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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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tonight- i'm linda williams - thank you for joining us tonight. i'm linda williams. >> a huge sports day game. game five of the world series in the books. >> let's start with -- yeah, we have to start with the arizona cardinals. big red with a rematch with the nfc championship game against those carolina panthers. >> once again things did not go well for the cards in those five
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carson palmer. jude lacava joins with us low light. >> it was pick your story line. you look at the eight sacks, seven quarterback hits on palmer. poor officiating that cost the cards the first touchdown of the game or this the continuing domination of the panthers over the cardinals. yes it happened again earlier today in charlotte, north carolina. bruce arians trying to get off to a good start. watch carefully this third and six it looks that it's a spiral. the ball moving forward and carson palmer's arm moving forward. thomas davis picks up what's declared a fumble and that's a touchdown. watch again, you will see the arm and ball moving forward. we understand the nfl will come up with an announcement tomorrow on the play. i'm getting word on that and will tell you more on sports night. cam newton, quarterback draw, newton and the offense had that
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the run game was strong this afternoon. cam just says power i power football, touchdown. it's 14-0 carolina. dancing again in charlotte for mr. stewart. as for cam newton on the first and ten, makes a play to calvin benjamin. the carolina panthers controlled this football game. the hits on carson palmer and snuffed out the run game. when you look at the tone of the game, arizona was playing from behind. here is stewart again on third and goal it's 21-0 in that second quarter. cardinals started to rally but again palmer was crushed. i mean, you look at the quarterback hits. eight. you look at the tackles for loss. never had a chance. lait thele lay had three sacks in the game. palmer was under attack. late in the second quarter, finally a break. a wide open jj nelson. watch him get his fifth down.
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into this football game. we go now to the third quarter on a second and five. look at the move by david johnson. hurdles the defender and picks up an additional seven-eight yards. trying to make it a game. the move over mcclain. the db for carolina. david johnson, man, i'll tell you he was spectacular at times but not enough in the run game and then palmer at third and seven goes to the john brown on the post and get back into it here. 30-14. touchdown john brown. palmer actually threw for 363-yards. three tds and an interception again this time to jj nelson and it's 30-20. palmer trying to make a play on a first and ten. and the interception and that snuffed out the chances for the cardinals. looking for a quick pass to david johnson. there is ely number 94 and that
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cardinals fought a 3-4-1. 30-20 the final. the panthers over the cardinals and richard saenz in charlotte, north carolina. >> jude, it was half time here at banc of america stadium and i couldn't believe it the cardinals trailed by a score of 24-7. the exact same score at half time of last year's nfc championship game. you got to give the cardinals credit they did not quit and they made a game out of it. cutting the lead to ten points with five minutes left but it wasn't enough. as turnovers and penalties were the difference in this one. >> the penalties obviously were a huge factor in the game. with that, our guys fought back and got to 30-20 and we got the ball. and i got to give the guys credit for that and we didn't make the play to get us back in for a chance to win the game. >> like i said, we will fight. we will continue to fight. we will continue to get better. we are not going to cower away.
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football season left. there is a ton of football that to right the ship and forget about these four losses in the beginning of the season and continue to grind. >> i felt like we came out and especially me i came out a lot more into the game. it showed definitely with the offense. and you know, we came back and carson, you know sat us down and told us to calm down and play our offense and we can come back and >> one of the reasons why the panthers came into this game with a 1-5 record they were failing to put pressure on the quarterback that changed today as the panthers had five sacks at half time. eight after the fourth quarter. wow. it's hard to win ball games when your quarterback is getting knocked around like that. in charlotte, richard saenz, for fox 10 sports. and we will talk protection with the quarterback of course and carson palmer. more from richard jj nelson and
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jefferson. plus the warriors are in town to battle the suns and more from the world series and what happened tonight at wrigley field some stay with us. sports night on the way later tonight. back with more sports a little later in this news cast. okay, so we all just watched a game five of the world series. chicago cubs trying to stay alive with hopes of ending their 108 year long championship drought. >> they did that tonight. it has been one heck of a roller coaster ride for those fans. marcy jones joins us live with that story. >> that's right. we are here at the iconic don and k45r8y's -- charlie's where many fans poured in all night. they say their hearts are at wrigley but this is the next best place to be. as you can see it's hard to find a spot on the wall is that not covered in chicago memorabilia since 19. 1 this steakhouse has been not just a sanctuary for cubs fans
