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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 17, 2015 6:00am-7:00am PST

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your way. >> dana: 6:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. a beautiful day here in las vegas. december 17th. 112 years ago today, orville wright took the first flight. >> kim: wow. >> dana: kill devil kills in >> kim: he had no idea we were going to be charge for our bags and have to be strip searched before you went through by the >> tom: laserred and drones. >> kim: a lot has happened since >> dana: yes. >> kim: i saw the live look over the fabulous las vegas strip and i'm well aware not everyone wakes up with us, some wind down with us and if they're out and about, they need a sweatshirt. all of that. it's below freezing right now and as we head throughout the day, we'll be below normal. 42 at 9:00 a.m. 49 by noon, but we are looking at the possibility for some warmer temperatures and a chance
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>> jeff: everything looking good so far, no freeway accidents to speak up. i pulled up our fast cam of i-15 northbound at sahara, because you see the cones lined up here on the right. they're working on removing that from overnight construction, so if you're headed that direction, watch out for that. as for the rest of the commute, things are looking ok, coming through the bowl, speeds of about 17 miles per hour, and your travel times today, 15 southbound is moving a little bit slower today. nine minutes between the bowl and tropicana. 515 northbound, between 215 and downtown, clear at 13 minutes. 95 northbound between the bowl and lake mead clear at six minutes. now for a look from things move, let's go to tom hawley up in sky 3. >> kim: we have breaking news, we'll get to tom in just a moment, but right now, we're hearing through nbc news this morning that federal officials have decided to bring charges against the ex-neighbor and ex-friend of the san bernardino shooters and you're seeing a picture of this man, that's enrique marquez.
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could come as early as today. investigators say marquez bought the two assault rifles three years ago, that wound up being used in the massacre in >> dana: the man who is known for jacking up the price of a life-saving pill from just over $13 to $750, arrested this morning on fraud charges. bloomberg news first reported nbc. federal agents say this case of fraud has nothing to do with the cost of his pills. instead, he is charged with illegally taking stock from a company that he started, and using that to pay off debt. >> kim: and then breaking here locally, a fire at a mow -- motel on fremont, near bruce, fire and rescue, you could see fire in one of the programs and they had a lot of smoke, once they goto the scene, one person was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation, two other rooms evacuated, as this continues to play out, we'll
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right now at 6:03 a.m., a woman is dead after she busts into a doctor's office, all armed to the teeth, as people were hanging out waiting to seat doctor. >> dana: man and woman walk in to a doctor's office, three people inside at the time. news 3's michelle velez joins us live near charleston and rancho and the whole thing ends in a shootout between one of the people inside and the two suspects that burst in. >> it's amazing, kim and dana, that the three victims in this case walked away with their lives, because it could have been much worse. three victims, two suspects, in the end, one of knows suspects dead, the other one missing, but believed to be injured. i'll step out of the way here, we're very near umc, 28001 charleston and this was a dental office, it happened last night
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police say they have found out. they attacked the doctors they were demanding money and police believe probably narcotics, drugs. well, they pistol wiped that doctor. in the meantime, the employee was able to get outside, ran to his or her car, and got a gun. came back and confronted the two suspects as they were trying to take off through the back door down a stairwell. they got into a shootout, shots were fired. in the end, the woman was hit, she later died at the hospital. the man got away, burr police believe he is injured, because they found a trail of blood leading away from that building, so they are now investigating. they had three crime scenes here last night, inside the building, the parking lot where it all happened, and then, of course, that blood trail, they haven't
