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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  December 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcer: live from las vegas, this is news 3. reed: good evening. our top story at 5:00, search and rescue teams at red rock canyon working to retrieve the body of a hiker who felt to death. authorities telling us now he fell about 80-100 feet in the oak creek canyon area. that is the last turnoff, if you know the area, on the 16-mile scenic drive. it is in the largest portion of the recreation area. the wind is hampering recovery efforts. the hiker was with a group of the time. it happened shortly before noon today. people with him to try to save his life with cpr. identity of the victim is not yet been released. and we want to remind you to keep those blankets out and the heater cranked.
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news 3 is your weather authority to make sure you are prepared. chloe beardsley joins us live. chloe: that is right. it looks pretty peaceful, but if you step outside, it is a completely different tory. as we take a look this afternoon, not too much action on our time lapse here from russell and mountain vista. and it looks pretty nice from this view. very windy is what we saw today, outside still seeing mostly clear conditions. this evening, wind gusts reaching 40 miles per hour in many of our neighborhoods. so far today, a strong breeze out of the north continues. here are the sustained winds, 12 downtown, slightly stronger in north las vegas. 18 for centennial, and as we take a look, temperatures started off very chilly. you see mostly in the mid to
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30 74 downtown areas, right around the freezing mark for centennial. other neighborhoods also reaching the upper 30's. as far as how we started off temperature-wise, we take a look outside, mostly 30's and 40's. we will see those down to the 20's overnight tonight. as we take a look at conditions, we do have a wind advisory in effect for the greater las vegas area. this is expected for wind up to 35, even reaching 50 miles in some of the more wind prone areas. you see the areas in blue, expected to drop between the teams and low 20's tonight. very chilly weather expected to continue, not too much change headed our way. mostly calm conditions are expected by tomorrow, as the wind kind of circulates out of the area. tonight, going to be very strong -- decreasing into tomorrow morning.
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up in gerard: sounds like a cool one. chloe, we appreciate it. the coroner identifying the man shot and killed inside a room at the pl48-year-old david cordova died of multiple gunshot wounds on thursday. his wife, maria escalonante, is facing a murder charge. a child was in the room. she is facing endangerment of a child charges. they were arguing at the time of the shooting. the idea of a burglary suspect who was shot and killed is also out tonight. the coroner says 34-year-old richard mcgee from california died in the shooting nears apache and sahara. he was pounding on the door, when he was shot. metro also says mcgee ignored warnings from the person inside the apartment, who st him
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no decision on whether he will face charges. two las vegas without a home tonight when ashes from a fire pit started a house fire. it broke out near lake mead and don gaspar avenue. it spread to the neighbors house, and a mantra to put out the fire using a garden hose. but instead, suffered smoke inhalation. he was treated at the scene. strong wind lou the hot ashes from the pit, which had been lit for a party the night before. damage estimates at about $10,000 right now. a massive firefight underway in ventura county in southern california, strong wind spreading the fire just northwest of the city of ventura. it broke out late last night, making a quick line to the pacific coast highway. notice the 101 it shut down tonight.
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per hour. the 1200 acre area also fueled byy drought. fire officials couldsay it could take several days to get under control. deadly devastation throughout the south and i, flooding, tornadoes taking a toll on human life. severe weather still rocking the area. a driver in alabama caught in the rising floodwaters, you see there, had to be rescued by first responders. 24 high water rescues took place within three hours. the death toll for the tornadoes that swept through right before christmas eve now stands at 17. another twister hit birmingham, alabama. make valencia has the latest. nick: severe weather battles
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the water makes some roads impassable. rescue crews helping residents trapped in their homes. the national weather service said a potential tornado touched down in birmingham, causing damage to several blocks. >> it was contained to a possibly one square mile. we had three structures, three houses that were reported. there were two others removed, but no reported injuries. nick: the governor declared a state of emergency because of the least 117 homes overcome by water in georgia. the rain damaged roads and made driving treacherous. and in a mississippi, flood warning and relentless rain at more misery to areas already devastated by tornadoes. they killed at least eight people in the state. many roads are flooded and some are dealing with rising water in their home.
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tamika watched as their home was overtaken by water. tamika: the trailer, it just floated away. garbage can, everything gone. victor: it happened so fast. make: the couple and their nine-year-old son now homeless, staying with relatives. tamika: we lost everything in a christmas items, towels. gerard: the storms bringing record rainfall in some areas. mobile alabama was walloped with four inches. a terror alert across europe, why one nation is raising the alarm. also, new numbers just out in the race for president. also ahead at 5:00, what they mean to the republican front-runner, donald trump. onight, severe weather from tornadoes to flooding.
