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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening, and jim snyder. jessica: i'm jessica moore. we have been speculating who bought the review journal. we are not the only ones. today, perhaps an answer. jeff gillan joins us at the state's biggest newspaper with what wjeff: good evening. good to see you. i have to tell you, what a mystery. this paper behind my shoulder, gets sold twice a year. they forgot $140 million. $40 million more than the sale back in march. somebody wanted the newspaper badly. today, perhaps you it is from fortune magazine. the report published before 1:00 hour time wednesday says sheldon adelson is the new owner. the paper was sold last week to a group called news and media capital group llc. only knew it was disk --
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financial backerthey wanted to remain anonymous. they were upset. >> watched on journalists, and integrity groups, have rightly called for the new owners to be transparent and reveal their identities, or risk having the quality and value of provide rightly questioned by readers and employees. >> i think that there are a lot of people from a lot of walks of li that are in news organizations. reporter: the society of professional journalists, were >> the society of professional journalists is always happy to see people invest in news organizations, and we hope whoever but the las vegas review-journal is going to allow the journalists to really produce wonderful journalism, that is responsible, ethical, and their own.
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that lack, the report calls mr. adelson the primary buyer. it did not list any other investors. this is interesting. tuesday night, h had no personal interest in the review journal. i did reach out to sheldon adelson and his representatives, and i have not heard back. i also reached out to the new owners, and did not get a call back. they had said that their journalism will remain intact, and they also said they do plan to go fo with the new investigative unit to uncover more stories here in las vegas. jeff gillan, news 3. jessica: this story is one that is not going away anytime soon. thank you for bringing us the latenevada lawmakers are considering a plan to bring a high-tech carmaker to north las vegas, and
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nevada in the rthe 29th special session began one hour ago. they the $270 million in tax incentives needed to bring faraday future to apex. last week governor sandoval announced a deal that woulde carmaker and 4500 jobs to the valley by 2023. we spoke with state senator erin ford on the phone. he said he accepts the deal to pass, but not without priorities included. >> the nevada senate democrats are going to be looking at it through the eyes of our friends in nevada, to ensure that we have good paying jobs for nevadans, and we are happy to grow an extent the middle class. jessica: the special session is expected to last two days at a cost of $100,000. jim: the wedding and a funeral in less than a month.a reality with his
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the men convicted of running the young men over learned his punishment. denise rosch is live at the center. this is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell. reporter: here are some numbers. prosecutors say this is a man who has 25 prior convictions, nine of them felonies. he has been to prison for timesto his name is cesar gutierrez. he was given the max today. >> i want to tell the family am sorry from bottom of my heart sthere's no excuse why iran. reporter: cesar gutierrez called his victim a beautiful human being, man he did not know, but left dying on the side of a road. mario is out for it by grant, when gutierrez tried to pass another into mario. this was the damage to the car.
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>> i pray when i get out of this situation that i become half the men this man has accomplished. reporter: but is it's an apology that falls flat with the victim's father.telling the court, a real man would have stayed on the scene and taking responsibility. instead, police were forced to track him down, resting in several weeks later. >> i hope this is an example for other people, that do have been runs and they think they can greporter: his son was married less than a month before he was killed. the entirey left degrees, many of them sitting in the courtroom during sentencing, hearing the judgim penalty. 6-15 years behind bars. >>for mario's widow, the end of a
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love of r life, just as their future is looking so very bright. >> i know he died happy. he died doing what he loves. he was happier than he had ever it gives me a little bit of peace. reporter: he also leaves behind a young daughter. as per gutierrez, prosecutors say he was going 65 in a 45 mile per hour zone. his defe -- his defense attorney calls it an accident. jessica: thank you. attacked, rob, raped. local families in the southwest part of town have been invasions. metro police and the da announced three men have been indicted by a jury connected with those brutal crimes. kelsey thomas is live frwhere these crimes random?? reporter: most of the time, the victim and the suspect know each
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scary and disturbing. these were completely random. imagine you are at home relaxing, when three masked men break down your front door, rob you, pistol that you, and rate you and your own home. that is what happened in this case. some of the victims were eldeone victim was 75 years old. all three men indicted by a grand jury on very serious charges. >> if my office has anything to do with this, they shoule the light of day for a long time. these three individuals were part of an indictment acng of 36 different felonies. >> we don't have that identified yet.
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attorney steve wilson at a newss afternoon, where he joined metro police to to tthey haven't in july and august in the southwest part of the valley, facing a combined 46 felonies. the metro lieutenant described them as extremely violent.>> armed individuals coming in the house, screaming you, they batter you with firearms, they point firearms you, may tie you up, they ransack your house. justice will be served in this case. >> i want to emphasize that three individuals have committed some of the most serious crimes you can imagine. reporter: clark county district attorney steve wilson says usually these cases are extremely break, but physical evidence left behind in one home lead to a
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arrests are behind bars tonight. they are expected in court kelsey thomas, news 3. jessica: thank you. new at 6:00. units at valley high school continue to show their support r left the school, after she claims some of her colleagues were racist.jim: some of those students say the school has retaliated against them for showing support. antonio castelan joins us. these students say their right to free speech is beinreporter: the school denied that they say students are allowed to expres themselves. they say they were suspended for supporting a former students continue to show their support for a former valley high school subs to teacher -- substitute teacher. this is gotten students like fernando in trouble. >> i don't think it's right for me to be suspendt all, because i want to speak upon what happened.