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windy city. from baseballs and bats to autograph picture, it feels like home to many transplanted chicagoans of every time the cubs hit a home run, cheers echo. that is if their mouths were not full of the steakhouse famous filets. we ran into one cubs fan who was born a very special year for the team and tells us to watch them win tonight was dream come true. >> i was born in 1945 which was the year really that the cubs had to win a world series. and they didn't. so have been waiting around 71 years for this opportunity. and i grew up on the north side of chicago which was not very far from wrigley field. so even though i'm out here in arizona, it's a very exciting experience for my wrief and i -- my wife and i. >> now i didn't get a chance to say good-bye to joel, but he did
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he was going to be opening a bottle of champagne with the messers. i hope you are enjoying your bubbly. we will be talking a lot more about the love history between this place, chicago and, of course, the cubs. for now reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." she called it bubbly. >> hang on to that keep that on ice and tomorrow night at this time a little ghosts and goblins will be wrapping up their trick or treating. >> and everyone wants to know how wrarm is it kristy siefkin joins us a little bit early with our halloween forecast there will be a lot of super girls and super heroes out south florida we have seen a few in our newsroom. and the good news is it's going to be a little cooler than what we have seen. not only in the evening but even as we hit our afternoon highs of here is a look at those numbers on the board. goodyear looks like top out at 58. 84 for sky harbor and scottsdale
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buckeye cooler at 83 degrees and this is toward the end of the day as we will start to see the sunset and we continue to cool down. those numbers when the kids are out are going to be fantastic. about 84, 5:00 in the evening as the kids head out. as we get later in the 7:00 hou& we will still look at partly cloudy skies and that's going to help to keep us from getting too warm. and then the kids are still out trick or treating around 9:00 tomorrow night we will be in the mid-70s. so not cold enough to wear a sw your kids should be able to wear the long sleeved halloween costumes. be safe and enjoy and we will have a look at the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. that's all that matters. >> just cooler. >> what kind of candy collecting weather do we have tomorrow evening? sounds good. so today marks the end of the state fair here in phoenix. a lot of musical acts including scottie mcreary and the flaming lives played concerts at the fair.
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wheel and the smell of funnel cake and fried everything, yeah,
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough, but doesn't keep us safe. welcome back. a memorial service held today for rosemaford, the -- mofford.
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six living arizona governors packing the orpheum heat toker to pay their respects. stefania okolie is live with the story. >> yeah, that's right. i can tell you truly how people spoke of the former governor rose mofford today at the orpheum is a testament of what she meant. she is remembered for the distinction devotion to the people of arizona who meant so much to >> they call her arizona's rose a true treasure of the state. a woman who made history and leaves a legacy. >> i know now that as governor i'm expected to have the courage of a pioneer woman, the compassion of gandhi, the wisdom of solomon, and the energy of magic johnson. >> and rose mofford did just
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female governor for the state of arizona. from that day forward the state would change. >> and she helped us heal. >> today hundreds gathered to reflect on her life, a life defined by what she did for the people. >> you know, she said she wasn't a policy wonk. she was a people wonk. >> a turbulent and divisive time in arizona. the those who watched her lead said she created unity the state had not yet seen. >> no party lines, no nothing. she was just somebody that wanted to r >> as people spoke up and recounted stories about rose. they were consistent in describing her ever lasting impact. she healed. >> arizona's mother. she came in and healed this state at a time of great division and to see everyone come together is a great testament to her healing power. >> a healing power that many still have faith in today even on the heels of a adrennized election. there are strong hopes that in the end of spirit of rose, her
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>> i think rose would have insisted that everybody come to the table and that's what we are hoping that when this election is over we follow rose's motto and you all come to the table. >> i hope that i'm remembered as someone that they can trust and that was very caring about our entire state and its peopleup. >> yeah, rose will definitely be remembered for her legacy. so many inspiring stories were including one about her being fired from an office position because someone thought that a man would be more fit. guess what. she kept going. now we know that we know that later on this evening you can find more information about rose's legacy. head to live in phoenix this evening, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." thank you. from the first female governor of arizona to someone who may be
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hillary clinton will be in the valley later this week. the campaign announcing that she will be speaking on wednesday at 2:00 in the afternoon. the location for the event has not been announced yet. this event is heading into the final days before this election. trump and clinton are in a tight race here in arizona. and clinton's running mate tim kaine will be in the state later on this week. kaine will be appearing in tuson on thu of vote rally. time and location for that event has not been announced just yet. as for the republicans, 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be campaigning for arizona senator john mccain. mccain of course battled romney for the gop nomination back in 2008. which mccain would go on to win. romney will be holding the event at the cubs spring training stadium in mesa. that should be a popular place.
