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tv   Today  NBC  December 18, 2015 7:00am-10:00am PST

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shooters. and drivers on a southern california freeway. >> campaign controversy, a major embarrassment to the bernie sanders' camp overnight. sanctioned for his own party. one staffer fired as the sanders campaign blames it all on a software glitch. >> lebron james tumbles on to the wife of pro golfer jason day while chasing a loose ball. she leaves the game on a stretcher. we'll have the latest on her clndition. >> and supermodel suspected of tax evasion. accused of using her celebrity status to avoid paying taxes on luxury items on cars and apartments and she could face time behind bars.
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2015. we've got willie here this morning. >> good to see everybody today. that video out of cleveland, lebron james all 6'8" 250 of him diving into the front row falling into the wife of professional golfer jason day. she was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. we're told she's okay. car son will have the full story. >> didn't she just give birth abt a month ago? >> we'll get to that but the first arrest in the san bernardino terror attack. the neighbor and one of the friends of one of the shooters is facing a list of serious charges and we're learning more about what police say was a dark history. we're following the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if convicted marquez faces 35
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according to court documents he meat farook back in 2004, converted to islam shortly after and well before the attack became a radical. >> marquez faced a federal judge charged with three criminal counts while prosecutors say there's no evidence he participated in the attack that left 14 dead this month. they say marquez conspired to plan two other terror plots with gunman farook, his long time friend. in late 2011 the affidavit says they wanted to attack the river side community college library where they attended school. the duo also discussed throwing pipe bombs from a second floor area above a cafeteria, then shooting people as they fled. the pair also discussed a plot to terrorize a southern california freeway. marquez told investigators they chose a spot with no exit. the plan for farook to throw pipe bombs on to the freeway,
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marquez would fire from a hillside shooting police and first responders. >> what kind of guy was enrique? >> he's what you seen on tv. he's a dorky kid. >> he was paid $200 a month to marry farook's distant relative. investigators say marquez bought and lied about the assault rifles for their aborted plot, the same ones used in the san bernardido massacre. he also purchased explosive material found at the shooting scene. >> he was involved in a terrorist conspiracy. >> after the attack he called 911. he said that expletive used my gun in the shooting. you said he used your gun? >> yes, oh, my god. he threatened to kill himself.
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after drinking nine bottles of beer. >> reporter: marquez also had an odd facebook exchange. in it he wrote my life turned ridiculous, involved in terrorist plots, drugs and antisocial behavior. i could be going to prison. president obama will arrive here later on this week to meet with victims. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. let's turn to shaun henry, former assistant director for the fbi good morning. >> so rare that you get to actually hear from somebody so close oters and this is really a treasure troef of information for investigators. >> the two main conspirators here are dead and the fbi talking to marquez, it really is a key insight into how this really started, talking about how he became radicalized, who they were following and how they were inspired. >> thigh had been planning
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ak 2011 four years ago and again in 2012 well before san bernardino. are there points where law enforcement might will stepped in and intercepted these guys? >> i don't know that there's any red flags that would have been shining lights to law enforcement, but it does show the progression that he was originally introduced to islam back in 2005 when he was 14 years old and then the slow radicalization, how he was provided with the jihadist rhetoric and talking about acquiring weapons, this was a long process and really is indicative of some of the challenges we have in identifying people who are becoming radicalized. >> he talked to them for something like eleven days. is that going to help his case? ultimately he still was charged but is that something that perhaps -- i don't know if it will save him from jail time but maybe a lesser sentence. >> we're talking about conspiracy to commit terrorism, 14 dead americans. i think it's.
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he's going to jail. >> all right. thank you very much. >> there are some breaking news overnight in the presidential race. bernie sanders is in trouble for accessing hillary clinton's private campaign data. kristen, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: according to the democratic national committee, this breach happened on wednesday when a computer glitch allowed people in bernie sanders' campaign to access a database of democratic voters for just a brief period. still the allegations are serious and could hurt sanders who's already struggling to catch up with hillary clinton. the blow to bernie sanders' presidential campaign comes on the eve of the next democratic debate and just a few weeks before the iowa caucuses. the democratic national committee immediately suspending the campaign's access to critical voter information after
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accessing confidential data from hillary clinton's campaign on wednesday. the security breach lasted for about a half hour on wednesday and believes at this point four people accessed the information. the sanders campaign blaming the software vendor for a glitch that temporarily allowed access to the information telling nbc news the dnc is relying on an incompetent vendor who on more than one occasion has dropped the fire wahl between the vary yaws democratic candidates' data. the vendor called it an isolated incident and the staffer involved has been fired. the campaign maintains none of the information was downloaded or printed. and i want to underscore this one point. while the dnc says four people may have accessed the data at this point the sanders campaign is holding one person responsible telling me the behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired. we reached out to the clinton
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no comment. >> and kristen, later today the president conducts his end of the year press conference before going to san bernardino and off to vacation in hawaii. what do we expect to hear? >> there is no larger threat than terrorism and the threat of isis. expect that take center stage during the press conference where the president will try to reassure americans that they're safe heading into the christmas holiday. the president will likely face pressing questions about whether he needs to change his isis strategy with his approval level at its lowest point since the midterm elections. he will face questions that his press secretary and of course he'll be asked about the broader 2016 race. finally, expect reporters to ask the president what he wants to accomplish during his last year in office. officials here say his biggest
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able to get gun control passed. the president has also been signaling that he wants to go to cuba now that relations are normalized, so the question is will he actually make that trip? all that and more will be at the fore when the president takes our questions before he leaves for hawaii. >> thanks. nbc news will have live coverage of president obama's news conference when it begins on most of these nbc stations. pope francis has just given his approval to the miracle that would make mother teresa a saint. more on that, bill, good morning. >> good morning. in life she received the highest honors like the nobel peace prize. now mother teresa has been recognized as a repeated miracle worker and next year she'll become a saint. she was of course known as a saint for her work with the
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work that won the admiration of among others princess diana. the two died within a week of each other. a year after her death pope john paul fast tracked her for the last step to saint hood. it was controversial and an indian woman claimed a picture of mother teresa cured her of cancer, but the pope accepted it was a miracle. now a second reported medical miracle has been recognized by pope francis and that's what clear it is way to making her a saint. she wasn't without her critics. of course she believered suffering was a gift, but tens of millions revered her and she also posed as one of the most admired women of the world. now pope francis has set the stage for a ceremony probably next september. her beat fi-- the highlight perhaps of the catholic church's special
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thank you. >> now to charges facing em battled drug company ceo who sparked outrage for raising the price of a life saving drug 5,000 percent, now arrested for securities fraud. stefani has the story. >> good morning. he has a habit of being accused of terrible things. the eccentric pharmaceutical executive now faces criminal charges for lying to investors and stealing from his own companies. if found guilty he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. >> he was back in his manhattan apartment overnight released on bond, swarmed by the media and wearing sunglasses. once again the object of public scorn. in september the baby faced pharmaceutical exec became an overnight sensation and not in a good way when he took a life saving drug that just cost $13.50 and priced it at 750. >> for us to try to exist and maintain a profit i think it's
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>> on thursday he was accused of creating an elaborate scheme stealing from his own company and lying to investors. he pled not guilty to the charges. >> he lied to them. he lied to the investors in both of the funds about how the investments were doing. >> he seemingly enjoys the attention posting hours and hours of live web cam sessions on youtube including this one from five days ago, nearly seven hours long. he alone in a hotel room the entire time. >> christmas shopping. i don't christmas shop. >> here he is early morning on thursday not long before he arrested by the feb admitting to being drunk. the 32-year-old who became the poster boy forhigh drug prices. he spent millions of dollars on the only copy of wutang's latest
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to it. >> the way that he's flaunted his wealth really did not engender a lot of love for him in any community, let alone the hip hop community. >> following his arrest on thursday the fbi said it hadn't seized anything from his home including the album. triggering tweets like this. did you listen, at least? can you go back and get it? >> overnight he sent out a single tweet saying he was glad to be back home. he's expected back in court in january. >> strange case when you have the fbi tweeting about wutang. got to be a first. >> and now to major security changes coming to disney world and other theme parks today. how will it all impact your next family trip? kerry sanders is on that story in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is now a thing of the past. kids will no longer be able to annoy their parents with a buzz
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toy gun. disney stores, stores inside the theme park no longer selling any toy guns and kids can't even bring them in if they have them from home. it's one of the new security procedures now in full force. >> movie goers at disney in orlando for the "star wars" premier thursday night and the force was definitely with them. the police force. it's what happens when fantasy land meets 21st century reality. >> i had to kind of improvise. >> you're okay with that? >> yeah. >> because the security is? >> security is important, i guess, make sure everyone is safe. >> it's the new normal at theme parks across the country. metal dedeck torrs, bags being serged and dogs trained to sniff for explosives. >> i think it's something that we as america have to come to this point. but i'm fully in agreement with it. >> security experts say theme parks are soft targets, large
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now, low security. in the wake of san bernardino at california theme parks heightened awareness. >> there's so many offbalance people with offbalanced ideas that we've got to protect ourselves. >> at universal, they've used metal detectors before. now it will be more often. this is a natural progression as we study the best security practices for today's world. >> i agree that it's a sign of the times. things have changed and we need more security. >> you like this? >> yes, i do. >> so with the new security you may have to wait in line at the entrance just to then go inside and wait in line to take a ride. >> all right. sign of the times. thank you. >> now to that frightening scene we showed you earlier. nba last night. lebron james crashing into a fan as he chased for a loose ball. >> scary stuff.
