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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  October 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> now the suspect is described as a hispanic man in his late 20s to early 30s with dark waivey hair, brown eyes and that unique detail a tattoo of a star on his right forearm. he was last seen wearing a yellow bandanna. anybody with information is asked to call silent witness. reporting live in avondale, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." just in at 5:00, the pinal& county sheriff's office is looking for a missing and endanger w this is 30-year-old ellis. detectives say she may be traveling through northern arizona in the white mountain area. we don't have a vehicle description for her, but if you think you may have seen her or have any information, you are asked to call the pinal county sheriff's office. got a fox follow-up on a gruesome discovery in phoenix. police have identified a victim whose remains were found in two different locations a week apart.
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rightway auto on september 21 near 25th avenue and broadway and then more than a week later skeletal remains were found a block away. police say the two sets of human remains belong to the same victim and that victim is 45-year-old jason collins. the detectives now trying to determine how collins died. well, it was quite a mess along part of i-10 today. you might have gotten caught up in this through phoenix this afternoon. take a look. the eastbound lanes right here going into the tunnel. they were all shut down after a truck that was hauling a high trailer went through that tunnel and damaged at least 12 lights inside. adot crew had to close that tunnel for emergency repairs. it was all shut down. as you can see, look at this. this caused a huge backup. what a mess. cars were trying to head into downtown from the west valley and that backup stretched for miles while it was an inconvenience for a lot of drivers. the good news here is nobody was
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happened. if people were trying to get into the downtown area. so here is where the crash was. right as people were trying to go through the deck park tunnel in the eastbound direction. that meant all of the traffic coming here on the 10 diverted down the 10 all the way down here south of downtown phoenix. and then back up the ten if they wanted to continue heading eastbound on the 10 or on the i-17 as well. quite a mess for them out there. now let's take a look and see what it looked like from the picture that adot sent out of the work inside of the tunnel. those are the lights that were damaged. if you see the crews there having to go in and make those repairs. they felt it was critical to make those repairs after the accident happened until waiting until later on tonight. and again quite a mess out there for the people who were stuck in that. but the good news is all of those repairs are now complete. i'm thinking there is how many people does it take to change a lightbulb joke in there. i'm glad they got it ticketed. two people hurt after the
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it hand near the deer valley airport and fox 10's kristy siefkin is live with the latest on the investigation and how the two people on board are doing tonight. >> this is a good news story and the individuals in the hospital right now. but it's interesting. this is supposed to be a very fun start to the day. a birthday trip and it turned into an airplane emergency. two adults, a man and a woman. were flying to california i red light came on inside the cockpit. at that point they made a may day call and say we don't think we will be able to safely land and the next ten minutes first responders headed out here and that's where they found the plane had crashed into an overhang. >> skyfox capturing these images after a small airplane crashed into a shade structure. the plane went down around 10:00 a.m. just south of 43 avenue and pinnacle peak road.
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aircraft that did not believe he was going to make it to the airport and that's the last information the airport got and the last information that our alarm room got. >> phoenix fire and police scoured the area with the helicopter. they found the plane and its two passengers at a train park. both the man and woman were injured but responsive. and the plane was in pieces. the front propeller ripped off and the wings bent. >> the airplanes are made of extremely lightweight metal. think of a how they get their lift and thrust. they aren't made for crashes like cars are with stability, air bags and all of that. >> the passengers were headed to california for the man's birthday. a good samaritan called 911 and stayed with them until crews arrived. neighbors flocking to the scene shortly after. >> there is a lot of firemen and police cars and a lot of people pulling up now. before there was just us. now i see a lot of people coming. >> both passengers were taken to
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nd the airplane, the speed, the fact he didn't have a landing strip, it's a miracle that both of those patients were alive and talking to us. >> pulling on right now. just in the past few minutes that we have been out here we have seen crews -- in the past few minutes we have been out here we seen crews pulling the pieces of that airplane. the wreckage on to a flight bad truck. we will be seeing sho left of that airplane. now we haven't found out the identity of the man or the woman yet. investigators still looking into what caused the plane crash. we do know that plane was registered to a company called showco kids in mesa. we will continue to collect more information on this and we will have it for you in our 9:00 news cast tonight. reporting to you live from phoenix, i'm kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." thank you. you decide 2016, chelsea clinton is headed to the valley for a campaign event.
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confirmed chelsea will be in phoenix on october 19. she will be campaigning for her mom. and that's the same day as the third and final presidential debate. a location and time for that event has not been released. and early voting begins today in arizona. about 2.3 million early ballots are being mailed out across the state so voters can also cast their ballots at early voting polling locations along with the presidential race voters will be deciding on a senate seat and the maricop race. the prescott city council approves an ordinance to regulate sober living group homes. we did a story on this in the last month. the ordinance states the house manager must be awake at the home at all times and set standard for training criminal background checks and management and education. there are about 100 sober living homes in prescott. the law goes into effect january 1. existing group homes must apply for a licensed within 60 days of that date.
