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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  December 15, 2015 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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a threatening e-mail sent to two school districts. in los angeles, there was a district wide shut down. >> even buses did not move this morning while more than x hundred 40,000 students were told to stay home -- 640,000 students were told to stay home. less than one million buildings we were told. every school would be attacked according to the e-mail, with pressure cooker bombs, and machine guns. new york city officials got a threat that said there's was a hoax. >> we see no need whatsoever to take that action in new york city. we do believe that this is in fact a hoax. >> as you can imagine, schools
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able to curate this information. numerous districts around the country got threats. clark county school district responded today saying they got no threats, but they are prepared to take action if threats were to come in. marie: homeland security will be a topic of debate tonight. reed: we have team coverage tonight. gerard ramon is focusing on security and candidates taking potshots at each other. some strong language used by the gop contenders in recent is that the reason for the boost insecurity? gerard: no, i don't think so. you would have this kind of police presence regardless with an eventf this magnitude. there is a large presence
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there have been -- debate venue. there have been a number protesting donald trump. that is to be expected. meantime inside the debate venue there is also a large police presence and you have severalsecurity agencies working together whenever there is an event like this. you have the feds, fbi, secret service. they would be the lead agencies. they would work with the in-house security. there is still some set up going on. i will tell you before tonight's event, the florida -- the floor will be swept. anyone who wants to enter the debate venue will have a special clearance. credentials have been handed out. some people asked us if they could attend. they wanted to watch the debate.
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you needed clearance in advance. we did speak to a specialist, david shepherd, who is former fbi and the former head of security at the venetian and a counterterrorism expert. >> every type of threat. prior to the event, people going in, looking outside information. you are figuring physical security, increased security presence, there is a lot. undercover all the time. gerard: the officers we showed you are metro officers. they will have an increased presence outside of the venue. they will have additional off sirs who have been hired -- officers who have been hired to cover the event. much rate --- metro will be
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throughoactivity expected to pick up in the hours leading to the debate. back to you. marie: this is the republicans fifth debate. reed: jeff is live at the venetian where he will be listening to their message. jeff? jeff: good to see you this afternoon. this is the final judy biggert eight -- the final gop debate of 2015. this is the first since san bernardino. how tough will the candidates get to track and hunt down terrorists? the scene is set. the candidates came to the stage to check out their podium position. trump of course will be in the middle. a new poll from washington post
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biggest lead yet, which is more than double his closest rival, ted cruz, which means nothing according d paul who spoke with me earlier today in the spin room. he said we have seen polls go up and down and he told me today over half of the people are undecided. this is the way they are leaning. he told me of the moment, he said ultimately as more questions are raised, more people will examine their position a candidates. he had to fight to get on the podium tonight. he would be one of the nine at 6:00. the undercard is beginning, lindsey graham, mike huckabee. what is remarkable about the
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statements last monday. he made that call to ban muslims entering the united states. you can bet that will be one of the questions tonight. it's coming on the same day the second-biggest school district in the country was shut down over a terror threat. that is topic number one tonight at the venetian. back to you. marie: a very busy scene behind you. we will check in later tonight. thank you for that. let's take you outside where activists are getting their message out. reed: live with the show outside the show. a lot of people angry today. >> yeah, they are calling it the no hate debate. about 100 protesters were here demonstrating earlier. they represent women's rights, gun violence, social justice.
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together to push back about hateful rhetoric. all they want is to hold the republican candidates countable. >> all they're doing is spewing out hatred to everyone. the issues are the economy, getting people back to work, and in good paying jobs. we have thousands of people in poverty here.>> we will have more on the protesters along with the people that have been watching it later on tonight at 5:00. reed: we can hear them in the background. would you mind asking the photographer to get a view of how large the crowds are? >> yeah, chris, can you spin the camera around? there are a few protesters right here.
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view because of the sun. again, the crowd was larger earlier today. about 100. we a seeing three or four now. more on that tonight at 5:00. reed: they may not be related to the gop debate. we are glad we were there. marie: more protests, this time on the streets of new york city. reed: at the rockefeller center. marie: and one year after a terror attack in sydney, australia. how the victims are beinghonored today.
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reed: several people being arrested outside rockefellcenter in new york over the shooting death of a teenager by police. three people tried to get close to the christmas tree.
