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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 15, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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were investigating when it all went down. >> kim: and exclusive. "consumer reports" checking out those hover boards, because they've been dominating the news as of late with their safety records. what did the experts find in "consumer reports"' labs? you'll want to watch this one, before you buy a hover board. >> dana: good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. and it is fight night. >> kim: it certainly is. tom hawley, you've covered a lot of these throughout the years. we're in a betting continue. do you want to place a wager with who wins tonight, a friendly wager on live tv. >> tom: are we talking about the debates? >> kim: yes, we are. >> dana: he wasn't sure. may weather was in action at the venetian, no, donald trump against ted cruz. >> tom: those seem to be the two that are at the top of the card,
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other. but for zingers, i give trump the edge. however, will cruz come out as more substantive. >> kim: maybe chris christie will surprise us all. >> tom: he's with the big kids. >> kim: he's at the big kids table. you do pay tanks. -- pay attention. "the voice" is tonight. it's going done so hard to pick a winner. they all sound like perfection and angelic, but we're going to get you prepared for the big finale. >> dana: fight night, the final four in action. >> tom: i like the glasses. i have give him the edge right there, coming. >> dana: you're saying "the voice" comes down to the best eyewear. >> tom: all other things are equal. >> dana: i think if you go with the face, you probably have to pick that young lady. >> kim: she's gorgeous. >> dana: good looking. >> kim: 67 degrees in central park in new york yesterday. they tied a record. >> dana: jealous. >> kim: yes, i'm jealous, because it was really cold this
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door, by our standards it was cold. >> dana: we have colder temperatures moving in for tomorrow, and for thursday morning as well. lake mead marina, you can see the christmas tree and one of the boats out there twinkling this morning. 42 degrees currently at the marina. winds out of the south-southwest at 2 and niece are the current temperatures. we're into the 30's right now generally across the valley. 39 degrees if downtown las vegas, 33 in anthem and these will be very close to the freezing mark, 24 hours from now. high of 49 degrees. more winds, but neotears strong as yesterday. 15 to 25 miles per hour. tom? >> tom: we have nothing going on in the way of accidents at least, so we like that. we'll start you out here to the northwest and 215 interchange, where you have road work, but not slowing anything down. cruising in by the rainbow-summerlin interchange and spaghetti bowl, an easy drive, 11 minutes, 515 and the southeast part of the valley, that's a 13-minute drive. and we'll look outside, see what
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it looks fantastic, with traffic moving up to speed. >> kim: maybe they're watching local news to see how they're playing here in las vegas. those republican presidential candidates, they're probably up and getting ready for the big day. >> dana: i'm guessing they may be sleeping in, because they have a big night. >> kim: could go either way. >> dana: or maybe they'll take a nap later on today. craig figener is the man in the know, he joins us live from the venetian this morning. looks like you're in italy, my friend. >> the reporter: i am not in italy, i'm behind the venetian. i'm going to go with you two, a power nap would be in order before the big date. two important things to keep in mind. this is the first presidential debate among the republicans since the terrorist attacks and the san bernardino shooting, the mass shooting there, so expect terrorism and national security to be big on the discussion topics. now, donald trump was in town last night, i spoke to hups off
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some protesters, some of them yelling dump trump before they were thrown out of the ramp. it's expected, national security will get a lot of attention this evening. >> they are doing this, because they are radical jihaddists and they have to be confronted and defeated and that's why we need to have the strongest military in the world, so we can confront any enemy, anywhere, at any time that threatens our national security. >> the reporter: back here live, along the las vegas strip, you can see just some of the national and local media from all over the country, and of course, the network newscasts that are here to cover this debate, which will happen at the venetian this evening, it is the cnn republican presidential debate, the last of 2015. now a little bit on the polls. trump's numbers are remaining high, he has 41% support if a national survey of republicans.
