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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  October 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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republican party. emotions are running high with the presidential election, no doubt, and "the arizona republic," they have received death threats and subscription cancellations after endorsing hillary clinton. today a bomb threat was called into the arizona republican party headquarters. more on what this means for both sides. >> a pretty scary day for volunteers and employees. as you mentioned, tsi been running high throughout the race. we have seen tensions running high both nationally and locally, and this bomb threat is a perfect example of that. >> they are trying to have a chilling effect on the work that we do because of an opinion that we expressed, and to me that is very dangerous. >> reporter: arizona republic media president mia parish responding to several threats
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endorsing hillary clinton rather than donald trump. this is the first time in the paper's 126-year history not to endorse the republican candidate. parish recently wrote an editorial piece detailing the paper's decision in response to the backlash. >> i think it's time to talk about this. it's time to stand up and say, you know, stand alongside my folks, but really stand up for the country that i love and for the constitution that i love. >> other threats made around the valley, around 3:15 this afternoon, there was a threat at the arizona republican party headquarters near 24th street and osborn. chairman robert graham says the threat was made on a voice mail message. >> people just said there's a bomb in your building and it's going to go off, you need to get out. >> about 30-40 people had to be evacuated, but luckily no one has hurt, and phoenix police gave the all clear. >> we feel like it's voter intimidation, and we feel like, hey, we just want to exercise our first amendment rights, and i think people will do anything
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flow. >> reporter: the building here was evacuated for about two hours today, and the good news here is that nobody was hurt. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> we are getting down to crunch time with this, so i imagine the workers and volunteers, that was lost time during the bomb threat. what did they end up doing? >> they actually went to other locations throughout the entire valley, and they told us earlier that their call volume was probably cut in half the threat. they told us that this is motivation nor them to get back out here tomorrow, push harder, push further to make up for lost ground today. >> reporting live for us tonight, danielle, thank you very much. the department of justice filed an order today showing why joe arpaio should be charged with criminal contempt of court. arizona senator john mccain
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white house, the republican senate will reject any nomination hillary clinton makes. an aide later qualified that they would vote based on the nominee's qualifications. making sure that voters are safe and not informed, the arizona commission for election accountability, formed after this year's preference election back in march, which led to hours long lines in maricopa county. crook caught on camera stealing things, vandalizing the place, and doing something very unusual. >> the crown king is saloon is more than 100 years old, and the suspect spent more than two hours inside the business this morning. the owners say they have seen him there before, but they never
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the surveillance video shows the suspect pouring himself a soda. one camera even captures his expression right as he discovers the whole thing is being captured on video. >> to have somebody come in and at will just randomly do that kind of destruction is very frustrating. >> reporter: this is a view from the outside at around 3:00 this morning. the camera capturing the moment the suspect kicks in the door to the saloon. the owners say he spent about two and a half hours inside the building. put a beer bucket on his head. eventually he discovered where they kept some of the money and took it. the crown king saloon date back to the town's mining days. the building is more than a hundred years old. the owners say the suspect also kicked in some doors to the upstairs rooms. >> those doors are at least 110 years old. it's a historic building, so to
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of the building is going to be difficult. >> reporter: according to the yavapai county sheriff's office the suspect is 34-year-old sean sparling of phoenix. he's also accused of going into two cabins at a neighboring business and demanding phones from the people inside. they say he also threatened to kill those victims. the owner of the saloon says the suspect has been in the business recently. >> i was warned by the bartender that she was concerned about behavior, so we were kind of trying to keep an eye out. >> reporter: the yavapai county sheriff's office responded quickly, and they found the suspect on somebody else's property, trying to get away in a backhoe. he has now been arrested, and marc, he has been booked into jail. >> wow, really unusual. and when you say he was in there for two and a half hours, did he take anything else besides the money you talked about? >> he was found on somebody
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and when he was found he was wearing a crown king saloon jacket, and those jackets are sold at the business. >> andrew, thank you for that report tonight. a family is mourning the loss of two girls just four and five years old after the father does the unthinkable. police say the father shot and killed his two young daughters before turning the neighborhood are still trying to come to terms with what happened. "it's very sad news... that should never happen to those children to nobody really. it's very unfortunate, you know." children, to nobody really. it's very unfortunate, you know. police have not released the name of the father, but family members have set up a fund-raising page to help raise money for the girls' funeral expenses. you can find a link to that on
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ohio's ability to get a controversial execution drug may open the door for arizona to do the same. the arizona capitol times reports that a judge has scheduled a hearing for an upcoming hearing this tuesday on how it will affect a state law. the arizona argues it doesn't have a drug, making the lawsuit moot. the case may affect the arizona law. we'll keep you why a boy who grew up here wants the home leveled. plus, who pulled the plug on julian assange? and donald trump says the election is rigged, in part due to voter fraud. why this would be highly unlikely, we'll explain. if you would like to contact me on social media, you can find me
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you're watching fox 10 news at 10:00. with marc martinez. well, donald trump's wife says her husband was egged on by then access hollywood host billy bush in that 2005 video in which he bragged about groping women.
