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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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phoenix police responded to pat o's bunk house around 9:30 last night for a reported armed robbery. two men approached people getting out of their car in a parking lot, one of the men was armed. the suspects took one of the victim's cellphone. an hour later, police responded to a second similar robbery near indian school and 16th street. two men dispred patio area and demanded cellphones. both of the bars are frequented by the lbgt community. police say at this point, there is no reason to think the bars were targeted for the reason but an employee at a similar bar thinks so. >> absolutely, two gay bars on a
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we feel targeted. >> reporter: the armed robberies have been the topic of conversation putting people on high alert. >> we look at things different because of pulse. we're more aware than we have ever been before. >> reporter: because of the recent events, if people see something, they should always say something. >> anybody is suspicious let us know, come to us, we can handle it. communication is key between the bar, the community, all over. armed robberies did not happen at the bar where she works, she says there has been a few safety precautions have been put in place. the staff is not allowing any bartenders to close the bar by themselves. anyone with information on these armed robberies is asked to give police a call. danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> reporter: we do have
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you can see a lot of it heading off to the east, some of it coming through the valley. we do have some amounts there. that is over an inch right there. almost an inch and once again getting pretty good moisture close to the city, getting some to come through with some rain. not real heavy rain but once again, you can see almost an inch right here. pretty good amounts as the stuff comes rolling through. here is phoenix right here. you can see hitting it fairly early this evening and some out there as we continue this. we wanted to show you rosalyn with the moisture being pushed up into arizona from that tropical storm. we'll have a little more weather coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, dave, thank you. police continue to investigate a tragedy in avondale where a 5-year-old boy accidently shoots and kills
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investigators say it was early this morning and the boy was home with his mom and two siblings when he went into a bedroom and found a semi automatic hand gun. the mom found the toddler with a gunshot wound to the head. >> i rushed home because i have a 5-year-old son that plays with him. just rushing home to know it was my neighbor's son, it was heartbreaking. >> that little boy was rushed to the hospital where he sadly died from his police say the gun belonged to the father that was not home and detectives are continuing to investigate but so far, no charges have been fired. we're learning more about an officer-involved shooting. detectives arranged to meet a suspect to buy drugs on an undercover drug investigation. when they went to make an arrest, the suspect put his car
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vehicles. he began to point a gun at them and that is when they opened fire. the suspect remains in the hospital tonight. there was a passenger in the car , he compiled with the officers' orders. he was booked on a with standing warrant. in glendale, they are taking a new approach to sketches by artists. the crime hand back on sunday morning when a woman was attacked near 91st avenue and bethany home road. she says the suspect held her under the bridge and sexually assaulted her. instead of using a sketch artist, glendale police had her create her own composite. it is a design system. it is an interactive computer
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of hundreds of markers that victims can choose from. >> it allows the victim to go in and use different characterristics. they get to select different eyes, different ear, different nose and that is the best way to do it. >> the sketch she came up with, as you can see, looks like the suspect that was arrested. the tips cape pouring in and it led to the arrest charles wilson. the glendale police department is the only police department using this sketch technology. a number of polls indicates that arizona is still up for grabs in the presidential debate, which is why donald trump may be coming back to our state. he will make a stop in prescott valley this tuesday. he plans to hold a rally
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the doors plan to open at 11:00 a.m. you can get tickets on the donald trump website. the latest stop would be trump's sixth to arizona since announcing his candidacy. he said if he was elected he would build a wall along the border. the head of the border patrol said his top priority is trying to change the internal culture within an agenc fatal shootings, corruption, and low moral. protests continue tonight in el cajon, california, that is 20 minutes east of san diego following the shooting death of an african american man.