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information, kim and dana, on a description as far as that suspect that got away goes, but i'm assuming that that person who was injured will probably need medical attention sooner or later, so i don't think it's going to be hopefully it won't be too hard for them to eventually track that man down and another thing, kim and dana, that police said that's interesting, they believe the woman who was killed may have possibly been a former employee of this dental office, but they say they won't know that for sure until they're done with all the medical examiners reports an everything that has to be done, so a very dramatic scene here that unfolded last night. now, they're looking for this man, of course, anybody who has information, remember, this person probably has a gunshot wound, please contact police immediately. >> kim: all right. michelle velez reporting live from the location. if someone were to describe this to you as a plot for some crime show, you would be like oh, that never happened and here it happened in las vegas. >> dana: another heinous crime to talk about. three men in town have formally
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following a series of violent home invasions in the southwest part of town earlier this year. quincy williams, brandon black, and wilbert knight accused of breaking in to three homes this past summer. the victims robbed, beaten, some of them even raped in their own homes. those are the accusations. apparently the crimes were random. police say the suspect targeted senior citizens. physical evidence left behind in one home led to a break in the case, all three men have been arrested, and now they're facing a combined 46 felonies, facing up to a lifetime behind bars. >> kim: it is now 6:06 a.m. and two big-time major league baseball stars who were from las vegas are going to be honored in a great way today. >> dana: right there on fremont street in downtown las vegas and that's where we find craig figener this morning, so it's kris bryant and bryce harper, right there, later on tonight right there on the third street stage. >> the reporter: it will happen
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both made some amazing accomplishments as far as sports goes, so las vegas mayor carolyn goodman will be giving both of them the key to the city. now i want to cap for you a little bit of their career highlights, to give you an idea of why they're being given this honor. harper, as an outfielder with the washington nationals, was named the the national league m.v.p. after posting a season with 42 homeruns, 99 runs batted in, 118 runs scored around six stolen bases. now for harper, it all started locally, at las vegas high school then in 2010, he led the college of southern nevada, the baseball team there, to the junior college world series. harper was also 2012's national league rookie of the year. let's talk about bryant, kris bryant. he's from bonanza high school, he became a third baseman with the chicago cubs, he was named to the national league rookie of
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26 homeruns, get this, 26 homeruns, 99 runs batted, and 87 runs scored hand 13 stolen bases. so the two place, of course, growing up in las vegas, playing against each other, a friendly rivalry. now they'll each be back in las vegas today, where they will be honored this evening at 6:00 p.m. here at the fremont street experience's third street stage. that's one of the signs you look for, and that is the third street stage. and that is where mayor carolyn goodman will give both of them the keys to the city. remember, these people were the two, 2015 all stars, so that's why they get this on o around as for bryce harper, you know, he's really an up and comer. in 2018, he'll be a free agent, so as a free agent, he'll be able to make his own deal for a team, and he could fetch as much as 200 to $300 million on a
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deal for a local player, who's made good on the national scene. again, 6:00 p.m. this evening here on the fremont street experience stage. i'm craig figener reporting live this morning. back to you in our studio. >> dana: craig, thank you. and by all accounts, these are nice young men. you know, listen, young guy with a lot of money, sometimes they've made a couple of missteps along the way, but by all accounts, these are really good people. >> kim: look at what hand-eye coordination can get you. if we can only all be born that way. here in town, the force will be with locals. the highly anticipated "star wars," the force awakening awakes, finally hits theaters, including in southern nevada. this is a first brand new trilogy of films. in the first one, the original cast members are back, carrie fisher, harrison ford, mark hamill. you are looking at images from the big world premiere this week
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advanced ticket sales, they've racked up $100 million. disney has already announced several sequels and spinoffs to this film. the first of those is supposed to be release he had next year and this is -- released next year. i know people who work at channel 3 who are taking tomorrow off so they can see the "star wars" movie tonight. >> dana: kenny, is he going to dress up? will this be the highest cresting movie of all time? do you know what the highest cresting movie of all time is? "avatar." same director of titanic. the mistrial of freddie gray ends without a verdict. what happens next in the legal process? next in the break. >> kim: sharing is caring. we're talking about a social media app that's going to be rolled into something that could mean a billion new potential customers.
