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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now. thanks for joining us. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. an investigation under way right now in a casa grande neighborhood. skyfox over the scene where we are told an officer-involved shooting took place, and we have confirmed no officers were hurt, but right now the condition of the suspect is unclear, as to what led to the shooting even. stick with fox 10 for details. good evening, er thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, being on a new college campus can be tough but then add in the extra ingredient of not being able to see. >> he says the other students are not always sensitive to his needs. stefania okolie is live on a.s.u. campus with his story. >> yeah, john and kari, and that is why the first year transfer student joey says that things are especially hard. he says that many of the
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not very attentive to his long white cane, that cane that he uses for his independence to get where he needs to go. >> it's freedom for me, because i can go where i want to with this long white cane. >> a first year transfer student, he navigates through a.s.u.'s downtown campus. >> independent i am as a blind person. >> his cane protecting him from what he can't see. he says he considers himself no different, but students in his dorm hall aren't paying attention, and that's a struggle. >> people aren't paying attention as i walk through with my cane, and that's
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taken his concerns to the hall's facebook page. >> they are tripping on it because they are not paying attention or kicking it off the ground, like it's debris. >> it's a threat to his freedom, his way of life. >> if they break the cane, then it's me stranded with nowhere to go until it gets replaced. >> and tonight he's hoping to raise awareness. he says there are students out there just like him who deserve that level of respect. he wants people to care. >> yes, i can do everything you guys can. i live like the sighted community. i just have different ways of going about taking care of things. >> reporter: yeah, and that of course takes patience. now, a.s.u. did release a statement to us. it was quite lengthy. part of that statement included them saying we hold all of our students to a high standard and
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an educational environment that encourages diversity and inclusivity. now, joey did tell me that he does appreciate that the steps the campus is making to make things comfortable for him. in fact, he says that the disability resources center is allowing him and some other students who are disabled to host a panel in which students from a.s.u. can come and ask them questions and figure out how they can adjust to the way of life here on campus. we are live at a.s.u. this evening. i'm stefania okolie, fox 10 news. you cannot arrest me until i know you have a warrant. >> hey, hey, you can't hit a girl like that! >> more fallout tonight after a flagstaff police officer is caught on camera punching a woman in the face. the incident happened earlier this week when the officer was helping to serve an eviction notice. the officer claims that the woman was kicking him in the groin, but she says that did not happen. now civil rights leaders and the woman who was punched in the
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jeff bonar to be fired. >> if this was anyone of us as a citizen, we would be in jail right now for an assault charge. just because you're an officer doesn't mean that you can break the law and assault somebody. >> anybody else in any workforce would be fired if they were to hit anybody. >> and raising even more questions, the officers did not have his body camera turned on during that altercation. the officer is an paid administrative leave, which is standard, while the city investigates. tonight, mill avenue is back open after a major crash that happened during rush hour. numerous cars involved and a couple of trucks, one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. well, we thought there was going to be skiing at snow bowl in flagstaff today. it turned out it was a no go. they had planned to open today but it didn't happen because the temps overnight were too warm for the manmade snow. they couldn't make it overnight. they are going to give it
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they say there is a 70% chance that it will open. >> and they aren't blaming dave munsey. >> no, he is just collateral damage. >> he is probably coming into their dialogue over the last 24 hours. dave, the question, will they be able to get the snow made? >> to tell you the truth, i'm a little confused by that because if you take a look up here, flagstaff was at 15 degrees last night, the grand canyon at 17 degrees, and the snow bowl at a little bit than that, you would have thought the machines would have made a little bit of snow last night. the big story right here, 47 degrees, that's as cold as it's been in phoenix since february the 7th where the morning low was exactly there at 47 degrees, and as we take a look at it, you can see, look at all of these temperatures below the freeze mark across the state today, and we did have a freeze warning out last night as well. this is the way things look right now, 24 in flagstaff, 60 degrees right here in phoenix, and then your forecast for this evening, that
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is just about where it's going to get. we are going to drop a few more degrees here down to 51 degrees, and you can see some of these other numbers are going to be right at or below the freeze mark. so the cold weather is here, at least for a couple of days. we'll show you some warmer weather pictures in just a moment. >> okay, dave, thank you. as crews continue to work on the loop 202 freeway extension in ahwatukee people who there say their homes have been invaded by scorpions, some saying they have found a dozen in and around their homes every week since construction began. they believe the habitats were disturbed by construction. >> it's not uncommon now to find ten or 15 scorpions a week, in the garage, outside, in a house. we found one in a bed last
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problem. >> oh, that would not be good. and experts say the freeway construction may not be the only factor. they say the weather change, getting cooler, also could be it blame. >> i think most of it is going to be from the weather change. scorpions don't like to be cold, so a lot of times they are going to start gravitating indoors to get warm, and then they will be in your house when the summer kicks up. that's when they will see a spike inside. >> anytime you start moving earth and tearing down stuff, they will move. they will move to other locales. meantime, a private constructio and said he found no spike in scorpions. new at noon tonight, fox 10 was there when somebody dumped off this dog at maricopa animal care and control.
