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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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coming up, a is -- cement truck crash at a busy intersection. what happened to the driver when the truck rolled over? donald trump chalked arizona in his win column but could that be changing? a father is in trouble after the school sets up cameras and catches him in the act. you will be stunned they say he was doing. thank you for joining us tonight. parents at navajo elementary school complained about a man who they say people saw him touching himself repeatedly on school grounds. they put cameras in place and the cameras caught him in a disturbing act. matt rodewald is live at the school tonight.
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parent who would touch himself while trying to drop his kid off for the day at navajo elementary school. he would have to sign in for his child at 8:35 and the activity would happen on a day-to-day basis in a 15 minute time period. a detective witnessed the act within the last two weeks on camera and in person. the report indicated this may have happened with her older 18-year-old son a long he was arrested and charged facing 20 counts of public sexually indecency. according to the police report, teachers say this has been going on since august but scottsdale authorities say they weren't notified until two weeks ago. we tried to talk to the family but they would not answer any of our questions. we spoke with neighbors who indicated a lot of police
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>> cop cars lined up. there was a c.s.i. van outside. any time we saw doors open and close we would pop our heads outside but we haven't gotten my answers. reporter: the school district released this statement tonight saying they notified law enforcement immediately after finding out something suspicious was going on. still, marc, the timeline from reporting from teachers to school officials to authorities still remains a little tonight. we are reporting live in scottsdale. matt rodewald, fox 10 news. it with was the heart of the i-10 shooting case. we're talking about ballistics that linked leslie merritt jr.'s gun to the shootings. his attorneys say the bullets
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could not be linked to merritt's weapon at all. he spent seven months behind befores until the charges were dropped. a 3-inch water pipe broke at one of the dorms. the water was turned off and a cleaning crew was called in. there is no word when the students will be able to return to their the presidential election is over for a week but some people are trying to influence the electoral college vote. arizona is one of the states that the electors are not required to vote for the winning candidate. >> reporter: arizona has 11 members of the electoral college and one of the electors says he has been bombarded with requests to not support donald trump.
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holding out hope they can convince ewelcome or thes in the electoral college to change their minds. >> i got e-mails and phone calls on my blackberry and computer at home telling me we should, basically, abstain from voting for trump. >> reporter: gutierrez a long time republican says he received more than 300 work account on election day but has no desire to change his vote. >> i vote for donald trump for the president of the united states. >> reporter: it appears to be happening where electors are not bound to their state's popular vote as a bill was filed that
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college. as protests continue all over the country, including one in washington, d.c. >> calm down. people need to accept what the arizona voters and who they picked to be their president by winning arizona. >> reporter: about half of the states in the u.s. do not require the electors to vote for >> how do people get chosen to be an electorate? >> reporter: the respected parties pick the members of the electoral college. as we just reported, it is not really clear who they are going to vote for although they all committed for the party, they are not required to vote for the winning candidate. the party is over before it
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205 that would have made recreational marijuana legal in arizona. with just under 52% of the ballot against the proposal, the backers have conceded defeat. the ballots against helen purcell. she conceded defeat in her bid for re-election for a job she has had since 1988. voters can't forget about the lock lines from the presidential preference adrian fontes will take over for purcell. a building will be renovated to be the new maricopa county attorneys a office. the building set empty and the work should be completed by spring of 2019. a proposal to have a memorial to commemorate the 2011 tragedy is in need of more
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foundation is airing public service announcements trying to get the memorial. construction will cost $ 4.5 million and could set to start in july. surveillance cameras captured remarkable video as a cement truck loses control and rolls on its side. let's take another look at the video. the driver making a left turn near a yellow light when he loses control and flips on its side 10 feet away from a bus stop. >> he turned too fast and you can see him trying to turn the steering wheel the other way and just flipped. what is amazing is no one, including the driver was hurt. coming up after the break, in "star wars," princess leia was in love with hans solo but what happened when george lucas called cut?
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secret. who will likely fill donald trump's cabinet when he takes over the white house? a small town mayor with a big problem after she responds to a social media post about melania trump and michelle obama and now she is out of a job. you can follow me on twitter.
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winning the election may have been the it turns out winning the election may have been the easy pat. donald trump and his vice presidential pick mike p went over more names these try to fill more crucial jobs. carl cameron has the latest. >> reporter: mike pence who replaced new jersey governor chris christie returned to trump tower to start filling in the roster. rudy giuliani has emerged a favorite for secretary of state. steve munchkin is considered a favorite.
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biggest tax bill passed. >> reporter: ben carson was angling for secretary of human services and separately being considered for secretary of education. he told the campaign he would be more helpful to the movement outside of the administration. newt gingrich is trying to create a new post for himself. >> you have to have the ability to look beyond the immediate fight and figure out how does it fit the longterm >> reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions the first senator to endorse trump is a frontrunner for defense secretary but also being considered as attorney general. trump staffers, not the candidate, inquired if it might be possible for the children to get security clearances. tomorrow mike pence visits congressional leaders.
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surge to some organizations since donald trump was elected president. aclu says they have received its largest support in donations. planned parenthood says more than 128,000 people have made donations suns the election -- since the election. the mayor of a small town of west virginia has resigned after making derogatory statements the mayor of town of clay resigned over her response to a facebook post. she said it will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady back in the white house. i'm tired of seeing an ape in heels. the mayor's response, just made my day, pam.