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survey that included ted cruz and ted cruz is topping the polls in iowa. that could change tonight or remain the same tonight, depending on the performance of the candidates, all eyes will be of course, on trump, who will be at the center of the main debate, but a lot of people paying very close attention to cruz and rubio tonight, and of course, governor chris christie. i'm craig figener reportingry just outside the venetian. back to you in our las vegas studio. >> kim: craig, thank you very much for that, and i saw some of the pundits when i first woke up this morning, talking about the actual stage in the podiums, an one guy said he watched tomorrow of the debates, but never walked the stage until yesterday. he said they're just inches apart from one another. it doesn't really come across that way on tv, but he could not believe how close the candidates are on stage. >> dana: another pundit was saying that they expect that ted cruz probably will not fight back necessarily, if donald trump goes after them. he may reflect donald trump's criticism with humor.
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will fight back tonight, because he doesn't want to necessarily go that route with donald trump. donald trump wins in that war. >> kim: could be a battle of the wits. they're both very sharp, both very quick with the wit, and i think we're going to be able to see that on full display tonight. >> dana: coming up, the reason the commissioner of baseball did not decide to reinstate pete rose and what pete rose is going to do about it a few hours from now. we'll have that story. >> kim: it's a local one that he's doing a few hours from now. and then these hover boards, hot holiday item, right? "consumer reports" just put them through the paces in their labs because they've been dominating the headlines. you're going to want to see what the experts found and we're going to share it after a quick timeout. >> dana: they're saying they're not only dangerous because they catch fire, there's other reasons for it too. and a big premiere of "star wars," last night, about a four n hour drive from las vegas, there's jay jay abrams, the director. what do the stars have to say about this coming up. we also have a check of your weather forecast.
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how low we will go in terms of temperatures, as you "wake up
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you want to say, but the words fall out >> kim: that's such a great song. >> dana: say what you want to say. you may get that from the republican candidates tonight. >> kim: certainly applies, doesn't it. 5:10 a.m. and it also applies here, the man, who is major league baseball's all-time hits leader will not be reinstated by the league any time soon. >> dana: baseball commissioner rob man ford says pete rose has yet to accept full responsibility for his mistakes when he bet on baseball. rose originally banned in 1989 when the league determined that he bet on games while managing the cincinnati reds and he he even admitted to betting on games in 2004. rose will address the decision publicly today at 11:00 a.m.
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pete rose bar and grill. that is located very close to hawkins hangingharmon and las vegas boulevard. >> kim: he'll be saying what he wants to say, and we'll have that at noontime like dana mentioned. now this this, it's going to happen. a lot of people were calling for army special beau bergdahl to be court-martialed? it was made official yesterday, the big announcement. we don't know the date of that big court-martial. he disappeared from his base in afghanistan in june of 2009. he was held captive by the taliban until the united states released five taliban detainees in exchange for beau bergdahl and that happened in may of last year. six troops died in the months after the release of bergdahl and they died partly in the search of berg daly. we found out a lot of his state of mind through the popular podcast called serial, when beau bergdahl said the moment he
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big trouble and he started to think like jason bourne. in the end, he's not jason bourne at all. he's being court-martialed. >> dana: now we take you to oklahoma, where a man there drives his truck into a hotel lobby on purpose. this is -- we take you inside now, we can see a couple of people diving forever their safety. >> kim: holy mackerel. >> dana: thank goodness they got out of the way at the last second. he is being held on assault and battery charges. why did he do this? his credit card was declined at the hotel. that's the second time we've seen that, but this from a different angle. luckily, no one was seriously injured, but $1 million bail for this guy, and that seems reasonable. >> kim: what an idiot. anger management, medication, something. 5:12 a.m. hover boards are all over the news, because some have burst into flames. well, the federal government is investigating the cause of those
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boards/scooters, and "consumer reports" just evaluated three of the big ones, confirming they can be dangerous, but not just because of reports of fire. >> celebrities help make electric scooters, or hover boards, this year's hot holiday gift. >> the funky if you can. >> the reporter: with some models costing $1,500 and up and so often, with popular gadgets, manufacturers then make similar devices that are sold under dozens of names, with various prices. and that makes it tough to know exactly what you're buying. well, "consumer reports" tested out three of the boards, and they're at different pricings, they want to do a little compare-contrast. they started with the swagway for $400, also the $600 mono rover r two. engineers took them apart to
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different, the construction of these scooters nearly identical. and all of the scooters/boards that "consumer reports" evaluated use the same type of batteries. >> kim: they're all. >> they're all powered by lithium ion batteries, a type of battery that has caused fires in other devices in the past, but those instances are rare. >> kim: all of the "consumer con scooters use subtle shifts in weight to steer the board in the direction you want to do and it does take getting used to. the best way to start is with a spotter, but all riders did catch on pretty quickly. >> the subtle body movements are easy to control at low speed, but when you get going faster and you hit a bump and it causes you to shift your balance, you can very easily lose control. >> kim: as bernie learned firsthand during his speed test, wiping out on a seemingly smooth surveys. >> it went that way and i was going that way.