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minutes left in the game and that fan who just happened to be a progolfer's wife ended up leaving the arena on a stretcher. >> scary moments between the oklahoma thunder and the cleveland cavaliers after lebron james, scrambling to get a loose ball in the fourth quarter leapt out of bounds. the all star crashing into a woman sitting court side. that woman is ellie day. officials stopped the game while day who gave birth to her second child last month was placed in a neck brace and put on a stretcher. she was rushed to the hospital. overnight lebron tweeted an apology. i hope you're doing okay. my apologies. hope you guys come back to another team soon. while the team tweeted hope you feel better. jason day was ranked number 2
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day and his wife have recently attended several cavs games. >> she was released early this morning so that's good news there. >> there's always a guy that dives in the front row in a game. it's hard to believe this doesn't happen more often. >> now to this unusually warm weather across much of the country. will it have you celebrating a white hot christmas? i guess that's the question. >> and it's certainly possible. it's all because of el nino and besides spanish for the nino, it's also spanish for the christ child. that's what it refers to because the periodic warming we see down in the pacific ocean near south america is most prominent right around christmas time so that's where it's got its name. so the el nino that we're dealing with this year is one of the strongest ones we've seen since 1997. here are the warm sea surface temperatures and it's disrupting weather all across the world. in the united states we've been seeing record heat to the eastern half of the country and
7:18 am
west. so this is comparable to the el nino in 1997, but it is still much warmer than it ever got in 1997. this is unprecedented long lasting warmth. it's never been this warm for this long of a period of time and according to noaa, this is one of the warmest septembers to novembers on record and december is setting up to be one of the warmest decembers on record. so that's why we're not going to see a white christmas but it is certainly going to be one of the warmest ones we've seen. not a whole lot going on besides some lake effect snow and another storm system makes its way into the spafk northwest. your local forecast is just coming up in 30 seconds. gorgeous, trend- setting looks like this limited edition piece you can only find at jared.
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that's why... she went to jared. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thank you. not model behavior. bar rafaeli expect the of tax . supermodel briefly detained by authorities. and when seconds count, how to
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>> we do not have the condition of that person, but we have been told by firefighters that one family pet did die, a cat. who are following a metro office shooting that started out with a domestic violence call and turned into the situation with an officer shot. the officer was transferred to unc. the officer survived. the suspect ran away.
7:25 am
a 34-year-old and located by metro police after five hours of searching the southwestern portion. social media played a big role in helping them find that suspect. also, breaking news, a big scare for the park county school district. vicki buzz word that a bomb threatr shooting threat sent through a e-mail ended up being a hoax, but it was scary for parents. the district decided that that was not credible. 7:30 now. it's friday morning, december 18, 2015, also known as one week
7:26 am
t minus seven days. a little internet shopping during the break here. >> speak for yourself. >> yes, yes, yes. get that expedited delivery. good morning, everyone. >> and the classic christmas weather, 55 degrees. it's amazing. >> here's some of the stories making news. the man who bought the assault rifles had the used in the san bernardino terror attacks will appear in court on monday for a bail hearing. enrique marquez also facing charges for allegedly conspiring with syed farook to plot would-be attacks on their community college and a southern california freeway in 2011 and 2012. today, president obama will hold a news conference before he leaves for his christmas break expected to answer questions about his strategy to fight isis, and you can walk the president's press conference live on most of these nbc stations. and the u.s. marshals and fbi are joining the search for the texas teenager who was given probation for a deadly drunk driving crash after using a controversial affluenza defense. ethan couch missed a meeting
7:27 am
he and his mother have not been seen since. more on that manhunt coming up. some serious legal trouble for supermodel bar refaeli, she and her mother face tax evasion charges in israel and natalie is following this story this morning. >> guys, usually known for getting attention for her locks but bar refaeli is now in the spotlight for a different reason. israeli officials say she tried to hide the fact that she was a residence of israel to avoid paying up. she's one of the world's biggest supermodels. bar refaeli, along with her mother now suspected of tax evasion in israel for allegedly failing to report millions of dollars in income. in a statement israel's tax authority said they collected evidence as part of an undercover investigation indicating that the suspects together seemingly deceived the tax authority. refaeli and her mother were arrested and questioned before being released. their lawyers deny any wrongdoing and said the case
7:28 am
with the israeli authorities over whether refaeli should be considered a resident of israel for tax purposes. refaeli's mother's lawyer saying this is a civil matter in every day that will be dealt with between civil lawyers and the tax authorities. soon everything will be clear. refaeli recently married an israeli billionaire and started her career when she was just a young girl stepping into the limelight after appearing on the cover of "sports illustrated" swim wear edition in 2009. between appearing in commercials and walking the runway, the 30-year-old gained major public interest dating a-lister leonardo dicaprio. with an estimated net worth of $20 million israeli officials claim refaeli tried to hide the fact she was a resident of israel by living in an apartment with her mother and brother's name on the lease. israel accused the model of
7:29 am
of $257,000 in celebrity perk like this lexus used by the model in exchange for plugging the product. on instagram she wrote i got a new car. it came with a part-time job. #lexus. well, at the court hearing refaeli and her mother were bard from traveling aboard without permission for six months and must provide a $5,000 bond before any overseas travel. >> if you are going to have a story about tax policy, i think that's one that people will find interesting. >> and you want to see them in their bikinis over and over again. >> and in other news, willie offered to bail her out. >> focused on tax angle. a check of the weather now for dylan who is in for al. today's weather is brought to you by kay jewellers, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. we certainly haven't seen a lot of snow so far this december, but we are seeing lake-effect snow across northern michigan where marquette,
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7 inches of that lake-effect snow. cool dip in the jet stream that will drag down the colder air and as it crosses over the relatively warm waters we'll seat lake-effect snow. we'll see some of the streamers coming off of lake erie and lake ontario. heavy amounts up through tughill. jamestown, 4 to 6 inches and isolated amounts closer to a fit and the tughill plateau, could see up to 24 inches with some of the heavier snow. will it be on the ground as we get into christmas? probably not, because it's going to warm up very much so into the
7:31 am
will wash it all away. and that's your latest forecast. all right, dylan. thank you so much. just ahead, what a story. an nba player called into action to deliver his own baby and his head phones played a key role. >> let you explain that one. and next. i'm jeff rossen buried alive in a simulated avalanche. as you can see there's no way out. we have the tips to keep you alive if you're ever caught in a terrible situation like this, and the one thing that could be on your winter jacket right now that could mean the difference between life and death.
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we're back now at 7:40. more of our rossen reports series "saved my life." >> the what you know what to do if an avalanche hit? "today" national correspondent jeff rossen is here to show us. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: what a way to end the series. peak time for avalanches, december through april. it happens fast. go for a fun trip of skiing or snowmobiling and being buried under five feet of snow so thick you can't even believe.
7:37 am
coming at you and how it will save your life if you get trapped. they are giants, violent, and powerful, burying grown men alive. >> it's like four empire state buildings high, and i yelled for everybody to get down. >> reporter: watch this man out snowmobiling with his friends when suddenly an avalanche strikes. his friends race to dig him out. he survives. snow swallowing this man, too. his friends act fast to save him. every year avalanches kill over 150 people, injuring thousands. so what if you hear the rumble of an avalanche? how can you get out alive? we hit the slopes with sue anderson from wasatch
7:38 am
what do you do if i look up the hill and there's a lot of snow coming at me. >> do a backstroke and do whatever you can to stay ahead of the snow. if it buries over you swing and punch and fight as hard as you can to stay on top of the snow because the second the snow stops it freezes up as hard as concream. you have a second to punch and get the airway done. >> you have about a second to stop before it settles and punch an airway quick. what if you can't fit and bury, turns out your clothes can save you. that's right. many popular brands of ski pants and coats have this little tracking device already stitched in called a recce trip, the signal leading search and rescue teams right to you. >> it looks like this, literally sewn right into your coat and emits a signal so we can find you.
7:39 am
>> it never dies. >> never dies. we're going to test this out. >> they bury me in this snow cave. i can tell you it's frightening in here and i'm claustrophobic, too. it is dark. you don't know which way is up, it's scary. i'm completely sealed in. it is like concrete. you cannot push your way out. >> outside sue starts tracking me. not quite picking him up. trying to pick up sound from my check in that jacket. i'm not picking up his signal at all. i'm beginning to expert and there's rescuers nearby and the key is to control your breathing. control it because it could mean the difference between surviving a few minutes in here and a few days. there we go. definitely right there, pretty good. is anyone in here. are you okay. >> okay, god, yes, doing all right. that detector found me.
7:40 am
>> you found me, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: simple tips to help you survive this. by the way, a lot of people here asking where did you find snow in the country. we shot that in park city, utah. another tip. experts say never go skiing or hiking alone. always have a buddy who can spot and save you or at least call for help so what if a friend or relative gets buried? how do you save them? a right way and wrong way. those tips are on my facebook page. >> your claustrophobia, i was scared to death seeing that. >> almost didn't go in seeing that ice cave and it is tight in the there and i new rescuers were just outside. can you imagine the panic if you didn't know that, scary. >> i like that punching so the snow can never form. >> who knew about the punching. >> didn't know about the tracking device. >> go buy a new ski coat. >> jeff, thanks so much. appreciate it.
