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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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thank you for joining us. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. this is at 59th avenue and ocotillo and it is shut down. a person was struck by a car. the victim was rushed to the hospital and first responders tell us he is in bad shape. police do not have a description of the vehicle that hit the man. the intersection is expected to be shut down for several hours. >> gooev thanks for joining us. today marks the official start of the holiday season. >> pretty bad out there and up in the air. busy night at sky harbor as people head out of town or into town with family in arizona. these are live pictures at sky fox. a lot of traffic, this is the drop off pickup. you're trying to pick up
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time it so you don't have to wait or drive around in circles. >> it was quiet out there but now it has picked up. stefania okolie joins with us a look out there. >> reporter: it has picked up. right now, we're at terminal four where the arrivals are coming in. they are still coming in this evening by the huns. a lot more people at these a lot of people left pretty early. cars are coming into the airport and into the terminals to pick up the passengers. this is what we've been keeping an eye on throughout the day. the traffic has had its moment, we've seen it packed, jammed, congested like this and we've seen it run a little bit more smoothly. rush hour in the air and on the ground as families get ready to
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cars wrapped around sky harbor this evening, long lines forming outside of arrival terminals. >> terrible. >> reporter: traffic exceeding some folks' expectations of holiday rush. >> i expected a 10 minute delay but with the construction, you have to loop around the airport to get back to the terminal so that was fun. > ithings are getting better. maybe dinner is about ready. spoke to satisfied with what they called a smooth day. >> it wasn't as bad as i thought. we arrived early to the airport. >> reporter: smooth for uber drivers. >> this time last year, we were not allowed to be at the airport. >> reporter: not legally at least, but now that uber has come to an agreement, these drivers will have more business to look forward to.
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in, we're moving out. >> reporter: nothing beats joys like this, first hugs and for drivers like tricia, more conversations. >> meet new people and see where they are from. >> reporter: new money and new friends, i don't think anybody is complaining about that. airport officials are suggesting that people picking up or dropping off use the sky train station at 44th and washington. th your boarding passes and a cellphone waiting lot. if you're headed out to the airport tonight or tomorrow, pack your patience. people are coming in to see their families for the holiday, a little bit of traffic, a little bit more time, just remember you have something to be thankful this holiday season. >> check out the traffic situation outside of sky harbor tonight.
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make its way into the airport. to avoid the backup, airport officials are suggesting that you get dropped off or pick up passengers at 44th street and washington. you can beat this hassle. we stopped by a few minutes ago and it was a ghost town. head down to 44th street and washington, take the sky train. >> the problem is describing that to your relatives coming in. it is what is the weather going to be like as people head into town and enjoy their thanksgiving feasts? a lot of times we have it outside. >> it is the perfect time to do it. >> reporter: people are thinking about it. that is not a bad idea. we'll show you around the region and show you around the country and show you what is going on here. let's head to san diego. a lot of people do that. beautiful weather over there. 76 and sunny. friday, the day after, 72 and sunny.
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thanksgiving, 64 and sunny. sunny and 63 on friday. as we get up to the flagstaff area, a lot of people heading up thanksgiving. a few clouds. a few clouds on friday and 55 degrees. going to tucson, well, thanksgiving, 77 degrees. a few clouds and sunny and 78 on friday. friday night, don't forget football, the sun devils and wild cats go at it. moisture in it. you're going to see a little bit in the northern plains and across the great lakes. for the most part, not a bad day on thanksgiving day. things are going to look pretty good. 75 degrees, breezy. friday, 75 degrees. saturday, 71 degrees. however, on sunday there is a big change.
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>> that is a tease. >> thank you, dave. a reminder to be careful if you're going to be on the roads this holiday. pay attention. a fatal crash tied up traffic for hours on pinnacle peak road. a pickup truck blew a tire killing the man behind the wheel. the victim and his 18-year-old daughter were going camping as part of the thanksgiving tradition. the 18-year-old is ok but her father passed away in the incident. a man falling to his death at lookout mountain. it is a terrible fall and it is unclear what caused him to fall. >> phoenix opened an official death investigation. danielle miller live from the police department tonight with the latest. wht is this about and is this unusual about what they are doing here?