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will confirm why "consumer reports" recommends wearing a helmet, pads, and guards while you're riding any electric scooter/hover board. a lot of you look like that, myself included, trying to snowboard for the first time. well, the consumer product safety commission has reports of 29 emergency room visits related to the scooter/hover boards. they have call them scooters, because they're not actually hovering above anything. they include 13 fractures and the agency is investigating ten scooter fires like the federal government. also, be aware, we've had this before or in the broadcast, but it bears repeating, especially during the busy travel time. several airlines, airports, and also malls have banned those hover boards. some cities won't even allow them in public areas. >> dana: how was christmas? great. bobby broke his wrist. >> tom: and caught on fire. >> dana: it looks painful. >> kim: you can't go anywhere with it, you have the hover board, nope, can't do that here,
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>> tom: as you indicated, perhaps a little bit of a mismarketing direction. if i'm buying a hover board, i would expect a hover. i saw back to the future 2, i know how they work. >> dana: they have some boards that have magnets on the bottom, but you have to be on a specially designed floor. these are more like scooters without handles. >> kim: that's what "consumer reports" refers to them as, scooters over hover boards. >> tom: at least people aren't banging into each other on the roadways. i will show you a spot we've looked at in the past because there's road work for months along decatur along sahara and charleston. all rains are lanes are open, so smiles for people on decatur to suffered for many months. summerlin parkway and 215, 11 minutes to the downtown area coming in from the southeast on the 515, 13 will get you there. outside vow right now, from one of our fast cams, no worries on
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>> dana: when you said smiles, that reminded me of ricardo month balm, welcome to fantasy islands. smile everyone. two people in the newsroom are going, yeah, i remember that show. so from the north, this airflow brought us much cooler temperatures and we saw this yesterday at lake mead marina. look at how rock the boats out there at the marina, but as soon as the sun goes down, the lights on this christmas tree pop up, but we have a northerly airflow and as a result, we're going to see cooler than normal days. current wind speeds, not as strong as yesterday, but noticeable at the lakes, 14 miles per hour. in summerlin on the west side at 19 miles an hour. and we had wind gusts yesterday into the 40's, not as strong today, but still around for another day tomorrow. they should be gone. here's the wind bag. you see that counterclockwise swirl of air, that's the storm system spinning near the four corners and slowly spinning away, so that thing continues to get away from us, the wind
5:18 am
behind that, if you look closely on the satellite doppler, you see that northerly airflow and when we get that, we get below normal temperatures, so today's highs, not as warm as yesterday. 49 in overton. 53 in laughlin. 46 degrees in sandy valley. tonight it's going to be chilly, below freeze, st. george, mesquite, overton, alamo, indian springs, beatty, tonopah, 28 degrees and here in las vegas valley, at 53 yesterday, we're going to top it out at 49. breezes 15 to 20 miles per hour and down to freezing tomorrow morning and on thursday morning. high of 49 again tomorrow. we rebound into the upper 50's on friday, lower 60's on saturday for the las vegas bowl. >> kim: all right. dana, thank you. at 5:18 a.m., we're about to get son insight into all of your -- some insight into all of your minds, us included, because we're nevadans, with a little
5:19 am
