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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we have answers this hour. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. look at fremont street on this beautiful. i've not sign the christmas tree. >> kim: isn't that great? our craig figener is down there, because we'll be talking about the big honor for kris bryant and bryce harper, the two local baseball phenoms who used to play on the same club team in las vegas back in the day and now they're huge stars in major league baseball. welcome into the program everyone. it is 5:00 a.m. in the morning on this thursday. i'm kim wagner, alongside my hub by, dana wagner. >> dana: will ferrell on late night television, any time you know he shows up, it's going to be fun any, look at his costume that he showed up on fallon's show with. there's a whole story behind this. we'll tell you about this coming up. >> kim: well, kelly curran as we check in with you in the weather authority weather center, he would be chilly around these parts. >> kelly: that is too cold for
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like that. we are looking at temperatures hovering around freezing right now and by 9:00 a.m., a little bit of sunshine. we'll start to warm up. 42 degrees, but only 51 for our afternoon high today. that's still below normal, but 60's are on the way. all of those details are coming up. >> tom: we are starting out the morning with a report of fire signals near the downtown area on fremont street before eastern avenue. look out in the area shows that we do have one flashing light that's left there. you see on the right side of the road, so i think whatever was happening there is just about over, so good news as far as that goes. take is into the bowl and we see speed. looking good, so a good start on morning, kim and dana. >> kim: thank you, tom. and the guys that we're going to profile right now have a few things in common. they're both baseball stars, they're both internationally known and they both came las vegas home. >> dana: they're both rich too. craig figener joins us, so we're in downtown las vegas on fremont street, if you're going to start a baseball game today and i
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to start with these two kids. >> the reporter: you know, that would be a pretty good idea. good morning to the two of you and good morning to you at home. we hope you're having a great start to your new day. las vegas mayor carolyn goodman will be handing over the keys to the city to las vegas' homegrown baseball stars, they are of bryant. harper is an outfielder, or was as on outfielder with the washington nationals, he was named while there, the the national league m.v.p. after posting a season with 42 homeruns, 99 runs batted in, 118 runs scored and 6 stolen bases. for harper it all started at las vegas high school and then in 2010, he led the college of southern nevada in a baseball team there to the junior college world series, harper was also also called national league rookie of the year, now, bryant is from bonanza high school and he became a third baseman with the chicago cubs.
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rookie of the year. he had, get this, 26 homeruns, 99 runs batted, 87 runs scored, and 13 stolen bases. certainly some bragging rights for these two players. now they grew up playing against each other, friendly rivals, if you will, here in las vegas and now they'll be repping las vegas in the major legals and honored this evening as we come back here live to the fremont street experience, they'll be honored at 6:00 p.m. this evening at the fremont street experience's third street stage. and that's where mayor goodman will give the 2015 all stars the keys to the city. now, if you're not familiar with this area, that's the stage right there, kind of right in the middle of the fremont street experience. just in case you missed the stage, just look for this massive holiday tree right there, hard to miss, it's directly across from the stage, so that's where all of this will be happening at 6:00 p.m. this evening, where they'll be given
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talked aboutbling wealthy. well, -- about being wealthy. bryce harper will be open for 2018 contract as a free agent, it's my understanding that could bring between 200, $300 million, just a little spending money. he could pick up a nice pad in the area. you know, las vegas is home after all. >> dana: yeah, he already has a nice pad in washington. i've already seen that. so craig, that is -- i'm glad you brought us that story, not only is it cool to hear about our local heroes, the baseball guys, but also cool to see fremont street at this hour. >> kim: it's all lit up and having the christmas decorations, so we'll be checking in live with craig throughout the broadcast. the force will be with millions officially tonight because the highly anticipated "star wars," the force awakeens, will be in most movie theaters across our great nation by tonight and the it's the first of the grand new
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the original cast members, harrison ford, carrie fisher, mark hamill. the film is it expected to have a massive opening weekend. we saw all of the pomp and circumstance which is on your screen right now, where the big world premiere, which was in hollywood this week and they have advanced ticket sales that have amassed more than $100 million at this point. disney has already announced several sequels and spinoffs to the film ahead of its release, with the first to be released next year, but we'll have all of the coverage of the big opening here locally, right here on channel 3. >> dana: 5:05 a.m. now. runnin' rebels back at home at thomas & mack for the first time in a while. nfr was at the thomas & mack for ten nights, so you have a live look from the unlv, last night, unlv hosting arizona state out of the pac-12 and in the first half, steven zimmerman with a -- how about that for a 7 footer, making a three ball.
