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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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resisting arrest. she tells us she was just trying to defend herself against an aggressive officer because she knew the warrant out for her arrest had been cleared. flagstaff police confirmed there was no active arrest warrant. but the officer did not know that. >> hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> marissa morris claims the flagstaff police officer punched her in the face twice as he >> aggressive. rude, totally and completely disrespectful. no regard for another human. he was just like attack marissa. >> flagstaff police found out about the incident through social media. officer bernard has been placed on a paid suspension. >> i was shocked to be honest when i saw the video. but as i reviewed it, more times i realized there are more questions to be answered. >> she bears no physical scars,
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are emotionally scarred and humiliated by the incident. >> show us where you were hit. >> right here in the face and then twisted my arm. and i can barely move my arm. >> what was going through your mind as this officer had his hands on you? >> why me? what did i do to deserve anything like that? i did not kick him. i did not put my hands on him in any harmful way. i just trying to protect myself. >> the police are saying you kicked him in th >> i did not. i did not even raise my leg to kick anybody. >> flagstaff police is conducting an internal investigation. the northern arizona university police department is conducting a criminal investigation looking into officer bernard's actions. he has been with the flagstaff police department for three years. i'm nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." no doubt the story it has a lot of you sounding off on your facebook page and some of the comments, brian writes for all you trying to back up the police
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with the woman that is much smaller than him there is no reason he should have ever put his hands on her other than to arrest her and last i checked you didn't have to punch an unarmed woman in the face to do that. gary says you grab at a police officer you get punched in the face. keep your hands to yourself. designed to keep you and the officer safe and all will be well. and miles writes i live in flagstaff and this officer help med and some friends when a man approached us and threatened to shoot us. and officer bernard i thought he was the most chillest and cool cop in flagstaff. such a nice and cool person went and did this. we like to know what you think. send us your feedback at 10 phoenix. three corrections officers are injured at a prison complex in florence. this happened yesterday at the eyman facility and those injured employees were treated at the whom the department of of corrections is investigating what happened. 9 main involved will be facing
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two years after an asu student from iowa drowned while in custody in missouri, a settlement is reached if a civil lawsuit filed by that man's res of it. the state will pay $9 million to the family of brandan ellingson. in 2014 investigators say the young man was boating while intoxicated on lake of out glrks. a state trooper took him into custody on a patrol boat. while being transported ellingson fell overboat. the life vest put on him was not properly secured and he drown a jury found the trooper didn't have adequate training for what happened. may have seen this today. some huge flames and lot of smoke as firefighters were battling a fire at a metal recycling plant southwest of downtown phoenix. skyfox over the scene this afternoon right near 35th avenue and broadway and the crews on the ground were on a ladder and were spraying water on those flames trying to contain it but there were tense moments after a crane collided with a ladder truck and the firefighters were in the bucket
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luckily they were not hurt. firefighters from avondale joined in on this effort as well. you see the piles of scrap metal left smolders. still no word exactly how that fire started. two former executives including an east valley man are under arrest on federal charges tonight they are accused of bilking shareholders and a major pharmaceutical company in a multi-million dollar fraud and kick back scheme. the gilbert resident gary tanner and -- called fila door they are facing counts of wire fraud as well as money laundering and conspiracy. the federal investigators say those men secretly conspired to get together to create filader to market and distribute valiant drugs. and then pocket a lot of the money for themselves. the crime allegedly boils down to this. tanner was a senior executive at valiant. as such, he owed all of his
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in violation of those duties tanner secretly agreed with davenport to puff up filader's business. why? so that eventually valiant would pay $100 million for the right to buy filader. valiant has been under fire for jacking of prices of old drugs that had little to no competition and artificiallien flaiting its sales made through filader. >> largest solar company in the u.s. is laying off a its work force. 1600 people are losing their jobs at first solar. now the company says it expects to lose money this year due to a decline in demand for solar products in china. and it's also phasing out older products and speeding up production of its new product line. driving in the west valley business to get a whole lot easier. adot nearly done with its first phase of a major construction project to try to ease the traffic at that intersection of bell road and grand avenue in surprise. if you have been there you know
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>> after months of construction on the grand avenue bell road -- 3we89 road interchange, the new bridge is completedded and that means drivers in the west valley will be able to use bell road again on tuesday the 22nd barring any crazy weather that happens. that end date is right on track with adot estimates. construction began here in april. the bell road bridge is a big part of the $49.1 million project and it's meant to reduce traffic and make life a lot easier for commuters out here. prior to construction, intersection, one of the busiest in the valley had traffic lights and long wait times as trains would make their way through a real pain that adot hopes will be eliminated thanks to the bridge. the work here is not done quite yet. >> re-opening bell road is the immediate milestone, but the project team needs to complete the ramps that are going to connect the grand avenue to and from the new bridge so we are looking forward to that. that will be completed this spring. >> until this bridge opens up on
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closed. in surprise, liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." a crews from arizona humane society rescue a dog that was stuck in a canal. take a look at this witness says they saw the husky that had been swimming in a canal near 48th street and southern for over an hour and she had wounds on her paws from trying to climb out. she had to squeeze behind that canal grate you saw there to get out of the water. the humane society was called out to the scene and were able to pull the dog out and the news is they were able to re-unite her with her owners. the st. mary's food bank short on their goal for turkeys and thanksgiving is a week away. they are hoping to collect 5,000 turkeys before monday when st. mary's will start distributing the food box for the holiday. they are expecting to help more than 12,000 people in need. but at this point they say some of them may not get a turkey unless more people will step forward and donate. thanksgiving is really snuck up on a lot of people.
