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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  December 18, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us. "star wars" really is taking over the world. krystal: pretty much. it's huge. we have to catch up. we have not seen the movie yet. michelle: we have heard really good things about it. fans are loving it. krystal: gives us even more of an incentive to catch up on the movies and see the new one. the movie was released at midnight and has already broken records. broken the record for the most tickets sold for any film over its entire theatrical run and it just hit theaters. it made more than 57 million dollars for last nights show a loan. that's more than $14 million for harry potter and the deathly hallows.
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local theater where we are getting the first look. i was hoping to see some people behind you. you were there this morning and it was crickets. they started the schilling's early this morning, didn't they? -- the show wings early this morning, didn't they? >> the show wings started at 12:15 this afternoon. these are people getting tickets for later shows but it has already started for this hour. not too late at least. there are a few shows still open. they had sold out for the 5:30 showing and at midnight but they are keeping this rolling throughout the day. we talked about some of those record-breaking numbers. movie ticketing websites say presales for star wars program record for most tickets sold in history.
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actually crashed one tickets first went on sale in the tobin. -- in october. the movie could make at least $200 million this weekend alon e. the film opened in more than 4100 the editors nation -- theaters nationwide. >> best movie this year for sure and i'm going to come see it again tomorrow. >> one of our best friends missed it and i had to give my take it away so he missed out on a lot. >> just to keep the frenzy going, people say they do want
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they do have showings going every hour. the last show will be at 12:15 tonight. they have sold out for a few of them. krystal: were you trying to snag a ticket, is that while you got this assignment? michelle: we need to get on that. krystal: i know. we will. michelle: the vatican says pope francis has signed off on the miracle needed to make other teresa a saint. krystal: she passed away 20 years ago. frances approved the decree
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no date is set for the canonization. media speculates the ceremony will take place in the first week of september to coincide with her death. the media involves and then in brazil who went into a coma and was cured. his wife says she prayed to mother teresa for help. michelle: we had the former front man of stone temple pilots a dying. police say it was an accidental drug and alcohol overdose. a mixture of alcohol, cocaine, and a drug similar to ecstasy was found in his system. heart disease and other heart conditions contributed to his death. he was found dead on a tour bus
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he was 48 years old. krystal: schools in one county of virginia closed and weekend events canceled amid an angry backlash about a school lesson involving the islamic faith. school officials say they have not received any specific threats. they were alarmed by the number and tone of the complaints. anger over the lesson has escalated since the teacher at a high school had students in her class complete an assignment involving a statement in arabic. what is in a name? when a company shares one with isis, a lot. isis pharmaceuticals is changing its name. the company fought for a name change but eventually gave into public pressure.
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name was a distraction. when it was founded 27 years ago, the drugmaker was named after the egyptian healing dr. isis. michelle: i read a story about a woman named isis. unfortunately, it's more complicated to change your name as a human being that can you imagine? krystal: it's kind of like it's not fair you know. michelle: we are less than two weeks away from the biggest party of the year. crews are gearing up for the big fireworks show. krystal: where else would it be? here is a sneak peak. organizers of the show discussed what is new for america's party including an eight minute display that will launch from seven properties along las vegas
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also part of this plan, a lot of security. >> is a whole different world. my friends -- i will keep my eye on them and they need to keep their eyes open .. it's up to all of us. krystal: the mayor says she is confident both metro and hotel security will keep the party safe. michelle: they always put on this fireworks show. there is a tech upgrade this year. you can download the app and you can hear the countdown and the music because it's choreographed. awesome. krystal: and you can take part in all the festivities from the
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like it out in the cold? enjoy it all from home. cw las vegas will be bringing you the best vantage points. we want you to tweet as and talk to us on social media. michelle: and if you have to go to bed early, i will be here with you early that morning to give you highlights. krystal: you won't miss a thing. we have you covered. michelle: around these parts, we pretty much have a caffeine drip. caffeine is an important part of our day and for those of you who agree, it's a necessity. what if we told you there's a potential replacement in the works that will one day last all day long. i would be sad. krystal: i like having a couple cups a day. what do you think? kelly: i would miss coffee and
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especially if it's cold outside. i mean, where would the fun in that be? we will take a look at your weekend forecast. coming up, a chance of rain.