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fox news carl cameron reports. oolko. once again trump >> unwanted sexual advances years ago, these phony stories, many made up, false, pushed by press big time has a big impact. >> hello, ohio! >> running mate mike pence made two stops in trump's must-win states of ohio, and one day after down playing the threat of
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but the fact is, for years, various investigations into billions of votes, cast in the united states elections, have failed to produce evidence. new york university's brennan center oenoted it's more likely person will be struck by lightning. with key swing states beginning to tilt towards clinton, bernie sanders, chelsea clinton and first lady michelle obama all in traditionally red arizona this week hoping to run up the score. trump today called for the resignation of a clinton aid in the state department under secretary patrick kennedy, who according to one fbi official tried to have a classified document declassified in exchange for allowing fbi agents to operate in some of the countries that they are currently not allowed to be in. trump called a clear illustration of the justice department, the fbi and the state department colluding to cover up for clinton.
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cameron, fox news. >> and you'll want to keep it right here on fox 10 for coverage of wednesday's final presidential debate. we'll have live coverage from steve krafft and john hook live from las vegas. wikileaks says assange's internet access has been cut by an unidentified state actor. assange has been held up in an embassy in l three parents, one baby, a new york doctor made it happen with a new technique, and it's stirring up quite a bit of controversy.
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the president of fox 10 news is back. the president of the international association of chiefs of police which represents about 18,000 law enforcement officers, issues an apology to the nation's minority
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said historical mistreatment by police has fueled racial conflict and mistrust of law enforcement. that speech comes after a year peppered with violence between citizens and police. new at 10:00, a new york fertility doctor creates a baby boy using dna from three parents by working with a jordanian couple and a female donor at a clinic in mexico. now he's den controversial new technique. >> this i think is a revolutionary new approach in human reproduction. >> the doctor used human dna to create a baby between a man woman and a man. >> two eggs combined together with one sperm. >> he created an egg by pairing
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with disease free dna from another egg. >> disabled children or child finally to have a very healthy baby, and i just wanted to bring them the gift. >> he's set to bring findings this week at the american society of reproductive medicine, but some scientists say that they are waiting for more d going to be affected. we'll have to wait several years to find out if the child is going to be healthy. >> congress has blocked the fda from allowing it here in the u.s. austria taking steps to tear down a painful part of its history by demolishing the childhood home of adolph hitler. if passed by parliament, it
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building. temperatures are a little bit above the seasonal norm, and they will stay that way few days, and then they are going to come down a little bit.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. well, nasa's orbital atk unmanned antares rocket blasted off today. it will take supplies to the international space station. nasa is paying atk as well as spacex to take cargo to the space station. spacex, though, is grounded after an explosion last month. >> we just shoot them up there and don't even think about it
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today. temperatures are a little bit on the warm side, a little bit above that 88-degree norm for this time of year, popping into the 90s, but still not bad. in fact, right now, almost perfect. 78 degrees, a little bit breeze out of the west at about three miles an hour. 72 degrees in deer valley, 68 at cave creek, in apache junction we are looking at 72 degrees. 71 now in surprise. other things happening as this moisture to the north of us, we are mixing a little bit of snow in with it, you can see a little bi it was a little windy today as well. those winds have died down nicely. we did have some 20-40 miles an hour gusts across the north. 91 the high today, it was 87 in deer valley, 89 in buckeye, 91 today this chandler, 72 at payson, 72 at show low, 83 in winslow, prescott at 66, 89 at gila bend and the same at yuma.