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suspended for league for disrupting class. official threatened him, and if you guys keep on doing what you do, things will get worse. reporter: tiffany dickerson is in the middle of the controversy. she was hired even though she doesn't have a license. the district said she was hired as a long-term substshe complained about racism after taking the job, and the situation turned ugly.district leaders say not so. they opted to hire a licensed teacher more qualified, and dickerson refused reassignment. e feels for her former students. >> i think it's sad and a form of retaliation. re: clark county denies suspending shoe -- students for showing support. they explain, students have freedom of speech on campus to a point. >> the campus also has rights to restrict speech, if the speech materially and substantially
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>> he says his suspension will not stop him from voicing his opinion. >> i'm definitely not giving up on this. i'm definitely going to speak up. no matter what goes on, i'm going to keep on fighting. : clark county school officials stress that they could suspend students for disruptingclass. back to you. jim: picture with santa that is going viral for very cool reasons has a special las vegas connection. jessica: why this little boy decided to pray instead of asking for a gift, and his prayers were for a baby in las vegatom: bumper-to-bumper on i-15. some lights as well. an update coming your way in just a moment.
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it literally takes a village. wait until you see this. that and the cold, hard facts of the forecast, coming up.jim: kevin, thank you. gas prices at the lowest level in seven years.
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you, and where most americansg the extra dol jessica: welcome back. it seems like many peo up her christmas list. jim: charleston and i-15 is never a picnic this time of night. tom hawley is about it rigtom: a couple of accidents. they're both along charleston, neither is a big deal. a fender bender was called in as an accident.
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on northbound 15 to charleston, but it is not bad. charleston eastbound past boulder highway, blocking the right lane. not a major delay. that's about it. amber: thank you. jessica: new at 6:00. a picture that went viral. a little boy in south carolina his time with center to make a selfless request, asking st. nick to pray for a sick baby. jim: that baby is being treated right here in las vegas. fatima rahmatullah caught up with the family. reporter: the parents'world turned upside down. >> pain, and grieving, for wanting my baby back.. reporter: when the newest
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just. joy. reporter: was found in his crib, blue and unresponsive to w>> i was terrified and scared, i could not think straight. sunrise children's hospital in arizona. he started taking breaths on his own, but nothing c>> we sometimes wonder if he's there, if he can hear. reporter: thousands of miles away in south carolina, a four-year-olg down with santa, not asking for toys, instead asking for a miracle. >> preston, we don't know him. reporter: preston learned about the baby from a prayer group his grandmother belonged to. >> i think that says a lot about his character, what a nice little guy he is.
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any sign of improvement -->> we have a big help. reporter: they have a message for preston. >> merry christmas to preston. we love him, even though he is>> thank you for caring about someone else that you doq for believing in god. reporter: fatima rahmatullah, news 3. jim: isn't it fantastic, the connections families can have, it is unclear what happened to the baby.. the family is told, if he recovers, it is likely he need long and expensive medical care. if you wou help the family, go to and find a link. jessica: you know santa had to be touched, thinking most kids are asking for gets, and this little boy is asking for a prayer.
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be the most we put out the call for houses that are really decked out in the holiy lights. jessica: lots of griswold in the valley. kevin janiso of joe and dawn. they are not limited to lights. they havin -- have a working ice rink. kevin: exactly. it is display after display. a large population of manikins in different teens, all over the property. it is pretty large. the bmw back there, that is not part of the display, but i understand it is world. check out all the manikins -- mennquins. and the ice rink. you have been ice skating for a since i was 12 years old.
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actually had your eyes skates on during the explosion. >> that's right. i was on sunset road in henderiran with my skates on, ran in the desert. kevin: where were you going? >> i didn't care, is just getting away. kevi this is very unique. i was out here 20 years ago let's talk whether. -- the weather. the low was 34. the winds kept up just enough that we did not get to the freezing mark in mccarran, but along the edges, 31 and 32. we will be colder without wind tomorrow.
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speaking of clear skies, the satellite shows how clear it iyou can see high clouds coming down from the pacifiwe get strands of high clouds tomorrow, but we will warm up a bit. the overnight lows tonight, pahrump down to 21. highs tomorrow, boulder city at 51. mesquite at 51. las vegas valley, mccarran hits 32 tonight. upper 20's around the edges. centennial hills. tomorrow, we will do a little better. as we had the seven-day forecast. , we will warm up. it could be an active weather pattern.
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chance for rain on or around christmas. we will have to watch thlywe will, definitely. the decorations go all blair around. we have santa claus, and your daughters house next door. she is slacking. what is up with that? >> i don't know, we have to go over there. kevin: one last thing. kevin:joe also worked with ralph lamb when he was sheriff. >> i worked in the crime lab for a while. i initiated a program that td today. kevin: should we be worried about any of these? >> not really. kevin: i'm a little bit worried. jessica: they're like the quintessential las vegas couple. the explosion, the mgm fire. jim: very cool.
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jim: surveillance video catches a thief in t act. jessica: people across the valley are scrambling to find the dog here it the woman was given alone time with a three-month-old bostit is an expensive animal. jim: while the employees were
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nobody knows. employees and customers tell us they are stunned by what she did. >> they should do the right thing. it is a dog. it is possibly somebodies christmas present. jessica: the store placed the kidnapped kludge on a puppy amber alert. it notifies every vet and shelter in the area through a microchip.if that the decides she wants to return to puppy, they will take it back, no questions asked. jim: i had no idea that system existed. for anybody o has a dog or cat with a microchip, that is reassuring. jessica: baltimore about in protests again over the death ofjim: set off by news that the jury could not reach a verlet this could mean for the other officers charged, and the likelihood of a retrial for ofic the future of driving
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ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins.
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