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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 1, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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hello and thanks for joining us. happy halloween! by now, happy halloween, thanks for joining us tonight. hope you're having a great night. by now, many kids are probably back home, sorting through the trick or treat candy, but law enforcement officers are very busy tonight making sure everybody stays safe. >> u.s. marshals on registered sex offenders tonight around the valley. danielle joins us live now. >> reporter: yeah, john and kari, we are here near encanto park where earlier there were thousands of kids, not so much right now, just a couple of trick or treats, zombies outside the park. all of the children were out having tonight, and u.s.
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around, looking at high risk sex offenders making sure they are complying with all of the rules. thousands of valley kids around the valley trick or treating, showing off costumes and cashing in on their candy. >> let's see your costume, show the camera. >> queen of hearts. >> reporter: and what's your favorite thing about trick or treating? >> to get free candy. >> get candy. are having fun, the u.s. marshal's service is making sure they stay safe, all a part of safe treat. six teams of probation officers and u.s. marshals are going around the valley, knocking on the doors of high risk sex offenders. >> we are making sure they are compliant and doing what they are supposed to do.
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u.s. marshals service says sex offenders have strict guidelines when it comes to halloween activities. >> individuals that are on probation have been told that they can't have doors open, lights on, contacting children, things like that, so we are going to be going out, ensuring that that's taking place, that they are following the rules. >> tonight, it was strictly compliance, but the u.s. marshals service enforcement, looking for fugitive sex offenders and child predators with outstanding warrants, 73 arrests were made this month. both homes were under construction, and both were arson. the fires breaks out in a new subdivision near chandler boulevard and gilbert road in chandler. police are trying to figure out
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if you have any information on the case, call chandler police. >> just in, a winslow police officer who shot and killed a woman at a convenience store has resigned from the police department. austin shipley, he quit after a meeting about an internal affairs investigation into that shooting. >> the mar shooting stemmed from an original shoplifting call. police say the 27-year-old suspect was holding a pair of her. she was shot five times. in july, the mountain attorney's office conducted an independent investigation at the request of the navajo county attorney's office and found no evidence of misconduct by officer shipley. well, we are just eight days away from the presidential election, democrats accusing republicans now of intimidating voters in order to swing the election to donald trump. >> lawsuits alleging voter intimidation have been filed in
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arizona. steve krafft has the details. >> repoter: the thrust of this lawsuit is very simple. arizona democrats are accusing arizona republicans of trying to intimidate the voters. the complaint, filed in federal court, accuses the trump campaign and the arizona republican party of conspiring to threaten, intimidate, and prevent minority voters in urban neighborhoods from voting in the 2016 election. the goal, depress so the g.o.p. can win. the complaint asks a judge to -- an attorney representing the arizona republican party says the complaint is nonsense. >> i don't think it will go anywhere. i mean the relief they request is extreme and in terms of, you know, what they would ask the court to do, to basically tell people not to do things in the future that are very likely first amendment protected.
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phoenix. we asked a spokesperson here his response to what the republicans had to say, and he declined, saying the lawsuit speaks for itself. meanwhile, maricopa county recorder helen purcell says she is confident that elections are conducted fairly in arizona, and contrary to what donald trump says in his rallies, there is no rigging going on. >> it is not. i don't care what he said. the election is not rigged. we take very seriously what we do. >> reporter: this complaint atmosphere in the run-up to the election on november 8th. in phoenix, steve krafft, fox 10 news. we were promiseed millions in new revenue for our schools, but they were empty words. i never saw a single dollar actually reach the classroom. you may have seen this ad on television put out by the no on prop 205 cane. it features colorado school
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legalizing marijuana in colorado has affected them. three colorado senators have sent letters saying they are misleading. lawmakers are dismissing claims that schools have not received money from marijuana sales, saying that more than $138 million went to colorado schools from 2015-2016, but the no on prop 205 campaign is standing by those ads. >> the fact is in colorado, the money that was promised that was amount of money that they were promised has not been shoing up in schools, and one of the state senators, who is in this letter, is actually on record saying that, asking where all of the pot money is, and only a fraction is going to the schools. the rest is going to the bureaucracy. >> you can read a statement from both states on our website. we have posted a link on our facebook page.