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second half, it was all arizona state. they outscored the rebels, 41-19. ouch. rebels lose the game last night to arizona state. now, they head on the road to take on 13th ranked arizona for a very tough road tells. >> kim: all right. it is 5:06 a.m. and still to come this morning, caught on cameras, you'll see an officer who opens fire on a busy street, but a lot of people this morning saying, that the officer had the right to shoot. you can be the judge as we take you inside this developing story. >> dana: and a "wake up with the wagners" exclusive. many of you, most of you maybe, will be buying double a batteries this christmas season for the gadgets. but which ones last the longest? "consumer reports" knows. they'll fill you in after the break. >> kim: honorary roles. the duchess of cambridge, we're talking about the beautiful and talented kate taking on a new role, but there is one that's already in the family. we'll explain, ahead. >> kelly: a live look outside on the rio camera this morning.
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>> dana: at 5:10 a.m. on a thursday, we have breakings new. federal officials have decided to bring charles against the ex-neighbor of the san bernardino shooters. >> kim: several law enforcement officials are telling nbc news right now, that those first criminal charges stem from the massacre and they're being brought against the man you see pictured on your screen, enrique marquez, a longtime friend and former neighbor of the gunman, syed rizwan farook, those charges, we're told, could be filed as early as today. we'll stay on top of this developing story. it is now 5:10 a.m. and so far, it's been relatively calm in baltimore, after it was just announced by a judge yesterday that they have a hung jury in the first of the freddie gray death trials. >> dana: gray died in police custody after suffering a broken neck while being taken to jail. there were protests after the
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at least two people were arrested, but the streets have mostly been calm. william porter, the officer, was the first of the six officers charged in gray's death. prosecutors and attorneys for that police officer plan to meet in the judge's chambers later today to discuss a possible retrial. >> kim: it is now 5:11 a.m. and we want too give awe heads up that the video we're about to run on the broadcast is disturbing, but we're also going to stop it short from the most disturbing images. let me set the scene here. this is in a small town of california, the sheriff's department releasing this video, you see a deputy talking to a man on the street, the man pulls a knife, rushes toward the deputy and this is where we're going to stop the footage because shots are fired. hospital. the sheriff's office also releasing a picture, you just saw a moment ago of the knife that the suspect had on him, also saying that the suspect had a cellphone in his other hand
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neither the suspect's name or the deputy's name is released. the deputy had no other choice but to pull the trigger because the suspect was rushing toward him, authorities say. >> dana: a tractor is rolling slowly down the street. and they can't get it to stop. so a sheriff's deputy is able to climb into the cab and stop that tractor-trailer before it crashes into anybody. that's sergeant todd voltz, why was it doing this? the driver of the tractor-trailer had a diabetic episode, so he was unable to control the tractor-trailer, the driver of the truck is expected to be ok. >> kim: it is now 5:12 a.m. and we have a "wake up with the wagners" exclusive. it has to do with those double a batteries, and you're going to be buying those this holiday season if you have toys or electronic deep advices or gadgets that need them. but do you need to buy the expensive name brand batteries to keep the gadgets up and running?
