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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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-- this evening. they stopped the car for a possible drug charge. the driver put the car in reverse and slammed into the officer's car. by this time, an undercover officer arrived on scene. this is what police say happened next. >> during the encounter, there was another officer in a vehicle who was covering that angle and saw the suspect raised a handgun. the officer perceived the threat and fired striking the driver. >> reporter: now, the driver of the car was transported to the hospital in critical but stable condition. we're told that passenger inside the car complied with police instructions. he was taken into custody. we were told by police that two handguns were found inside the car.
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charges the driver and passenger might be facing but the good news is no officers were injured. ty brennan, fox 10 news. another news alert, former israeli presidents, one of the defining figures of israel have died. he won a noble price passed away after suffering a major stroke earlier this month. he is one of the last of israel's founding fathers and politicians. it has been a dangerous couple of weeks for motorists. several people have been struck and kill after getting out of their vehicles and getting struck on the roadway. the latest happened near 16th street and i-17. a driver got out to fix a blown tire when he was struck and killed.
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d.u.i. the man's family is devastated by the loss. marcy jones spoke with them tonight and she is live. >> reporter: when i spoke to the victim's family, they were emotional. they say you see the types of stories on the news and you never think it is going to happen to a loved one. they say the pain is so great they would never wish it on their worst he died doing what he always did, protecting his family. they were struck by a drunk driver while fixing a flat tire on the side of i-17. >> so outgoing, so outspoken. always stood up for what was right and he always protected his family. >> reporter: patricia says steven was a special boy. he just turned 22 and wanted to
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his sister says she can't believe a drunk driver ended his life. >> he knew he was intoxicated he made the decision to get behind the wheel. >> reporter: she said he was her only son and she will never get her son back. >> it doesn't matter what sentence he gets, it is not going to change the situation. >> driver was taken into custody last night. all of the people at the scene who were injured are recovering tonight. we are learning tonight what killed arizona offensive lineman zack hemlah last month. he died from a result of two prescription drugs, one was a
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other was scan -- three juveniles were arrested after threats to three schools. the threats spread quickly through social media to other schools and they all alluded to possible violence. those arrested now could be investigated by the f.b.i. and others well. police arrest a man at a.s.u.'s tempe campus accused of taking pictures and video of grills in bathroom stalls. police detained this man, xiaoyuan zhang. he told police he did take the photos and videos because he has a dirty mind. he has a $5,000 secure bond right now. a border patrol agent gets into a shootout with maricopa
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40-year-old jeremy russo's daughter calls 911 reporting domestic violence in the home. russo exchanged gunfire with two police officers who got there to figure out what was going on. nobody was hit. the swat team was called in and they took the security door down and a robot found russo's body upstairs in a closet. he shot himsel in the heard gunshots. before we went to bed there was more shooting then the flash and bang and the helicopters. >> russo's wife and three kids were at home at the time of the shooting. they were not hurt. his wife reported he had been drinking before this happened. police are waiting on toxicology results. coming up, last night's presidential debate breaking a
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online. who was the real winner last night? that depends on who you ask. also, more choices when it comes to cabins at arizona parks. we'll explain. a former a.s.u. student creating a new way to stay in shape and this involves a little bit of funk. his story is coming up. if you would like to contact me on social media, it is a
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it was a record night it was a record night on air and online with last night's presidential debate. debate and that makes it is most watched debate in history. online, facebook says debate videos have been watched and this is the most tweeted about debate in history beating up the debate between mitt romney and barak obama. both candidates spent the day claiming victory over the other.
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to court latinos. >> i enjoyed it. i guess the numbers came out and over 80 million people watched. we did well. we won virtually every poll. >> reporter: trump and his campaign claiming victory and chose not to bring up bill clinton's sex scandal. >> i eased up because i did not want to hurt anybody's feelings. >> reporter: after last night's debate, trump visited the spin room and complained his microphone was defective. there were no audio problems on the air but he hinted at a conspiracy. >> my microphone was terrible. >> anyone who complains about a microphone is not having a good night. >> reporter: christian had a shot of adrenaline.
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said about women, including miss. universe. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. he talked about a woman in a beauty contest and he called this woman miss. piggy. >> she is appearing in a new ad for clinton and talking about the debate and with mr. trump even though it happened 20 years ago. she says his comments still stick with her today. >> miss. universe year and i was trying to forget all that year about abuse and about that moment with him because it was miss. universe was the most
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>> she says she watched last night's debate with her mother and daughter and she says she is trying to teach you younger girs you should not let comments like that define who you are. the state's largest newspaper hands down, a shocking endorsement today picking hillary clinton over donald trump for the first time in the 126 year history. the editorial board endorsed a superior choice because of her temperament and experience in always. they join "dallas morning news" in endorsing hillary clinton. arizona governor doug ducey reacting to last night's debate at an event that featured newt gingrich. ducey s. sure that either candidate changed voters' minds.
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showed where they are and what they believe. i don't know how many people were swayed one way or the other. >> newt gringrich says the debate was an historic victory for donald trump. he was among those at the state university chandler center. the governor and other speakers tried to attract more business for our state and make the economy grow. it is businesses back tour. this is a problem facing many countries, pollution in the air but a disturbing new study about our exposure to high levels of pollution. the idea behind a new plan at the capital. >> reporter: we had a big dust storm tonight. a little bit of rain behind it, not much. there is still a little bit of haze in the air.
