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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> and police say that boy was home when he somehow got ahold of the gun. his mom was there too. steve krafft is live in avondale with the latest. >> had to be hon-wise you, this is one of those stories that is hard to wrap your head around. this is the scene at the house at the end of the block. you see a couple of balloons there. these are the folks that suffered this terrible tragedy today. a five-year-old somehow gets ahold of a gun with consequences. >> loved ones break down after they learn the five-year-old boy who shot himself had died. avondale police say it happened in this townhouse between 9:30 and 10:00 this morning. the investigation is in its early stages so there is a lot they are not telling us. police not saying what type of gun was used. how many shot maze have been fired. where the little boy was hit. >> i rushed home because i have a five-year-old son myself that
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just rushing home to know that it was actually my neighbor's son it was really heart breaking. >> a neighbor told thus complex is filled with single moms who have between three and five children. she believed that little boy who died was one of five kids all of them young. the grim question hanging over this tragic scene, how was it a five-year-old boy was able to get his hands on a loaded gun. >> unfortunately, when weapons are involved you have to be sure those type of things because these incidents happen. >> so once again police have not released the name of this little boy. the investigation is continuing. live in avondale, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." thank you, steve this just in to the fox 10 newsroom. donald trump is heading back to arizona and this may be significant because the polls in arizona are tightening and usually you don't see the candidate unless there is
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the trump campaign announcing on its website the gop presidential hopeful will be in prescott valley on tuesday. the rally will take place at prescott event center at 2:00 in the afternoon. doors will open at 11:00. tickets are available on his website. now again recent polls show donald trump with a lead over hillary clinton now down to two percent. 40% to 38%. that may be why we are seeing donald trump visiting arizona to make sure this is the republicans have put in the red column ever since 1948. clinton won it one time in 1996. but it's been a reliably red state. now potentially a little bit of trouble and donald trump may be here on tuesday to make sure that he doesn't lose a state he is counting on. we will keep you abreast of everything happening with donald trump's visit on the fourth. and we are learning more about the man accused in a
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ronald hull is charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment. investigators say on monday night his pickup hit a group of people who were trying to change a tire. 22-year-old man was killed. three others suffered minor injuries in that crash. dps believes hull was impaired at the time of the crash. police searching for a suspect involved in two armed robberies. last night a man in a clown mask robbed a taco bell a second robbery later in the evening at a dominoes near 75 avenue and lower buckeye. the man was again wearing a clown mask. police say the suspect fired a 1409 in -- fired a shot in both robberies. maricopa county sheriff's deputies arrest a man accused of stealing from a sun city pawnshop after crashing a van right into the building. investigators say eric heriberto hernandez stole $1,000 in washes from that shop. he was taken into custody after
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canine. an arrest has been made in a glendale sexual assault. take a look how closely the sketch resembles the person who was actually arrested. this may be very, very important. the mug shot of the man arrested and then we see this sketch and they look very similar. turns out he used to work for the phoenix fire department. danielle miller live at the fourth avenue jail where jeffrey wilson is being held tonight. what do we know about him? >> yeah, wilson is being held here without bond and that bail was denied during his initial court appearance because of future potential violence. >> your full name? >> jeffrey -- >> 52-year-old jeffrey wilson making his initial court appearance today. he is held without bond on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. police say wilson grabbed a 19-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her at gun point underneath a bridge near 91
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september 25. >> i will lose my retirement and benefits if i don't get -- >> i didn't do this. >> before now. >> i didn't do this. >> you need to talk to your attorney. as i said i received a lot of information from the police and that information quite frankly is overwhelming in this court's opinion. >> the victim was walking home from a friend's house when wilson spotted her. wilson told the victim while he was assaulting her, if she kept screaming he would kill her. virgin, if so he would stop. the girl said she was and that's when wilson took his gun and said he was going kill himself and her. he asked the victim to forgive him before running away. >> and wilson was arrested at a gas station on a carefree highway yesterday. his next court appearance was scheduled for october 5 at 8:30 in the morning. danielle miller, "fox 10 news." a new billboard is popping up across the valley. maybe you have seen it features
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black kid and it reads, hope not hate, respect not racism. >> and phoenix activist says he hopes this message of peace will help stop the violence. crist crist is here now with reaction to this billboard. lot of differing opinions. reverend maupin hoping to catch the attention of drivers with a dozen billboards featuring the caucasian police officer and the young african-american man. he says the billboards are meant to promote antiviolence. the billboards feature the two men standing on each side of maupin's message. it reads #our lives matter. #our choices matter. hope not hate. respect not racism. non-violence, not violence. the local billboard company becker boards is running maupin's design pro bono and the boards will run in north and south phoenix, the east side and east valley -- or the west side and east valley because
