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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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received gifts today the las vegas mission. the news is starts right now. >> this is news 3. gerard: good evening. 126 homicides this year. this is not include north las vegas and henderson. right now, a group of community members marching and west las vegas, calling attention to the rise in violence. it is our top story. craig joins us, you have been out with this group for a couple of hours now. >> i have. the march ended here in front of the las vegas courthouse. here there is a monument to martin luther king jr. and here at the monument there are candles tonight, each representing somebody that has been lost in some act of violence, in many cases gun violence.
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to the city of las vegas. many of the people who are marching have been personally touched by some kind of violence that has taken from them somebody who they love. one person who helped organize told me that violence has hit entirely too close to home. >> i personally have attended five funerals, two of them recently. we need to do better. so we decided we would come together and have a vigil to let the community know that we will not -- >> back here at the courthouse, this is one victim. the man on the right-hand side of the screen was killed on may 26, he was 22 years old.
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she was one person who took part in the march and when candle does represent him. they are also active on social media. they have the #come all lives matter. this is what they call themselves and you can see that the video reflected the sign. they hope marches like this help people who are grieving. they can heal together. i am reporting live, news 3. gerard: thank you for the live report. a metro police and faith-based leaders rally in this week to usher in a season of peace. this is an ongoing effort to try to reduce homicide and violent crimes in the valley. today, you heard that craig reported, there have been at least 126 homicides and many violent crime incidences involving guns.
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local churches to send a nonviolent methods and encouraging the community to report crime if they see it. >> we are trying to do a number of things every day. every borough is doing an event. and we ask the public to get involved. gerard: police say that even if you hear of a potential crime about to happen, that is when to report it. they say you can remain anonymous. and homicide electives are investigating the shooting death of a person found at an apartment conflict this weekend. police called to harris just before 7:00 this morning. they found 38-year-old, jesse galvez with a gunshot wound. they say that he was walking to an apartment when he was shot by an unknown suspect. the suspect fled before police arrived. in older model nissan pickup was seen fleeing the area.
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officer that was shot by a suspect during an unrelated call this week. 52-year-old gregory sedminik is a veteran police officer. he was called to the south part of the valley. in man allegedly made a, and fired several shots. the officer was hit in the torso and on but managed to return fire. the suspect, teag fox fled, but was arrested. they also recovered the gun used in the shooting. and the governor has signed a bill to seal a $335 million deal that will bring electric carmaker faraday future to nevada.
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the bill was finalized today and authorized tax breaks and cleared the way for $125 million in infrastructure improvements at the apex industrial park. the $1 billion plant in north las vegas is expected to employ 4400 workers and create 9000 indirect jobs. and teachers have devoted overwhelmingly to approve a contract agreement between the park county school district and the union that represents them. the decision to ratify the contracting this afternoon. the two-year deal includes a two-step, retroactive raise of $1500 across the board. and a minimum 2% raise for the coming school year. teachers with higher education degrees may receive a larger raise. some educators expressed frustration that they were only given one day to review the contract.
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that vote will likely take place after the new year. hundreds of children will have a toy for christmas, thanks to volunteers from across the valley. the rescue mission sharing the spirit of giving with needy families today. this giveaway has become a tradition committee bringing the committee -- community together so that children do not have to go without. they received more than 4000 guests ahead of the giveaway. -- gives -- gifts, ahead of the giveaway. >> there was a family that came last night and stayed all night to make sure that they would get presence. and many came this morning. that tells me the need and efforts for people in need, that they will do this for something at christmas time. gerard: so the giveaway was not the entire event. outside the rescue mission, air force personnel gave away coats,
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and women and children, to get them through these winter months. the fight for the democratic nomination for president, a pre-christmas abate -- the bay. the added intrigue against the campaign of bernie sanders. and a modern-day version of christmas, the explanation i high school is giving for getting rid of school dances. and facing a tough test in the desert, a preview of the game.
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gerard: what was expected to be a routine debate between democratic candidates, tonight it has added injuring pinafore staffers on the bernie sanders campaign are accused of stealing voter information from hillary clinton. we have the latest of elements. >> the democratic national
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sanders' campaign access. he had sued the d nv to use the information which is crucial for the primaries. the dnc bars -- barred him from using the information after his campaign staff accessed information that belongs to hillary clinton's campaign. >> like they walked into an unlocked door of a home, rummaged around, took things that did not belong to them. >> sanders fired a staffer who said that he was just try to expose information. >> did not download any data. i did look, the only thing i looked at was making sure that it was not our data. >> the dispute brings a riff between the candidates. bernie sanders has accused the d in favoring hillary clinton's
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>> it is undemocratic. >> and it is drawing shots from republicans. >> these guys, i do not want to discourage the e-mails, but she do this whole thing away. and then she zapped them. >> sanders dismissed hillary clinton's e-mail controversy and earlier debates. tonight we will see of clinton returns the favor. gerard: it is a weekend for procrastinators. today is super saturday. next, the large numbers of you out there who have not even finished or even started christmas shopping.
