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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am PST

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today's news, even though we're taking you back, we're talking about high-speed rail, planned between las vegas and l.a., our tom hawley explains, well, we've seen this before, exactly 30 years ago. >> krystal: we want to welcome you in on this wednesday, hump day, love these images of our world famous las vegas strip early in the morning. just a delight, right? >> oh, yeah. >> krystal: a gorgeous site. we are two days away from christmas, so a lot of people hopefully done with the christ by now. there are a few procrastinators out there. >> jeff: our tom hawley says he has more shopping to do. that's ok. you have a couple more days. >> krystal: a lot of people out there traveling, trying to get home, so weather, of course, very important as you're making
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things looking? >> kelly: if you're traveling into or out of our airport, it's looking great. there is a threat of severe weather in the midwest. isn't that crazy. >> krystal: karate. >> kelly: here at home, partly sunny skies. 50 degrees at 9 a.m. a. 54 at noon. 55 at 4:00 p.m. we've got our own storm system heading its way into our area, what that could bring us, and when it will arrive, that's coming up. >> jeff: ok. thank you, kelly. let's get a look right now at traffic related. new this morning, a metro police officer is ok this morning after that officer was involved in a crash with another woman. police say the crash happened after 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of smoke ranch ro and buffalo drive in the west side of the valley. officials say both the officer and the woman in the other car were taken to local hospitals, that officer has since been released. police say the woman suffered a non-life-threatening injuries, they do not believe alcohol was
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the woman accused of intentionally driving her car on the sidewalk hitting more than str is due in court today for the first time. >> krystal: our kyndell nunley joins us live outside the regional justice center, with a look at what we can expect and kyndell this, has made national headlines, even international headlines. we're probably looking at a packed courthouse today. >> the reporter: oh, yes. definitely. even out here at this hour this morning. there is a number of media outlets from across the entire country out here this morning, awaiting 24-year-old lakeisha holloway to make her first court appearance in the building behind me and quite frankly,est entire country will be paying athings. it was only three days nal headlines after holloway allegedly drove her 1996 oldsmobile off the road and on to the crowded las vegas strip sidewalk. over 30 people were hit, including an arizona mother of three, who was killed. jessica was in las vegas on a
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for their 10 year anniversary. police say lakeisha holloway's action was intentional and done repeatedly and metro adds she was homeless and living inside the car with her 3-year-old daughter who was also inside the car during the crash. holloway will face a number of charges. district attorney steve wilson filed charges of murder, child abuse, and leaving the scene of an accident against the portland oregon woman. wolf son alst >> shows carnage. it shows a person operating a 6,000-pound plus motor vehicle driving on a sidewalk motoring down and over people. and then not stopping. >> the reporter: holloway will be in court right around 8:00 a.m. this morning. news 3 will also be in the courtroo site, that's for the very latest. for now, reporting live outside the regional jtice center in downtown las vegas, kyndell nunley, news 3.
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thank you so much for that. we can expect to hear more of that on news 3 live at noon. >> jeff: a bright ball lit up the skies over nevada and has really two states talking. >> krystal: that's right. a lot of people are saying, what in the world was that? experts from u.s. strategic command tell us that it was russian, they say it was actually space debris from a supply rocket sent into space two days ago to take supplies to the international space station. it certainly got a lot of attention on social media any time something like that happens, social media just blows up, people taking pictures and videos of this fireball. it was also seen, we mentioned, in two other states, in california, and utah,. >> jeff: of course, we still want to hear you from on this one. did you see that object in the sky? we already got a lot of responses, but if you did too, you can post your pictures to our various social media platforms, including facebook and twitter.
