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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 14, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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hundreds gather at a local church to speak out against radical islam and to show that the faith can get along. more on this coming up. >> kim: and then deadly night. two deadly shootings in north las vegas, they weren't very long apart, as far as one happening at 10:00 p.m. at night, the other almost immediately after, but are they connected at all? our michelle velez is doing some investigating. we'll take you there for her live report ahead. >> dana: good morning. welcome in on a breezy monday. it is december 14th, live from the d-camera, winds are howling and tom has a scowl on his face already. >> tom: that's because i'm looking at that flag we were showing there. >> kim: that's old glory. that's one of those deals where you and patrick have to conference. patrick is our sky 3 pilot, to see if you guys can go up in the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> tom: i was thinking about that driving in as i'm watching
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it was outside, you heard it too. >> dana: patrick is the guy who makes the final call on that, right? he's the one that days, we can fly -- it's fly, no fly. >> tom: if it's good with him, it's good with me. >> kim: at least people aren't camping out for the big "star wars" movie in town. that's happening in los angeles, specifically, hollywood, where it is tonight, the premiere of "star wars." the latest installment. people have been camping out on hollywood boulevard tore days on end. we're hoping that our affiliate, knbc, our partner in los angeles will put the bird up, when i say put the bird up, i'm talking about the chopper. tom looked at me like, kim, this is a family program. we're hoping to get aerial shots of everyone camped out below. we have this pristine shot. no one camping out in this particular area. live look from los angeles, but hopefully they'll get the coverage. thursday.
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we're down a player as you can see, kelly curran is off, her mom is in town from detroit. that means you have your weather hat on this morning. >> dana: we had a cold front move through last night. temperatures dipped big time and we're expected to go below freezing by wednesday morning. from southeast career & technical academy current temperature of 42 degrees. winds out of the south right now at 10 miles per hour. showers rolled through before midnight, very light rain, and even a little dusting of snow in the local mountains. all of that has now moved off to the east of us. we'll still put in a slight chance of a rainshower early this morning. maybe some of that wrap-around moisture moving in today around the area of low pressure. that does happen. today, a high of 50 degrees. we'll call for some sun out there. gusty winds. times. >> tom: boo. >> dana: are you boo'ing me? >> tom: you shall just the messenger. my clicker is not clicking. real click. i will tell you that things are looking good out on the roads for the most part around we'll
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we are looking at a smooth commute with one accident. it's right here at tropicana and wynn road, that's its on -- the only one at the moment. it's not that busy as you might expect and looking good on the inbound commute as far as clear travel times. weather on its 95 or the 15. back to you, kim and dana. >> kim: tom, thank you. 5:03 a.m. we just mentioned this at the top of the hour. we have two women who are dead, after separate shootings in north las vegas, but the investigation into both continues. >> dana: news 3's michelle velez joins us live from the scene of one of these murders. so two murders within the last seven hours, both in north las vegas. >> the reporter: yes. and i can confirm with you, kim and dana, that police here in north las vegas say these are not related, that they are investigating these two incidents as separate murders, both of them involved women, one of them, the one that happened earlier, around 11:00 p.m. last night or at least before that hour, that is being investigated
