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tv   Fox 10 News at 400 PM  FOX  October 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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the field. the 47 of the falcons. on fourth down, you can't spike it here. but if you're lynch, you want to get the first down. it's completed. centers, hangs on. there's a flag after the hit. >> john: we chronicled it that's his problem. robert alford. he does everything well, except this. he gets a lot of penalties. here you see the hit. but now he's going to play like beckham. give him a little boot. >> referee: personal foul on the -- rougher. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down.
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point, the official -- stops the clock. moves the ball up. they're going to try a field goal with mcmanus here. >> john: he might as well get one out of the way and see if you can connect on the outside kick for a hail mary. >> chris: he's got to make this from 45. and a penalty helps the situation. it hit the upright and went through. from 45 yards away. gets up there, it's out there. it's in there. it counts. seven-point difference.
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>> john: he had an attempt. he put it up there high. >> chris: next week the "nfl on fox." start your sunday with fox nfl kickoff. america's number one pregame show. rams and lions on america's game of the week. the cowboys and packers and the cowboys and falcons in seattle against the seahawks. they're going to head there after this game and stay out there all week and prepare for seattle whic off. >> john: i love this about dan quinn. as much as to lessen the travel, it's about connecting this team. when you're off on the road together, you got to spend time together, eat together. dan quinn, he's trying to forge that connection. he came from seattle where they had it. he's trying to build that in atlanta. he's doing a wonderful job of it. >> chris: sent flowers to the wives and family members to hold on during the road trip.
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toilolo, the tight end. he grabbed that to secure atlanta's fourth straight victory. >> john: the moral of the story. don't on-side kick -- toilolo. >> chris: the falcons came in highest scoring team in the league and put 23 on the board. still the most anybody scored against the broncos this year. gary kubiak, his nine-game winning different quarterbacks, paxton lynch today. the reigning super bowl champs slip to 4-1. the falcons after beating carolina and now denver. baiting the two super bowl -- beating the two super bowl teams of last year. more from denver in just a moment. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged,
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so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ?? >> chris: falcons go to 4-1. the broncos slip to 4-1 atlanta's 23-16 victory. they led from the start in denver. let's look at the stat tracker. matt ryan, steady. 267 yards with the touchdown. devonta freeman rushing for 88 yards and a score. tevin coleman, 132 yards receiving and a score. julio jones only a couple of catches and atlanta still wins. next on fox the simpsons, bob's burgers, son of zorn late every and presidential debate number
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reigning super bowl champs. don't forget, week 6 in the nfl, you'll see the falcons going up to seattle with our kickoff coverage starting at 11 clock eastern. for brad morris and arnie kem ner, john lynch and pam oliver. i'm chris myers, thanks a lot for watching the "nfl on fox." around the league we saw star studded performance and nail biting sentences that made week 5 one to remember. brought to you by chevrolet most depending plays of the day. >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. thanks for joining us this afternoon for this special edition of fox thank you for joining us for this special edition of "fox 10 news." i'm marc >> i'm kristy siefkin. we begin tonight with a story that everybody is talking about for the past two days. >> the lewd and vulgar comments made by donald trump that were released friday on a recording. >> i moved on her and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try to -- her. >> thes huge news. >> you know nancy. >> trump made those comes in 2005, but they were released a couple of days ago and the gop candidate made the comments to
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>> -- mic during a caping. >> this is -- second presidential debate and we will have several reports beginning with fox reporter lauren blanchard. >> the 2016 presidential rivals are getting ready to humble here in st. louis for their second debate of the season. the stakes are high as republican nominee donald trump and his democratic counterpart hillary clinton prepare to square off at washington university. >> nobody should be surprised by what's happened here. we have been liste incendiary and inflammatory comments for a year now. >> a political fire storm erupted following friday's release of an audio conversation trump had in 2005. trump who was married to his current wife at the time is heard bragging about making unwanted sexual advances toward women. >> the point we make is that he has apologized nor and we believe if he gets to the issues, he is the candidate that is much better suited to run the
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will drop from the race and instead has been threatening to attack chitten's marriage. >> this race is between donald trump and hillary clinton not donald trump and bill clinton. if we need to discuss the issues that were raised in that video, that's fine. >> clinton has come under fire after a wikileaks e-mail dump that included alleged excerpts of her speeches to wall street banks. >> what she wants to do is crack down on the system and make sure that there is no institution that is too big to fail and there is no person that big to jail. >> tonight for 90 minutes trump and clinton will field questions from undecided voters as well as the moderators in a town hall style debate. in st. louis, lauren blanchard, fox news. and with all of the controversy surrounding the candidates, it has made tonight's debate must see television. >> nobody knows what's going to happen. what the candidates are going to say. but fox 10 has it all covered. >> that's right. our john hook and steve krafft are live in st. louis, missouri, where the debate kicks