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is protocol for any type of death like this. phoenix police calling this an open death investigation. what we know is this man was 60 years old. he lived in a neighborhood not far from that trail. he was hiking alone and it looks as if he went off trail before falling. >> it's heartbreaking. it is scary, especially, you know when you hear it is someone from the neighborhood. my husband hikes it every weekend. >> reporter: around 3:30 this called to lookout mountain. people in the area reported seeing a man in the midst of a devastating fall. >> our folks made their way up the trail expeditiously to get there as fast as he could. when they made contact, the gentleman had passed. >> reporter: he was 60 years old and lived in the neighborhood. people who knew him say he hiked it often.
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>> it was tough terrain where the body was. >> reporter: those living in the area are sad to see what happened. the area is always filled with people hiking and at some points, i was challenging. >> you get rocks that come off of the mountain and it is going to be slippery today and it will be for a while until the trail clears itself again. >> there are parts before you get to the from rock to rock similar to camelback. >> reporter: death investigators were on scene for several hours. police telling us it is protocol for a death investigation like this. it is too early to tell if this was intentional or a terribly tragic accident. at this time, the identity of
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new video of a terrifying home invasion in tucson. this is horrifying. deputies say this afternoon, three men knocked on someone's front door and forced their way inside when the door was open. the men forcing the elderly homeowner to the floor. think about it, this is someone's father or grandfather. they stole items from the home and took off. the pima are searching for the crooks who are considered armed and dangerous. department of economic security, tim jeffreys no longer the agency's director after a week's long investigation into several controversies involving his office. among those, the mass firing of d.e.a. employee, questionable e-mails, and a investigations that jeffreys hosted a party
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to give up service protection. now the governor and his team will search for a new director. in the meantime, henry darwin, the chief's operating director will take over. jeff flake back in the valley from mexico. he arrived at sky harbor after spending time until mexico meeting with foreign leaders there. senator flake tells us the trip was to discuss presidential election. >> which ever the election went, there is concern about t.p.p. the mexican government is also a partner with t.p.p. so we want to make sure that mexico understands that we understand, particularly those of us in arizona understand the way the trade benefits all parts. it is not a zero sum game.
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let the mexican government know that we want a secure border but one that is open to commerce. the leadership within the navajo nation sending a letter to president obama today urging him to intervene in the tent standoff between activists and police over the dakota access pipeline. in the letter, the nation tells the president he cannot sit back. he must get involved. they are also warning sheriff deputies about the use of exce protesters. over the weekend, demonstrators were hit with water cannons and tear gas and rubber bullets. tomorrow, jane fonda will be among 75 volunteers serving thanksgiving meals to 2,000 protesters. tragic update on the horrific school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee, before the holidays. all the little ones that died in this, so tragic.
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has passed away due to the bus crash. a dozen other kids remain in the hospital tonight. authorities reveal the toxicology tests on the bus driver who had been arrested and the bus driver did not have drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. however, he was not on the designated route and they believe he was speeding at the time of the crash. still ahead on fox 10 news at 9:00, it seems there is a black friday deal for everything out there, everythin we'll explain. also, a valley mother was at wit's end. she calls the police on her son. how the officer is helping to shape up the boy. a story you will only see on fox 10. remember this puppy mill? 100 pugs were found on the property and tonight, we're checking in on some of the dogs
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only on fox tonight. they are arguably the most only on fox tonight. only on fox, they are arguably the most adorable and spoiled breed of dog. we're talking about the pug. for this pug and many like him, life was not always plush. it was downright horrible. last year just before thanksgiving, pugs frenzy in the valley. deputies rescuing dozens upon dozens of the 100 plus pugs found in a puppy mill in deplorable conditions. 11 million of our viewers saw these images. tonight, we bring you a pug update. we caught up with a couple of the pugs that were adopted and found they are living the pug life. >> it was a big breeding ground. >> reporter: last november,
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mill in tonopah. >> they were everywhere. >> reporter: pugs in every nook and cranny. >> we found 128 pugs and one cat. the dogs were just filed in there. >> reporter: he runs the animal rescue unit called mash where the animals were taken. >> we started triaging them. >> reporter: as soon as it hit the news, the calls floed they wanted to adopt or help. >> they are so cute. how can you not love them? >> reporter: 30 of them ended with a pugs with rescue because the health problems were so srao*ef. if -- severe. >> she has a diva lifestyle at home for sure. >> reporter: and a name. meet cher. >> she is always in my lap.