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video. detectives say they don't want it released to the public just yet. a billboard popped up in the valley that reads hope, not hate. the man behind the billboard is an activist in the valley. reporter: he is putting up more than a dozen billboards across town featuring a caucasian police officer and an african-american man. he hopes the billboards will spread the message of reverend maupin has turned from protests to posters. these digital billboards are popping up all over the valley. maupin says they are a message of peace and reconciliation between police and black communities. >> hopefully, it brings
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black people need to be treated with respect. >> reporter: between them, maupin's message, hash tag our lives matter, hash tag our choices matter, hope not hate, respect not racism, nonviolence, not violence. maupin has planned four protests drawing attention to police shootings, most recently against the fatal shooting of 19-year-old by tempe police. do you think it is an effective message? >> i hope so. it needs to stop. >> reporter: phoenix becker boards are running the boards pro bono. >> a billboard is not going to help the problem. the communities need to talk to each other. >> reporter: two other billboards are running on i-10 and another by i-10 and bell
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coming up, a major bust here in the valley. what maricopa county sheriff deputies uncovered in this phoenix home. it is is not something you see every day. a deer trying to hit a driver with its horns instead of the other way around. we'll hear from the driver. >> reporter: congress hands president obama a stunning rebuke in the override of 9/11 veto. the story is coming up. >> if you would like to reach me on social media, i would love to hear from you.
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the maricopa county sheriff's office - busting a the maricopa county the maricopa county sheriff's office busting a huge marijuana growing operation this morning. the bust happening near 40th street and roeser and that is
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marijuana plants. they also found hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, guns, and six cars. in all, the operation is said to be valued at $9 million. two men were arrest offed and they are facing charges of money laundering and other drug charges. this was a first for president obama's time in always. members in both parties chambers rejected the president's veto allowing 9/11 victims' families to sue saudi arabia over their involvement. >> reporter: when weighed, we have to do right by the 9/11 victims. the choice is clear, i urge my colleagues to override. >> reporter: it was the rarest of circumstances, liberal
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his colleagues to override president obama's veto. it gives the families of victims from 9/11 to sue the government if they are found to be complicit in the terrorist attacks. some senators were torn for empathy for 9/11 and how it could affect democ sometimes, you have to do what is hard. frankly, i wish congress here had done what is hard. >> reporter: so far silent is saudi arabia, the country most likely to be singled out by lawsuits from families. 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were saudis. a report suggests that a saudi
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the saudis seeing this is a domestic situation that they should not interfere. they see themselves as a loyal ally on the u.s. war on terror. they have given intelligence and data that has helped to disrupt terrorism plots. >> reporter: a little bit of rain out there this evening. what about tomorrow?
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dinner break and there was some sprinkles. >> reporter: i got some on the car and that is what you're seeing. as we look at it right know, the city is looking pretty good and there is still rain out there. 85 degrees right now and the winds are dying down pretty good out of the east at 6 miles an hour. the city is looking crisp out there on the night. up at deer valley, we have 80 degrees. 78 in apache buckeye right now. we have, let me see, 82 degrees. moisture coming out of the south and lots of it. not a lot making it into the valley but some made it into the valley. you see phoenix over here and casa grande area, a couple of storms finding their way through that particular area as well. we did see an inch or so way south of the valley and
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pretty good amounts as well. look at the dew point temperatures, 50's and 60's south of us. lots of 50's and 60's to the north of us at this time. 96 was the high on the day today. 97 in glendale. 95 in chandler. er numbers, we had up at page, 82 degrees. the grand canyon, 70. 79 in payson. 90 on tucson. 96 on the high, 76 on the low. there is your record high at 108. record low at 50 degrees. other numbers we have for you are the forecast highs about the same as we have been having through the week today. it is back in the low 90-degree range. we do see low 90's, mid 90's