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than in any of the years have been here and people who have been here longer than me telling me this is a tough situation right now. that's true. thanksgiving really has snuck up on a lot of people this year but if you like to help out, you donate turkeys at 26 different albertson's and safeway locations. we have a link to the list of those on our website, you plan on frying your turk these thanksgiving, the phoenix fire department wants to make sure you do so safely otherwise for disaster. kari lake has more. >> this is the wrong way to fry a turkey on thanksgiving. one jiewrk frozen turkey. two, you have too much oil. >> today phoenix firefighters put on a demonstration to show us how to safely fry a thanksgiving turkey. >> so now you have oil all over either your patio or the back yards this they first showed us the wrong way to do it. you have a propane tank now sitting in oil.
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have a leak of your propane and this is going to happen if you aren't doing it the right way. >> and then they elaborated on the right way. >> important thing to remember is you need to be in a safe space and don't be under a overhang on your patio. >> they advise you to make sure the turkey is not too wet and not frozen. >> the correct way is you want to put your turkey in a pot first without anything in it and then fill up with water. to where you reach that desired level and that's the amount of oil you w >> and then make sure you have a thermometer to fry the turkey at 350 degrees. if something is still goes wrong, there is a way to prepare for that. >> you want to make sure you get a fire extinguisher. >> every thanksgiving phoenix fire gets calls about fryer fires. this year they want to make sure you return one of those calls. kari lake, "fox 10 news." they taste so good but you to make sure you are doing it the right way. still ahead an american and two others blast off to the
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today. and we hear how a local company is helping create a satellite to assist in forecasting major weather events. a little bit of change, you feel those cooler temperatures out there. p will cool off tonight and stay pretty nice over the next couple of days here. we will take a look at weather
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tragic story here as more than 70 people who gathered to buy fuel in mozambique are dead after the tanker truck exploded. that truck was taking fuel to residents when it caught fire. more wounded and many of them have severe burns. it's not clear exactly what caused that blast but one theory speculates it could have been a lightning strike. in washington today, james clapper the nation's current intelligence chief announced he has submitted his resignation to president obama. last night and this afternoon donald trump offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn the host of retired security adviser. no word if he accepted that job and wouldn't require senate
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joel waldman has more. the president-elect hunkered down in trump tower working on the transition once again meeting with influential political players. today's list includes everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinger and former general jack keen to sitting governors nikki haley and rick scott who could be potential cabinet contenders. one of mr. trump's top aides quashing media reports about transition turmoil. >> the president-elect has slid into because he is a transactional guy. somebody who is used to reviewing information, getting many different inputs. >> vice-president-elect mike pence making the rounds in washington meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and republican house speaker paul ryan and democratic leaders senator chuck shiewm and congress woman nancy pelosi. pence assuring both sides the new trump administration will
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will be the first of many conversations as we move forward toward inauguration and thereafter. >> half a world away in germany on his final overseas trip, president obama discussing the ongoing anti-trump protests here at home. the commander-in-chief telling president-elect trump to get used to it. while offering words of advice to those who are unhappy with mr. trump's victory. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >> and fox news president-elect trump will meet with one of his biggest republican critics this weekend, former massachusetts governor mitt romney. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. the engines will fire ramping up toward flight speed. and liftoff. >> sosoyuz rocket blasting off into space today. the crew lifted off from a
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went into orbit eight mights lailer. will travel for two days before it will dock. the veteran nasa astronaut is celebrating her 57th birthday in february that will make her the oldest woman ever to visit space. local company help create a nasa satellite launched into space on saturday from florida. it will help scientists forecast major weather events. the company has called qaltic to help create the satellite. it will detect heavy rainfall, flash flooding and risks at sea. and it will watch the sun for giant energy explosions. that satellite will be in orbit for ten years. and monitor the western hemisphere. >> coming up, we got our own version of the weather monitor, dave munsey is here with a look at the weekend forecast and also what the thanksgiving holiday looks like when we come back. and be sure to follow us on instagram and share your images using the hashtag,
