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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  December 22, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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man gets upset after someone spoils a movie. why the threat lands him in jail.>> live from las vegas, this is news three. jeff: thank you for joining us. i am in for michelle today. there has been a rash of deadly incidents along boulder highway this year. krystal: metro and road safety advocates are coming together to address alarming problem. conversation. she is live where they were to address the issue. >> the biggest issue is what is going on with the role, how they are sharing it. whether they are on a bike, a foot, or car. metro has said they have been
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and states all year long to pinpoint exactly where the issue is. they say there are areas where the crosswalks are though the problems continue to go on as we can see. metro has investigated 14 deadly crashes along the boulder highway corridor. one person was killed on a bikthe most recent deadly crash on the highway was 10 days ago. a woman was hit and killed as she was trying to get across the lane at a crosswalk. three days before that, a man was hit by a pickup truck as he crossed the street. concerns on boulder highway were called a problem that continues to plague our community. now as we all had to 2016, they add every person killed on foot on the highway was a result of pedestrian error. here live after the present --
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they say they spent the rest of their day passing out flyers and talking to people who drive on these roadways daily. the biggest issue for them is education, especially moving into the new year. krystal: thank you. we appreciate it. an important message to get out for sure. way too many people ar lives. new today, volunteers are needed. help with the senses, which will count the homeless in las vegas and order for officials to figure out how much of a challenge they face as they try to eliminate homelessness in the community. 11:00 tonight, january 26, until january, 27th. find out everything you need to know by heading to our website.
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criticism especially in the wake of the attacks in paris. out of kenya comes the story of heroism. witnesses say muslims help dress non-muslim passengers in non--- in islamic attire. cutest people were killed but it could have been much worse. the siege ended when a muslim passenger full the attackers by saying police officers -- -- >> a very good message. jeff: it is believed and al qaeda backed group from somalia was responsible for the attack. krystal: u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl made his first appearance before a military judge to face charges of
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the enemy.he was brought to court this morning during a short hearing and put off entering any plea, and has not decided whether he wants to face a court-martial with a jury or one with just a jue. if convicted, he faces life in and up to five years for desertion. he walked off this post in was released in 2014. a relative saying a plane that crashed in bakersfield was carrying a family of five to a holiday party when it went down in an orchard.jimmy tells us our sister station in san jose, sister olga, her husband and three children died in that crash. the children were 9, 10, and 14 years old. she says the family was headed to our town to attend a holiday party. contact was lost with a cinch --
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the new star wars movie is causing some controversy over spoilers today. a 15-year-old is being charged with threatening to shoot a boy for sharing information about a subplot of the movie. with felony assault. he sent a facebook friend a picture of himself with a gun and threatened to come to the victim'school to shoot him. his veil has been set at $10,000. unbelief will. let's send it to jeff now. a story we want you to hear because we need your help to help servicemen and women in the community. jeff: this tends to be overlooked for many years p.m. many servicemen and women are not able to go home for the holidays. we wanted to give them a home away from home this holiday season. the director from the uso is here to tell us about a special holiday brunch.
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i come from a military family. when my brother was deployed overseas, and he has done four different deployments, it can be especially hard during the holidays but we also have servicem w here but do not have family to visit them during the holidays. it can be just as rough as being deployed. >> right. a lot of service members here are in the dorms and live in the dorms at the airspace. we wanted to provide something special for them. we will be doing a brunch for them for the guys who do not have the seniority or the funds to travel with their family. we will have a holiday brunch out there with all the fixings. we will have stuffing, turkey, highs. we will do a pie eating contest, a push ups contest. all kinds of fun out there. jeff: it is happening on
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one of the hardest things about joining the military is when the holidays come around. talk about the impact of that to these servicemen and women and their family when they are out-of-state and unable to reach them? >> it is hard being in the military. you never know where you will be stit is hard to plan ahead and travel. sometimes, you get orders to go overseas and be deployed. you do not know. these guys are traveling and it can take a toll on them. we can do whatever we can. the mission is to help connect and strengthen service members. jeff: something that has helped is skype and other technology for them to have a face-to-face with other family when deployed here in the u.s. there is something about having
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for that. is this the result of donations? do people still need to donate? >> we are always looking for donations. we support 15-20 military events per month. at the airport, they can connect with family via laptops. people can always get involved. go to our website. jeff: it is a great thing you're doing. a quick question, the push-up contest, is it before or after eating turkey? >> it will be after. jeff: that might be tough. krystal: all right, thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in. a new video surfacing that make clear steve harvey of his miss
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what the video shows. it may be steve harvey may not have been all that that. and bringing the laughter, he won the first season of last comic standing and he has come here to our studio. he brings the laughter and may be a gift idea? we will see. kelly? kelly: the first full day of winter today but you would not know wh mild temperatures we arts grants. we will look at the forecast and cooler temperatures for
