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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 6, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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live picturs from the adot camera showing the northbound lanes of the loop 101 shut down from the i-10 to indian school road. phoenix fire telling us a 24-year-old man was hit by a semi and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> it is not clear why the man was on the freeway in the first place. we are do not know if he was walking along the road or at his vehicle. this stretch of freeway will remain shut down for a >> loop 101 in the west valley from i-10 to indian school road is shirt down. we have a ground crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you more information throughout the newscast. >> if hurricane matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. this is a deadly storm approaching our state.
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the east coast bracing for hurricane matthew. people in three states tonight are being told to get out to evacuate. matthew hitting the bahamas tonight. it is headed for florida next. >> the powerful storm ravaging cuba and haiti. the pictures just coming into the newsroom. look at that destruction in the streets. unbelievable. winds just tearing apart homes and bad a dozen people have been killed by hurricane matthew. >> and the concern is this is will happen in florida. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. >> the storm is bound to leave a lot of damage in its path and people in the red cross are headed from arizona to the east coast to help out anyway they can. marcy jones live at sky harbor airport tonight with the story. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, guys. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m.,
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taking off from sky harbor. their first stop is louisiana to get an emergency vehicle then they head over to south carolina. you hope for the best but you have to prepare for the worst in georgia, florida, and the carolinas can use all of the help they can get. >> you can always rebuild. you can always repair property. you cannot restore a life. >> reporter: the president sending out a pow as the east coast braces for hurricane matthew. storm projects the hurricane three storm may build back up to hurricane four. the governor of florida speaking candidly about what is ahead. >> everyone in our state must prepare for a direct hit. we have less than 24 hours to prepare, evacuate, and shelter. >> reporter: parts of the
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worst. >> evacuations are continuing for charleston and buford county and those seem to be going as normal. we have 32 shelters that are now open, four special need facilities are open. >> reporter: with the possibility of heavy flooding and wind damage, people from all over are stepping up to give a helping hand. folks from the el paso region of the red cross will be stationed in north carolin victims. >> we provide mobile feeding and we use it to dispatch out any time of bulk distribution of supplies they need for a disaster. >> reporter: mike was telling me they don't have a schedule when they get down there. they help out where they can. styles the disaster aid trips can take two to three weeks but they will stay until the work is
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affecting airlines. 1,500 flights have been canceled, most of the flights were bound for miami or fort lauderdale. the miami airport is scheduled to shut down ahead of matthew's arrival. >> dave munsey has been tracking hurricane matthew. >> reporter: we are tracking as it comes. you can see it as a category three a with matthew at this time. this hurricane is moving along slow that is why it is putting so much rain down. it is kind of lining up with miami coming in late wednesday into thursday and then you can see thursday in the evening and by friday it gets into the jacksonville area. you can see the track as it makes that little curve.
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that is still somewhat of a tossup. this is what it looks like with the moisture. i stopped it because i want to show you this. this is a point of interest. take a look as it climbs up coming inland and once again working its way across. now, what we're showing you over here that is a tropical storm. that is nicole with winds at 70 miles an hour. nicole going to get involved with it. some people are concerned about nicole and we will keep an eye on nicole as well asthma through. we'll have more weather coming up. >> we'll keep an eye on that. you can keep check on hurricane matthew on turning to our other top
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mother arrested for allegedly shoplifting and she is facing charges of child abuse after police say she got high on heroin and left her young daughter home alone. police telling us that paige adams told them that her 3-year-old daughter was with a friend but after receiving a tip, officers went to her apartment and found that little girl, 3-year-old locked in a closet with a dirty diaper on waiting for the mom. adams told them she child alone because she wouldn't be gone long. another developing story, peoria police releasing this sketch of a man who tried to sexually assault a woman last week at a housing development under construction. the victim was working on one of the homes when the suspect attacked her. if you recognize the guy in the sketch or you have any information about the attack, call peoria police. when it comes to the phoenix
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are rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. another new director of if phoenix v.a. her start in phoenix comes one day after the scathing report of the state of the hospital she will oversee. the new report from the inspector general says the same issues continue to plague the phoenix strvment a. as they did two years ago when they vowed to fix of the secret waiting list, dozens of veterans may have died while waiting care. the v.a. under secretary insist progress is being made in phoenix. >> the office of inspector general report, we are taking it seriously because it indicates we have more work to do and issues to address.
