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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 30, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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car. the victim died in a hospital. the suspect took off after the shooting. but officers say they did find illegal drugs in the man's car, so that may have something to do with what happened here. officers are still investigating. if we get more information during the newscast, we will of course bring that to you. a shocking story out of phoenix tonight. police say a man exposed himself to two young children, even hugged one of them and then took off. and this all happened in a backyard. neighbors say the man could be seen on a surveillance camera at a neighboring home, walking this an alley there. marcy jones joins us live tonight. marcy, this is scary stuff. >> it really is, marc, and i spoke to the young couple whose security camera captured that suspect on their footage, and they went through it with detectives early this morning. they say that the phoenix police department has been great about doing neighborhood checks, but right now they are really looking to the city council members to create real change. when kerry and luke heard a man
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but not entirely surprised. >> there has been a significant increase in the vagrancy and the amount of people walking around that don't belong. we have been a calling crime stop and talking to as many of the council members as we could, but nothing is getting done. there hasn't been any solutions made by any council members, any members of the government. the neighborhood is just now, now that that's occurred, it's hit a little too close to home. >> the couple, who have three young children, say it's a great, tight knit neighborhood, but they believe drug clinic close by, some unwanted company wanders in. >> we have got a methadone clinic at 23rd and northern that's just attracting all kinds of methadone users, and they stick around, and they get their free fix from the methadone clinic, and once their withdraws are settled in, then they come into the neighborhood. >> kerry says she always keeps a close eye on her kids, but because of what happened down the street, their outside time
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>> it's so scary. our littlest one is almost two, and she's out there by herself. it's sad to think that she can't go out there without me being paranoid or on high alert. >> the couple says police have been doing great about doing neighborhood checks, but now they are looking for some extra help from city council members. >> we have a facebook page, and everybody is always commenting and looking out for each other. we have a moms group that gets it's a great neighborhood and everybody is trying their hardest. we just need a little bit of extra help, because we are trying to do as much as we can. >> reporter: kari and luke tell me that they are very close to the couple that this happened to. they are all okay but very obviously shaken up. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. marcy, thank you. and on to a developing story now. tonight we are hearing from the 19-year-old who says phoenix police officers forced him to eat marijuana all in order to
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edgar castro was pulled over back on september 17th for speeding. officers learned that she had no registration, no license, and his plates were suspended. but instead of giving him a ticket, the three officers allegedly told him that he could get away scott free if he ate about a gram of marijuana that they found right inside of his car. castro says the officers then told him if he didn't eat the pot, he'd go to jail. >> i told them no, and they had their hands on the taser guns and everything, so i was kind of paranoid, so i went ahead and ate it. >> well, castro reported this incident to a police supervisor. all three officers quickly resigned, and a lieutenant was demo demoated back to sergeant after all of this. two teenagers arrested in a series of robberies where the suspects were clown masks. check out the video released by
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they believe a 17-year-old is behind the masks, robbing a taco bell, another robbery at a d domi dominos, police saying the two are connected. both teens face charges of armed robbery. a six-year-old boy is rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car in the far west valley. that boy had to be flown to the hospital of this happened. fox 10's danielle miller is live at the scene with the latest danielle? >> marc, much quieter out here than it was a few hours ago. i'm going to take a step over here. this is the intersection that police say this six-year-old bo. it's in a housing development in el mirage near 128th avenue and cactus. they are telling us that as of right now it appears that a woman who was driving the van was looking out for other children in the area here. she was stopped here. they say this is when the six-year-old boy darted out in front of her car.