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this is something that happens all the time, but this dog got lucky. >> kari, we are here at animal care and control. i just want to show you that this is the bench right here that this dog was chained to and abandoned. i just want to tell you what happened. about a month ago, we were out here doing a live shot for a completely different story. we noticed this dog sitting here, so we called animal care and control. they came out here and got her. she was in fact abandoned. somebody just came here, dropped her off and left. now, what you are about to see here, you're gng she is doing much better and feeling much better. >> that could have been considered abandonment if they came and obviously whoever it did it had the intention of leaving the dog behind. >> about a month ago, this purebred female belgian malinois was found outside maricopa county animal care and control, chained to this bench and abandoned.
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emaciated. >> that same dog, this is her today. she has been given the name vixen, and as you guys can see, she's healthy, happy, ready for adoption thanks to saving paws rescue. >> she's in good hands now and will have a much better life going forward. >> because of the new hope program, animal care and control is able to pair with more than 100 rescues, saving paws one of them. they specialize this german shephards and malinois and what they do is get them ready for them and save them from euthanasia. >> we see 36,000 animals every year, so we don't have the ability to prescreen adopters and check out the home. >> vixen is now ready to find her forever home. they say she is very smart, loving and full of life. >> a family for a dog like this is going to be a family that's around a lot. this is a kind of dog that needs to have people around and have the dog be very active, because
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>> and gable says unfortunately but if you do choose to do this, you could be charged with abandonment. she says the better way to do it, she says they do understand that some people need to get rid of dogs and stuff like that, but bring it here during business hours. there is a $51 charge for that, but just the right way to do this. as far as vixen, if you do want to adopt her, she is available. you can go to our website, there is a link there where you reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> thanks, danielle. well, president elect donald trump won't have to showing up in court or a big protracted court battle. he has agreed to pay $25 million to settle the trump university lawsuits. that settlement announced by the new york attorney general today. the deal still needs to be approved by the judge. these lawsuits were filed because trump university students paid up to $35,000 in tuition and say they did not get
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the settlement comes as president elect donald trump announces three more top level positions in his administration. trump selecting kansas congressman mike pompeo to lead the cia, alabama senator jeff sessions for the attorney general, and retired lieutenant general michael flynn for nationally national security advisor. >> we have got a great number of men and women with great qualifications who have come forward to serve this new administration, and i'm just humbled to be a part of it. our agency teams have begun to arrive at agencies in washington, dc this morning, beginning with we are very confident it will be a smooth transition. >> tomorrow in new jersey, donald trump is expected to meet with one of his fiercest republican critics, mitt romney, about a possible role. maybe, it's being bandied about, as secretary of state. trump is also scheduled to meet
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chancellor michelle rhee about a possible secretary of education position. well, it's a busy weekend in the valley. a lot going on, tons of events happening, but that could mean traffic problems downtown. we have got a look at all of the pw they are preparing for all of these events. a story you will only see on fox 10, they risk their lives every day while dealing with the risk of getting sick because of their jobs. tonight, the story of some valley firefighter w their insurance companies. plus, an update on a story we first brought you earlier tonight on fox 10 news at 5:00. it looks like a valley woman who was scammed out of money when she bought adele tickets may get
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feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00, with john hook and kari lake. it's going to be a great weekend to get outside, thanks