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arizona is treating nine puppies that were found abandoned outside of a tucson mall. look at these pups. they were left in a plastic tub outside of a pet boutique. they were very sick and there are tests being done to see how to treat them and if they will be able to survive. the humane society says this serves as a reminder to spay and neuter your pet and make sure they get the prior vaccinations. he is back. the cardinals have cleared quarterback ahead and practice. >> palmer had missed last week's game after he suffered a concussion the week before. jude is here with more on palmer's return. the thing is they don't mess with concussions at all. >> when you get into it, imagine carson palmer on the couch watching his team play thursday night. he said it was strange to watch the cardinals but was happy to see drew stanton step up and have a strong game. you remember the previous game
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turf and was escorted off the field. now there is an interesting dynamic here. we will have to do the story on this. the test is a much more definitive test than the nfl test. in my opinion i talked to a lot of neurologists and players and this test is designed to get players back on the field as quickly as possible there are more extensive tests for concussion related testing. but we know this. that they are trying to be cautious and give him time. he feels good and better and he today. richard saenz at card's practice with carson palmer's return. >> carson palmer is back and makes everyone happy especially the card's qb who couldn't wait to get to practice today. palmer excited about getting back to action and his team's thursday night win. >> felt great. good to be back. unfortunately we had thursday game right after what happened with me happened and i felt like
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weekend and just was waiting around and felt like forever. for wednesday today to get here. >> the game on thursday night last week and now one on monday night this week. two straight prime time games for the arizona cardinals and for some reason the boys played well on the big stage. get, this under bruce arians, the cardinals are 8-3 on prime time. let's see if they can make that 9-3 on monday night. in tempe, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. interesting stuff. when you look at it for palmer he talked extensively about the new teammates he will have on that offensive line. a new right guard and new left guard and what does that mean as this team faces the new york jets. plus david johnson probably one of the most popular fantasy league players, will they continue to use him to start the offense? we will get into those two issues more on the cardinals as they get ready for a national game against the jets. we will see it coming up in sports. thanks. and let's talk a little bit about that big game next
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5:30. and then head right back here immediately after the game to fox 10 and we will have the highlights with jude and analysis of the game. set your night. >> don't make other plans. order pizza, stay in. coming up, an increase in bear sightings in arizona. the dangers hikers face on the trails and how to stay safe. >> a better way to predict dust storms. the warning system adot is working on and when they could put it into u and hurricane matthew's death toll still rising. along with the flood waters. this is all happening on the east coast. we will have the latest for you coming up after the break. >> did you notice that layer of clouds moving in? a lot of people saying is it going to rain or storms in the forecast? i will let you know when we lay
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as north carolina as north carolina struggles with deadly aftermath of hurricane matthew, officials warn at least one river is expected to crest this weekend at stage. just wrap your brain around that. governor pat mccrory says storm related deaths stand at 19 across that state and calling for full scale evacuation from the threatened areas. thousands of people were ordered to evacuate in north carolina. some communities could be cut off or washed out by the washed out roads and the bridge that have been closed or shut down. in the city of greenville, military trucks rumble through
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discourage people from entering. look at this flood disaster area. this parking lot, cars, homes, businesses with major destruction from those flood waters. police were stationed at the edge of the evacuation zone to monitor who came and who went. the trying to go door to door now in some areas telling people to move to higher ground as the water is expected to possibly continue to rise. and the flooding triggered by heavy rain at least 35 people dead in the united states. the federal government is adding more counties now to the emergency assistance list as the military is providing assistance to the storm battered folks that are living in haiti. >> matthew may be long gone, but it's still a deadly force in north carolina. storm related fatalities climbing there yet again. four days after the hurricane hit the state. governor pat mcer arey urging caution as heavy flooding persists. >> just during the past three
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fatalities a day almost all of them due to drowning. we are putting out the report time and time again to stay away from water. >> thousands are being told to evacuate their homes ahead of further flooding. >> anywhere around the tar river or lumbee river, stay away from the water. whether walking or riding in a car, do not get near the water it will kill you. >> the u.s. also providing storm relief overseas in haiti sen the uss iwo jima to the hard hit nation of hatey. more than 1700 marines and sailors are on the warship along with power generators, water purifiers and bulldozer. the uss mesa verde helping with relief. >> people in shelters you must feed them and give them water odrink and we must give them medication to avoid the spread of cholera. >> matthew prompting a federal judge to extend florida's voter
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week. that gives them an extra week there. the governor rick scott a republican had refused democrat's request. well, take a look. how it looks out there. the sun getting ready to set on another beautiful day. a little bit warm. but nonetheless a beautiful day with some clouds. will those clouds stick around and bring us some rain? take a look at the forecast
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brand new stories for you -- we are working on brand new stories for you tonight at 6:00. >> he just came strolling right in and there was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. some girls were toddler -- topless and other girls were i'm miss arizona. i'm more on the conservative side. i like to choose what's right. >> what a former misair contestant is saying about donald trump in dressing rooms in pagands as other former beauty queens come to his defense coming up at 6:00. time now for a look at your weather and what kind of in that space weather-wise where we are just getting out of the monsoon season going to that beautiful time of year where things are