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she is just, you know, she is a pint-sized nugget. >> reporter: jennifer sentence always loved pugs. >> i used to have a pug. she was mauled in front of me by a pit bull. i couldn't save her and i was sad, of course. december, i got cher. so it was just like a sad story that turned into such a blessing. >> reporter: cher was scaried and not at all social. >> i was so sad for her. >> reporter: she has come a long way. jennifer works at a horse rescue and cher goes to the horse stables with her every day. >> she is great with them. your such a good girl. >> reporter cher also travels, swim, and cuddles. >> she is a spoiled girl now. >> reporter: so is mattie,
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>> the officers thought she was one of the young ones because she was so tiny. she is actually 3-4 years old. she was malnourished. they are a companion breed so to deny them companionship is extra abuse. >> reporter: she is happy and healthy but it took a lot of work and love. >> she was like a little broken bird. i literally had to not make any sudden movements. it took her about a solid week to show her personality. she didn't know what a toy was. she didn't know what a treat was. >> reporter: one year later. >> she has just blossomed. >> i think of all of her beginnings and all of her puppies and other pugs that were there, it is such a blessing
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us. >> reporter: the best part of the story for those who rescued the pugs is seeing them in their new lives. >> people send us pictures and videos. the pugs now, the ones that we've had contact with are living large. they are blessing lives. >> full disclosure, this is sushi and this is my pug. we adopted her from the mash unit. when i a lot of you shared pictures about your pugs that you adopted from the mash unit. this is sushi and this is another one that got adopted. this is daisy who was picked up and she was scared to death so they adopted another dog to spend time with her. sara sending in that picture of her little pug. a lot of people sending in the pugs they adopted from the mash
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it is nice to see that all of the pugs got put in the homes and they are so loved and appreciated. no rest for president-elect donald trump. he may be in florida for thanksgiving but he announced more positions for his administration. >> reporter: we've been talking about it for a long time. the holiday is upon us and this is, of course, the eve of the holiday. nice temples, beautiful forecast. we'll have that in just minutes. >> reporter: how about this? two days after spending time in a hospital, bruce arians is ready to go. it is what he had to say today that you have to hear. cards, suns, plus, we close in on arizona's civil war the rivalry game. plus, a trade for your arizona
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. here we go with 65 degrees. a little breeze out of the northwest at 5. look at the city tonight, the night before thanksgiving. we have 59 degrees at deer valley. 57 in chandler. in glendale, we have 63 degrees. 55 at apache junction. we got a little front pushing through the sta. we'll also have a little bit of cloud cover over the holiday. high pressure working pretty good for us as we head into the thanksgiving holiday weekend. a few clouds. 75 degrees. it will be a little bit breezy as we look at the highs on the day today. we go to 74 degrees. we have 73 at goodyear. 73 at deer valley.
9:26 pm
61 in sedona. 50 in flagstaff. 72 degrees in the gila bend area. look at this, 78, beautiful degrees in yuma. nice-looking overnight lows. they get chilly. they are warmer than it should be for there are time of year around 50 degrees is what we normally see. 52 in glendale. 50 at apache junction. this is what we had this morning. 52 degrees this 74 this afternoon. 72 and 50 is the normal high and low. take a look at what we're forecasting for tomorrow. we mentioned the mid 70's already. all around the valley, mid, low 70's. a nice day for everyone. a few 40's showing up in the mountains. a few 60's, mostly 70's across the desert floor. we got a system in the midsection moving from the midsection into the east here
9:27 pm
we also looked at once again some pretty good snow showers across the great lakes as it pushed in there. it is moving into the northeast over the next day or so and that is where we're going to see this action by tomorrow. we're going to have action in the northeast. a little bit in the plains and we'll have more happening as far as the northwest is concerned as well. take a look at your overnight low. 54 degrees. for thanksgiv a few clouds beautiful. mid 70's on friday. saturday, 71 degrees and then, we get cloud cover, a good chance of rain and that is going to hold for a couple of days, the upper 50's. watch your kids around water. have a great thanksgiving. >> thanks, dave.