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not confirming this, but people who were here in the area on scene tell us they believe it was a dog that this 6-year-old little boy was chasing. that's why he darted out in front of this woman's van. they are also telling us that he was here and they were here on scene and he provided aid to that little boy. >> my best friend's little brother got hit, and i went over there, sat down over there, he's screaming i can't see, i can't see, i can't see. his his whole mouth is bloody because he bit it really hard and almost bit it off. >> whether they are riding their bike or doing their scooters or whatever, they are darting across this road, and i see it all the time. and cars are just running back and forth, and they are doing it quickly, so it's quite scary. >> reporter: and this little boy was air lifted to phoenix children's hospital. no word on his condition at this time, but we are told some good news here is that he was alert
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if we get any updated information, we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. the man accused of trying to run down three phoenix police officers with his car pleads not guilty in court today. mark payne facing several charges, including three counts of attempted first-degree murder. police say that payne purposefully drove into a group of police officers who were gathered outside of a qt gas station right near the i-17 and camelback. thankfully all three of those officers are expected to be okay. payne will have his next court appearance scheduled for november 14th. and a follow-up now on a bizarre story, very bizarre. a goodyear man has been sentenced to six months in jail for a disturbing crime, strangling his family's dog and putting it in a barbecue smoker because he thought his daughter's shirt was satanic. he burned the shirt and the smoker as well, the 43-year-old sentenced to three years of
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own anymore animals. animal control officers rescued a chihuahua that had been stuck up on a roof for days, that dog discovered on the top of a south phoenix home, and the homeowner says it's not their dog. the chihuahua was stuck for nearly a week before officers with the arizona humane society and maricopa county animal care and control arrived and used dog food and a ladder to lure him down. >> he just kind of hugged me. he acted like he was very thankful to be down roof. >> as you can see, the dog appears to be in good health. animal control officers think he may have climbed up another tree on the nearby side of the house and then jumped up on the roof. valley school students uncertain about their future after a school suddenly closes down. regency beauty has 79 schools across the country, including two here in arizona. students say they got word yesterday evening that the
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issues. one school on probation for not meeting financial standards, given 75 days to fix the problem, but instead all campuses are shutting down. >> i think they should have given us a notice. headquarters was down here last week, talking about all of the opportunities that we had. >> on its website, regency blames, quote, "a negative characterization of for profit education by regulators and politicians that continues to worsen." that still is now working with students on transferring to other schools. a crashes into one of new jersey's busiest train stations killing a young mother and injuring more than 100 others. investigators say the train was going too fast and failed to stop before crashing into the hoboken terminal during the morning rush hour. an impact caused part of the station's roof to collapse. 34-year-old who was standing on the platform was killed after being hit by debris. 108 others were injured, including the train's engineer.
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recorder this event. from the event recorder we hope to get information, such as speed and braking. >> the white house says there is no indication that this was an act of terror. authorities though are still investigating. coming up next, the paul penzone campaign taking sheriff joe arpaio's campaign to court. what penzone says is a false claim.
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it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you're watching fox 10 news at 10:00. democrat paul penzone running for sheriff in maricopa county, filing a lawsuit against his opponent sheriff joe arpaio for defamation. this all stems from a tv ad that you may have seen. the sheriff is running claims that paul penzone was accused of using his ex-wife. the ad sites a police report from 2003 while paul penzone was going through a separation from his then wife, well, paul
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that he and his ex-wife worked things out and that the charges were eventually dropped. >> they are trying to take advantage of that for their own political gain. i find it to be one of the most unethical and irresponsible things to do >> the fact of the matter is the arpaio campaign has every right to look at police reports and court records and tell the public what they find in those records trump will rally supporters at the prescott valley event center next tuesday. the real clear politics average of polls puts donald trump over hillary in arizona but only by 2%. there are several theories about why trump would be making a late stop in a traditionally conservative state. >> i think they are seeing the writing on the wall and they are running scared. you know, i really do believe
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deep red congressional district to try to, you know, get that support back. >> well, he's going to win arizona in november. the fact is, mr. trump loves coming here, spending a fair amount of time out west, and coming to arizona just a wonderful opportunity. >> that rally will start at 2:00 p.m. and all of the other details can be found on trump's website. libertarian candidate gary johnson also planning a campaign stop in the valley. this saturday johnson will hold a rally at the phoenix airport marrio being called a you in. okay. that's a take off on the term the sit in. never heard that one before, took me a second to figure that one out. it's johnson's first rally in arizona, again, this you in, doors open at 3:00 p.m. the tickets are available online but the event is free. meanwhile, early voting
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trailing in the polls there trying to get a good start in iowa's early voting since 40% of iowans voted before election day in 2012. she may have a lot of catching up to do, a new poll showing her trailing by five points in that state. she was also greeted by protesters in des moines. . >> when you finish here, you can go vote. and we can be on the path to victory here in >> meanwhile, donald trump also hitting the campaign trail today. he spoke with supporters in the swing state of new hampshire where he won his first political primary. still a little bit of rain out there, not in the valley, but around the state, and of course the monsoon is wrapping up.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, dave, i know a lot of people are excited about this new fall like weather that we have had. >> yep, it's around, it's hanging around, and it's sticking. usually we get a day, and then boom we are right back into the heat again. but it is sticking with us right now. we do have some 80s in the ten-day forecast. it's 84 degrees right now, and those winds have died down nicely. day today, but out of the east at six miles an hour is what we are looking at right now. we have 81 degrees at deer valley and surprise 78, 79 in fountain hills, 76 degrees right now in apache junction, and as you look at it, you can see, yeah, there's some moisture down there, but that moisture is moving out of the state. we don't see anything right now here in the city, and we are looking off to the east is where we are seeing most of this
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corner of the state by tuscon, and you can see it rolling, rolling through, but then finally done, and this is where it's just kind of working its way out of the state right there, as it heads over the border and on into new mexico. 93 degrees for the high today, in goodyear 91, in buckeye 91, 92 in scottsdale, 91 at gafts. other numbers 72 in payson, prescott 72, 60 at flagstaff, 97 at yuma, take a look at your day he 75 on the low, mid-90s and 72 would be your normal high and low, there's your record high at 107, 52 is the record low for the day. here are your forecast highs. we go to 93 degrees tomorrow. you can see the surrounding area also around 93. we do see a 91 up at cave creek, a few mid-90s mixed in with that as well, 85 at kingman tomorrow, 97 at gila bend, 85 in safford.
