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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at president obama in peru president obama in peru for the asian-pacific economic cooperation summit.
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zuckerberg. zuckerberg spoke to world leaders at the summit about fake news. he acknowledged the role social media had in elections and stressed the sites have responsibility to ensure accuracy and fairness on the internet. sucker berg plans to include warning labels on false stories and working with journalists to develop a better fact-checking system. arizona senator john mccain sending a strong message to president-elect trump saying he doesn't care what trump says. the united states will not reinstate water boarding. mccain who is the chairman of the armed services committee told the halifax international security forum in canada today that harsh interrogation techniques such as water boarding will be challenged in court.
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presidential nominee mitt romney. trump is allegedly considering romney for secretary of state. he met with retired general james mattis to lead the penning. democratic leaders are not happy with everyone trump is considering for his cabinet. they have shown concern for the possibility that alabama senator jeff sessions is being considered for attorney >> he will need a thorough vetting. some of the comments are old but they are troubling. some think that because he is a senator should get through without tough questions, no way. >> new jersey governor chris christie has been absented for a lot of the meetings that are deciding the cabinet positions. when asked about it, trump responded by saying "we like chris a lot."
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in trump's cabinet and they will continue their talks and discussions tomorrow. do you like the 80-degree temperatures? >> i love the 80-degree terms. >> they are going away. it is going to cool off. we are going to go through what the weather forecast has in
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if you're heading out and about for the evening, 71 degrees. it will dip into the 60's but calm winds and a pleasant night
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west. first, we do have rain and some cloud movement heading into the area. we will see how much rain gets here. you can see the activity pushing into the california coast and the baja coast as well. it will work its way into western arizona. you can see the clouds and rain showers and the moisture trying to work its way in but not getting there. you saw the clouds pretty thick, pretty heavy but not able to produce any rain. comfortable, low 70's looking good. gateway, 70. wickenburg holding at 69 at the moment. very pleasant for all of us if you're heading out and about. this is where we were compared to where we were 24 hours ago. we should expect that to continue at least for a couple more hours anyway. for the record, 83 degrees. no complaints in terms of the warm temperatures for
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close in the category, so to speak in the record conversations. across the country, not a lot of activity but look in michigan. you can see the lake-effect snow machine taking a beating. winter-storm warnings. take a look at the futurecast. the clouds work its way into central arizona and sunday evening it is going to start pushing through central arizona and through the valley. that rain cha continue all the way in through midday on monday and as it pushes out, it clears up and looks pretty good into tuesday. from there, we don't have to deal with any rain for quite some time. not too bad. for tonight, temperatures are looking a the low 60's and maybe tomorrow as we try to get into the 70's. one more day of warm
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>> you're ok with that. >> i was called that once. it turns out who immensely enjoys the rain. >> immensely enjoys the rain. >> it sounds fantastic to us.
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five, four, three, two, one. and liftoff. >> those night launches are so cool. this is the most advanced weather satellite ever built taking off from cape canaveral, florida. the satellite onboard was
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valley company. it's part of an $11 billion effort from the united states to revolutonize forecasting and save lives. it will track u.s. weather as never before. we're talking hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, even solar flares. impressive. today marks national adoption day. now, 260 kids have a place to call home in maricopa c this was part of maricopa county's 17th annual national adoption day. county superior court finalizing all 260 kids adoptions and the event was filled filled with boe houses, super hero characters and cake. the new adoptive parents say it may have never been their first choice but they never regretted adopting. >> we thought about other routes
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everything went so quickly and it turned out fantastic. >> there are more than 100,000 kids in foster care across the country. now, it comes down to matt and linda, the territorial cup that is prize left for a.s.u. and u. of a. with one more game to go after what happened tonight against the washington huskies. we'll give you the highlights, the stories, and what didn't happen for a.s.u. next.
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>> reporter: so what is left to play for if you're a.s.u. or the u. of a.? how about the territorial cup? the uncivil war for the cats and sun devils might be the highlight of the season for both programs. u. of a. is losing to oregon state as we speak. for manny wilkins and a.s.u., could they washington? they are down 3-0, you see the interception takes it to the end zone. watch number 16 with the block in the back. totally unnecessary. call it back. todd graham furious. third and 7. interception of the day, kevin king, a one-handed grab. wow, how about this? that secondary for the huskies impressive.
