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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is r caption cont >> live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> armchair astronomers have been weighing and all night on this bright light that would up the sky -- weighing in all night on this bright light that lit up the sky. this is what was seen in the sky to the south of town hours ago. marie: it was as breathtaking as it was bewildering. what was it? jim: the search for answers is our top story. we will check in with kevin janison to get a closer look at what we are talking about. john treanor has been digging all evening. john: that was a site, wasn't
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our newsroom phone started ringing off the hook. we had experts somewhat divided. some thought it was a meteor. others said it was likely a rocket reentering the earth's atmosphere. we can confirm tonight that what we saw over las vegas was a piece of russian space debris. it is a bird, it is a plane -- seriously, what is that? this guy over las vegas lit up tonight, -- the sky over las vegas lit up tonight call stop -- lit up tonight. it had to be a satellite or dare we say it -- we might have it wrong.
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chance to roll seven at your favorite casino. >>.com two days ago, russia sent a supply rocket to the international space station. we saw a russian space debris from that rocket. a possibility that surprised our experts. >> the material is designed to come back down in a safe area. not over las vegas. >> what it is for sure is still somewhat of a mystery. >> is that a plane? >> a missile?
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john: i was more like the little kid at the end. what is it officially? 15,000 pieces of space debris that nasa looks that. they do not know what it is except that it is a decaying object. jim: everybody was taking their best guess. we want to bring you kevin janison. possible international discussion to be held tomorrow. kevin: nasa is monitoring all of this space debris. if russia has a decaying rocket, they do not want to blow it up over the arizona sky. they do not want to blow up our merchandise over there sky. you wonder how many more could be up there. they usually have a pretty good
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if in they are a position -- we hear about this every year that something is possibly going to fall to earth. this one really caught as out of the blue. as we were speculating live earlier this evening, it was pretty apparent it was not a meteor. they do not last for three to five minutes. nobody was keeping a stopwatch, but that is about how long it was out there. as we talked about it earlier, space debris reentering, exploding on impact. this will disappoint some meteor hunters. if they can find some fragments
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marie: this happens quite often. but we do not see this kind of debris. kevin: they will usually have these things reenter over the ocean. not over areas somewhat populated. marie: this story we have been following as well. the clark county district attorney's office filing criminal charges against the woman accused of running over several people on the strip sunday. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway faces one count of murder, one count of child abuse, neglect, endangerment, and one count of leaving the scene of a crash. the judge got a first look at the paperwork. expected to face a judge for a 72 hour hearing. jim: you are going to meet the heroes who were first to help at
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clark county fire station 32 is the busiest station in our entire state, responsible for an area that parallels times square. vicki gonzalez is down at the station tonight to share their unique perspective. vicki: when that car careened, hitting dozens of vehicles, the response time was practically seconds away. the first responders had no idea the gravity their help would require. when others run, they go towards the scene. when we call for help, they arrived. southern nevada's first responders provide aid during our darkest moments, including sunday night, when police say lakeisha holloway, with her three-year-old daughter in the
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repeatedly cloud your vehicle into dozens of pedestrians on the las vegas strip, killing one. fire station 32 was first on scene. tuesday, he returned to the job. the fire engineer among the first group of six facing exponentially more victims than first responders. making the difficult decision of help and the most critical first. >> it is hard for me because we are here to help people. >> in all, more than 71st responders would come together sunday night -- 70 first responders would come together sunday night. >> i think we did a fantastic job.
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what happened sunday night was more than just a response. it was a learning experience, something they will apply in the future. marie: a perspective we are grateful for. another powerful story hear from one of the victims hurt on the strip. this man was a local promoter. he described the horrific moment the car came at him and dozens more. he said it would have been worse if a woman had not come to his aid. >> i was laying on my back looking up at the sky. this lady kept talking to me. marie: his leg was badly
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jim: we are hearing from the coach of an oregon wrestling team also injured in the crash. four members of pacific university's wrestling team suffered minor injuries. the tragedy left them traumatized. >> very surreal, you know? my initial reaction was to help, but then later on that evening when it sunk in as to what we witnessed and the possibilities, it shook me pretty good. jim: he has been talking with his team about forgiving lakeisha holloway. marie: kentucky will no longer show the names of county clerks. the governor changed the states
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kim davis made national headlines after refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples because it violated her christian beliefs, she said. she was briefly put in jail. still ahead, a local family is in desperate need for help tonight. jim: we will share their heart wrenching story and tell you how you can make their wish come true.
