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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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fox 10 news at noon starts now. thank you for being here at 12:00 noon. police are increasing patrols in a peoria neighborhood after a woman is attacked there. >> a man tried to rape the woman in near 99th avenue and jo max. police need public's help to help solve the crime. >> i'm with an officer from the peoria police department. this happened wednesday. what do you know about it? >> what we know so far is that we received a call wednesday afternoon of a female who had
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and were able to determine that a female working in the area was zpt assaulted. also, a male unknown suspect appears to have sexually assaulted her as well. the suspect is still outstanding. we are working on getting suspect information at this time. however, we are seeking any information that anyone may have with regards to what happened. >> what's her condition in the hospital right now? >> i am not sure if she is hospitalized right now. however, she is recovering from her injuries. she was injured pretty significantly. we are trying to let her recover and time. >> that's why you don't have a suspect description right now? >> our detectives are working on the description and we'll get it to you guys as soon as we have it. if you have seen anything or know anybody from the area, definitely give the peoria d police department a call. >> in peoria, liz kotalik, fox 10 news. thank you, liz. police want to find a man who exposed himself to two young children, and then hugged one of them and took off.
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suspect. the man can be seen here on surveillance camera from a nearby home in the area of maryland and 11th avenue. you can see the top of his head in the middle of your screen. people say they have had a nearby methadone clinic patients roaming in the area. 33-year-old man killed here. the other took off running. police found drugs inside this car. they think it may have been a drug deal gone bad. the swat team went to some apartments just down the street, evacuated them in connection with the shooting, officers still investigating what happened. trying to find a victim after human remains were identified at a salvage yard, could be connected to a case last week where body parts were
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most recent discovery in the same commercial area, finding body parts lodged between cars. police believe the two cases are connected. a shooting in arizona, an officer tried to pull over a driver in will sox which is southeast of tuscon. man took off. when he finally stopped. jumped out of his car and started shooting at police officers. they fired back. one police officer was hit right in the chest but fortunately he had a bullet-proof vest. he is expected to be okay. the suspect, a 69-year-old man, was shot, but he's expected to survive. a fox follow up for you this noon, a boy is in stable condition after he was hit by a car in the west valley. police are saying today they will not charge the woman who hit the 6-year-old little boy. now, the boy was flown to the hospital after the driver slammed into his bike near dysert and cactus. police say she was distracted when she was trying to void hitting a dog there in the road. the child was badly hurt and was flown to the hospital.
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brother got hit and i went over there, i sat down over there, he's screaming i can't see, i can't see, i can't see. his tongue is bloody, like his whole mouth is bloody because he bit his tongue really hard and almost bit it off. >> whether they are riding their bikes or doing their scooters or whatever, they are darting across this road, and i see it all the time, and cars are just running back and forth, and they are doing it quickly, so it's quite scary. >> the boy had surgery for seve currently in stable condition. well, one person is hurt in a crash this morning, right in front of chase field. take a look here at the wreckage. the car flipped over after colliding with another vehicle near 7th street and jefferson, one person was taken to the hospital, the extent of their injuries is unclear. police are now looking into what caused the crash. the wreck is now cleared from the area, of course, and roads are back open. two teenagers under arrest in a series of armed robberies with the suspects, look at this,
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the person inside this mask here, robbing a taco bell at 99th avenue and lower buckeye, another robbery at a dominos at 79th avenue and lower buckeye. police say the two are definitely connected. one of the teens arrested drurg a traffic stop when officers say they found evidence from the robberies in the car. both teens now facing charges of armed robbery. first on fox, 215-year-old boys are in custody and police say they admitted to burglarizing trying to steal a pig, the little pig named sprinkles is now back in the home. a comment on our facebook page tipped off police to identify the two suspects. police say fingerprints at the scene of the burglary matched those of the teenagers. sprinkles' owner relieved the suspects are behind bars. the arizona secretary of state's office apparently making another mistake with the election pamphlets. voters in tuscon, green valley,
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reported getting those voter pamphlets that are missing pages or put together incorrectly. a spokesperson said the printer mistakenly combined the english and spanish version of the pamphlets, and since many spanish versions are missing pages, they are being reprinted, and 68,000 new pamphlets will be mailed out. donald trump making a stop in the valley, and now third-party candidate gary johnso marriott in the valley tomorrow, doors open at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, you can get tickets online, 500 rsvp'd. sky harbor posting security wait times there on its website, and the service, as you can imagine, is pretty popular already. it will be available for terminal 3 and after the new