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baker, you have jake browning dodging it off to chico mckhrafper. chico is the man on this one. yeah, 75 yards. you have to like that. 10-0. how about jake browning. 338 yards in the air, including this deep ball to donte peres. 45-yarder. 44-18 the final. we'll count it of a. game. sacked six times. let's go to philadelphia. the sixers are just two wins of the season tonight. last night at the pacers, top of the key to alex len. you have to love it for 21 years of age. the hope for sixers fans in fallly. eric bledsoe goes deep but no
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brandon knight blocked by okafor. certainly yo rodriguez throws it up and it is all philadelphia, they win 120-105. arizona coyotes, hockey fights cancer night. there were so many interesting stories from the former announcer for the coyotes battling an aggressive form of cancer. this game went to overtime. redirected the shot and the difference in the game. coyotes win, 3-2 in o.t. arizona cardinals big morning tomorrow morning. get up early, 9:00 a.m. kickoff. fox nfl sunday. at 11:00 a.m., cardinals-vikings, sports night tomorrow night at 10:30. i'm going to say u. of a., a.s.u., you're in for something. >> i'm looking forward to this. >> it is going to be fun. have a great saturday night.
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? pleased to have j.s. jacques who is the ceo of rio
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guest this week on newsmaker sunday talking about a copper and its place in arizona. you know the history. it's one of the things that built this amazing state. as we were heading into the break, we are starting to talk about coppers, you know the volatility in pricing over the past 20 years. its always uh, but you've been in an kinda of interesting position here because you got too much of it, righght, too much copper out there. >> i wouldn't say we've got too much copper... >> huh huh, i think you told me. >> ah, that'no i said. i, i >> too much supply. >> so - there is too much supply in the short-term. >> short term being? >> next two or three years. so i think if we step back and that's why i think it's important for people to understand why we are bullish about copper and why we are investing in arizona. if you take a long term perspective, let's say ten years, there won't be enough copper supply to meet demand. so i will give you a few
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ten years down the road there will be a shortage between 6 and 8 million ton of copper. you could say 6, 8 million ton is not a lot, but people have to remember that the largest copper mine in operation today in the world is a joint venture between us and bhp and mitsubishi in chile called escondida which is producing 1.2 million tons. and it took us 20 years, 20 years to build it. so 6-8 million tons of deficit, of shortfall ten years down the road is a massive number. i will give you another story. you know we are opening a new mine in mongolia. i know it's far, far away. >> i did not know that. >> so we did open a new mine two years ago, which would be one of the largest - top five copper and gold mine in the world. >> in mongolia. >> in mongolia far, far away from here but you may have some of the copper in your iphone by the way. you never know. and it was interesting, because two years ago, we had a big function with the prime
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of our colleagues, big chunky miner crying and i went to see this guy and i said what's up? a big guy. could be some kind of sumo. big wrestler guy and the guy realized i worked for 18 years on this project. 18 years. so i have another question for you because you asked the question. how many years between the time we find a nice rock and the time we got the mine which is up and running generating cash, in the copper space. pick a number. >> i'm going to guess 30 or 40 years. >> you are pretty good, 25 years. >> 25 years. so geology is critical to what you do. >> absolutely. >> so how do you hunt down where copper is located? >> so well, you got some historical district like the copper triangle in arizona where we know that there is copper. but then we use all kind of technology, radar, we do some drilling.
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>> test drilling. >> a lot of it. >> you guess based on the geology. >> absolutely. and then, and then it takes a long time to go through the permitting. it takes an awful lot of time to make sure that there is the right deposit, the right quality, you do the engineering. and then the right point in time when everything is in place we can start harvesting. >> you just raised something that i hadn't thought about. is there something particular about arizona's copper that makes it really desirable. perspective, there is a long history as you said it's part of the cs and therefore people understand what copper is. people understand what mining is about and we are in the u.s. remember, i got a global business so i have to make decisions about investing in chile, mongolia and the u.s. and the u.s. is a very good location to invest. you've got people, you've got technology, the infrastructure. it's a good place. >> maybe not as much of a
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in arizona because copper is part of the fabric of this state. >> you know, we've got -- we are challenged everywhere we operate. in terms of communities and so on and so forth. but i have to say the beauty of the u.s. community is this way. you have a very well defined permitting process. to slow to my test, but that's what you expect me to say anyway. but the process is very defined, very well defined, very thorough, and therefore when people grant you your license to operate, you know it's very good. >> another question you just caused know think about, we've had a big debate in this country about overregulation by government for businesses that want to come in and do whatever they do. have you - you've been all over the globe now. how oppressive is our regulatory environment here to get a business up and going and get a copper mine started? >> i wouldn't use the word oppressive. but do i believe there is room for improvement? yes.