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world series is set for tomorrow night in cleveland. cubs fans are remaining that this could finally be the year after 108 years of waiting. if there is one story to exemplify the passion of the cubs, this coululd be it. >> ron santo, arguably the greatest 3rd baseman in cubs history, would later become the team's an leaves on today. >> when you get right down to it, if somebody says tell me who is the most passionate fan who happened to be one of the team's greatest players ever, the answer would be the late, great, ron santo. the someday is now, so who better to ask on what ron would say today than his son jeff.
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to the ball game, the greatest 3rd baseman in cubs history, ron santo. >> a one, a two, a three. ? take me out to the ball game ? >> your dad was a phenomnal player for the cubs, a hall of famer, and then the radio voice of the cubs for so many years. if your dad was alive today and could be part of this experience, how would he express have made it to a world series? >> i know that he would be in that champagne room, you know, with the goggles on. he would have found his way down there. i, you know, it's -- that's -- i have been asked that a lot, you know, and my dad -- you knew him. he was a very passionate man. so, you know, as a player, he was tough on the field, passionate as a broadcaster of the you could tune into wgn and
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if the cubs were winning or losing, so he would be right in the thick of it, man. >> the great ron santo passed away in 2010. two years later, ron was elected to baseball's hall of fame. his son, jeff, could only wish he was here to see the cubs today. >> i want to say to him, dad, look at all of the people wearing your jerseys, your number, taking pictures in front of your statue. you know, he wasn't here for that, so that part of it is very emotional and, you know, we are the ones, to, you know, kind of take a little bit of that responsibility now and feel what my dad had. >> santo was a beloved figure for the cubs faithful, losing both legs to diabetes, and still announcing games for wgn. he would have loved to witness this. >> we are not going to fail again and go through another year. we are at 103. to be in it, win or lose, it's
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think that curse is over now. >> ron santo's life story featured in the documentary. you have to see it called this old cub. when we return in sports, we will look ahead to tomorrow's game 6 between the cubs and indians. we'll see you in sports. >> it's so exciting, isn't it? >> well, you know what, i mean anything, you get same 6, if they were to win game six, then you get to a game seven. anything can happen. >> you're right. game six of the world series being tomorrow in cleveland. you can watch it right here on fox 10 news. we have we will have a special addition of fox 10 news before the game at 4:00, world series coverage begins at 4:30, first pitch just after 5:00, and we are on right after the game. >> there are cleveland fans out there. it is a great city. i was there over the summer for the republican national convention. they love their indians too. >> everyone is excited. >> it's fantastic.
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like in cleveland tomorrow before game 6? dave munsey joins us now with a look. >> it's not really that bad. as we head to cleveland tomorrow evening, 68 degrees at first pitch at game start. there is going to be a little breeze out of the south, southwest at six it 12 miles an hour, so not bad, and this of course is game six. these guys, they don't want to play game seven. these guys, they really do. so let's take a look. game clouds out there, 65 degrees, about a 10% chance of rain, that's about it, if they play it. we'll have more weather coming up. >> thinking about game seven there dave? >> don't say that to a cleveland fan. >> there's a lot of cubby fans out there too.o. coming up, a different way to say i do, several couples highing the knot on halloween. plus he became an internet
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description of a car crash, but now he's back in the news for what he was chanting at donald trump rally over the weekend. tonight he's talking about all of this after being accused of making anti-semitic remarks. we'll hear from george lynn dell. police chases we know can be dangerous for everyone involved, the thint bystanders. tonight, a valley man's invention to stop a driver
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introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box. caught on camera. a wild did you see this today? chase, and of course southern california. officers chasing a car after a driver stole the car and took off with it. this chase went on for about 45 minutes, winding through streets, narrowly missing other cars, and this guy was going really fast at times. the suspect eventually gets trapped in a parking lot, and then he tries to make his getaway. he slams into a police cruiser head on, but he wasn't giving up yet. officers ended up having to
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place him under arrest. >> and we have seen this time and time again. that brings us to our next story. a valley man frustrated by these kinds of scenes, the number of innocent people getting hurt or killed during high-speed pursuits, he's come up with an idea, an invention. >> and this could be a game changer when it comes to stopping somebody who is taking off running from police. marc martinez is here to explain how this works. marc? >> well, you guys, high-speed pursuits are one of the most officers find themselves in with roughly 40% of them ending in a crash. a valley man came up with that idea that may help drastically reduce the number of crashes and deaths due to high-speed chases. it's called the grappler, and he shows us how it works. high-speed pursuits, they are dangerous, they are unpredictable, and in some cases, like this chase in the west valley in september, stopping them can be deadly.