7:41 am
packing theaters in full force overnight to see the long-awaited "star wars" movie, and we will talk to han solo himself, guys, harrison ford
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and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're back at 7:49. one of the hottest tickets in the country and actually we're not talking about "star wars" somewhere. carson is over in the original room with more. tickets by adele's north american tours, fans flocking to ticket moister to purchase and also a lot left very frustrated. this was a" image shared several
7:46 am
people digitally waiting in line to buy. there were those who made it past line like lauren here who said i waited 56 minutes for this, a screen graph saying sorry, no tickets available and fans resorting to adele lyrics. hello from the ticket line. i must have clicked a thousand times. of course, there were some success stories but even they knew they were one of the lucky ones. i exchanged the naming rights to any and all of my future children and whatever was left of my soul but i got adele tickets. we didn't reach we did reach out to ticketmaster for comment but they haven't replimptd looking on stubhub at the garden, floor seats for you and me, willie, 5,500 apiece. >> yeah. >> we'll have to watch those come down. >> appreciate you picking that up for us. i'll get you back later. >> cool. oh, my gosh.
7:47 am
spreading holiday cheer in a newly released photo. >> prince george, too. they look awesome. >> you getting a christmas card? >> no. >> total oversight. back in a minute with your local news and weather. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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kim: good morning, hope you are having a good start to your day. i will let you know what you
7:51 am
craig:tom: kelly: here is what we are looking at, pahrump still below freezing, 31. pram, 25. boulder city up to 43 degrees. we are looking at a high near normal for this time of year. 56 degrees, lots of sunshine and 60 on saturday. we have a slight chance for showers saturday night into early sunday morning. tom: we are looking good on the roads, little busy as you come up the charleston curve from henderson. it eases up until you get to the spaghetti bowl. that's take you to the spaghetti bowl interchange where it is normal rush hour traffic and lots of it. no major freeway mishaps. michelle: we want to give you an update, a fire in a mobile home that happened this morning in park county.
7:52 am
bitten by a dog. they asked her she knew if anyone was inside the home on fire. she said she did not know. firefighters were able to put the flames out and once they did that, they found a burden victim inside the home. we do not have an update on the condition. firefighters say that a family pet unfortunately lost its life.
7:53 am
it's 8:00 on today. "coming up, a force to be reckoned with. "star wars" opens overnight to the delight of millions around the country as we hear from harrison ford about introducing
7:54 am
generation. >> many of the fans have been quoted as saying han solo is back, hooray. the audience is back. >> chewie, we're home. then, paying it forward. >> i'm on my way to work to pick up my children. >> carson honors a remarkable woman who has been helping kids get to school for more than 40 years, touching thousands of lives along the way. >> she just doesn't realize what a great person she is and how much she does for people. and an early christmas present from the duke and duchess of cambridge just in time for the holidays. the royal family releases a new family and an announcement about little prince george. today, friday, december 18, 2015. dear santa, all we want for christmas is to be on "today"! >> all the way from boston and we're rocking around the clock
7:55 am
all the way from virginia. >> ending finals week on the "today" show. >> merry christmas from the "today" show! it's 8:00 on "today," friday, december 18, 2015. one week and counting till christmas day, and it's a beautiful morning out here on our plaza. nice and warm. everybody getting all snuggled up out here and getting ready for the holidays and we're so happy to have you along. how do we feel about the weather? >> i like it being warm, a little more cold. >> i'm fine since i grew up in the desert this. feels like to me. >> arizona girl likes the weather. >> like something is not right. there's warmth. >> i'm not in the christmas spirit at all. >> you need to get in the christmas spirit. >> i know. >> let's get you there. some people are struggling over what to buy the hard-to-buy for people, you know, on your christmas list. how about some food.
7:56 am
coming up ultimate food gifts of this season. >> i've already grazed by that table. a check of the top stories. natalie over at her post. good morning to you. good morning. the friend of one of the san bernardino shooters appeared in court. he's facing terrorism charges. he and gunman syed farook had plotted several years ago to attack a college library and a california freeway with bombs and guns. he's also accused of unlawfully purchasing two assault rifles used in the san bernardino attack that left 14 people dead and more than 20 injured. the bernie sanders campaign says it has fired a staff member who improperly accessed voter information from the hillary clinton campaign. the voter file is maintained by the democratic national committee. each campaign can add sections with its own confidential data and the dnc says a brief computer glitch on wednesday allowed access to the clinton data. it's now told the sanders campaign it cannot use a system
7:57 am
explanation. the senate armed services committee will review defense secretary's ash carter's use of private e-mail. committee chairman senator john mccain wants to make sure that sensitive information was not compromised. on thursday carter admitted relying on his personal e-mail during his first month at pentagon. he continued using his e-mail even after it was revealed that hillary clinton had exclusively used a personal e-mail address as secretary of state. former house speaker dennis hastert has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke. hastert's lawyer says the 73-year-old was admitted six weeks ago, shortly after pleading guilty to evading banking laws. hastert also had back surgery and had been treated for sepsis. the illinois republican was accused of making hush money payments to hide allegations of sexual misconduct when he was a high school wrestling coach. he's scheduled to be sentenced for that on february 29th. for the first time on sexual
7:58 am
student owen la brie is talking about his decision of risking his fate with the jury instead of taking a plea deal. he was found guilty of using a computer to lure an underage girl into a sexual encounter. he was sentenced to a year in jail and probation and he told "newsweek" magazine if he had to do it all over again he would still reject the plea deal because, quote, it was the only thing that sustained me, knowing that i had told the truth. and facebook founder mark zuckerberg is sharing again. he's posted a new photo of his 3-week-old daughter max bundled in a jedi and with the light saber to keep the dark side at bay. the proud first time father captioned the photo, the force is strong with this one. with 2.2 million likes already, it sure is. little max is adorable.
7:59 am
>> i did as well. and the manhunt for the so-called texas teen who used the affluencea defense to avoid a deadly drunk driving accident. erica hill is here with us. ethan couch apparently fled along with his mother to avoid a potential probation violation and this morning they are expanding the search for both of them. ethan couch now presumed to be on the run after missing a mandatory meeting with his probation officer. the fbi and u.s. marshals confirming to nbc news they are on the hunt. >> i mean, we welcome any assistance we can get at this point. couch infamous known as affluenza teen was sentenced to ten years probation after killing four people and injuring nine while driving drunk near fort worth, texas in 2013. couch's attorney argued the teen didn't understand the consequences of his actions because of his upbringing. >> affluenza is not a recognized disease or disorder, a little bit of smoke and mirrors used by
8:00 am
>> the reaction to the latest turn of events, swift and strong. and strong. especially on social media. the county sheriff now says couch is his most wanted. couch is not the first high-profile defendant whose family's wealth came under scrutiny. alex kelly, also known as preppie rapist, fled to europe before his 1987 rape trial. with the financial help of his parents, kelly reportedly lived a luxurious life until he surrendered eight years later, ultimately serving ten years in prison. in 2009, robert h. richards vi, an heir to the dupont fortune, was convicted of raining his toddler daughter but didn't serve time. instead, the delaware judge gave richards probation. >> often those more well-to-do clients in the criminal justice system do get better treatment,
8:01 am
pay they can get the best defense, best experts money can buy. >> as for couch the search is ongoing. >> i wish i could say we were closer. i wish i could say we had a good lead, but we don't, and i still don't think we're going to find him here locally. couch's lawyers tell nbc news, quote, it's our understanding that the court has issued a directive to apprehend, to have ethan detained because he's out of contact with his probation officer and went on to say we don't have any further information concerning this situation. as you mentioned, a lot of interest and especially online we're seeing a huge reaction. >> a lot of outrage. >> erica hill, thank you so much. coming up next, the most important assist i think it's fair to say of one nba player's career. we'll tell you that story. high degree of difficulty for that one, and as "star wars" hits theaters we talked to harrison ford about why he decided to revive his iconic sale. >> and the ultimate snack to help you score big at your next tailgating party.
8:02 am
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take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th! the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart... and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart has everything you'll need for a christmas meal they'll never forget. share wonder every day. walmart. all right. we're back. 8:11. stories and videos that have you talking in a little segment we call trending so anything can happen. >> even better. >> never read this before. you know what willie is always saying.
8:05 am
without the royals. well, willie, your lucky day is here because just this morning they released this holiday photo, first in the garden, 2-year-old prince george and nice to see smiling princess charlotte, 7 months old and the cutest ever. the royals are looking forward to their first christmas as a family of four and prince george will start going to the montessori school. >> i think what willie meant it's not christmas without crown royal. but a nice story on the royal family? thanks for picking that one up for me, carson. professional athletes are used to performing under pressure but iman shumpert of the cleveland cavaliers, i never, had to face anything like this. on wednesday his fiancee went into labor a month early at home in the bathtub and that forced
8:06 am
he delivered the baby. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> using his bare hands and he said his head phones. >> she had a little part in it, too. >> yes. he was there delivering the baby. on instamany gram he posted the photo. iman explained he doubt the head phones around the umbilical cord to stead to and an ambulance arrived five minutes later. happy to say both mom and baby are doing fine. >> what does that mean to steady the umbilical cord? tie it off. >> i think to tie it off. >> but he would have had to cut it first before you tie it off. >> is that a fatherly instinct that kicks in? do you guys have that? >> what do you mean? >> to all of a sudden give birth. >> i've never had the instinct to give birth. >> no, i mean, your wife. >> oh, of course, yeah. >> what's the alternative. you've got to -- >> don't have kids.
