blac chyna ok'd it but he had no idea they planned separate ones. he found out that she is not invited to my baby shower and he took it out on his sisters even though what we're told is it was only for his friends. his friends were there last night waiting for him.
9:48 pm
out blac chyna was not going to be there. there is the question of how much of this is reality and how much for the show but this was something that the sisters were trying to do for rob and he did not know the details and lost it. >> classic miscommunication. thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you next week. >> all right, time to talk about what is trending tonight and first up, tom hanks the actor and now wedding crasher. the wedding par pictures in central park when tom hanks showed up. the actor went up to the couple and introduced himself and started chatting and taking pictures. the couple invited him to the reception but, unfortunately, he had other plans. what was so cool is he was jogging passed and nobody noticed him. he went up to them and was nice as he can be.
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>> he is walking up in a sweatshirt. it is in line with tom hanks that he is as nice and as likeable as what you see in his movies. >> he did not upstage them and just gave them a memory they will remember and now they are all over the world. >> maybe the photo over the fireplace will be the two of them and tom hanks. one washington state driver makes a huge mistake. driving in the h.o.v. lane with this cardboard cutout of donald trump. you can see it peeking out of the window. the driver was using this as his "passenger"." the officer and the driver shared a laugh and the man was fined $136. >> we've seen people try to do this before but that is con
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>> that is more obvious. >> your turn to talk back. head to our facebook page. >> we would love to hear from you. jude? >> reporter: i will tell you what, tere is a lot of interest in this cardinals team. what is going on with opposing defenses? are they catching up to the cards? who will that hail mary against usc and the last time a.s.u. played at the coliseum.
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this is easy for me to say looking back in retrospect to training camp in the last three weeks when it comes to a rookie long snapper. there is something to be said for experience and perhaps cardinals found out firsthand of the risk of a rookie long snapper. you know what happened in game one, the bad snap that cost them the field goal and what happened over the weekend in buffalo, the
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they signed aaron brewer. he snapped in last year's super bowl. he has big-game experience. he has been around the league in four years and the cardinals address that long snapper issue. they will bring in from denver, aaron brewer. let's get to the cardinals' passing game. one of the interesting items, when you take long drops like this, your susceptible to a long passing rush. what is intriguing is the opposing defense. they put a couple of safeties back there to thwart the big chunk plays and the deep balls. we've seen the patriots and the bills. one of the questions that came up for bruce arians the what can be done here? listen carefully. it is not just about throwing the ball deep, it is the choice that the quarterback makes where
9:55 pm
football. >> we forced one to john brown when we had one underneath trying to get something started. again, each coverage, we have a deep ball in everything we do and we have every level covered. it is the quarterback's decision when to shoot it and when to come down with it. >> reporter: keep that in mind when you look at how things have played out in the last three 9:00 a.m., nfl sunday at the jets at 10:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m., rams at the cardinals our post game show. fox 10 news rolls through after the game so stay with us, including sports night. the last time the sun devils played at the l.a. coliseum, the long bomb won it for a.s.u. from mike bercovici to jaelen strong.
9:56 pm
long time to come. it was remarkable in the steal and the win on the road. for the trojans, they are struggling this year. they are, 1-3. they lost to alabama. they got crushed by bama. lost to stanford. lost to utah. as for todd graham, he is aware that the usc game is talented. don't be deceived by their record. they will play this >> similar team, talented. as talented as a team we will not play and have not played against better running backs, receivers. they got four or five receivers that are big time. this will be the best offensive line we played against. >> reporter: mark this down, big football weekend and it is here on fox.
9:57 pm
5:30, sun devils at usc and fox 10 news after the game right here, 5:30, fox college football. let's take a trip to training camp. the phoenix suns. we know about the youth movement but this is a team that wants to play fast, entertaining basketball. let's keep this in mind. the suns have been absent from the post game for seasons. can they make the postseason this year? let's be real in the tough and deep western conference. it will be no easy task but eric bledsoe is promising this team will play fast and they will be entertaining on the court. >> i think you guys are going to see a lot of fun. we're going to go out and have fun cheering each other on and
9:58 pm
getting the crowd into it. it is going to be a lot of fun this year. >> reporter: let's take a trip to the nation at capital. matt sher are alexander, is he red hot or what. jean says -- segura. 10 strikeouts and gets segura at just gave up two runs. you have goldy there. slier alexander needed a little bit of help there. here is the big difference maker. a three-run shot and the nationals go on to win, 4-2, the final. the nats over the d-backs tonight in washington, d.c. let's tell you this, the cardinals will be back on the practice field tomorrow.
9:59 pm
we'll see what is going on with a new punter. drew butler will be the holder for this team and we'll see how plays out. we'll come back with more cardinals and more coach arians and the changes on this team when we return. right now, it is marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with a fox 10 news alert out of north phoenix where police officers man during a traffic stop. this happened a few hours ago and all of this happening in a parking lot of a gas station. fox 10's ty brennan is live from the scene with the latest. ty? >> reporter: marc, still a large police presence at 19th avenue and rose garden at this am/pm gas station. you can see the suspect's car still sitting here.
10:00 pm
-- this evening. they stopped the car for a possible drug charge. the driver put the car in reverse and slammed into the officer's car. by this time, an undercover officer arrived on scene. this is what police say happened next. >> during the encounter, there was another officer in a vehicle who was covering that angle and saw the suspect raised a handgun. the officer perceived the threat and fired striking the driver. >> reporter: now, the driver of the car was transported to the hospital in critical but stable condition. we're told that passenger inside the car complied with police instructions. he was taken into custody. we were told by police that two handguns were found inside the car.


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