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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  October 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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teenagers killed in a car crash that may have been cause the by a drunk driver. another teenager is hospitalized and a vigil is getting underway near 35th avenue and base line. fox 10's marcy jones is live now with more on this. what a sad story for those involved. >> so sad. breaks your heart to hear all of the excruciating details. i will step out of the way so you can see friends and family gathering here in cesar chavez park. it's they are lighting candles. sending off prayers and wishes for recovery for the one young woman still in the hospital. earlier i went to the school that both of the victims attended. i talked to students who say things just won't be the same. students at betty h. fairfax high school say if the wake of tragic death two of fellow students campus has been somber. >> people who lose their lives it's never a good thing and
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life to live and grow. but like the feeling around school has been very mellow, like kind of soft. >> junior kathleen garcia says she had a class with one of the victims. she was a very special person. >> -- and said she was a very special person. >> it's heart breaking to see because she was a good student and she always -- she was energetic, too. she would also to people's lives. >> the crash happened friday night at 59th and camelback. the other driver hit the student's car head on killing issa and johana and sending her sister banna to the hospital. police say impairment may have been a factor for the other driver. >> it's hard to lose a life to somebody who was impaired and who was under the influence. and it just is heart breaking so just don't drink and drive
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lose other person's life but you can lose yours. marcy jones reporting for us tonight. wrong way driver possibly impaired caused the bad crash on the i-17 this morning. dps tells us the female driver?e southbound lanes of the freeway at dove valley road going north. she didn't get very far before she sideswiped another vehicle. fox 10 talked to a truck driver that was caught in the middle of all of this. the center of them. >> well, both drivers were taken to the hospital. they were not seriously hurt. dps is now investigating the female driver was impaired. crews rescue a worker stuck inside a pipe at a power plant southwest of the valley. skyfox over the gila river power station on watermelon road in gila bend. a spokesman tells fox 10 the plant had a problem with the transformer last week. so a contract crew wept to check it out. he says an inspector got stuck
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the spokesman says he wasn't hurt and there was no risk of electrocution and no risk to the public. a garbage truck goes up in flames in peoria. it happened this morning near 80th avenue and cactus. crews battling heavy smoke and flames coming from the front and back of the truck and spotted power lines hanging a few phoenix above it. the driver was able to escape unharmed and no power outages reported. it's not clear what caused that fire. a group of concerned people in one n neighborhood marched on the capital today protesting their concerns over a re-entry facility. that facility provides housing, counseling and job services and substance abuse treatment for recently released felons. now that facility is too close to one neighborhood according to the people who live there. they say another problem is that the fact that the facility is meant for juveniles but they are currently housing many adults. take this and relocate it somewhere else. there is no resources for these
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pinnacle peak and i-17. once they are graduated from the program, where are they supposed to go? they are just going through a 90 day program which is a great program. it's just in the wrong location. >> and the goal of today's protest was to petition to governor ducey to move that facility. phoenix city council approved new penalties for animal hording. people accused of hording animals will face a class one misdemeanor if they are convicted, they would undergood a have to pay restitution for the care of any seized and impounded animals. the new rules take effect in 30 days. decent men do not demean women. and we shouldn't tolerate this behavior from any man let alone a man who wants to be the president. >> first lady michelle obama in downtown phoenix today
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for president. that visit comes amid a very tight race between clinton and donald trump. andrew hasbun has the story tonight. >> the rally ended with michelle obama shaking hands with the thousands of people who came here to see her. the visit comes as a crucial time just as early ballots go into the mail. in her 30 minute speech, michelle obama did not mention donald trump by name, but in this crowd she didn't have to. >> there is nothing that qualifies him to be the president of the united states. >> it's way too it's about the country we want our children to live in. >> the first lady's visit ends a busy week in arizona. bernie sanders came tuesday and chelsea clinton was at asu on wednesday. the clinton campaign believes arizona is in play. >> our electorate is pretty well divided between republican, democrat and independents and now the independents and the republicans will vote for hillary clinton. >> we asked what is their top issue this year? >> the supreme court.