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we had some really interesting cool looking clouds out there today and started to fimenter over -- filter over the valley around noontime and temperature right now is 91. we are still seeing those clouds out there for the most part just a beautiful day. not too humid. obviously on the dry side. the 10% humidity and dew point at 26 and the pressure is falling. going to be quiet few days weather-wise as we round out this week with temperatures a little bit about -- a little bit above normal but close w 90 is the normal and today we were at 92. but look at that record. 103. so we still could get hot at this time of year and the couple of the days, the last few days have been on the warm side making you wonder if we will see that hot stuff ask it looks like we will stay around where we are right now which is a little bit above normal and then overnight low is about right where it should be. 66 is the normal. 67 is where we were today. no rain to talk of here in arizona. but we do have a system moving
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will bring a lot of rain into a parts of oregon and washington state as well. won't be dipping down into arizona as we take a little closer look you can see it coming on shore right now. right now it's starting to hit the coastal areas of oregon, washington state and even northern california expected to get a little bit of that rainfall and we are watching those clouds that skirted in and start to skirt their way back out right down in the southeastern corner of our state they should move completely out by tonight. 92 is look at the temperatures in the high countries. 82 in sedona. wouldn't it have been a great day to be in sedona with the #red erocks. 68 in flagstaff. 77 in payson. 72 safford. 88, 93 in lake havasu city. the same in bullhead city as well. the temperatures at night are fantastic when you are below the rim, right around 50 payson and are at 49. 55 in sedona. cold in flag. 33 tonight and 34 at the grand canyon. tomorrow we are about where we
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maybe a few less clouds. we might see those temperatures go up a little bit higher than they were but we will look for anywhere between. 2 and 49 tomorrow. and nationwide other than the storms moving into the pacific northwest. we have a disturbance here in the midsection of the country of moving across the mississippi valley and some of these storms have really brought huge thunderstorms into parts of the upper mid west. this is that hurricane everyone is talking about. nicole making a hit on the island of bermuda. bermuda is such a tiny island with this massive atlantic and it makes impact right on bermuda. we are watching how it will hit and move off into the north atlantic. nothing much to talk about right there as far as affecting the u.s. but if you are headed to bermuda or any interest there could be some problems. this is the future cast across the united states and you see most of that rain shower activity stops before it hits into arizona. we have high pressure over arizona so i don't think we will see that.
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our way over the next ten days and here is how we are going to put it up for you. we were looking for sunshine the next couple of days. a few clouds on saturday. 91. readings right around where they should be by sunday 89. monday 89. and we keep it right around normal with a lot of sunshine over the next ten days. you can get weather 24/7 on
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone... a new sheriff who will put our safety first.
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children's hospital are celebrating halloween a little early. >> i'm painting lines so green and will try blue right here. >> spirit, the halloween store helped put this party together and donated 75 costumes to the kid. >> sort them out by side and gender and set it up like a store and give -- kids get to come in and shop for their costume. >> arianna has been in the hospital for the past few her aunt says she was counting down the minutes to this party. >> they aren't used to being poked at or taken care of. they are used to be home and playing. >> what are you going to be for halloween? >> harlequin. >> while some are still deciding. >> i don't know. i have been thinking about being chucky. >> once they get in their costumes they get to walk the halls on halloween day a tradition that's going strong the last nine year. >> does your heart good to know you have given them a few
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here and enjoy being a kid. >> courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." you can make a donation to any spirit store and 100% of the money will go directly to the child lf department at phoenix children's hospital. a costume called parisian heist has been pulled. it's really insensitive. featuring a bound and gagged kim kardashian look alike dressed in a white robe supporting a giant ring of the listing never mentioned kardashian's name but anybody who follows pop culture in recent news would know what this was about. the costume was being sold for nearly 70 bucks. the company's founder said he didn't want to make light of a serious situation and added the company wasn't mocking kim kardashian. okay. well, when it comes to halloween, phoenix ranks 6th on the list of the 20 best places to go trick or treat. number 6. and here are the best places to go ranked by neighborhood.
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among them northgateway comes in first. followed by paradise valley north mountain comes in third, deer valley fourth and camelback east rounding out your top five. i kinda wished they wouldn't give so much candy as a parent. i'm probably the only ones. >> they are loving it. >> a man has to dodge bullets inside his own home. wait until you hear why somebody was shooting out in the street. >> plus some places here in arizona where you need to be on the lookout fall. >> and after the break, the new system that could soon be in place to help detect dust storms. sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found.
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and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being. i'll end with that, thank you so much.
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we just wrapped up the as you foe we wrapped up the monsoon and like most years we
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there. however, within the next couple of years we should have a new system that should help detect dust storms. danielle miller is live with the story. >> reporter: as many people know there is no way to determine a dust storm is coming for drivers until unfortunately it actually hits the area. the good news here is that adot is trying to fix that problem. now it's the design phase of these new dust detection and warning systems and is it it's technology is being installed on the i-10 between eloy and picacho peak. this is where many accidents happen because of the dust storms. we have seen them there extremely dangerous. drivers cannot see anything in front of them. this new system will be able to detect a dust storm and alert drivers before it hits. adot saying that is extremely beneficial because instead of getting stranded on the highway when one of these dust storms hit, you will be able to bull


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