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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  December 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it started as a break in... and ended in one teenager is dead... and another is in the hospital... shot by a homeowner who told police... he thought his life was in danger. treanor has the latest. sudden... violent eleven oclock in the a man hears a loud crash on the first floor of his house two seventeen year olds had broken in... the man grabs his gun.... within seconds, one
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dead.... the other, escaped out a window, found by a neighbor bleeding in 13 42 it is a criminal act, house but we really struggle with this, we have a loss of life and someone whos in that wounded seventeen year old surgery... and be charged with a thirteen year old with them would be questioned but not arrested and as the police begin the very complicated process of finding out what inside the house on daybreak drive a family would learn the awful news 28 40 knowing that, i think its my son chris adams heard what happened and raced over he told us it was his son manquis that was inside that house unbelievable for the kid who had never been in trouble before 13:29:27 i tell him he's been hanging with the wrong crowds and stuff like that. stay in school don't be doing all these crazy things. try to tell him right. the police for close to six
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homeowner, who has not been identified, was not charged that was the second deadly shooting by a local homeowner on wednesday. earlier that morning... near sahara and fort apache... police say a man was shot and killed while trying to break into a home. a woman says she woke up to a man screaming and banging on the front door. she and another man inside the home called 9-1-1... and told the suspect that they were armed. investigators say the man kept trying to get in. through the closed door, the homeowner fired several rounds... and hit the suspect once in the head. as of this morning , the homeowner has not been charged... police will leave it up to the d-a to decide if this was an act of self defense. the woman accused of intentionally driving her car into crowds of people on the strip sunday night made her first appearance in court on wednesday. 24-year old lakeishia holloway was arraigned on murder, hit and run and child abuse charges. authorities say holloway's three- year old daughter was in the car when she barreled
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killing one. holloway did not enter a plea in court wednesday morning, but clark county district attorney steve wolfson says he believes that her actions were intentional. holloway is due back in court on january 20th. several in the valley... getting conned out of their money. here's a look at the two white female suspects. police say the way the con works... is that a man calls store employees... and says he's a supervisor... of the store's finances. the caller then tells the employee to count the cash from the safe. then the caller tells the clerk his female corporate associate will come to re-count the money outside the store. that's when the two make their getaway... money in hand. if you have any information that could help catch them... call crime stoppers... the biggest solar provider in the country... turning out the lights in nevada... solar city announcing it's ceasing all sales and installations of rooftop panels in our state...
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rate structure by state regulators. nevada public utilities commission voted unanimously to increase the monthly charge to solar customers... as well as reducing credit those customers receive from nv energy by providing electricity to the power grid. one day later solar will stop operations in the state... jessica deal explains this is company has closed its doors to new customers in the country.
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they have attempted to pressure my office to improperly influence the puc's independent decision making process." and resorted to bullying tactics such as threatening mass layoffs of nevadans." the new rates have yet to be determined... but will take effect the first of the year... and will be phased in over five years. another shake up at the review journal less than two weeks after sheldon adelson purchases the paper. now its top editor is leaving. mike hengel is taking a buyout, as the paper now charts a new course under a new owner. hengel first came to las vegas from arkansas in 2010. in 2011 he oversaw the paper's groundbreaking investigation that literally changed how metro engages suspects. and also oversaw it's most recent expose into itself.....answering the media mystery - who bought the r-j. the paper says the buyout was from the previous owners... and the parting was "mutual." good news for
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business is booming. you're looking live at the airport this morning... where according to the latest numbers... november was a huge month for mccarran. more than three point seven million people flew in and out... that's an increase of more than 10 percent from the same time last year. for the year... 41 point 7 million people have flown in and out of our airport. by the end of this year... mccarran expects to hit the highest number of passengers with 45- million... the highest since 2007. quick thinking a 3 year old is being hailed a hero after she saved her mom. we'll tell you what she did in order for her mom to get proper care. plus...