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when you were covering the first presidential debate no way you could have imagined where we would be tonight. >> no, mark this is uncharted territory, descended into the absurd with the use of the "p" word over and over and over. you know what we are talking about, what donald trump said on that bus with access hollywood 11 years ago. the point being now for donald trump, a guy who didn't needed further distractions a campaign that was behind in the p that needed a good move. this has been a distracting week to say the least and tonight on this debate stage at washington university, he has to undo some the damage and grab these undecided voters if they are out there to head to his camp. let's set the stage behind us. they will take the stage at washington university for 90 minutes. a town hall-style debate. half of the questions will come from the uncommitted voters and half will come from the
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from abc news and anderson cooper from cnn. an interesting chance for the candidates to connect with people on a personal level. that's how these town hall style debates came into vogue. and so tonight this will be an interesting opportunity for donald trump to show softer side and for hillary clinton in her case to hold court. we will see what happens. steve krafft joins me now. we have been watching this and it's become absurd, this entire election. but for donald tru is kind of on the ropes. he has to have a big, big night here. >> does donald trump have a softer side? he has been an alpha male, attack dog, got him to this point and his default setting. how -- why and how does he get to this other part of his personality in which he can apologize and people can actually believe it and can root for him as an underdog. that's what he will try to do but not sure he can do it. >> 90 minutes to do it.
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best pitch. his best pitch is attacking. when he is off that lecturn and left to his own devices, that's usually where he goes. >> to push that baseball metaphor further, he throws fast balls up at the chin every time and have him change speeds and come across soft and apologizing and connecting to women voters, the people he really needs, the people he may have lost in the last couple of days, that's his challenge. meanwhile he has hillary clinton sort of smiling and whole spectacle. >> and we should point out the wikileaks and her comments to banks and wall streets in private are far different than what she was telling the public about her position on the banks. she was taking a hard line in public but cozy with the banks behind closed doors. that would have been the lead story had we not had this access hollywood thing break on friday. we were in uncharted territory but we are here and we will be here throughout the duration and
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night. >> we are looking forward to your coverage. thank you very much. one of the other big stories from the past week, a path of destruction left behind by hurricane matthew and that storm is losing strength but it has left a huge mess behind. fox reporter joel waldman has the latest tonight. unfortunately, this is a common street scene in savannah to days after hurricane matthew struck. you can tell, a large laurel oak tree fell into this home completely destroying as far as we know, there are no injuries but now the damage assessment begins in urnest. >> the storm is not -- in earnest. >> downgraded but still dangerous, hurricane matthew a post tropical cyclone. the deadly storm leaving a dozen dead in the u.s. hundreds more stranded and thousands without power. >> as the sun rises and the blue sky returns, our state is facing major destruction and sadly loss
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>> almost half of the victims are north carolina where massive flooding led to dramatic water rescues a woman and toddler were rescued from their car which was almost completely submerged in flood water. and new york firefighters rescued these people who were trapped on top of an suv in the rising floods. and south carolina, flooding was only one of the problems as buildings burned while flood waters hindered firefighters efforts. the focus now shifts to relief and recovery efforts as the storm moves out to sea. the leaders people that danger is still very real. >> please, please, please take cauion because we don't want to have to keep saying senseless fatalities where we are trying to give warnings. >> georgia power tells us these electric lines have been deenergized. all of this damage and destruction is going to take days to clear out. meanwhile, forecasters say the remnants of matthew are moving out to sea and will unlikely
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again. in savannah, georgia, joel waldman, fox news. well, it was day off for the cardinals today following their big win thursday night in san francisco. >> very exciting. even though they aren't playing today, it doesn't mean that everything is quiet on the cardinals front. jude lacava is joining us now. little early with a report. >> when you look at it, the world is right again for cards fans coming off the decisive win thursday night against the niners. it will be they lose evan mathis your starting right guard to a fractured ankle. earl watford will move over and start at right guard. we will have to look at showing up depth along that offensive line. carson palmer should get back on the practice field coming up this wednesday. it was the card's defense that really kept this team in the hunt. calais cambus did -- campbell did an exceptional job. when you look at the cardinals in their game thursday night, it was close early and it was guys