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involving a woman and a man, and they do have a man in custody. the next one that happened, which happened in the overnight hours, happened very near where we're standing right now, which is at the overpass at lamb and i-15 and we have video, we really don't have a lot of information on this shooting. all we know is that police say that this happened between two drivers, at least that's what we think it was between two cars, i should say, two cars involved, and i'm not sure how many people were in these cars. but we know that a woman was shot and killed here at the scene, and our photographer, sam, who had been here all night long, says that the focus of the investigation centered around two cars near the on-ramp, one was underneath the overpass on the freeway and one was pulled over to the side, appeared to be possibly getting on to the freeway, and that's all we know. so we're working to get more information, kim and dana, hoping that police will be able to update us with more, but at
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confirm that a woman was killed here at the scene. i don't even know if they have a suspect in custody, or if they have a suspect in mind, somebody that they're looking for. they just could not give us that information. so we're going to stay out here on this very cold monday morning, and try to gather more information and we'll let you know if we have more headed your way throughout the show. and also the cw show, kim and dana. >> dana: michelle, thank you. right now, information coming out in drips and drabs, but we will get more information later on today. >> kim: it is now 5:05 a.m. and it's going to happen right here in our own backyard on the fabulous las vegas strip. the big debate, tomorrow night for those republican presidential candidates. it will be over at the venetian as we take a live look on your screen. and now, he is going to be in the main debate again. remember, he was at the kid's table debate is what they call it or the jv debate. new jersey governor chris christie will join eight other candidates in the primetime republican debate here in town. he was dropped from the main
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debate because of low polling numbers, but he has rebounded since. donald trump will also be there. ben carson, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, carly fiorina will be on the main stage, so will florida governor, former florida governor jeb bush as well as john kasich from ohio. all of those hopefuls will be on the main stage, but then, also, we've transitioned to, again, the jv debate, if you want to call it that. mike huckabee, rick santorum, lindsay graham, george pataki, they will be part of the happy hour debate, they have several different monikers for that and both broadcast on cnn. we are hoping because we are partners with cn in to take you live inside the venetian. >> dana: speaking of politics, if the presidential election were held today, hillary clinton would lose to two top republicans. however, a new nbc news-"wall street journal" poll shows that
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donald trump head-to-head, would also beat ted cruz by three however. ben carson and marco rubio would both beat her. of the field. in a new national bowl, donald trump, only five percentage points ahead of ted cruz and ted cruz has actually mulled in front of trump in iowa, the iowa caucus february 1, it's coming up here in 49 days. >> kim: well, terrorists and isis in particular have been the main focus as of late and we have a lot of locals from different faith that is got together and said the bad people are the quote unquote, bad people. not all muslims are bad and there's been a backlash as of late, so the different community leaders from different faiths getting together to stand in solidarity. more than 200 locals from different backgrounds gathering to focus on the message of tolerance and love, and that's what you're seeing right here on your screen. political leaders have been calling for a halt to bringing many syrian refugees to the
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concern that isis could infiltrate that group, but many local muslims say isis is violator of islam and others are rallying with them now to make sure that the terror groups stays at bay and that, quote unquote, peace-loving muslims don't see the backlash they've been seeing as of late. >> just -- hopefully our presidential leaders will find that the perspective of bringing us together instead of trying to pull us apart. >> kim: so all these different people from different religions, backgrounds, getting together, and also, they're looking ahead to the big debate tomorrow, right here in las vegas, they know that isis will be a focus, but they're hoping it stays on isis and nod on muslims. >> dana: i heard some people talking about this. they say this is one of the things that makes our country great is that people from all different religions can live together in peace in our country.