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have been the hot beds of conflict between police and the community. local reaction to these boards is mixed. >> do you think that's an effective message? >> i think so. >> i hope so. >> violence -- needs to stop. >> billboard not going to help the problem. it has to do more with communities talking to each other. >> hopefully it will bring awareness that policeman are doing what they need to do and the black people needed to be treated with respect. >> maupin released a statement saying in par billboards also save lives. if i can reach one cop or one black kid, then it was all worth it. if we can reach one person with this message and change their view, then this effort was not in vain. the billboards are already up and running near i-10 and 27th avenue and also on i-17 and bell road. maupin says that about 15 billboards will be up and running total by this friday. i'm kristy siefkin, "fox 10 two students and a teacher
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south carolina elementary school and now we are learning that the shooter apparently shot and killed his father. a teen suspect is in custody and a man believed to be the shooter's father was found dead near the school. the victims were flown to local hospitals. a teacher and one child are in good condition. another child remains critical. that shooting happening at townville elementary school and that's about an hour southwest of greenville. the school has 286 students from pre-k to 6th grade. obviously the worst. at the same time hopeful and prayers that everything was okay. it's not ever a situation that -- it's not a fun call you want to get. in the endering everything worked out and at least from my son, he is okay. >> classes at the school have been canceled for the rest of the week and that investigation is expected to take several weeks. and there will be another news conference on the shooting
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time. we will carry that live on fox 10 news now. still ahead tonight at 5:00, remember when sheriff joe arpaio took that tumble on the sidewalk several years ago and ended up in the hospital. what you may not know is at the time he filed a lawsuit. what a judge ruled in that case today. also have you had your flu shot yet? we will have a look at what's new this flu season. changes you need to know about. >> once again there is bit of rain out there and a slight chance we could find some in the valley.
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all right, i need to get my flu shot and i haven't done it yet. >> i did it it was by accident. went into a walgreens and while there, you know what? i might as well do it. >> i need to get that done. this year there are new guidelines to getting a flu shot. >> those recommendations coming from the cdc. fox 10's courtney griffin has >> i think it probably helps in a lot of the fighting off a lot of the little cold and flu-type symptom. >> betty has gotten the flu shot every year for the past two decades. >> and i will wait until october because i think then if there is any changes in it, they already changed it. >> last year many people got hit with the flu. this year dr. johnston says it isn't looking any better. she says every year the shot
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added a vaccine. >> new vaccine this year. it's called the quadrivalent vaccine and it protects against the four different flu viruses. >> the flur mist is no longder the flu mist no no longer an option. this year everyone has to get the shot farm. >> cdc has recommended no more spray this year and that's a good option especially for people who really were scared of getting the shot. little kids would be the primary category for that. but they found wasn't effective. it protected about 3% of the time whereas the shot protected about 63% of the time. >> which is fine with betty. >> i only had just the shot. >> courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." dr. johnston recommends that everyone get a flu shot who is above the age of six months old and this would include pregnant women. she says those who shouldn't get a flu shot are people with severe egg allergies or people who are already sick with the
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well, little action out there through the day today. not much of it finding its way into the valley. but there were some good storms in a few different areas.
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stories for you -- tonight at and we were working on brand-new stories for you at 6:00. a report is released on the malaysian passenger plane shot out of the sky over ukraine. where investigators say the missile came from and what that could mean. plus would you pay to punch a man who was deemed by some the most hated man in america? the cause marthen screller says he is -- slely says he is raising money for. >> let's take a look 95 degrees. those winds up a little bit. south at 14 miles per hour. little bit of haze in the background and we had those winds kicking up in a few storms around. 92 in scottsdale. 91 at cave creek. 97 in glendale and in ahwatukee we have 92 degrees. yes, we do have moisture around. we will run down to trace -- track it a little bit here. you see most of it stays on the east side here. it's out of the south heading north and we will get you to
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storm system coming in here but watch it fall apart. watch it fall apart. both of those storms did the same thing. we will get another look at those encroaching on the casa grande area and moving on through. once again you can see them losing the colors and things change and we go farther east and that's where most of the moisture is. we look here at the phoenix valley. not much going on. some stuff out here in east mesa. and t of virga without much of it reaching the ground. then up to the flagstaff area and you can see that they are about to take shot. they have taken a few through the day today and once again we will back off and show you rosalynn tropical storm that is down south of us. and you can see where the moisture at least a little bit of the moisture, some of the cloud cover is going at this time. so that's a little bit of a help to the moisture that we have been seeing.