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are a number of events happening in downtown phoenix to keep you busy, including the second annual pizza festival, as well as the arizona hip-hop festival. >> but it's going to be busy because of all of the action downtown, road closures, restrictions you need to know about, let's show you some of them beginning at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. both directions of van buren from 7th street to 7th avenue will be heavily restricted while crews work on a project. that's been going on. in fact, we have been dodging this one. that project will continue through sunday a now, take a look at this. also tomorrow, this is the arizona hip-hop festival. that's at comerica theater. streets around the theater will be closed to cars. closures begin at 3:00 p.m. and will last until early sunday morning. finally, there's the girls on the run 5k event. that's in the heart of downtown, begins and ends at the state capitol, and that means that much of washington and jefferson will be closed beginning at 7:30
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roads should reopen by 11:00 a.m., but if you plan to come downtown, you definitely won't be board. there's a lot going on. marcy jones is live with more on one festival that should make every pizza lover very happy. >> exactly, i was just going to say, john, if your idea of heaven is walking around, being able to try tons of gooey slices of pizza, we will be t. hans park. we wanted to see what went into all of this and wanted to get a free slice of pizza too, and it turns out there's a lot more to this than you might see. for many, this is arguably the most amazing sight in the world, pizza. for the owner of this restaurant, it isn't just delicious. it's a way of life. >> my son and daughter have grown up in this place.
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she was born. she was ten, and he's going to be seven. >> few things bring people together like dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella. >> it's crazy. we are one of the only pizzerias who have a food last year i couldn't keep up fast enough. this year i'm ready to go. >> they will be tossing them at the pizza festival, the same they they do every day at the phoenix and glendale locations. there is one item he's more familiar with than his pizzas, a little something called humble pie. >> all i do is make pizza. it's nothing special, but if i can put my passion into something and people appreciate
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>> lots of names that you might recognize, dozens of places around the valley are going to be here tomorrow, 11:00 to 5:00, we don't you don't want to miss it. >> walking around eating pizza. >> marcy gets the best stuff, doesn't she? >> i know, while the ironman weekend. this is the gauntlet. >> our photo journalist, john netzel is doing this. >> i was on the road with john for the conventions, and he was working out during the conventions, and those were 18-hour days. it was insane. they loop around the lake through papago park. we have got details on
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>> how could somebody do that to somebody that's giving them $250? i have been saving for four months. i have been working so hard to get that money, and now i don't even get to go to the concert. >> we are following up on a story that we first told you about on fox 10 news at 5:00. sidney pauker says that she paid $250 on craigslist in change for tickets for next week's adele concert in phoenix. but she says the man never sent her the the money. after our story aired, we received a lot of phone calls, and one of those calls was from a woman with extra adele tickets who has offered to take sidney to that concert. >> wow. >> pretty generous. >> we have got cool viewers. >> we definitely do. to do that, i don't know that i would be able to part with a ticket like that. >> you would sell them on craigs list. >> no, i would go. i think i would go. >> still ahead -- well, she's
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all right. still ahead, they say ignorance is bliss, and that's how this man is choosing to live. more than a week after the election, he still doesn't know who won the presidency, still doesn't know. we'll explain how he managed to avoid the great reveal. >> well, i hope he's keeping up with the suns, the cardinals, and the rest of the local teams. we hoop it up tonight with the suns taking on the pacers, looking for a rare road things were looking good for the suns until this happened. you hate to say this, suns star devin booker in some serious pain. we'll explain later in the show. well, a chilly night tonight, those temps coming down very nicely here. it won't be as cold as it was last night. last night got us down into the upper 40s. we'll take a look at weather,