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unquote, religious test in our country. >> dana: tuberculosis word scare, a nurse infects people she was working on at a hospital. how many people are being tracked for treatment. >> kim: taylor swift, just celebrated a birthday, but she's a giver. it's her fans who really soared and we'll talk about the big gift she gave them coming up. >> dana: and of course, spoiler alert. hollywood buzzing ago, the newest "star wars" movie set to premiere tonight. why some are saying, this is bigger than the oscars. and we also have a check of your weather forecast, as 49 degrees. if that's true, it's going to warm up one degree today from that temperature. it is a thermometer at the top of minions. i don't know how accurate it is. we'll show you how low we're
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i fall in love gist a little
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back to the program. and a story that we have been monitoring ever since it started, is the freddie gray story, and now, we're on verdict watch. it could come very soon and the very first of the trials associated with the death of freddie gray. >> dana: closing arguments expected to begin today for this man, officer william porter, the jury expected to make a ruling by wednesday or thursday of this week. freddie gray suffered a neck injury in april during a 45-minute ride to the police station in that police wagon. he died a week later. prosecutors say porter failed to put a seat belt on gray and ignored his cries for medical help. porter testified last week in his own defense. he didn't call paramedics because gray didn't appear injured and didn't say he needed help. >> kim: president obama is going to deliver a statement on his
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he's going to do so after he meets with his national security council and he's doing that at the pentagon. he will deliver a statement following that meeting. the president addressed awful us, the entire nation last week, regarding terrorism and anti-muslim feelings within the united states. >> >> dana: and health officials trying to track down hundreds of babies and mothers who may have been exposed to tuberculosis at a california hospital by an employee 3. other workers may have also been exposed to this. the woman responsible for exposing possibly more than 800 people to t.b. is a nurse there in the maternity ward. t.b. scare was detected by accident on a chest x-ray and now the hospital trying to track down all the people that the nurse came into contact with. >> kim: if you don't like crowds, don't go to the post office today. it's going to be hopping. i would also do an emergency, down an emergency, before you get into that big crowd, because you know people are going to be coughing, that's just me going in to mom mode. this is a big deal today as far as getting the packages and
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on time. the united states postal service says today is their official busiest mailing day of the year for all of those items. officials recommending sending packages by december 21st, let me give you that quick update. today is december 14th, but they say the deadline is the 21st for christmas arrival. the post office, estimating some 15.5 billion pieces of mail will be sent this holiday season. >> tom: they have do it yourself package delivery down at the grocery store near my house, that's what i use. just stick it in the box and let it go. >> kim: you don't have to stand in the long line over at the official post office. >> dana: in one of our local malls, again, with an albertson's in there, we have the post-it mailing centers. it's not associated with the post office itself. i'm sure it's going to be busy there too as well, but if you want to avoid the post office, there are ways to do that. >> tom: if you something oversized, sorry, you're out of
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and stand in line. >> kim: i noticed, tom, when i went out this morning that the roads were a little damp out in the northwest section of town. >> tom: i guess there was sprinkles last night. we'll hear more about that from dane in just a second. there's no big problem. one accident, it's already in the clearing stages, it's over at tropicana and wynn road, just to the west of i-15. wells where around town, you do have continuing road work along flamingo, up and down flamingo, but we'll show you this little piece right here in the resort corridor, where you can see barricades are up, cars are having to go by without one lane. elsewhere, we're looking good as far as getting into the spaghetti bowl. travel times are fully up to speed coming in from the wells side of town or coming in from the southeast. here's an outside view there from our d-camera and it is looking smooth at the bowl and dana, i guess this is what passes for wintery weather here, even though we're a week away from official winter. >> dana: we're a week away from the first official start of winter, but from news 3, your weather authority, we had winds out there, preceding the cold
5:15 am
night. a few clouds at the lake mead marina, but gusty winds at times again today, dropped the temperatures down into the 40's, but these temperatures are going to drop another 15 degrees by wednesday morning. many places here in the las vegas valley when you wake up on wednesday, will be below freezing. green valley at from 01 degrees. currently. 46 in downtown las vegas motor speedway. and -- downtown las vegas. peak wind gusts into the 20's and 30's from our weather bug sites. 33 miles per hour in downtown las vegas. showers rolled in around 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. in the valley in the local mountains. snow levels dropped to 4500 feet. light dusting of snow in the local mountains and just a few rainshowers here in the valley. all of that is now pressed mainly to the east of us. morning. they also had some blustery conditions into lincoln and nye counties as well. and again, we don't have much in the way of rain on the way for us again this morning. we may have a sprinkle or two,