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presidential candidate is coming to nevada at canyon springs high school. the event starts at 6:30 p.m., doors open at 5:00 p.m. admission is on a first come, first serve basis. the nevada caucus is on february 20th, the third state to hold their caucus. >> krystal: a gift exchange, sometimes people don't give the best gifts for christmas. so what do you do? you return them. the experts at "consumer reports" giving us a few tips to make that process a whole lot easier. >> jeff: crowding the mall, the mall of america expected to be overflowing today, but it's not shopping that these people are doing. what happening that has the mall going to a judge for help. >> krystal: and it's a video vault wednesday with our tom hawley, always does an accident job with these, a story from exactly 30 years ago, but it looks a whole lot like something that we're still talking about in the news today, tom hawley explains. >> we've got fire department
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we'll explain what's happening off of the 95 when we return. >> kelly: a live look outside on the d-camera. we have the nice dawn glow, high thin clouds out there, although we're about to have a beautiful sunrise. i'll let you know what we're expecting for this afternoon and we'll have more on the storm system for christmas eve.
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baby it's cold outside i fall a in love gist a just a little bit, a little more >> krystal: thanks for staying with us on this hump day. sergeant bow bergdahlarraigned on desertion. >> jeff: tuesday was the first time sergeant bergdahl appeared before a military judge since the army decided to proceed with a military trial. the charges cinco de mayo from his disappearance in 2009 when bergdahl walked off a base and was held by the taliban for five years. he was released in 2014 as part of a prisoner swap. bergdahl deferred entering a plea until his next court date, january 12th. if he is convicted, he could end up facing a life prison sentence. >> krystal: hundreds of people expected to pack one of the nation's largest malls today. but they won't be shopping. what are they doing? they're activists planning a black lives matter demonstration amin minneapolis.
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the police shooting last month of 24-year-old jamar clark, he died the day after he was shot by police, who were responding to an assault complaint. the mall sought a court order blocking the planned protest, but a judge said she could only bar three organizers and cannot stop them from showing up, but it is private property, so they could be charged with trespassing. >> jeff: marriage licenses in kentucky will no longer show the names of county clerks. governor matt bevin changed the state's marriage license form on tuesday, saying he wants to honor the religious beliefs of all people in kentucky. you may remember, county clerk kim davis who became a national headline in september tore refusing to issue same-sex licenses to couples, said it would site lit her recommendationous beliefs. she was put in court -- religious believes. she was put in jail for contempt of court.
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refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses, but her will allow her deputies to do so. >> the spacecraft casini will continue to monitor activity from a distance until it ends its mission in 2017. >> krystal: it's the holidays, christmas just two days away, you'll be opening up your gifts, but what if you get one that is isn't what you want. a lot of americans say they rarely or never return gifts, but 43% of us admit that they would seek a refund or exchange if they really received a gift that they didn't like so much. so that's our consumer reports, senior project editor comes into the conversation, tom marks, so he is joining us with tips that will hopefully make your return process hassle free e. todd, thank you so much for being with us this morning.
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some people consider it maybe bad manners to return a gift someone is giving to you out of goodness of heart, but if you want to return it, where do you start, especially if you don't have a gift receipt? >> the reporter: a lot of people, first thing i tell people is relax, you've got plenty of time. if the item was bought, generally any time after november 1, you'll probably have at least through the end of january in order to return it. there's an extended return period. some stores, like urban outfitters are giving people until february 29th to return that unwanted holiday gift. so take a deep breath, don't ruin the day after christmas, just enjoy yourself. you've got plenty of time. second, a great thing to know is that more stores than ever are offering free return shipping after on-line purchases. that's really trek, companies like nordstrom, neiman-marcus, bed, bath and beyond, just to
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of the hassle out, because you have the prepaid mailers that come in the box, so that's terrific, so all you have to do is go over the post office and call up fedex or u.p.s. and you're done. that's a big plus an we're glad to see that change. now, it's also important to know, there are product-specific policies. whereas you'll typically find oh, clothing, apparel, accessories, it's a long time to return those high temperatures. the window of -- items. the window of opportunity is generall electronics, tv sets, personal electronics, tv set, computer game systems and if you open the products, you may not be able to return them at all or subject to a restocking fee. if you're not sure if you want it, think about it for a while, and then if you say i don't want it, don't open it, that way you won't have to sweat over you know, over that restocking fee. another really key thing, and this is a big change what's
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you're being watched. fraudulent returns are estimated to cost retailers more than $2 billion this holiday season along. that's 3.5% of all holiday returns. they're fake and as a result, we're seeing more and more retailers, about 85%, according to national retail federation, are now requiring you and me to show identification when making a return without a receipt. that's a big deal. that's up from 71% last year. so you need to know and not only that, that more and more companies are using these, what they call computerized return authorization systems. that's basically a fancy way of saying, they're watching you and if you have too many returns without a receipt, you could be black listed fora while. >> krystal: oh my goodness. todd marks, definitely a lot of stuff to keep in mind. you really broke it down for ups. thank you so much. perfect timing. we love our exclusive relationship with you at consumers reports.
