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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 19, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now at 9:00, it was a massive fire condo complex under construction burned to the ground an tonight, there is somebody police want to talk to. the stage is set in sin city. we're in las vegas on the eve before the third presidential debate. pot for pets. is it a controversial move or much needed? one local company is pioneering the product. you first, we have a fox 10 news alert. an 18-year-old man was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. he was shot. witnesses tell police the victim got into a fight with other people when the shooting occurred.
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massive fire at a gilbert condominium complex under construction. >> investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. there is someone they are looking to talk to. an yell miller -- danielle miller is live with more. >> reporter: the fire ignited hugely over the weekend and it is still crazy a few days the fire started. you can see some of the damage the fire left behind. there are burned buildings and leftover scaffolding out here. luckily, the condos were under construction so the good news is nobody was hurt. this fire broke out around 7:15 saturday night here at the condos at gilbert and juniper. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but gilbert fire officials are telling us they are currently working with
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find out what happened. fire crews say they are currently looking for a person of interest. they say this witness reported seeing a young male wearing a maroon a.s.u. sweatshirt and black or dark gym shorts around the time the fire broke out. fire officials are not saying this person is a suspect at this time but just telling us they want to talk to him to get further information. fire officia cause of the fire is under investigation. they haven't said if it was arson or accidental just not sure. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. they are asking anyone with any type of video, pictures during this fire, after, or before that might be beneficial to them. they are asking you to give them a call. danielle miller, fox 10 news. we know what they say, what
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but that is not the case tomorrow night. >> the presidential candidates taking their final stand in sin city three weeks before the big election. >> our own john hook and steve krafft is live on the eve of what would be the most important presidential debate. >> reporter: we're hours away from the third and final debate in las vegas. steve, tomorrow night for donald trump, he only has one gear has shown in the debates and that is attack, attack, attack. >> reporter: you might see that is second gear, a lot of one liners and not a lot of policy details. i think he is going to be pressed to open up and show us what he knows. i think chris wallace is going ask him what is his poeugs --
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>> reporter: you believe he will ask questions about truthfulness and all of the things that dogged her in the campaign. >> reporter: we had the wicki beaks and we've had people talk about it. we're going to talk about the e-mail situation, the benghazi situation and a lot of efforts to discredit >> reporter: it is fitting that we're in las vegas. we're on the strip and this is so t sight of so many spectacles throughout the year from evil knievel and all the prize fights. this is a political theater and a political heavyweight bout. >> reporter: nobody is going to bite someone's ear off. >> reporter: you ran into interesting folks and even a wedding. >> reporter: we went to the
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when you're driving in, welcome to las vegas. there were under the sign. we saw a guy that looks like elvis officiating a wedding, how perfect is that? >> reporter: you talked to trump and hillary supporters. >> trump supporters are all in. those who love donald trump, really love donald trump. we saw and the other side, people who can't trump. >> i love donald trump. i don't trust a single thing that hillary clinton can say about anything. she has been lying to this country since watergate and i was a kid. >> me personally, i'm clinton all of the way. trump, i don't think he is going to make it.
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i really don't. >> reporter: for donald trump, is there enough time to left to change the trajectory? he is not only trailing nationally but he is trailing by seven points. this is a battleground and this is one of the states he thought he might pick off. >> reporter: we have a close race in arizona as well. >> reporter: he has to make a move tomorrow night. what is hillary clinton going to do? i think she is going to smile a lot and sit there sweetly and let donald do the talking. >> reporter: for donald trump, opportunities to try to score a big victory to change the trajectory of the race. from las vegas, steve krafft and john hook. we'll see you tomorrow night on fox 10 news and throughout the day. >> earlier today, bernie sanders made two appearances in arizona campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton, his former rival.
