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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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we start with a bizarre case of animal abuse. deputies removed nearly 100 animals animals from an east valley house, three dozen dogs, birds, including hedgehogs. stefania, we have heard of these things happening before but not so many types of animals. >> reporter: it is exactly why the sheriff's department is saying the most animal cruelty. we watched them all afternoon into the late evening. pulling or the ran chulas and 36 dogs. go pro video shows what deputies walked into today, a home in nasty condition, dozens of dogs stacked inside many covered in their own feces.
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100 animals of several different species. >> i thought she had 15 dogs in the backyard running around. >> reporter: alex who lives next door was fall off. giant boa constrictors, bearded dragon, and hedgehogs among the many species. the sheriff's department discovering what they call the biggest and most bizarre case of animal cruelty, bizarre because of what was found deputies spent six hours pulling out animals. >> what they are doing is raising these animals to sell to pet stores. >> reporter: alex and his brother told me the owners have weird behavior. >> they blacked out their windows and they never came out
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trash that piled outside of the home, which was several bags, i counted more than a dozen posed an issue for neighbors who said they had to put rat traps outside of their home. as for the animals taking out of the home, it was 70 total. they will be taken to the sheriff's mash unit and some will be going to the vet. as far as what charges the owners will face, they won't be able to figure that out until they finish the exam natio all of the animals. i'm stefania okolie, fox 10 news. you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> you can't hit a girl like that. >> hard to forget this video. the woman punched by a flagstaff officer will not face assault charges. the offers says she kneed him in
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denied kicking the officer. the officer right now is on administrative leave while police investigate that incident. we are learning the name of a 1-year-old boy who was hit and killed by his neighbor's pickup truck. xavier hernandez slipped away from a family gathering yesterday and ended up in a neighbor's driveway near 19th avenue and broadway. a neighbor says he pulle the driveway and heard a sound but couldn't see anything that is when he got out and saw xavier. the parents began to rush the boy to the hospital but they were intercepted by police on the way but the boy died at the hospital. >> i think everyone is doing the best they can. you know, any time there is a tragedy like this, you know, you have to do what you can the best you know how. for the most part, the family is holding it together as well as anyone would.
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tragic accident and the family has set up a go fund me page to help with the funeral costs. phoenix police say a second man has died after being shot on the platform of a light rail station. this happened on sunday night. a man on a bicycle road up to two men standing at the light rail station at 24th street and jefferson. the three argued over something and there was a struggle. the man on the bicycle shot the two men. yesterday, police released this surveillance video of the man who may be you don't get a good look at this guy but if you may have seen anything or have any information, you're asked to call silent witness at 480-witness. a woman is in the hospital after a fire tears through her east valley mobile home. >> i heard a noise. my bedroom is back there where the air conditioner is. i looked out and saw the flames shooting straight up in the air. >> that neighbor called 911 after seeing the fire that
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home park near apache park and crisman. they found the woman inside unconscious. they had to break the glass to reach her. she is being treated for smoke inhalation and burns and listed in critical condition. the cause is under investigation. a valley man is accused of taping other men in restrooms across the valley. matt rodewall is live with the disturbing story. >> reporter: yeah, marc, the victim i unknowingly discovered a pattern of odd behavior at public places and public bathrooms across the valley. one startling piece of information is that police say the video in question on october 5 was five minutes long. police say 20-year-old brandon sorrentino was caught in the act on october 5 when he was tape ing a co-worker inside of a
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officer. a victim noticed a bathroom light coming from underneath the divider. police obtained a search warrant and found more than 40 videos on his phone. they dated back to september 23. they included bathroom shots from inside talking stick resort neither would answer our request for comment tonight. sorrentino is facing one felony count of digital recording. marc, obviously, those charges could change in the weeks ahead. one thing to note is on october 5 that night, sorrentino's husband called police because he had not come
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a sex addict and had suicidal thoughts. we'll learn more in the weeks ahead. matt rodewall, fox 10 news. a billboard along i-40 in northeast arizona depicting president obama along mount rushmore was defaced with a swastika. one family decided to take martyrs -- own hands. they contacted adot but decided they couldn't wait. on their way back, they painted over the swastika on their own. >> we want to make sure something like a swastika, hate speech is not normalized. >> adot is working with the property owner on that solution and they issued this statement about it. they are having trouble tracking down the owner of the billboard
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matters into their own hands. a small plane veers off of the runway at the scottsdale airport. it slid off the runway into rocks. the pilot was the only one onboard. the airport was shut down while cruise moved the plane. it is back open right now. phillip morris makes billions of dollars selling tobacco so why are billions to snuff out cigarettes? we have two more cabinet picks tonight for the trump administration, both former wall street bankers with marching orders. what they plan to do under president trump. if you would like to contact me, you can find me on facebook and twitter.