5:16 am
the big story, cooler temperatures and gusty winds. 27 degrees for a high in mount charleston. 48 is all as you head over the hump to pahrump. 51 degrees if boulder city. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, 5 degrees below normal. today, a high of 50 degrees, winds up to about 50 miles per hour. -- i'm sorry, 40 miles per hour at times. tomorrow, 47 degrees and wednesday morning, a low of 31. >> kim: well, we have been warned. dana, thank you. 5:18 a.m. and everyone hold their captain obvious comments, because we are going to go in depth, but as we take you live to the floor of the nasdaq, i throw that out there, jane king, because we're saying that las vegas is a top destination to ring in the new year, but we have details behind that. we even break down some of the price points for instance, fremont street is a whole lot more affordable than celebrating on the strip. >> the reporter: yes. absolutely kim. when i first saw this, las vegas
5:17 am
like, dah, it's always at or near the top of the best places to ring in the new year. 2015, of course, nearing the finish line, las vegas also one of the more frugal places to ring in the new year. in particular, fremont street it says. known for its thrilling new year's eve party. admission is only $30, so not too shabby. >> kim: no. >> the reporter: low gas prices, maybe i'll head out there. fremont street this year. >> kim: i think we'll get a lot of visitors from southern california for sure. and then, jane, starbucks just cannot catch break this holiday season. they have all kinds of flack about their particular coffee cup and it not being merry christmas enough. now we're going to show pictures of this polar bear cookie that they haven't actually sold for some years, but now it's back and it has a red -- it looks like a scarf and people think >> the reporter: yeah. it's supposed to be a scarf. but someone posted a picture of it, and as you mentioned, it years. you know how the internet is,
5:18 am
this person says it looks like the polar bears have had their throats slit. the only problem, the starbucks, of course, according to buzz feet, hasn't sold this, so these photos are old. i would not have thought about that, if somebody hasn't done something about it. poor starbucks, they can't catch a break. >> kim: why they're not back. that is an old picture that's resurfaced, so they're taking some heat for a cookie that they aren't even currently selling anymore. ok, jane, thank you very much. we'll see you again tomorrow on the program. right now, quick time check. 5:20 a.m. let's get you in the loop, las vegas, and the force is back in hollywood tonight. "star wars," the force awakeens, will premiere. we have live pictures right now out of los angeles, but in our 6:00 a.m. hour, knbc is going to have their chopper up and you'll see everyone camped out for blocks on end 6789 this is bigger than the oscars. here's a little vantage point of what i'm talking about.
5:19 am
pulling off than when they had the academy awards, it is four blocks of hollywood boulevard, shut down since thursday. massive tents up for the big night, it's going to be celebrities galore and people have been camping out since thursday night. they have three theaters along the stretch of hollywood boulevard, but lukas film has not officially told guests which one will have the big premiere tonight. again, live coverage of everyone camped out in our 6:00 a.m. hour. taylor swift giving her fans a gift on her birthday. she's a giver on her birthday. it was just yesterday, the sing are turned 26, they announced the upcoming release of they are 1989 world tour live concert film, it will be released on apple music december 20th, so that's actually coming up on sunday. it captures swift's november show in australia and includes back stage footage and rehearsals. this deal is noteworthy, because it was back in june that taylor swift wrote an open letter saying she would keep her songs
5:20 am
she has obviously had a change of heart. she demanded that apple change the terms of the initial three month free trial to ensure that artists would be paid during that trial period. apple apparently agreed and now they have a deal in hand. oh, "the voice," it's a big nice for the final four on "the voice." and those live finales starts right here on channel 3 tonight. team glen has a singer. jeffrey austin. team adam has jordan smith. "the voice" will start at 8:00 p.m. tonight. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night and tomorrow's show is going to feature live performances from justin bieber, misty yell cot and cold play and channel 3, nbc is the place to be when we talk about "the voice," because adele also has a bringing special tonight that airs after "the voice," so if you love music, just keep it on channel 3 for the next several nights, because you're going to be in for a treat. >> dana: coming up, we have a story about a raccoon that went to the wrong place. a power pole to hang out. coming up, how they rescued this
5:21 am
we'll show you exactly how it happened. >> kim: cue the cuteness. because we have a baby polar bear and this baby polar bear is getting a ton of attention. we'll tell you why, as "wake up with the wagners" continues. >> then you got this knuckle head. with the hair. and the 100-foot wall. bring that picture back. i'll tell you something,
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>> kim: it is 5:26 a.m. on this monday morning and that will get you started. >> dana: we have a little bit of everything in the weather forecast. cooler temperatures. about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, from news 3 your weather authority, we're also going to have some winds out there, gusting up to 40 miles per hour at times. sun will be up here a little more than an hour from now at 6:43 a.m. sunset at 4:27 p.m. 44 degrees by 9:00 p.m. 47 at newsroom. we'll top out at only 50 degrees and cooler air yet moves in by tomorrow. >> kim: remember that big search of the lake in san bernardino? well, what did they find? we'll take you there.