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well, some snowy conditions across the country, from colorado to minneapolis, boy, i'll tell you, they are really getting hit. this is some stuff i believe out of minnesota, where they picked up several inches of snow, plus they had 60 miles an hour winds in some of these areas. so that is not a good mix, as you can see. things were slowed down and traffic was quite light. that and there were some problems, a lot of accidents as well. this is that same area what's happening here. blizzard warnings, and not only blizzard warnings, thunderstorm warnings in the same area, just a little bit further south and then winter storm warnings throughout that area as well. hey, big difference, huh? yeah, 60 degrees here, winds southwest at about six miles an hour. it is a friday night in the city. 64 you degrees in fountain hills right now, 61 in scottsdale, 63 at deer valley, 54 down in maricopa, and 56 degrees in
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but there is a low out here, and it does have a cold front associated with it. you can see it working its way now on to the coast. that's going to have an effect on us late sunday into monday as we put the future cast into motion. you can see sunday early here, just the cloud cover coming in. through the day, you see the moisture making its appearance, and that works into early morning. and then through the day monday we see a little bit of active weather as well. but that stuff is in and out very, very quickly, a y look at the high today at 77 degrees. we had 73 at buckeye, 75 at glendale, 76 in scottsdale today, just a beautiful day, nice temps, 63 degrees in sedona, a little cold at flagstaff at 44, and then 46 degrees up at the grand canyon. mid-70s at yuma and at gila bend. take a look at what we are forecasting for lows tonight. they're up a little bit after last night. that's up ten degrees over last
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50, 48 in surprise, 51 out at gateway. take a look at your day, 47 for the morning low, the afternoon high 77, 74 and 52 would be the normal high and low. there's your record high at 88, your record low at 31. here we go with the forecast highs. we go to 81 degrees, so we pick it up a little bit. it's not bad. it's above the seasonal norm for this time of year. 70 in sedona, 60 in flagstaff, 63 at th yuma, and 83 degrees at gila bend. take a look across the country. that storm system moving into the west that will have an effect on us, and then you can see this front moving across the country here. look at it just north to south. there's rain along the entire front, and there it is right there. you can kind of see behind it as things are starting to cool off that cooler air working its way in, and looking over here, some
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and 50s, so, yeah, there's a big change coming across the country, 57 overnight, 81 for your saturday. yeah, the weekend is upon us, folks, and we are going to have some nice looking temps back into the 70s for sunday, and then back into the 60s as we get next week started out, kind of a mixed bag. there's thanksgiving at 72 degrees with a few clouds. watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave. if you would like to receive weather alerts, especially if you're traveling over the coming week, you can c forecast 24/7. download our fox 10 weather app. it's free and available on both apple and google play stores. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news at 9:00, we will tell our kids not to do it, but it turns out swearing may not be so bad after all. we'll explain why. >> but they still can't do it. >> well -- >> not for a few more years >> yeah. >> and we have solved the mystery that unfolded in california earlier today. did you see that foam blob that literally took over the streets in one neighborhood?
9:29 pm
that. >> covering cars and stop signs. it was enormous. we'll tell you what it turned out to be. but first a story you will see only on fox 10. arizona firefighters with cancer, fighting their insurance companies for coverage, still ahead.
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whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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only on fox, some major studies have shown firefighters may be at a greater risk for getting cancer. >> yet firefighters are telling
9:32 pm
to battle the insurance companies and prove their claims that they get cancer on the job. our liz kotalik has the story. >> reporter: those studies are extensive and have revealed shocking results. one from the university of cincinnati says firefighters have a 102% greater risk of getting testicular cancer, a greater risk of nonhodgkin's lympho lymphoma. many firefighters they still go through a tedious process to prove they got their cancer on the job. without hesitation, without second thought, thousands of men and women rush to the beginning of someone's worst day. the dangers of the job are exactly what they prepare for, but there just isn't anything that prepares them for this. >> my five-year-old in kindergarten, dad, cancer is bad, right?