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arizona go blue for the first time since the 1990's. he spoke to students at n.a.u. before heading to tucson. >> i'm asking you to do everything you can in the next three weeks to make that happen. i'm also asking you the day after the election roll up your sleeves, get involved in the fight to transform our country. >> bernie sanders touched on women's rights and protecting the environment during his speech. >> democrats are hitting arizona hard. tomorrow chelsea clinton, we should be seeing chelsea clinton, she'll be at a rally. on thursday, michelle obama is coming to phoenix for an early voting rally. the first lady will be joined by tim kaine. tonight, we have learned where that rally will be held. michelle obama and tim kaine will be appearing at the phoenix
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doors will open at 11:30 a.m. and that seven starts at 2:30 in the afternoon. mother nature sending us a surprise. indian summer sweeping across the country. >> by the end of the week, it will be a different story. dave munsey is here to explain. >> reporter: we do have heat out there but there is something happening. you can see the cooler temperatures up here but the warmer temperatures have been in place for quite a while and still hanging in there. i mean warmer temperatures like these two. warmer than phoenix today. we've got dallas at 92. 93 in houston. we only had 90 in phoenix on the day today. take a look at all of these temperatures above the seasonal norm. near 90 and another one down here. as we look at tomorrow, you can see one of the 90's remains and
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line. we still see a few problems with this. look at these numbers here, these numbers are not that high but they are going up tomorrow by a degree or two. we still have a little bitty problem. as kari mentioned, a problem here as well. the norm is 88. take a look at this. we'll have more coming up. >> i felt that during my hike i thought about you. >> reporter: i bet you did. >> it was all good. did you know having a certain job may make you likely to cheat on your significant other? plus, samsung is setting up show shops across the world. how they are helping people with galaxy note 7's that are banned from all planes. you see him on the field but
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this is the start of a very big week for the arizona this is the start of a this is the start of a big week for the arizona cardinals. >> the cards and seahawks lined up on maddon nfl 2017. jude lacava is here with more. >> reporter: it is always intense when you get down to it. this is a game as popular as the sport himself. patrick peterson picked up his controller to play an intense game of maddon. a cool event called the xbox nfl player charity challenge. >> the screen play in peterson with the tackle. >> reporter: for patrick
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the field. tonight at the microsoft store, patrick peterson went head-to-head with doug baldwin in a friendly game of maddon 17. this was the first round of the xbox charity challenge. over the next several week, eight nfl players will compete against each other to win money and prizes for their favorite the patrick peterson for success helped to develop half a dozen libraries to increase literacy among inner city kids. >> we focus on the inner city kids and poverty and low income to show these kids there are brighter days and there are bright stars in our future. >> reporter: even both guys were 1,400 miles apart, the
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university of phoenix stadium. >> the robbery and also and one of my colleagues and the nfl. >> looking deep. he will score. >> reporter: despite his best efforts, peterson could not overcome a late turnover and baldwin's big plays to move on in the tournament. peterson promises a different outcome i >> a ton of practice. my game plan did not come to fruition but hopefully, it comes together on sunday night. >> reporter: it is interesting as kari is watching that package, as we call it. there is coach arians. it is that real looking. >> i'm not worried that peterson lost because he is not spending his time practicing with video games. >> reporter: they will be back
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we'll look ahead to last night's win and look forward to seattle sunday night. >> come a long away from the old atari i used to play. you may have noticed coach arians wearing his pink hat last night, not in the video game but at last night's game. he is auctioning off the hat to benefit his foundation and the winner gets to meet light everyone at the cardinals' practice. you will find a link to the auction on you could this a fish out of water, olympic gold medal winner, michael phelps spotted running in boston. a bizarre scene as hundres of people joined him on his jog and tried to take pictures with him.
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can you imagine you try to hike piestewa peak and this is what it turns into? >> this is what happens. the forbes under 30 summit is a four-day conference geared towards millennials. >> that is not my idea of a nice, leisurely stroll. airbnb striking a new deal for solar panels on their home. a massive wildfire burning hundreds of people evacuated. we'll have the latest on the fire fight. >> reporter: i can't get my dog to run with me. what am i doing wrong there? nice weather for it in the southwest. we do see warm weather in a lot of places, a little snow out there.
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firefighters are battling a big wildfire in southern firefighters are battling firefighters battling a big wildfire in southern colorado. the fire burning west of pueblo. this is custard county for those familiar with colorado. it has destroyed at least seven buildings, including two homes. hundreds of people have bee evacuated. many others are on stand by to go if anything changes. gusty winds have been a big problem for crews as they try to get the fire under control. >> reporter: yeah, that's situation in colorado, boy, those winds are going at it. you see denver here, pueblo here and the fire southwest of pueblo at this time. very, very windy conditions with gusts up to 70 miles an hour in
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boy, that is tough to fight a fire under those conditions. no wind at this hour. city looking pretty good for you. temperatures, well, right now we're looking at 74 degrees in fountain hills. 77 in apache junction. 73, surprise. ahwatukee, it is in the mid 70's right now. as far as the west is concerned, there is moisture. a little bit of snow mixing it up here between montana, idaho, and a little bit coming wyoming as well. the southwest, nice and dry, in fact, nice and warm. we do, in fact, have fire danger with a red-flag warning, not only is it dry, also, it is windy. we also have a wind advisory in that same area of the northwestern portion of the state. there you go. there is your high on the day today. we had 90 degrees at sky harbor. 90 in chandler. 88 in buckeye. 87 degrees up at deer valley. 65 at flagstaff.