5:25 am
of the lake, and did those two shooters throw something in there that are going to help them with the case?
5:26 am
headed >> >> kim: arrested. you recognize that face. he's known as the former cowboy commissioner. and he was arrested over the weekend. we'll tell you why ahead. >> dana: back on track. runnin' rebels headed back to las vegas after a couple of road games. they played one on saturday.
5:27 am
high school gym. it's not. but almost. we'll tell you who they got coming up next on the schedule. >> kim: and then also, ending its run. when the lights will finally go dark for good on this local production and its storied history on the fabulous las vegas strip. >> dana: good morning. welcome in, it is monday, december 14. and it's warmer in new york city than it is in las vegas. >> kim: it is. and a quick programming note, as we look live at 30 rockefeller center, adele has a big primetime special on this very channel tonight. she is the voice, and she'll actually be on after the voice, which is in it's sort of last few episodes before they crown a winner. if you like tore entertained, you're on the right channel. >> tom: the tease we had about
5:28 am
that yesterday and immediately sent out the email to start the ball rolling. i'll be looking into the history of that show. >> kim: the video vault tour talking about. >> dana: you're talking about the jubilee at bales. bally's. did you dad play in that show? >> tom: i believe he played in hallelujah before it transitioned to jubilee. the band was in the basements and they piped the music up. >> kim: we'll figure this out later. >> dana: you know who this is? this is the national weather service, we're talking about the weather. >> kim: i actually ran into a guy in justice, we were buying some stuff for a birthday party, you ran into one of the national weather service guys. >> dana: dan burke, great guy. this might be the cutest video we see all day. it's about the polar bear. he's just sleeping. why is this so cool? >> kim: because he's adorable, that's why. enough said, right, tom hawley.
5:29 am
>> kim: it's feeling like polar bear weather around here, as kelly enjoys the day off. dana, guthrie into weather mode. >> dana: we're in the 40's right now across the las vegas valley. we have very gusty winds out there. from news 3 your weather authority. check out the lake mead marina. do you see something in the center right portion of your screen? it's a christmas tree on a boat out there. >> kim: that's neat. >> dana: i thought you guys might like that. >> kim: that's a live picture. >> dana: from one of our weather bug cameras. 48 degrees out there. it's not all that cold. as i understand out of the south-southwest at 3 miles per hour, but these temperatures are going to dip further tomorrow and into wednesday morning. light batch of showers here in the las vegas valley late last night, early this morning. we also had snow in the local mountains. most of that stuff is to the east of us as you can see. we may have a sprinkle or two this morning, but i have wouldn't count on it. high of 50 degrees. winds up to about 40 miles per hour at times, we'll tell you how low we're going to go wednesday morning, coming up. >> tom: we actually have two separate accidents on tropicana,
5:30 am
particularly serious. show you if you're coming in from thest southeast, looks good. northwest, it looks good. here's what it looks like at the actual spaghetti bowl. busy southbound, but northbound, no problem. this is just normal rush hour stuff, kim and dana. >> kim: 5:33 a.m. tom collins, known as the cowboy politician is accused of driving drunk over the weekends. now he's no longer in office, he's a former clark county commissioner, but whether we checked out jail records, it indicates that he was arrested friday night and booked under his legal name by the way, which is clarence weldon. hours before that arrest, collins was tweeting up a storm about the national finals rodeo. the county commissioner known for his colorful personality and off the cuff reef marks remark, ended up resigning his post, citing family issues, he sat down with news 3 weeks later and announced his attention to seek mayor john lee's seat within north las vegas. collins served in the legislature for nearly a decade
5:31 am
in 2005. he has not returned our calls for comment concerning this arrest on friday night. >> dana: his legal name is clarence weldon. >> kim: clarence weldon, now you know. >> dana: i never heard that one before. runnin' rebels back on the track over the weekend and they're playing in town this week. this is the thomas & mack, where the rebels will host arizona state on wednesday night. after that, they make on hazy afternoon, -- they take on arizona who are nationally ranked. he took on the highlanders of uc-riverside and they bounced back after a loss to wichita state. they played good in a small gym, half the crowd wearing rebels red, so they had a lot of fans follow them on the road. the rebels win the game 73-62. cover the point spread and they're 8-2 on the season. >> kim: our runnin' rebels are always wildly entertaining, but there's another entertainment
