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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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jim: on this stormy night, some of you are getting some sprinkles right now. news 3 is your weather authority. kevin janison is your told what to expect tonight and into the weekend. kevin: enacted afternoon on doppler radar. these showers have been pulsating, beginning and growing again. a few radar returns near henderson off toward the lake. that is about it as far as precipitation goes. it will be like, nothing significant. -- light, nothing significant has fallen. although some neighbors have a couple of puddles. spring valley blowing at 20 mile per hour. summerlin looking at 12. other neighborhoods have quieted down for the time being. the winds will pick up and really fly sunday night when another system comes our way. behind that is the big chill. a lot of weather to talk about. we will do a lot of talking in the full forecast in just a few minutes. jessica: that is why we are glad
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and when weather happens, we want to see your videos. people all over southern nevada posting their shots to social media. jim: this rainbow made for a nice photo moment. keep your eyes to the skies for some cool weather. go ahead and take a picture and upload them to or on twitter. jessica: the ultimate fighting championship taking over las vegas for the weekend. jim: one of the most anticipated fights in a long time comes tomorrow night between the irishman and a flood of rally irish fans into las vegas. jessica: sergio avila is outside the mgm grand. these fight fans bring a lot of excitement and packed wallets to town. sergio: there was a study done by the u.s. city--people visit las vegas more often than regular.
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a lot of irish fans our something else. [singing] nearly a year ago, conor macgregor burns of the fight -- earned the right the title. within comes a legion of irish fans. so row that a flight to las vegas from ireland had to be diverted from new york after a fight broke out in the air. >> our flight got turned around. [laughter] we get a bit excited. [howling] sergio: the brazilian fans are fewer in between, but they are also here to cheer on their fans. pulling out of the first
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injury, making saturday's clash even bigger. >> we are here to take over! sergio: the irish fans will certainly stand out. this guy carved macgregor's face into the back of his head. >> he's going to do it, first-round knockout. sergio: it will be the two men in the octagon that finally settle the score. while those irish fans are quite a rowdy bunch, they do have seaside fans bringing in more money than the average visitor. $2500 per person on average. that is through that usc study i was talking about. -- ufc study i was talking about. thousands of fight fans descending upon las vegas. i am sure randy will have to talk about a lot when sports comes. jessica: they have my vote for most loyal fans on the planet. new at 6:00, we are learning more about how police tracked
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video that went viral. cathy thomas is live from the clark county detention center. kelsey, you talked to the man that had his camera rolling and shot the video that ultimately led to his arrest. kelsey: back i is -- that guy is a air force veteran. typical dad. he says he does not know much about facebook. but police say it is his viral video on facebook that led to an arrest. >> what are you guys doing? kelsey: a strong supporter of the second amendment, armed with a cell phone and handgun. >> i was lucky that i was home. i was lucky that i thought of putting my video camera on my i'm not much of a facebooker. kelsey: this air force veteran may not be social media friendly, but the video he shot a month ago of suspected thieves coming out of his neighbor margaret's home went viral. >> i was amazed. i remember posting it, and
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were 1000 views. i don't even have that many friends on facebook. kelsey: the video eventually garnering more than 300,000 views on facebook, helping police nab the suspected getaway driver. >> none of this would have happened without our neighbor. he is wonderful. we all nbrkelsey: an arrest warrant shows the video related to several anonym tips from citizens. even a tip from henderson police. all pointing to this guy, 32-year-old. metro police says he is the one that asked brett in the video. one guy caught and cuffed. 3 other still on the loose. >> i wish they caught all four. kelsey: metro investigated 1200 home burglaries just last month alone.
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lesson learned for these homeowners. they say know your neighbors, normally got, but talk to them. -- not only that, but talk to them. jim: we all need a neighbor like brett. thanks for that kelsey. a former convenience store clerk that shot a man says he was trying to steal beer was sentenced to prison. he was convicted of battery with a deadly weapon. he was acquitted of the more serious charge of attention murder. the alleged beer thief survived being shot in the head last year. the judge sentenced 4-12 in prison. -- 4-12 years in prison. he maintains it was an accident. jessica: and gas leak causes a scare in a middle school today. we want to let you know everyone is fine. the school was evacuated for a short time. fire crews were trying to find the leak.