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krystal: breaking news of. manhunt -- breaking news of that manhunt. he was the person responsible police say for that officer involved shooting. michelle: this was a five hour long manhunt yesterday after he pulled out a gun and shot a police officer and we didn't
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actually had nothing to do with the initial call those officers were responding to. it was a domestic call at the emerald suites. they had an encounter with this man standing outside. he pulled out a gun and shot that officer and took. -- and took off. he is in police custody and thank god that officer is going to be ok. krystal: he was up and talking yesterday. just wanted to bring you that mug shot. the world's largest food company could have the answer to your caffeine craving. nestle is developing a slow releasing coffee. [laughter] a slow releasing coffee that will keep your buzz going all
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the science behind the idea involves something that breaks down over time and releases content going into the body at a controlled rate. as of now, nestle is figuring out its next move. kelly: i drink coffee because i love the taste. i would be kind of sad if i didn't need it. krystal: how many do you do a day? michelle: before the baby, one a day. now, at least two. dr. said i can drink up to three a day. krystal: so you are good. michelle: if you find yourself dozing off before your show, netflix may have a solution. they have posted a
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a pair of holiday themed sweat socks. [laughter] if it happens wherever you are, it will pause it for you so you don't lose your place. they use a method of activity monitoring. the video includes a list of material and directions. here's the thing, you have to make them your self. krystal: not going to happen. michelle: this always happens to me. my husband falls asleep and i always end up watching the same thing over again because we have to go back the next tonight and watch the whole thing over again. krystal: i'm always the one who fell asleep. michelle: this next story, and little girl taking full
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and it's your right to dance. you get it, girl. i was cracking up. just watch. michelle: look at the knees. [laughter] michelle: it's a dance studio in michigan. she is a star. she ignored the dance lesson completely. she went rogue and started getting it. this has been posted on facebook and it's so shaky because the person shooting it was cracking up. krystal: i watched this yesterday. i could watch this over and over
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michelle: i run into people like this all the time in my zumba class. i love it. [laughter] isn't that funny? kelly: that was awesome. let's talk weather. it is gorgeous out there, especially in the sun. make sure you have the sunscreen on. here's a look at the mountains. absolutely picture-perfect blue skies. temperatures are rising nicely. southeast up to 57 degrees. eldorado coming in at 55 degrees . we will still climb a couple more degrees before it's all said and done. it will be warmer into tomorrow
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system to our north and west of bringing rain showers to parts of northern california and idaho. as we look at our future cast model, you see clear skies throughout the evening tonight. into tomorrow, it starts off sunny and a slight chance for a shower or aunt and snow showers. this will be an overnight event. it shouldn't impact to many of your daytime plans. if you are heading out to do some last-minute shopping, doesn't look like he will need a raincoat. lots of sunshine today. 56 degrees is normal for this time of year. normal for the middle of december. it is going to get warmer
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the chance of showers saturday night into early sunday morning. a little bit breezy behind the front. warming back up next week. we are monitoring a potential system pass the seven-day forecast. krystal: thank you. and look who is standing next to me. elvis is in the building. actually, this is just an. he is a very talented man. he's actually also with the million dollar quartet taking part in a very special christmas performance. we are so glad to have you. by the way, craig discovered him. that's what craig told me.
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at toys for tots. >> i will be performing tonight at toys for tots. it's a fun to be a part of it. a good friend of mine was putting it on and asked me to be part of it. anything to raise money and presents. krystal: and we love to see when our talented headliners come out and give back. it's so important. >> and the toys are staying in las vegas for our children. krystal: so important. that will be today at the orleans showroom for people who want to take part. i want to give people a taste of what they will experience and listen to this man. first of all, tell us what you are singing. >> "i will be home for christmas" >> i'll be home
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you can count me alexander kuckenbecker alexander kuckenbecker please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree
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where the love light gleams
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if only in my dreams kelly: lots of sunshine for the rest of the day today.
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even warmer tomorrow but keep in mind we do have that chance for showers friday evening to early sunday morning. it's just a little chance. i don't go on the route to many people's plans. krystal: look who decided to stop by. hey baby cruz. he is not even camera shy. he is not the star, of course. the dog is. we have the animal foundation in studio and we would like to know more about maximus today. >> kick him in as a stray so not a lot of information. he is a four-year-old pitbull mix. supersweet, energetic. he's part of our december bring joy to the world adoption special where any other pet that has been with us for 10 days or longer is reduced to just five dollars.
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krystal: is he good with kids? >> we don't know. based on the way he did with the baby here, i'm sure he's fine. he should be all good. krystal: thank you coming from
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>> john: you were sent here to kill me. >> eduardo: essentially, yes. >> john: well, i know that my assassin skills are a little rusty, but it never seemed to me to be a good idea to tell the target that he was a target. >> eduardo: well, not if you intend to go through with the assignment. i don't. >> john: good to know.
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why not keep it to yourself?
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