8:07 am
>> i'm sure there's a new pair of beats by dre by now. >> important to call your parents when you're traveling. they would like to hear from you. one irish man did just before his sky dive. >> okay. i'm going to jump out of the airplane now so i'll take to you in an hour. i'm just going to get that. >> can hear a word he's saying. >> in an airplane. >> oh, no, he's jumping out of an airplane. oh, [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. that's amazing. [ bleep ]. >> i thought he was in a bus. >> that is great. >> safe landing. >> that was roger ryan who is sky diving in australia and decided to surprise the folks right before the jump and as you saw he thought -- dad thought this was a call from a bus at first and he figured it out. >> that's great. >> amazing it worked. >> have an extra set watch the unedited, uncensored version,
8:08 am
happening is really excellent. now to harrison ford talking about his big return as han solo and why amy poehler is fed up with all the "star wars" hype. carson has our friday "pop start." >> we'll start with the move everybody is talking about. "star wars" wars, overnight fans were lining up and dress up for the big release and get this, one night, how much do you think it made? one night. >> 100. >> over $50 million, yes, indeed a record. one reason for all the hunker the return of harrison ford as han solo, and as he told nbc's kelly cobiella why right now is the time for a comeback. >> i think i need this. >> i think i can handle myself. >> the original han solo making a reappearance in "the force awakens." >> chewie, we're home. >> so is today's han solo different? >> i mean, he's got to be different. it's been 30-plus year, right? >> he's a little dog-eared and worn around the edges. >> do you think it took someone
8:09 am
>> the reason j.j. is the right person is because it was something he learned at miss mom and daddy's knee. >> we asked for hints about the story line. he wasn't going there. >> i still don't know what goes on, and if i did, i wouldn't tell. >> many of the fans have been quote as saying han solo is back. hooray. >> the audience is back. hooray. >> did you at all come back with the fans? >> came back, absolutely for the fans. >> in this movie you have a blasteder, you have a cross bow. >> yeah. >> but no light saber? do you have ever light saber envy? >> no, i'm fine. >> how does it feel to see all of those fans lining up to hear that tickets are selling. >> better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish. it's good. this is good. i'm very grateful. >> it's true. >> and so are we. >> all of it. >> kelly cobiella.
8:10 am
>> i have a light saber envy after watching that. of course, "star wars" is the only move opening this weekend so who could possibly take on han solo and darth vader. two names for you. faye and poehler. tina and amy star in our new movie "sisters" from our sister company universal. last night they were on "late night" with the seth myers. >> what is this guy's name, pz4z0. >> nonsense. >> he's italian. >> i am a creature. i don't have any relatives but if i did, i wish i would have a -- >> i've read this guy's name three times and i don't remember it. i don't care. i don't care about "star wars"! i never [ bleep ] did! >> amy making it clear she has
8:11 am
finally speaking of "star wars," jackie kennedy, well, there's a connection here. let me go with t.natalie portman starred in three "star wars" movies and check her out in the newest role as jackie kennedy. the website showing us the new photo of jackie follows the first lady after jfk's assassination. that movie written by our senior vice president of "today" noah oppenheim. that movie is expected to come out in 2017. one more. look, they are writing "pop start" as we go. cue in finally some non-"star wars" news. ariana grande giving an early gift of her fans today with the relieves her third christmas album. called "christmas & chill" featuring new songs including this one which is called "wit it" this christmas. now able to download and hear a
8:12 am
>> that's how you order cheese steak in philadelphia, wit it. >> and finally, dylan? and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you so much. all week on your your today we've been paying it forward and carson is up this morning. >> well, guys, surely after we moved hered to the east coast i took jackson, my then 5-year-old son, down to the bus stop and
8:13 am
and i realized something, the men and women who are responsible for our most precious cargo, our kids, are certainly not getting the recognition that they so deserve so we decided to change that by honoringing one of the many remarkable school bus drivers across this great country. 67-year-old katherine. here we go. every morning for the past 45 years, cat rin brutsman or boston b as she's known around town. >> i'm on my way to wack work to pick up my children. >> in wintertime these roads are a challenge. >> reporter: making sure the children in her rural community get to school safely. >> we're here. >> reporter: some of the first kids she drove are now grandparents. >> drove me on a school bus and she also -- >> she did us on the bus, too, and it was a pleasure to have her. love you, mrs. b. >> reporter: mrs. b. was born and raised in connecticut and
8:14 am
was 71 years old. >> in 1970 i had four young children of my own, and it was because i was allowed to take the children with me. it was a job that i could do. >> reporter: the boy she gets from the kids she drives comes from her own personal loss. in 1979 her 17-year-old son died in a car accident, her husband passed away from brain cancer 17 years later. >> you don't learn anything if your life is easy and you have no problems, but you do learn from tragedy and hardship, if you choose to. >> reporter: through it all, she kept her spirits up and her family strong. >> i think she is an awesome woman. i mean, she's been a fantastic role model and if i turn out to be half the woman she is, it will be an honor. >> i love my nana. >> you've always been a beautiful woman. >> thank you. >> making a special connection with everyone she meets.
8:15 am
great person she is and how much she does for people. >> reporter: mrs. b has logged more than 80,000 hours. >> i've driven probably 1,700,000 miles and that's a conservative estimate. i guess i've never thought of it as a career, but it's a way of life for me, and this is my last year. i am retiring, and it's going to be difficult. >> but before she does we wanted to thank her for a job well done so we threw her a surprise retirement party. >> congratulations, mrs. b.! but that was only the beginning. >> i, first selectman of the tame of hampden, connecticut, to
8:16 am
11, 2015, as mrs. b. day. [ applause ] >> all bus drivers will be off on m m. b. day. >> and i felt honored to be a tiny part of the celebration. >> hi, katherine, surprise. i'm so sorry i couldn't be there for your retirement party. i'm out in los angeles hosting "the voice" but i wanted to take a second, cat rin, to say congratulations. here at "today" we want to pay it forward to you but we want to do it in person. katherine, your next stop is new york city. >> all right. new york city. >> and i can't wait to be there to see you to give you a big hug and personally krnltd you and tell you thank you. >> hey. >> he kissed you. >> adorable. >> now i can do it in person. just like that.
8:17 am
how about that. >> congratulations. >> first of all, a funny story about christina, our booker here at show was trying to make you aware of this honor, and mrs. b. just kept deleting the message. >> right. >> we literally had to go through the ceo of the bus company to get to you. why were you playing so hard to get? >> i thought it was a prank call, i really did. you know, i looked at and i said really and i pushed the button. >> perfect attendance, perfect driving record. >> amazing. >> when you look back, i mean what, sticks out? what are some highlights? >> you know, i never thought about 45 years of driving, but i -- just the people i've met and the relationship i have with the children and i still have, you know. it's amazing to me that i go -- our town is small, and i'll go to a store or the gas station and someone now that has a gray beard mrs. b. that means a lot you. >> drove them.
8:18 am
of your students. >> read it. >> i not only want to read it but i want to -- hopefully he's watching this morning. >> this young man i've driven since pre-school, and we instantly bonded, and -- and continued all the way up through his life. i drove him on and off. and he is a terrific young man. he is one of the sweetest, gentlest probably most well-mannered person i have ever met. >> wow. >> anyhow, i received this wednesday and he said dear mrs. b. someone finally figured out that you are the best bus driver in america. i already knew that you were. congratulations, and it says love phil. this is very important to me. >> we wanted to say thank you to you but also in doing that, you know, recognize the men and women all across the country, as
8:19 am
i was like so worried about my kid the first time and i realized there's a driver and we just take for granted that these drivers bring our children home safe every day. excited to seat kids but we often overlook the men and women doing that work, so we wanted to say, katherine here, lovers to hike and the mountains and be outdoors. have a surprise to you. thanks to our friends at jetblue we'll fly you and a friend to denver, colorado, and you'll be swept away at the gateway canyons resort and spa. >> oh, my. >> it's an exclusive six-night and seven-day stay, a small way for us to say thank you for taking care of the kids. >> that's amazing. >> so well deserved. >> ever been to denver, colorado. >> a beautiful place and hav michelle: good morning.
8:20 am
we want to get you up to date with the weather. that spring in kelly. -- let's bring in kelly. kelly: another chilly start. the good news is temperatures are rising. in green valley, 45. sunrise, 40. temperatures will be climbing to normal, seasonable as we get into the afternoon. a lot of sunshine with a high of 56. 60 tomorrow. a slight chance for rain showers saturday night into early sunday. we will clear out for the rest of the day on sunday, enough for last-minute shopping. michelle: let's get you caught up with news.
8:21 am
remains at unc, recovering, and we are happy to report he is expected to be ok. this happened after 11:00 thursday, on las vegas boulevard and have all. the officer had responded to a call about domestic violence, and he was separated with another officer he was with. the officer who was shot was approached by a man, some confrontation between them, and that is when the suspect fired off shots and ran away. there was a manhunt looking for this guy yesterday. after a long day, they located him. he is now in custody.