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the gymnasium,'s were allowed back in class. --students were allowed back in class. jim:r spa protest at valley highschool when she e ld the students other teachers were saying bad things about them. and that standoff between students and administrators highlighted the district's use of long-term subs. more than 700 of them are still feeling teacher vacancies. -- filling teacher vacancies.antonio castelan joins us live outside valley high. antonio, what is the school district doing to fill the gaps with licensed teachers? antonio: they are recruiting on all levels. clark county school district diminished raiders admit they are going through -- district administrators admit they are going through a teacher shortage. >> it has been a struggle. antonio: this valley high school principal speaks about the teacher shortage that has plagued the clark county school district for a while. >> sometimes it's with filling that challenge to find the teach.
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administrators to let longtime substitute teachers fill the vacancies. >> an individual would have to meet the minimum qualifications in order to teach in the classroom. antonio: she told f the 155 teachers and the school, less than 10% of long-term substitutes. according to the school district, there are approximately 760 long-term subs help the district will -- district fill staffing gaps. the principal stresses they are not necessarily getting less of an education. >> it's just that they are specialized in that particular area. -- or not specialized in that particular area. antonio: the district tells us the subsidies make from 90-hundred $10 a day. all of these teachers try to make a license so they can get teacher benefits. -- the-$100 a day. jessica: medical marijuana dispensaries already open and
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jim: one of them is getting ready to offer a different kind of medical pot, the kind that you can eat. we will look at what it will be available. tom: we have a major mess on u.s. 95 northbound past boulder highway. how bad is this backup? we will show you from sky 3 in a moment. jim: a local woman indicted on charges that she forged documents to keep prostitutes from serving their sentences. she is an attorney. jessica: the case against her coming up in the second half
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news 3 li jim: on this stormy night we near boulder highway. -- tom hawley. tom: and exited on the east lake of the 9 15 has put a hurt on the evening rush hour.
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lanes 95 north past boulder highway. now they have only one lane on the right. these two cars in the middle have gone diagonal with one another. here is the backup as it goes pass over the boulder highway and back towards the flamingo interchange. the delay starts just past flamingo. doesn't let up until you get past boulder highway accident. about a 15 minute delay. this will be here for at least another half hour. a mess on the east leg of the 95. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. jessica: local medical marijuana patients can buy a much tastier version of their doses. it starts selling their new line of going bears and candies next week. fatima has a look at what they will offer those with medical marijuana cards. >> then we will put-- >> already a successful businesswoman when she decided
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gooey confections. >> we must have lost 20 of our closest friends to hiv. they just withered away and died. >> which is why she opened up nevada pure, medical pot dispensary. >> i feel like we are a whole company now. it makes the very emotional. >> 29 months in the making, gillespie can finally provide a suite, edible alternatives - sweet, edible alternatives to patients that can light up. >> it can help cancer patients and with hiv. it can take away their pain. >> from gummy bears to be in a butter and honey. a variety of products that patients can try. >> there is hazelnut spread. 10 tablespoons in the his love spread. -- indie hazelnut spread. one tablespoon has 10 milligrams of thc. you can put this on a piece of
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you can eat it straight off of the tablespoon. fatima: these edibles are not without risk. they are much more potent than the actual bud, which has doctors concerned about dosage. >> of in about 15 minutes, i will feel anything. so you need another one. maybe another one. all of a sudden all of the human active effects --cumulative effects build up. fatima: that is why the products have warning labels, warning patients not to eat edibles with alcohol or drugs. they were put into this bag and then put into this larger bag, which is childproof. jessica: the cost of edibles ranges from $20-$30 for each item. the dispensary will start selling his products next wednesday. jim: you drink, you drive, you lose.
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drunk driving want to ge across to dump drivers. students from rancho and indian springs were at unc to see how devastating and drinking and driving can be. these firefighters are simulating cutting a drunk driver out of a crashed car. the teens were given a chance to take a pledge never to get behind the wheel while impaired. >> i have a good relationship with my whole family. if something like that happen to anybody-- >> it gets you into the mindset, this is reality. they could actually happen to you. you read about it, you never experience it truly. jim: they also heard from a mother whose son was killed by a driver. jessica: powerful. news 3 is your weather authority. when you wake up to a day like we did today, it's a good thing we have our resident expert standing by. jim: lots of stuff happening out right now kevin. kevin: we have a lot going on. it was an active day.