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justicjust tested 15 double a batteries to see which last the longest. it's all fun and game until the batteries run out. "consumer reports" looked into which batteries you should buy to keep everything chirping, chiming, and chugging. but there are so many brands to choose from. >> double a batteries i can range from 62 cents a pair to $5 a pair and that's a big price range. >> kim: "consumer reports" put 15 double a batteries through a battery of tests. they simulated the typical use of toys and flashlights, and now, the big question -- which lasted the longest? >> overall, the lithium batteries did tops in our tests, but so did some of the act akal lines at half the price.
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buy for batteries is kirkland's signature alkaline, sold in large value packs, to these pair cost only $1. when it's time to change the batteries in your devices, always use batteries that are all the same age, brand, and type. and then that old wife's tail about keeping batteries in the fridge to prolong their life. "consumer reports" says, don't bother. keep your batteries in a cool, dry place, and they will likely last for about seven years. "consumer reports" also says not to keep those batteries, or your battery powered devices in extreme heat for extended periods of time, because they can leak and rupture. also, don't keep batteries in your pocket, because they could rub against spare change, causing them to short circuit. >> dana: i never heard that one before. that's interesting. >> tom: leaky batteries is a sure sign. >> dana: you've had that before,
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forget about for years. >> tom: like a flashlight i haven't looked at for a couple of years. >> here's the other thing with extreme heat. your garage door clicker, a lot of people put it up on the visor and you keep visor to keep the shade in place. i've had the battery leak from the clicker because it was holding the shade up. >> tom: like a scene from aliens. >> dana: what's happening in terms of traffic? >> tom: we have one accident on the valley far west side at the intersection of qualapy and charleston. police are on the scene of that one. the problem we had downtown in terms of fire, these cleared up. rainbow speeds are looking good in the low 60's, just below the speed limit. into the bowl on summerlin parkway, no problem whatsoever. the 215 coming in, looks good, as well as i-15, so travel times up to speed in the spaghetti bowl. busiest intersection in the state of nevada.
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let's get to kelly in the >> kelly: yesterday was one of the days you look out the window and you say oh my gosh it looks gorgeous and you take two steps outside and say maybe not. we had a lot of sunshine out there yesterday as well. as far as what we were expecting, as we head throughout the day today, mostly sunny skies. 49-degrees, that's what we're anticipating as far as the 3:00 p.m. now here's a look at the temperatures hour-by-hour as we continue to head through the day. 50 degrees right around 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. now, here's a look at the time lapse from yesterday, we had all that sunshine across the area. clear blue skies, looks so great, even rain, i didn't want to be outside for any length of time yesterday and the temperature right now, as you're heading out the door, 30 degrees, north las vegas, and downtown, below freezing, blue diamond, you're at 21. henderson, just at 31 degrees. the good news is though, as far as the winds are concerned, we're really not looking at much, so that is definitely good
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look at the seven day forecast and when we could see highs returning to the 60-degree mark coming up. >> dana: 5:17 a.m. now. time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq in midtown manhattan, and you're warmer there than we are here in las vegas. what the heck is going on? >> the reporter: it's going to be almost 70 on new year's eve or on christmas eve. >> dana: stop it. jane right now is wearing shorts, people don't know that, but i do. jane, the best performing casino of the year, i'm thinking belagio, the wynn? >> the reporter: the gaming industry, they've dealt with problems, but sands bethlehem, that's las vegas' smallest casino, that's the only one that improved performance. the pennsylvania location benefited from some of the big cities like philadelphia and new york.
5:18 am
that has driven the state for the number two spot for gaming behind only nevada. >> dana: they're building a new airport in boulder city, this >> the reporter: just for drones. construction started on this airport in boulder city, it hopes to attract hobbyist, government officials, rescue workers, private businesses who are all eager to find a spot where they can fly and test their zones, built itself as the world's first only drone airport. >> dana: we know that the fed raised interest rates yesterday for the first time in almost a decade, just a small amount. but what we really want to know is it, how that impacts us, the consumer. >> the reporter: absolutely. well, you're not going to feel it overnight, although there are some banks already raising loan rates. wells fargo raising loan rates, but not rates on depositors, it doesn't seem fair, but the short-term rates, we're talking about savings accounts, credit cards, auto loans, that is where you will people the pinch first on the loans, they're likely going to go up soon, if not already.