8:22 am
test test. 8:30 now. 8:30 it is friday morning december 18th, 2015. seven days. we are counting down, seven days until christmas morning and we're all getting excited, feeling good. beautiful on the plaza. hark, it's an elf. matthew morrison from finding neverland. our elf for a day, collecting for the toy drive. we hope you'll get involved in the toy drive. go to and find out more. >> really getting those bears. >> before we talk to matthew, we all know the best gifts are the ones you can eat. coming up, ultimate male order options you can get family and friends. >> speaking of food, show you the ultimate tailgate party with
8:23 am
no frozen hot dogs here. >> let's take a look at what savannah and tamron were up to recently, a glamorous night, big stars in billboard, selena gomez, demi lovato performed. that was just the beginning. by the way, catch all this action tonight on lifetime at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> there's some great performances in that show. >> you were pretty good, too. let's say hi to matthew morrison, star of hit musical on broadway. i got to see the show opening night and it's incredible. it's done so well. i know you've only got about a month left in your run. what's the ride been like? >> it's incredible. going to work every day with such an amazing family and being part of the broadway community welcoming me back with open arms. i've had the best year, excited to come back again. it's something else. we'll see. >> start on broadway.
8:24 am
>> amazing. feel like going home when you do another show? >> it really is, like going home. this community is unlike any other community in the world. is so small and everyone knows epa other, which can be good and bad. it's wonderful. >> so what do you have planned after finding neverland. >> i wish my deal closed but i can't talk about it yet. >> still a phenomenal time for broadway, behind the success of your show and hamilton and "kinky boots," brought way is doing really well, isn't it? >> it is. like anything, it ebbs and flows. this is a moment broadway is having, a very special time. you can feel the energy on stage every night. >> you have been a huge part "finding neverland" you can catch this gentleman until the 24th. congratulations. >> happy to have you here. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> it is going to be a pretty nice weekend for most of the
8:25 am
for a few lake-effect snow showers across western new york, northwestern pennsylvania. also big storm system will continue to bring heavy snow through parts of the rockies. heavy rain from washington to oregon, along the coast of carolina, too. then on sunday, we are looking for still a few spotty showers especially across lake ontario where we could end up to 2 feet of snow. up and down east coast, cooler
8:26 am
in the 40s. >> don't forget sunday night is football night in america. big game in philadelphia. the eagles hosting the cardinals. feels like football, too. temperatures will be on the colder side, 39 degrees by game time. again, that is the philadelphia eagles hosting arizona cardinals on sunday night, football night in america. guys. >> now talking football with our next guess. on hassle-free holiday, ultimate food gifts, christmas a week away. editor in chief of bon appetite magazine. how are you? >> i'm going to brave me way through. >> that's it. >> coffee machine. >> espresso machine, don't have time to brush your hair but need coffee. press a button, goes into go cup, boom, you're ready to go.
8:27 am
>> a nice segue to our next. >> toms, the shoemaker do nays a shoo-in need for every shoe you buy is now doing coffee. for every bag you provide they provide one week of clean drinking water to people in need like honduras and rwanda. >> coffee for a good cause. what's this? something like a jam. >> one of our favorites, cool things like pickled figs, cherries, french plums. i don't even know what french plums are but they are super tasty. >> if you don't know, i don't know. >> what do you do with pickled plum. >> put it on a cracker. >> yes, with cheese. yes, murray's cheese shop in new york. >> now who has a segue? >> we're rolling. >> we are. >> this cost $100, this fancy board. for "today" show watchers, $60. >> you're kidding? >> new york package. boom. what are you going to put that cheese on? >> on a cutting board.
8:28 am
they are too good. los angeles, sustainable gardens, for kids, cut on them, serve cheese on them. >> what do you have after that cheese? >> desert time. who did this segment. >> it's awesome. >> moonshine cake, chocolate cake from red truck bakery in marshall, virginia. i don't know if the duke boys were involved in this. >> is it call moonshine? >> it had actual moonshine. i think it's legal. i'm not entirely sure. >> if you don't live in a dry county. >> exactly. all of these online order them, order them today and have them in time for christmas. >> what's this? >> chicken and waffles, the best thing ever. everyone loves fried chicken and waffles. from loveless bakery and cafe. >> how do you send that? >> the waffle mix, coating and real waffle syrup. you still have to make it. >> i think that could be christmas morning breakfast. >> what about a little pig candy? >> i read about this and i was
8:29 am
>> come on, get in there. candied bacon, spice, seasonings from cafe genevieve. watch out. >> it's really good. >> here comes trouble. >> the perron. >> natalie calls this a wine bong. >> open your mouth. >> this is like a wine party. >> do it, do it! >> that's the first time i've ever done that. >> i'm wearing this. >> you're lucky i didn't go with the red wine. i'm thinking about you. >> okay. >> seinfeld fan, black and white cookie. >> what's with a cookie? what's with a cookie? >> i did a few of those. >> i can tell. >> then finally, sugar wish. you didn't get your act together to buy something, day before evite to the sugar company,
8:30 am
or nephew an evite and they can go on and choose their candy. >> very nice. can we get that on camera? can you do it again? >> no, that was it. >> nice. >> listen. hey, do you want to try some wine. >> keep going. >> maybe go high. >> go on >> i think it was apple juice. >> it was not apple juice. coming up more great food, unseasonably warm weather with the perfect tailgate party.
8:31 am
>> you were too high. spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. give something special, to those most special to you. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
8:32 am
viewing for super bowl 50. this week comes from katie, texas, where a tough girl finding inspiration from her family to make a difference with others.3 c3 los chicos del vecindario we usually have a good 10 kids playing football. >> but backyard football was not enough for pay ton watson. >> i'd rather he played. i want to start playing. >> she always wanted to play tackle. >> i love tackle. always with my brothers. especially the older one. >> peyton's move to tackle football was inspired by an unlikely source of courage. >> watching my mom, how she's fought cancer. >> okay, peyton, let's go. >> and just the strength a woman can have.
8:33 am
not. she is tough. >> there's one girl in my league and that's me. it was like, oh, i love this. >> even you think a girl can't be tough and peyton walks in and stuff. >> everybody would be like, oh, it's a girl. this would be easy. once she catches it, she's pretty much gone. >> once you see her on the field and the smile that comes over her face, you know she's where they needs to be. >> my mom would also call peyton her tough girl. peyton tells her, no, you're the tough one. >> in spider by her grandmother, peyton sold "tuff girl" t-shirts for cancer research. >> peyton came to present us with the check. i was shocked this little girl was able to do this on her own. >> she sold around $3,000.
8:34 am
do all we can in life. >> payton is a loving person. if she can hold your hand and make everything, that's what she wanted to do. i think that's how she felt with me. >> the two are bonded by a favorite passion on sunday afternoon. >> my favorite team is tech, of course. and of course peyton likes j. j. watt. we all do here. >> a school assembly hosting by the texans and everyone hoping for just one thing. >> j.j. watt! j.j. watt! j.j. watt! >> when i get to come out here and see the smiles on your faces, that's what it's all about, helping to inspire the world and make the world a better place.
8:35 am
been helping a lot of people. payton watson, would you please come up front. how do you do? j.j., wonderful to meet you. you have been chosen as one of five finalists to win a trip to super bowl 50. we sure hope you win because you're an absolutely incredible young girl. >> thank you. >> for somebody your age to care so much about other people, it's awesome, inspiring. keep doing what you're doing. you're going to change the world. >> that's a cool moment for both of them, by the way. j.j. promised payton if he put in an offense he will score a touchdown for her. it happened last year, he scored a bunch of touchdowns. peyton promised j.j. a tuff girl t-shirt. we have a couple more before we choose. >> i would not want to choose. >> i cannot do it. i'm not on the panel. i totally recuse myself.
8:36 am
sunday night on nbc, we have a perfect matchup for savannah, the arizona cardinals, her home state taking on her adopted philadelphia eagles. >> my mom is in town. i've got my mom, my husband. i don't know. i don't know. i take the fifth. >> an eagles fan. >> exactly. sorry, mom. coming up next, we're going to see the football team going with recipes for the ultimate tailgate.