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there is no evidence as has been reported in some cases that there were hundreds of veterans that died because of consult delays or canceled consults. >> this is the seventh director at the phoenix v.a. in three years. the new holiday of sorts that has been made official is called indigenous peoples day and we're the largest city to observe >> danielle miller live in downtown phoenix where city officials approved the new holiday this afternoon. do we get the day off? >> reporter: unfortunately, john, no. it is a happy day for a lot of these supporters. there is a lot here in the crowd at phoenix city council meeting here earlier where they approved this. indigenous people day is a replacement for columbus day. it will be highlighting culture
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>> we're going to celebrate our native american heritage and other indigenous peoples. it is a great part of our history that goes back centuries. >> reporter: with a unanimous vote by the city council, indigenous peoples day will be celebrated annually, the second monday of october. >> it is a great day for phoenix, not just those of native american descent but all of us. >> reporter: kristin says this will allow honor and celebrate their heritage. >> it is like having a garden of all of your plants, everything is aligned and everything is what you built and what you have done and having some big bulldozer come over it that is how it feels. you can't take everything you had in the roots back because it's gone. >> reporter: 25 cities have adopted the day.
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have done so. >> now, we have a chance to have an empty garden again and rebuild our own roots of pieces of history of our ancestors and what we know and try to congregate and unify our indigenous backgrounds. >> reporter: no city funds will be used for this day. it will not be recognize as a government holiday so city day off as well as any other type of government job. danielle miller, fox 10 news. if there were a must-win game for the arizona cardinals this early in the season, tomorrow night's game versus san francisco is that. >> we've been talking about must-win games for the cardinals for a few weeks now. the cards will try to beat their divisional rival, the 49ers, they will have to do so without their team leader.
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concussion. >> jude lacava in early with more on this story. is it possible? >> reporter: it is possible. when you get down to it, it is no easy task. carson is in the concussion protocol. when you look at the matchup, bruce arians has to turn to drew stanton. he started eight games in 2014 and went 5-3. he came into the game late in course, carson was injured and unable to move the football. he through an interception on this pass. again, you come in cold, it is not easy. he had a chance to work out, monday, tuesday. they threw out to santa clara today. you want to throw it to the front end of the end zone, he threw it to the back end of the front zone. i talked to him about practice.
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before. he has the experience and he knows bruce arians is counting on him. >> everything right now in these short weeks is just mental. a lot of guys that played a ton of snaps have to get the body back and once you get out there on thursday, the adrenaline should get you through.& last game is behind us and i did not do what thought i was going to do. it is time to prepare for san francisco and try to win a division game. palmer out, brain trauma and football is again front and center. this has been out there quite a bit. what is the concussion protocol? when we return, we're going to look at what it takes for carson to return to the playing field. coming up, one of the runways at sky harbor airport is shutting down for an entire month beginning tomorrow.
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travel plans. remember the self-lacing chews from back to the future? they are the real thing. how you can get your hands on a pair and there are only 89 available. >> reporter: behind this door, it drew two engineers from the
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only on fox tonight. want to launch a business? most entreprenurs only on fox, you want to launch a business, most entrepreneurs head to dallas, denver, or seattle. >> the valley may not be top of mind when it comes to starting a company but two software engineers beg to disagree. >> reporter: you can call them the software guys from silicon valley. not this kind of software, this
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startup money, they quit their jobs in silicon valley, which many would consider fertile ground and headed for the valley of the sun to launch a mattress company. they say despite what you may have heard, silicon valley is not necessarily a good launching pad for new businesses. r high, it is very competitive. >> reporter: ok, but why mattresses? first-hand experience apparently motivated this duo. it was a nightmarish experience. >> that is when j.t. experienced the nightmare going to the store. >> we wanted to start our
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us and we were passionate about it. >> reporter: they set up mattress show room. some see this area as run down, shabby, and sketchy. these two see massive opportunity. >> you need early pioneers to get it going. there is an enormous amount of talent. it is community based. a lot of people will help you and want to see success and support you. afternoon, tuft and needle was bustling. >> i thought this was like the apple store. like an apple store, you can try the products. >> reporter: so you liked it? >> i'm impressed with the product. >> reporter: as layed out on their website, it is an easy set up and you can take it for a test snooze. they will give you a refund, all
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mattress to charity but they think you will like it. >> this is a mattress for those who like firm and soft. >> reporter: it challenges the traditional mattress makers with slogans like mattress stores are greedy. prices range from $350 twin to $750 for a cal king. they see a big future in pho as others see what they did and choose the valley over bigger cities. >> you're not lost in the noise in l.a. or new york. you can do it here. >> reporter: these young businessmen say they know many more people will be awakening to the business possibilities phoenix has to offer. linda williams, fox 10 news. >> the company has been in downtown phoenix for four years. it has 190 employees and the
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southern california. >> it is around the corner. if you need a nap during the day. >> i need a nap. i'm going now. i'm out. >> john is going to try a mattress. if you want more information on how they built their business, we have a link on our website, >> i have work to do. a big scare for a family in mesa. how a toddler fell from a second-story apartment. >> reporter: well, it is the day but, boy, the nights are
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i'll call it the chipotle jalapeno burger! boom. someone got that, right? chipotle sauce. pepper jack cheese. you'll call it the chipotle jalape?o burger. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing the chipotle jalape?o burger.