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from the west coast gerard: the family of the husband and wife that killed 14 people in same bringing no -- it's a number no, california removed items from their home today. a u-haul came to the home. it was a difficult day for the family says one representative and if they did not answer questions. the couple had had an arsenal of bombs and guns inside the home after the attack. and a modern-day fit loose -- footloose. a high school has canceled all dances. the pencil initiated the ban following concern that some students' dance moves had become too sexual. they have stopped and considered canceling dances for many years. all regularly scheduled dances are canceled, but junior and
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-- still be held that if you just start holiday shopping, you're not alone. as of the holiday shopping season is heading into the home stretch. >> we are so busy between work and everything, we are trying to find time. we had to get it done, so we're pushing it. >> the saturday before christmas known as super saturday, this eclipsed black friday is the bigger shopping day of the year. in 2014, super saturday sales hit $23 billion, beating last year's black friday sales of $20 million. analysts say that 57% of consumers had not started shopping last week. gerard: i will have to include myself in that. i have a ways to go. [laughter] i always think i know what i
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chloe: i have to start shopping. gerard: wow. i think you are due for a planner. chloe: right. gerard: so far a nice weekend? chloe: so far. as we look outside, we are looking at sunny skies. it is hard to tell, but the clouds are there. we will take a look back in time this afternoon. we started off with clear skies, then the clouds rolled back into the area. here's a look at the time lapse from red rock. we saw clouds across the valley today. here is a look at them streaming in. this is why we have clouds outside right now. it is hard to see, but they are there. to pitchers outside, if you have been out there it has been pretty nice despite clouds.
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upper 40's and lower 50's. a light breeze so far today, i mean this evening. pretty nice conditions continue and just outside the valley we are looking at upper 30's for mount charleston. upper 50's for lake mead. and as we take a close look of the satellite, you would not think that a storm system is attacking the west coast as we have seen such mild weather. but you can see that there is a lot of precipitation across california and across nevada. most of the snowfall has been happening mostly in the sierra. but there is a chance we could see some precipitation, mostly around the mountains. you can see it spilling into the area right now. and there is a chance we could see showers in las vegas tonight. 20% chance, i do not know if you will bet on it, but let me know.
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we will have a chance of showers . and we will certainly hold onto clouds tonight. it will be a fairly cold night, upper 20's for alamo. 25 that mount charleston. 31 -- 51 for lake mead overnight. 43 for boulder city. overnight tonight, baha'is tomorrow -- but highs tomorrow will be lower than today. and as we wake up we will have a cold start. the bitter starting in the 40's and then getting into the 50's by the afternoon. temperatures by the end of the day will be right around the normal market with slight wind expected to continue across the area. as we take a look, warmer weather is heading our way. over the next few days, weather
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it will almost be a carbon copy of sunday. it will be slightly warmer on tuesday and wednesday, and then things get unsettled. that will be just in time for the holidays. gerard: showers and cool. chloe: if we get anything it will not be cold enough for snow. gerard: ok. thank you. president obama spending his christmas vacation in hawaii. no surprise, he has been there before. they arrived there for his annual vacation. they will be there for about two weeks. the past is any indicator, he will be playing some golf. he is scheduled to return to washington in early january. it looked like a blowout became a competitive game, ultimately
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the stadium today. [siren] this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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amber: the las vegas pitted rivals byu and utah against each other. they have shared a rivalry for 90 years. but utah ranked number 20 and at one time this season they were 6-0, right as high as number three.
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superiority. the freshman cornerback lost the ball. you tell recovers and delay field position gets the forced touchdown. in the next possession, this is picked off and utah takes it to the house. they are up, 14-0. in their first five possessions, byu would turn the ball over five times. that is not with her head coach hoped for in his last game as head coach there. the team was down 45-7, but byu would come out of the locker room ready. they scored 28 unanswered points, but would go on to lose by one touchdown. utah wins and becomes the first in history to win the las vegas
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here is there -- their running back. >> [inaudible] amber: another las vegas guy in a bowl game today, the arizona quarterback. out here to caleb jones and a 78 yard touchdown. they were up 7-3 over new mexico. second quarter, arizona up 14-10. taking the handoff, he keeps it and breaks a tackle and find the end zone. the wildcats lead, 21-10. the arizona would come back -- new mexico a come back. he hits johnson, 92 yards for this touchdown. new mexico would keep it competitive, but arizona would
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and the arizona basketball team welcomes the rebels to their court tonight. and it is not a friendly place. the wildcats had their longest home winning streak at 45 games and this is a team that is looking for revenge. last year, there was an upset with number three arizona. they are coming off a 10 point loss at home to arizona state. the wildcats on the other hand are 10-1, coming off a win over northern arizona. they are 10th in the country in rebound margin. junior ben carter -- >> rebounding is essential. it is toughness and effort. as need to look -- the guys need to look and find it. we can drill it as much as we
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balls, but at the end of the day you have to dig inside and find it. amber: they'll have to do a lot of digging tonight. they are underdogs. gerard: hopefully they got a talking to and they are thinking about this. they could turn it around and be in good shape. we will see what happens. a lot of people are tired of politics, so much so that in one town they are endorsing the
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gerard: are you tired of politics? check this out. residents of a city in russia say they would rather have a cap as their mayor -- cat as their mayor than a candidate. they want to choose a new mayor
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the governor is supposed to select one of six candidates, but an online poll shows that a cat has more than 90% of votes. some local politicians understand that there is a serious message there. that city has been riddled with corruption. so, if that is the case, go with the cap. thank you for announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how's everybody? let's go. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all, now. all right, everybody, welcome to family feud. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. this family here returns for their third day, with a total of 20,980 bucks.
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