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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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investigators may be looking for an arsonist. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. an investigator still don't know what caused the massive fire saturday night. there is somebody they want to talk to. danielle miller joins us live with the story tonight. >> reporter: yeah, marc, a lot of people saw the fire break out on saturday. still crazy on the amount of smoke you can see out here. so you can see a little bit of what is left of the fire. that is one of the condo buildings. there is scaffolding over there and this fire did start about 7:15 saturday night. it is at the condos. the cause is still under investigation but gilbert fire officials are telling us they are working currently with the a.t.f. and gilbert police to find out what happened here.
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person of interest at this time. they say witnesses reported seeing a young male in a maroon sweatshirt with black gym shorts. they are not saying this person is a suspect at this time but they want to talk to him. they want to talk to anybody else who might have information on this fire. anyone with before the fire, after the fire, during the fire, anything that might be of interest to give them a call. these condos are under construction so the good news is nobody was hurt during the fire but anyone with informtion call police. >> thank you. senator bernie sanders in flagstaff today speaking to students at n.a.u. and
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hillary clinton. >> i'm asking you to do& everything you can to make that will happen. i'm also asking you the day after the election roll up your sleeves, get involved in the fight to transform our country and to make us the nation. >> sanders talked about protecting the environment, women's right, and the minimum wage. he was back in march campaigning for himself before he lost the he spoke in tucson after the flagstaff visit. arizona is in play this election and chelsea clinton will be in the valley tomorrow for a rally at a.s.u. tim kaine and michelle obama are expected at a get out and vote cali on thursday. >> we just begun to fight. they want to try to rig the fight at the polling booths
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fraught is -- fraud is too common. >> they say they are testing all of the machine toes make sure everything is working properly and checking signatures on early ballots that are mailed in and checking identification at the polls. volunteers from all political parties staff are at the polling sites to make sure things are not bias or nothing fishy going on. donald trump and hillary clinton vegas tomorrow. john hook and steve krafft gave us a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: flours -- hours from now, we will see the third and final debate. this is fitting because this has been the site for prized fights and evil knievel. las vegas is perfect, the big
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these debates. clinton and trump, get ready to rumble. i think we're going to see a brawling donald trump tomorrow. >> reporter: because you think he is backed into a corner. he has to make a move. >> reporter: he needs to land a knockout blow to damage hillary clinton. she has been bobbing and weaving and it has not been working out well. >> reporter: with a lead, she can sit on a lead and let him do the talking. >> reporter: she will sit back and letting him talk because the more he talks the worse he is. she will take the opportunity and she wants to show the people how much she knows. reporter: the people who handicap the presidential races who have a pretty good track record, the odds for donald trump are down to 8% or 10% that
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first of all, do you believe that? >> i'm hesitant to believe that. all of us, we did not think he would be the nominee, including nate silver. here we are with donald trump as the republican nominee. it is hard to say who is going to come out and vote. on the basis of polls, i would never count anybody out. do i think hillary has the advantage? yes, i do but that does not mean she is going to >> reporter: tomorrow night is one last chance for donald trump to change the character of the race. john hook, steve krafft in las vegas. we'll see you tomorrow all through the day here on fox 10. >> we'll see you tomorrow for the big day. that debate coverage will begin tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be streaming live on fox news now and check out their facebook pages. these guys will be giving us updates from las vegas.
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we brought you over the weekend. two young sisters audrey and ariah moat killed in a murder-suicide. audrey just started kindergarten. those dreams dashed when their father shot and killed them before turning the gun on themselves. the girls' parents divorced recently and the girls' mother claim unless a court filing that the husband threatened to hurt her if >> orders of protection are just pieces of paper, unfortunately. if someone is intent on committing a violent act they will go ahead and do it. >> audrey and ariah are among four dozen arizonans who were killed due to domestic violence. a new york college student killed fighting for isis is linked to an arizona man. he was arrested last year and
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supported isis. he helped the student join isis. a member of the u.s. navy will be arraigned later this week on d.u.i. and vehicular manslaughter charges. he was under the influence when he hurled his pickup truck off of a san diego bridge. he was also texting at the time. he ended up crashing into a festival down below tilling four people, including a chandler couple. if you need to c your medicine cabinet, tempe police will be on hand at a substation to dispose of expired or prescription drugs. properly getting rid of the prescription drugs helps to prevent drug abuse. the president and fist lady hosting their last state incident with gourmet food. we'll have the obama's last hoorah. new airline regulations announced today.
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pot for pets. treating fido with medical marijuana. if you would like to contacts me on social media, i would love to hear from you.