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>> jeff: a couple years ago, i went home for christmas to colorado andhey gave me a trench coat for christmas and when they took me to the airport, i handed it back and said, sorry, mom and dad, i'm not going to use this and they never let me live it down. and they said we don't know what to give you because you'll give it back. there's different schools of thought on that tom hawley, is it better to be honest, that way you get something you know you'll use or better just to take it. >> here's what i think you do, jeff, is you re-gift to your traffic colleague, because i can see going out on a story wearing a trench coat. also the hat with the word press on it. i could see rolling that way. so i'll take the re-gift if it's still around. right now, we are checking out what's happening on the roadways. we saw fire lights down here, fire department signals and some smoke. initially when we got here, it was hard to tell what was going on. it's a little bit of light. it appears it's just been this pile of refuse out back on the
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was burning, putting up a lot of smoke on the freeway. the residence was not damaged at all. slowing down the 95 as people were going by seeing all the smoke, but right it looks like it's over, except for flashing lights in the area, kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom and we are starting things out with a live look this morning on our red rock resort camera, where we are seeing some beautiful colors, that dawn glow, we're getting shades of red and orange and pink, going to be a gorgeous sunrise and as we take a look at the current temperatures as you're getting ready to head out the door, green valley, 42 degrees. el dorado, 42 as well. nellis coming in at 38 degrees at this hour and spring valley, at 41. so temperatures, a little bit more on the mild side today, but enjoy this, because we've got below freezing temperatures on the way for the weekend. now, winds are pretty lied across the valley right now, they'll stay that way today, but the winds will kick up tomorrow afternoon has the next storm
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right now, quiet weather on the satellite-radar picture. nothing going on across southern nevada. a few clouds, that's about it. activity up to our north, that's not going to fake us today, but we have the storm system on the way for tomorrow night and because of it a winter weather advisory has been issued for lincoln county. we'll see snowfall levels dropping to 2500 feet and about two inches of the white stuff possible, so keep that in mind, especially if you're traveling up to alamo, caliente, it is going to be slick roads out there thursday night into early friday morning. today in las vegas, 57 57 degrees, partly sunny skies. still try, partly cloudy, a low of 40 and seven day forecast, we'll be dry during the day tomorrow, so if you're running out for last-minute shopping and last-minute grocery i ims, looks good, but rain an mountain snow possible during the overnight hours, and the winds are going to be kicking up as well. high or in christmas day, 48 degrees and 46 with windy
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now here's tom hawley with this week's video vault. >> i had been looking for some sort of christmas tale for this week when i came across a news conference from exactly 30 years ago that sounds eerily similar to a current news item. on december 23, 1985, news 3's donna cline reported the story. >> you're looking a aa superspeed train, similar to one that as early as 1992, could connect las vegas with cities in southern california. >> the current proposal would provide high-speed rail from las vegas to los angeles with a transfer in 2029 under the most optimistic scenario. >> while las vegas is the first city in the country to receive more than 1 million federal dollars to study bringing such a train here. >> smpf is the french trail, system, which is actually quite comparable to today's xpress west. >> nevada congressman harry reid
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nationwide, as the ground transportation of the future. >> we have scheduled on january 9th in the city of las vegas a congressional hearing. >> mayor bill brier is convinced that economically, and environmentally, las vegas needs a superspeed train. >> we will probably know for sure within the next four months ee future can be built. >> reid and brier became of the magazine lift to anaheim, until reid switched tracks for the expressways to victorville in 2009. the city of las vegas began studying the feasibility of a high-speed train project began being studied five years. >> it gave way to the nevada-california superspeed train commission recently replaced by the nevada high-speed rail authority. >> but with national problems like national budgets and defense spending, it would seem that nevada has a lot of convincing to do to gain support