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>> reporter: hi, everyone. boy, i will tell you. a nice-looking sunset this evening. look at all of that color out there. just beautiful with the sun
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well. right now, the temperatures are great. we're looking at 79 degrees. no wind at this hour. the city looking pretty good as well with all of the lights lit up. 73 in apache junction. 73 in mesa. 81 in glendale at this time. let's see here, the high pressure still this in place working well and working southwest. up a little bit from the last time we looked at them but it is fairly dry across the state. 90 for the high today. 86 at buckeye. 86 at deer valley. 86 at gateway as with. 72 degrees in payson. 71 in prescott. 61 at flagstaff. 67 at window rock. 89 at gila bend. 90 on the high.
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93, 69 normal high and low. taking a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow, as you can see, we're getting warmer as we go to the mid and upper 80's for a look at that. the temperatures are even mowing along. as we look across the country, it is a mixed bag up across montana and the dakotas. the windy conditions in the flooding across portions of montana. storm rolls through oklahoma. once again, matthew down here, a category three. take a look at the moisture rolling in and this is nicole over here. as it rolls on in, take a look at it. florida, we're showing with the moisture, the eye grabbing on to the shoreline there and hanging
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change tomorrow across florida. 85 in st. louis. 66 today in denver. 65 up in seattle. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, 63 degrees. we're going to get back into the 90's right after tomorrow. they are going to hang around for a while but they will be in the low to watch your kids around water. the holiday shopping season around the corner. one major mall taking a stand saying no more opening on thanksgiving day. spend it with family. it is in tonight's talker. new information on the wild brawl at yesterday's donald trump rally in arizona. what caused this?
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back to our top story back to our stop story tonight, live pictures from the loop 101 in the west valley where a 24-year-old man was hit while standing along the freeway. minutes ago, we learned the young man has died. >> we can tell you that northbound lanes of loop 101
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investigation. we're keeping a close eye on it as d.p.s. gives us more, we'll bring you updates as we get them. a man police believe behind at least 30 burglars in the west valley. >> he tries to cover his face in these robberies but it was not good enough as it turns out. steve krafft explains how police caught their suspect. >> reporter: this isn't a case or twice but dozens of times. here is a man robbing pub and grub. >> came through the roof. he kind of knew the layout of the cameras was. as soon as he was inside the building, he turned towards the wall. >> reporter: the burglar tried to cover his face. police believe he is 30-year-old
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over 30 places, including down the street at my mother's ribs. how relieved are you that this man has been arrested? >> we are fortunate it is being solved. there were quite a few businesses that were basically robbed throughout the last two or three weeks. >> reporter: roach was arrested last month, released with an arrested again. he was caught on video trying to burglarize another place. >> i'm glad we could get peace and quiet around here now that he is gone. i heard he broke into a lot of businesses. >> reporter: roach is behind bars facing burglary and drug charges. steve krafft, fox 10 news. a toddler survives after
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the toddler got on top of a table and leaned against a screen. his injuries are nonlife threatening. there was an adult in the apartment at the time and police say there were no signs of wrongdoing in this case. teachers and students honor a special education teacher who was killed in a car crash. >> today, they came together to remember a teacher and a colleague but also a friend. ? >> reporter: students at western valley elementary honoring beloved teacher asia calhoun today. calhoun and her best friend were killed when another driver tried to illegally pass their car. call hownl swerved to avoid the driver and crashed head on into a semi.