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weather gets dicey. he will stay on the clock 24/7. there are times when you can't get dave so a reminder to get your weather updates and alerts by using the fox 10 weather app. it is available on apple and google play. >> tomorrow, we're going to let him and joy the turkey and the pies. >> yeah, he was cooking the pies earlier. have you ever had a thanksgiving that completely everything went off of the rails. you're not alone. >> we're hearing disaster stories from the turkey experts who answer the butterball hotline. plus, we're getting cookie tips
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just days before just days before thanksgiving, a valley man sho and killed at his own front door. >> today, we talked to the wife of the victim who is trying to sort out why this happened. a memorial sits outside of the apartment door where 36-year-old cutberto gastelum gas was gunned down on monday night. investigators are trying to figure out if someone was out to get him or if the shooter went to the wrong apartment. the wife told us that someone knocked once about 11:00 monday
9:32 pm
check it out. >> someone knocked once and he shot through the door. he didn't open the door. there was no blood at first. the only thing i could see was a hole through his back. >> anyone with information the urged to call police. the family needs help. they set up a go fund me account and there is a link on our website, developing tonight, detectives trying to solve a homicide case and they have released this sketch of a victim. detectives need help identifying the victim. his body was found last thursday in the salt river bed near 67th and southern. if you have any information, contact the maricopa county sheriff's office. president-elect trump announcing new additions to his administration. >> nikki haley has been nominated for the role of u.s. ambassador to the united
9:33 pm
president and she often and openly criticized donald trump. but trump is backing her anyway as his choice saying she has a proven track record of bringing people together. >> meantime, trump chose fellow billionaire betsy she supports common core that campaign. >> tonight, we're learning the president-elect offered his former opponent dr. ben carson the position of hud secretary. however, carson has not definitely accepted the job. >> today, is the deadline to take down political signs that have lined the roads over the past year. they are usually dumped in a landfill, a local organization
9:34 pm
use. this is a community garden at central and indian school. the signs are being used to line garden beds and surrounding dirt to combat bermuda grass and gophers. you can put politics in there and recycle them every four years. it is not just the signs being reused. >> we are not only just recy rebar. we are outlining our parking area with railroad ties. we will anchor the railroad ties with the rebar. >> they are turning the attack ads into compost. it is fabulous what they are doing out there. any of the signs not used by the gardners -- gardeners will be
9:35 pm
>> the president pardoning two turkeys. instead of the obama daughters attending, they got sick of this one. this is one they could do without. >> they have seen it enough. >> they have seen it seven other times so their cousins filled in for them. >> maleah and is sasha are thanl this is my final presidential pardon. what i haven't told them is we are going to do from now, no cameras just us. no way am i cutting this habit cold turkey. >> i didn't know turkeys were so beautiful. i remember wild ones running around the yard. >> just amazing. >> the two turkeys that were pardoned were tater and tot. they will live at gobblers rest at virginia tech. we're told they are going to
9:36 pm
>> keep an eye on those two because they are good eating. >> they are not going to be eaten that is the point. >> keep your eye on them make sure they don't vanish in the dead of night. somebody who did not get the turkey thawed out in time. >> many of you might be getting ready for tomorrow. you have to do a lot of stuff and many people can attest to things can go wrong in process. you probably had a couple of near misses. >> i set the marshmallows on fire. it was a great pyrotechnic flames in my kitchen. butterball has a special hotline that people can call if they have questions. we have the dos and don't about
9:37 pm
>> reporter: everybody has a story, i will tell you my story but first i have to have a bot approximately of wine. my dad decided they wanted to smoke a turkey, great idea. they decided they were going to get slow at it. it progressed slowly. normally we eat thanksgiving around 2:00 p.m. that time came and wepbltd. the temperature went. finally about 10:00 p.m., we had our turkey. we ate. it was dry. it was awful and we never smoked a turkey again and experts say that is what you're supposed to do. >> if you have a little snafu one year, by the next year, you are usually laughing. >> reporter: it is thanksgiving time and that means when you cook the big meal. >> turkeys are easy. >> reporter: easy for you to say. something always goes wrong.