9:33 pm
i'm not going to die. i got this. i'm going to beat this. >> the burning synthetic fibers, the smoldering materials inside homes have been shown to be cancer causing carcinogens. years later, leukemia after 16 years in the field, a man with no prior problems and no cancer history in the family is now the first firefighter in the fairly new goodyear fire department was the first firefighter to hear the news. his friend, austin, got the diagnosis a few months later. eight years with the department, and now he has a rare form of
9:34 pm
>> i mean, nobody can tell you that your husband has an 18% chance of survival and that he is going to be the one that makes it. >> aaron and austin, parents to two little girls, gilbert and his wife, three young sons of their own, the men and their families, began fighting every way that they could, austin and aaron even moving to california to get the specialized treatment that he needed. >> it's stressful. like i said, i never thought that it would happen to >> but from day one, they say that beating cancer could never be their only concern. >> on top of being sick and paying all of your co-pays. >> i had to get a lawyer to prove that my cancer was from exposures at work. >> and that proof is crucial when you get sick or injured on the job. you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits to cover expenses like co-pays and time off. as research began emerging,
9:35 pm
firefighting, these 33 states began creating laws to ensure the process is easier. as long as you have been with the service for five years -- >> i guess that would be a perfect scenario would be that, but that's in the what happened. >> instead, gilbert has spent more than a year fig point insurance for coverage. when they denied his claim back in 2015, he says he filed a complaint with the industrial commission. we reached out to the insurance company, and they say they can't comment on specific cases, but they add it's their responsibility to, quote, "carefully evaluate each claim" and make the process, quote, "as expeditious as possible." >> frustrating is not a word that i would use. it's tenfold of frustrating. >> steven gilman is a representative for the union of professional firefighters of arizona. >> most of the members thousand
9:36 pm
difficult to prove. >> it's proof that they are required to dig up themselves, according to arizona law. he spent hours at his arizona station computer, printing out details of every call that he has been on for 16 years of service. >> it's like they are trying to prove that i did it to myself, something that i did or my family did. >> it's the same process if not more tedious for those like austin whose cancers did not >> you don't feel yourself getting cancer, so it's kind of a silly question to hear someone say which call did you get cancer on or do you remember when you got cancer. >> although he says his doctors are sure his job caused his rare sinonasal undifferentiated cancernoma, it's not specifically listed in the law, meaning that the coverage that he is supposed to be entitled to isn't ever guaranteed to him. >> if you look at it, you can
9:37 pm
to defraud anybody. we just want what we think we deserve. >> what every firefighter deserves, steve gilman says, is the benefit of the doubt when it comes to cancer of any kind. >> we are seeing huge amounts of testicular cancer, 102% according to some studies, greater risk of getting, throat cancer, kidney cancer, none of those covered currently, and that's something that we would like to see integrated into this new >> legislation still in the works that wouldn't include every cancer but would add 12 more. no changes, however, to the burden of proof, a burden that they believe has forced their cases to drag on to this day, but it's a struggle that both men say they are lucky to have. >> my main goal is recovery. i'm trying to gain weight, get energy back, and get back to work.
9:38 pm
reached, beginning life as a new firefigher in remission. >> you are back at work. >> because this is who i am. >> reporter: many would argue this fight is very clearly about money. how much, though, is hard to nail down. the industrial commission says they don't track claims by occupation, so they can't estimate the costs when a firefighter is approved workers' comp. the l coverage may bring extra premium costs to employers but putting a number to it is difficult. liz kotalik, fox 10 news. coming up, this man is living under a rock, but by choice. he doesn't want to know who won the presidency. he doesn't want to know who won the election. he hopes to keep it that way a little while longer. >> what, you open it on christmas day? or -- >> maybe january 20th, he'll be surprised at the inauguration.
9:39 pm
he's like a present you unwrap with a look at your weekend forecast right after the break. >> i've never looked at it that way. >> i'm ty brennan, on sunday morning's show, we are going to put a trendy new acne treatment to the test. with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable.