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scottsdale- based discount tire scottsdale-based company discount tire contribution to prop 205 to make recreational marijuana legal in arizona. they supported sheriff joe arpaio's bid for reelection. pets are like family and that is why pets will go to
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healthy and happy, including treating them with medical marijuana. >> reporter: correct -- veterinarians and pet owners are giving animals something called c.b.d. it is a molecule found in hemp. unlike t.h.c., the c.b.d. molecule doesn't cause a high. veterinarian betsy hershey says it helps many of her cancer patients with nausea and increases their appetite. >> we have a number of patients where none of the medications were being a benefit and the c.b.d. has helped tremendously. >> reporter: a company based in cave creek sells fido bites and it treats pain in addition to anxiety. it will have absorption through
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process and it will have an additional benefit getting into the blood stream. >> reporter: vets can't yet prescribe medical marijuana but that form of cannabis can help pets as well. in terms of the chewable form, you can find it in chains across the country in 2017. marc? >> thank you for that tonight. new at 10:00 tonight, the transportation to require airlines to refund fears when checked bags are substantially delayed and banning airlines from making customers pay additional fees for seat assignments and preference fees. the new rules will follow president obama's executive order to boost competition between airlines and again that
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thousands gather for a thousands of people gather if a memorial to honor the officers killed in palm springs earlier this month. california governor jerry brown joined the community to say goodbye to 63-year-old jose have he could face the death penalty. a trooper gets in a fight with a father and son. >> get off of my dad. >> reporter: steven hernandez went to check on his 17-year-old son who was one of the drivers
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deputies began arriving, one of them asked henderson to return to his truck. when he didn't go back that is when the deputies was going to arrest him. >> he said put your hands behind your back and i said i can't because i have a pace maker. >> reporter: they say that is not what happened and he shoved the deputy. the teen involved jumped on top of the deputy. a bystander pulled him the sheriff's office says no excessive force was used. >> i understand you are going to be emotional when a loved one is involved in a sitution but when an officer tell you to step back, he is telling you that for your safety and everyone's safety. >> reporter: henderson is facing several charges, which he says he will fight in court. president obama and michelle
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they greeted the italian prime minister tonight. there were 400 guests expected to attend the dinner. singer gwen stefani performed for the guests. this is the 13th state dinner for president obama. >> reporter: a little warm today. in fact, the warm trend continues. it is going bit. we do see a nice reversal down the line. we'll have all of that for you
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snow on the ground and it is not halloween yet. this is an autumn snowstorm dusting the sierra nevadas with several inches of fresh powder up there. people in the sum it area broke out their tire chains before they hit the road. >> reporter: it is starting. it is starting to change. we are still into fall. we'll see more snow and cooler temperatures even look at that. 77 degrees right now. it is nice out there and the winds have died down as well. the city looking good this evening and other numbers, 79 in chandler. surprise, 72 right now. a little bit of moisture in the west. they have been getting hit hard in the northwest.
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california. there is a spattering of snow here and there. we do have a fire weather warning in the northwestern portion and a wind warning that goes along with that. usually they go hand-in-hand with that. 90 on the high today. 88's in there. a few 90's spread around as well. 79 in sedona. 65 in winslow. 90 at gila bend. 93 in tucn. 90 for the high today. 66 the morning low. there is your record high at 103. record low at 43. other numbers we have would be the forecast highs. we're going to 91 about like today. you can see the other numbers correspond with that. 62, flagstaff forecast. 73 in payson. 73 in prescott.
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snow and rain in the northwestern portions of the country. fire down by pueblo. winds gusting to almost 70 miles an hour in the state. you can see rain and snow moving in that is good news for those guys. that is not hanging around too long. the storm system starts here and ends up in the northeast and look at the rain and the snow moving in to areas in the northwest. 91 degrees for tomorrow. it is going to warm up as we head into the mid 90's and you see low 90's. we get into the 80's and it takes steps downward as we head through next week. watch your kids around water. >> dave, thank you. curt schilling announces today he will run for the u.s. senate. he is planning to run against massachusetts senator elizabeth warren in 2018.
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decision. i'm going to run." he has not run the idea passed his wife. you posted this on your facebook page. >> reporter: i asked the question to d-backs fans, would you vote for curt schilling. there are three noes right now. his nickname was uncle sam and i could do a blog about that some day. >> let's check the comments on your page. >> reporter: if comment on his run for the senate, jump in on my facebook page. how about the cardinals? want to talk about perfect balance? coaches save that for decades.
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>> reporter: since i could remember, college and pro-football coaches talk staying balanced. if you can run passed the of the time, you can keep the opposing defense off balance. the cardinals ran the football 35 times and they passed the 35 times. it set up great plays like this with david johnson and the 58-yard touchdown run. johnson a fabulous run with three touchdowns on the night. it is back to the balance. you keep defenses second guessing with play action. you are not sure if they are
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to pass? i got into the conversation with bruce arians and the balance part of what he is going to accomplish with each and every football game. >> that is the way we want to play. run the football and play action and take whatever is there, you know. we really haven't changed our philosophy at all. >> reporter: baseball postseason, dodgers stadium. cubs, jake arrieta bottom of the fourth with a man on. a two two-run shot, you wonder about the cubs tightening up. they had a great regular season, rolled passed the giants. joc pederson serves it up inside the line and it is not even close. 6-0, rich hill went six innings,
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they lead there series two games to one. josh donaldson, solo shot. blue jays had to win to stay in the series. a pwhraop single. here comes troy and awakening offensively today. 2-0, toronto. they had nice defense as well. throw. blue jays win, 5-1. indians lead the series three games to one. coyotes at ottawa. mike smith, his injury in a second. let's show you dylan stro*pl's first start. the reader with the shot the. beating craig anderson on the powerplay.
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3-1, senators. i want you to watch the end of this play here. this was in the third period. you can see mike smith twist, turns, and falls and looks like he is seriously injured here. we don't have details on the injury just yet. he had to be helped off of the ice. we'll keep you posted on that. ottawa won, 7-4. back to curt schilling. such a fascinating story. i remember three for one, red light curt, and now thinking about running for congress. >> thank you for joining us. [door opens]
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