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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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pushing to make the traditionally red state up for grabs for the first time in 20 years. >> regardless of what happens in arizona, we want arizonans to be more competitive. it bodes well for citizens that it is a battleground state where we have folks just, you know, these campaigns happening and more connected to the people of arizona. >> i have a family deep rooted and i have a lot of emotions tied to making our country better. >> reporter: there is a lot of emotion and a lot at stake for voters. for tonya, she came down to help with the g.o.p. today. for the democrats, yes, they made 200,000 phone calls today
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doors today. it is quite the ground swell with 11 electoral votes up for grabs. >> thanks, matt. a lot of arizona voters already made up their minds about this ehr-gz. in maricopa county, more than one million people cast early ballots. republicans had the most with early ballots. 338,000 democrats voted early. 278,000 independents and other voters have cast their ballots early. if you are planning to vote, do you know where to go? how to prove you're at the right polling place to drop off your early voting ballot if you haven't mailed it in yet? steve krafft joins us live. >> reporter: this is the maricopa county elections department. we're at theurtd avenue and lincoln the place where they
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724 polling places in our country for tomorrow's election. still, there might be lines at times so be patient. going to vote tomorrow? you have to know where to vote. >> if you are not on the permanent voting list and did not request a ballot, you got a sample ballot in the mail that showed you your location, where you are supposed to go, shows you a map and all of the criteria you need to >> reporter: ok, so you got it and you can't vote somewhere else. you have to vote at your location. >> in your precinct. reporter: if you don't have that sample ballot, check you have to identify who you are. one way of doing that is bringing a photo i.d. like a driver's license. the other way of doing it is bringing two other pieces of
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a an i.d. it might be bringing in a bill. do you have to do it at a local polling mails if you have an early ballot? >> do i have to go to my own voting place, no. if you are passing a polling place, drop it off. >> reporter: that's right. all you have to do is walk right up and drop it in the box just like that. you don't have to to avoid any hassles tomorrow, the best thing to do is vote midmorning or midafternoon when the lines are shortest. remember, the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. if you are in line at 7:00 p.m., you will be able to vote. reporting live, steve krafft, fox 10 news. with election day just a day away, fox 10 has your covered.
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our on air coverage begins at 5:00 tomorrow. sky fox over the scene of an ammonia leak. this is 75th avenue and buckeye road. the address is cisco food services. phoenix fire telling us they safely evacuated the building. ammonia is a dangerous gas. hazmat crews worked to secure the leak. no one was injured. the reward is it has grown leading to information on who shot wild horses. a man wearing black shorts and a dark green shirt shot three fouls near the pebble beach rec area. one died and two others wounded. a valley man behind bars accused of trying to stage his girlfriend's suicide after her death. phoenix police say on saturday,
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he originally told police that his girlfriend stabbed herself several times and shot herself in the head. he later told officers that he accidently shot her. he is now charged with manslaughter. a sex offender on probation arrested again after grabbing two women in downtown phoenix. it happened near the a.s.u. campus. danielle miller joins us live with more on these attacks. there was so much concern after this happened. >> reporter: absolutely, john. grabbing the two women here in this area is a registered sex offender. on top of that, he was wearing an ankle monitor device during the alleged assaults but it was that ankle monitoring device that put him do these crimes. james wolford arrested for sexual assault.
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assault of a child in the past. two women were walking near second avenue and van buren street when they were groped. police say the first victim was groped while walking to class at a.s.u. she was talking on the phone with her mom when it happened. police say a few minutes later, he groped another woman and was talking to her with sexually explicit language. the woman told him to back off and she got away. he caught up with her again the victim walked into a bank and called for help. >> maybe the buildings could increase their security because i have seen people hanging around the garage area and some of the bus stops have bushes and stuff. >> reporter: he was arrested the following day. it was security camera footage as well as his ankle monitor that put him at the place and times of the assaults. deanna johnson says she will pay more attention.
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phone more and be aware of my surroundings. when i'm at the bus stop, i text so i think i'm going to cut that out a little more. >> reporter: court paperwork says he told police approaches women all of the time and asks for sex. he didn't know touching them was sexual assault. he is being charged with sexual abuse and attempted sexual assault. reporting live, daniel miller, fox 10 news. a lot of smoke b into the sky in downtown phoenix. you can see it between the buildings this after a truck full of recycling paper caught fire. crews got the flames out quickly. no one hurt. it is not clear what caused the fire. still ahead at 5:00, flags lower to half staff to honor an arizona soldier killed in the
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secretary of defense has died. >> reporter: of course, weather very important to people who are going to be voting tomorrow, not only here in arizona but across the country.