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yeah, that will be convenient. you will be able to check that before you head out. arizona governor doug ducey ordering flags across our state flown at half staff to honor the late israeli shimon peres, dozens of world leaders including his funeral, including prince charles and president obama. flags will be flown at half staff at state following a similar order by president obama for all federal properties. more details about the train crash that happened yesterday in new jersey, how they are hoping to prevent similar disasters coming up. and a woman's kidnapping is caught on camera. a man drags her out of a convenience store, all while cameras are rolling. and we have got one gorgeous afternoon already underway. see if we can hold on to it for
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an update on the deadly new jersey train crash... that killed welcome back. well an update on the deadly killed one woman and injured more than a hundred others. we are learning investigators recovered the event recorder from the wreckage and it could tell them what led up to this crash. they say the recorder will have information on the speed and efforts to stop the train during yesterday's trip. they were hoping it will provide investigators with information on how this happened. a man on board said it was a normal commute until the train lurched forward at the last second. a 34-year-old mother was killed by falling debris, and more than
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carolina for a young shooting victim. jacob was one of the kids shot at townville elementary school early this week. a teacher and another student were also shot there. they are expected to recover. jacob had a major brain injury, lost a lot of blood, his family asking for prayers for the little boy. in the meantime, the 14-year-old shooter appearing before a judge for the first time, being charge as a juvenile. a store's video surveillance cameras caught the entire thing here for you. authorities say the suspect walked into this convenience store in south l.a. it was on wednesday morning, armed with a hammer. he reportedly dragged the 28-year-old woman out of the store and then pulled her into the car. here he is right here just dragging her out of there. local news reports say he drove her to a cemetery.
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escape. officers caught him after a short chase. officers say the man had been stalking her for a while and wouldn't take no for an answer when she pursued a relationship with her. a chinese fishing boat goes up in flames after a law enforcement operation. the fire reportedly happened yesterday ooh morning. members of south korea's coast guard trying to arrest the men for fishing illegally, so officers threw three flash grenades into a r hiding in. that started a fire and the fishermen all died from suffocation. south carolina, rains and flooding, a mayor of a small town declaring a state of emergency there, a look at some high water rescues coming up. new activity coming from a volcano in hawaii. we'll tell you about this bubbling lava lake. >> and monsoon not going down without a fight, one last round of thunderstorms for arizona today. the details in a few
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. major flooding in north carolina, flood waters in central and eastern parts of that state, local leaders are concerned about it, a dam in the area, because if it's breached several hundred people will have to be evacuated. crews have more than 20 water rescues under their belts using boats to get people in and out of there, a trash can kind of floating away there, in the town of fayetteville, the mayor declaring a state of emergency. take a look at this, new footage of a hawaiian volcano giving us incredible views of a bubbling lava lake, the surface of the lava lake about 115 feet below the floor of the crater. scientists say this volcanic
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to communities nearby. some of this lava will eventually flow into the ocean. >> and make more hawaii. >> that's right. >> i went to the volcano national park there. it is absolutely amazing. >> i cannot not wait to see that. >> yeah. you know, and it wasn't erupting back then, and you could actually walk down into the crater. it was still really smooth lava and very hot. >> mark twain describes that in one of his books. he spent some time out there. >> does he? >> yeah, a put planks down. you could walk over here, bubbling around, ocean wasn't involved much in the tourism back then. >> people were tougher back then. >> people took risks. >> heartier folks. >> disappeared into the lava. >> have you seen our guide? here's your day, clouds on the march out there, looking northward from the top of south mountain you can see clouds
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not much happening in the valley but again you don't have to go too far north to find the action. we'll show you in a minute. 91 at sky harbor, not much of a breeze, a couple of more degrees before the day is out, just under normal this time in september, wrapping up the month. tomorrow we jump into october and it's going to be a whole lot clearer, although we'll have to wait for the real cooldown, until about monday. a look at how things are going, just about the last two hours, we started to see pop just north of phoenix, and as you get up here into the mountains, about between lake pleasant and prescott, that's where things are getting very, very busy, and if you are on the back road between prescott and yarnell or congress, you are going to be driving through heavier weather at times, these storms bringing some brief, heavy rainfall, some of them hanging out in the same location. so you may actually see a little more rain than you want. the washes will be running. that's for sure, as we move
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along i-40 and south of especially we have got a pretty good collection of thunderstorms going. wherever you see clouds building, you can be sure there's going to be weather underneath. if you see them off in the distance and you are headed toward them, just be prepared. as we bring things out wide again, we have most of the action north of the valley here, that's kind of the way things are going to be going for this afternoon. we are going to clear things out though tonight and then on into tomorrow we go with a nice clear weekend ahead, 93 at city now, a beautiful 63 up in flagstaff, and here in the valley we are all doing okay, hanging around 93 for the most part. down into the caribbean, one last look for today anyway, until dave comes in, at hold hurricane matthew. winds have really picked up now, now a category 3 storm, 120 miles an hour winds, this could be impressive a as it swings its way west ward. it will eventually take a turn towards the bahamas by the middle of next week. so here's your forecast today.