5:32 am
see ya to the fabulous las vegas strip, that is jubilee. tom was talking about it. he has to dial up the video vault on this one. it is the longest and most iconic showing running in las vegas. february 11th of next year is the final show. jubilee has been housed over at bally's and bally's is looking to open a new world show production. the jubilee review has been a fixture on the fabulous las vegas strip since 1981. and because we are an entertainment destination, a lot of people who come to town want to actually see an aerial perspective of our fine city and also, just the gorgeous scenery around it. >> dana: helicopters provide those tours, i believe not only at the las vegas strip but also fly over the grand canyon as well. so today, they are celebrating a new multimillion dollar terminal and that's where we kind kyndell nunley this morning. what makes this is special, quinnkyndell. >> the reporter: good morning,
5:33 am
they recently opened this the week before last week, a $5 million new renovated terminal. now i'm also going to introduce you, this is brian with maverick helicopters. tell us exactly why this is something that the people at home watching us at morning should really pay attention to. >> as our fleet has grown, we out grew our building about ten years ago, so we needed to do this to stay top of the market and the best helicopter in the world. >> the reporter: and we were speaking offcamera before the economic impact that it does have here in the las vegas area, take pride in our local businesses doing well. let's also talk about what exactly you all do here. looking at the helicopter, this is really the star of the show this morning with this story. what exactly do you all do? >> we actually -- the majority of our business is taking guests to the bottom of the grands canyon. we have flights over the las vegas strip, and we do between. for those guests looking for a
5:34 am
strip or the grand canyon, that's what we do. very cool. you said for locals, the deals start at $99 for that helicopter strip tour. again, if you're looking for something to get the person who has everything, quite honestly, this might be your option. for now reporting live from the tarmac at maverick helicopters, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> kim: we're just getting started on this one. in our 6:00 a.m. hour, we take you above the fabulous las vegas strip and down into the grand canyon, and you're going to see the perspective people see when they're in one of those helicopters. >> dana: coming up, we'll take you to saudi arabia, there's something that women can do that now that they've never been able to do before. we'll tell you about that story. >> kim: and then the holiday spirit has been restored in new orleans. and it has to do with just a lot of local viewers there, watching their newscast, and wanting to help this guy who's been living under an overpass. we'll explain it all as "wake up with the wagners" continues. >> dana: we also have a live picture out there this morning from our d-camera, more winds
5:35 am
temperatures are on the way. we'll tell you when they will
5:36 am
i gave you >> kim: as we welcome you back to the program, let's go live until side the venetian, because we're seeing planet hollywood, but not far from that location, look at what's set. the stage is set for the republican presidential debate, which will take place tomorrow an cnn is going to broadcast. >> tom: isn't this the second
5:37 am
>> kim: yes, the first was at the wynn. >> dana: the republicans have been here once before, right, and then they had the democrats here once before as well. >> kim: the democrats were over at the wynn, so republicans now tomorrow night over at venetian. cnn had the democrats at wynn and now cnn has the republicans at venetian. >> dana: we're a swing state, so that's part of the deal. >> tom: the love is coming to nevada and we love it here. >> kim: no tfr, temporary flight restrictions when you have the candidates who come to town. when you have the candidates come to town, that's what sky 3 gets altered. >> tom: one of the candidates coming to town is getting a cfr. >> kim: right now we're looking at the winds. >> tom: we have a couple of accidents right now that we can show you where they are, mapping them out for you. one down at tropicana at wynn, to the west of i-15 and then you have another one which is down here by i-15 and tropicana it was listed over there, but i
5:38 am
in to a parking lot. we have a camera out there, our rio cam can look down and it's in that terribles parking lot on the side there. elsewhere, we're looking real good as far as travel times. up to speed, down at the 215 and i-15. eight minutes 15 south. 215 if you're coming in from henderson. nine minutes to get there, dana. >> dana: tom, thank you very much. in terms of the weather, we're going to have gusty witness. from news 3 weather authority, wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, with a high temperature today of 50. >> kim: 5:42 a.m. after a quick timeout. did they find anything in that lake? are they still searching? what are they expecting to find?