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>> in the usa there is room for improvement and that's why we have regular meeting in washington, d.c., to explain to senators and congressman in general that there our maybe ways to do it better. >> the environmentalists would probably argue and say we need these checks and balances to keep you guys in check. right, they'd say that? >> and i don't have any problem - at the end of the day, we fully acknowledge that license to operate, environment, safety, are very important and as rio tinto we haveer that space - we really want to be regarded as a world class company and we want to be regarded as a good neighbor. so i don't have a problem whatsoever in people looking at me from monday to sunday. not on tv, but monday through sunday and making sure that -- my commitment. but i think it should go back to resolution and the town of superior if you look what we said a few years ago about the rehab, the reclamation of the old mine and you go there now, you would see that we have delivered against what we said.
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important, it's about trust, it's about respect and responsibility and i don't have any problem with that. >> you're being a good neighbor. >> and being a good neighbor for the next 40 or 50 years. >> we're back with j.s. jacques, ceo of rio tinto copper and coal. back in a minute on newsmaker sunday. ? ? welcome back on newsmaker sunday. um, the mine in superior that you are going to be hearing about in the next 20, 30 years -- >> aw, more than that. >> more than that... >> at least 40 years, come on, maybe 75 years. >> is resolution copper mine. this is going to be a huge driver for the economy in arizona. it's going create 3700 jobs near superior and it will pump in $61 billion into the arizona economy. j.s. jacques is the ceo of rio
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our guest on newsmaker sunday. this is a big part of your company's focus right now. >> that's correct. so as rio tinto we have at this point of time three key areas for investment. one is the iron ore business in australia. >> near perth. >> near perth, that's correct. on the west coast of australia. >> copper mine. >> no it's iron ore - produce steel alright, similarly our investment is copper and the third one is bauxite. but let's focus on the coppe piece and we have two main projects today in our portfolio. one is in mongolia that is a mine that we have started two years ago and the one, the next one we expect to start pretty soon is resolution in arizona. >> do you have to travel now a lot between mongolia and arizona? >> so - i share with you, i hope my wife is not watching. i will be on the road for the last two weeks - so - i've gone one week in indonesia and singapore one week in australia, one week in the us.
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weekend and a couple of days in london and then flying back to mongolia. >> should i ask you what kind of luggage you like? >> it's very small. very, very small. keep it small. >> i will learn some travel tips from you. >> travel once and you can be sorted out, i can tell you. >> arizona is still a very desirable place for copper, isn't it, >> absolutely >> and you said resolution, the concentration of copper in the soil. >> is very good. >> very high. >> very high and you know what- >> which is a small number to begin with, but - >> yeah, but we have done already i think 100 holes to understand the deposits you know and we are still doing some drilling. and the results are getting better and better. so, we are pretty optimistic, pretty bullish about it. we are bullish in general about copper market as we discussed earlier, but we were very optimistic and very bullish about the - our project in resolution. >> is there any looking out on the horizon where arizona would pretty much be tapped out for copper?
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>> there is a long way to go, yeah. you know as we said, currently our model for resolution shows life of the mine around 40 years but the whole it will get there to 75 or 80 years. so the more drilling you, the more resource you find. >> that's incredible. i'm trying to think of how long the copper queen mine in bisbee was open it was open for 60 years at least, maybe more. 75 maybe. >> and you know it's important for us to take a long term because you know as we say, we invest for ourself. we invest for our children and grandchildren and that comes with very -- a lot of risk -- but to this conversation climate, environment. >> good to see you. >> so next time we go together. >> i would love to do that, thank you, you've got a travel companion on that. we will make that trip >> and a small suitcase. >> yes, a small suitcase, thank you for being with us on newsmaker sunday. thank you js.
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