5:19 am
floor of the nasdaq. thank you very much. now here is kim. >> kim: 5:19 a.m. let's get you in the loop las vegas and we begin with the winner of "the voice," live from new york city as we take in a greatly look at the fabulous troop at rockefeller -- tree at rockefeller. right there behind the tree is where jordan smith will be on the "today" show. he just won $100,000 in that recording contract tuesday night of this week, right here on channel 3 and we'll have a sneak peek of his appearance live on the "today" show this morning, right here on "wake up with the wagners." so once he gives that interview to the "today" show crew, our crew here in town is going to turn that around and to make sure you can hear from jordan before the "today" show even starts. from new york city, across the pond to london, a greatly look at the tower bridge in all of its glory and we now know that duchess kate is taking on a new role. she hash named the new honorary air commandant of the erika deaths. what does that mean?
5:20 am
an organization of 42,000 erika deaths who range in age from 12 years old up to 19 years old, and it's all in the family, you could say, because prince phillip, her grandfather in law, once held that position. oh, comedian and actor, will ferrell, stopping by the tonight show just hours ago, and as you would expect, he brought the funny, showing off like this, surfer santa, and continuing to do this with fallon. >> the you don't sit on my lap, i sit on your lap, ok? >> yeah. >> so, what do you want, little boy? >> a new car. >> i can do. i can do that.
5:21 am
the whole media rounds and the late night rounds, because he has a new movie coming out with mark wahlberg it's called "daddy's home" and it premieres on new year's day. >> dana: i have watched he elf the other day, i have not seen it from beginning to end. >> kim: we saw it at the smith center in town, but you're right, i've only seen little snippets of the movie. so good work. thank you for doing that. >> dana: people like to dress up their homes for the holidays. festive display hat one home. you're not going to guess who controls the lights at this home. wait until you hear this one coming up. >> kim: bad lip reading. the people behind this phenomenon are back and you should see the special treatment they're giving this film. >> the force awakens comes out on friday, biggest movie of the year, millions of people are expected to see it this weekend. so that means it's time for "star wars," the floor is shaking.
5:22 am
writer, arthur, down to rockefeller plaza to get people's thoughts on the movie and see whether or not they notice he's mispronouncing, "star wars," the force awakens. >> how excited are you to see the floor is shaking. if you had to see on a scale 1 >> rachael: are you ready to wrap? our annual wrap-along show with genevieve gorder.