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starts at 6:30 p.m. doors open at 5:30. coming up here, the haunted house where some people say things are getting just a little too scary.
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we were taking you outside the california -- excuse me, arizona state fair. i'm used to going to my own state fair back home. beautiful night. can see a nice clear picture there and we will continue to see clear conditions as we get into the workweek a little change as we get into your wednesday. outside right now those numbers are in the 80s for the most part across the valley. and as we make our way into your monday, it's going to be a great halloween. not only for the evening, but also during the afternoon. we are taking a look at a couple
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northwest. these lows you can see pushing their way toward the coast line making for a soggy conditions. the oregon, washington and northern california. but for us we are going to see effect in terms of cloud cover. we are topping into a little bit of tropical moisture and thanks to this area of low pressure that's going to move into the great basin a couple of days out we will get a little bit of relief. those 90s out the door and 80s back into the forecast for our afternoon highs. across the state numbers anywhere from 63 in st. johns to 81 degrees for gila bend. lake havasu you are at 81 as well. kingman at 70. grand canyon at 55. and 77 degrees for tucson. and then here in the valley numbers in the 70s in many locations. upper 70s into scottsdale. and mid-70s for deer valley and for cave creek. ahwatukee at 76. buckeye a degree cooler than that and then wickenburg at 75 degrees. no record temperature today but we did get close to tying that
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for the afternoon high. today coming in just a degree cooler than that. normally 83. so we are still riding ten degrees above the seasonal average. but those 80s like i said are in store the next few days. as we look at the national picture most of the activity is isolated to the pacific northwest. we have that record rainfall through parts of oregon and washington. idaho seeing those showers as well in addition to montana. nice and clear throughout the south. this is where we continue to see very hot and very conditions. we will kick off november. really with a heat wave and we are not the people going to be affected most. all of the mid west in addition to the southeast even some parts of the mid-atlantic region are going to see numbers well above average. numbers close to 90 degrees in locations that should be seeing numbers in the 70s or mid-60s. cool up into new england. for tomorrow will be in the 50s there and then also cooler as we look to the interior mountain west. arizona will be very pleasant
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cloud cover. 67 for lake havasu. 66 for phoenix. 49 for show low. 56 into sedona. page at 57. kingman about 52 degrees. then tomorrow mostly yellows across our contours. that's good news for the lower deserts. 85 expected for gila bend. we will see 67 for show low. 70 into prescott. 81 bullhead city and 70 degree for window rock and 71 for page. those clouds we will dissipate a bit tonight but we will see some clou tomorrow. that's what's going to happen to cap those temperatures. we will be in the mid-80s as we get into the afternoon. we took a look at that halloween forecast earlier. should be cooling down nicely into the the 70s as we get to trick or treating time and then continue with that push of cooler weather into the middle of the week. right now looks like a slight chance for activity in the valley as we get into the end of your workweek. >> thank you. a haunted whotal in utah is, get
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scary a asylum 49 is being investigated by police for taking its haunts a step too far. one teen says she came out of the house with multiple bruises. and she claims the asylum performers got physical with her and threatened her with violence. the co-ownr says, that's nonsense. >> pregnant, don't come. if you have young kids. don't come. if you are immature adult, don't come. >> that's should be on a each patron is actually required to sign a waiver before coming into the attraction. well, absolutely fabulous. i mean, great drama tonight at wrigley field. the fall classic is going back to cleveland for a game 6. we will show you how it played out plus suns/warriors on the
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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two teams, two longstanding curses, trick or a treat on the night before halloween. cubs fans or scary proposition for those waiting in cleveland. let's take you to game five and look at the strategy in this game and look at the tension and all of the fans back in cleveland and chicago just saying how is this going to play out? one thing we do know, jose ramirez takes jon lester deep in the top of the second to give cleveland the 1-0 lead.