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president- elect donald trump names arizona house spokeswoman stephanie grisham to a press president-elect donald trump
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transition team and added jeff dewitt as advisory for operations. she will be traveling with trump to handle the press pool. dewitt served as chief operating officer for the trump campaign. it is hard to keep track of the coming and going inside the trump tower. condoleezza rice was spotted heading into the hours. she met with mike pence. we don't know who will be trump's pick for secretary of state, president-elect has nominated more to cabinet posts. commerce secretary has a history of failing industries like steel and coal and they go a long way. wilber ross helped trump salvage his business empire before launching a career in the private equity industry. >> it is not going to happen.
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agreement. >> reporter: president-elect trump nominating another former wall street banker steven mnuchin to oversee the i.r.s. he says tackling tax reform is a personal priority. >> it is part of the trump plan. >> reporter: all of this as trump announces he will handle over control of his global business empire to his adult children before he takes over the oval conflicts of interest. >> green party presidential nominee jill stein denies republican's claims that she illegally coordinated with hillary clinton to raise money for a recount in three states. clinton is the only one who can benefit from a recount. stein's campaign says the recount is nonpartisan. stein raised nearly $7 million for the recount in wisconsin,
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clerks across the state of wisconsin making last-minute preparations for a recount there. >> reporter: we have cool temperature, especially early in the morning. daytime temples are down as
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take a look at this video. it was taken by a man after he was trying fire. his exit was blocked and he had to drive through the flames in tennessee. seven deaths are being blamed on wildfires. you can see how intense the flames are in the great smoky mountains. it is believed that 400 buildings have been destroyed or damaged. the rain helped fight the flames but afterward, they were forced to deal with mudslides because the foliage holding everything
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footage of the car going through the fire earlier today. i couldn't -- i would not have been able to hold it together. it looked like they were going to blow up at any moment. >> it show you how quickly you need to get out of there and evacuate. you don't have any time to spare. >> reporter: it is very dry out there. they did have rain today and we're going to look at it here. they had pretty good rain over the whole area and they had tornado activity down on the southeastern portion of the get a little snow up here. we had a little snow and rain in the northwest as well. this is where the action was through the day today with tornado warnings, 22 tornadoes touching down. five lives were lost through all of this as well. we still look at some more action through the night tonight as this stuff moves north. with that, we do get winter storm warnings up through maine and it is pretty slick, pretty
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.65 of an inch in new orleans. almost .5 of an inch in charlotte. 51 degrees right now. there is no wind. city looking pretty good on a chilly night. it is 51 at sky harbor. 46 degrees at scottsdale. 48 at deer valley. 46 in surprise. 48 in ahwatukee as the temperatures drop. for the valley. we do have freeze warnings for the south of us here and south of tucson, a hard freeze warning. it is getting cold down there. 62 on the high today. 59 at buckeye. 60 at deer valley. 61 in chandler. those temperatures below the seasonal norms and they are going to stay there. 48 in sedona. 39 in flagstaff. 34 at the grand canyon.