5:23 am
>> dana: live from downtown las vegas, the d-camera, it's someone new. >> kim: that's dana's dejay voice at 5:25 a.m. it used to be very popular on the playground, because kids would say oh, dejay voice. >> tom: and a sports voice together. we have one accident off to the west side of the valley at the intersection of wallapie and charleston. if you're coming in from the far northwest by the 215 and the 95, you should be in pretty good shape. travel times up to speed as guthrie around the rainbow curve. traffic looks great. no slowdown. when you get in to the spaghetti bowl, everything is in the green, no delays, kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. as the kids are heading out to school, you'll want to bundle them up. temperatures hovering near freezing and even by 7:00 a.m. when the kids are heading out the door, we're only looking at 35 degrees for the temperature and only 51 on the way back, but
5:24 am
seven-day forecast, there's good news, normal tomorrow and 60 on saturday. >> dana: it's just about chamber of commerce weather for the las vegas bowl on saturday. >> kim: that will be perfect. >> dana: 60 degrees. >> kim: it is 5:26 a.m. now and still to come, people are going to hate this story. a puppy has been stolen from this local store, and now employees are afraid for the
5:25 am
we'll explain ahead. >> kim: doctors office shooting,
5:26 am
sounds like an episode of law & order, svu. you'll see exactly what i'm talking about in a live report with our michelle velez. >> dana: and mystery solved. we now know who purchased the las vegas review journal. the mystery owners revealed ahead and it is a name you will know. >> kim: also, adventure to san that. that -- santa. you can experience a mini north pole right here in las vegas. find out where your kids can have some fun and sit on santa's lap. live pictures on your screen. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. live pictures of the strip this morning, it is thursday, december 17th. >> kim: yes, it is just now clicking over to 5:30 a.m. welcome to the program. we have everyone back here, kim wagner, dana wagner, kelly curran, tom hawley, all of us together, and we have a lot to talk about on this thursday. >> dana: we even have amazing
5:27 am
scary accident. this did have a happy ending. the driver of a small tractor-trailer turned right in front of a truck, causing the two vehicles to collide. the crash destroyed the tractor, scattering debris all over the road, threw the driver up into the curb but the drive made it out alive with only a broken hand and bruises. dramatic video for sure. >> kim: wow. that is something. right around here, i know that it is freezing in many places, in our viewing area, and so that could lead to slick roads. kelly, you have the details on that. >> kelly: luckily the roads are wet, but we haven't had any rain, but we have runoff from people watering theirs lawns and that can make for icy patches. you want to slow down, take it easy and bundle up on your way in. 49 degrees though by noon. 51 at 3:00 p.m. that's still below normal. warmer temperatures are on the way for the weekend, but also a chance for rain. i'll have more on that coming up. >> tom: we are starting off in good shape, with just one
5:28 am
the travel times are all up to speed for the moment. you're. coming from. outside view from the spaghetti bowl, 95 and rancho and a few the asphalt. no major tieups so that's good >> kim: imagine if you're sitting in a local doctor's office waiting for your appointment, someone busts in and it's armed, it's dangerous and you watch this play out in front of you. >> dana: and they are they're a shootout that goes on outside the doctor's office. michelle velez joins us close tomsto -- joins us from umc with what happened. >> the reporter: you say this played out like a scene of law & order, and it did, it was very dramatic, you have three victims, two suspects. in the end, one of the suspects dead. believed to be injured. so i'm going to step out of the way for a moment so you can see where it happened. it happened in this building
5:29 am
learned that this was a dental office and here's how police say this whole thing played out. a man and a woman who were wearing masks bust into this dental office, just after 7:00 p.m. last night, there was an employee, a patient, and a doctor inside, the two suspects forced the employee and the patient into a room, then they pistol whipped the doctor. they were demanding money hand possibly drugs according to police. well, the employee was able to get out and he ran outside, he went to his car, grabbed a gun and came back and confronted the two suspect. they were trying to escape through a stairwell in the back. there was a shootout between them. the woman suspect, she was hit, she eventually died at the scene. the other suspect, the male in this case, he got away, but police believe that he is injured, because they found a trail of blood leading from the stairwell into the back parking lot and so now they are looking