king, live from the floor of the nasdaq. you have the big reveal, the most googled name item in the state of nevada for the year 2015 is -- >> the reporter: this list is put together every year. i love it. we get sound effects every day. always interesting. it found that in nevada, lamar odom googled more than any other state, of course, he made headlines in october when he was found unconscious at a brothel. nevada has ten other terms that were searched more than anything else. floyd mayweather, pit bull and the movie, san andreas. >> kim: a lot of people are probably in scramble mode making sure the packages get out on time and this is a big deadline day. >> the reporter: the cutoff for many shipping services especially those that won't break the bank is today, at least at the u.s. postal service, it says to make sure
5:20 am
december 25, today is the last day to send it standard. you have a few more days with u.p.s. and fedex, but those deadlines are by the end of this week for regular shipping, kim. >> kim: jane, there's also a lot of interest in this. if you want to have a buzz all day, there's now a product for that and we're not talking hottic beverages. we're talking caffeine. >> the reporter: we're talking caffeine, which can be better for us sometimes, especially when you work this shift. this will eliminate the caffeine crashes and it comes from nestle. the science behind it involves cubezones that break down during the day. so you can stay energized throughout the day. no word on when it will be released but we'll keep you posted on that. >> kim: we'll see you tomorrow on the program. 5:20 a.m. let's get you in the loop las vegas and voting continues until 9:00 a.m. this morning our time for those contestants on "the voice," the new winner is going to be crowned very soon.
5:21 am
hours ago, the singers perform solo twice and performed a christmas song and also performed with their coaches and one of the coaches in particular, really sang a different kind of tune. forever, face-to-face i'm going to be where the lights are shining on me like a rhine stone cowboy >> kim: oh, tonight's show is going to be even better than this one, and that's hard to top it, it's going to be star-studded with performances by justin bieber, the weekend, and then we're also going to find out the champion, all of the action starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight, right here on channel 3. but at 5:21 a.m., it's really braiden sunshinereallyabout last night. live pictures out of hollywood, where they had the big premiere of "star wars," the force
5:22 am
carpet, the cast members all were on hand, of course j.j. abrams was there, the director and this was the world premiere and they have so much interest, just to accommodate the v.i.p. guests last night, they had to have three theaters, within that stretch of hollywood boulevard. show the big movie. there's j.j. abrams walking in. it's going to be in theaters nationally, including right here in las vegas by friday, and it is expected to break box office records. >> dana: can't wait. got to see it. the first one when it was in movie theaters, mark camel was luke skywalker. >> kim: j.j. abrams said that was the first movie he saw where he figured out how they could do that. >> dana: a mountainside with a 11,000-foot drop. >> kim: donald trump was brilliant in drake's hot line
5:23 am
now we have this version headed your way, presidential style. you'll see president obama in action, when "wake up with the wagners" returns. >> tomorrow's debate is in las vegas. and of course, all of the candidates will be there early. we actually found out how will they be spending the day in las vegas before the debate begins. for instance, jeb bush will ask david copperfield to make him disappear, which is nice. if he could do it. next ben carson are go to a magic show. but gets thrown out when he ends up hypnotizing the magician. never happened before.