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plus -- >> dana: she just wants her to come back. that's the mother of a woman shot and killed talking only to news 3. we're going to have this and her emotional plea after the break. >> tom: flares on the freeway, never a good sign. we'll have an update on this situation coming your way in just a moment. >> kelly: we're starting to go see a little bit of a glow in the sky this morning. it is so cold out there. definitely want to bundle up. let you know when we'll see warmer temperatures and another
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that's on the way as well. >> dana: 6:14 a.m. the sun will be up in about 30 minutes. live pictures from the d d-camera on this thursday. a deadly shooting involving a deputy caught on camera in california, it happens in broad daylight at a busy intersection. >> kim: we want to give you the warning that the video is disturbing, but you are not going to see the fatal shot. >> get down on the ground. petput your gun down. >> kim: this is a small town in california and those are obviously terrifying moments, this is about an hour north of los angeles where this happened. a 23-year-old man charged hat that deputy with a knife and apparently, he was yelling that he wanted to be shot and killed. well the man reportedly had a
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911 on the line. officials are continuing to investigate. the deputy is on paid leave, but by all accounts, the deputy said he had no other choice at that point. >> dana: a mistrial this the baltimore office charged in connection to the death of freddie gray. live pictures out of baltimore. dozens of protesters spilled into the streets, as news spread of a mistrial in the william porter case. they were orderly, for the most part, two people were arrested last night. one of the first of six baltimore police officers to face trial after freddie gray died in april from a severe spinal injury that occurred while he was in custody. prosecutors and attorneys for william porter plan to meet in the judge's chambers later today to discuss a possible retrial. >> kim: i was watching when this happened and there were a lot of news helicopters up, but down below it was mainly just all press, just kind of pushing toward the courthouse. right now, we have aerial
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let's check in with tom hawley. >> tom: yeah. a little bit of trouble right here the spaghetti bowl. this is an accident which is partially blocking the exit ramp from 15 south to washington. you can see traffic is squeezing up the middle. now they have the car on the tow truck, should be clearing away shortly, but you have flares on the freeway. slow approaching 15 southbound. elsewhere around town, the freewayser looking good as we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: let's check your travel speeds and what you can expect as you head through the bowl today. 15 southbound, it's running at 32 miles per hour. obviously, much slower hat that accident that we just saw from sky 3. your travel times today, if you're coming in on 215 eastbound, that's a clear shot. ten minutes from 15 to i-15 and 15 southbound, where the trouble spot is from the bowl to tropicana, a slower moving because of that. eight minute stretch there. 11 minutes if you're coming in from summerlin parkway westbound to 215. >> kelly: we'll start things out
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resort camera. we have a beautiful glow out there. the sun doesn't come up until 6:45 a.m. but we have the gorgeous colors. temperaturewise though, bundle up. look at this. nellis, 29 degrees. same in sunrise. downtown, you're at 28 degrees. mountain's edge, 33, and summerlin, also coming in at just 33 degrees. luckily, though, winds calm in many locations, so we're not dealing with a windchill to have to add on to these already cold temperatures. now we're continuing to see rain in the northwest, storm system blowing on the coast, that could bring us a little built of mexico the weekend. right now, -- but not until the weekend. southern nevada looking at lots of clear skies as the sun is. coming up. here's our forecast for today. 51 degrees, mostly sunny skies, light variable winds. another cold night tonight, 36, mainly clear skies and the seven day forecast, we are looking at temperatures, closer to where year. for tomorrow, a high of
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beautiful day, and then a little bit of rain saturday night into sunday. another cooldown, but warming back up, as we head toward the middle of next week. >> kim: kelly, thank you. we are taking you to the north pole this morning. it's in las vegas. you'll see what we're talking about in a moment. >> dana: right now a news 3 exclusive, a local 20 hate-year-old mother of six shot and killed in front of two of her children and now her mom speaking only to news 3. >> kim: it's just heartbreaking. this apparently happened on sunday night near lamb and the 15 hand now the mother is telling us here at the station that she knew something was wrong when she could not get a hold of her daughter and got the worse news a mother could ever receive. >> the detective called me back and then he said, i have some bad news, i already knew what he was going to tell m. me.