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vehicle to deploy tire spike or using the pit maneuver or some other like smashup derby style process to stop a vehicle, and the officer many times is pinned against the suspect vehicle. >> reporter: that's what prompted peoria resident leonard stock to come up with a solution. his invention works by lowering a heavy-duty nylon of a police vehicle by touching a button, wrapping around the rear axle. within a few seconds, the chase comes to a controlled stop without the officer having to force a collision. once the grappler has a hold of a suspect vehicle, the officer can release this tether to a police car and back away at a safe distance, and as you can see the bad guy is not going anywhere. >> the whole purpose, the
12:18 am
is to save lives. >> reporter: stock says the idea came to him in the middle of the night after watching high-speed chases. >> the conclusion of a chase was of an intent motorist getting t-boned. i woke up at 3:00 in the morning suddenly, and this is the first thought i had. >> reporter: our cameras captured several angles of a high-speed chase how the snag maneuver works. chris smith was in the getaway car in this scenario, and he describes what it was like to suddenly be grabbed high speeds. >> you hear noises you're not used to hearing, and it slows you down fairly immediately. >> it took years of research and development to get it ready to market to police agencies
12:19 am
much more controlled fashion has a huge value for law enforcement community and the safety of the community as a whole. >> he has seen videos of the grappler in action. >> his concept is absolutely fantastic. if that thing holds up the way it appears it's going to, huge advantage for law enforcement. >> stock says if his invention can help save even one intent person's life, it's worth the me reality. >> if it stops a car, the suspect didn't run through an intersection and hurt or kill somebody. >> i was in the passenger seat during the testing of it to see how it all works. you do get pretty close to the car to stop it, and with the tire snag, it brings it to a pretty quick conclusion. >> i wish i was up in the middle
12:20 am
i need to do tomorrow. >> right. what's the cost of a thing like this? >> he's working with departments across the country trying to figure out which price point they can meet. it's obviously cheaper than having to smash up police cars. they have been working for eight years to develop this product right here in peoria. >> they could use them in southern california, that's for sure. >> yeah, the chase capital of the some airline industry insiders calling for new emergency training after an american airlines flight burst into flames in chicago last week. why that training could send air fares through the roof. >> well, a nice night. the trick-or-treaters should all be home by now. if you're not, you're probably driving your own car. 77 degrees, we'll take a look at what's happening with our
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. >> hi, everybody. well, here we are, 77 degrees just a light breeze out of the west at about eight miles an hour, 71 degrees in cave creek, 69 in apache ju mesa right now. in glendale, it is 77 degrees. we do have some moisture in the west here. a little bit of action from a low-pressure system, kind of moving into the area, and as we get you a look at it, you can see the twist of the low bringing moisture in, more moisture, in fact, at highs in elevations in seattle on into portland. take a look at the futurecast. we get into tuesday, we get into wednesday, and then take what
12:25 am
moisture coming into the state more of thursday here as that moisture starts to spread quite a bit. and then there's some pretty good, pretty good heavy storms in there. here's phoenix right here. we haven't been hit by it yet, but maybe late thursday into friday, 86 for the high today, 83 at deer valley, 82 at buckeye, and 82 at gateway as well. as we head to the mountains, we go to 72 in payson, 75 in sedona, 71 in prescott, and 62 at flagstaff. at the grand canyon today, 64, in tuscon it was 90 degrees. here, 86 degrees. there's your record high at 96, your record low at 36. looking at the forecast, we are going into the 70s, but just a little bit there, 79 at sky harbor, everything around it with the exception of deer valley, cave creek, is into the
12:26 am
81, 70 is the forecast for kingman, 67 is the forecast for flagstaff, u6 at shoels, and those 80s hold up, low 80s across the desert. looking across the country, seven inches of snow in the mountains of washington. these folks picking up some high elevation snow. rain, three quarters of an inch for montana, into the dakotas with gusts of mild to warm weather in the south with a batch of mid and upper 80s in the south, but those 70s, 60s, starting to show up north of there. tomorrow, 79 degrees, we'll be looking at more sunshine, and we'll stay with that
12:27 am
the whole forecast there. my kids pictures from halloween tonight are completely over the top. they are obscene. pthere's so much candy, we are going to have to figure out a way to give this stuff away. >> coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news at 9:00, problems with personalized license plates. you can't put whatever you want on a try to choose another language. plus a meth bust on the southern border. >> trying to escape a burning plane, possibly putting lives at risk. but this could be detrimental for others on board.