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finish it off tonight. how about this? trevor bauer in the top of the third. haywood uses the wall to make a fabulous catch. haywood in right field. nice defensive moves tonight. bottom of the fourth with trevor bauer. the former d-backs and gives it up to bryant. bryant breaks out with a solo home run to tie the game. it was a big fourth inning for chicago. and it rolled on at that home run. the place went addison russell, a dribbler right here will score anthony rizzo and the cubs take a 2-1 lead. top of the sixth, cleveland, man, they keep coming at you. francisco lindauer, dexter fowler can't get to it rodney davis will score and then joe maddon makes a big move going with chap for 2 2/3 inning and he gets the final out of the game striking out davis.
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and force a game six in cleveland on tuesday. steph curry in town, golden state running with the suns. look at this three ball. hit five of them tonight. golden state on the move. curry again, catch and shoot. golden state was playing from behind in that first half. suns made a game of it. watch again on the turnover. you see how this team just gets up and down the floor. alley-oop over the top to eric bledsoe. 21-6 assists. suns keeping it close. up by five in that second quarter. but kevin durant off the break. durant was spectacular. 37 points. down the stretch. you see the fourth quarter here. devin booker from the base line. beautiful shot for the second year player. and then steph curry, just too much. hits the three ball here. curry will finish with 28. again right over the top. this time to k.d. and the suns lose to golden
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yeah, tough break here a lot going on tonight. we will break down what happened tonight with the cards at charlotte. see you on sports night. >> stick around, we will be back
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a memorial service held today for arizona's first female governor. rose mofford. she served as governor of the state from 1988 to 1991. mofford passed away in september at the age of 94. >> you are coming here but i will tell you she was beloved on both sides of the aisle. all six living arizona governors, we are talking doug ducey, jan brewer, janet napolitano, jane hull, fife symington and bruce babbit all
9:31 pm
stefania okolie was also there. >> they call her arizona's rose a woman who made history and leaves a legacy. >> i know now that as governor i'm expected to have the courage of a pioneer woman, the compassion of gandhi, the wisdom of solomon. and johnson. >> rose mofford did just that as she became the first female governor for the state of arizona. from that day forward, the state would change. >> she helped us heal. >> today hundreds gathered to reflect on her life, a life defined by what she did for the people. >> you know they said she wasn't a policy wonk, she was a people wonk. >> she came into office during what was described as a
9:32 pm
arizona. created unity. >> no party lines, no nothing. she was somebody that wanted to reach out. >> as people spoke up and recounted stories about rose, they were consistent in describing her ever lasting impact. she healed. >> she was arizona's mother. she came and healed the state at a time of great division and see everyone come in is a gres testament to her healing power. >> the healing power that many still have faith in today even on the heals of an adrennized election where it seems our un ever there are strong hopes in the end of spirit of rose, her healing nature will be felt. >> i think rose would have insisted that everybody come to the table and that's what we are all hoping that when this election is over that we follow rose's motto and you all come to the table. >> i hope that i'm remembered as someone that they can trust and that was very caring about our
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w presidential race. former arizona governor napolitano who was in town for the memorial also doing some campaigning while in the valley to show support for democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> napolitano stopped by democratic campaign headquarters to talk to volunteers. arizona, of course, as you heard, is a battle ground state this election year and the out and vote. the former governor urged arizona voters to take initiative and to vote early or mail in their ballots. by the way, if you are mailing in your ballot, be sure to get it in the mailbox tomorrow. if you wait, it's not guaranteed to get to the county elections department in time. and arizona is in high demand this election season and donald trump was in phoenix yesterday. his son donald trump, jr.,
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clinton and her running mate tim kaine are headed to our state as well. clinton will be in the valley on wednesday in the afternoon hours and kaine is scheduled to stop in tucson on thursday. those details of the visits have not been released. a federal appeals court may reconsider blocking a new law that makes it a felony to collect early ballots from voters. a judge asked for a full court vote on this issue this weekend. a split three judge panel friday. this meant that voter groups won't be able to collect ballots from voters and then deliver them to the polls. and with less than ten days until election day, an already bizarre presidential campaign between two arch rivals pivoted into a three way free for all with the head of the fbi right in the middle of it all. fox news reports. >> after a subpoena was issued in late september, fox news was told fbi investigators began combing through anthony weaner's