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still on sunday, and then when monday comes, oh, my, it's going to be glorious. in fact all of next week looks pretty good. >> oh, my. >> i agree. i'll give that an oh my. >> i think so, with an exclamation point, oh my! oh my! with an eyebrow lift you know. if driving isn't your thing, maybe you're driving miss daisy or something -- >> driving is cory's though. >> i do like it. you might be more of the miss daisy. >> either that or hand me the bike, i'm cool either way, volvo giving folks another option, peek at their self-driving car. >> a lot of those now. also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign.
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or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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cleveland browns wide receiver josh gordon is going to rehab! gordon has not played this season.. he's serving a four-game su cleveland browns wide receiver josh gordon going into rehab. he has not played at all this season.
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suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy, received an indefinite suspension for substance abuse back in 2015 following several violations. volvo is planning to sell a self-driving car. they are hoping the new vehicle will hit the road in five years. volvo plans to start testing the vehicle next year, no word yet on the cost. a new film by director tim burton in theaters to mind behind beetle juice and alice and wonderland movies, quite the correct. his latest film is based on the best selling book about a young man who meets a house full of kids. they all have unique ability, and their protective head mistress watches over them. >> it acknowledges that the events in the movie did take place. this is not a, you know, remake
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this is the same world. it's just now 40 years later. >> that is actress gieena davis who is just lovely. she was on our show yesterday on ksaz am. and she is the star of the fox tv show the exorcist. if you're familiar with the exorcist, you know what it is all about, the story of a family dealing with possession. she is this is new territory, even for fans of the movie, the story based on some ral life exorcist beyond reagan, remember reagan with her head spinning around and the pea soup. [cheers and applause] well, this might be one of the coolest stories of the day. big cheers as 20-time grammy award winner bruce springsteen enters a room, meeting fans at a
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his new book, fans lining up around the store around the block for a chance to get it signed and to get a selfie. a young man walked in and asked for him to sign a note for a teacher. >> he got out of school for the day and needed a note to get back into the school, and springsteen signed it. >> they are giving a school a copy of the slip. >> he's going to keep the original forever. when we come back, n of baby pandas. >> why these little cute guys are not as endangered as they once were finding the right college isn't always simple. the choices i make today... affect where i'll be tomorrow. that's why i chose grand canyon university. here, i'm working toward a greater purpose,
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p me earn my degree, i can graduate in less than four years. by attending gcu, arizona's premiere private christian university, i know i'm not just making the right choice, i'm making the smart choice. find your purpose at grand canyon university.
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this is baby animal
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this is baby animal heaven. >> ah, look at the pandas. footage out of china giving us a look at 23 panda cubs on a blanket. i think they are cloning them in a test tube and just punching them out. 23 of 27 baby pandas born last year in china, and officials say they figured out a way to breed them in captivity. >> they put them all out on green blanket. >> as i always said, if you raise them for meat, there will never be a shortage. there's never a shortage of cow. >> you are not suggesting we eat panda, are you? how do you do that? how do you prepare panda?
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"dish nation," slow down, slow down thursday. love in the building! inspired by mary j. blige, hillary clinton. start the show! ? >> hey, what's up, y'all, welcome to "dish nation." it's thursday. >> yeah! >> we have friday intentions, okay? we're going to be talking "empire" and cookies, plus he's got a national letter. i know you love it. yo, it involves drake, but the surprise other person is not rihanna. first, what you got over there? >> well, miley cyrus is having a


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