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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  December 24, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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this is in charlotte northwe don't have a lot of information other than what we are seeing from various media outlets, reporting that a gunman is down, possibly shot and killed by police. with another suspect on the loose and one potential shopper injured in that case. we know that there was a heavy police presence out there and there still is. krys this is the height of the shopping season, the day before christmas. you can imagine that was a packedas is happening in charlotte, north carolina. this appeared to have started from a fight that broke out in one of the stores. when of the store managers that got into some kind of fight. happened. a lot of sketchy details at this point. but definitely a breaking news story. jeff: in the meantime, good afternoon. thank you for joining is christmas eve. we are in the last hours of the holiday shopping season and people are running out of time.
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down, but here's the good news for those retailers. it looks like people who are spending are doing a lot more of it this yeararcraig has been hanging out outside of the premium outlets in las vegas all day.i think you got this assignment because he knew to do some last-minute shopping. jeff: i suspect your bags are filled by now, craig. craig: i had no last-minute holiday shopping to do. i was really good this year and got it all finished, completed a couple of weeks ago. for me, it is all about the story today. i was fascinated to learn this. holiday gift cards, we'll take them for granted now. the shopping experience. this year, it is expected that holiday gift cards will be theh most requested holiday shopping item or holiday purchase for people who are out doing their shopping. many will be doing it today as
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sincerely to thousands. since 2007, 1 retail group says that it is the most requested item on holiday wish lists. between 2005 and 2011, more than $41 billion in gift cards -- $41 billion in gift cards went unredeemed. those food delivery services are doing well as well as selling's instructions online. -- as subscriptions online. the national retail federation says that 46% of all holiday browsing and shopping is done online. back to gift cards, starbucks expects to sell more than 2 million gift cards on this day alone, christmas eve.jeff: we have a lot going on out there. craig, thank you. krystal: the holidays can be a difficult time, especially for
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getting around and being able to get the family. jeff: the medical response team is making sure that locals with medical needs are with their families on this business day.paramedics safely transport wrigley l basement -- patients from -- transport critically ill patients from facilities to loved ones. without specialized brides, many of these people don't have the means or any wayg thei f>> and a lot of families may not have a transport vehicle for a wheelchair or the person has to be in a laying down position all the time. jeff: amr brings critically sick patients home every year on christmas day. if you or a loved one are age or sit in their services, talked of
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robert downey junior has been pardoned for a 1996 drug conviction which sent him to prison. governor jerry brown announced hours ago that downey was one of several people being -- people receiving the pardon. authorities found heroin, cocaine, and a pistol in his car. the governor's website said, while a pardon does not erase records of conviction, it restores voting rights and is a public proclamation that the person has demonstrated exemplary behavior. krystal: just in time for the holiday travel season, the transportation security administration, tsa, has issued a new rule for airport securitscreening.tsa screeners can now force anyone to go through those body scanners, even if you wanted to opt out of it. before this new rule, passengers
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the full body scan does not store personal information. staying on the issue of travel, a british muslim man says his their religion from boarding a plane to los angeles. jeff: he is not too happy about the outcome. the family was planning a trip to disneyland. to do it. alan -- ell: they were ready toen fly from london to disneyland last week. their bags checked and 40 passes in hand when they are -- when they were told that to their visas approved six weeks ago were suddenly revoked. >> they were planning this from aunts. they had a countdown on their phone for the last month. reporter: it comes in the wake of the san bernadino shootings.
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>> donald j trump is going for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. reporter: customs and border protection would not comment on the family's case, saying only that their religion, faith and spiritual beliefs of an international traveler is not hindering entering into the u.s. there are multiple reasons for denying enmock mood -- mahmoud said his family saved $16,000 for months to pay for the flight. >> i am devastated. i am a law-abiding citizen. i treat everybody equal. why is this happening to me and my family? reporter: he says the family is still dreaming of a disney christmas.
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stories, including an imam with a u.s. business reset. he was turned away at the witjeff: so we are talking about secret santa. it is a fun way to celebrate the holidays without going overboard. but what is the most common gift nevadans give during this tradition? we will reveal that should ahead. krystal: plus, show making -- snowmaking. let's try this again. show business meets baking. jeff: i've got dibs on 34th street. kelly: maybe some of those cookies. they win come a that is going to be an issue this afternoon. they will be picking up. we are looking at wind speeds sustained possibly close to 30 miles per hour as we head into the overnight hours.
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[siren] this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, "yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay" and "yes, your children will have breakfast." every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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jeff: so where is sent to now? krystal: zimbabwe. he is all over the place isn't all over the globe. he is now over the african continent in santa is just a busy man. he has delivered more than 3 billion gifts and counting. that don't fear. he has a lot more gifts for all the good little boys and girls herehe is coming, i promise. jeff, it doesn't work for you. jeff: would it be the first time. krystal: each week, we are partnering to bring stories about a cause and giving. jeff: this week, a look at how an organization is helping
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>> active hearers -- active heroes is an organization helping people back from suicide. >> he told us the story of veteran suicide. >> ptsd contributes to 8000 veterans taking their own lives each year. >> the charity acts as heroes where we assist them with a different progra that counteract the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. >> he made it his final mission to reduce veteran suicide by building the military family retreat. to join the fight, donate at victoria was a typical energetic 11-year-old the four she was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in 2008. >> she was a kind of kid where you could hear coming one before
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>> jeremy adams the friended victoria during her treatment community. >> it occurred to me that gamers should be able to do the things they love to help sick and >> extra life has a global community that benefits local merkel network to help children like victoria -- network -- the children's miracle network. jeff: time now for trending. one of the holiday traditions this time of year is for gifts. first, the person receives a it's from. krystal: google search the most popular secret santa gift by state. so what do nevadans love? those furry monster slippers. popular gifts in other states
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the tamagotchi pets. is that coming up in the video? jeff: i think it is just shuffling through the slippers. krystal: we have to figure out what that is and let you know. it apparently, they like it in montana. jeff: we may be missing out on that. krystal: you may have your favorite christmas songs, but which are on the top of the president's playlist? jeff: it's the latest release in the white house' s use of spot if he -- white house's use of spotify. there is frank sinatra to destiny's child on barack obama's list. and they've got a lot of
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krystal: kind of eclectic. jeff: at midnight tonight, that is when you can connect to the beatles tracks that you have not been able to get for many, many years. krystal: now you can get it streaming come all the beatles classics. that will be cool for the beatlelet's talk about this -- jeff: i think it is more kosher than what i did to my parents. i told you about this story.