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>> this is absolute chaos on an american airlines flight that burst into flames on a runway at chicago's o'hare airport. after an aborted takeoff, the fire happened on friday. thankfully everyone got out. everyone survived. >> and you saw it in that video, and witnesses say some of the passengers were actually trying to grab their bags, their
12:31 am
videos rather than focusing on getting off that plane in a hurry. >> and that could put people at risk. insiders in the airline industry say it's just one of many recent examples of the true chaos and panic that happens during an emergency, and some experts say fixing that problem, that would cost a lot of money. kristy siefkin joins us now to explain what this is all about. it's really an interesting snapshot of human behavior. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. youoo on fire, and people are nonchalant, reaching up to get their bag, taking a picture, keeping people from getting off the airplane. and it's that exact incident that has officials taking a look at the scenario, saying maybe we shouldn't have so many people on the airplane. panicked passengers struggling to exit this american airlines plane. the right engine went up in flames on friday on the chicago
12:32 am
>> oh, my god! >> this emergency exit delayed by passengers reaching for their bags and taking video on their cell phones. the former director of inflight services for northwest airlines says that the flight attendants can only go so much to force passengers to exit. >> they should have been shouting the command to leave everything. they are not going to become cops and knock bs people's hands. >> reporter: andy says the flight attendants are given extensive training for emergencies. but the passengers in those trainings are airline staff, and the focus is often functional. >> in my days training flight attendant, we would go out to the hanger in the middle of the night when there was an airplane available and we would spend the night over and over again, planned emergency, unplanned emergency. >> going by the book, all passengers should be able to deplane in an emergency in 90 seconds.
12:33 am
experts says it really takes three times longer. exiting in 90 seconds, means only filling one third of the seats, thereby tripling the cost of air fare. >> they have to pay for a snack, a drink, now extra to get off the plane? i don't know, that's crazy. >> nobody should pay extra. it's not really a situation that was created by the passengers. . >> reporter: now that this incident will be used as an example in future flight trainings. obviously, we have to stop to deal with this concept of -- deal with this concept of people stopping to photograph, to film. obviously, andy grabbed his ipad, dropped it down the front of his shirt before getting off the airplane. he encourages everybody to get off the airplane.
12:34 am
line. >> i'm glad he admitted that. if i could do it, i would probably do the same. customers officers bust a 62-year-old man trying to smuggle nearly three pounds of methamphetamines in packages of tortillas. you are looking at the pictures here. a canine detected the drug on friday at the morley pedestrian crossing. officers seized the method and turned the man over t the south mountain freeway, the trees, the cacti and the plants are being removed, not being thrown out. it's being taken to a nursery where it will be cared for while the construction is going on, and then they will replant it when the freeway opens in 2019. they did the same thing along the loop 101 in scottsdale.
12:35 am
discovered on hillary clinton's computer shared with anthony weiner and huma abedin. agents found state records on it, as well as e-mails from her private server. anthony weiner used it to back up his wife's phone and m computer as well. in the meantime, hillary clinton is paying a visit to arizona this week. she will be in tempe this week for an early vote rally at the a.s.u. campus. doors open at 3:30, event opens at 6:30. maricopa officials are recommending that you get your ballot in the mail by tomorrow. i don't know you don't have that
12:36 am
it will be mailed and counted in time. you can always drop the ballot off at any polling location on election day. ? >> remember that guy? he became a local celebrity back in 2011 after his wild description all of car crash. but now george lindell is back in the responsibility for another reason. after the crazy interview. >> they put me with a keytar, which is very troubling. >> very strange. he is accused of making controversial statements at a donald trump rally over the weekend as the crowd at the trump rally yelled usa, he was caught on camera seemingly
12:37 am
he is saying that is not what you heard there. he reached out today to clear up what happened. he says he's being labeled anti-semitic and offered this explanation for what he was saying. >> in english we say you, in spanish we say instinctively how we speak. okay? nothing about the jews. nothing about the jews. i love jews. okay? i have got no problem with jews. i love jews very much. >> they might songfy this. there's a possibility. >> the chair of trump's campaign called lindell's language horrible. >> the grade for the team's
12:38 am
want to say -- to see this, and the loss we take you to some halloween weddings happening right here in the valley. >> plus dave is back with a look