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originally i was scheduled to be in henderson for the christmas tree lighting. with all the action i thought, i just can't be away from my doppler!- we still have it cover for you. we have our ace reporter on the scene. >> i've got santa, 200-300 residents. the weather did not dampen their spirits. kevin: you have the official job of letting the christmas tree. while i'm doing the weather, can you please make sure that santa has me on the good list? >> i'll ask him and let you know. kevin: i appreciate that. fact with you in just a second. it has been active. we've had hail caught in the net, a few flurries on the west side of town. a rather dramatic rainbow as well. that was pretty evident through many parts of the las vegas valley. not always safe to do it while in your car, but it has been
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48 degrees on the east side of town. 600th of an inch of rain. 400th of an inch of rain in henderson. they are at 49 degrees. in moapa, they had a better than 1/10th of an answering. centennial hills blowing at 10 miles per hour. while some new hoods have no fear, is coming back. gusts over 40 miles per hour. the trees, how about some religion gusting to -- summerlin go to 50 miles per hour. the humidity up and most of the valley in the upper 40's. the winds have backed off and are coming back later tonight. searchlight with a significant dust up to 48 miles per hour. at midnight it was61 degrees. that goes down as the height to mature for today. we won't be in the 60's this weekend. saturday starts in the low 40's, warms to the 50's, if you want
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at least tomorrow we had sunshine. the problem is that reasons continue. there will be a bite two that 50 degrees here. the rest of the story is that precipitation. while the main band has pushed south of the valley, there is more energy to the north spiraling down from lincoln county. we could get a few more areas of drizzle, maybe flurries to the far western edges. as we clear out, the next piece of energy will roll in. that is due in sunday night with more significant winds and another chance for rain. 28 cold degrees in pahrump tonight. 36 in mesquite. boulder city at 55. sandy valley at 52. indian springs at an even 50. for the las vegas valley, going down to 40. maybe more spits and drizzle. otherwise cloudy, and the winds start picking up, although not as strong as last night. tomorrow, 55 the high. breezy all-day. a few gusts around 30 miles per hour.
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window make it feel much colder. sunday should be ok. the chance for rain is during the day, but a 50% chance. winds fire up again sunday night into monday. the last of it is on tuesday. by tuesday and wednesday, highs in the 30's. overnight lows below freezing. some neighborhoods into the 20's. right now, we will bring back our ace reporter on the scene. are you ready to like that christmas tree? -- light that christmas tree? >> i am ready to light that tree, kevin. kevin: okay, counted down. -- count it down. >> i asked santa. he said if i can help them to do the lights today, you will get whatever you want kevin. kevin: that's good to know. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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kevin: you are looking good down there mayor. i know you have a couple of residence coming down for that event. what's going on there this weekend? >> it is, we got a lot of things going on. petting zoo, we have a ferris wheel, carousel, lots of crafts for the kids. plus we have a craft show where if you want to do early christmas shopping, you can do that. also a lot of things for people to eat. you can buy that stuff too. we are here tonight until 9:00. tomorrow we start at noon and end with a wonderful parade at 5:00. kevin: mayor, you are a wonderful salesperson for the city of henderson. hearing the choir in the background, they sound wonderful. next year i'm going to be down there with you. >> sound good, we believe you. kevin: thank mayor.
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jim: next time we need an action corresponded out in the field, we will call me or hate them. jessica: if this politics thing doesn't work out, we could use him.when you see this next video , you will agree lucky is an understatement. jim: a bicyclist runs into a speeding train. how fast that thing is going. and believing it or not, he survived. you will be more surprised that he was not seriously hurt when we come back.
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no jim: if you think you missed your chance to get a flu shot, it's cool, there is still actually time. this is influenza national
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we want to let you know about a couple of free flu shots. what is at the clark county fire station 23 at alexander and lamb between noon and 3:00. also want at st. francis -- one at st. francis church at washington from 7:00 until noon. the shot is free, but if you have an insurance card, you are asked to bring that. it's a celebration of some kind. jessica: time is running out to sound out for health insurance -- sign up for health insurance through the upper water act. tuesday is the deadline if you want coverage january 1. if you missed that, you have until the end of january to get the application and. but then it won't kick in until if you want coverage january 1, get your information in by next tuesday. those enrolling should log jim: they were tried to save a life, but a medical flight crew was killed in a helicopter crash in southern california.
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twist that makes this accident even more tragic. jim: also ahead, she's interested to protect the law, defend the law, now a local attorney is forced to defend herself against forgery claims. what she's accused of
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