8:37 am
this is "today" on nbc. tailgating today brought to you by walmart. save money, share wonder every day. today on today food it's all about the tailgate. with this unseasonably warm weather here in the east and college football bowl season upon us now, nothing beats good
8:38 am
favorite team. brandy maloy is here with the perfect recipes. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's start with ground rules. what's important to have great tailgate. what do you have to do? >> the food has to be highly addictive and i love to smack talk any time i'm at a tailgate and i like to compare my food to some other bush league food. >> talking trash with hors d'oeuvres. >> this is bacon crack, highly addictive. starts with bacon, brown sugar, espresso, cayenne nutmeg, red chili flakes, puff pastry and black pepper. okay. the first thing is we have our brown sugar. i'll add all the spices and i'll have you dip our bacon, give it a little mix. there we go, and then we're going to dip our bacon into the brown sugar. >> okay. >> and if you want you can kind of do it with your hands but coat the bacon on every single
8:39 am
creates an amazing flavor that's spicy and salty and hot and savory. this is like a sexy dish, willie. >> really is. >> i'm going to get off the excess and put it on to a bacon sheet and continue the rest and bake it at 350 for 30 minutes or until everything carmelizes. take a bite that have. >> so good. >> is this invention, your bacon crack? >> candy bacon has been around a while and added the puff pastry which anchors it that al us to say. >> crumble up the candy bacon -- >> the heat hon that bacon, the little cayenne. >> has a nice little kick. >> i love that you're ready to really chow down over there, carson. he's protecting that. >> puff pastry is buttery and puffs up and what it does it kind of sucks all this bacon in,
8:40 am
adding brown sugar so when we bake this again for 30 minutes. it's going to melt and carmelize and it's going to become what everyone is eating over there. >> you've already made the crack bacon and putting the crack bacon inside the dough right on top. >> and kind of gives it an extra added bounce. >> okay. about to make a victory pretzel. the huge et pretzel you've ever seen and what we do, really easy. using eggs, pizza dough, water, baking soda and a little bit of salt. i need your help because i'm 5'7" but we've got to get this log to six feet so you can either do this number. >> what if we pulled like a tug-of-war. >> double dutch. >> you're a wild man. willie, willie, willie, whoa. let's protect the integrity of the ingredients. >> i don't know if we're at 6 feet yet. >> stretch and pull, keep going.
8:41 am
>> close enough. make it into a u, give it a little twist and connect and got to push, make this guy big. you'll help me out with some egg wash this. will get it nice and shiny. >> yeah. >> what about the pretzel doe. do you just buy that somewhere. >> i like to cut corners when i need to. this pretzel is going to taste delicious and i have to wait forever. got to get on and root on the arizona cardinals. >> you're a cardinals fan. >> i'm from arizona. >> this is like the chef's secret to the pretzel. you're going to brush it with baking soda and hot water, what kids it the really shiny exterior. that crunch. >> right on top of the egg wash, go ahead. >> all right. >> and there we go, and you need that coarse, of course, you need coarse salt.
8:42 am
with mustard, marina, ranch dressing. take a look at this. >> it's a beauty. >> why it's so perfect for tailgating because everybody can taste a piece and dip it in there. >> my last one is amazing. these are actually chocolate chip cookie dough footballs. so take a look at that. it's eggless cookie dough so no one has to worry about the egg. shaped them in fooblts, dipped them in chocolate and added the laces. hello. >> where do you come up with this stuff? >> bacon crack pizza over here. >> really just love being an adult. >> here's the pizza. i'm hungry. got the bacon crack and the victory pretzel and the chocolate chip footballs and what's great you can make everything ahead of time and pack it up and set up your tailgate and have your flags ready and paint your face. >> and drive right to the emergency room after you eat all this stuff, yeah.
8:43 am
>> it's so good. >> between the pretzel and i sample it all at once. >> the thing you did with the pretzel, my favorite part. >> do this with george and lucy at home. >> something to get the kids involved with. >> and i had fun with you. >> make ahead and roll up to the game and all ready to go. >> brandy maloy, thanks so much. we're all happy, guys. >> for more "gamegame day ideas and res mes including the tailgating tab on
8:44 am
nbc. everybody enjoying their bacon crack. what's up next hour? >> so much good stuff. >> get ready for the holidays and great presents for guys and creative holiday crafts and
8:45 am
>> here's your local news, michelle: good morning. happy friday. the metro officer shot yesterday remains at unc recovering after that gunfight that happened between him and another person. it took five hours looking for him after the officer was shot. he is expected to be ok. this happened after 11:00. the officer separated from another officer. they were at a domestic violence welcome and ready officer encountered the suspect to police say pull out a gun and
8:46 am
the suspect is now in custody, and metro says social media helped them find that suspect. let's check in with kelly. it is the last weekend before christmas. kelly: the roads will be crazy this weekend with the last-minute shoppers. if you're heading out now, temperatures, an improvement from where we were earlier. now many locations have temperatures in the mid-40's. cap just expected to rise to normal as we get into the afternoon. a high of 56. plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, a high of 60, but a chance for rain showers saturday night into sunday. michelle: it is make-a-wish monday.
8:47 am
14-year-old ryan, a students, also fighting brain cancer.
8:48 am
wishful today on "today's take," finally the force awakesens and the fans have spoken and did "star wars" deliver on the hype? one week to go until christmas. we've got the gifts, the crafts and the cookies, and your first
8:49 am
holiday hit. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's a friday morning, december 18, 2015. one week till christmas, my friends and a great holiday crowd out on the plaza. i'm willie along with natalie and tamron. al is out on assignment. our morning jam "i wish it could be christmas every day". >> i like this one. >> by leona lewis. >> had a great little party yesterday, the holiday party for the show. had it at krall restaurant here in new york, and we had some fun. lots of photos. >> lots. >> to share with you all. >> this is a great photo booth, a little photo op. >> i wish i could caption what happened. >> adam mill, tammy and kristine
8:50 am
>> there's the real story yesterday. >> tamron and i having some fun. >> that's a caption contest. >> natalie made me laugh and look at her face. that's dark natalie. i'm serious. we're going to put these online and caption these photos. >> look at hoda. >> so fun. >> original bird savannah. >> i like the nice family shot pand then reality sets in what's really going on. >> what was the name of the drink. >> the potion for purpose. >> potion for purpose and i kept asking the girl what's in it and she's like -- >> don't worry about it. >> and mumbled off and walked away. >> clearly the purpose was to get us in the photo booth like that. >> that's such a fun day though. love that. did such a good job and get to hang out with the people you don't get to see every day. >> who work behind the scenes in that's our party. >> the other party was inside theaters across the country.
8:51 am
the force woke up, like this. >> like this. >> it's amazing. so here by the numbers, "variety" magazine says the movie's opening night $50 million and fandango has said it's sold more tickets than any other film has sold during its entire theatrical run. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's called shutting down the that's right. >> yeah. >> "jurassic world," "the hunger games" and "the avengers, age of voltron" all follow-ups. new jersey store is using "star wars" to tell the nativity story calling it cosmic christmas, so the pastor is pastor lucas. >> like the koss team. >> delivers his sunday sermon delivered as han solo and he swapped out traditional nativity figure with "star wars" action figures and we have good versus evil. >> the story is all there. >> the wise men that come to save the day. >> han solo and chewie and yoda.
8:52 am
this sunday. >> hallelujah. >> that's a good way to bring them in, right? >> exactly. >> the other photo, i'm obsessed with. looked at this photo for probably ten minutes staring into the eyes of max zuckerberg. mark zuckerberg's baby girl posted saying the force is strong with this one. and look at tiny light saber and little figurine and i love her expression. she's intense. >> looks like a yoda. >> so thoughtful. >> thinking of the force. >> and she's like a month old, if that. >> thinking about her stock options and facebook. >> and how she's going to route world some day. >> also "the daily beast" posted, i love this, saw this last night. roger ebert's original review of the "star wars" film in 1977. at the time he wrote every once in a while i have what i think of as an out-of-body experience at a movie. when i use the phrase, i simply mean that my imagination has
8:53 am
present in a movie theater and i think it's up there on the screen. >> that's amazing. >> that is what he said about the original story. >> so true. >> and it still holds to this day, that review. >> not for some in the middle but -- >> that's cool to see. >> if you're on rotten tomatoes, i guess he's one of the first bloggers to post a negative review. >> oh, boy. >> let's just say the force is not with him. they are strongly against him, and pretty much is shut down but to each his own. >> you recall our little outing to go see the film. >> you fell asleep. >> report thing, remember when i said we had a couple of glasses of wine before dinner and did the whole party before. i fell asleep a little bit, right? this was the buildup to get together theater, all right. savannah and dylan, me and hoda all got in one big car.
8:54 am
>> and take a look how this unfolded. >> there's hoda. >> that makes so much sense. we were in front of you guys and we disappeared. >> none of us remember that video until yesterday i was coming home and looking at christmas party photos and i'm like what's this and i click on it. >> never has that been so horrifying. >> now you get it. >> if we could just tell you
8:55 am
>> so you were up here and then when it started you went night-night. >> willie called it. >> we watched natalie walking into "star wars" and willie says, momma's not making it. >> i did not make it. >> she's going to fall asleep. >> i woke up for the key parts. >> the credits at the end were when lance bass is asking you to move. can i get out of here, natalie, please. >> you'll see it again. >> the great thing i get to see it with my kids and it will be all new to me. >> that's why they make snap chat, by the way, do the video and then it disappears. >> you're very brave to share that. >> i love that. >> we're so glad you did. we had fun. >> oh, my gosh. >> we going to go see it again? i've got to take my kids again. >> we have to see it again. >> i remember because i was awake. but i want to see "sisters" though. i do want to see "sisters." >> so funny. >> i want to see it again. saw it in the screening room.