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>> the current xpress west project lags not submitted a new business plan after a request for a $5.5 billion federal taxpayer loan was suspended two years ago. reporting donna cline passed away in 1999 and former mayor bill brier in 2006. tom hawley report interesting sky 3. >> jeff: great looking barkoff, tom. thank you. don't hold your breath on that kyndell nunley joins pro equity. a drought stricken pine tree that had to be cut down is now getting a spiritual lift from its very core to parishioners in modesto, california. when it was cut down, the image of a flowing simple cross was discovered in one section of the trunk. workers immediately worked to save that trunk by applying a protective coat to go its surface. it is now residing in the church foyer. parishioners of the church got a chance to viewer the stunning trunk on sunday and marveled at that image. church officials say they hope to relocate the trunk to a
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a public viewing. >> krystal: a wily coyote, how managed to make his way into the myrtle beach international airport in south carolina. just walking along. surveillance video shows the coyote running through baggage terminal. imagine a coyote showing you will up next to you in a baggage claim. an airport spokesman says they don't know how the little guy got in, but they believe it walked through one of the airport doors, just like all of the rest of us, or got in through a baggage portal. animal control was called in and managed to wrangle up the coyote in 45 minutes. >> jeff: maybe smelled some of the food in the airport. one person takes christmas decoration toss a whole new level. an inside peek of his home and this elaborate display. >> krystal: incredible. plus, close call, a skier, almost getting hit while making a run. we've been showing you this throughout the morning,
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drones back to the forefront. >> the roadways as we circulate the far south part of the valley, this is over the 215 southern beltway, and light traffic, even as you make your way around to the eastern curve here, you can see the south point coming up on the upper left side of your screen. what you mostly see is a lighter
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good news for the motorists, kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. we are your christmas weather authority. outside right now, we're seeing pretty clear skies, a great day for travel out of las vegas or into las vegas, if that's where you're coming from to into and watching us on line. we have a few high thin clouds out there and temperaturewise, 42 degrees, not bad for december 23rd. as we head throughout the day, we are looking at temperatures climbing in to the mid and upper 50's. warmer temperatures on tap for tomorrow, but big storm system is on the way for christmas eve. we're going to have more details on that and where we're seeing a winter weather advisory coming up >> krystal: ok. thank you, kelly. keeping an eye out for that for our christmas day forecast. ok, so this time of year, we get to receive see all the beautiful lights outside of people's homes, but rarely do you get a chance to look inside at all the really cool stuff.
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puts together a small city inside of his home. look at this. you've got to stop what you're doing and look at this. it is pretty amazing. it is a moving train that runs through. it looks like a neighborhood. if you live in the southwest part of the valley, it says it tomorrow takes him two to three weeks, that's incredible, to put this together every year. so over the years, some 20 years, he's been collecting this massive display piece by piece and so he was kind enough to send it in, because he thought, you know, all the viewers at home might enjoy getting a look. >> jeff: i have a great appreciation for this because of how much work that goes into setting that up. you would hate to take it down, you would just want to keep it up. >> krystal: it's so detailed. >> jeff: you would want to turn out the lights, get a chair and just sit there for a while with some hot chocolate. >> krystal: it is amazing. john tupper, john well done. >> jeff: that's awesome. >> krystal: thanks for sending it in, because it's so nice when you want to share it with other people. >> jeff: you kno our places, we have nothing like that.
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help. can we call you up? >> jeff: coming up, he's got game, the commander-in-chief showing us he knows a thing or two about the game of golf. what he did that even the pros have difficulty doing on a
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pyrotechnics. >> jeff: remembering the fallen, six american soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. now, their families are coming forward to honor them.