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[siren] this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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krystal: 10% of holiday shoppers
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that coincides with starbucks expects in gift card sales this christmas, record sales on christmas eve. last year, 2.5 million starbucks cars. people in utah, california, and new mexico are most likely to visit for those last-minute gift ideas. jeff: mcdonald's may add a new menu item to attract both kids and adults. it is macaroni and cheese. people in ohio are already getting to try the popular comfort food. according to mcdonald's, it is real cheese. yes, it is. you can pair it with your burger and fries and a happy meal. one is 190 calories, about as
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the company has been trying out several menu items as they boost sales. krystal: that would make anyone happier. i am in. i love it. i wonder how soon it is coming. i love macaroni and cheese. these two ladies never disappoint. they always keep me laughing. tina fey and, oh, amy poehler. tina fey's impersonation of sarah palin has the former governor of alaska doing her own impersonation of tina fey. check it out. >> but she is struggling to have it all. she is also putting the smack down on political correctness. >> i did not see you in book club last night. politics aside, a great reminder
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>> the only pci need is right here. >> that is pretty good. this is a trailer for season one of 31 rock. she appears as a tv writer and looks remarkably like liz lemon. except she is a polar opposite. also, the man who asked palin to be her running mate in 2008, don -- john mccain. pretty good. had me laughing. nice. jeff: what does the teleprompter say? that could be what happened with the miss universe pageant and the flub steve harvey had on live television. the video on snack chat has harvey talking on the side of the stage. the capt as, teleprompter said miss universe of columbia. other reports serviced that said harvey missed a crucial part of rehearsal. harvey still taking credit for
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calling it a human error. celebrities are showing their support for harvey, saying live tv is hard enough and we all make mistakes. krystal: whatal: por supuesto \l nohe has a best-selling book. you know, steve harvey will turn this around. he can make light of himselfjeff: a very talented guy and he could happen to a lot of people. krystal: it sure can. i have misread things on the teleprompter. he is not alone. chief rb, you know, it will get better. jeff: let's go to someone who does not require a teleprompter. kelly: i try. here is a look outside the mount
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that has since melted. we can see a little bit more of the white stuff coming down as here is a look at mpout. not bad. outside. north las vegas, looking at 60. southeastern, 62 degrees, coming in at 58. temperature is expected to rise. not too bad. we could still see gusts today especially during the afternoon and especially along the colorado river valley. the system is working its way through. blowing into utah and quite a bit of precipitation. great news adding to the snowpack there and getting the
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well.a close eye on that we did have rain showers earlier. we see everything has tried out to we are at a lot of sunshine. here is what we are expecting. partly sunny skies. the official high around 59 degrees. some neighborhoods making it into the low 60's today. gusting to 20 miles an hour. partly cloudy, and taking a look at the seven-day forecast, dry conditions tomorrow and most of her's as well. the wind starts kicking up late thursday. we're looking at a chance for rally rain and mountain snow thursday night into early friday morning. the goods -- the good news is overnight. hopefully, it will not affect your christmas plans. a high of 46 degrees and breezy
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cold temperatures last into the weekend. we are looking at morning lows below freezing. hopefully, your new dog will have a christmas sweater. krystal: why not. jeff: give the dog an ugly sweater or the dog will not complain. the first season of last comic standing, next up, we are so fortunate that he is right here in las vegas. thank you for coming in. >> there is like a photo of an asian guy taking a picture. he is like, high. krystal: he already has us laughing. we are happy to have you in the studio. [indiscernible] [laughter] >> very demonstrative, as i have been told a lot.
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>> to stay in the country, i have to do shows there. and then i have a family of 20 living there. krystal: you look like you are 22. >> i can be 22, i can be 70, i can be unit. we have no idea. krystal: i always like to ask this, when you're doing your stand up and you're trying tooriginal, where do you get information and material? >> i pull from this. his portal. ap's of my soul goes away. it is amazing. jeff: with every joke, you die a little. [laughter] [indiscernible] krystal: this is just a taste of what you willis.'s. a taste of what is to come. >> of the dark side.
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no spoilers. there are asians in the future nations in space and it makes me feel proud. spring mountain road on the death star. it is amazing. i give it two thumbs and a rice cooker up. it is fantastic. i had a wonderful time. it was the best star wars i have seen since return of the jedi. i cried. i cried like a baby. did you see it? krystal: not yet. jeff: no. >> instagram looks like -- that is why i am single. we should do a thing where it is the single guys and the millennium falcon and it is just floating around. [laughter]
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it is very star trek. krystal: our producer has a great sense of style and she got this for me. can you get one for him?? >> i am a trekkie. live long and prosper. and i love star. it rejuvenated my faith in star wars. i know this is a profound moment
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hace ya varios ao studio. we want to be careful and cooking all the good stuff for friends. you want it to be a safe and fun holiday areas jeff: and -- holidays. jeff: do not miss those stories and more right here live at noon. tomorrow -- you can judge me all you want. krystal: this is coming from the man who ordered online and the gift came to his parents house and had on the outside of the box what the gift was. jeff: my mom will have to wrap
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