5:30 am
so three crime scene here, the dental office, the parking lot blood. and kim and dana, police also say that they believe that the female suspect, who died, may have possibly been a former patient at this doctor's office, so maybe this was a targeted situation here, obviously, they came in looking probably for drugs, and money. and they really don't have much to go by as far as a description of that suspect, who got away, except that it is an african-american man, 5'7" to 5'8". but keep in mind, this person is likely injured, so i don't think it's going to take them very long to find this man, because he has a gunshot wound and eventually at some point he'll need medical attention. >> dana: wow, what a dramatic scene playing out right here in las vegas. thank you very much for that michelle. thank goodness, it could have been worse to me, right? >> kim: of course. >> dana: one suspect dead, one injured, but to doesn't sound like anybody was seriously injured, at least inside doctor's office. >> kim: as that continues to be
5:31 am
live report with michelle a little while later in the broadcast, but right now the suspense is over for this one. we have a clear picture of who the new owner of the las vegas review journal is. there's the headline on very paper we're talking about, they ended up saying that patrick dumont, the son-in-law of sheldon adelson helped put the deal together. the paper sold last week to a group called news and media capital group l.l.c. the review journal reporting that dumont put the $140 million deal together at the behest of his father-in-law. it is the second time in a year that the newspaper has been sold, and now, sheldon adelson is the big local name, the big local billionaire name, attached to this paper, and so why do people care who owns the local paper? because there could be a bin laden, they want to know -- there could be a bent, they want to know who owns the paper so they can filter what they are reading in the paper. >> dana: we know that israel is
5:32 am
his wife miriam and he paid $40 million more than what it sold for a year ago, so he really, really wanted the r.j. >> kim: some people say in is mean because he wants to get his message out. all we have to do is continue to read and then we'll know. 5:35 a.m. and you can experience the north pole right here in las vegas. >> dana: kyndell nunley hanging out with santa claus this morning. kyndell, this is an awesome experience for children hall across the las vegas valley. >> the reporter: yes. and quite honestly, all ages too. right now, we are in fashion show mall at adventure to san that. now, this is a very, very interactive cool space for families to come, especially around this time of year. as you can see, they even have the ability to make it snow. so there's santa, as you can see, live on your screen this morning. now, it starts with dreamworks theme, so shrek, it ends with santa. the kids are able to go inside the house, and really just take part in the interactive
5:33 am
they are able to be in a sleigh ride, also able to interact on a computer screen or make ginger bread cookies. families what you want to take note of it, it does get crowded out here, so you are going to want to make your reservations on line. you can do that adventure to san that and you get to take your lovely picture with the star of the show. so this is santa. now, santa, i have a question for you. now, our anchors are kim and dana wagner, mr. and mrs. wagner, are they on the naughty or nice list? >> they're on the good list. >> the reporter: both of them. >> dana, yes, they're both on the good list. >> the reporter: getting lots and lots of goodies for christmas. they'll be open every day during the mall hours until december 24th, they close on that day at 6:00 p.m. reporting live at adventure to san that, kyndell nunley, back to you. >> dana: one of us is on the
5:34 am
i'm not going to say which one is on the naughty list. >> kim: no, that was so knives and tell santa that he's our favorite santa, because my favorite picture of our daughter kate who is now 10 is on his lap taken at that very location when she was five. so he's been doing great work in our community. yes. on behalf of the big guy from the north pole. yes. >> dana: listen, shedrows bring up a good point. just don't show up and expect to get in. you have to make your reservations at adventure to san if you don't, you're not getting in. >> kim: we have a puppy amber alert. a local pet store desperately hoping to find one of its stolen puppies anan the employees have an idea what the woman is going to do with the stolen puppy, we'll share it ahead. >> dana: one of the moist celebrated stars of -- most celebrated stars of american soccer and she played her final game. the story behind this in moments. >> kelly: a live look outside on the d-camera this morning.