6:25 am
a local family really needing help this holiday season. this mother, the only wish, you see her right there, that she hasor her son. >> >> jeff: and stepping their game up. the runnin' rebels took on south dakota at the thomas & mack last night. how this game could lead to something bigger. >> krystal: oh, look at that. >> jeff: good morning. >> krystal: yes. >> jeff: from rockefeller center. >> krystal: oh, love to see that part of the country this time of year. people already out skating. i guess they would be it's like 9:30 a.m. their time there, so they're out, getting a taste of the winter wonderland there in rockefeller center. >> jeff: christmas, just a couple days away. >> krystal: i know. can hardly wait. so thank you for waking up with us this morning. the wagners not here, we hope they're getting rest and relaxation. >> we know they are and something we have seen lately and the wagners have shown to
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stupid criminals, criminals getting caught on camera. a thief in russia easily busted by police after hanging around the crime scene too long, literally hanging around from the ceiling. >> krystal: oh my gosh. wow. >> jeff: the would-be criminal found himself in a tight spot after he attempted to break into a store that sells alcohol. police officers arrived at the scene after an alarm went off, they found a pair of legs dangling from the ceiling. according to the police report, the 40-year-old suspect, who's name has not been given, tried to get into the shop through the hole in the roof but got stuck. >> krystal: oh my gosh. really. >> jeff: maybe he was hoping they wouldn't see him. he was just part of the display. the bou g in really tight spaces like that. >> kelly: unless you're santa. >> krystal: santa can do it. yes he can. >> jeff: santa is getting ready to look at the map and look at the weather and he's going to
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good or not. >> krystal: of course we are. no delays for santa. >> kelly: no delays. we may be having some bad weather, but that's not going to stop the eight tiny reindeer. if you haven't finished your holiday shopping and you're looking for some stocking stuffers, i recommend some gloves and mittens, because while today it's not bad, 54 degrees at noon, 57 at 3:00 p.m., we are looking at some down right chilly temperatures for christmas day and the weekend. i'm going to have although all those details coming up. >> a look at a gorgeous weather situation for now, it looks great here in the southwest valley, and it also looks very calm on the roadways. this is coming up on the durango interchange with the 215 and that's where they also have the ikea store coming up off in the distance where some people will be thinking about christmas next year. it's looking good on the roadways. we are accident free, the way we
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continues, krystal and jeff. >> jeff: a local 10-year-old boy living with autism is now in need of a kid any transplant. >> krystal: so his family is trying to save up the money, but the bills are really adding up. we want to introduce to bubba, he was born with multiple disabilities and now he needs a new kidney. the problem is not finding a donor, but rather the out of pocket costs, his parents william and amy mcdermott have only been able to raise $200 of the $8,000 they would need to uproot their family to california for eight weeks for the surgery. they say their looking for any help. >> i don't feel i'm more important than anybody else. i do feel that maybe if they can just find it in their hearts to help a little boy, who is very special, but still nonetheless deserves just as much as anybody else, that would make everything for me. >> krystal: well, if you will like to happy the family, we have a link to their fund raising page on our web site,
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runnin' rebels took out their frustration of the last two dakota. this game was not even close at the thomas & mack. the runnin' rebels got off to a fast start and they never looked back. they won 103-68, snapping the two game losing streak. the rebels are now off until next wednesday when they open up conference play against fresno state. family and friends are remembering six american airmen who will not be home for christmas. >> krystal: such a sad story. diane gallagher reports, six died when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a joint patrol in afghanistan. >> the reporter: staff sergeant peter, the father of a 3-year-old girl, the husband of a pregnant wife. >> he was funny, he was thoughtful, he was a really good family man. >> the reporter: his fhe spo to him via skype a few weeks ago, but didn't even know where he was. >> i had no idea until yesterday. i thought he was in saudi arabia.