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have, all i could think about was her kids, how do i look at them as their grandmother and say their mother can't come back. >> kim: you just heard her back t talking about the six kids and a fund raiser is being held for the children at 11:00 a.m. this morning at the black kings motorcycle club. if you know anything to solve the crime, call that number on your screen, 702-385-5555. >> dana: while most of you were sleeping, president vladimir putin delivered his annual news conference. this thing goes on and on and on. hold it once a year, it lasts for hours. today, he talked about the downing of that russian warplane, also talking about syria saying the need is for the syrian people to determine who will rule that country themselves. >> kim: all right. talk about a partnership that will get your attention. it is 6:20 a.m. and we're getting word that uber may be getting a few more fares under their belt.
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we're talking about partnering up with facebook. they're going to have access, if this partnership does indeed work out. facebook is testing the ability for users to share a ride by booking it from the messenger app on their phones. the idea is that people who coordinate plans with messenger will be able to book a car without having to even switch apps. so talk about convenience right there at your fingertips. >> dana: 6:20 a.m. we are going to show you a house all lit up for the holiday season and you won't believe where you can control the lights from. that story ahead. >> kim: then they're at it again. the people behind bad lip reading and they're living this "star wars" treatment something that they wouldn't see at all in the movie, but it's a lot of fun to watch and we have it headed your way. >> did you see jeb bush, his campaign had a debate-watching party in miami, where his campaign headquarters are. and did you see somebody posted a picture of the crowd there.
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take a look at this. oh. come on. even radio shack was like, man, that place is empty. >> rachael: are you ready to wrap? our annual wrap-along show with genevieve gorder. she's got the number one way to wrap a gift with all the
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as everyone else in the family. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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>> tom: the freeways are clear except for one accident the one that sky 3 has been over. i-15 southbound at washington. we have our d-camera fixated right here. they have the right lane blocked here, so traffic is moving along
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if you're making your way that direction. looking at your travel times today, if you are coming through the bowl, before you preach that accident, speeds of 42 miles per hour, it's going to slow down to about half that once you get to that point. they should be clearing that shortly. as for your travel times today, 15 southbound between the bowl and tropicana, it's at seven minutes right now. it is clearing up. summerlin parkway westbound to 215 is clear at 11 minutes and 215 eastbound from i-15 to 515, clear at ten minutes. >> kelly: it's going to take that long for the car to warm up. it's chilly out there. a lot of people have the heat blasting, hat and gloves on in the car. as we take a live look at the insperada overlook, mainly clear skies and pretty colors as well. look at the current temperature, 29 degrees and even with the sun coming up and starting to warm up, it's all right 35 degrees for the kids on the way to home. warmer temperatures are on the way. your seven day forecast is coming up. >> dana: 6:25 a.m. now and we
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set up for the christmas holiday season, but there's one house where the owners don't control the lights in fairbanks, alaska, the man who set this up is an it genius apparently at a local company in alaska and he set it up so that people, anybody with an internet connection can go on line and determine which bank of lights come on, which are turned off, i think there's some ten different off and on witches, but be aware, there are hundreds of people in the cue to get on to change the lights. so somebody will turn on one bank of lights, somebody else will turn them off. this goes back-and-forth apparently all day and just about all night, becacae remember, they're almost getting 24 hours of darkness up there in fairbanks, alaska. do the neighbors mind? the answer is no, he doesn't have any neighbors. >> kim: we're taking everyone to the north pole, las vegas, coming up. also at 6:26 a.m. it's an exclusive. "the voice," we actually have e winner first on "wake up with the wagners," before we
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headed your way. >> kim: all right. mystery revealed. the confusion surrounding the new owner of the review journal, our local paper. well, we have a little clarity on this this morning, and we'll share it ahead. >> dana: and disappointing game. the rebels took on arizona state last night. and they dropped a big lead. >> kim: also, disappointing game, you can say that, as we
6:25 am
screen now. time? we know that he famously played elf, but what was he doing just hours ago on the very channel? we have the story headed your way. >> dana: good morning. morning. there's that snow still up at mount charleston, that fell on sunday night into monday morning. live pictures coming from sky 3. >> kim: oh, it's so nice to see and we're going to take everyone right now to the north pole. >> dana: we are? >> kim: over at the fashion show mall. this is our local north pole, and kyndell nunley is hanging out with santa, all of his helpers out there. you can actually be a part of all of this fun, and we're going to tell you how you can get down there and get up close and personal with the jolly old elf himself. that's coming up in this half-hour. >> dana: right now, let's talk about the temperatures out there. feels a little bit like the north pole. a little bit.