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had spread. >> it is inappropriate. when you put something on the internet, you can't take it back. >> the town's uproar over the comments cost the mayor her job. >> reporter: we have got changes coming in the weather. it has been warm. we have records in the state today, about 12 of them. we will see them change a little bit in the next couple of days. we'll have weather. sweetie, you know what we're craving right now?
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include the sky walk and the hualapai lodge. it is expected to top 1.1 million visitors. i have never been to the sky walk there but looks like a great view if you're not afraid of heights. >> reporter: it does not look much of a drop. i don't know if i would go on that. i'm not sure. >> a lot of people are. >> reporter: i would love to >> absolutely. >> reporter: it has been warm. we had records today. things are going to turn around a little bit. what you're looking at, the temperature right there is going to be the high temperature in a couple of days or near it. we may get it to 72 but no wind at this hour. that is 71 degrees. 63 in surprise. 62 in maricopa. mesa, 64 degrees at the present time. you can see the action here off to the north and northwest of us
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elevation snow. they will get more snow as that storm intensifies a little bit. we do have windy conditions, at least through thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. up in the northwestern portion of the state is where we're seeing that. 86 degrees for the high today. there is an 85 in scottsdale. 84 in glendale. we take a look at the high temperatures around the state. there is a record in prescott 79. a record in flagstaff at 72. there is a record at 67 in page. show low is a record. that is a tied record in winslow at 75. window rock that is a record as well at 73. we did have a few of those records around. overnight lows, we're not seeing records but we are getting them down lower. you see mesa at 54. 60 at sky harbor.
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ahwatukee at 56 degrees overnight. we had 59 this morning. 76 this afternoon. there is your record high at 90. record low at 33. here is what we're forecasting for tomorrow. you can see the temperatures coming down off of the 86-degree reading. a few 70's found their way into the forecast. we are forecasting 69 in prescott. 70 at 58 at flagstaff. 84 in casa grande. 86 in yuma. looking across the country, boy, got a big, wide area here. nice temperatures. warmer than it should be for this time of the year. 10-15 degrees warmer and we see a little bit of active weather across montana and in the northwest. this was the hardest hit area.
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this is a lazy storm moving slowly over the particular area and that is causising the rain o pile up. overnight, 60 degrees. the changes will bring 80 degrees and a few clouds tomorrow. that will turn to 72 on thursday. 77 on friday. through the weekend, we'll pick up another 80. back to the 70's and 60's after that. watch your kids around water. >> all right, dave. the original "star wars," thingsot princess leia and hans solo. carrie fischer reveals a closely guarded secret. while filming the original "star wars" movie, she and harrison ford had an affair when he was still married.
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big news about the annual fiesta bowl-- some big news about the annual fiesta bowl. the big game has a new sponsor. play station will be the tit sponsor, which will be on december 31 at the university of phoenix stadium. arizona cardinals taking a break from football to play in a video game competition to play against our mill. the competition hosts military members and professional athletes. members of the air force
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>> it is great to come out and interact with people who defend our freedom. >> reporter: today's event was the sixth annual competition. cardinals' player tyrann mathieu also known as the honey badger handing out thanksgiving meals at the first annual tyrann's turkeys. he is donating $20,000 to help the united food bank along with another food bank in new orleans. it will provide backpacks full of food the school year. it is great to see these athletes doing such great things. >> reporter: he has been special getting out more and more and not forgetting his hometown of new orleans. speaking of the cardinals, this is going to be an intriging weekend to say the least. what's in the cards as they prepare for a tough challenging road game at the minnesota vikings? running back david johnson sizes
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>> reporter: what in the name of bud grant and joe cap is going on with the minnesota vikings? they started the season 5-0. they lost their last four games. injuries are a big part of it. they lost key players along the offensive line and adrian peterson. the cardinals have to win the final drive against the 49ers.
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and carson palmer stepping up and making the big play and played big into that. it was a slim victory but you take it anyway you can get it. david johnson set up the 34-yard field goal. you move forward and look at the next game. the next game up, the minnesota vikings. >> very beneficial. we talked about coming and wanting to know week. it gets a little momentum going. for me, i need to work on that stuff and especially in the run game that i'm there helping out the team. >> reporter: the schedule for this sunday starts here on fox. the kickoff show at 9:00 a.m. the cardinals at the vikings at 11:00. for the sun devils, it was a
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how many times have you heard todd graham talk about ball security? they travel to the washington huskies. the huskies are coming off of their first loss of the season at the hands of usc. todd graham cannot stand any kind of turnover when it comes to his football team and that is the issue at hand when they travel to washington this saturday. >> number one key is turnover ratio and rush defense, offense that affects us scoring points. it don't matter what year it is, you look at the top four or five guys with the turnover and there will be a correlation. >> reporter: we'll talk about a.s.u. and cardinals on our facebook page moments on sports after dark.
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bakersfield. keep in mind, ka'deem al didn't play. 15 points, many from the perimeter and how about this? colby simmons with the bucket here. the freshman, 7-footer from finland was big. he stepped up with 26 points and nails the big shot here and the cats figure out a way to hold off bakersfield. big three there. 78-66, the final tonight. cats win over cal state bakersfield. every time i mention minnesota vikings, dave has flashbacks with the real good guys. cardinals have a tough road game. we'll talk about that on sports night after dark. >> we'll see you there. "modern family" is up next.
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