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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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a woman drove her car into a crowd of people on the las vegas strip, killing one person and injuring dozens. primary marter -- >> the woman turned herself in a couple of blocks from the crash. we have coverage on the crash tonight. we have been talking with the brother of the woman killed. >> there is a call for more street barriers on the strip to keep this fromwhat have we learned about why police say this driver caused the crash? antonio: metro police have not figured out a motive. a police report is point to some possibility that describes a desperate woman fighting to survive with a 3-yeashe told people she was looking
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police say it is still a mystery what led the woman to drive the car into a crowd on the las vegas strip. leticia holloway is described as stress out -- stressed out and reckless. >> we don't know what caused her to snap. antonio: the organ woman plowed into several tourists, in front of the planet hollywood. her mother was a mile away at the tuscany casino. >> she parked, exited the vehicle, left the toddler in the vehicle, and contacted a valet parker and advised that she had run over individuals. antonio: the casino kept on running.
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pain. i want others to feel that pain, also." >> we had a dread recognition expert respond to the scene and determint she was under some sort of stimulant. antonio: the district attorney says holloway is facing a motor charge--murder charge. tomorrow or wednesday. jeff: thank you, jessica balance will bucona was killed en talking to
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>> this is wheher brother was understandably devastated. he learned about her death this morning . >> she was just a happy person. >> jessica got married in las vegas. >> her husband surprised her at the vegas strip. >> the mother of three died at the hands of a woman who police say deliberately drove into a packed sidewalk with a toddler in the backseat. >> i broke down. it was so shocking. >> her smile is the memory her brother will hold onto. this is the photo of her on her wedding day. >> she was amazing,
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>> as for the accused driver, he has a message to her. >> i have no said that he for her--sympathy for her. i hope she winds up in jail. i know her attorney is pushing for the insanity plea. she is not deserving of it. >> balance we left-- the woman's family made a gofundme account to raise funds for her funeral. exceeded the goal by several thousand dollars. marie: a couple from cincinnati was lucky to walk away from a crash without anr injury. erin akeley is a must-- the car hit the sidewalk, hitting dozens of people.
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>> i was hit head-on with the car. it was going 15-20 miles per hour. >> i got up and ran. i did not know if it was a terrorist, a bomb. marie: beth feels incredibly lucky to have walked away only a little hurt in bruised. jeff: 10 years ago, in 2005, a man drove up onto the sidewalk in that part of the strip, killing three. he testified that he thought those people were "demons." this brings up the question, do we need more barriers to get cars -- to keep cars from getting onto the sidewalk? there are potential changes that could keep tourists safe.
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they have added 4000 feet of fencing in the last couple of years. the conversation continued back in 2012. they did a huge, pedestrian study. the conversation is ongoing. >> the las vegas strip has some barriers in place at intersections. >> i was horrified. >> commissioner mary beth scow is in favor of putting something in place, but they must fit how. >> we don't want to feel like a prison. >> sherriff joe lombardo agrees. he says this highlights the fact that we need a discussion. >> sometimes, security measures don't just tak--don't dictate hospitality. we need a make sure we can put
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>> of this are from santa barbara says what is already in place is enough.he believes more barriers would restrict freedom of movement. >> this would take away the freedom of people working on the street. >> yeah, we thought if there is no barrier, we might get hit. >> this couple was visiting from new orleans. >> we have barriers all around new orleans. >> she says this would not have happened. >> everywhere we go, there were barriers. this would not of happened -- have happened. >> the talk of more barriers is another topic in the conversation. this is another part. you can see that i am a little more elevated than street level, another safety precaution that is happening across the las
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this is ongoing, something that the county has been dealing with for quite some timthe commission meets in the first week in january. this will be brought up, and i'm sure certainly that ofthe other commissioners will look into it as well. know. 10 people are hospitalized tonight. three are in critical condition. two are in serious condition. the suspect, 24-year-old lakeisha holloway, is on suicide watch. she will be in wednesday for her court hearing. you can follow us on facebook and twitter. jeff: i murder suspect running
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31-year-old guards -- 31-year-old garth claytor was arrested near rainbow and charleston. marie: we are four days away from christmas. all eyes are on the weather. jeff: the lights of the strip by bouncing off the cloud cover. authority this year. there could be snowflakes. kevin: there is the possibility for snowflakes. there's the possibility there will not be enough snowflakes, but the problem is coming from the north. we will get cold air, some wind. the system has been relentless in northern california.