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you know it's been nice and we had cloud cover the last couple of days. the sunsets have been amazing. >> sunsets have been beautiful. we do have a little bit of a temperature inversion and so we trap a little dirty air in there
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it's an amazing thing. gives it a orange hue. the sunsets have been beautiful. the weather has been absolutely fantastic here through the day today. and through the last couple of days with these temperatures coming down just a little bit. 63 degrees at fountain hills. 63 at cave creek. 66 at sky harbor. and 63 in surprise. very popular number right now. you see the front as it rolls through during the day bringing breezy and cooler out here that is going to seed in and make a difference. look at this yeah, freeze warnings all around the state and just to the north of us as well. just a little reminder for the folks out there because they know that stuff is coming. 23-mile-per-hour winds at bullhead city and you can see here we went to 72 degrees today at sky harbor. had 72 also at glendale. 71 up in deer valley. and 70 degrees in chandler and
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54 degrees at show low. 54 degrees at prescott. 57 in sedona. and 45 at flagstaff. you see at page 59, 72 degrees down on the desert floor at gila bend and yuma 73. 46 degrees overnight in scottsdale. 42 in gateway. 49 here in the city and 43 at surprise. this is early this morning. 56 late this afternoon. 72, 75 and 52 low. there is your record high at 87. your record low at 32. let's see what we are looking at here across the country.& you can see a little bit of something developing and kind of moving up into the high plains. so we will keep our eye on that as it continues to develop. 49 overnight. 76 degrees for tomorrow. just a beautiful day for you. 81, 82 as we go into the weekend. yes, those are six that you see to start next week and there is
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watch your kids around water. dave, i will take those 60s and take that turkey. and i will take larry fitzgerald and the cardinals in minnesota. fitz with a homecoming of sorts. we hear from larry fitzgerald as he gets ready to take on the vikings in minnesota. the details coming up right
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the cardinals haven't i know the cardinals haven't posted the roard most people expected but the boys are still in the playoff hunt and larry fitzgerald seems to get better with age and each game did you see him this past sunday? 12 catches for 133 yards. fit has been doing it all year long. he was fantastic in week one against the patriot and got-to guy every game since and you know larry would love to have a big game come sunday. fitzgerald is larry was the ball boy for the vikings when he was a kid. there was some concern for fitz after he took a big hit this past weekend but there is no need to worry. larry will play this sunday and actually he was playful with offensive coordinator harold goodwin after practice earlier today. >> he is behind you. you should ask him. i think every game means something to liary. i don't think it's home. i think he wants to win and at the end of date we all want to win. i don't think it has anything to
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we need to come home 2-0 in the second half of the season. >> why are you not taking -- nawbl nawbl -- >> you got to be smart when you make business decisions and i'm making a smart business decision. i love it when larry is one of us and slums with the media. when you think about it every game for the cardinals is a big one from here on out. the boys need a win streak going and yes, you watch their game this sundayig it's the cardinals taking on the vikings right here on fox 10. we will have a crew in minnesota for that game. check in on the d-backs. the arizona diamondbacks have a new bench coach. ron gardenhire. ewas the manager for the twins. he comes with plenty of experience. the d-backs will keep their hitting coach, pitching coach and first base coach as well. good moves for the d-backs. they are making moves and asu comes up short against northern iowa and that's why kari lake is
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well. >> are you going to minnesota? >> i will. >> will we see the fedora? >> the gloves, fedora you name >> give you a couple of tips on minnesota weather before you leave. >> you are ready for it. >> 31 when you land. >> wow, get ready for that. >> cold just hearing that. >> "tmz" is next we are back at
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got blake shelton out with gwen stefani. he talks about an openly gay country singer. >> ty herdnon is coming out with his first album since he came out as gay. >> i like ty herndon. i hope the album is great. >> i listened to it. it's amazing. it's not the old country either. it's more poppy. harvey: bro country? pharvey: would you stop it! >> in 2014, mariah carey only made $6 million. harvey: enter james packer. >> now it makes sense. she's going after a billionaire. >> i don't think she's a gold digger. >> she's a gold digger. >> do you really think she's a gold digger? >> yes! >> snoop dogg. he was roasted last night at the avalon. which is put on by russell


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