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>> kelly: it's below freezing in many locations as you're heading out the door. we will warm up but still expected to be below normal. 8:00 a.m., 36 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., 44. highs only expected to be in the low 50's, below normal yet warming temperatures are on the way, but also, a chance of rain. we're going to have more on that. coming up. >> tom: washington and i-15, it looks like that accident is for the most part cleared up. the roadways. so things getting back to normal there, but look at -- [inaudible] slows down again. i think we're just suffering from morning rush hour blues there as we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: that's what we're looking at right now in combination with that accident is i-15 running slower than unusual at this time. we'll look at your travel teams, if we are. coming in on 15 southbound between the bowl and tropicana, it's showing it's seven minutes, but it's going to be more than that, closer to 11 or 12 minutes.
6:27 am
the bowl to 215, that's a clear commute at 11 minutes, running a little slower today, guys. >> dana: ok. thank you very much for that. now the mystery is over. we now know the new owner of the largest newspaper in the state. >> kim: he's a billionaire. his name is sheldon adelson and they have done some investigative reporting. the web site changed last night. here's how it all went down and here's sheldon adelson. from what we understand, his son-in-law, patrick dumont is the one who helped put this big deal together. the paper sold last week to a group called news and media capital group l.l.c. the r.j., through their own report, saying that dumont put this $140 million deal together at the behest of his father-in-law. it is the second time if a year the newspaper has been sold, and dana, did you say that sheldon adelson paid $40 million more for it when than it sold the
6:28 am
>> dana: it sold for $100 million just about a year ago and this time he paid $140 million. why did he really want this newspaper? we don't know. but he is a big contributor to republican campaigns, he is very conservative politically, we also know that israel is a big issue for him as well. he and his wife miriam. meanwhile, a tale of to two halves, the runnin' rebels at home last night playing arizona state, first time they played on their home court, because nfr had ten nights there. steven minimum man, a 7-foot center out of bishop gorman, the guy can shoot three-pointers. he may even go pro next year, possible. rebels up by 12 1/2 in the second half. it was all sun devils shot after shot. rebels go on to lose after blowing a 14-point lead in this one.
6:29 am
they'll take on 13th ranked arizona. >> kim: i know, they sit on santa's lap, what they're going to ask for, a big w. >> dana: if they can get a victory on the road, that would be nice. what does kyndell nunley want for christmas? she's hanging out with sanity class at the fashion show mall this morning. >> the reporter: good morning. we are in fashion show mall at adventure to san that, so right now, we're outside of the house, so let's get everyone on in live this morning, as we'll take you through an interactive virtual tour live this morning. good morning. this is one of santa's elves and here's another one. the kids are able to come through this area. where we're going now, this is actually the boarding pass area, they can go on the sleigh ride. this is what's really cool. not only are the families here just able to come out and take pictures with santa, but find your boarding pass, this is
6:30 am
our cameraman is having a little bit of technical difficulty here. here, this is actually the sleigh ride and santa is in the sleigh this morning. now, this is really dreamworks theme. the show starts with shrek and ends with santa, so santa is not normally sitting here on the sleigh, but we asked him to come on out, the kids at home, santa is in las vegas this morning. now, as you can see, the sleigh ride takes families through and real -- an interactive virtual tour, they have wind blowing, you can see on the screen, the snow. coming through, you'll be able to feel it, they blow things at you and that's always, as you can imagine, lots and lots fun for the families out here. the star of the show of course is santa claus, who again is in las vegas this morning. those photo packages can be purchased on line, that is adventure to san, they start at $39.99.