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94 in gila bend. we look across the country here, we have a couple of areas, of course, the moisture out of the south that we've been dealing with. more flooding in iowa continues there as the rivers continue to have problems. as you can see here, problems in the cleveland area and also in the virginias. we saw pretty good storms on the day and night tonight. 74 overnight. chance of rain, 91 tomorrow. little chance of tomorrow. the 90's running out as we run into the 80's. they are going to hang on for a while. watch your kids around water. it was an attack caught on camera but this was no order their attack. a deer decides to retaliate
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thing to hit a deer with your it is one thing to hit a deer with your car and it is another entirely when the deer tries to hit you back when you're sitting in that car. that is exactly what happened to a driver in new jersey and this was caught on tape. patrol officer nick austin are sure glad there is video because he is not sure anyone would believe him. a car hits a deer and the deer came back for revenge. hitting a deer and the driver opened the door and the deer came back at the vehicle. >> reporter: if sounds like hard to believe, imagine being the driver. >> there was a lot of antlers and snorting. >> reporter: she never imagined it would come back and come at her. >> i just grabbed a hold of her antlers and put my foot on her
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coming in more. >> i just thought, what would they do if it came back at me. >> reporter: the deer ran off and it died. >> when it collapsed on the ground is when it came to rest. >> reporter: a serious attitude adjustment for the arizona cardinals as they get tyrann mathieu has an interesting take on the showdown
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>> reporter: starting rookie quarterbacks in the nfl has been a bit of a trend as of late. think about what is happening in philadelphia and the dallas cowboys. two teams are rolling but not the rams. the key here for jeff fisher, the 28-year-old veteran quarterback getting the job down. they in game one but they battled back to beat the seahawks. they have weapons when you think about it. you have the running game with todd gurley, you have a defense that is aggressive when you think of aaron donald and robert quinn. this is a team that is hungry, fresh start in los angeles. the rams, 2-1. the cardinals, 1-2. for tyrann mathieu the
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is a number one at the top of the list. the honey badger sizing up the showdown against the los angeles rams. >> dog fight, two enemies, probably don't like each other that is the nfc west. we have to bring our big boy pants with what they did last ek week so we have to tackle and we have to communicate with each other and play hard nosed football. >> reporter: here is the lineup come sunday. 9:00 a.m., seahawks at the jets. rams at the cardinals. post game coverage, fox 10 news at 5:00. phoenix suns training camp rolling on at flagstaff and the campus of n.a.u.
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couple of new faces. the young star devin booker. earl watson with what he hopes to see happen this season. >> our thing is no victory and our players do a great job in buying into the moment. our thing is to capture the moment, continue to get better and have fun and we can correct our mistakes through video so we leaf it on the court. >> reporter: diana getting it done at the lynx. nails the three ball, 25 points but the defending champs, lynx, moore put on a show. hits the jumper, watch the dribble drive right here. penetration and lays it in off of the glass. 31 points for moore. easy reverse lay in and it is all minnesota.
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is game one of the semis. arizona diamondbacks, shelby miller at the nationals. a nice play by paul goldschmidt. shelby went five innings, scattered five hits and got help from brandon drury and drives in chris owings. this game was called with the heavy rain back east after six innings and the diamondbacks go on to win, 3-0. they will take can get it. >> that is why we sent the rain in there. >> reporter: dave gets the save on this one. >> thanks for being with us. fox 10 news is back tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. have a good night.
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, alex has a cello lesson at 11:00, and junior congress at noon? doesn't she also have no boys at forever? don't you have an eating disorder you need to attend to? yeah, anyway, uh, we could see the 4:00 or the 6:20. oh, actually, that's no good. i'm meeting my friend denise for a drink. denise? do i know denise? yeah, you know, my old girlfriend. haley: oh, my god. gross. i can't even picture you with a woman. thank you. you had a girlfriend before mom? try two. trust me. i had plenty of fun in my time. and then i met your mom. and thank you. so, uh, i guess she travels around selling makeup for a cosmetics company. she's in town for a week. you mean she's like a door-to-door salesman? if you were doing it, they'd call it a dork-to-dork salesman. phil: ohh! my boy strikes like a rattlesnake! oh, yeah? well -- well, you... wow. all right, well, we can see the movie tomorrow. come on. it's time for your lesson.


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