9:35 pm
investigation. allegations he has denied. as they sifted through the recordser investigators found e-mails from huma abedin, weaner's estranged wife who access to a laptop. the fbi team then got new authorization to do a deeper dive and that's when it linked to clinton were uncovered. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee who was notified by the fbi spoke with chris wallace of fox news sunday. >> to me this is a substantial development. i don't see opening this case back up 11 days before the election unless it is quite serious. >> abedin told the fbi in april she sent state department e-mails including this one to her personal yahoo! account where it was easier to print than the clumsy state department system in june, abedin swore under oath in a freedom of information act lawsuit she never deleted her e-mails and searched through all of her device for government records and the sworn declaration is in question. the ranking democrat on the
9:36 pm
told abc news comey acted outside of his lane. >> think was a terrible error in judgment by the director release this ambiguous letter it may be pertinent and may not be significant and they may not be pertinent that kind of an ambiewdy bass a terrible lapse in judgment. >> fox news reported the fbi was investigating the clin foundation and pay to play allegations. a former fbi execu nn it was not shut down. >> the fbi has an intensive investigation ongoing into the clinton foundation. and huma abedin and her role in the foundation and possible allegations concerning the activities of the secretry of state in the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play, that's being looked at. >> fox news told the director's decision was driven bli two factors. the sheer volume of e-mails and the commitment he made under
9:37 pm
investigation if you discovered new information that was both relevant and substantial? >> it's hard for me to answer in the abstract. we will look at new and substantial information. >> and the increasing evidence that fbi director comey and his deputy andrew mccabe knew about the laptop and e-mails before the notification letter to congress friday. in washington, fox news. sticking with politics, governor mitt romney will be at a rally in governor mccain this week of the senator battled romney for the gop nomination back in '08 which mccain would go on to win. now romney will hold the event at the cubs spring training stadium in mesa. the event on thursday starts at 6:30 p.m. doors open at 5:30. speak of those cubs, after three losses, game five belongs to the chicago cubs and the northside. >> cubbies live to fight another
9:38 pm
closer to finding -- or rather to ending a 108 year drought. >> one at a time. marcy jones watched the game with some cub fans tonight and has more. >> a don and charlie's in scottsdale, the cubs have never been the loveable losers. they have been the amazing team. you can see everything on their walls have to do with the windy city and even though they can't be at wrigley tonight, they say this is the best place in the valley to watch the big game. some cub fans have literally bj waiting their entire life to series. >> born in 1945, which was the year that the last chance really that the cubs had to win a world series. and they didn't. so i have been waiting around 71 years. >> for such a special event, there is only one place in the valley that truly feels like home for chicago fans. don and charlie's. don tells us he wouldn't have it any other way. >> 1954 when i was just the lad
9:39 pm
addison avenue and get off at and have a buck for the whole day and spend it and watch a double head and watch the cubs. and hope they would win and those days it wasn't where you never quite sure what was going to happen. >> and it's hard to find a spot on the wall that's not covered in chicago memorabilia. but it's not just stuff. it's a lifetime of memories. >> 99% of what we have on the walls is -- are things i gotten just at a ballpark or -- and i it's just been fun because there is a story behind thing. >> don says he has never called them loveable losers because for him the cubs won his heart a long time ago. and like a marriage, it was for good times and bad. >> so few people there that when the cubs would mount the rally, you could take the wooden seats that were next to you and that's how you would start the rally because there was nobody sitting next to you and there were hundreds of empty seats so the 500 of us could make a lot of
9:40 pm
fan, don't worry. they have a lot of other things to offer like the amazing filets. tried one tonight. best in the valley and the owner told me he has to pay for two more weddings. and in scottsdale, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." traffic at bustling sky harbor airport literally brought to a standstill today. why police wouldn't let anyone near part of the airport. >> and one man trying to impress the ladies. th sleeping panda. but first a warning about twitter malware. forced phones to repeatedly dial 911 and you can imagin that caused quite a -- that's for sure, linda. and by the way try the onion ring at don and charlie's. you know we billed the game -- you, too.
9:41 pm
the long day for carson palmer. we will break it down with matt starks tonight on sports night. plus an announcement we expect from the nfl on a controversial call in this game. we will tell you more about that. d-backs managerial search, suns, warriors. plus richard saenz. sports night on the way tonight on fox 10. controversial call that we believe the nfl will address tomorrow but in the end another setback for the cards nfl, world series nba in sports.
