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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  December 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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all of it and floating -- unfolding park for children. police say they believe the homeowner was acting in self-defense.>> that is too young. 17 is too young. then kids should have been out doing something else. kelsey: three families heartbroken two days before christmas. >> tragedy before the holidays. vicki: this is how police describe it -- a homeowner here's a crash inside his house around 11:00 this morning. he grabs his hand gun and shoots two 17-year-old boys inside his house. >> i will not rule out criminal charges. but if you are inside your home, and someone breaks in, you have a right to defend your home and property and family. kelsey: 117-year-old boy is dead. the other, found in a neighbor's backyard is in the hospital. a third teenager, a 13-year-old, possibly a lookout was detained
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a neighbor wrestles with what she would do. >> if he felt his life was in danger. i can imagine how he felt. my house, if i felt i was in danger, my husband, my family, i would pull the trigger. kelsey: there are two crime scenes, the home and the neighbor's backyard where the second 17-year-old was found. we understand that 17-year-old is that umc and is in soldiers -- surgery. reporting live, kelsey thomas, news 3. vicki: another deadly shooting in the west valley could also be a ca of health defense -- self-defense. police say a man who may have been trying to break into a home was shot and killed by another man inside. the suspects was hit once in the
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the victim -- the suspect told the victim he was armed. metro says as of now the homeowner will not be charged in the shooting death. now at 5:00, news 3 is your christmas weather authority. a big chill is about to invade las vegas. snowfalls breaking rjim: california is one of the few states enjoying a white christmas. the sierra mountain snowpack is that levels california has not se years. it is 111% above average for this time of year. that is good news for the drought. vicki: chloe build three -- weirdly is tracking the system -- chloe beardsley is tracking the system. chloe: gorgeous weather outside.
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beautiful conditions, temperatures in the upper 50's. hardly anyone's -- any wind. below the clouds you can see these gorgeous christmas lights. we are showing off one of the best homes lit up for christmas this year. speaking of christmas, as you mentioned, we have a cool down heading our way as we take a cl see the temperatures not changingwe will stay in the 40's. we do have a storm system headed our way, mostly with gusty winds reaching up to 35 and 40 mile per hour -- miles per hour. we will have the details coming up in a little bit. for right now, we are with santa claus.
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i am told it is a sink -- synced to music. stick around. anchor: with all of the big changes coming before santa's annual visit, i guess he will come back after that house. keep it tuned to channel three we are your christmas weather authority. we are also the place to keep up-to-date with santa's travels on christmas eve. jim: a woman accused of to really crashing into a crowd of people on a strip face the judge today. anchor: lakeisha holloway walked into a courtroom under heavy security. within two minutes she was gone. she did not show any emotion as the judge read charges. prosecutors say the 24-year-old intentionally ran over tourists sunday night. her lawyers say their client is in a fragile mental state.
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this is tragic for everyone involved. as the days go by antigravity sets in she will be in a difficult mental state. anchor: her lawyer says he plans on telling her to plead guilty -- guilty. her next court date is generally 20th. jim: did you see this? a fireball streaking across the las vegas skyline last night. we heard from a lot of you who did see it. our phones lit up, you wanted to know what is this thing? from an alien spaceship, to santa, everyone had a very. tonight, the experts say it is a piece of space junk. things like this drop into the atmosphere all the time. -- it turned out to be part of a russian rocket launched monday night. anchor: many of us saw it from las vegas to california, and as far north as sacramento.
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that falling space debris is think. nathan: yes, space junk falls through the atmosphere every month -- pretty much every day. we tend to not notice because it happens in remote areas or in the middle of the day when you cannot see it. story. in a city where we pride ourselves on a bright lights of the strip, it was actually the darkness above that gave us that great view of the light show. >> what is that? nathan: the fireball streaking across the desert sky, spotted by curious eyes tuesday night from las vegas. onlookers, amazed by the rare spectacle in the sky, leaving many looking up and wondering, what is it? >> i was confused. my immediate thought was, it is
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nathan: this minute long light show was in fact remnants of a russian sl for rocket. >> these days people wants a conspiracy and everything. -- in everything. the universe itself is pretty much a marvel. nathan: the russian rocket launched from kazakhstan monday before falling out of orbit and burning up in the atmosp>> it actually showed bits and pieces as it streamed across the sky. nathan: the body broke up somewhere over northern arizona. it is one of 16 objects that strike, is tracking. >> they happen all around the planet every day. nathan: whilejust burning up is common, it rarely happens over a populated area like las vegas. >> it was probably fairly rare. somewhere in the world, something is coming down. there is all sorts of garbage up
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way for an unscheduled vegas show, this time in the sky. experts say it is difficult to predict when and where space junk will come down into the atmosphere. they say it does not take much to put it out of its orbit and have it come down into the atmosphere. there is a public website you can look to if you're looking to see all of the 16,000 objects that are out there circulating around the orbit -- around the earth at any given time. you can find that out on her website, jim: we all learned a lot. now at 5:00, a final farewell to u.s. military members who were killed in an attack in afghanistan. service members remembered b-6 personnel killed in a suicide bombing on monday.