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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across america---- a bizarre day in across america, this was a bizarre day in santa clara california. all of this white stuff, it's not snow. it filled a city it's a giant blob of foam. >> and it's coming in waves. there's so much of it. unbelievable. around lunchtime is when this began pouring out of the vents of a building near an airport, and at first people had no idea what it was. the blob of foam quickly spread though covering cars, even as high as the top of stop signs, more than five feet deep in some
9:43 pm
to decided to ride his bicycle right through it. >> i couldn't see anything. literally nothing in the middle it's probably five or ten feet tall. i ran into a sign and went off the road because i couldn't see. >> it turns out the foam is some type of fire retardant. the system was being tested when it started, but it kept going and going. it'spp paccident. i don't think they meant to foam the street. the 2016 presidential election has proven to be too much for some people, and if you can believe it, there's a man in georgia who by choice still doesn't know who won the election. joe chandler is his name. he's an artist. he works from home. he says he made the last minute decision on election day to avoid immediately finding out who won. the next morning when he woke up, his mind was so at ease, he decided to keep his intentional
9:44 pm
staying away from tv, internet, and social media. when he goes out, he wears headphones and a sign that says i don't know who won and i don't want to. please don't tell me. >> i have subtracted myself from this political fracas and all of the mayhem of the digital media. i kind of found the center of the cyclone. i said, it's very peaceful in my little bubble of ignorance. >> i can't believe he doesn't know, somebody hasn't slipped, somebody di >> yeah, i mean, you would think he'd figure it out. well, chandler says it is not a protest of either candidate. he's just enjoying staying away from the topic that has been so divisive this year. he realizes it probably won't last forever. >> drivers, you might want to listen up, because we have got yet another recall to tell you about.
9:45 pm
35,000 vehicles, and a separate recall with 74,000 dodge dart because of a problem with the windshield wipers. the national average for regular unleaded falling again this week. we are now looking at about $2.15 a gallon, and sox losing a bit of ground on friday, the dow losing about 36 points, but it is still not enough to keep the dow from closing a week higher, and then after that thanksgiving feast, it is time to sleep it off, literally, because according to a new survey, a third of americans say that they will take a nap after they eat on turkey day. i thought you would know. you probably do. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. well, here comes the weekend, and early morning temperatures, they were pretty cold this morning. take a look. it's going to warm up a little bit. at sky harbor, it will be ten
9:46 pm
morning, and at cave creek 54, 48 at surprise, 53 at apache junction, but when you get up, what are you going to do? let head out and take a look. if you are heading over to san diego, saturday, 71, a few clouds. sunday, 68 and sunny. if you're heading up to las vegas, saturday, 66, nice and sunny, 70 with a few clouds on sunday. if you are heading to flagstaff, that's going to be some nice weather as well, 60 degrees on saturday, lots few clouds on sunday, and then as we get a look at tuscon, we'll be looking at saturday at 82 degrees and sunday at 81 degrees. so some nice looking temps for you, and then here we go through our weekend here in phoenix. 81 on saturday, 81 on sunday. the clouds thicken up, a chance of rain late sunday, a better chance of rain through the day on monday to bring that
9:47 pm
>> and a good looking weekend for everybody. more on weather at 10:00. >> almost a 20-degree drop on sunday. we are talking about michelle obama who wrote a dress designer a pretty controversial letter today, why she won't be involved in making dresses for anybody in the white house for at least the next four years. a reason badly the next time you let out
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i'm marc martinez. coming up tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00, st. mary's food bank is one step closer now to reaching their turkey donation goal less than a week before that holiday. what group stepped up after seeing our story just last night, plus researchers learning more now about the they think may have wiped out the dinosaurs, what they learned and more coming up tonight at 10:00. time for tonight's talkers. >> first up, if you are a business person, you want to apply to peel -- try to appeal for everybody, right? but one fashion designer who designed dresses for michelle
9:51 pm
donald trump, saying she refuses to dress the incoming first lady pmelania trump. her letter goes on to encourage fellow designers to do the same. >> what she doesn't know is that melania trump is a seamstress and can design her own dresses. >> i'm assuming some designers would bend over backwards to design a bad business move. >> she's making a statement, and i get it. >> absolutely. but do you think that's a smart business move? >> probably not. you have cut off half of your crowd, right? >> how about make the dresses and just charge a little bit more. all right. is cursing good or bad for you? a man who has written a book on the subject says the idea that swearing helps you blow off steam, or relieve anger, which i
9:52 pm
he says cursing makes people no less aggressive, but it turns out the people who swear the most also have the biggest vocabulary. >> no, i don't believe that. >> yes. and who swears more often, men or women? >> i'm going to men. >> yeah, men are much more frequent users of bad words than women are. >> i always thought that it meant that you have a better vocabulary. you can't think of a better word than a dirty word? >> sometimes there isn't a better word for a dirty >> there are one or two that are perfect for most occasions. i don't know if you know which -- >> oh, yeah, i know. >> the point is you can't say them too often. you don't want your kids learning them. >> we have got to go. >> time for you to talk back. >> and you can talk back to us in any language you like. believe me, we have heard it all on facebook. >> john is okay with the cusswords, i am not.