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almost ended a jim: this 10-year-old boy is living with autism and he is also facing kidney failure. his family is trying to save up money for a transplant. marie: christine kim explains. >> the family of six is asking to help save their little boy's
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they are afraid when they get the call they have been waiting for, they will not have the money they need. meet bubba, a 10-year-old autistic boy born with multiple disabilities. he is in need of a kidney transplant. >> we cannot afford it. >> they have only raised around $200 of the $8,000 they need to uproot their family to california. money is tight. it is difficult for them to hold a full-time job. >> we go to dialysis. he takes about 13 different medications today -- every day. it is painful knowing my mother spends nights crying because she does not know what to do. it is upsetting knowing i cannot
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>> walk into their trailer home and you will find no christmas tree, no presence. that is the least of their worries. they are thankful for what they do have. there only wish is a kidney for bubua. >> maybe they can find it in their hearts to help a little boy who was very special. >> when i really pressed the teenaged girls what they really wanted for christmas, they told me socks. if you will like to have -- help their family, we will have a link to their fundraising page
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marie: the new year is full of opportunities to give back and one of those chances will let you help out our homeless in clark county. officials are looking for volunteers for next year's homeless census. the final tally will help officials secure more grants and funding toward helping those homeless residents. if you want to help out, we posted more information on our website. jim: a close call in the mountains of italy for a champion skier. he was making a second run when a drone comes crashing to the ground right behind him. you can see the drone missed the champ by a split second. he was not even aware of the crash.
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concerns about drones, and there are many. i am worried about getting hit. >> takes some goody good -- pretty good pictures. i want to thank the las vegas astronomical society. when they are not tracking russian rockets, they are looking for clusters. jim: what do you bring to a cluster party? >> we will shift from astronomy to meteorology. are you kidding me? those temperatures along the east coast will be warmer than those here in the southwest. boston, new york, washington, considerably warmer than las vegas. that pattern will continue.
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55, boston. 57 in new york and washington. ok, wait a second, a technical issue. how about the view we had earlier today? the clouds working themselves across las vegas. by midmorning, they were pretty much gone. we saw a few more clouds over the southern parts of the las vegas valley. a sparkling evening, pretty mild out there temperature wise. you might want to enjoy it. look at the camera shaking out at the lake. the winds gusting at 40 miles per hour. we were talking about this last night, too.
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they are currently blowing at 19. we sort of dodged a bullet. back in town, he said of the valley, 43 degrees -- east side of the valley, 43 degrees. we could see patches of fog during the early morning hours. 35 degrees, but that is a damp cool. mid 40's around the edges. these are down from highs today as low as 64 degrees. might be about three weeks before we get to the 60's for high temperatures. out at the lake, 53. searchlight, 47. i think we will have one more of those tomorrow and then the temperatures start to drop. mid 50's by lunchtime, upper 50's but -- for a high in many
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the system sort of split. we had even some rain along the california coast and those breezes. we have areas of low pressure. lows tonight, 29. 32, pahrump. tomorrow, expect a high temperature of 55 in mesquite. las vegas valley, why not, scattered space degree. otherwise, partly cloudy, 43 for the low temperature. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. some neighborhoods up around 60. i do believe those wins -- the
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mid-to-upper 20's. wind chill's in town early morning, could be in the teens. marie: where did that come from? >> i am just the messenger. jim: one of the most iconic toys in history. the latest version is stirring up some controversy. >> announcer: christmas is two days away.
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marie: maybe when you had a barbie, she played a gossip sometimes? could those conversations be heard by the wrong people? jim: hello barbie let's kids record all of their conversations with the toy. they can send it up to the cloud. marie: the $80 toy is a nice touch, they worry it puts privacy at risk.
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safeguards to ensure data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. jim: the undefeated carolina panthers scrap a home game
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marie: the rebels were back home hoping to erase the memory of their last game in which they blew a 14 point lead and lost to arizona state. they took on south dakota. unlv was the favorite. the rebound -- the rebels shot. unlv lead 17-8. back-to-back threes. they would out rebound the coyotes 35-25. there were six rebels total that scored in double digits. their next game is december 30.
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against fresno state at home. eight mountain west teams were invited to play in bowl games. boise state takes on northern illinois. on thursday, san diego state play cincinnati. the aztecs are the favorite in that game. >> i love the familiarity. you have the vegas kid, one of the best running backs in the country. i think the aztecs wear them down. >> the new york giants are the underdog against minnesota sunday. they may play without odell
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the appeal of the suspension will be heard tomorrow. it is a pregame panthers ritual. it will no longer be allowed. >> i will end up hearing it. to avoid the situation, let's just eliminated.
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marie: a reminder we are nine days away from counting down to the new year. jim: if you do not want to deal
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