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attempt to scale that massive holiday evergreen. marie: today is one year since a deadly siege in sydney where 18 people were held hostage at a catwo hostages were killed. australians play tribute to the victims by placing flowers outhe memorial will consist of cubes with flowers set into the sidewalk near the cafe. reed: a new brain tumor therapy showing promising results. marie: what experts are saying
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reed: electric magnetic therapy could help with brain tumorsthat plus chemotherapy is an actual combination group that
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months longer than those e than those given chemo alone. marie: researchers regularly tested the memory and thinking skills of 300 adults who completed one year of part-time coursework. 92% showed an increase in brain function compared to 56% of their peers who did not take any classes. >> and lift off. on their way to the international space station. reed: three astronauts from the u.s., britain, and russia blasted of today. the mission is to spend six months aboard the space station. already on board are two russians and a champion to meet
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heavier than expected hit the denver metro area overnight. look at that. people going very slow. drivers woke up to roads covered in four inches of snow and ice. the weather forced several schools to close130 flights were reported canceled on tuesday because of the bathe plows are out clearing roads. tell family to take it slow. marie: back at home, we are dealing with very cold temperatures.a walk, i hope you were bundled up. reed: my dogs are shivering. how do you fix a she bring dog -- a shivering dog? >> is going to be very cold this evening. mostly clear skies across las vegas. beautiful, but cold and a little
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take a look at our time lapse. you can see a little bit of snow melt on the cabin's this afternoon.temperatures are cooler than what we are used to. 51 at cunningham elementary school and in other parts of town, 44 degrees. other neighborhoods, we started off with temperatures in the 30's. here is some math for you, take eight degrees off the numbers and we will see very cold conditions, colder than last night. cold weather expected for our area. temperatures in the 40's and 50's for our neighborhood. when best reaching up to 20 and 30 miles per hour and also wind outside of the valley where
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ov20 degrees for mount charleston outside right now. we have a hard freeze warning in effect. temperatures are expected to drop between the low 20's to the mid-20's overnight tonight. also a freeze warning for portions of the area going into effect into early tomorrow morning. chilly this evening for the area. temperatures in the mid-40's, in the upper 30's 9:00 and it is going to get colder overnight. northwest, temperatures down the next few days. we are anticipating a warm-up. the winds will be moderate. you can see right here, as we lo at conditions overnight, we are expecting temperatures to drop below the freezing mark for the las vegas area. temperatures are below normal with winds between 10-20 miles per hour tonight.
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11 degrees and 14 degrees for mount charleston. cool weather tomorrow. temperatures again in the 40's. mesquite, overton, 40's. 32 mount charleston. for your hump day, a lot of sunshine. temperatures below normal. a lighter breeze out of the north, 5-10 miles per hour, is expected. as we take a look at the next few days. cool weather will continue through tomorrow. we will slowly start to crank up the dial the next few days. warmer weather headed our way just i weekend. 60's for saturday. don't get too comfortable. a chance of showers headed ourway next week. we like to keep it unsettled. marie: makes it interesting. exactly. reed: all right.
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>> we start in the state of oklahoma where a man drives right into the lobby of a motel. he does it on purpose. here is the surveillance video of the guy doing it. he'll most killed the women working behind the counter. luckily they are able to dive out of the way. he was arrested and charged with felony counts of assaubattery and is being held on $1 million bond.
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his credit card was denied and he told them he was going to drive his truck into the lobby just a matter of hours from right now, we will find out who champion on "the voice." >> the final four competing on television last night. win? watch tonight right here on channel 3. to michigan where a teenager watched -- 12 to more than 50 miles with his broback. his brother suffers from cerebral palsy. he did this to raise awareness
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for a special playground for him and children like him. sports illustrated has taken notice and will award its first-ever athlete of the year honor to hunter. now to chicago where this tv interview is getting a lot of love online. the reporter catch with this person on the streets of chicago. the video has received 20,000 likes and thousands of comments on facebook. he says comment terms praised his looks and tried to get dates him. he did say he is looking for love. he lives in colorado. if i looked like that, i would never wear a shirt again. back to you. marie: he would keep the tight, don't you think? reed: if i bump into him in the
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like this. marie: people are getting excited for the new star wars movie. : the famous dublin spire has been transformed into a t saber. check it out. these are pictures from social media. it looks like a handle and monday night was the film's premier. pretty cool. marie: do you miss your sweetheart? a new device can help. reed: the technology reminds you your loved one is just a simple heartbeat away.
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classic -- when reed: the other debate, scheming
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