5:35 am
hats, gloves, going to be a must. when we'll finally start to warm
5:36 am
weather grandma got run over by a reindeer walking home from our house christmas eve >> dana: tom, how many christmas ties do you have in your closet? >> tom: i honestly don't know, but i would say, somewhere between 40 and 60. >> dana: 40 and 60 christmas ties. >> kim: the reason i knew you had a lot, because one for every day during the month of
5:37 am
>> tom: no repeats and plenty left over for next year. santa coming in here on christmas eve, coming up next week. it's not all christmas on the roadways right now. we have a report of an accident on the strip on las vegas boulevard, right by the city center. it's reported this is a serious accident from the mandalay bay camera. we're not seeing any flashing lights in the area, but this may be on private property. 215 and the 15 coming together, we're inbound on the 15, eight minute drive from the bowl, henderson, it is a nine minute drive to get you up there to the 215 and i-15. outside view shows it all hooks good for the time of course, so we'll get to kelly and the weather. >> kelly: it is chilly out there. crank up the heat in the car. current temperature, 20 degrees if sandy valley. pahrump, 25. boulder city, 35 degrees an overn to, it is currently -- overton, it is currently there as well. winds are nice and calm. we're not having to deal with the windchills today, that's
5:38 am
kids on the way to school. 51 on the way back. we're going to talk about warmer temperatures and a chance of rain coming up. >> kim: kelly, thank you very much for that. >> dana: meanwhile, there is some controversy out there. defense secretary ash carter in iraq, but there's some controversy brewing here in the u.s. find out why. >> kim: and new in our 6:00 a.m. hour, uber's new partner, who the ridesharing service may buddy up with, and it could mean
5:39 am
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news clear exclusive and it is upsetting. a local mother of six has been gunned down and it happened in front of her two youngest children. >> dana: shot and killed sunday night near lamb and the 15. her mother tyra atkins, says she knew something was wrong when she couldn't get ahold of her daughter and got the worst news a mother could get. >> the detective called me back and he said, i have some bad news for you. i already knew what he was going to tell me, that my baby, my only one i have, and all i could think about was her six kids. how do i as a grandmother look at them and say your mama can't come back. >> dana: family holding a fund raiser today starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning in the black kings motorcycle club. police say the shooter is still out there. if you have any information, call crime stoppers.
5:41 am
have a puppy amber alert and the woman, you'll see her on cameras, took off with a 3-month-old boston terrier at the petland store in boca park, employees say it was very busy, that's why someone didn't notice when it happened. the puppy is microchipped and the dog is worth some $2,800. they believe the woman who ripped off this puppy is probably going to try to sell it on craigslist. if you know anything about this crime, don't keep it to yourself. please call crime stoppers, 702-385-5555. >> dana: and more than two million bean bag chairs are being recalled because a couple of children have died. they have opened up that bean bag there, and died from suffocating on the phone beads inside the chair. these are made by ace bayou, being recalled by them and the consumer product safety commission. con up zooers urged to call ace bayou for a free repair kit to
5:42 am
cart certificate in iraq today, but there's big controversy here at home. according to the new "new york times," carter continued practice of using a personal email for at least two months after it was revealed that hillary clinton was using her personal email, while she was secretary of state. it's not clear this morning whether ash carter stopped using that account and also, we don't know how many work-related emails he sent or received from that personal account, but this has been brought to the times" through some reporting. we're passing it on to you. >> dana: the greatest goal scorer in u.s. soccer history. the face of women's soccer for the last decade has played her final game. abbey wambach playing against china, they call these friendlies international. this happened at the superdome in new orleans last might. she's 35 years old, she helped lead the united states to the world cup title this year.
5:43 am
medals and was fifa world women's soccer player of the year. >> kim: she hopes things progress within the world of soccer and as far as women being center stage, that people forget her name. >> tom: the women's soccer has been more popular in in the united states than men's or won more awards. >> dana: its men have never won a world cup title. the women have several. >> tom: they won olympics. >> dana: aren't you supposed to win the game? they lost to china, 1-0 last night. that's the first time in more than 100 games that the u.s. women have lost at home. >> kim: that's how good they are. >> tom: but still hats off to abbey am wambach. we have one accident down on the strip reported, but it's not blocking travel lanes, so we think it might be on private property. in the spaghetti bowl, looking good, all your travel times slow on the 15 from craig, slows down get inc. to the bowl. when you get past that, down around i-15 and sahara, it's
5:44 am
at all the headlights on the left, that's southbound traffic all. >> kelly: you're going to want the heat on in the carp, four lanes to walk the dog this morning, around bic thick socks an everything, my face was so cold. i need one of those masks, right, the ski masks. take a live look outside, dark there. you can see some stars especially if you're outside of temperatures as you're heading out the door, look at this, north las vegas, you're at 209 degrees right now. -- 29 degrees. summerlin, centennial, both coming in at the freezing mark of 32. good news is though the winds are very light, so we're not looking at a windchill to add on to the already cold temperatures. satellite-radar picture, we have clear skies across southern nevada. snow in the northern portions of the state and we are seeing the rainshowers continuing up around seattle and portland.