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lisa lundskow: luke air force base is not only vital to our national security -- but also to our local communities and economy. georgia lord: senator john mccain has been a powerful advocate for the base, taking a bipartisan approach when securing the fighter pilot training program. without john mccain's leadership and experience - we could have lost many of those jobs. georgia lord: without question, senator mccain's leadership has made arizona and america stronger. john mccain: i'm john mccain
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the first female attorney
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attorney general of the united states and she died early this morning in miami. janet reno has been suffering from parkinson's for years. she was the top law official during the clinton's administration. she served from 1993-2001. she was at the center of several political firestorms, including the deadly branch raid in waco, texas, and an armed cuban refugee. she was 78 years old. flags in arizona at half staff to honor a soldier in tucson who was among three americans killed in jordan. the soldiers were on a training mission. according to military officials, the car carrying americans were attacked while they tried to make their way back to the base.
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>> reporter: he served in the army for eight years. his friends share their memory of the soldier. as friends, james and robert flip through their yearbooks. they can't help but remember the good times they had with their friend kevin mcenroe. all three went to the same middle school in tucson in the late >> reporter: they went their separate ways. the last time they were all together was at his wedding back in 2013. >> it hit me hard today not having him around anymore. >> reporter: they say he never talked about what he did as a green beret and the risks he took to serve his country. >> it was shock. with him being in the service, you have that in the back of your mind that something like
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did. >> reporter: now, looking through old photos and talking about him is helping his friends cope both saying they miss his infectious smile and the way he would light up the room. >> it could be the worst day of your life and he comes in and you can forget about everything. he brings out the best in everybody around him. >> reporter: his mom who still lives in tucson did not want to be on camera but she wanted everyone to know was proud to serve his country. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: when we get these beautiful warm days at this time of year, we do trap a little bit of the bad air in. it is called the temperature inversion. we do have breezy conditions in the forecast. kind of blow that stuff out of here. we'll look at that forecast
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work."
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tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. martinez... we're working on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at 6... on some brand new stories for i'm marc martinez. we're working on brand-new stories for you tonight at 6:00. two stars in the valley urging arizonans to vote. plus, details about new
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pediatric parents at phoenix children's hospital. liz kotalik has the story at 6:00. >> reporter: hi, everybody. yeah, you can see that haze in the air there. a little bit of dirty air for us tonight as we get the temperature inversion going. 84 degrees right now. winds out of the west, southwest at 7. that is going to blow some of that dirt out of here. of course, voting tomorrow. if you're up early, you're going to see 66 degrees. later in the afternoon, 88 degrees. you might want to take water with you, take an umbrella and you will be assured of being in the shade when you're waiting in the voting line. this is what it looks like across the country. i don't see bad weather at all. there might be moisture in the southern plains but all of these temperatures, look at bismarck, 60 degrees. we have 66 in new york.
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76 in new orleans. these temperatures even though coming down from what they have been are still well above the seasonal norm. getting out the vote, anyway. 84 in the city. 81 degrees in fountain hills. 83 at cave creek. 86 in glendale. in ahwatukee, it is in the mid 80's. you can see here, hardly a cloud to be seen across the state. we have a little bit of them kind of working in new mexico but none of that getting in over here. 86 degrees for the high today. 84 degrees for you in buckeye. 85 in scottsdale. in chandler, temperatures at 84 degrees. mid 70's in sedona. we had 72 in prescott. 72 in payson. 61 in flagstaff. 59 at show low. 83 degrees in tucson today.
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through the night, we're going to drop the temperature down to 66 is what we were talking about earlier. a little chillier than that this morning. we'll show you. as you can see, the other temperatures lower than the mid 60's around the valley. as you look at the 86 on the high today. it was 61 this morning. 92 record high for the day. 34, your record low for the day. here is what you're forecasting. we get you into the upper 80's tomorrow but we'll be that temperature down a little bit as well. looking across the country, it is the midsection of the country. we're seeing rain down by new orleans as they get ready for a rainy election day tomorrow. take a look at the forecast in the long range. we do have it a little warm today but we back it off nicely by the end of the week, we will see a 70-degree temperature.