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everyone's right. >> the economy. i don't think donald trump will do a bad job, but i think the situation with him is i don't know if he knows enough besides just being a billionaire and knowing about numbers and dollars and things like that. >> recent polls show one in five arizona voters may still be undecided and the first lady's visit comes as voters start to receive their early ballots. >> i don't understand why a person at this point would be underdecided. it's just -- so much out there, up their mind one way or another. >> the total attendance for the speech at the convention center, 6,000. hundred 7. i'm andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." republican presidential nominee donald trump made headlines last night during the debate in las vegas. when he refused to say if he would accept the results of the election next month if he were to lose. here is what trump had to say today during a campaign stop in delaware. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want
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today. i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if yeah, so he is kind of saying the same thing he said last night it was eight years ago that arizona senator john mccain lost to president obama in the 2000. election and in a statement tonight mccain says he was not reluctant to con 150ed defeat that night even though he wasn't happy with the results. mccain did not mention trump by name but the senator said he with drew his support of the gop nominee after remarkses by trump about groping women became public. in new york, the annual al
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donald trump and hillary clinton facing each other at the dinner but sitting a couple of seats apart. little awkward. donald trump is speaking right now and let's listen in. >> presidential debate. the most vicious and i don't know are we supposed to be proud of that? or are we supposed to be unhappy they did say that and i'm trying to think back to lincoln. i don't think they can compete with that. the candidates have some light hearted moments together. which is true. i have no doubt that hilla going to laugh quite a bit tonight. sometimes even at an appropriate moment. and even tonight with all of the heated back and forth between my opponent and me at the debate last night, we have proven that
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other. in fact just before taking the dais, hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said, pardon me. >> so sounds like more like a rot kind of having some fun there tonight. you with watch this event live on fox news now and fine the link on our website and also on our youtube channel if you want to check out the al smith dinner going on live in new york. halloween is a week away but a huge christmas tree arriving in arizona. we will have that story coming up. plus nintendo fans out there, you in luck. unveiling a new gaming system that sets itself apart from the
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minutes. pretty good looking weekend. it will be a little bit warm but after the weekend maybe even a little on sunday. looks like change. we will talk about that coming up. and if you like contact me on social media, great to hear from you. i'm on facebook @marc martinez fox 10 and on twitter @marc
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from the war room tonight: an american from the war room an american service member has been killed in iraq during fierce fighting involving elite iraqi forces. battling isis militants over control of mosul. kurdish forces engaged in combat as coalition air strikes bombed targets from above. controversy over a halloween display in georgia that shows hillary clinton's severed head dripping blood. he says there used to be a donald trump mask with the display, but it was stolen on the first night.
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good fun but the neighbors don't agree. >> it's a political statement saying that both of the candidates are rilicdous and it's halloween. >> it's gruesome. it's gory. it's an image of the severed head of hillary clinton dripping blood. >> she is not my choice but i wouldn't dip her head over a bucket. >> she may end up being our president. >> i think it's horrible. i think it's tacky. >> it's a but i'm not a fan of either one of them. i understand why people are passionate about this. >> alvin has received complaints over the display but he says if anyone tells them they think this is a death threat toward the presidential candidate he will take it down. >> and the story has a lot of you talking about it on your facebook page. we would like to know what you think go to 10 phoenix and send us your feedback. trending right now a big announcement today by nintendo.
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console and this one sets itself apart from the rest. it is called nintendo switch. the main system can work on your tv and you can undock that device and use it as a portable mode. there are detachable controllers and multiple people can play. you can take this with you anywhere you go. nintendo switch is due to hit the market in march of 2017. coming up after the break, dave munsey is here with a look at your forecast and that includes into the weekend for you. and be sure to follow us on instagram and share your images
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year,
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halloween is still more halloween still more than a week away but people are getting their christmas they are up in anthem. skyfox over the outlets there where starting to set up that giant christmas tree. the setup takes five full days of work and it will be covered with 8,000 lights, 500 bows and ornaments and the tree lighting ceremony is november 12. >> i will be here for your tree lighting ceremony. >> that will be happening again this year. that will be very exciting for
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crowd. >> avoid the traffic. >> and we will tell people more about that. we don't rush this one. >> we take our time. >> latest one in the season. 94 degrees right now. the wind, well, it's died down a little. east, northeast at ten miles per hour. sun has set and the city is enjoying the evening. 91 right now in scottsdale. 88 at cave creek. we have 90 in ahwatukee. 87 up in surprise right now. high pressure in place. warming things up a moves on, things will be changing. you will see these changes actually modified them a little bit here in the last hour and maybe something in on sunday and certainly into the state on sunday but as far as the valley is concerned maybe monday or tuesday of next week. we have the future cast we moved it up to saturday and we run through saturday and see a little action and get into sunday we see a lot of action as i said around the state not necessarily right in the city. 97 degrees for the high today.