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feel it, so pretty cool, right? santa. this is what it feels like for you especially on christmas morning as you're making the trips out there. last hour, you guaranteed that hour anchors, both kim and dana, were on the nice list, right? >> the reporter: they're on the good limbs. -- good list. they sure you. >> the reporter: what about me, kyndell? >> you're doing a wonderful job. >> the reporter: lots of our las vegas children of course on the nice list. for now reporting live or in the sleigh at adventure to san that in fashion show mall, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> dana: kyndell is on the nicest list possible. >> kim: yes. she's jolly all the time. >> dana: that thing gets very crowded every year. you're encouraged to make your reservations in advance. if you have don't, you just show up, you're probably not getting in. >> kim: santa is probably such a nice man. >> dana: he really is. >> kim: we have frightening
6:32 am
we're seeing these things way too often. we'll let you know how everyone ahead. >> kelly: a live look outside from sky 3. look at that shot. absolutely gorgeous. it's cold out there though.
6:33 am
neighborhood coming up. >> dana: 6:39 a.m. on this thursday morning.
6:34 am
morning. the 215 near eastern, we'll check in with tom to find out if we have think traffic issues in a -- if we have any traffic issues in a matter of minutes. a surveillance video showing a very scary accident. it does have a decent ending. >> >> kim: the driver of the small tractor-trailer turns right in front of a truck, causing the vehicle to collide. you're seeing it happening as i speak. well, the crash destroyed the tractor, and there is debris all over the place. >> dana: oh no. >> kim: also threw the driver up on to the curb. you say it has a decent ending. boy, does it ever, because someone could have been killed here, but the driver of that tractor not only makes it out alive, but he has a broken hand and a couple of bruises. >> dana: it's very hard to watch, for sure, because the guy gets thrown into the curb, but away. i can't believe it and i can't believe why he would turn in place. >> kim: he obviously was not paying attention. didn't see him coming. a little fun with will ferrell. we know him as elf, but he looks
6:35 am
calling this one surfing santa and we'll have a little fun with him along with fallon headed your way. >> kelly: a live look on our aliante camera, temperaturewise, bundle up as you're heading out the door. pahrump, just 33 degrees. what to expect for the rest of the day and week coming up. >> boots on the ground, boots on, boots on the ground. boots on the, boots on the ground. as a former prosecutor, boots on
6:36 am
boots on the ground. >> dana: truer words have never been spoken, baby, it's cold outside, for sure. 6:43 a.m., on this thursday morningnd a a woman is dead after she and a man busted into a local doctor's office, not far from umc. michelle velez joins us live near charleston and rancho with more on this one. michelle. >> this is a very dramatic scene that unfolded here last night and luckily, the three victims in this case, all got away with their lives. one of the suspects this morning dead, the other one got away, but police believe that person
6:37 am
here's what they say happened last night, it's a dental office we have found out and around 7:00 p.m. last night, there were three people inside, a customer, a doctor, and an employee of this office, when these two masked individuals, a man and a woman, busted in the door, and they were demanding money and possibly drugs, you know, some sort of drugs there at the dental office, they put two of those people inside a room, the doctor was pistol whipped and while this was happening, the employee was able to get out of that room, ran down to his car in the parking lot, got a gun, he or she, we're not sure, got a gun and confronted the two suspects as he they were running out the back door, a gunfire rang out, i don't know who shot first, i don't know if both of them were shooting, possibly some sort of gun battle broke out, but the two suspects were hit. one of them died at the hospital, was pronounced dead at the hospital. they believe the man was shot
6:38 am
blood leading from the building into the parking lot, so i'm hoping that they're able to track this man down, because if this person is hit, obviously, at some point or another, he's going to need medical attention. now, that woman, they're looking into the possibility, kim and dana, that she may have been a previous -- or a customer prior to this happening, of this dental office. so no really reason yet for a motive or why they hit this building. but they did it in a very violent, dramatic way and in the end, fortunately, the good guys won, kim and dana. >> dana: he did have a trail of blood, the guy hit with gunfire, that's when they brought in the k-9's and they were sniffing around for a while but didn't find him. >> kim: local news continues this morning on the cw las vegas. in addition to michelle's report, here is krystal and jeff with what else to expect. >> good morning to you kim and dana and everybody at home. this is is a student speaking out.