6:30 am
>> he seemed to be in pretty good spirits, i think he was a little sad he wasn't home for the holidays and missing his family. >> the reporter: taubb and five other americans died in a suicide bombing outside the bagram airbase on monday. among them, major adriana who fought for years against the military's old don't ask, don't tell policy. she leaves behind a wife and son. the family of staff sergeant says he was on his fourth tour of duty, his little brother called him a hero. >> he was always a pleasure to have him in my life. he was cut from a different cloth, a man's man, a gentleman. he loved his family, loved his country. he died doing what he wanted to do. he was a real soldier. >> the reporter: the other victims included staff sergeant chester mcbride a former high school athlete from a small town in georgia. >> he had great compassion for others. and he wanted to do well. >> the reporter: and a detective with nypd, national guard tech
6:31 am
behind a wife and two children. i'm diane gallagher reporting.fth attack was sergeant michael, the 28-year-old was ra resident of mercedes, texas, and that's a small town near the mexican border. all right. cutting it close. a skier almost hits as he was making his way down the slopes, i mean, just -- it was just too close for comfort there. a drone almost hit him. we're going to have more on this coming up. >> jeff: and is he going to get another chance? we're tacking about tack -- talking about steve harvey and the big mistake he made at miss universe over the weekend. what is the other than of the pageant saying about the idea saying about the idea of bringing steve harvey back to the pageant next year. >> kelly: a live look on the d-camera. pink stripes on a blue sky. a beautiful way to start this wednesday afternoon and what were expecting for christmas
6:32 am
that's coming up. >> jeff: welcome back. a scary moment in the monday tans inch italy for four time defending world cup champion skier marsel hersher. >> krystal: the '80s teen was taking a second -- austrian was making a second run in a slalom event when a drone caring a camera crashed behind him.
6:33 am
he wasn't aware of the crash. he found out about it at the end of run. that's probably a good thing. despite the close call, he managed to finish second and reclaim the overall world cup. as we were saying, the drones on the cap -- or the cameras on the drones, they're heavy, but they give you some amazing shots, but to be vowsly, vows -- obviously, there's some risk involved. >> jeff: if that had hit him in the head, there's not a lot of protection there. >> krystal: no. not at all. >> jeff: he's going really fast too. >> krystal: good thing everything ended up ok. but still, morning. >ff: picture that has now gone viral, why people are soave mused by it and -- so amused by it and what we're going to challenge you to find in the picture. >> krystal: kelly, did you fine it? >> kelly: yes after someone on the floor pointed it out to me. live view outside, pink stripes on a blue sky.
6:34 am
heading out the door. 45 degrees in boulder city.
6:35 am
l i >> jeff: we want to welcome you back in. the woman accuse of
6:36 am
a las vegas sidewalk is due in court for the first. kyndell nunley joins us from the regional justice center today. this is a story that's made national and international headlines. questions moving forward about the motivation behind this and what can we expect out there today. >> the reporter: oh, yes. at least going on right now, ther entire country who are waiting lakeisha holloway's first court appearance today, right around 8:00 a.m. now, this story first made national headlines three days ago, when holloway allegedly drove her car on the crowded las vegas strip on to the crowded sidewalk, hitting over 30 people, and killing a mother of three from arizona. she was visiting las vegas strip, with her husband for their 10-year anniversary. now, holloway faces a number of charges, that includes murder,d endangerment, because her 3-year-old daughter was in the car during the time of the crashes, and leaving the scene
6:37 am
about a mile away to tuscany suites where she later turned herself in. the court appearance will be right around 8:00 a.m. this morning. news 3 will be in the courtroom. check back her or on our web site, for the latest. reporting live outside the regional justice center, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: kyndell, thank you so much. definitely a big story we're continuing to follow. we're hearing from hillary clinton after donald trump called her a liar. and made some crude references to her. now, his numbers are still strong, but if he falls, ted cruz is waiting in the wings. and joining us live from washington, tracie pots, so tracie, kind of interesting here, you know, donald trump is responding to all of this by blaming the media. >> the reporter: exactly. he was tweeting overnight and early this morning, saying it's the media that's really blowing this up, what's being called vulgar, the term he used wasn't vulgar, he said other people
6:38 am