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another 79 at kingman. 93 today in tucson. here is your day. 90 on the high. 66 on the low. 88 and 64 is the normal high and low. record high at 103. record low at 43. forecasting for tomorrow, 91 decision. very much like today, you can see that around the valley other temperatures correspond fairly closely with that. we do see 93's. we see a 78 in sedona for the forecast. 62 at 92 at gila bend. 93 at yuma. it is 87 tomorrow in safford. looking across the country, rain and snow mixing it up. the windy condition with fire in colorado but take a look, there is moisture moving in there. that has got to help the firemen a little bit. as we look at it, you can see the storm system roaring into the northeast. more snow, more very active weather as far as the northwest
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65 degrees. we'll see 91 degrees for tomorrow. take a look here as the 90's carry out the rest of the week, even through the weekend. we get the 80's back and the low and mid 80's. watch your kids around water. >> all right, dave, thank you. check out this photo captured by a fox 10 viewer. it is a tall dust devil. >> that is very cool. >> you see the bottom of the picture. >> i got caught in one of those in a parking lot. i was trying to roll the windows up and i kept rolling them down. you could not believe how dirty my car was. i had to have it detailed twice. >> thank you for sending in that photo. >> i ws panicked.
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roll the windows up. where luke perry is appearing. you and your kids don't like fruits and veggies. no problem.
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new at nine. you've new at 9:00, you heard of people using pot for medicinal use but what about animals? >> there is a new pot-infused
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pets with new ailments but, of course, this comes with controversy. kristy siefkin is here with the story. >> reporter: the debate using marijuana for pain took a twist. pet owners are using the plant to treat their pets. some veterinarians are recommending c.b.d., a molecule that comes from pot but does not cause a high like t.h.c. they say it is a miracle drug. turning to pot to treat their pets. their feeding them c.b.d., a molecule found in hemp that doesn't cause a high. >> definitely think it is anti-inflammatory, reduced nausea and cancer pain and reduced pain from arthritis as well.
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c.b.d. he gave his pug c.b.d. for arthritis. >> we started on the oil and she jumps around like she is three or four years younger. >> reporter: c.b.d. unlimited makes a soft chew version for dogs called fido bites. the product is flying off of shelves. >> we've been able to clearly reduce anxiety in dogs, clearly calm them you see their pain and inflammation issues go away. >> reporter: research on c.b.d. research on dogs is limited but davis and dr. hershey says the an -- antidotal evidence is strong. >> some labradors have hip dysplasia and that would help a lot. >> i don't think we would use it ourselves. we don't use marijuana ourselves
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dogs. >> reporter: dr. hershey says c.b.d. can be used for a variety of pets. it is more finicky about the taste. sometimes you have to put it on their paws so they will lick it off of their feet. the chewable version for dogs will be available in over 80 stores nationwide in 2017. two little girls shot and killed by their f turned the gun on himself. tonight, we're learning more about the tragic double murder-suicide in a valley home. nicole garcia has the latest. >> reporter: we may never know why 36-year-old. >> jerad arismendez kill his little girls and taking his own life. audrey and ariah were 4 and 5
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the girl's mom was granted an order of protection. at one point, he held her in a chokehold while she was getting ready for work, took away her work phone and cellphone to prevent her from calling police because "he can't live without us." she said he was a heavy drinker and had violent ten tendencies. >> if someone i committing a violent act they will do it. it is our best hope in these situations. >> reporter: when a person files an order of protection in arizona there is no law requiring the defendant to turn in his weapons. they are asked to do so voluntarily. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. >> here are frightening stats from the national coalition against domestic violence. according to a study, one in
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restraining orders are murdered within two days of obtaining the the restraining order. tonight, we are hearing from a nephew from a couple killed in a tragic accident in san diego over the weekend. anna-marie and cruz contreras was at a festival when a pickup truck plunged from the bridgelanding in the crowd the couple's nephew says the family was shocked and he read a message from the couple's three daughters. >> a drunk driver took something priceless from us that we can never replace. please don't text and drive because of a text that couldn't wait, we will never have our parents on it with us. >> the driver of the truck is
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manslaughter charges. we're told he is in pretty bad shape in the hospital. charlie puth canceled his performance at the state fair. he is sick and ordered by his doctor not to perform for a week. trending tonight, your significant other's job may play a role in whether or not they cheat on you. a new survey ranked the professions for cheaters so let's take a look at this. those in the financial industry like bankers, brokers, analysts, they are most likely to cheat. coming up next, those who work in the aviation field, pilots and flight attendants then doctors and nurses and other health care workers. apparently, they are also likely to cheat on you. let's take a look here.