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job done. turning point-type play, the deflection by chandler jones, the interception by calais campbell. so you get the win and you stop the bleeding and now you look ahead to the upcoming monday night game, the following monday night against todd bowles and the new york jets. defense is where this win started. very, very impressive. they get the safety here as well. this is what has to happen if this team is going to get back to 500 and then start to look at marching towar playoff spot, bruce arians on the play of his defense and the play of one of the veteran leaders, calais campbell. >> really pleased with defense, especially the defensive front. buck had a helluva game, but the defensive line did a great job of keeping him clean he could make all of his plays, he and kevin. i thought the defensive line played their best ball game. calais had the big numbers. chandler gets the bat and gets
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really, really big turning point for us on the side lines. drew hits larry. if we don't drop five third down balls drew will have a helluva game. when we come back, we will talk with our cards insider jurecki about the patting guam and the return of carson palmer and the continued development as tyrann mathieu gets back to being the honey badger. more on the cardinals and more nfl action when we retur in this news cast in sports. thank you, jude. it's always one of the big fall events here in downtown phoenix. we take you out to the annual race for the cure. >> plus a very well-known activist comes to the valley. we catch up with erin brockovich
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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great rates for great rides. a busy morning in busy morning in downtown phoenix as crowds gather for the annual susan g. komen race for the cure. big event raises funds and awareness for breast cancer research and marcy jones has the story. >> like it's a very important part of our community to help people, know they are strong and know they can get through it. >> every pink ribbon clad participate of today's susan g
4:24 pm
has a reason. >> my grandmother died of breast cancer. she went through a horrible time. still, you never know what's going to come and if we can contribute to something where we can have better results that would be fantastic. >> the race raises funds for research in hopes of one day finding a cure to the disease that one in eight women will be diagnosed with in their lifetime. >> we all got to come out here and fight -- and walk for the people that have survived and that didn't. we solve this. >> the race serves as a reminder there is a finish line in sight and that giving up is not an option. hope is the reason that this survive of 15 years says she will always show up because through the foundation she never felt alone. >> they were there for me, not just emotion but financial support. for years and years. before i become -- before i was
4:25 pm
that, they were support me with the mammograms and everything and when i was diagnosed with cancer they never left my side. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." erin brockovich was here in town today to speak at the arizona's ultimate women's expo earlier this afternoon. of course she is an environmental activist and spoke today to arizona women about the level of chromium 6 that's found here in phoenix tap water. we have been talking about this in recent a report just last month said that phoenix had one of the highest levels of chromium 6 in the country and studies have shown that chemical can cause lung cancer as well as liver damage. now brockovich says that people need to know what is in their water. >> we have a lot of water problems that's not an alarmist, that's a fact and people need to know what's in their water. so we encourage them to work with their municipalities to get their water quality reports if they don't understand and we
4:26 pm
>> the water services director for the city of phoenix said last month that the water in the valley is safe to drink. >> plenty of sunshine out there today, but as we look to the southeast, a much different picture, devastation as the result of matthew. we will take a look at that coming up in a couple of minutes. plus the places in arizona that got hit with a lot of heavy
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. some parts of arizona some partz of arizona getting hit with rough weather last night. fox 10 viewer sending us this video from safford. a lot of rain and hail coming down and a couple of areas even had flooding. luckily nobody was hurt. also down in cochise county in southern arizona some people there reporting hail the size of
4:29 pm
few places in the state seeing active weather last night and even this afternoon we are seeing enough instability of shower to pop up as well as hail. southeastern arizona one of the places that we are still seeing some activity tonight. there was an advisory for severe weather in effect that since expired but you will notice activity to the north and to the southeast of wilcox up into safford as well. and then a little earlier today we saw a few storms packing through parts of white river that moisture p new mexico. flagstaff relatively quiet now but as we take the clock back to those late morning hours and early afternoon some pockets of heavy rain and hail through that area as well. the valley looking great, very calm winds about three miles per hour. about 95 for the current temperatures so above average we should be in those low 90s by now and we are seeing a dry southwesterly flow in place for the most part as this low exits colorado and we will see a weak ridge of high pressure building throughout the southwest.