8:56 am
laugh along with other people. >> have to support our amy and tina. >> did you see the scene last night in cleveland, courtside seat, everybody wants them, very expenseive in the nba and you're really, really close to the action. cavs playing at home, ellie day, the wife of pro golfer jason day sitting courtside as the cavs/thunder game. with 3:00 left in the game lebron james dives to save a loose ball as players often do and lands right on her and knocks her overbackwards. apparently she hit her head on floor. lebron is 6'8", 250. she was placed on a stretcher. lebron said, at the next stoppage of time went over and grabbed her hand and she told him then that she was going to be okay. just dazed. luckily she has been released from the hospital. he tweeted elly day, i hope you're doing okay. my apologies. hope you guys come back to
8:57 am
>> had a baby month ago. >> probably the first time that happened. >> that's like a train coming at you. >> yes. >> remember in the rodman years, so aggressive. he knocked into cameramen, people on the side. very frightening. scarey. >> we're glad ellie is okay this morning. >> thank goodness. >> and lebron handled it well. >> he's always a class act. check of the weather with dylan. >> one more for the team. >> natalie, thank you so much for sharing that. >> i new york city to ask your permission. >> i don't know if you noticed, i held up my phone, the flashlight to you will illuminate. >> good job, dylan. >> anyway, lake-effect snow is in effect. we've seen about 7 inches of snow across marquette, michigan and also going to see more snow begin to develop as this cold air sag down from the south and crosses over the relatively warmer waters of the great lakes and we are going to seat lake-effect snow machine turn
8:58 am
the wind could combust up to near 35 miles per hour and that will reduce visibility. where some of the streamers set up. that's where we'll seat highest accumulation. we're looking at 6 to 8 inches off lake erie with isolated higher amounts and the closer to a foot and then possibly two feet especially neither >> and that's your late forecast. dark natalie. >> thanks, dark dylan.
8:59 am
be a good idea to work another day since you don't work quite enough. you're doing the food network. >> i debut a little chicken -- what am i talking about? winter flan. it's chocolate winter flan. that's what i meant to say, and the hosts were just so nice. they were wonderful. had me demo my flan technique. i'm carmelizing the pan with the sugar. you guys have had my flan. >> do we have any today? >> no, not today, but a different var air, i added some chocolate and winter spices to it. >> be sure to check it it out. tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. eastern week. >> too much partying this week. >> you couldn't make the flan. >> couldn't make the flan. >> check nat out on the food network 11:00 a.m. eastern and pacific. coming up next, a tie is always nice but the gift guys really want for christmas. that's right after this
9:00 am
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9:03 am
away from christmas. and finding right gift for the guy in your life. >> finding the right hat for your guy. >> very large head, yes. >> stylist from lloyd boston blends function with fun. good morning. >> good to be back. >> you're just kind of like the bishop. it's up high, but it's good. speaking of hats. take a look at this. >> okay. >> this is a smartphone blue tooth hat from sharper image. what's so cool it's around $69 so it will keep your guy warm but he can also listen to wireless music on his device and also can take phone calls because there's a microphone built into the hat. >> fantastic. >> right here where the ears are. >> i love that. >> run and talk and listen to music. >> that's cool. >> take a look at this. this is called the lumicase so from and you can take selfies and even if guys want to take it, can do it with the perfect lighting. one, two a, three.
9:04 am
>> $49 and up on cool colors, all different phone styles. >> diy guy. >> container store, around $29. this is a digital measuring tape. >> i like that. >> but what's so cool it keeps the numbers and keeps the measurements locked in. this will lock as well and will convert the measurements and store them. >> i love that. >> so you can use this, willie. want to test it out with your wingspan. >> measure my hat side. >> shoulder to shoulder. >> okay. there you go, and you can read screen. >> that's very cool. >> now. this is a drill beyond drills. >> i'm not scared of this because look how lightweight it is. the twoworx 2 in 1 switchdriver.
9:05 am
very lightweight. >> okay. perfect. >> how about for the foodie. >> this is fantastic. >> this is the man crate from these are going to run you around $54 and up, but there are cheaper vergsz on the site. if you like hot sauce, this is the sriracha, spray, dry rub or even the grilling kit and these chip with the case right on top and you have to pry it oh. it's very manly. >> i love that. >> and what do we have here? >> let's go down to the man cave. i love these neighborwoods map coasters, and they are $36 for the set but they come from cool cities so we're talking about manhattan, austin, about, you name it, and well. and they are made in america. >> cozy on up to the male tailgate. >> cool combo for the guy in your life.
9:06 am
french press and $35 from and the coffee, if he likes french press coffee rather it will stay hot for four hours and cold for five hours and iced for 20 hours. >> really. >> wow. >> in this thing right here. >> let's talk a little style now too. >> got to have a throw. very stylish. $79 from target, lamb's wool. socks, men always forget to buy them. get them in a six pack from, $49 and patterns and prints that he doesn't expect. >> okay. now moving on, cashmere sweaters, $69.99, found them from kohl's, marc anthony's collection, don't have to spend a lot of money and willie, faux fur, can you pull off faux fur. >> swap it out. >> wait until you see this. >> from restoration hardware and slippers as well, natalie. >> clippers. >> oh, my gosh. >> $29 and up. >> you look good in that.
9:07 am
>> love that. >> i think you want to open that up, it looks cooler, got it. >> yeah. >> okay, lloyd, lloyd boston, thank you. >> merry christmas. >> likewise. >> move over, kim kardashian. adele brochet internet yesterday. find out in "pop fix" i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled,
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arturito soup! okay, okay. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup? follow me. campbell's new star wars inspired soups. arturito soup! yaaa! made for real, real life. you may not even think about the energy that lights up your world. but we do. we're exxonmobil.
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generates more of ourelectricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. i need a bouncer. so hard to keep people out therefore club. geez, bumping into me, spilling my drink. natalie knocking me over. it's friday, everyone. let's kick off the weekend with a little "pop fix" and some adele fans are not happy, not at all, about this holiday. tickets for her upcoming north american tour sold out within minutes after going on sale yesterday morning. the fans complaining about an unusually long waited time. many of them were bought by ticket scalpers and are now
9:11 am
secondary ticket site from anywhere 300 to $3,000 over. earlier carson daly found seats for the madison square garden show at $5,000 and song kick has helped prevent tickets from ending up in the hand of the scalpers helping to keep the art ist ist! the host of the "late, late show" debuted a carpool craky where he sang "joy to the world" with passengers and the passengers just happened to be one direction, stevie wonder, justin bieber, carrie underwood. let's get in on that ride. take a look. joy to world the lord has come let earth receive the king let every heart prepare his room
9:12 am
and heaven and heaven and nature sing >> james taking us to church. that video indeed bringing a little bit of joy to the world. feel like i'm back home in the south and james isn't the only one getting into the holiday spirit. ariana grande surprised her fans by releasing a special christmas eve album called "christmas "christmas & chill." unlike the first album this features original songs with titles such at "wit it this christmas" and "christmas things" and jennifer lopez's kids are starring in their mom's fashion footsteps. she shade the picture of her adorable twins sporting festive holiday and captioned the photo these two at it again, and finally christmas came early for elizabeth hurley fans who stripped down for her holiday
9:13 am
she posted a photo on her i.g. account sporting a sexy bikini, santa had with santa hat wolves staring in her direction. led 50-year-old caption the the post bye-bye london until 2016 and headed west to family and friends, fired fun, yippy. wow, we don't think she needs a fire because she's smoking hot. wow. should i do that? what's that photo shop app they all use? somebody send me that. i'll slim it down. up next, we're setting up santa's workshop right in your home. crafty ideas to put you in the mood after your local news and weather. look at me
9:14 am
all together now everything techie for everyone. kohl's. all together now there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." >> good morning to you and happy friday.
9:15 am
threat was sent via e-mail to the clark county schools. district officials said the school decided the threat was not credible and decided that schools would not be shut down. these are the same threats made against schools in new york city, houston, miami, and they had one in los angeles that shut down the schools last week. the writer claimed to be a radical muslim but made mistakes when referring to is long. the school says it has a crisis plan in place, and police officers are trained and ready to track the threats. they sent a message to parents letting them know that everything was ok. it is friday, everybody looking ahead to the weekend. this is the last weekend before christmas. kelly: today finally temperatures getting back to normal. it has been chilly all week and
9:16 am
what we are expecting this afternoon. pahrump, 60's -- 57 degrees. boulder city, 54. las vegas, 56, and that is normal for this time of year. 60 degrees tomorrow, gets even warmer, but we have a slight chance for showers late saturday night into early sunday morning. sunday afternoon should be good for the shoppers. michelle: that takes us to monday. it is make-a-wish monday and next week, you are going to meet 14-year-old ryan, a student at the international christian
9:17 am
taking a look at the headlines. we have chilling new details about alleged terror plots by san bernardino shooter syed farook and his friend enrique marquez. marquez was arrested on thursday.
9:18 am
years ago the men planned other attacks. marquez is also charged with unlawfully purchasing the two assault rifles used in the san bernardino attacks. mother teresa of calcutta will soon become a roman catholic saint. pope francis has accepted proof of a second miracle attributed to her, a requirement for sainthood. it involved a man's sudden recovery from a brain infection after his wife prayed to mother teresa. her canonization ceremony is expected to take place next year on the 19th anniversary of her death. it could become easier for many americans to get mortgages in the new year. lenders have already been easing up on credit requirements for borrowers and in a new survey about 16% of lenders said they expect credit standards from mortgages to be lowered even further in the first quarter of 2016. good news for java lovers. a ten-year study found drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces risk of premature death from heart disease and diabetes.