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released balloons and planted a tree in the courtyard. >> she was so friendly to everyone. i can't recall an instance that she wasn't so friendly and approachable. >> her students were so important to her, not only action -- academically. >> she was sweet and kinded and cared for everyone. this is our time to much we care for her. >> the school started a scholarship fund in calhoun's name. d.p.s. is searching for driver who left the scene. last night the first and only debate between the 2016 vice presidential candidates and according to nielson, it was the least watched debate since 2000. 37 million people tuned in to
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go at it. most experts agree that mike pence won the debate but focused on showcasing himself as the leader instead of defending donald trump. tim kaine was more defending hillary clinton and interrupting pence last night. they were quick to declare their running mates of the debate. >> how many of you watched the vi night? mike pence did an incredible job and i'm getting a lot of credit because that is my first so-called choice, that was my first hire as we would stay in las vegas. >> trump campaigned in in nevada, which is a toss upstate right now. we have learned that her campaign is commissioning help
12:35 am
meantime, christian and trump will turn their attention to the second debate, which is this sunday in st. louis. steve krafft and i will be there bringing you live coverage of our debate on sunday. we will stream the debate live on fox 10 news now. it starts at 6:00 p.m. look at that. the fight that donald trump event. we're learning more about the fight. it started when a father and son at the rally started causing a ruckus. he punched a man in the face. the father and son were arrested on disorderly conduct and trespassing. the other men involved in the
12:36 am
trouble. many people can't wait for this election to be over but good news, we are almost over. >> early voting begins here in arizona next week. you can cast your ballots starting october 12 next wednesday. >> if you want to vote in this year's election but you have not registered, your time is running out. the last day to register to vote is monday. after the break, dave is back with the look at the wake-up weather. >> reporter: carson palmer will watch tomorrow night's game from phoenix. what will it take to get him back on the field? we're going to look at the nfl concussion protocol in sports. what has to happen for carson to get checked out and get back to playing on the football field
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people on board a this is a frightening thing. people on board a southwest flight evacuated from a plane when a passenger's replacement galaxy note 7 caught fire. the guy replaced the phone because the last one was a danger. this one catches fire. the plane was sitting on the tarmac waiting kentucky. samsung replaced the phones because of the dangerous batteries linked to dozens of fires. if you're flying out of sky harbor in the next month, something to keep in mind. the airport is closing one of the runways that could cause delays. we are talking about the north runway. this is the one we're going the see closed down.
12:41 am
it is the north runway that will be shut down closing the knot runway for maintenance projects. flights may run up to 30 minutes late, particularly in peak high pressures. check your flight status before you head to the airport. >> reporter: do you want to feel better about your finances? you might want to find a fiance? single americans likely to feel financially insecure than those who are married. married or not, young people are more optimistic than any other generation. more than a third of millennials believe their well being will improve this year. a private company tracking private jobs, 154,000 of them
12:42 am
month that is the slowest pace of hiring since april. the jobs report comes out friday morning. the nation's largest mall taking a stance so families can be seated together on thanksgiving. the mall of america announcing they will be closed this turkey day since being open every thanksgiving since 2012. >> we're going to talk about that in tonight's talk back. nike's self lacing shoes are up for grabs but only 89 people >> they need it for the ones who can't tie their own shoes. >> nike is raffling off the shoes in the online lottery. all you have to do is enter to
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you have to enter the drawing. >> reporter: the nice thing about the wake-up weather is the temperatures have warmed up just a little bit just to take the chill off of the morning with the exception of the grand canyon and flagstaff. 59 in casa grande. 45 in payson. 41 in prescott. as we look around the valley, we do see a few 50's mixed there. 57 until buckeye. all the rest are at 60 or the low 60's. for that final wake-up heading off to school, 63 degrees. we're going to through a little- throw a little bit of cloud cover in there. we'll have more weather coming up after the hour.& >> so great in the morning. are you up in the morning? >> i'm up.
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they can't drive yet. it is a story that will want you to double check any doctor or medical bill. one family is charged to hold their newborn baby.