5:24 am
go to the 24- >> dana: at first i thought that was ted cruz with dynamite. is ted going to be bringing dynamite tonight against donald trump. i'm trying to sell this thing i guess. >> tom: it's going to be tremendous. >> dana: it is. >> kim: it is huge. the ratings are going to be great, so hopefully have nothing nasty to talk about right now. >> tom: i don't know how nasty it is, there is one accident in the far southwest valley, this is by mountain's edge, at star and buffalo to the far southwest and there was a report of an accident over here at 215 and i-15, camera was panning and zooming, nothing showing. we'll just show you a smooth commute, making it up to the spaghetti bowl, a 12-minute drive from there. >> dana: thank you, tom. from news 3, your weather authority, we have breezy conditions out there this
5:25 am
it's going to be a cold start to the day for the kiddos, mostly sunny, 43 this morning. 49 on the way home from school this afternoon. winds 15-25. >> kim: remember when jerry mcguire was leaving the office and he said don't worry, i'm not going to freak out. well, we had a freak outin the dmv. a woman goes ballistic. you'll see some of it.
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>> kim: tonight is the night. the republican presidential candidates are going to go at it on that stage at the venetian. we have live team coverage of what to expect headed your way. >> dana: guilty plea. a former high school football coach pleads guilty after two of his players pummel a referee. we'll tell you more on what his punishment could be coming up. >> kim: also, pricey proposal. what it would cost to build a ski slope on top of an apartment building. for starters, why do they want to do that and where is this? we have answers heading headed your way. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is december 15th, 2015, 12/15/15, with a live look at the venetian, dressed in the american flag this morning. >> kim: we're getting a lot of love. i've been watching a ton of news coverage, getting ready for the
5:28 am
every single media source on planet earth descending upon las vegas, and it's been a lot of fun to watch how far the international and national media has been covering our fine city. >> dana: welcome in on it monday, or tuesday, what day is it? on this tuesday morning. it's blustery out there for sure. let's get a check of our weather forecast, from news 3, your weather authority, winds will be around for the bulk of today, but should be dying down later on tonight. from southeast career & technical academy, we have a current temperature of 40 degrees and the wind out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. winds will be 15 to 25 it looks like for the bulk of the day. lighter winds._ >> tom: travel times, seven minute drive there to the bowl. east on the summerlin parkway on to 95 from the far west, 11-minute drive, so things look
5:29 am
morning on the roadways here. >> kim: all right tom, thank you very much. so it's 5:32 a.m., and it's one of those deals every year, by the time we get to new year's eve, people say this is the year. 2016, i'm going to get fit, i'm going to get into shape. >> dana: until then, we like to gorge a little bit during the holidays, so we need to work off the extra calories. kyndell nunley has an idea of how to do that this morning. you have people up and at 'em already on this tuesday. >> the reporter: yes, they are here by the dozens and really working hard. right now this morning, we are in camp rhino, where you can see people are getting fit, not only for the holidays, but also going into the new year. now, as kim and dana were talking, you know, this is the time of year where people are setting the resolutions, but also trends have also shown that around this time of year as well, people have specifically set workout targets for themselves, so they can indulge for the holidays.
5:30 am
is really the options for you at home watching us this morning. what is possible for you? we are at camp rhino and this is julie. let's talk about what kind of dial type workout is this that we're doing this morning? >> this is boot camp, one of my all time favorites. if you want to do a ground and pound, have as much fun as you can with the camaraderie, boot camp is the way to do it. >> the reporter: talk about the different stations you have set up. it seems like nears options for every muscle area. >> we have two people who are injured here this morning and we're working with them, modifying things for them, so they never have to miss their workout. we have box jumps, tire flips, we have the tire pulls with the ropes. we have tarzan swings, because it's 5:00 a.m., and if you're going to wake up early and you're going to work your butt off at 5:00 a.m., you need to be having some fun, so we set up a tarzan swing so they can swing across the hope.