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matter get into a scuffle with police. video of the confrontation ahead. kelly ad-lib over
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a three year old girl is being hailed a hero after she saved
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she did this by calling in the emergency when her mother was knocked unconscious. morris: "hello?" emma: "mummy fall down a stairs." morris: "your mummy fell down the stairs?" emma: "and she got a baby." morris: "and she has got a baby?" emma: "yeah." that was little emma bazzard... who made the call last month. she was recognized on wednesday for that heroic phone call her mother was seven months pregnant when she fell and was knocked out. emma got a certificate for her bravery... as her mother and new baby brother looked on. emma's mother, catherine, had landed on her stomach and it is believed the impact
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special promotion one jewelry store has got everyone talking about its special deal that's going on --- because they are combining love -- with guns. we'll explain. new at 5. justin bieber asking his british fans not to take him to number one. we'll tell you why he's asked such a
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[siren] this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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terror attacks. been in contact with the suspected ringleader's cousin. the belgian federal prosecutor's office who has not yet being held on charges of taking part in a terrorist group and terrorist murders. suspect is a belgian in contact several boulahcen november 13th attacks in paris... in which 130 people died. both ait boulahcen and her cousin the attacks' ringleader, were killed when french police besieged their
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police arrested some protesters with the black lives matter movement at the minneapolis saint paul international airport wednesday afternoon. the arrests were made due to significant traffic disruptions the protestors were causing. they were originally demonstrating at the mall of america.. but some of them headed to one of the airports two terminals which forced officials to close security checkpoints inside the terminal. the situation became so heated at the airport that one man was dragged to the ground by police for shoving a female officer. it's unclear how many arrests were made. the transportation security administration has issued a new rule for airport security screening. t-s-a screeners can now force anyone to go through body scanners, even if they want to opt out. before the change, passengers could choose a full body pat down instead of the body scanner. now t-s-a agents can require passengers to go through the scanner, even if they want to opt out. a t-s-a spokesperson says the scanner
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information and improves threat detection for metallic and non- metallic objects that a pat-down might miss. the change comes amid heightened security concerns about terror plots on commercial airlines. in panola county, mississippi a twister crossed right over interstate 55. watch as the tornado moves closer as a steady stream of vehicles continue to move down the road. you can actually see a semi get flipped over by the twister. over in holly springs.. a child was thrown from a vehicle on highway seven. we are starting to see the damage caused to homes.. barely recognizable now that the storm has moved through. authorities say two people died in holly springs, including a child, and two people died in ashland in benton county. a little thing called el nino is causing our nation's weather patterns to go topsy turvy this week. news 3's reed cowan was on weather watch last night as
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for low temps. :37 na-35tu new york is going to be 72 la 63 you heard it right.the parts of the country usually frigid.balmy. the parts of the country usually balmy.a chill. why? na-35tu chad meyers/cnn "we've called it gozilla el nino it's been that strong sheila roh de/kelsey tape today 11 51 15 that's kind of crazy here in the las vegas valley. 11 51 20the east coast you usually think getting snow snowbirds from back east, can't believe las vegas will be colder than back home. alissa is from pensylvania.and says the pattern in p.a. has her shaking her head. 11 18 14 it was cooler here than at home.not expected william bowers is from the big apple. he's donning a coat, while back's not a white christmas. william bowers 11 42 46 the kids wont be happy the parents will the weather all over the country, racous. ne-028we nats off top of rain in louisville rain pounding louisville. mw-021we illinois storm damage broll damaging storms in illinois ne-015we delays in newark nj airport delays in
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se-034tu texas flooding and flooding in the lonestar state. closer to home. we-016mo heavy snow sierra nevada heavy snow in the sierra nevada range. santa's sleigh, better have a seatbelt. time for a look at weather... here's what you need to know... the man who admitted to killing
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wounding nine colorado springs will undergo a mental health evaluation. evaluation for robert dear after he told the judge he wants to represent himself in court. the 57-year-old made status hearing wednesday afternoon. he faces 179 counts murder in the first shooting rampage on dear told the judge that that the forced psychological evaluation goes against his constitutional rights. he will spend the state mental hospital in pueblo, colorado. he is due back in court on february conference. hyatt hotel officials are advising customers to monitor their payment card statements, after
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customer credit card numbers. the malware was found on hyatt systems used to process customer payments. the chicago-based resort chain is outside security out what happened. not confirmed whether any sensitive information was stolen by hackers. the company is now using stronger security measures -- and says customers can feel confident using payment cards at hyatt hotels worldwide. here's a look at what's coming up on "today... today show sot
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together... like love and marriage, or some might say, bullets and guns. a florida jewelry store owner is putting that logic to work with a holiday promotion. customers who buy from a selection of jewelry costing more than 450- dollars are eligible to receive a free shotgun. the store has run the promotion for the past three years on christmas and valentines day. it's so popular, they say they've already run out of shotguns... and have had to put in more orders. "a husband wanting to get something for a wife, or a wife wanting to get something for herself and gets a free shotgun for her husband for christmas." the store owner says customers must undergo a federal background check before they can
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wherever you are in the world, today the beatles' music will be available for streaming for the first time from numerous outlets. streaming services that will carry the fab four's musical catalog include: apple music... deezer, google play,... microsoft groove... napster/rhapsody and amazon prime music, as well as slacker radio, spotify and tidal. the 17 beatles albums go from the early "with the beatles" and "a hard day's night" to "abbey road" and "let it be," plus subsequent greatest hits collections. for some people, it's been a long time coming. next -- surf's up... we'll tell you where in one part of the world santa's are catching waves....while not far away.....some of the most impressive christmas
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celebrations are in full swing across australia. australians in perth celebrated the arrival of christmas eve this morning by going for a festive surf dressed as santa claus. meanwhile, people were out and about in sydney wednesday night checking out the incredible christmas lights around the suburbs of the city. the prime minister of australia also gave a message urging australians to remember those who could not be home to spend christmas with their families, including the nation's servicemen and women. time for weather. new at 5 after hillary
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ted cruz going after hillary clinton. we'll show you the editoral cartoon he released of the democratic front runnnn. new at 6. a muslim family was stopped at an airport and prevented from flying. we'll tell you what led to this plus why a member of the british parliament is asking the prime minister to step in. newscast report
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>> procrastinators unite. you have 34 hours to finish christmas shopping. it is time to get on it. we have more news for you in a live report. jeff: homeowners fight back. two homeowners opened fire when a home is broken into. find out if they are facing any charges. krysta: leave my kids alone. ted cruz comes back swinging after an ad is released for training his children as monkeys. what started all of this, who is behind it, and the fallout, coming up. >> live from las vegas, this is
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