you know, it's essentially, as he called it, the media, the mainstream media, the biased media, making a big deal of this. inappropriately defining what he said. that's his story overnight via twitter. a little bit shorter though. then we've got hillary clinton on the other side who's saying that he's a bully. she was asked about bullying the other day, and she said, you can't bully your way to the presidency. that's what she said last night. responding to these comments by donald trump, so while those two are going at t the pollsters are out there and what they're finding is donald trump is still on top when it comes to the republican group, but ted cruz is gaining ground, in the latest quinnipiac poll, they're only four points apart and that's within the poll's margin of error, so statistically, that would be considered even, a dead heat. but then reuters came out with a poll that showed donald trump
6:39 am
candidates, so the one consistent thing, krystal is the fact that he's on top, but how long he's going to stay there, and who's right behind him, that's what we're watching very closely. >> krystal: we all continue to watch that. it's interesting because you said that ted cruz is kind of waiting there in the wings, but he's n fhtg back. >> the reporter: no, he's not and even when he's given the opportunity, he doesn't take the bait. he says, i'm doing my thing, he's doing his thing. donald trump has been very cordial to him, back-and-forth, so you know, it will be interesting to see, are they set each other up for a running mate situation later on, who knows, but at this point, lots of people are targeting donald trump, but ted cruz, whose numbers are rising, is not one of them. >> krystal: one thing we can count on is to expect the unexpected in this race for the white house. all right, thank you, tracie. we appreciate it so much joining us live from washington. >> jeff: a california man is lucky to be alive after a giant boulder came barreling in to his pickup truck.
6:40 am
side of the blue toyota truck around 4:30 p.m. tuesday afternoon. the force of that boulder pushed the driver and his truck into another car installing chains at the time. no one was injured, but the driver knows things could have been much worse. >> it's strange for a minute and i kind of like, like what the hell is going on here's and then the rock hit me. >> luckily it was forward of where he was sitting. had it been further back, i don't want to think about what might have happened. >> jeff: that boulder crash caused major traffic backups for several hours, while crews completed avalanche control to make sure another boulder would not come crashing down. >> krystal: an amazing story of survival out of china where a mountain of construction waste material and mud collapsed three days ago. a migrant worker buried for more than 60 hours was rescued overnight, more than 70 people still missing. the ministry of land and resources has said steep manmade mountain of dirt, semen chunks and other construction waste had
6:41 am
high hill over the past two years. >> jeff: minnesota prosecutors have charged a 62-year-old man with killing his mother, after he told police he was upset over bed bugs in his mother's apartment. officers say michael gallagher went to his 89-year-old mother's apartment to clean and help with other chores. the complaint alleges gallagher took a statue of himself and attacked his mother. he is currently being held in a county jail on a $2 million won't. >> krystal: nasa has put its next mars mission on hold indefinitely because of a leaky instrument. so the space agency planned to launch a new mars lander insight in mars from vandenburg air force base in california. insight was expected to arrive in mars september to take measurements of the red planet's interior and atmosphere and to take color images. instead, it's being sent back to its maker, lockheed martin in denver, even if the leak is fixed in a few months, insight can't be launched any time soon. nasa says the 2016 launch
6:42 am
the next opportunity, they have to wait a little bit, two years later. >> jeff: our commander-in-chief is getting pretty good at golf apparently. president obama enjoying his christmas break in hawaii, doing a little golfing when look at this, sinks a 40-foot chip shot, that's something not even the professionals can do on a regular basis. boom. hits it, raises his hands, makes sure the cameras are watching. yeah, with the tip of the cap, not bad from our commander-in-chief. that is something that even bubba watson, tiger woods, mcelroy would have difficulty with. they'll get it close, within a few feet, but sinking it, no, that would make the highlights on espn. >> krystal: he's got game. >> jeff: yes, he does. >> kim: pretty good. we're talking about barbie, parents are concerned because there's this barbie doll that can talk back-and-forth with your kids but they're afraid the conversations could be heard by the wrong people, so she's called hello barbie and let's kids record all of the
6:43 am