5:31 am
the stations. we have a 4-foot fall that they jump over, jump back, judgment over and adding obstacles to workouts, it might sound intimidating, but i promise, we pull it down to every level, comfortable. you make goals like i want to get over the 4-foot wall, i want to get over the 6-foot wall, instead of i want to lose weight. >> the reporter: before we send it back on over to mile an hour lovely anchors, kim and dana, let's get over to the tarzan he jump. i'm going to toss it back to you kim and dana. reporting live from camp rhino. >> dana: do it. >> kim: come on. >> let's see her tarzan across. i just stole the mic from kyndell. let's see your tarzan across. >> dana: that was pretty cool. i was hoping they would do the tire lift, but i'm not sure they could lift the tire. >> kim: the tire weighs more than kyndell. good work kyndell nunley. didn't it look like the people
5:32 am
it is fight night in las vegas, the republican presidential candidates are going to be on stage at the venetian hours from now. >> dana: tracie potts from nbc news joins us live from washington, d.c. we know trump is the front-runner, but ted cruz, surging in the polls. >> the reporter: exactly, which should make for an interesting debate there, coming up tonight. now we have nine people on the stage this time, chris christie made it back in, and donald trump seems to be very confident going into this fifth and last debate of the year. new video this morning of black lives matter protesters removed from donald trump's late-night rally in las vegas. trump supporters, unusually rowdy. one even gave a nazi salute. the front-runner super confident before tonight's debate. >> many don't have a chance. they say what are you doing, just go home and relax. go home and relax.
5:33 am
in monmouth university's new poll, pulling a whopping 41% nationally. but ted cruz leads in iowa, among evangelicals, and among the most conservative voters. >> the essence of america. >> number 3, marco rubio is running a new ad in iowa and new hampshire, going after conservatives. >> millions with traditional values, branded bigots and haters. >> the reporter: he's targeting hillary clinton. >> we are going to have fine people --nine people on the stage. >> the reporter: at the venetian, it's trump center stage, flanked by ben carson and cruz with chris christie back on the main stage, and rand paul barely making it in. and many voters -- >> there's not anybody that i like 100%. >> the reporter: estimate, undecided. -- still undecided. >> i just want to see how this all plays out. >> kim: that was nbc's tracie potts. we're going to talk live with our craig figener, who is reporting from the venetian then we're going to have tracie live in the 6:00 a.m. hour.
5:34 am
talking about uber and they're doing something to keep ridership up and you might like it. we'll tell you what they're doing. >> kim: a dream come true and it's after just a terrible tragedy but it's going to restore your faith in humanity if it's been shaken as of late. hang out. this story is going to make you smile. it's coming up. >> dana: we have a check of your weather forecast. how long will the winds hang out and will it be warmer in new york city than here in las vegas?
5:35 am
peed >> kim: paul mccartney would be proud. we have some christmas decorations, we were able to capture. d-camera. this is a container park area. we get really excited about christmas, it's going to be here before we know it. >> dana: jiggling around a little bit on the d-camera. >> kim: the winds were a nuisance last night, i'll tell you that much. >> dana: we have winds out there from news 3, your weather authority. winds around for the bum being of today. will be dying down later on tonight and tomorrow. live picture coming from the west side of the valley, the red rock resort, shooting down toward the beautiful las vegas strip. we'll have mostly sunny skies as the kids head out to the bus stop. 40 at the bus stop. 49 on the way back home, with winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. should be around 42 by 9:00 p.m. 46 at lunchtime, topping out at 49 degrees. sun up at 6:44 a.m. >> tom: we have an accident on the far southwest valley, buffalo and star, just southwest of the mountain's edge
5:36 am
elsewhere, we had lots of work over here, flamingo road, between the strip and paradise, actually, all up and down flamingo. there's the area we're going to look outside. you see the orange cones out there. motorists seeming to negotiate them just fine without delay. in the bowl, starting to get a little slowed dyou think you see some yellow signs out there. 51 miles per hour. but the outside view shows nothing to worry about just yet. just getting a little busier, kim and dana. >> kim: tom, thank you. it's 541 a.m. a. -- 5:41 a.m. absolute meltdown. this bad behavior actually is going to really cost her. we'll explain why she freaked out at the dmv. >> dana: concerns about security at the summer olympics. what they found and what has authorities very concerned.