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degrees. we had 95 degrees at goodyear and 97 in gateway. flagstaff still nice at 64. 79 in prescott. that was very nice. 91 in nogales at tucson. 94 degrees on the day today. 97 here. we had 63 for the morning low. 87 and 63 we would be your normal high and low. there is your record high at 103. your record low taking a look now at the forecast highs that we have for you. we go back into the mid and upper 90s for those. so another warm day for the valley. we do see some changes coming along and the forecast for payson is going to be at 77 and prescott 81. 71 in flagstaff. as they come out of the 60s. 99 degrees at gila bend. we will have something to see triple digits across the desert. you see stuff up in the northwest and a little wind and
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it was the ohio valley that really got hit. youngstown almost four inches of rain on the ground. and they did see some flooding there. we get a half an inch down in miami. and you can see st. louis with three-quarters an inch. detroit about the same. take a look up here in seattle. they get an inch and a quarter up in seattle. so there is a lot of moisture up in that northwestern corner. 72 degrees overnight. the heat continues at 95 degrees for tomorrow. saturday. and then sunday we push that rain into monday and tuesday. so sunday here for the valley but not necessarily the state, a rather nice day. watch your kids around water. carson palmer on the side lines today. how concerned should we be come sunday night against the seattle seahawks in a very big showdown in the nfc west. we will get you up to date and
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the latest on carson palmer status when we return in
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable.
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nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. two angry birds and i'm not talking about the video game. cardinals versus seahawks. it's always intense. it's the battle in the nfc west most fans around the country would be watching for sunday
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will carson palmer be ready to go? he took practice off yesterday. he got hit more than a few times against the jets. coming off that concussion protocol the week before. he just did some light throwing today. did not go through a full practice session. we believe he will be ready to go come sunday night against the seahawks. certainly integral part of what he brings to the table with his accuracy and long ball and managing this pott that has been more of a run game of late. carson palmer, that's the issue that talked today after practice. why don't you listen carefully to larry fitzgerald. >> he is in the meetings and he is talking and communicating exactly what he wants to be done on sunday. and we are all professionals. guys will be able to practice some days sometimes and you have to be inopportune to what's going on -- in-tune what's going on. and if he is able to go on
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level. >> we expect him to go. we will keep tabs on that asu meanwhile will play washington state saturday night in tempe. that air-raid offense is successful. they beat stanford. they are battling for a shot at the pac-12 north division title trying to catch washington. by the way, we posted an interesting review of the air-raid offense and how to defend it. go to my facebook page to check it out. this was a good week of practice for the sun particular one defensive player that todd graham will count on saturday night. >> good week of practice. as a matter of fact, we had the best practice day. joe joe wicker probably had the best practice of any coach i coached in my career. he practices every day but a guy that's really means something to him and we have the best practice overall energy-wise and work ethic-wise that we have had
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>> big night. it's home coming. you are from washington state this guy is a sun devil fan. it's going to be interesting to see. this washington state team is really good this year. >> finally. >> they can play defense and see what happens. sports night after dark. we will do an early edition at 6:30. jump in. dave you have some questions. >> we won't miss it. we will be there. ?tmz" is next. we are back at 9:00 and
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: sofia richie went out with paris hilton, and they talked tobey maguire. >> do you think tobey's marriage is done? >> stop asking her that because it's a [bleep] rumor! >> yes, ma'am. >> called her ma'am! >> i don't think she cared. harvey: is she vain? >> i don't know. >> you don't want to hazard a guess? >> ciara had to drop her defamation lawsuit. she's still suing future for false light. harvey: that means you talked crap on me and made me look worse than i really am. >> she has a new life and new husband, so get over it. at some point you're pushing this claim like it's brown versus board of education. >> pump your brakes there. [laughter] >> andy cohen. so i roll up on him and i said -- am i looking at the next billy bush?


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