4:30 pm
pretty dry conditions as well. southeastern arizona seeing numbers in the mid-90s right now. we were looking at 61 into flag. 71 into the grand canyon. 79 into safford and 39 for casa grande. in the valley pretty nice numbers out there as well. 94 for wickenburg and apache junction. 97 glendale. 93 for both scottsdale and for fountain hills. as i mentioned we should be low 90s right now. those seasonal numbers we were close to 100 degrees today. 97 is what we hit this afternoon. well above normsicle we will continue with that trend for a few days. matthew also talking about for an entire week now and it is no longer a hurricane it's a tropical cyclone, post tropical cyclone continuing to bring some very soggy conditions along the northeastern coast line and it's not insignificant amounts of rainfall. as we continue to track this storm overnight and into tomorrow, you will see pocks of heavy rain through parts of massachusetts and then that
4:31 pm
most part up into parts of november scshia. rainfall -- nova scotia. rainfall totes will be significant. 16-inches in north carolina. and parts of connecticut into rhode island, anywhere from half to one and a half inches of additional rainfall and then as we get niece these purple and red shades we are look at an inch and a half to almost four inches of rain. nova scotia different storey take a look at this by tuesday 6:30 in the evening up to seven inches of rain as a result of the remnants of that tropical storm. so we aren't done with aftermath of matthew yet. 73 for lake havasu tonight. we will see 48 overflight for show low. 37 flag. and 53 for douglas. tomorrow warming up to the upper 90s in gila bend, yuma and lake havasu beautiful weather in prescott at 78. nice in window rock at 72 and globe topping out in the mid-80s. so clear and warm out there tonight for the most part. same for tomorrow and we may see a few high clouds out there tomorrow if you are in phoenix indigenous peoples day for the
4:32 pm
at columbus day. if you have the day off we are looking at mile temperatures and continue those numbers into the low to mid-90s for the rest of your workweek. coming up, where you can catch rock and roll legends zz top in the valley tonight. plus an eagle getting stuck in some pretty tough spot. we will tell you about that
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highly anticipated second presidential debate. of course, many peepholing viewing parties all around the valley including one that will involve students from asu. stefania okolie is live now with tha story. >> reporter: is that right. a lot of asu students are here at performing arts and media center in a little bit to get ready to watch. as you said, a highly anticipated debate. this is organized b a civil dialogue professor here at asu. you know i talked to him about possibly why students are so intrigued by this election. of course, because it's one that's going down in history. it has been quite bizarre to say the least for many reasons. students are watching this they are affected not only because of their future but because of the kind of conversations that have been going on. take a look at what professor olson had to say about tonight. >> it's the time in history
4:36 pm
friday and so everybody is inopportuned to the news and really excited to see what's going to happen, how donald trump can ultimately defend himself, particularly with all of the calls from major gop leaders to either step down from the ticket or to elevate pence and just to see how he will react. if he will be spoiled boy, rich kid who is very privileged and not at all humble. or if he will come across tonight as a little more presidential, a little more humble about having made some mistakes and that this these these are not frat boy mistakes. the man is 70 years old. >> and indeed that's the big question. can trump defend himself after this tape was leaked where many people heard him making these
4:37 pm
exactly will hillary react. this debate, this campaign and in general drawing crowds of all ages. again, the students are gathering hirer here around 5:45 to start that watch party. the professor says they will do something a civil dialogue where they will sit around and they will discuss the provocative comments which we know there are probably many of them if these are like the debates we have seen in the past and have a different range of whether or not they agree or strongly disagree. the point of is for them to have this in a orderly matter. they have rules that pertain to civility so they can have a conversation about this without arguing. live in phoenix, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." and as we have been telling you, fox 10 will have complete coverage of the debate live from st. louis. john hook will be there along with steve krafft. we will be on air and online. for your best coverage keep it tuned here to fox 10 and
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need your help in finding the man who stole camping supplies from the back of one avondale truck. happened at garden lakes near 107th avenue and thomas. you can see somebody unlatching the equipment. the victim's family says the man was going to use his one week of vacation to go camp together white mountains. someone stepped in and unlatched it and walked off with it that man planned on leaving at 3:00 a.m. until he came out to find his >> when people feel that something sitting out i think i will take it, you know, they are basically taking something that doesn't belong to them and they are teaching their children the same thing. >> the family tells us that this is the second time that they have been burglarized in recent months. if you know who did this, you are urged to call avondale police. a bald eagle gets stuck in an unusual spot. take a look at this that bird