5:45 am
head toward the weekend. forecast highs for today, yeah, it's going to be a cold one. pahrump, 52. overnight tonight, it's going to be cold again, mesquite, 32 degrees. 25 for the low in pahrump, seven-day forecast, back to normal. 56 for the high temperature. 60 on saturday with a chance of rain, saturday night into sunday. that will cool us back down, but only briefly. we'll start warming up again as we head into next week and we'll keep our close eye on christmas day, because right now, the moved else indicating -- models indicating a chance of rain. >> dana: but the weather perfect for the las vegas bowl on saturday. mostly sunny, 60 degrees. it doesn't get much better than that around here. >> kim: byu and utah facing off no town. 5:50 a.m. still to come, two m.v.p.'s hanging out, both excited to see each other an one will definitely never forget that moment with lebron. we have for headed your way in the "water cooler."
5:46 am
>> i know, but your oldest is. >> 2 1/2. >> and your youngest? >> is one. >> i definitely november what works for those age groups and frances is the 1-year-old. >> yes. >> of course. you're going to love this and she's going to love it. tears of joy in her little angelic eyes. >> this is law & order.
5:47 am
>> year eight they finally >> dana: 5:54 a.m. time for the "water cooler" and the people behind the bad lip reading videos on youtube, they're at it again. this time, they're paying tribute to the original "star wars" movies. >> maybe i will if you give me your grilled meat. >> i don't have any grilled meat. >> ok. do you have any pets? >> i have a monkey in a both e. >> -- bottle.
5:48 am
>> no, that's the pet giraffe. >> dana: it's like perfect, just in time for the new installment of the "star wars" movie, the force awakens, in movie theaters tonight and we had to show you the sweet moment that happened in boston, the cleveland cavaliers playing the boston celtics on the road. when cavs star lebron james comes over to a very special young man, named aaron miller. he's been through a lot in his young life. he's overcome a lot of brain damage and multiple surgeries, to not only walk again, but this young man in the celtics jersey actually plays basketball. after the game, lebron james visited with him again and gave him his shoes, something i'm sure that young man will never forget. and now we take you to alaska, beautiful light display on this home. this is in the fairbanks area. the man kenwood behind this is an it guy and he has rigged his lights so that anyone on the
5:49 am
there's 12 strings here. you can click on to light the living room windows, the stair rail, the colorful tree there, but the most popular apparently is the garage wreath. he lives in rural fairbanks alaska, his computer bill is about $400 a month. he does accept donation he is and in case, you're wondering if his neighbors get annoyed, the answer is no, because he doesn't have any. >> kim: when you said rural, i was thinking, good, because i can't imagine the neighbors are going to love this, as far as 24/7. >> dana: that's true. >> kim: during the day, it doesn't matter, but no neighbors, no worries. still to come this morning, we have an exclusive for you before the "today" show. jordan smith, the winner of "the voice" an "wake up with the
5:50 am
that's headed your >> >> kim: we lead off with braking news. federal charges for that man. the former friend and neighborhood of the san bernardino -- neighbor of the san bernardino shooters, expected to be form live charged this morning. we have the developing details headed your way. >> dana: also, doctors office shooting, a couple busts into a local doctor's office, pistol whips a doctor, wait until you hear how this ended. >> kim: and the force is coming to las vegas. we've already had the world premiere, now we have locals flocking to the theaters, and we
5:51 am
your way.
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