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gila bend. take a look at these forecast lows for tonight. some of them are lower than last night by a degree or so. as i mentioned the norm, would be 47. we're ways away from where we should be. 41 this morning. 62 this afternoon. 69 and 47 are the normal high and low. there is your record high at 84. record low at 30. take a look at what we're forecasting for tomorrow. there as well. 61 for tomorrow. take a look at it here. we stay in the 60's. we grow a little bit as we go into the weekend. there are 50's in the forecast as well. watch your kids around water. >> dave, thank you. phillip morris international, the world's largest tobacco company could eventually stop selling cigarettes. the chief executive told the bbc today that they are launching
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less harmful. smokeless cigarettes and electronic device with real cigarettes. they say the tobacco market is shrinking and cigarette smoking kills six million people a year. >> reporter: a local active national guard sending 300 pounds of goods overseas. we'll tell you about the dilemma that she ran into sending those goods and how you can help. if players know you love 'em they'll run through a wall for you. sometimes it's hard for us to overcome obstacles and that's what a great coach is there for. good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco. ashline coaches will help you develop a plan which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing.
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an active national guard an active duty national guard soldier who lives in the valley has collected things for care packages to be shipped to soldiers this holiday season. typically, sending things base to base is free but things have changed. >> reporter: a local national guard soldier has raised 300 pounds of goods to be
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the holiday's. initially, it would have been free to ship the items but because of loss of funding, she has to pay $1,000 to ship the goods. >> they deserve it so we're going to get it over. >> reporter: staff sergeant renee venagas collected things to make care packages to send to afghanistan. with the help of the girls' soccer team and other community care packages to the surgical team. >> we should be able to do the least and send care packages for them. >> they do so much for us, the least we can do is guy a couple of things for them. >> reporter: there was a setback after she found out shipping things military base to military base was no longer free. she has to pay for the postage out of pocket, which could cost around $1,000. she says no matter what, the
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remembers all too well what it phepbltd -- meant to get stuff like this. >> it is going to be pretty neat. it is going to be really neat. when strangers take the time to do something like this, it is amazing. not everybody has a wonderful support system so somebody who may not be getting mail is going to get something. >> reporter: if you would like to help the group meet their shipping goal, they have a go fund me page. there is an anonymous donor who is willing to pay the difference on everything they do not raise in honor of the soccer team. >> reporter: next up for the cardinals, washington is coming to town. how about their quarterback? he has it going. some big numbers for the team coming to glendale. this sunday, we look at the next game up for the cardinals. stray with us.
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>> reporter: he's a quarterback who is about to make a whole lot of money. kurt cousin playing on a one-year deal and he is making the best of it. think about this, 20 touchdown, 60% completion percentage. there is number 8, kirk cousins. think about this, you look at the numbers statistically,
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passing yards. you have the likes of desean jackson. you have plenty of weapons to go to and a pretty good tight ends. number 86, they can put up points and in the middle of a playoff run and a wild card hunt. cousins is directing it. you see thompson with a touchdown catch. he can throw a deep ball and growing into the position and he is a guy that can the cardsav to focus on come sunday. here is bruce arians on kurt cousins. >> he knows where he is going with the ball. he knows the game. he creates more than you thought he could coming out of college and he has become a creator. he is very, very accurate. >> reporter: here is your lineup come sunday, kickoff show at 9:00, rams at the patriots
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max starks will join us. p.j. tucker worked out well tonight. nice little mid-range jumper here. how about 17 points for the veteran? the suns got help off of the bench tonight from brandon knight. 23 points. suns shot 45% from the field. knight, a big part of it was jarrod dudley. he added 17. down the stretch, eric bledsoe drives and misses and watch the put back right here. they learned to close out the close game it in the end. the difference for the team right now, eric bledsoe off glass and that is the big shot that won it for the suns. suns win and move to six wince and 13 losses. the young man, 7-footer from
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watch him drive and what is impressive is the skill set for the freshman. nailed the three ball. he was five of six from three-point land, 19 point, six rebounds, impressive. this 16th ranked team arizona playing well right now. simmons and a backdoor alley-oop the final, 85 to 63 tonight. he can do it all at 7 feet. >> thanks a lot. "modern family" is up next.
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