9:38 pm
your turkey don't freak out. liquid courage helps. >> it takes 30 minutes per pound. >> reporter: it gives you time to whip upside dishes. there is a secret to making great mashed potatoeses. >> one part butter heated up and those makes the best mashed potatoes. >> reporter: if someone is hosting and you don't know what to bring. >> buy a pumpkin pie. >> reporter: don't panic like one mom who did after her kids snuck legos into the stuffing before she cooked it. >> i wouldn't eat the stuffing, if you want to get rid of that, that is good. your turkey is probably totally
9:39 pm
>> reporter: great advice, don't eat the stuffing. >> i think you can pull the legos without anyone knowing. >> reporter: unless they melted in the stuffing. everyone has a story and when you smoke a turkey, you have to have it warmer than we did. dad, how is it going? >> don't experiment on the biggest day -- >> that is true, don't experiment on the b >> reporter: butter ball will be ready for you. they start at 5:00 a.m. and they are done at 5:00 p.m. >> they do a great job on the hotline. >> there is jack in the box hamburgers. >> reporter: something is open. >> your dad the going to love you for that story. he the going to love you for that. thank you, matt, for sharing that with a million of your close friends. one mom takes a unique way
9:40 pm
she under the to police for help and they did. a chilly start to turkey day. dave is back with a look at your
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a young-- single mother-- a young single mom worried about the way her son had been acting reaches out for help where you might not expect. >> she called the local police department and she got a lot >> reporter: a single mom worried her son was heading down the wrong path called glendale police for help. the 11-year-old admitted he was having problems. >> i wasn't listening to my mom. i wasn't doing good in school. i wasn't listening to the teachers. i was doing my own thing. >> reporter: you wanted to do our own thing? >> i thought i didn't need help.
9:44 pm
single mom of three, she might not have what she needed to get him back on tray. she called glendale police but the moment she met him she knew he would have a big impact on her son. >> it was no longer about i'm an officer and this is my job. it was this child needs support. you're doing your part, what can i do to help you and i never experienced that, not from a police officer, not from some family and >> reporter: it has been six weeks and he is back on track at home and at school. the officer drops in weekly to check in on him. >> now, his mom says what a difference this has made and it really made a difference knowing someone was coming to make sure he was getting back on track. the officer will be going to see some of his basketball games in january. >> reporter: drivers giving
9:45 pm
oven unleaded running at $2.13. we're still looking at some of the cheapest holiday gas prices over the last decade. homebuyers, look at this, 30 rate fixed mortgage in over 4%. keep in mind, these rates are low. stocks continue their post election rally. the dow hitting an all-time high. the market thanksgiving. turkey is everyone's favorite dish for a thanksgiving meal. now, we know your favorite sweet treat. according to a new survey, 30% say pumpkin pie is the top dessert. that is business on the old cavuto. >> reporter: a lot of people
9:46 pm
kitchen and get things cooking. let's look at it. this is the temperature right now so you can see the temps are dropping off already below freezing up in the north in flagstaff. when we add to it, flagstaff will hit 23 overnight. 24 at show low. 47 at gila bend. as we get into the valley, 45 at mesa. 54 at deer valley. 49 at goodyear. 47 at ahwatukee. because tomorrow i thanksgiving, we added in the high temperatures as well. 48 at show low. 63 at kingman. # 7 at yuma. 73 in casa grande. 78 in tucson. take a look at it, this is the way things are going to look in phoenix as turkey day approaches. a happy thanksgiving to all of you and look at that. 75 degrees, a little breezy. we'll have a few clouds around
9:47 pm
10:00. it is talk back time after the break. >> is 74 the new 24? >> i don't think so, actually. >> maybe you will when you see this barbra streisand thinks son
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is the busiest travel day of the year. one airline appears to be fighting a losing battle. we'll explain what that is about. us airways is fighting to get the $2 million that it lost when the power was cut. you will shake your head in disbelief when you hear how much they were awarded. after the pushing and shoving to get the black friday deals says they can break. time for tonight's talkers. >> just because you're elderly doesn't mean you can't be hot as heck. >> did you write that? >> yes, i did. >> wow, another inside job by kari. >> 74 is apparently, the new 24. >> really? >> more women retirement age are