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sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. halloween is a day to celebrate all things ghosts and goblins, but for some here in the valley, they are celebrating something much more important. >> about a dozen couples lining up at maricopa county justice court to say i do. >> do you take mckenzie to be your lawfully wedded wife? >> i do. >> we met four years ago on halloween, and we were dressed exactly the same the night that we met, so we thought it would
12:42 am
same as the night we met and kind of bring back that fire. >> as of right now, all of the doors and windows in this building are now electrocuted. if you try to sneak out before you say i do, you will be fried to a crisp. >> what does your family think about this whole thing? >> they like it. they are a part of it. they are jumping around. they dressed up. >> they all dressed up, including our >> with this ring -- >> with this ring -- >> i thee wed -- >> our relationship is very much based on fun, and, you know, we wanted to do it in a way that was memorable, but it was also light hearted and fun, because i feel too many a couples take it way too seriously. what we are going to do --
12:43 am
we have to see you guys back here next week. and that's not fun at all. with the power invested in me by the laws of the state of arizona, i hereby pronounce you husband and wife. you, sir, may kiss your bride. >> that's great. >> they have it. >> whatever works. >> good luck to all of the couples. message >> there's enough of those out there. good luck. baffled by their benefits, according to a new study, one in five workers say they don't have a very good grasp on their employee benefits. lots of americans are also having trouble deciding whether to own or rent, more than half of those looking for a place to rent also considering whether to
12:44 am
apparently buying more stuff in september -- dow falling three months in a row, something we have not seen happen since 2011 but still up for the year. among small cities, westville indiana just won big, named as the best small city in all of the united states. the survey looking at things like safety, affordability, and education. that's business, i'm neil cavuto. well, the mornings have been looking pretty nice all across the state here. let's take a look at a little chilly in the mountain locations, 31 in the grand canyon, 35 at flagstaff, 45 at show low, yuma at 60 degrees, 59 at gila bend, casa grande 58 degrees, 60 down in tuscon. we get closer to the city, and we are looking at 60 degrees in glendale, 62 in scottsdale, 61
12:45 am
what about the kids heading off to school? here they go. here comes the bus. here comes the temperature. 65 degrees, we have got a few clouds out there, but not bad all in all. temperatures are going to stay in the 80s here for the next week or so. let's enjoy it. we'll have more weather after 10:00. > yeah, here's your iowan here. kari is ready to turn the heat on. >> yeah, in the car. the personalized license plates, you just can't put anything on them, a
12:46 am
she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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12:48 am
we've been talking about halloween all night... so it's only appropriate to end the we have been talking about halloween all night, so it's only appropriate to end the show with a halloween story. >> as trick-or-treaters made their way through neighborhoods nd around the valley tonight, they came across something unexpected at a home decked out in christmas decorations. matt rotowald has the story. >> when you think of traditions on halloween night. >> trick or treat. >> trick or treat! or merry christmas. >> this is not what most people have in mind. >> what do you think of this house? >> i think it's supercool. >> it's christmas though on halloween. >> i know, crazy. i don't know. >> we have been doing this at this house for probably about
12:49 am
>> every year, they have been handing out candy in his ahwatukee neighborhood. merry christmas, i am not sure which one to say. >> but you know he is probably thinking ahead. >> we start in mid august. this goes all the way through new years day evening, and then we take down, and takedown is approximately a month and a half. >> reporter: a month and a half just to tear it down? >> yeah, so in other words, about seven months of our is dedicated to christmas decor setup and takedown. >> reporter: he says nearly 100 neighbors wait for the big thanksgiving reveal, the display, impressive, the lights, the decorations, and he has a lot more in the garage he still has to put up. even the power grid is something to see. these seven are just the exterior, is that what you're saying? >> just for christmas. >> reporter: that's a lot. >> yeah, that's almost one third
12:50 am
>> reporter: but some third are not ready to let go for all hallow's eve. >> i think it's good for christmas spirit, but it's halloween. >> reporter: it's a reminder that christmas season is on the way. >> you can't deny the children who come in and who are absolutely amazed at the color and the emotion. it really is a family and community event. >> and he goes through all of that work putting it in. at least he's getting the mileage out of it. >> time for tonight's talkers. >> coming up, you can't put just anything you want on a personalized license plate. hopefully you know this by now? >> you have tested this out, snuck a few things by the censors? >> i have thought of a few of them. >> it turns out they are looking out for dirty words on english or in other languages.