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i gi back a couple of days later. i should have used an app like that. summary would have bought it and my parents would not have known. -- somebody would have bought it and my tense would not have kelly: if you are going to regift stuff, you have to make sure that the person who gave it to you doesn't know krystal:. that is weird because a little bit on the roadside. and you can't tamper with it and try to put it back together.jeff: i'm a bad son. i'm sorry, mom and dad. krystal: i'm sure you will make it up to them this year. kelly: we've got a lot of sunshine. but we have a storm brewing. we could see a little bit of the white stuff. maybe an inch or two in the spring mountains during the overnight period. here are the current temperatures in the las vegas valley. it is great out there.
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paradise also coming in a 53. sunrise at 54. green valley at 57. this is the warmest we will be for the next seven days. hopefully, you'll get a chance to get outside and enjoy it a little bit. the wind is already picking up. wind speeds at 10 miles an hour. gusts up to 15 and 20 miles an hour, especially in the southern portions of the valleywe will see winds gusting to about 25 miles per hour this afternoon. then at the 40 miles per hour as we get into the overnight hours. here's why. we've got this big storm system approaching from the northwest. we have a lot of snow around well. way to the south and east. we are -- we will seal that activity later on tonight. we have had a little activity already today, especially run mesquite and st. george.
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we have pretty cool snow video out of zion national park from earlier thiswe do have some advisories. lincoln county, northern nye county, you are under winter weather advisory's from 10:00 to as snow levels will jump to about 2500 feet. we could see a couple of inches out of the storm. a wind advisory for areas of clark county south with winds gusting over 40 miles an hour p.m. in las vegas, dry conditions, early sunday coming -- early sunday, -- dry conditions, sunny. 39 degrees for the overnight low. take a look at your seven-day forecast. the cold moves in. 45 and breezy on saturday.
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to forget those for p's, people, pets, plants. jeff: and to forget the c word, cupcakes. krystal: and cookies. all the sweet stuff you can eat. getting it done. they are known as the show boy this is blowing my mind. jeff: you probably can't give away all of your secrets, but how do you get a treat to stay up like this? >> it is a secret. i will tell you guys. it is a waffle cone. krystal: oh, my gosh third jeff: -- oh, my gosh. jeff: genius. krystal: i wanto talk about your inspiration for this.
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so you have a lot of artistry and creativity flowing through your vso you made that transition from the stage to making. >> exactly. >> we always do a theme for the different holidays. our favorite places broadway and the stage. so this year, we decided to do in new york. we couldn't be there, we would bring it to us. krystal: it's a little warm? this year in new york, isn't it [l>> yeah. krystal: this is beautiful. i love this. jeff: every individual cupcake has to take you some extra time. >> everything is handmade. so it takes a little while. the we love doing it. everyone loves looking at it. krystal: people who are looking at this before meant of trees
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these, is it too late to order your custom-made cupcakes and cookies? >> the assortment has already been pre-ordered. but there are still a few hours and we have some available in store. we have covered oreos and a whole bunch of the cupcakes with different types of holiday toppers on. krystal: i love it. you are located in henderson, in and thumb >> we are. krystal: open until -- in and some -- in anthem. >> we are. krystal: open until 4:00 today. [laughter] can i just say i love your >> thank you. krystal: the whole thing. thank you also much for coming. you have got to come back and see us.
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krystal: thank you. ok, we are still talking about santana. we aa watch, llewhere is he now? jeff: he is still over africa. krystal: making his way across the continent of africa. jeff: he just saw our segment on cupcakes.
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kelly: we are looking at the wind picking up as we get into afternoon hours. we still have a lot of sunshine in the alley -- in the valley. a chance of light rain and mountain snow overnight, especially in areas north of nye lincoln county best chance to have accumulating snowfall in
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christmas day, 40 two degrees. even colder on saturday. a lot of people have the day off -- 42 degrees. even colder on saturday. a lot of people have a day off. krystal: live pictures we are showing you right now from st. peter's basilicajeff: christmas is in full mode in many parts of the world. it is gcan we see where santa is right now? krystal: where is he? jeff: approaching angola. he will be there in four minutes. krystal: so santa is really making moves. we have been tracking this all moif you have been with us, you know that santa has covered a lot of ground, delivering more than 3 billion presents. don't worry. he's got plenty more. if you have been good and you
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you go to sleep -- kelly: and we will be tracking him all night long. and you can follow norad on twitter. ansi updates on there as well. krystal: we were talking about tweets earlier where they are using rudolph's nose. jeff: we are now going to all go
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["away in a manger" playing] >> jennifer: i'm glad you put that one on. that was one of your dad's favorites. without it. >> jennifer: [chuckles]
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