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it was the kind of day you feel sorry for those who decided to get their car washed yesterdayor earlier today. a lot of dust moving through. we watched this coming 6:00 hour. >> reporter: this was a big storm. this was a big dust storm. it didn't make it into phoenix. the reminisce of it came in here. i think that would have darkened it like night. >> we talk about the monsoon season technically ending in three days but as you mentioned, that does not mean anything. >> reporter: weather is in charge. >> we could see it in october
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in october. this is late in the season to see dust storms. the last few years, some of the biggest storms have come in september. 81 degrees right now. winds northeast at 7 miles an hour. i don't know if you can see in the background, there is just a little haze hanging on in the street lights from the dusting we got. 79 right now in scottsdale. 74 in apache junction. 79 in chandler. surprise, 78 degrees. we stillav we're going to take a look as this stuff comes in. this is the storm that the falling apart and pushing the dust in front of it. as we back up a little bit that is an impressive storm. we got a little bit of what was giving up to us in that but that was about it. you can see here, the flagstaff area getting a couple of shots of moisture on the day as well. as you can see, moisture still hanging around out there.
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remember, we checked the dew points not long ago. we're back in the 40's. we have 50's and 60's down through the deserts so things are picking up with the moisture. here's your high on the day today. 88 degrees. we had 86 up in deer valley. buckeye, 86 degrees. 88 degrees in chandler today. we had 75 in sedona. 66 at flagstaff. 90 at gila bend. 93 at 88 on the high. 96, 73, normal high and low. record high, 107. record low at 51. taking a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow, lots of 90's in there, low 90's and mid 90's. we see some 60's and 70's up in our mountain locations. as far as our high temperatures on the day went, atlanta, 72. 66 in washington.
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look at detroit, 55 degrees. cool weather finding its way in there. 77 at salt lake city. in the 60's in seattle. this is what it is going to look like overnight. 73 degrees. 92 degrees tomorrow. there is a chance of rain tomorrow about 20% chance. take a look at it here. lots of 90's on the upper level. on the lower level, everything goes in the 80's. we have another week of then we slide into the 80's, not to say the 90's won't slip back in there but that is a good thing that things are ending. watch your kids around water. >> the lower level is looking good right now. putting funk into fitness. how a former a.s.u. student is changing the way you get in
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to stay when visiting certain arizona parks because the state park system wants more rental cabins available to visitors. it would add more than 100 cabins at six state parks. the proposal would have the park system pay a fraction of the cost with most of the payment coming from a vender who would provide them. parks where the new cabins would be available are lake havasu, troubling statisticses from the world health organization, four out of five people live in areas with inefficient modes of transportation and industrial pollution. a former a.s.u. student is putting a new twist on combining
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benjamin allen created groove three at his studio in california. the class has become popular for people of all ages and dance backgrounds. >> groove three is for anybody who wants to learn how to dance, anybody who used to dance, and also people who want to break a sweat. >> i'm no whippersnapper. i'm up there in age. as you can see, it is all levels. >> he has been teaching dance for six years. getting a pie in the face, kevin johnson, remember? the california man charged with that assault and battery after shoving a pie in the mayor of sacramento. he fought back leaving him bloody and bruised and now thompson says he wants to sue
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hitting him but he was defending himself. johnson maintains he has the right to defend himself in the pie attack, jude. >> reporter: i will say this about k.j., he got in a few shots. we got changes to discuss with the arizona cardinals. by now you know the issue with the long snapper. what would they do and how would they do it and what is next up
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>> reporter: well, this should come as no surprise and certainly the cardinals found out firsthand, sometimes a rookie long snapper can be a risky proposition. after two mishaps in games one and three, the cards released the long snapper. you remember what happened against the buffalo bills. the snap over the head of the holder led to touchdown. now, the cardinals went out and signed aaron brewer. he is a veteran long snapper and he has snapped the ball in big game, including last year's super bowl with the denver broncos. nicholas could be out for the next three or four months. as for drew butler, he is still
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here is bruce arians. >> the big thing for me is we did what we did a couple years ago and that is dress drew to hold because field goals are important and we don't want a new holder. >> reporter: well see if the cardinals go out and sign another punter and we've heard the name ryan quigley who punted for the new york jets. fox nfl rams at the cardinals. post game coverage right after the game here on fox 10. phoenix suns, yesterday, it was media day and today was the first practice in flagstaff. dragan bender and there is marcus kris this is a youth movement with veterans like tyson chander who hope to move it forward. they haven't made the postseason
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for this team this year. >> when the season ends, what is your vision on how it should end? what will make you happen? when the season ends, when whenever that is, we don't want to play for may. our goal is to always play for june. >> reporter: we'll keep an eye on the suns at training mat scherzer, jean segura's 20th home run. scherzer was on his game. he only game up two runs. paul goldschmidt sit down. not going to happen and the bottom of the sixth, randall
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his 19th homer and the nats go on to win, 4-2 the final. nats over the diamondbacks. cards back at the practice field. they have a new punter and they will get set for an important game come sunday against the rams. >> reporter: when are we going to have a media day? >> every day is a media day. >> reporter: it is interesting to see these guys getting together and there is young, exci long way to go to recapture that interest again that was there eight or 10 years ago. >> that was fun. thanks for joining us.
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day. oh, happy valentine's day. aw. ohh! mwah. so, fratelli's tonight? hello, cannoli canoe. jay: i like it. nice fit. swanky material. [ chuckles ] jay, you look so strong and sexy, like an olympic wrestler but with money. [ both laugh ] your turn. okay. [ chuckles ] this is my favorite day in america! happy valentine's day, gorgeous. [ gasps ] they're huge! [ chuckles ] oh, my god! yeah, those will work. beautiful. you can wear them tonight. i have a surprise. [ gasps ] don't tell me, you're finally taking me salsa dancing! [ gasps ] and who's david brenner? only a vegas legend. is he a magician? 'cause i love magicians. he's a comedian. a comedian.


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