5:39 am
the wagners" debate. >> kim: welcome back to the program. it is 5:44 a.m. and today happens to mark the third anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> dana: 26 people were killed. 20 children and six teachers there. there is the first anniversary in which newtown students will be in school. connecticut governor daniel malloy has requested that nation in his state be lowered to half-staff. there is an i want faith gathering for prayer and comfort tonight at newtown's trinity episcopal church. the gunman killed his mother inside their home before driving to the school with a rifle. he took his own life as police closed in. >> kim: as we've been talking politics in this country, we take you to saudi arabia for a first. women have been elected to office there for the first time, 20 to be exact, this happened on
5:40 am
results if a are displayed on the big -- that are displayed on the big screen. it was dramatic how they showed this go down. this is in riyadh. this is a landmark step in a country where women are not even allowed to drive much less hold public office, so they had to have their dads or husbands or significant others drive them so they could cast a ballot for themselves. the election was only for two-thirds of the seats in the city councils and no law making or national powers along with this, but at least it's a step forward as far as progress in that country. >> dana: maybe if they get enough of them elected, they'll be able to drive soon. >> kim: maybe. maybe they can then change those laws. >> dana: change some of the laws. the f.b.i. says nothing related to the san bernardino mass shooting has been found in that lake, not far from the shooting site, about three miles away. officials have searched there for three days, so far, they haven't uncovered anything that's going to help the investigation. but they're going to keep searching. they're especially interested in finding a hard drive that's
5:41 am
home. >> kim: -- missing from the shooter's home. >> kim: 5:46 a.m. tom hawley is back. i saw slick roads when i first pulled out this morning. but you've been following a couple hiccups but nothing major. >> tom: nothing major. but they're not weather related. we have a new accident to mention out on west tropicana at torrey pines. this is a view of the spaghetti bowl. congestion in there where you get the merger from 95 on the left side and you have just a 15 southbound on the right side. let's take you down to the south part of the valley, where the 215 and 15 come together. that part of the commute is just fine. but tropicana has been unlucky this morning, three separate accidents all of them very minor, latest one over at torrey pines. >> dana: tom, thank you very much. so from news 3, your weather authority, we did see clear skies to start the day yesterday. this from the insperada overlook in henderson, but the clouds started to come in, preceding a cold front that moved through last night. the winds ahead of the cold front coming out of the southwest. actually warming temperatures into the lower 60's.
5:42 am
come out of the northwest and cool down temperatures quickly. wiped speeds right now, not horrible, but noticeable. into the teens, at many of our weather bug sites here from across the valley. 26 miles an hour currently at aliante in north las vegas. we will have gusts up to 40 miles an hour at times. today, but i think they'll be lower than that for most of the day. a little shot of rain rolled through around 9:00 p.m. last night, continued through the early morning hours here in the valley and we had snow above about 400 -- 4,000 feet, 4500 feet last night in the local mountains, so a light dusting of snow, a light dusting of rain, but most of that has pushed off to the east of us into northwestern arizona as that cold front has pushed through. so most of the rain is gone here. we still have a slight chance of a sprinkle or two this morning. i wouldn't count on it, but maybe slight chance of a sprinkle or two this morning. today's high is not hall that warm. about ten degrees below yesterday. and about five degrees below normal.