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journallallists are eighth on the list. surprise. [laughter] >> of course, you have never cheated on anyone, right, marc? >> no. a special trip to our nation's capital for two dozen world war ii veterans and rosie the riveters. >> reporter: just like the buzz, can you imagine a couple weeks ago, everyone is going what is up with the cardinals? they are coming off most balanced performances on the season and on offense, the cardinals deliver upfront setting up another brilliant performance for running back david johnson. you will want to hear bruce arians today as he looks ahead to seattle on sunday night. plus, dave is back with a
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samsung is setting up shop at many airports... to samsung is setting up samsung is setting up shop at many airports to help exchange their galaxy note 7 phones before they board a plane. the phones have been catching fire are banned from all u.s. flights. anyone caught with a galaxy note 7 on a plane could face prison time and a hefty fine. >> really truly heros make their way to d.c. for their honor flight. nine rosie the riveters are traveling with them. they are part of the rosie riveter association that honors the veterans of world war ii. they will be visiting sites they have never seen. >> just a teenager and they go
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can make and i never thought about being patriotic that looking back to see that i was. >> beginning next year, the honor flights will include korean war veterans. there is a new name in the cruise line business. sir richard branson announcing that the ships are being built an set sail out of miami in 2020. >> reporter: good thing americans are saving more for a rainy day because it seems they are going the need it. two-thirds of people are limiting their monthly spending and the number one reason is wanting to save more money. putting away extra cash could be a wise move for retirees because the social security administration says the average beneficiary will get $5 more a
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a month. anyone planning to go to college will need extra savings. the average loan for a bachelor's degree topped $30,000, which is a 4% jump. stocks rebounded after falling on monday. netflix investors are flipping. stocks are soaring 20% after adding more subscribers than expected. that's business. airbnb hosts are given an incentive to add partnerships with their homes. they offer $1,000 cash back for solar system on the system. those who have solar energy for their home will get a $100 travel card. >> reporter: let's look at
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waking up. these temperatures are not bad. 63 at gila bend. pretty much where it should be. 34 in flagstaff is warmer than it has been. 55 in sedona. 68 at lake havasu. 39 in show low. as we get into the city, we see 60-degree temperatures, quite a few of them around the city. we'll look at 64 in scottsdale. 61 in goodyear. always warmer in the c however. we come up with a 70-degree temperature at 8:00 a.m. it will be cleared. the normal overnight low for this time of year is 64. it could be lower than that earlier. 8:00, it will be 70. it will warm later in the day into the 90's once again. it will be the low 90's. we'll have more weather for you after 10:00.
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surprised who is gracing the cover of aarp magazine that is the magazine for retired citizens. a you tin sill that helps the fruits and vegetables go down easier.
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joining us now from "tmz" is brad. brad, you have a couple of big stories, including one involving adam levine. >> unfortunately, for adam he was a victim of celebrity circumstance. lapd received an anonymous tip that he was abusing his 1-month-old daughter and his wife. when they get a tip they have to investigat they spoke with his wife and other people there and found the claims to be absolutely baseless. there was no evidence, no injuries, his wife said it was untrue. they found the claims were untrue and, unfortunately, like i said this happens too often with celebrities. the lapd, anything that comes in they have to take it seriously.
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talk to you about, we've seen stories talk about donald trump. amy schumer had about 200 people walk out of her show. another star from "orange is the new black," tell us what she is doing. >> there was a hillary event last night in new york city. the trump supporters came out and she is a big hillary advocate. they started her in the hillary group. i'm not going to use the language on air but she said creative things back to them and it is a great video. there was back and forth but i think leah gets the last laugh in that one, if you want to take a look. she made remark about their high -- hygiene and other things in the past.