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-- to towel off. this is the first leg of the system. the moisture is way back in the pacific. the system has specific ro ots. the cold is coming down from christmas day to christmas eve with reinforcements over the weekend. cold air, potent wind. there will be a lot of sunshine. the problem is cold sunshine. marie: thank you. tonight, a close look at the damage in death valley after the flooding. the park. roads have buckled. this is some of the deception. -- destruction. scotty's castle and the
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marie:jeff: a neighborhood thief hits a local single mom and two kids. marie: how the neighborhood is helping a family when they need it most.
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steve harvey apologizes for ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership?
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yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and otherselect models. marie: we need to tell you about a thief taking advantage of christmas prayers in the vallejeff: a real-life grinch stole presents from two little ones. >> i have a christmas presence here. and blanket on the top. -- presents here with a blanket
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>> with all the toys she was hiding from her children stolen. >> her daughter and son are excited abotuut december 25. >> they had been looking for to when i could get for them. >> amanda says the thieves had to know the peasants were for her own kids>> they probably have no shame. >> i've got car seats in the car. they did not care. they took it. >> her neighbors and good
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dennis knows the impact. >> i need the biggest community to be able to help out. >> stephanie hopes that these presents will be under the tree in time for christmarie: a painful story. we know the community likes to rally around people who are in need of help. if you can't, we have a link to the family. you can find out more information on christmas present theieves as well. jeff: a little bit from a lot of people will add up. marie: and her kids know that this is not all about gifts. they were looking forward to just a little something. jeff: of course, it's christmas.
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marie: this goes way up and outer space. kevin: nice weather from the international space station looking down on eartor, often to the heavens. we have a venus rise. venus, the last couple of weeks, has been peeking up next to the moon. we will get venus and the moon doing a slow dance. how about the temperatures? they are mild in the west and the east. this pattern will last through the next couple of weeks, with temperatures for the mosg up. here's the view in the sky. the parade of clouds. they were plentiful and coming back tomorrow. another round of mostly cloudy skies are expected on tuesday. actually, the one thing the
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present an explosive sunrise. then, clouds. it did not matter where you were, the las vegas valley, red rock, we had clouds, clouds, more clouds. that get temperatures up this evening. hollywood was at 62. anderson was at 46 -- henderson was at 46. we have mid to upper 40's around western and southern edges of the valley. close to 50 in the southern part of town.. outside, overton has a mountain cloud coming in 50. 51 in mccarran. we will bump up significantly tomorrow with this air coming from the pacific. we peek around 60 degrees.
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in town, generally 5-15 mile per hour gusts wind. --mile-per-hour wind. it has been day to a perpetual rain in the bay area. the moisture is not getting passed this year. -- the sierra. the flow of clouds will continue friday -- for the next so. th42 dymesquite at 56. indian springs, 55. in the las vegas valley, lots of clouds.
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look for a high at an even 60. it will breeze in the afternoon. christmas eve, we will be called during the day -- cal,m during the day. wendy with a high of 47 by the afternoon-- windy with a high of 47 by the afternoon. highs in the 40's, lows around freezing. normally, we get happy gifts over the holidays. [laughter] marie: i was hoping for a flurry. jeff: i wish i could give you that white christmas and a lot of flakes. marie: how the suspect pulled
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jeff: and a decades long been on gay men donating blood has been lifted >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message
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marie: a big change in blood donations. the fda has lifted the blood. jeff: gay and bisexual men will be allowed to be blood donors as long as they told the center they have abstained from sex for 12 months. while hiv blood tests have become precise, there is a short time. when newly acquired hiv cannot be detected. marie: united blood services is
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there were blood drives this morning at the cannery casino hotel and silver seventh hotel following the deadly crash last night. you can make an appointment by calling 702-228, 4483 -- 702-2 to 8-4483. -- jeff: television host steve harvey apologizes for his mistake last night in las vegas. marie: take a look at the crowning moment, which you see here. jeff: and witness films the moment a landslide pummels an
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jeff: you have got a feel for steve harvey who is apologizing pu awkward mistake. he named the wrong winner during last night's telecast. marie: the embarrassing moment was broadcast live during the crowning moment. a mixup between the runner-up and the winner. jeff: colombia! jeff: for a brief moment, miss colombia celebrated being miss universe. her reign lasted only a few minutes.
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