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still some flooding problems in iowa extending into illinois, and we have a little bit of action in indiana as well. we shoot on down, boy, this area right in here, very, very heavy rain, over three inches, up to six inches in some areas in the virginias. so lots of rain, lots of flooding here and there. 74 degrees overnight, we'll be looking at 93 degrees for tomorrow, and then we start seeing a little change after a few days of 90s. we pop in some 80s 80s, some low 80s, oh, yeah, we are back to the 90s, but it's going to be back and forth a little bit. we'll play a little game with it. but still that's a nice little sign right there. watch your kids around water. thank you, dave. coming up next, the end of a long journey for the rosetta
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live from fox studios,
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the ceo of wells fargo will have to dig deep into his own pockets of a scandal involving as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts created for bank customers. he got a pretty good grilling when he went before house lawmakers today. >> if the buck stops with you, as you came out here and said i apologize, the buck stops with me, and you have to also admit that criminal activity was going on in your bank, then you should be fired because it stops with you. >> we board has that power. that's their -- and my energy right now is to lead this company forward. >> regulators fined wells fargo $185 million, and more than 5,000 employees were fired from unethical sales practices that they say came from the top. the bank will also pay $24 million in fines over allegations that it illegally
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it is the long end of an epic journey, the rosetta spacecraft's travels end will come tomorrow when it crashes into a comet. traveling more than three millions, it's sent a lot of data back to earth but it is going to too close to the sun to use its solar power. it will collect gas samples from crashing. these guys are always doing something dangerous. look at this, the daring sky divers in austria creating what they hope will be the world's largest swing. these daredevils tied a swing between two hot air balloons and then brought the balloons almost 5,000 feet, a mile up, and then
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the rope and then parachuted down the rest of the way. >> they didn't have that on the playground when i was a kid. wow, are you kidding me? mission number one for
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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. feine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is. fresh, delicious chicken from sanderson farms. you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. cardinals qb carson palmer is the ultimate pro. you will never, ever hear him
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bus, even when he is sacked five times, even when he is hit ten times and 11 passes defended like last sunday against the buffalo bills, protecting palmer a key against the l.a. rams. for palmer, a lot of cleaning up to do, especially on the right side of the offensive line. we'll see how that plays out. will we see more of the running game with david johnson to go after that rams front seven? want to see this, palmer running and scrambling in the pocket. we'll see what adjustments will be made, maybe shorter drops, a little quick passing game. essential you cannot get hit like this against the rams defensive front seven. they will come after you, they will hit you. let's take a look at the matchup this sunday, cards rams. >> simple fix. got to throw, catch, block, tackle, the basics, just have to do those things better and we'll
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simple. the things that we have done wrong have all been self-inflicted. >> tough teaming coming in. offensively we have to carry our weight around here. >> what more needs to be said? it's pretty self-explanatory what it means, we all understand what he means by that, and we have to just accept the challenge. >> right here on fox 10, fox nfl sunday at cardinals rams, stay with us at 5:00, bruce arians at the podium. tannehill, this guy can throw when you give him time, it's a 7-3 dolphins lead. cincinnati just trying to get back to .500 football. a.j. green, look at it, nice
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dolphins tonight. sunday, sun devils at usc, big game for todd graham. for the dbacks, rain in the capitol, heading down the stretch, a few games left for chip hail. we'll see what happens monday, tuesday next week, here we go, lam scores segura in the third inning, jumped on the nats early, 1-0. robbie ray up and down, up and down, and he was down this sever reno home run. 5-3 the nats over the diamond backs, but we are in football season. sun devils and then cardinals on a saturday-sunday. we'll see you this weekend. >> big weekend ahead. >> i watched that game tonight. i drank four glasses of orange
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic -- replacing missing teeth with dental implants, and according to my first guest, he says no more dentures, that nobody should be wearing traditional dentures. with us, we have an expert on the topic. we've had him on the program before. he is a board-certified prosthodontist -- dr. daniel galindo. dr. galindo, welcome back to the program. >> randy, it's a pleasure to be here. thanks. >> now, we had you on the program before. what's changed? >> more people seeking treatment with dental implants. they've heard of the benefits


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