send it to acolous for future talks. -- a cloud for future talks. while the $80 toy is a nice way for kids to interact with their dolls, parents are worried it puts privacy at risk. mattel says hello barbie has several safeguards to ensure the data you put out there on the cloud on line can't be accessed by unauthorized users. >> jeff: i'm thinking back to when i was a little kid, i had my he man doll, and what if those conversations were recorded between me and he man, those intimate moments before going to bed and if they were shared on social media, haunting me to this day as an adult. think about that before the kids' conversations with the dolls are recorded. let's get a check of traffic right now, let's toss it up to tom hawley in sky 3. tom, you still have some holiday shopping to do, but what do you want for christmas this year, what's your number one item? >> i'm good myself right now. i just am concerned about what to get the niece, who luckily doesn't know, because she doesn't get back in town until
6:44 am
so a little last minute shopping ahead later on today. right now, we are checking out what's happening down here on the 95, where traffic is generally light, we did see a little fender bender here or at least that's how it was called in, just see the one s.u.v. against the wall, then it looks like these other three motorcycles are all operated by nhp, so flashing lights against the wall, slowing things down. and that is about it, as we get ready for weather, i think the one thing that i actually want is something i'm going to get and that's a little more daylight every single dave. -- day. >> >> kelly: i want a little suites. sweeting, we are your christmas weather authority at news 3 as we take a live look outside on the red rock, check out the sun. coming up, we have high thin clouds out this, but that's about it. we're off to a beautiful start on this wednesday. and temperaturewise, not too shabby either. green valley, 44 degrees right now. centennial, you're at 43.
6:45 am
39 degrees, and nellis, 38. highs today are expected to be pettily close to where we should be this time of year, hid and upper 50's. winds, industry nice and light across the area as well. that is good news for us, but those we have another storm system moving our way. right now, we have some snow in the northern and central portions of our state. that's been moving its way eastward into the salt lake city area and closer to home, nothing going on, again, high thin clouds, but in the area in purple, that's lincoln county, a winter weather advisory in afternoon, going through early frid morning, as we're looking at snow levels dropping down to 2500 feet, could even see two inches, so if you're traveling through lincoln county, do be prepared for some slippery roadways. primm, 60 your expected high. boulder city, 40 degrees overnight. las vegas, partly sunny skies. afternoon.
6:46 am
thursday night into early friday morning and breezy, colder conditions for christmas day and a high of just 48 degrees. >> jeff: chilly on christmas. kelly, thank you. around the "water cooler," florida sophomore scores the first basket of his collegiate career last night, not really a game-changing momental you realize he's not like most college basketball players. with the game already decided, zach hodgkin's, born without the lower half of his left arm was able to put in the final seconds of the game against jacksonville by coach michael white, hodgkins has had opportunities before, but this was his fir career-made basket, scoring una an impressive drive to the rack while earning the foul. the 6'4", one-armed walk-on providing the biggest and most inspirational basket of a 24-point blowout for the gators. is steve harvey going to host
6:47 am
by now you know the story. harvey accidentally named miss colombiaals the winner of the miss universe pageant right here in las vegas when it was actually miss philippines who had won. so wneimg, who is in charge of the pageant and the company's chief content officer, jim shapiro, told the jim rome show that he is ready to bring back steve harvey as host necks year. he said harvey did a great job despite that mishap and told rome that harvey would want a shot at redeeming himself. and finally, a holiday picture that is blowing up the internet. this was posted to facebook last week, with a simple question. can you find the panda amongst all the snowmen there? it has since become a source of both delight for people who can find that panda quickly and torture, for those of us who can't locate the animal. we're not going to tell you exactly is, i'm just going to let this sit with you for a bear in mind i bit. i know you're looking at the
6:48 am
i will give you a hint. the way to find the snow man is to look for the carrot without the nose and then will you find it, but it is very difficult. >> krystal: it's kind of like the where's waldo of snow men. i love it. that hint helped, because as soon as you said that boom, i zeroed in right on it. take another look at this folks, as we have another 4, 5 seconds left in the show and if you get on social media, you'll be able to find it. that's fun as we to leave you with as
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