9:51 pm
barbra streisand is the late toast strut her stuff. we can't show you the pictures because they are copyright. she looks good half dressed, legs hanging out. she looks good. the question is, it is a good idea? is it making people who haven't had the work that the stars had because they are, >> it is a great idea that you can feel that 74 is the new 24, i don't know. it is not possible. it is just not possible. when you're 74, you're not 24 anymore. >> should you be posing and strutting your stuff? >> if you can, go for it, why not? even if you make other people feel badly. >> black friday is coming,
9:52 pm
and pot? yes, in california, black friday's bonanza. they extended deals on weed. today was weed wednesday. that is the stuffing. friday is green friday. some people are, according to one of the people in the industry, some people are looking to pick up recreational cannabis saying maybe it will make your slightly racist uncle easier to ter it and they are eating second and thirds and fourths you can guess they did this. >> they may be on to something in california. >> it is your turn to talk back. head to our facebook pages an share your thoughts. you can find john hook at fox
9:53 pm
tomorrow. >> you too. >> reporter: can i get gravy with that hooch? hey, b.a. is back and the cards are pointing to sunday in atlanta. john, stick around. this is considered one of the most controversial moments in arizona's civil war. the battle for the territorial cup. what was so outrageous that happened in this game? we'll explain andak back between the passionate history between the cats
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day out at cards' practice. we were waiting for coach arians to come off of the practice field. i was not surprised. this is what i do, i coach. i f words from coach arians. this guy coaches with a motion and desire and ambition. yeah, it is going to take its toll but he told us today that he felt good, ready to get back on the field and now just business as usual pointing to the atlanta falcons game in a much needed attempt at a grab and a win. this is coach and carson after practice. >> i'm not on the injury report.
9:57 pm
feeling? >> i'm full go, brother. i'm fine. i don't know but one way. i got a clean bill of health so i got no problems. >> he is as tough as they come. he is as tough as any player in the locker room and whatever happened, has. -- happened. it is business as usual for him and for us. >> reporter: it is going to be business as usual for us. fox nfl game time, cards at the atlanta falcons at 11:00 a.m. i was at this game. it was violent and intense. there was a brawl during this game. glen gable broke the leg of daniel greer. it was really intense. after this game, both presidents
9:58 pm
rivalry civil again. they have tried. it has been intense. this was considered one of the most controversial moments in the history of the rivalry. here is todd graham this time around. >> the oldest trophy in the country and it goes back a long time. it runs deep. it would compare. it's the most intense rival game i've been a part of. >> reporter: phoenix suns on trip with the magic. nice pass to marcus chris. dragan bender, a nice three-ball here. they shot the ball right. look at tyler ulis getting 17 minutes of playing time. nice dish to alex len. they hit nine three's. p.j. tucker showing hustle as he always does. the suns wrapping up the
9:59 pm
eric bledsoe protects the basket with his body. suns over the magic on the road tonight. a.s.u., bobby hurley's team taking on said doll with one of the highest scoring game. it is the three ball and nice job, 23 points. nice putback here off glass. cody graham, another guy that has come on strong and new players for this year's edition. they win, 127-110. d-backs trade jean segura to the mare northwesterns. we'll talk about this trade when we come back in 20 minutes. we'll see you then. coming up on fox 10 news at
10:00 pm
you can try a baker's specialty and it is on sale at starbucks. we'll can tell you where. a mom goes out of her way to help her young son. are you planning to see loved once tomorrow? by the look at this traffic, you are not alone. welcome to fox 10 news at 10:00 on this thanksgiving eve. i hope you're having a great thanksgiving eve. traffic backed up as eye can see tonight. got cars filling passengers heading to sky harbor airport on the busiest travel day of the year. steph -- stefania joins us live with how it is going out there. >> reporter: it is 10:00 and things are still packed out here at phoenix sky harbor. passengers are coming in by the huns. by the way it is looking at the terminals, there are plenty of


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