6:39 am
teacher, taunted her for wearing the traditional head veil worn by women of the muslim faith. >> >> puppies make great christmas gifts, but you have to do your homework. which breeds are best for families and what to plan for. catch that and more on wakeup with the cw. >> kim: republican front-runner donald trump taking shots at fellow candidate jeb bush. he did so just hours ago on late night television. >> do you think he would kill baby hitler? >> no, he's too nice. >> would you kill baby hitler? >> no comment. >> kim: so there he is, with jimmy kimmel, a little back-and-forth, and he's been doing a lot of this at jeb's expense since he was live on the stage here in las vegas for that big debate. for more on donald trump, and the big rallies he continues to hold, here is nbc's tracie potts and tracie, from what i understand in watching extensive coverage on this, donald trump really thinks he's going to seal
6:40 am
in fact, allude to go it in i can't, arizona the other -- in mesa, arizona, look at you, thousands of people hanging out in an airport hangar at noontime because you want to make america great again. >> the reporter: he is having big rallies and has big numbers to follow that, so he leaves las vegas, sort of a kinder, gentler donald trump. a few months ago, people were talking about his nasty exchanges with other candidates. now, we've got donald trump in vegas, saying, no, ted cruz, he's not that bad of a guy, although he's nipping at his heels in the polls. now we have him on the late night show with kimmel, saying all of us republicans need to come together. this is almost the anti-trump, different than what we had seen a few month earlier. same thing with ted cruz, he's the number two, on average, in all of polls, not that close to trump, but he's certainly the
6:41 am
right now and he repeatedly is backing off any criticism of trump, although he makes it clear, they've got very different ideas, but they have this almost want to call it a romance, they're not going to challenge each other. marco rubio, he very clearlynd a aggressively is going after the second place spot, he's in third place now and going after ted cruz on substantive issues. we're not talking about personal attacks here. we're talking about immigration, national security, our defense, and we're probably going to hear more of that today. he has a couple of stops in i've you what, rubio focusing on iowa, because after the debate, he seems to have held his own, his numbers have him in third place. it looks like he sees an opening to maybe make progress. jeb bush doesn't seem to be much of a threat. dr. carson's numbers are going down, instead of up, so even though they're close, he's got the momentum and we'll see him trying to use that to his
6:42 am
>> kim: tracie, quickly, my producer says we don't have much time left, but i have to ask you, trump may be winning the race, but what is this all about that he's losing with the supreme court? >> the reporter: so real quick. it's in great britain, he has a golf course, they built a windmill next to it. the trump folks said that it destroyed the view, they went to court, they lost twice, they went to the british supreme court, and they lost again. looks like he's lost that battle. >> kim: oh. then of course, we know they took off his name at the big golf course in dubai that used to be the trump golf course. now the golf course stands but his name is gone. tracie, thank you for that. have a wonderful weekend. i'm off tomorrow so i can tell her to have a wonderful weekend and we'll see her next week. in town, we have a story you're no doubt talking about. animal lovers fired up about this one. you'll see a puppy stolen from this local store. there's the woman in pink walking out, it's a 3-month-old boston terrier. employees tell us it happened during the very busy part of the day, this is the petland store
6:43 am
that puppy is microchipped, but store employees are hoping someone will recognize that woman. they're worried that what she's going to do is she's going to profit instead of the store. that dog, that puppy is worth almost $3,000, so they think she's going to probably put it up on craigslist. >> dana: there are more than two million bean bags out there on the market, right now, in people's homes that may be dangerous to our children. these are from ace bayou and only 790 consumers have responded to an original recall, so now, the consumer product safety commission and ace bayou reannouncing the recall because of a low rate of consumer response. problem is that kids are opening up the bean bag and some of them have suffocated from the beans inside. but there's an easy fix. they have that little clip, that's all you've got to do, you put that lip on the bag, and that way, kids cannot unzipper the bag and open up the beans inside.