4:39 pm
>> unbelievable but it's still alive. that's a tiny space. >> crazy when you look at this picture. the eagle was flying low and smacked into the front of the car but did survive and the fire crews were there and they were called out to get the bird free. the eagle has been turned over to a wildlife sanctuary to help thursday it back to health. >> you got to recognize the beards. the zz top in the and the group will play at the pool at talking stick resort in scottsdale that show starts at 8:00 tonight. zz top has sole more than 50 million records around the world. and they are also members of the rock and roll hall of fame. and that's an unusual item involving jimi hendrix heading to the auction block. the guitarist's signed documents
4:40 pm
he was arrested after getting into a drunken brawl. and those documents are expected to fetch a pretty hefty price tag, around $30,000. well, the arizona cardinals have the weekend off, but they are getting set to take on the new york jets. we will get into the status of carson palmer, what's happening with some of the injuries along the offensive line and what's next as this team tries to move its way back into our card's insider mike jurecki is standing inside the very latest news on the arizona
4:41 pm
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4:43 pm
cards insider mike jurecki first off the big win over the niners. big picture three weeks from now defines the season, does it not? >> without a doubt. they will have week and play the jets on monday night football. bruce arians versus todd bowles and then host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football and then travel to the dreaded carolina to play the panthers. we will see what their record is. are they 3-5? that will dictate the second half of the season. five of the seven games are on the road including week 16 against the seahawks and week 17 they have to go to los angeles to play the rams. >> carson palmer expected back
4:44 pm
feeling? >> the next time they are on the practice field. the card 2348s were saying if they had to play on sunday which is today, that palmer could have played in this game. he was in the weight room on friday lifting weights. we will know more but the thing is to get an extra day to prepare barring some kind of setback, palmer should be out there against the new york jets. >> evan mathis done for the year. what do they do? >> big loss. he was a sponge for dj humphreys. looks like earl watford will play right guard and john whitsell who has beenor tackle on the cardinals roster got a chance to play a little guard in training camp. so he played well. i don't think the cardinals want to go with cole toner even though he did flash in the pre-season. so definitely the cardinals will have to see what they have but i would anticipate whitsell left guard. they thought it was a fracture of his ankle it turns out he has a ligament tear in a walk boot
4:45 pm
weeks. maybe get him back. obviously start mixing and matching and just think about those teams i mentioned, gentlemens, seahawks and panthers, really good front fours. >> michael floyd, the drops, he is not the same player. what's going on? >> according to arianser are, he think -- airerance. he said yes, he i thinking about the contract. he doesn't live in a vacuum. you look at his play time, he has gone down when it comes to his snaps on game day. john brain has come o last couple of games. geron brown wished he caught a couple of passes against the 49ers. floyd's role has been a little diminished. not going to burr ear him. and at this point in time between michael floyd and calais campbell, there are zero negotiations going on. that should be tell to you what will happen in 2017s in the teacher against the pupil. bruce arians and todd bowles come monday night football against the jets. >> no doubt. they know each other so well and
4:46 pm
plan there the jets are reeling and are 1-4. a lot of talk they may bench ryan fitzpatrick. todd bowles says he is not ready to make a quarterback switch right now. i'm not saying gino smith is the answer but looking for a spark. the jets are reeling right now and the cardinals are at home on monday night. they have to get to 500. get back to 3-3. >> we will keep an eye on what happens. the cardinals are back on the practice field this wednesday as they get set for a monday night new york jets. mike jurecki our cards insider. let's continue with our nfl theme. week number five the return of tom brady, deflate gate suspension is over in cleveland and put on a show in rush. vintage tom brady. to martellus bennett. touchdown 14-7 new england. want numbers? how about 28 of 44. 406-yards and three touchdown passes. off the play fake going deep,
4:47 pm
brady did not miss a beat. granted cleveland browns defense, but having said that, brady was sharp, regular season sharp. unbelievable performance. again, off play action.& this time to wide open bennett. 33-13. how about that? 460 yards, 406-yard for tom brady in that win over the cleveland browns. what do you say we take a trip to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the steelers hosting the new york jets. big ben, talking about a great statistical year for you leaguers. big ben is getting it done. look that beautiful throw to sammy coat. 7-3 pittsburgh. roethlisberger, todd haley, man, they were on their game. 34-47, 308 yards and four touchdowns. now fitzpatrick finds brandon marshall to close the gap early 13-7 in favor of the steelers but again too much ben. and i mean, look at the time he has and look at the throw, antonio brown.