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an italian seismologist says the recent quakes in an italian seismologist italian seismologist says the recent quakes in central italy were four shocks to the tremor today and more significant quakes can be expected. today's earthquake hit the same areas that were affected by the tremors for the past week and those tremors led to people
9:45 pm
new at 9:00, police in south florida are warning of a bogus link making the rounds on twitter. as fox reports, clicking on it leads to literally hundreds of phone calls to 911. >> andrea is a video blogger or vloger on youtube. she loves to help and motivate teens. tuesday night she sent out this motivational tweet. someone responding with the link. >> kind of looked like a youtube video. so i clicked on it and all of a sudden like it took a little bit but it kind of glitched. my phone went black. >> her phone was suddenly hacked but this hack was different. >> and then it like just started calling 911 and im clicking end and it wouldn't stop. >> the hack taking over her phone incessantly calling 911.
9:46 pm
black screen and kept saying 911 and everything single time, it was recalling. there was no way to stop it. >> and she is not alone. the 911 hack has gone viral. people all over twitter warning others not to click on any weird links. samuel bert just click on one of these prank links and started calling 911. steven wooten called 911, 30 times. the hackers try to click on the bad link with a popular song. others asking for support. >> it shows that i called them over 150 times. i feel horrible because it's like blowing up their phone and like i don't want them to come to my house when it's not an emergency. they could be saving someone else's life. >> broward's sheriff's office says one of the call centers in the county received close to two dozen calls overnight from several numbers just redialing
9:47 pm
together public because they don't want this 911 hoax to clog up their system. >> the call takers can't ignore these calls so we want to make sure we are getting the wowrd out to the public they don't click on the link and if you find that mistakenly you do click on the link we are asking you turn your device off for a short period of time. >> now some carriers like 2-6rd mobile are -- like t-mobile are sending warnings to customers and advising those suspicious links. >> you have to see the surveillance camera video at the new orleans airport that captured a machete attack in the tsa lines. take a look. police say the last year richard white went through the terminal spraying people with wasp spray and swinging a machete. tries to go through the preclearance lane but two tsa agents stop him. white then sprays the agents with wasp spray before pulling
9:48 pm
the checkpoint. the rampage ended when a sheriff's deputy shot white. he refused medical treatment but died the next day. white was carrying a molotov cocktails and firecrackers as well. also caught on camera a man sneaks into the panda exhibit at wrestling a panda. zookeepers say the man was trying to impress his female friends. you mean alcohol wasn't involved? that's always the last line. >> scape >> but when hetiesed the sleeping band u, wrestled him to the ground and zookeepers say pandas usually do that when they are playing with the breeders. the man got away okay. only his pride was hurt. and the panda is fine. i bet those girls think that guy is not too bright. >> there is a line and anchor man that says, you woke the
9:49 pm
>> i can't wait to see what john hook has to say about this. he has a vendetta of pandas. his interpretation will be different. beautiful outside tonight and enjoying a nice clear shot of the arizona state fair. and cooler temperatures in store alloween. i will tell you more about that
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party.
9:51 pm
i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was
9:52 pm
man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. that's not good, right? three astronauts. >> three astronauts including american kate reubens are back on earth. i have to pay attention. after spending the last 115 days on board the international space station. it took them three hours to undock from the international space station and land in kazakstan during their four month mission. the astronauts used a dna seancer for the first time ever in space and laid out plans to
9:53 pm
we made it through the week and and we made our wrai into much cooler weather. we are finally going to see 80s. last night of the state fair, beautiful lights still visible tonight we have a little cloud cover. sky harbor reporting 82 degrees. it was a bit breezy in northwestern arizona but those winds have relaxed. couple of low pressure systems sitting off the coast line of washington and one of those as it pushes onshore is bringing all of that rain. for us the cloud cover that we are seeing a push of tropical moisture and the cloud cover we saw earlier for the most part has dissipated. another one of these low pressure systems is going to affect the forecast in a couple of days. it will make its way into the great basin eventually into arizona and with that cooler temperatures and maybe a few rain drops out there as well. numbers around the state anywhere from 58 in window rock
9:54 pm