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i'm marc martinez ... with a sample of what we have for you on fox ten news at ten
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what we have for you on fox 10 news at 10:00. yahoo is accused of scanning e-mails looking for information provided by the government. it is unclear what the government was looking for, we have reaction on that. >> the public is entitled to know how broadly is the government con trueing its surveillance authority. >> new rules when it comes to debit card users. we're also tracking we'll see you at 10:00. time for tonight's talkers. >> think back when the kids were born. the moment you have them in your arms. a new mother in utah thrilled to hold her baby. when he gets home and checks the bill, she realized they charged
12:48 am
it says skin-to-skin contact. they said remember when we asked do you want to hold your baby? the hospital said we needed to have an extra employee there for supervision. we didn't want the baby to drop. >> the hospital, whatever they think they are making on this venture, their publicity is devastating. it makes that hospital. >> they may need to have a nurse or employee standing by because you should be able to hold that baby. >> if you care about people and health care that is a big moment. you don't want to mess that up. christmas shopping madness starts on thanksgiving day but the mall of america in
12:49 am
enough. they notified tenants that it will close down as many stores on that holiday. they said we're excited to "give this day back to our employees to celebrate it with their families." >> i like the idea but -- >> there is a but to this? >> say you're done with the family and done with the food. you're going to go to and you're going to hurt retailers and they are already struggling. >> can we take one day where we don't have to go down the commercial road and enjoy time at home? >> there are people who want to shop and they are going to go elsewhere. >> kari lake the defender of your shopping liberties. >> we're done talking. it is your turn to talk back. you can complain about me on
12:50 am
the topic up tonight. >> i'm going to do that right now. >> you can go to my page if you want to give us your opinion on the story of the $40 skin to skin. >> i will get this up and we'll talk about it. >> reporter: i will tell you about another hot topic, carson palmer out with a concussion. what has to happen for palmer to get back on the playing field? we'll look at key nfl concussion hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. nfl concussion brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken, and fried egg, with bacon. like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm and it's tuesday. huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us... should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu.
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the second hit came and hit him in the shoulder area. >> carson is in protocol. >> reporter: you hear a lot about concussion protocol and brain trauma and i don't think this gets enough attention around the national football league. let's look at the key points as it relates to the injury of carson palmer slow to get up following a hit to the head may include secondary contact.
12:54 am
may have a concussion. he must pass a graduated exercise challenge or r.t.p., return to practice, return to playing field that is a series of tests with movements and exercises. carson palmer, when he return, you must be able to get the baseline status cleared and independent neurolgical consultant says you are ready to get back out and play of football. as for the game against the 49ers, richard saenz in san francisco with more on the absence of carson palmer. >> reporter: take a look at this list, 10 players that are limited in practice or did not practice at all this week. the biggest name on the list, carson palmer after not passing the concussion protocol.
12:55 am
play. >> he argued a little bit but he is not cleared but he is getting better and feels fine. hopefully, we'll have him back next week. >> carson is our leader. he is a fantastic player. unfortunately, he is going the be out but we want him to get better and we don't want him to get any more >> reporter: carson palmer started 20 games in a row before this one. it is time for drew stabben to to -- stanton. i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> reporter: let's stay with the injury theme here. for the sun devils, a rough night against usc.
12:56 am
and knocked out of the game. todd graham says hi may not miss all of that time. he should be back relatively soon. >> the good thing is it won't be a for an extended period of time. he is out of his boot. the good thing is it wasn't anything significant. >> reporter: baseball tonight, win or go the giants, yeah, it is an even year. what a pitching duel it was. what a fabulous catch. back, back, back into the wall. granderson keeps this a scoreless tie. wow, how about that catch? top of the ninth that is the
12:57 am
giants win. giants will travel to chicago to take on the cubs. more baseball, plenty of drama coming up this postseason. more baseball, plenty of drama coming up this postseason. ? more baseball, plenty of drama coming up this postseason. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want and so does your partner for the best sleep ever. with the queen c4 mattress set only $1399.98. plus 24-month financing.
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with fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with breaking news.
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from loop 101 in the west valley where the northbound lanes are closed down. a 24-year-old man was struck by a semi truck while he was walking northbound on the freeway. we're not sure why he was in the lanes of traffic or on the freeway. that man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. again, the northbound lanes of the loop 101 are expected to remain closed down from indian school road. our other big story is the city of phoenix is the largest city to celebrate indigenous peoples day after the city council unanimously votes to celebrate that day. danielle miller with more on what this means. >> reporter: the city council meeting today and indigenous


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