4:48 pm
jets. steelers over the jets. sam bradford and undefeated minnesota vikings taking on the texans. bradford outstanding. what a nice fit. 7-0 vikings. and look at the numbers he has put up in norm turner's system. 22 of 30. 271 yards and two touchdowns and got help on special teams from marcus cheryls. a 79-yard -- you heard me right, 79 punt return. minnesota, are they the best team in football right now. ma they are looking at 5-0 and then it's bradford to patterson. 31-13. no problem vikings get by the texans, 31-13 the final. philadelphia taking on matt stafford and the lions. the lions with the short passing game impressive. theo riddic touchdown. stafford of 19 of 25. 185 yards and three touchdown
4:49 pm
rose to his left and then finds back of the end zone marvin jones, lions win 24-23. lions 24-and philadelphia first loss of the season and lose 23. coming up in sports, last night the sun devils played their best defensive game we've seen in a long time. smothering the high powered offense of josh rosen and the ucla bruins. asu football, a very impressive win against the ucla brus. the injury to brady white and
4:50 pm
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learn more at the last couple of games for the asu sun devils certainly the defense other than -- under the microscope in terms of the points allowed. todd graham had his hand in the defensive calls last night. they were aggressive.
4:53 pm
work. and this was a very interesting contest from a standpoint of putting pressure on josh rosen and allowing this defense to kind of cut loose and they perform well. they held the bruins to just three points in that first half. they win the game 23-20 and they stay in the hunt for the pac-12 south. now the question with brady white and the foot injury, we believe it to be extensive. could be out for weeks. as you know with some of the moves they to make, they to go to the third string quarterback and as far as todd graham is concerned, he has to be impressed with the win last night over ucla. >> really, really proud of our team. these guys, i said this at the very beginning of the year, how much i enjoy coaching these guys and how blessed i am to get the opportunity to do it and to be here in our fifth year because i think you see the fruits of our
4:54 pm
our guys have is tremendous and so i was proud of our guys and great team effort. just obviously very proud of glaifn monumental accomplish there. very fitting that was the difference of the game. man, i mean, what incredible heart and what an incredible team and just proud of him. >> your defense has struggled. how would you assess the way they played tonight? >> they played really well. 5-1. pretty good. >> impressive win. defensively setting the tone. they travel to colorado this upcoming weekend a lot on the cards injury report. more with mike jurecki on the return of carson palmer and the other key injuries for this football team. more on asu's big win and a special look at ring of honor honoree roy green and his remarkable career with the arizona cardinals. so stay with us that night and we will get into that.
4:55 pm
presentation honoring roy green and his fabulous career with the arizona cardinals. so plenty of football tonight. see you at 10:30 on sports night and get you the very latest. >> thank you, jude. coming up, one man gets really into the spirit of halloween every year. >> and we will tell you the size of the pumpkin that he was able
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
halloween is just around you can feel it in the air.
4:58 pm
>> it is. and one man shows off a pumpkin that could take weeks or maybe even a month, i'm thinking, to carve. this man named joel holland is in washington and he grows one of the biggest pumpkins you will see it tips the scales at 1,700. 2 pound. >> and it's largest in the state and joel says he has been growing pumpkins for more than 30 years. got the record breaker there. >> thank you for joining us. "fox 10 news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> and see you back here in a couple of enjoy this beautiful shot of phoenix outside.
4:59 pm
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thank you for joining us for "fox 10 news" at 5:00. of course, the thing everybody is talking about today, the big debate that's upcoming between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> and of course it's been a rough few days after both donald trump and for hillary, both campaigns dealing with scandals as they head 23450 tonight's debate. >> and take a look at what happened donald tmp page posting this video of a news conference -- well, not really a news conference. it really is more of a debate prep just a few minutes ago. all of these women are women who have accused of bill clinton of sexual assault in the past. paula jones, cathy shelton and kathleen willie there with donald trump on his facebook page. trump shared this video saying join me in st. louis as i conclude my debate prep. will this lend some credit to


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