gila bend 81 and 67 for globe. valley numbers right now fantastic. we are look agent low 70s for florence and mid-70s for buckeye and for maricopa. close to 80 degrees still for sky harbor and for scottsdale. wickenburg 75. cave creek coming in at cooler at 73 degrees. back in 2014 we set the record temp for this day sitting 94 degrees for the afternoon high. we almost made it today. 93. what we hit at sky harbor a whole ten degrees warmer we should be seen more of these 80s and we are going to see them as we get into the next few days. halloween we are first going to look at that because that forecast very important for the trick or treaters out there headed out on the early side, partly cloudy conditions around 5:00. 84 degrees. around the 7:00 hour we are looking at closer to 81 and then continue to cool down into the mid-70s as we get into the 9:00 hour. that activity in the pacific northwest will continue through your holiday but we are looking
9:55 pm
throughout the south and the southeast and in fact we are kicking off november and of course the end of october with very warm conditions. we are talking about potentially record setting numbers through parts of the southeast. all the way stretching into parts of the mid-atlantic coast line and the southern plains. numbers that are well 10 to 15 degrees above average in some locations. arizona tonight will be partly cloudy. we will see 49 prescott. 52 for kingman. 62 for tucson and 46 degree for st. johns and then tomorrow about 70 for prescott. 73 for kingman. we will see 84 for stafford. and winslow topping out at 77 degrees. little bit of cloud cover out there tonight. finally cooler conditions will drop down into the mid-80s. as we get into the your halloween holiday, cloud cover helping to keep us on the cool side and then we continue to get the effects of that cold front moving through into your tuesday and your wednesday. low to mid-80s at least close to where we should be and warm
9:56 pm
cold front. >> yes. >> not a cold snap. >> not freezing. >> this is the november i had in mind by coming out here to phoenix. this will work out. >> you will love it. >> still lurking in the back of my mind. >> we have a nun. probably here after you. >> got to go to confession. >> that's right. >> it's been -- i don't know how long. >> thanks, kristy. >> careful back there. on to the news, american airl disabled vet after crews would not allow her service dog to board her flight. army veteran lisa mccombs tried to board a flight from kansas to mississippi with her dog. you see him there. that's jake. mccombs has ptsd from tours in iraq and afghanistan. and jake helps her get through stressful times. >> crazy, obnoxious situation took place arguing back and forth.
9:57 pm
and ultimately my flight was denied. >> the crew wouldn't let jake on board because mccombs didn't have the proper paperwork. jake's status changed and no paperwork was necessary. after several phone calls, mccope combs and jake were able to get on that flight. a ship gets another chance at light thanks to the many veterans and volunteers that kept it afloat. >> opened to the public. fox news'il story. >> a historic ship commissioned to over 70 years ago is being kept alive by a team of veterans and volunteers. >> we work year-round at evanszville, indiana, on this boat. >> lst which stands for landing ship tank was a new type of ship developed in the 1940s. >> out of 1,051 of these built in world war ii, they used to ride right on up through vietnam.
9:58 pm
it landed at omaha beach at 1944 carrying troop, tanks, trucks and equipment. >> we were self-contained and that's the biggest thing in the world in the war and that's all these lsts could be traveling where ever carrying anything. >> since the uss lst has seen so much history around the world, veterans and supporters of the museum hope that they can keep that history alive. >> bob kabota, the current captain of lst325 volunteers to pilot the trip during its annual cruise because of his family connection to the war. >> the younger generations i think needs to recognize the sacrifice the effort that the older generation including my dad and that put into world war ii. >> his father, a japanese america placed in an intern nment camp was drafted and served as master sergeant. >> one reason i come out to help remember the war effort.
9:59 pm
transferred lst325 to the greek navy which used the ship until 1999. with little government help and by paying their own way, the recovered from a greek shipyard back in 2000. >> couldn't get it registered as a american ship even though it was made in philadelphia and went through the whole world war ii. we had to come back on the redgesster which is a pirate ship. >> this relic from the past and the last of its kind will stay afloat for future see. >> we don't want to forget and i want our children to know and to bring that with them as they get old sore that we don't repeat history. >> we take it around and i try to emphasize to young kids that this is what our older generations, that's probably their grandparents or great grandparents. that's what they did. >> you like to see the lst325, the ship is docked year-round in evansville, indiana. willie jaim inman, fox news.
10:00 pm
guess what. you can and how you can be a guest at elvis' graceland. >> i was going to say yes, yes, i do. thought we were done with photo radar? we are not. where those cameras will be reactivated this week. >> and very tense moments in scottsdale this morning after a bomb sniffing dog hits on an abandoned car. we will have a report on that


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