5:37 am
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fitzgerald. >> >> kim: welcome back. it's 5:44 a.m. why in a span of some 12 hours, we had two officer-involved shootings in our community. >> dana: one happened before noon, the other before midnight. michelle velez joins us from the scene of the one that happened just hours ago. michelle, what can you tell us? >> the reporter: well, kim and dana, we are standing in a neighborhood, in north las vegas, and police say this actually started at a different location, it was a call for a robbery, and when they responded to that call, they got a description of a suspect vehicle, which took them here to this neighborhood, we're near cheyenne and pecos, and they responded to a house and there was a group of people, a group
5:40 am
vehicle, police say all of those people were cooperating with them and then a man walked out of the house where that car was parked outside of and that man had a gun. they say that man pulled out the gun, pointed it at them, and that's when they shot him and then he went back into the house, so they followed him to see if he needed any assistance, he did, he was transported to the hospital, kim and dana and that's where he later died. so that's what we know about the situation out here. it all started around 8:30 p.m. last night, according to police and you can see, they are still out here investigating, any time there's an officer-involved shooting, it is a very thorough investigation, so we're hoping to find out more information and we'll be able to bring that on later edition he is ofs of news 3. >> dana: we'll check in with michelle later on "wake up with the wagners." >> kim: uber is getting a ton oft this time from their own drivers. >> dana: in an effort to grow ridership, uber slashed rates by nearly 30%. for drivers, that means a 30%
5:41 am
one driver we spoke to on the condition of anonymity, says that 20 to 30 cents a mile, that's going towards gas, when combined with other fees, the driver bringing home less money. uber says rate cuts will mean more passengers and eventually more profits for the drivers. >> kim: from our followup file, a former assistant high school coach has plead guilty to assault and this was on the attack on that referee by two of his players and it was all caught on tape. this got national and international attention. under a deal with prosecutors in texas, mack breed has been given 18 months rotation for a misdemeanor ataught -- probation for a misdemeanor assault charge and he has to surrender his teaching certificate. this happened at john j. high school in san antonio, you see the players tackle the referee on purpose. prosecutors say they're also preparing to charge the players who tackled the referee during the game, and more bad behavior documented on camera. we know going to the dmv can be stressful, but there's a woman
5:42 am
it, getting into a fight with a state trooper. you notice we had to bleep a lot of it, for good reason. a lot of swear words flying. 31-year-old eleanor stern not happy half apparently the employees at this office asked her to leave. the trooper eventually drags her across the dmv, while she's kicking and screaming the entire time. these she's out on bail this morning. we still have no idea why she was asked to leave in the first place. >> dana: she kicked him. >> tom: that would be kicking and screaming. >> dana: literally. >> kim: wow. i mean, all right, we talk about -- i have to tell you, i have an amazing experience with the dmv in this town. kudos to you guys for keeping your cool, having to deal with crazy people like that. >> tom: i bring the numbers, see how many people are in front of me, around bring a bcok. sometimes they'll tell you you're not up for an hour and a half, i'll go out and get a bite
5:43 am
>> kim: go to starbucks. that's what normal people do. >> tom: maybe i'll try that route next time. change of pace. we do have one little accident right now, it's in the far southwest part of the valley, south mountain's edge at star and buffalo, which is pretty much as far to the south as you can go on buffalo. take you over to the 215, and summerlin parkway, the inbound commute gets you there just fine in six minutes. no worries on that. in the bowl, things are getting busier as we approach the 6:00 a.m. hour, so we'll give you an outside view after we show you the travel times, it's not that bad in the overall view. it's just busy right there at the bowl. the inbound 95 or 515, that's where you see a few more headlights than we did last time we check, so dana, it's getting busy, but just the one fender bender. >> dana: people getting buffeted by the strong winds. from news 3 your weather authority, check out the red rock camera and you see a northerly flow, the clouds going