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openly gay service woman to die in combat, five years after the deathon't ask don't tell. anchor: iraqi troops continue to hound isis forces. iraqi forces trying to retake the city of ramadi. u.s. officials say there are up to 350 isis fighters in ramadi, as well is several hundred outside the city. the iraqi government lost control of the city in the summer of 2014. an estimated 10,000 people are trapped their west of baghdad. jim: security plans were already in place for the rose bowl and rose parade.if you're going, expect tight security. the fbi, the secret service all joining with southern california law enforcement working togetherannuevent. u.s. customs and border
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pasadena police also say two dozen bomb sniffing dogs will be on the scene. pete is calling for an investigation into the death of three white tigers at a zoo in ohio. they were on loan from six read and roy -- sigreud and roy. anchor: they had been on loan since 2003. peta is calling on the u.s. department of agriculture to investigate. jim: still ahead, time for patients. -- patience. a look at how many people are
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anchor: another day another new christine: welcome back, here is a live look at mccarran airport. if you're heading out of town, pack your patience. or than 100 million people will
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aaa reports 91 million people are expected to hit the road. rough weather will be causing trouble for travelers, especially in the midwest and deep south. hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled. >> do not miss with our kids. don't mess with my kids, marco's kids, hillary's kids, don't it -- don't mess with anyone's kids. jim: ted cruz blasting the washington post for an online editorial cartoon depicting his two young daughters as dancing monkeys. christine: the washington post has taken the editorial cartoon down. ted cruz says he is sickened by it. jim: this latest controversy comes as a new poll puts donald trump way ahead of the republican pack. donald trump is dominating at 39%. ted cruz has 18%. ben carson and marco rubio slipping, tied at 10% and this new cnn orc poll.
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the top five, beating out jeb bush, who has fallen to 3% below rand paul. the poll was conducted right after the las vegas debate. reed cowan is here with the latest. reed: hillary clinton is holding a commanding lead in a democratic race, pulling in more than bernie sanders. hillary clinton responded to
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>> it is not complicated, don't . jim: it is an unwritten rule to go -- not to go after the children of candidates. >> when the dust settles out of this race, i think the rules for the presidential campaigns will forever change. jim: the jazz keep coming between hillary clinton and donald trump. jabs -- jabs keep coming between hillary clinton and donald trump. a new cnn poll shows donald trump's numbers keep climbing. historically campaign slow down during christmas week. this presidential race is reaching a new level of politicking, 40 days until the first true test takes place at the iowa caucus.
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know it. speaking of the holidays, forecast more important than ever. chloe: -- christine: chloe is joining us. dancing with santa claus and a festive house. hey, chloe. warm. dancing. cool holiday music. what is your favorite christmas song? >> frosty the snowman. chloe: why? >> he is a cool guy. chloe: let's talk about this house, owned by jeff and kathy johnson and northwest las vegas. so many lights. and our good friend, santa here even decorated.
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>> probably about 8000-10,000 light. -- lights. chloe: that is not part of the property. >> no, the johnsons put life into the yard. chloe: this probably took a long time. tell me about all of the different decorations in the effort you had to put into putting thisr.>> i started right after halloween. it takes about 30 days. i did it with santa i started from the top. chloe: haddad you get up this tree -- how did you get of this tree? >> a little help from my reindeer. i got 16 of those, one for each year i have been doing it. chloe: how many years have you been doing this?
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-- >> 16. chloe: are you rent -- worried about the trip? >> no, i have been doing it for many years. 25th. chloe: we will take a look at the weather conditions for the pretty calm outside. temperatures should be in the 50's for most neighborhoods. we do have a cooldown headed our way. these satellite not showing much over southern nevada. very low pressure systems are expected in the west coast. conditions for tonight, if you like last night, you'll probably li tonight. similar weather.
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temperatures in the 30's and 40's for most areas. high temperatures tomorrow will not be as high as they were 60's for mo the area. 56 degrees for your projected high over the las vegas area tomorra preview of your forecast for christmas, in the 40's for the most part. much cooler weather headed our way. starting tomorrow we will see those winds picking up. 30 and 35 mile per hour wind gusts. can your sleigh handle it? >> i will be perfect. chloe: touching stories of people who come to the house and talk about how the light have impacted them personally. we'll have those stories for you coming up on news three live at 6:00. jim: it sounds like santa is in for a wild night. christine: the brees will be
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jim: on news three live at 6:00, street journal as the papers new owner resigns. christine: a jewelry store is shotgun wedding. the controversial holiday promotion that has gone critics sounding off. those stories and more at 6:00. annual visit from jolly old saint nick. christine: a holiday consumer alert to make sure you do not
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jim: a close-up of saturn's active moon. the image was taken by nasa that made a flyby of the men on saturday. the spacecraft will continue to monitor the activity on the man from a distance until it ends the mission in 2017. christine: a consumer alert for you this christmas about a santa claus scam. jim: is nothing sacred? kids love to write letters to santa, these days you can send the letter to her e-mail. consumer reports says, avoid companies that will offer to send a handwritten response from
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if a company asks you to go to a website and put in your personal credit card information, do not do it. before you do it, check with the better business bureau for more information and only make payments through a secure finally, santa claus is starting his journey around the world. santa just leaving his home at the north pole. christine: it is already christmas eve in some of the world's time zones. we have set up a traffic link on our website, jim: a strategy, he will start in new zealand, moved to asia, and africa before heading to europe, canada, the u.s., then central and south america. christine: that is something fun to do with your children. jim cole: tell them, now it is time for bed.
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it news three live at 5:00. jim: we will be back at 6:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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caption content and accu breaking news tonight. a major tornado outbreak slamming several
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and reports of homes
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