12:51 am
dirty words were allowed for -- i'm the one who would say it and lose my job. >> how about human waste on his license plate. >> yes, that's what it would be in spanish. what would you do if you had a chance to put on a license plate if anything? >> hooker. >> really. that just came out. >> hooker. i don't have a personalized license plate, that's what i would wan that could pass muster. >> people would try to pull you over, check you out. >> i don't need that problem either. coming up, a man tries to get up close and personal with what he thinks is a cuddly bear. he gets into the cages, he should with a dead man. i don't know how he survived.
12:52 am
thinking his leg was a bamboo chute or something. he ended up with ripped up trousers, but amazingly otherwise survived. apparently, he was trying to impress a girl. >> i think this proves you wrong. for years, you have said if you get close to one of these, they will kill you. >> they will. they are highly trained killers. he no appetite left. that guy was a goner. >> we just saw it different ways. >> we did. don't be fooled by their eye makeup and the bear set. they are killers. >> we are done talking. it is your turn to talk back, and you can find us, we have posted these topics on our facebook page. you can find me at >> or me at john hook fox 10.
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can pop up? just a really beautiful moment. hey, we have got a check in on the cardinals, a rough california in charlotte, north carolina, and even more
12:54 am
12:55 am
12:56 am
you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. >> three wins, four losses, and one tie. today bruce arians was asked what grade would he give his football team at the midway point in the season. his answer, a c. coach arians also getting word today he'll lose two key players, valdere out with a triceps injury, done for the year, and shoulder injury, could be three to five weeks. not good news at all. as for larry fitzgerald, we'll see how this plays out. he should be ready to go after the bye-week. fitz, you could see him getting up after this reception here, an ankle sprain. but bruce arians did suggest that he could be ready to go after the bye-week when the cardinals host the san francisco 49ers. >> oh, there's no doubt.
12:57 am
that we can't beat, and there's nobody on the schedule that can't beat us. that's the way it always is. but right now it's putting together the pieces that we have, get game plans for each guy to be able to execute that plan and hopefully prepare well enough and play on sunday. >> monday night football takes us to chicago, bears, soldier field, struggling this year. what's happened this week to minnesota. i'll tell you, last night, the run a 13-0 lead for the chicago bears, off the play fake here, cutler throws a beauty to alshon jeffery. they lost key players on the offensive line, both tackles, just not the same execution the last couple of weeks. beautiful throw here, a bradford to diggs, not if you have for the bears tonight -- not enough
12:58 am
if you look at the matchup, you have got to like jake arietta against thompson. bryant turned the momentum last night with the game, and then aroldis chapman locked it down and got it done for two 2/3 innings. the question, will chapman be ready to know come tomorrow nigt in cleveland. >> i'll check with him tomorrow and listen to what he has to probably think he would be good for two innings, i would imagine tomorrow, but if not, i will take what he can give us. >> don't forget all of the action right here starts tomorrow, fox 10 news at 4:00, game 6 of the world series at 4:00, followed by fox 10 news.
12:59 am
interior defense going to be an issue for the phoenix suns. played hard the last few games, but again worn down tonight, barbosa with the three-ball, suns up 21-22, but inside, the clippers can do what they want. deandre jordan easy bucket right over the top again, watch this alley-oop slam, like he's playing with a nerf ball, folks. absolutely impressive clippers big man. right now, 104-87, clippers ahead of the phoenix suns. that's the latest. when we come back, a lot of talk about that play in the carolina game and the no-call video replay. bruce arians explained it in case you missed it, when we return. right now, fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. >> coming up, drinking a cold beer a that you brewed yourself, that's becoming a trend, and
1:00 am
hillary clinton and donald trump not the only ones battling it out. arizona democrats and republicans are so at odds they are actually heading to court. we'll explain. and a lot of kids are out there right now trick or treating, keeping them safe is a top priority. we'll tell you what members of law enforcement are doing this halloween. thank you for joining us tonight, parents of course out keeping a close eye on their kids as they have been doing the one thing they have been told strangers. some of those strangers could be predators. danielle miller rode along live with operation safe treat. >> there were thousands of children out here trick or treating. right now it's pretty quiet out here. while all of these kids were trick or treating, as you mentioned, marc, the u.s. marshals service was going around knocking on sex offender's doors making sure they are complying. thousands of kids from around


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