9:19 am
for those who drink four to five cups a day. the good news, decaf works as well. still have more holiday shopping to do. today is a good day to buy online. that's because 9 hundred merchants are offering free shipping with a pledge that your purchases will arrive by christmas eve. there's also no minimum purchase required and check out who is participating and go to let's get a check of the weather now for dylan who is in for al. good morning. as we take a look at weekend forecast, we've got this big storm system making its way onshore. as we've seen a lot of lately, rain from washington through oregon and down through northwestern california and also looking at lake-effect snow where we could see a foot to two feet of snow but it won't stick around all that much because we're looking for a warmup as we go in next weekend and then on
9:20 am
snow across the olympics and cascades and rockies and lingering lake-effect snow and up and down the east coast a little cooler than we're used, to in the 40s, but it and that's your latest forecast. natalie and tamron. >> all right, dylan, thank you. it's your last weekend to wrap gifts and add some holiday touches before everyone comes over for christmas. grab your little elves because we have fun crafts and good toys make the weekend fun.
9:21 am
is here with your channel andrea's choice for up to 3 million subscribers. >> good morning. >> we love having, love that you lovecrafting. want to do easy things for christmas >> the first one is diy pine cone wreaths and all you need are pine cones ard cardboard. have a little pine cone circle, an array of pine cones. big and small. >> you can find them outside, buy them in the craft store. >> yeah. >> i already have one started. >> use that one. >> just around them and glue them on until the thing is completely covered and once it's covered we have a finish one. >> that's adorable. >> and how do you get the wide effect on it. >> take a little foam brush like this and dip it in your paint. >> just white paint. >> get it at at craft store on
9:22 am
>> you get a little snow. >> that's super cute. >> hang a ribbon and hang it on the wall. >> speaking of cute, this is adorable. >> this is actually a cocoa kit, and it's arranged into a little snow man that you see right here. start off with three jars and you fill them up with like contents that you would put in hot cocoa. peppermint, hot cocoa powder and then i'm actually going to glue on the third one which is going to be to be filled with marshmallows. >> now we need to give it a face like we have right here. you guys take this one. >> i'll take it. >> and we'll glue on the button for the eyes. >> you make a little scarf. >> let me look at them. >> inspiration. >> all right. glue his little eyes on and you decorate. >> how did you make the had. >> actually made out of black felt so we took like two circles and rectangle and we arranged it had like this. hot glued it and just kind of
9:23 am
>> perfect. >> yeah. >> let's move on down to make your own wrapping paper here, right? >> now, this sounds interesting. it's really easy. >> like if you want to be really unique, have a unique gift underneath the tree. >> a brown paper purse. >> take a pencil and dip it into your paint and swirl it around and then can you just start polka dotting. >> gold paint. >> polka dot your entire little piece. >> this is really for the artiste. >> my wrapping jobs are not a work of art. >> once it's dried you wrap your gift. >> you just spray paint it with chalk board paint and let it dry and chalk on your own customized note and this is another option. flick on some white paint and it looks like snow. kids will love that. >> a little snack idea. >> yeah. this is actually little
9:24 am
you want to do is take your strawberries and cut off the bottom of your strawberry because it needs to be able to stand up flat. >> right. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and you are taking the top off. just the tip of it. afterwards i have some frosting in a bag. pipe it on like so. >> that's cute. >> let's pretend it is. >> have that guy on and do a little hat on the top, is that right? >> i almost forgot you're better at this than i am. >> and you have a little snow man and take the chips right here. chocolate chips and give them eyeballs. >> and once you're done. >> pre-slice them and leave the kids. >> let the kids do that. >> when you want to get them out of the way. >> thank you. >> that is some good ideas.
9:25 am
and get your movie tickets and popcorn and soda before you hit the theaters this weekend. how you can do that with some of
9:26 am
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all right. we're just hours away from the weekend which means the start of christmas vacation for many of you. randy zuckerberg is digital lifestyle expert and host of dot complicated on sirius xm and has the apps to make things easier for us. great to see you. >> happy holidays. i believe during the holidays these devices should bring you closer to friends and family and not come in between you. >> i like that philosophy. >> these are all free. get this for nothing. adam ticket. >> during the holidays i always think great idea, i should go to the movies and i get there and realize everyone else had the same great idea. >> and so atom tickets helps you make it a seamless experience. you can actually go on. you can coordinate with your friends and family.
9:30 am
>> so no need to spend a million e-mails and text back and form. can you pick either theater or the movie you want to see and once you agree on the movie you can even order your popcorn from this app so it's just waiting. >> no way. >> no waiting in the concession line. >> no line for popcorn. no cash, no wallet. walk right in. >> atom tickets. that's a good one. go to point inside. helps you get through a mall or airport terminal. >> mall, airports, i like to avoid those at all costs during the holiday but this app actually makes it really bearable to plan a trip to the malls, so let's say columbus circle. >> right here in new york. >> next door right here. can you actually call up a 3-d blueprint. >> oh, wow. >> of the floor plans and plan your whole treat and similar with the airport. >> let's say you're flying out of lag-. you can actually get detailed terminal maps that tell you how long it's going to take you. go to the best restaurant and not quickest. this makes layoffs over almost bearable.
9:31 am
the mall wondering where the store is. where 's the jamba juice? >> this is so call called amp me. >> on the beach, anywhere. instant party. you turns you and your friend's phones into speakers. >> oh, wow. >> don't need any music equipment. >> so i actually have some friends and i have alison and jesus over there. >> hey, guys. >> and we're going to do a live demo of this so i've already. i'm the leader phone so i start a party t.sends them a code, and -- and here we go. hello, how are you it's so difficult for me >> here we are, see, adele, she can save thanksgiving and christmas, too. >> you play it there. it is exactly at the same moment in the song, and you can have --
9:32 am
the holidays lighting up the beach with this song. >> you are bringing people together and they don't need the app, too. >> i'm like in the moment, willie. >> once it comes on, you can't help yourself. like full of adele. >> that is called amp me. >> amp me. >> how about real quick yay and let me bring my friends into this party. >> it's a fitness app. and let's say you need a little bit of accountability for your goals, bececse let's face, it we all do. you can join a challenge and your friends can hold you accountable. >> okay. >> you can be in a group. don't even need a pedometer, measures from the app the steps that you're taking. >> like a personal cheerleader. >> this one i'm bringing in tamron and natalie. this is called reverse charades. >> old charades, one person acts and everyone guesses, that's so boring. >> we're all going to act and you're going to guess and ladies are work the come up there,
9:33 am
30 seconds on the clock. >> all right. so legs, boots, pants, skirt. >> dress. >> women dress. >> mrs. claus. big pants. big elastic waist. what are you doing? >> a rodeo clown. >> tossing a pizza. >> pulling your pants up. >> you're pulling your pants up and then what happens. >> underwear. >> okay. >> throwing my underwear at you. >> oh. >> that's a good one. >> too much information on that
9:34 am
>> brandi is making her final appearance on "today." it's been a great ride. brandi brings penal together. >> happy holidays. >> don't put away those corn flakes from breakfast just yet. show you how to use them to make some amazing holiday cookies next. thanks a lot. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum
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9:38 am
>> she's here with holiday spin on her signature cookies. christina. i always say. you bring voice to the bars. >> they are the best. >> thank you. >> we're launching in with a few recipes. >> thank you. >> i wanted to bring you my guys my favorite holiday cookie, a riff on a milk bar classic. corn flake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie, a little bit of a holiday twist starting with corn flake crunch and that's how we amp it up. corn flakes and milk powder and a little bit of melted butter. easy enough. we crunch that down into a bowl. throw it on to a baking sheet. >> mash that up. just mash it up. throw it on to a making sheet and we bake it in the oven. carefulized, crispy, buttery crunchy corn flake. >> crunch. >> we take a standard cookie dough. butter and light brown sugar, flower, sugeary, salt, the base
9:39 am
we throw some of this corn flake crunch n.willie, i'll get you in there. >> willie is a fan of this. corn flake crunch. >> and we're going to add the classic chocolate chips. i like a mini chocolate chip because you get a little chocolate chip in every bite and marshmallow which is why there's goo. >> the cookies are layered in flavor. >> flair and texture. >> and then for holiday season my mom always sends me holiday candy, but it comes in the mail and it always comes a little crushed up. what are you going to do with that, fold it into a cookie dough. makes a great cookie dough to eat as, it i'm not going to lie but if you have enough self-control. >> i don't. >> i'm going to scoop some on to a baking sgleet can you breeze this and make it ahead. >> absolutely make it ahead. my tip is to keep it while it's fresh and all you have to do is reach too your freezer and put
9:40 am
>> all the recipes on while we make our way to this display of loveliness. these are my grandma's classic cutout cookies. four ingredients, butter, flour, salt, that's it. you roll them out on to a cold peeves marble so the dough stays nice and cold and you cut out the cookie cutters. >> if i don't have a cold piece of marble. >> just keep your dough cold, like if you have a marble surface. get your handy husband or wife to get a peeves marble for you. >> and then you decorate. to me that's the most fun part. a glaze of confectioners sugar and milk, use original juice or cranberry juice. >> and have this beautiful display. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:41 am
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9:43 am
>> i'm just here for the cookies, right? >> smart woman. >> what else is coming up. >> while you all decorate, a great story, one of emon "weekend today." dylan went to meet the basketball team known for their moves on the bench and off the bench. >> brainstorm some news for them.
9:44 am
>> a viral >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee
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