5:43 am
charleston. 46 in searchlight. 55 degrees in laughlin. in las vegas, we're going to top it out at 40. so we're going to spend most of the day -- i'm sorry, 50. we'll spend most of the day in the 40's with winds again, up to about 40 miles per hour at times. tomorrow continuing breezes. not as strong as today, with a high of 47 degrees. but this is the temperature i want you to notice. 31, below freeze, by wednesday morning, the normal high again, 56. the normal low for this day, 30. >> -- 38. >> kim: dana, thank you. now we take you to this raccoon in massachusetts who is going to be ok, but he was in a precarious position for quite some time. he was stuck up on a pole, and this was in a small town named berlin. just scratch and itch and got a little thing going on. he's been out there for days,. >> dana: he looks like a baseball player. >> kim: it was just day up on the pole for him. obviously, the power company said we have to get that little
5:44 am
they coordinated the rescue. the raccoon was injured, but he made a full recovery when at the released him back into the wildlife. they got him, treated him and he's doing just fine. all right. >> dana: he had a mask on, so they didn't know his identity until they were able to capture him. >> kim: i look like that when i wake up every saturday morning with the raccoon eyes because i didn't take my face off on friday night. >> dana: you didn't make your makeup off. >> kim: so tired. do you remember this one? it used to feature will smith, but apparently it's not back for this one. we'll explain in the "water cooler." >> greece wants us to borrow more money.
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venetian, that's where the next republican presidential debate will take place on the las vegas strip. cnn providing live pictures of the debate stage and we'll have full coverage when the "wake up with the wagners" on wednesday morning. it is clicking over to 5:54 a.m. time for the "water cooler" on this monday. 20 years after independence day became a blockbuster movie, the aliens are back. >> today, you are once again fighting for our freedom. not from tyranny, oppression or persecution but from annihilation. the 4th of july will no longer be known as an american holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice, we will not go quietly into the night. we will not vanish without a fight.
5:49 am
we're going to survive. today we celebrate. >> dana: independence day. resurgence, the trailer released yesterday by 20th century fox. jeff goldblum, bill pullman will be in there, but will smith will not. area 51 figured prominently in the first movie. we'll see if it figures in this one at all. this movie set to be released next summer. people in new orleans showing their christmas spirit, giving a homeless man some holiday cheer. homeless man named john, decorated his encampment with a christmas tree, but city workers came in and removed it, saying it was a code violation. people in the area heard about that, and said forget it, i don't care, code violation or not, we're going to help you celebrate christmas, bringing in a number of christmas trees and helping john the homeless man decorate those trees. in fact, he received so many of
5:50 am
trees away way to his fellow homeless people in the area. the city hasn't responded to niece new decorations. we'll -- these new decorations. we'll see if they have the guts to pull these down. and this may be the most adorable thing you see today. a 5-week-old polar bear getting some sleep. columbus zoo and aquarium released video of that sleeping beauty there. weighs in at 4 pounds, measures 16 inches. her eyes not fully open yet. you can hear her purr as she tosses and turns next to a stuffed animal there. news staff say she has started trying to stand up on all four especially when she's ready for her next meal, but she's tired. >> kim: that's what i want for christmas. it's official. >> dana: what, a nap? >> kim: you know me well. i want to snuggle up with that little one. >> dana: polar bears are great when they're five weeks old and then when they're like five years old, they'll kill you.
5:51 am
hour, it's a make-a-wish monday, baby, on "wake up with the wagners," that's why we put a little skip in your step on monday.
5:52 am
polling numbers out of assault. >> kim: this is a local story. north las vegas police are investigating two deadly shootings happening just hours apart. are they related? find out details in a live report.
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