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that beautiful full moon. get out and take a look at that. get out into the 60s here. it will be into the mid-60s, about, that's what we had this morning, 66 degrees, 91 this afternoon, 88 and 64 normal high and low, 102 record for the high today, and 42 the record low for the day. tomorrow, 88 degrees, you can see some 91-degree temperatures mixed in there, a few 89 75 the forecast in prescott tomorrow, 77 in sedona, 72 in payson, and 62 in flagstaff, 69 at the grand canyon, 91 in gila bend and 87 in safford. looking across the country, up here in the northwest, rain, wind, snow, thunder, had wind gusts to almost 70 miles an hour over the weekend. lots of trees down, a lot of electricity missing as well. thunderstorm activity turning into a little bit of snow in
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thunder activity across the great lakes today too. got a little twist down here that we are kind of watching, more here kind of falling apart a little bit, but as we get look at it, you can kind of see that low pressure motion that we are just kind of keeping our eye on. it looks like it's falling apart a little bit, but that's with all of the action we have had with matthew, we are going to watch that. here's the rain that we are seeing up in the northwest. you can see getting about a half inch in some areas, getting u to two inches in northern california, though. they really had some good rain there. 64 overnight, 88 degrees for tomorrow. you can see here, some 90s, and then with we get into the 90s, some 80s, and then they start dropping off as well. watch your kids around well. against the new york jets, david johnson a huge night, plus
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more dominating. richard saenz with the latest at university of phoenix stadium.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. well, last year, it was big plays in the passing game. this year, a little bit different way to win football games, the run game in david johnson, and a cardinals defense that continues to smother opposing ons. man, they were impressive today,
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concussion protocol, ready to go against bruce arians, a chance to coach against a guy he once coached against 30 years ago at temple. david johnson turns on the afterburners and sprint to the end zone. 58-yard run, 7-0 arizona cardinals, impressive. that's the only way to say it, man, unbelievable. watch again, johnson, look at 78, earl watford getting the start at right guard, j wetzel at left guard. they both did a nice job. this was a very impressive run game for the cardinals. as for ryan fitzpatrick, a couple of good plays, but inefficient in the red zone. easy, dive play up the gut, great blocking up front, it's 14-0 at the half.
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as for the defense, i want you to watch the hit by with the hit on peake. peake would miss a few plays and then return to the game. speaking of d.j. swearinger, watch him step in. there we go, forcing the turnover, interception. 2-11 on third conversions new york, that kind of a night. and then carson palmer lays it right in there for michael floyd. passing game picked up in the fourth quarter and the cardinals run away with it. geno smith later in the fourth quarter, and then it's tyran mathieu's turn to pick it off. a really impressive performance tonight for the cardinals. we'll talk about this more
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dark. a very emotional hug after this one, two buys that have been with each other and known each other the last 30 years. here's richard saenz live at university of phoenix stadium. >> hey, what do you know, jude, the cardinals score for in the fourth quarter for the first time this year. thank you, david johnson, the second year man took one to the house from 50 yards out, a sign of things to come. you have to give the kid and his line >> the way we ran the ball against that rush defense was incredible, down two starters on the front. those guys are really, really good up front in the run game, and i think they are number one or two in the league in rush defense. ran the ball extremely effectively, finished out the game with a big 3rd and ten with a first down.
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11, 12 plus drives there. >> a lot of people concerned about carson palmer and his hamstring but he says he's not worried. he blamed it on long drives and dehydration. that's encouraging. in glendale, i'm richard saenz, fox 10 sports. >> very impressive across the board, every phase of this game, especially the run game and david johnson. people said can they adjust with the teams playing differently against that long ball, and they have. now the seahawks are coming to town sunday night. going to be an intense, fun week for fans out there. >> a lot of happy fans out there. >> it's more fun when they win. >> thanks for joining us tonight. modern family is up next. stick around.
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