9:53 pm
>> that's the first time i have ever seen john hook speechless. that's the first time. he didn't know what to say. all right, we check in on the cardinals, patrick pederson, focusing on one guy. we hoop it up with a.s.u. taking on tulane, and it was a high scoring affair, the highlighting
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
9:56 pm
you're watching fox 10 sports with richard sa saenz. >> what a luxury for the arizona cardinals to have a defensive player that's so good, you can just tell him, you see that guy over there? go stop him. and that's exactly what patrick pederson does week in and week out. pat p. is matched up with the other team's wide receiver. the best wide receiver for the vikings? stefon 13 receptions a game, larry fitzgerald type stuff. that can't happen this weekend, and that's where pederson comes in handy. he'll have to make number 14 his number 1 priority, and it sounds like the all pro corner has done his homework on diggs, that's for sure. >> he doesn't look fast on film, but he has very, very good speed once you line up in front of him. he runs very, very good routes.
9:57 pm
he can catch a ball in traffic, and he's also the type of guy who loves to play with energy and passion, especially if he gets going. my job is to stop him and not let him get going and get that energy and passion throughout the time, but he is a good one >> and this game can be a good one. and that's correct, we have the game for you right here on fox 10. you can stay here in sunny arizona and check out the cardinals take on the vikings in with fox 10. the washington huskies, ball security will be key. the offense has plenty of weapon from manny wilkins to the running backs, but when wilkins drops back to pass, he needs pass protection, and once again no turnovers, especially against a team like washington. >> we have got to make sure we give ourselves the best chance to win, and we have got to take care of the ball, something we didn't do last week, and we have got to score touchdowns when we can and not have negative plays. when we do those things, we'll
9:58 pm
>> no need to make the trip to washington. we have got the game right here for you on fox 10. you can just kick back and watch the game on fox 10, and then after the game it's fox 10 news with linda and matt. more a.s.u. stuff as we check in on the sun devil basketball team, torrian graham and the guys taking on tulane, and graham showing off the hops, check out this slam, so nice we have got to look at it twice, big time where that came from, the big putback. bobby hurley, that was a good move for him and a.s.u., transfer from buffalo, graham coming up big, 20 points, big bucket. late in the ball game, a.s.u. puts it away, wins with the final score 80-71. we are not done with the basketball stuff just yet, the suns in indiana. it's the 30th year anniversary of the movie hosiers, some of the cast members at the game,
9:59 pm
a big time slim, filling in for tyson chandler, the turn around j right there is go, knight also coming in off the bench, good for 17 points, hits the jumper. the bench coming up big for the suns tonight, dudley hits it from downtown. things were looking good for the suns, and then this would happen. devin booker would twist his ankle, go down in pain a the game and not return. williams was the big story tonight, 15 points and 15 rebounds. get this, the suns bench outscores the pacers' bench 78-35, suns win final score 116-96, the bench mob coming up big time for the suns. we do it again at 10:00. we hear much more from the cardinals. he'll hear from ba and what he had to say about playing the vikings in their brand-new
10:00 pm
now it's back to the news crew. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. it's already difficult enough being a student at new university but one a.s.u. student is dealing with some added difficulties in the dorms. he is blind and says the other students there are not always sensitive to his needs, someone jumping over his cane and running into it. stefania okolie is live with the story tonight at the a.s.u. campus. stefania, are they doing it on purpose or not really paying attention? >> i think it's more that they are not paying attention. this student is bringing a situation to light that many people don't see that he deals with. he lives in a dorm hall on the downtown campus. he says many students are jumping over his cane, kicking it, and tonight he really wants those students to know what it's like to be in his shoes. >> this cane does resemble how independent i am as a blind person. >> 26-year-old joey hague meyer,


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