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95 degrees up in cave creek. and another 95 out in gateway. we looked at 79 degrees in sedona. up in flagstaff 61. mid-90s once again at gila bend and at yuma both of those at 96. here isier day. 96 on the high. 96 and 72 normal high and low. we look at 108 for the record high for the day. 50 for the record low. this is what we are forecasting for so we come off of that seasonal temp. 73 is the forecast in sedona. 64 up in the flagstaff area. and 93 is what we are looking for at yuma. looking across the country we have some storms. you still flooding in iowa look at storms in the lower great lakes. we also are looking at storms in the virginia area. and a little bitty tropical
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we will give you more on that as it's necessary. don't forget the walk for hope. that's sunday at 8:00 a.m. 76 degrees beautiful weather to help cancer -- cure cancer for women. 74 overnight. chance of a storm. 92 degrees for tomorrow. and we will hang in there with some of those 90s. in fact, a few 80s showing up on that map as well. watch your kids around water. thank you, dave. how well do you know your neighbor? that's a good neighbor day. did you kno >> i'm going to have to send a gift. you just reminded me. >> your neighbors might be watching so you are obligated. next reports 97% of americans say knowing their neighbors makes them feel safer. 60% of people that were polled say they wished they had a closer relationship with their neighbors and half of those polled say they have borrowed something from their neighbor. here is a reminder if you have borrowed something, return it. be a good neighbor. >> that's a good -- you have to
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all right there are some garden tools i have to get back. >> october just a few days away. a look at what to buy and what not to buy in the coming month. and grab your mug. tomorrow is national coffee day. grab a coffee with your neighbor. you got -- >> you got it covered. >> we will tell you where to fill up for free. >> and no surprise. political costumes will be big this year but wait until you see how a couple of toddlers reacted to the presidential hopeful which one did they run screaming
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tomorrow is national coffee day. tomorrow is national coffee day. coffee lovers look forward to it every year because many shops offer a free cup of joe in the morning. throughout the day maybe. krispy kreme giving out free coffee and a free glazed doughnut and dunkin' doughnuts selling the medium hot coffee for 66 cent. 66th birthday. pilot flying j is giving away a free small cup of coffee with a coupen from their facebook page. to mark the occasion, wallet hub is looking at the best cities for coffee lovers and an arizona city made the top 20. scottsdale coming in at number 10 looked at number of coffee houses and cafes per capita to
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portland, oregon, that took the top spot. you might think seattle. but portland was number one. seattle was number two. minneapolis number three. pittsburgh, orlando, rounded out the top five. a new app making its way across the nation and provides instant access to dog walkers. that service has launched in cities like los angeles, new york and denver. app for man's best friend is called wag. it's like uber for dog walking. here is how it works. when you your dog and they are giving you that look, like, let's go, just click that app and viola. someone shows up to walk the dog. and if the dogs i had, they don't care who shows up. the service costs 20 bucks for half an hour and 30 bucks for an hour. >> your cat never gives you that look. it's a girl. workers at the philadelphia zoos have v determined the gender of
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mother had been holding it so closely after the birth that zookeepers couldn't confirm it was male or female. zoo is asking the public to pick a name. western lowland gorillas are critically endangered, we learned. so we do know at least it's a girl. send in your submissions. the lowry park zoo in tampa, florida, welcoming a rare malaysian tiger cub. welcomed september 11. there are only 250 malayan tigers left in the world. critically endangered which is one step away from becoming extinct. halloween is now about a month away and this year say farewell to princess costumes. after 11 years at the top, they have been dethrowned. this year's most popular get-up goes to super heros. the biggest seller so far are super girl and harley quinn. the d.c. comic. see that over at comic-con a lot. two popular costumes this
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hillary clinton and donald trump. you got to check out this video. there is one boy he wanted nothing to do with a donald trump mask. take a look. mommy has some costumes want to try on hillary and trump? >> how about you? >> no! no! in fairness it's kind of a scary looking mask. 9 donald is a no go for this toddler. miles and h shopping for halloween costumes on sunday and his parents thought it would be fun to match the kids in matching double trouble hillary ?and trump masks. that was not happening and the toddlers #trump tantrum is trending. don't worry, miles had a change of heart and he did embrace that trump mask. kind of warmed up to trump over time. well, that happens to voters. some it does. if you like pumpkin spice latte you might want to pour yourself
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pumpkin spice cereal. it's hitting store shelves in the next few weeks. the flavor is a no-brainer because pumpkin spice is a flavor so many look forward to in the fall. still ahead, putting power back in the hands of victim -67z how glendale police are using new software to help victims identify their attackers. >> and a valley woman missing for 41 years. tonight her sister talks about what it's been like to have a loved one disappear for so long and what phoenix police are doing to help families like hers. and brat pith was set to red carpet for a
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the resemblance is striking. on the left is the sketch of a sexual assault suspect and on the right is the mug shot. the sketch was created by the victim herself with the help of a new computer program. we are live with more on this new technology. >> yeah, the composite was done using a computer program that allows the victims to essentially design the composites themselves. the glendale police department is the only department in the state right now that is using it and police got a huge break in this that they released the sketch. it wasn't long after glendale police released this sketch of the suspect in sunday's brazen sexual assault that the tips came rolling in. which led to the arrest of 52-year-old jeffrey charles wilson. just two days after the incident. take a look at how spot on the victim generated sketch is compared to the actual mug shot of the suspect. >> we received more than one tip with that name.


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