12:47 am
being a standup comedienne. >> she has skills she put to good use. >> thank you for joining us for "tmz" tuesday. ? for the second year in a row, janet jackson making the list of nominees for rock 'n' roll hall on fame. she is joined by others, and journey. to be eligible, the artist would have to release the first single 25 years ago. the wincers will be announced in december. it is time for tonight's talkers. maybe we should call it as a way to make your feel old as dirt. luke perry is on the cover of the aarp magazine. he is officially the big 5-0
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played dylan mckay on "beverly hills 90210." 50 might be the new 30 but when you receive the aarp magazine, you don't feel 30. how does this cover make you feel that is the question tonight? >> i thought it was a joke. i did not think he was 50 years old. time had flown by so true. he looks good for 50. i will be getting the magazine in the not too few years. if you're having trouble making healthy choices when it comes to eating, there is a new utensil that can change the taste of food that you're eating. they call it taste buddy. it uses a low level electrical
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perceive sweet or salty flavors. if you have something healthy like broccoli, it could taste like a doughnut. >> my son needs this. he is a picky eater. i'm a decent cook. he is like this is horrible. i need that. >> get the magic spoon. i like the idea. if you don't dessert or you want it, make your broccoli taste like chocolate. >> it is your turn to talk back. we posted the topics on our facebook page. >> we would love to hear from you. >> reporter: i'm going to try that spoon on my wife's tuna salad. cards versus jets in what would be a challenging night for bruce
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to have happen for the arizona coyotes.
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>> reporter: i thought this
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moment last night. bruce arians coached todd bowles, he made him his defensive coordinator and that is a moment you have to win in bat. one of your star pupils, man, that was special. there is a number of takeaways back to 3-3. it starts with a very dynamic running game. >> david johnson beautiful. david johnson off to the races. he will score. touchdown, arizona. >> offensively, like i said the three guys inside, david had heck of a ballgame. i might give him my game ball. >> reporter: bruce arians was impressed with his team's discipline. >> thought the focus was one of the best we've had in all three
12:54 am
as well as we did against a really good front. >> reporter: this was the perfect game, 35 run plays, 35 pass plays. >> at the end of the year, you want to add them up. it is always 50-50. it doesn't always fall that way. sometimes the end of the game, you catch up with runs because you're trying to kill the clock. if you're behind, you're throwing it too much. for the you like to stay balanced. >> reporter: perhaps their best game of the year for the defensive side of the ball. >> it is a live ball. >> i thought chandler had heck of a ballgame defensively. obviously, the guys that stood out, patrick was very good other than the penalty. >> reporter: cards get back on
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for seattle sunday night. jake arrieta going for. there is the difference starting out early with a man on. two-run shot. dodgers jump on jake, 3-0, los angeles. bottom of the eight, mike montgomery with the pitch, joc pederson inside the left field line. 5-0, rich hill was the story. the dodgers win they are up in the series two games to one. what about cleveland in toronto. a solo shot, 1-0, blue jays. too powerful of a team to get swept. fourth inning, this little blooper that is going to score. the jays needed this win to stay alive and the american league championship series.
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donaldson. nice grab and throw. blue jays win, 5-1. they are down in the series. coyotes on the road at ottawa. dylan strome here. 1-0, let's keep it rolling here. keep an eye on the second period. coyote power play turns out to be a short handed goal with nice assist to zack smith. i want you to watch carefully on what happens to this play to mike smith. he goes down twisted the lower part of what appears to be the left leg had to be helped off of the ice. we do not know the extent of the injury. here is jake tippett. >> lower body injury. we'll reevaluate tomorrow.
12:57 am
we'll make sure we do our due diligence and find out where it is and have more tomorrow. >> reporter: the game, 7-4, ottawa. we'll keep tabs on that. if we know anything about the injury status of mike smith, we'll tweet it out and keep tabs on it. back to more sports.
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marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. coming up, a fender bender turns into a brawl with father and son duking it out with a deputy. you will want to look at this video. the stage is set for the third and final presidential debate taking place in las vegas. we are there. we have a preview of the duel in the desert coming up. condos under destroyed by a fast-moving fire. investigators may be looking for an arsonist. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. an investigator still don't know what caused the massive fire saturday night. there is somebody they want to talk to. danielle miller joins us live with the story tonight. >> reporter: yeah, marc, a lot of people saw the fire break out


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