6:44 am
i'm just betting, as we check in with tom hall on sky 3, -- tom hawley on sky 3, maybe he had a bean bag when he was in his dorm. >> tom: it's typical of the things we had at unlv. we're looking at a little bit of trouble and i would stress the world trouble, charleston overpass. inside shoulder. traffic very busy approaching, but that's what you get this time of the morning in the spaghetti bowl, even if there is no accident. so let's go ahead and continue team traffic with jeff maher. that accident. we have our fast cam fixated closer to the bowl, so if you make your way through 15 southbound, you see that slowing more traffic today. the delays for the most part from the accident are over, but yeah, you're looking at seven miles per hour as you make your way through. as for your travel times today, we're not seeing anything that's too bad except for 15 southbound. from the bowl to tropicana, that's listed at an 18-minute
6:45 am
northbound from 515 to downtown. so 15 southbound is the trouble spot today. kelly. >> kelly: the sun is up. we've got a lot of clear skies out there as we take a live look on the red rock resort camera this morning. as far as the temperatures are concerned as you're heading out the door, right now in north las vegas, 30 degrees, and if you're heading downtown, 29 for that current temperature. henderson, you're below freezing as well. 31 degrees an centennial, right at that freezing mark of 32. winds are nice and light. we're not adding a windchill to the already cold temperatures. here's a look at the satellite-radar picture. we're continuing to see activity in the northwest, here at home though, clear skies and we're just anticipating a few high about it. it will be cool though yet again, indian springs looking at a high of 49 degrees and laughlin, you're looking at a high of 56. as we take a look at the seven-day forecast, 51, that's las vegas. five degrees below normal, but we will see normal temperatures
6:46 am
56 degrees, mostly sunny skies. 60 on saturday, and a slight chance for rain saturday night into sunday. >> dana: thank you kelly. 6:53 a.m. time for the "water cooler" on this thursday and in honor of the new "star wars" film which comes out later tonight, bad lip reading paid tribute to the original trilogy. >> there she is. >> i really hate you texting me all the helmet pictures. >> give me your email, i'll send you the high risk district. >> no, you're not getting my email. >> go show my trophies. >> dana: it's spot on. >> kim: funny. >> dana: it is spot on for sure. these videos just posted to youtube yesterday, they're already going viral. they're also bad lip reading for episode five and six, but no bad
6:47 am
three. comedian will ferrell stopping by the tonight show several hours ago dressed as a new santa. >> you don't sit on my lap. i have sit on your lap, the new santa. >> yeah. >> so, what do you want, little boy? >> a new car. >> i can do. i can do that. i can do that. where do you live? >> pennsylvania. >> well, you're in luck-- >> e will will ferrell on the show talking about his new movie with mark wahlberg, called "daddy's home." i'm not sure new santa is going to catch on. and sunday night football, here on nbc, it's the arizona
6:48 am
eagles, and our dog lucky takes the arizona cardinals, minus 3 1/2 points. lucky did lose last week, broke an eight game winning streak. still, he has a 10-5 record on the season. 10-5. but remember, gamblers, he is just a long-haired chihauhua. >> kim: also, still to come, i want to recap our big top story. it was breaking news while most of you were sleeping, we heard through nbc news sources that they're going to charge the former neighbor and friend of the san bernardino shooters, they believe that he purchased the guns for them, for the massacre in san bernardino. they'll have continued coverage on that breaking news on the "today" show this morning. >> dana: enrique marquez, so charges coming shortly and we also have live pictures coming from the streets of baltimore this morning. we know that the first officer, t first of six, charged with the death of freddie gray. that's the prisoner that died while in police custody in baltimore. they declared a mistrial in that case yesterday.
6:49 am
whether they will move forward with another trial against there. shot. you can see the reporter is getting ready to talk with a local news station about this. they have slick streets there. so it's cold herend a it's been so warm back east, that that could be changing according to our kelly curran. >> dana: have a great d >> rachael: are you ready to wrap? our annual wrap-along show with genevieve gorder.
6:50 am
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