5:44 am
temperatures and also the breezy conditions. we're going to show you all that and right after we show you the peak wind gusts that we had from our weather bug sites. 32 miles per hour. this is just since midnight on the west side of palo verde high school, down in anthem, only 11-mile-per-hour wind gusts. green valley, 16 miles per hour. downtown las vegas, 29 miles per hour. here's the wind bag, it's an area of low pressure, that's the center of the storm system, centered over the four corners area, and moving away from us, and the farther that area of low pressure moves away from us, the more the winds will die down, so the winds should be coming down, but still, noticeable throughout today. and we are getting behind that area of low pressure, a northerly airflow, that's bringing in the cooler temperatures today, it's not going to warm up all that much. 46 degrees in mesquite. 53 in laughlin. 23 at mount charleston. and tomorrow morning, these are the overnight lows, below freezing, for many communities,
5:45 am
searchlight, overton, caliente, 27 degrees tomorrow morning in mesquite. in las vegas, we'll bottom out at the freezing mark it looks like on both wednesday morning and thursday morning. high of 49 degrees today and tomorrow, more winds today, but winds should not be much of an issue by tomorrow and this saturday for the las vegas bowl, a few afternoon breezes and a high of 60. >> kim: 5:50 a.m. drake and the president. coming together in an unusual fashion. it's "water cooler" worthy and we'll share it after a quick timeout. >> a man in massachusetts started carrying a big stick around to protect himself on his route, because he keeps getting attack by wild turkeys. this is real.
5:46 am
this is real. >> dana: 5:53 a.m. time for the "water cooler" on this tuesday and the group behind the popular barack dubs videos back at it again. this time they have the
5:47 am
blake song, hot line bling. glasses out on the dance floor hanging with some girls i've never seen before >> dana: not only is he singing the song, at one point, they put his head on drake's body, right there. there one just uploaded in the past day. so it's just getting underway on the internet. >> kim: funny. >> dana: jimmy fallon sitting down with his friend, talking about tina fey's new show called sisters. one had to guess the celebrity and it had them recommend facing about their days on "saturday night live." >> don't even get me started. not even a penguin could use one. >> it's either sling blade or morgan freeman.
5:48 am
i just want to hang out with your son. >> chandler. >> chandler doing bling-bling. sandler. >> dana: that was good. >> i like the way you talk. >> dana: the movie, sisters, comes out this friday. and an architect in kazakhstan, wants to build a ski slope on top of this apartment building. this is what it would look like. you get it. the slope is the top of that black box and you would sling around the apartment build, you would drop in all, a thousand feet, it would cost $70 million to build, and he says, that some people have already expressed interest in moving forward with this design. a ski slope on top of an apartment building. >> kim: why not. they have an indoor ski area that dubai in a mall. why not, go to kazakhstan, ski outside.
5:49 am
york city, who survived an arson attack that killed her family, received some news recently. she's going to disneyworld. of course she's excited, that's 8-year-old sapphire terry, she only wished to receive christmas cards for christmas, but her friend zachary told her she's going to be doing more than that, heading to disneyworld. this girl needs a little relief. it's been a tough year for her. >> kim: you know what, talk about a reality check. i know the alarm goes off, you may have be tired, you may have a busy day ahead of you, but look at what sapphire has been through and still has a smile on her face. 5:56 a.m. in our 6:00 a.m. hour this morning, this is new. it is-- >> hello. >> kim: quite unusual. this guy is heating things up in the windy city. we will tell you how at 6:00 a.m. >> dana: live from las vegas at the venetian tonight, hear what
5:50 am
about national security.
5:51 am
get a lot of >> kim: oh, the stage is set. the republican presidential candidates will square off right here in las vegas just hours from now and we have some new polling information to share with you, it broken night, live team coverage headed your way. >> dana: also, deadly police shooting for the second time in about a 12-hour period, metro police shot and killed somebody.
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