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watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave. new video shows bubbling inside a lava lake on hawaii's kilauea volcano. >> liquid hot magma. >> this is the look showing the volcano summit where the lava is active. >> it looks like a las vegas -- lava lamp. >> you spent too much time in >> no communities are in danger at this time. scientists are looking at the geysers found in yellowstone park. their studies will map out the underground plumbing systems. researchers are hoping to determine where and how hot the flows are in the geysers. >> that is one heck of a plumbing -- i wish our plumbing was that powerful.
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the geysers is what they are going to study. coming up, where donald trump and hillary clinton spent their last day before election day. holiday time at star bucks. the extra sweet treat they have in store for customers. the new craze taking over the internet called the mannequin challenge and we gave it a try here at fox 10 still
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well, if you're in downtown phoenix, you're going to notice the road closed between jefferson and washington on central. >> that is because it is time to bring back the annual cityscape ice rink. it is such a cool thing downtown. courtney griffin has more on how it is built and when i know it it -- when it is opening. >> reporter: the cityscape ice rink is back for the holidays. >> it is a lot of fun. >> reporter: it is quite a the baseboards are set and sand is poured. >> from there, we build what we can as far as the glass and the railing and putting in a trench for the main chilling system. >> reporter: the main question, how is ice kept cold in phoenix? >> we get a big chiller unit and put it down there. we'll run a feeder and return in the trench that we just dug out. >> reporter: nick says 6-inch
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>> you have about 0 degrees, 2 degrees underneath and put a little bit of ice on top of that. >> reporter: then it is time to make memories. >> i think it is festive and a fun reason for families to come downtown and it is fun working here with all of the activity going on. >> reporter: he has seen a lot happen here. >> everything from wedding proposals to everything coming out kids first time seeing ice. it is a huge event with everyone taking pictures by the christmas tree. >> reporter: if you haven't tried it before, this could be your year. >> not much for skating. i'm sure i would make an idiot of myself if i stepped on it. >> reporter: you should try this year. >> we'll see. maybe just because you recommended it. >> reporter: november 26 is the grand opening and the tree lighting ceremony. come down and check it out.
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and washington is where the ice rink is set up. a double dose of good news for starbucks lovers. you can buy one holiday drink and get one free. the special offer will run through november 10 -- well, it will be november 10 through the 14th, which is monday. the promotion takes place between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 each day. they will debut the signature red holiday cups on this was. green is already out. >> that was it is the newest sensation online. it is called the mannequin challenge. groups of people are imitating mannequin statues. the goal of the challenge is you create the craziest scene possible with frozen people. >> it is believed to have been created by high school students in jacksonville, florida, and now professional sports teams are getting into the act.
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play? >> there you go. >> we'll go through there. this is cool. this is cheerleading. >> that is tough. that is hard to do. >> everyone is frozen to do. i love that one. good job. here we go. this is kentucky with the entire arena participating. that is not going to work either. what is wrong with my finger, john? >> do you want me to try? >> let's try this one. >> no, it doesn't want to go either. if you do a still frame it is perfect. so let's give it a try here at fox 10. we did our best. nothing dramatic but you can see the result. >> we had everyone so quiet in the studio. it has never been that quiet in the studio the entire time i
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weather wall. brian from promotions. jeff from promotions. dave munsey. it was cool. >> it was very cool. the only instruction was do not blink. >> i stared into your eyes for 30 seconds. >> it was weird. >> it was very weird. if you want to see it, we put it on our facebook page. people cleaning up after a not hit near california. >> tomorrow is election day. the works under way for the upcoming inauguration. later, many critics consider "citizen cain" the best movie but in one survey it does not
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chilling details about a self-confessed killer. recently taken into custody in south carolina, todd kohlhepp was arrested after a missing woman was found chained inside a metal shipping container. his criminal history began here in arizona back in the 1980's. he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl at that nicole garcia spoke with the attorney who represented kohlhepp back in that time. she joins us live now. >> reporter: in 1987, when todd kohlhepp attended mcclintock high school, he admitted to kidnapping his neighbor and raping her. his former attorney remembers him as a deeply disturbed and troubled individual. 45-year-old todd kohlhepp was convicted for rape in 1987. now, he is a suspected serial


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