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a blizzard and snow on the radar, it is not over yet. black saturday? some are predicting activity today will surpass black friday and cyber monday. plus, a no-fly zone as drones
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parks are telling gerard: police in the nfl austria stepping up security and warning several capitals of a possible terror attack usiexplosives or firearms between now and the new year. the enough police say they got a tip about the possible attack. they also say there is no concrete threat to a specific place or a particular time. iraqi troops closing in on isis and ramadi, planning a final assault to capture the city. successfully recapturing the city would be one of the most important victories achieved by iraq's armed forces, since the militants swept across one third of the countrythe special operat commander says soldiers are advancing despite the deadly traps set up by isis. now, to the race for president
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continues to dominate the pack. a poll puts him at 36.5%. ted cruz is at 18%. marco rubio still at 11%. ben carson is at 9%. chris christie rounding out the top five at 4%. ted cruz is leading in iowa with 30%, three points ahead of donald trump. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders bringing his message to nevada tomorrow. he will campaign in reno, we are told. and monday evening, he will campaign right here in las vegas at canyon springs high school. doors open at 5 p.m. the campaign also running a statewide tv blitz, with an advertisement telling his life story. he is running about 20 points
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malls and shops are busy right now, today is turning out to be the busiest shopping day o best deals in stores on this day after christmas. chloe: windy weather and chilly conditions continue this
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an gerard: well, if you use sprint or verizon, you could have money coming youbut you will have to act fast, customers have until thursday, december 31 to claim refunds for unauthorized third-party messages. the charges for things like horoscopes or sports allegedly buried in the bill. the activity is known as cramming. the wireless kerry will pay
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claims with the government. stores around the valley crammed with people, returning christmaaccording to a survey by the national retail federation, retailers estimate that 3.5% of their holiday returns this year will be fraudulent. that is up slightly from an estimated 3% reported last year. holiday return fraud will cost retailers about $2.2 billion this holiday season. nine out of 10 retailers surveyed said they experienced the return of stolen merchandise. and here you go, snowfall records being made in grand junction, colorado. we like that. that means water coming to lake mead eventually. over five inches of snow fell on christmas day, breaking the record set back in 1983. but still not as high as the number one christmas day snowfall of about 11 inches,
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grand junction has more snow on the way through tomorrow. it is certainly cold, about to get even colder. chloe is standing by in the weather center with a full wrapup of the forecast. that is right. you can see behind me how wine dy it is, gusting over 40 miles per hour outside right now. clear skies across the valley, it looks beautiful outside. but it certainly does not feel beautiful if you go outside right now. we are seeing wind out of the northwest at 23 miles per hour at mccarran international. miles out of the west. there conditions across the area. look at all of the neighborhoods outside, most of them have 20 mile per hour sustained wind
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take a look at this. over 30 and 40 miles per hour in many of our neighborhoods so far today. that weather will continue overnight, temperatures in the upper 30's for centennial and summerlin. on the west side, a lot cooler -- mid 40's on the eastern portions of our neighborhoods. we do have a wind advisory in effect for the greater las vegas area for gusty wind reaching near 40 and even 50 miles per hour. again, out of the north, we are expecting the advisory to remain into effect until 10 p.m. if y are dhinger profile vehicles are advised to stay off the road, due to very strong cross wind and blowing dust. just outside the valley, a hard freeze warning is in effect for indian springs, pahrump, as well as portions of clark county under this morning. that is temperatures dipping into the teens, low 20's
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as we take a look at the satellite, not too much stormy weather, still fairly windyearly morning, things will calm down. you see mostly clear conditions, wind sustained out of tevening, gusts still reaching 30 and 40 overnight. calming down as we get closer to the morning, the wind advisory does expire at 10 p.m. tonight. it is going to be a cold one, upper 20's are projected for the las vegas area, well below normal temperatures. we will see them die down to 10-15 as we get closer to midnight. a. highs tomorrow will not be very high, mesquite in overton only in the 40's. sunday morning is off to a chilly start, temperatures in the low 40's. as we take a look at conditions by the end of the day, mid 40's
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taking a look at the next seven days, the weather is going to continue for quite a while -- not too much of a warm-up is headed in the week ahead. very cold weather headed our way. like you said in the very beginning, keep the blankets handy. and i have been telling everybody to drink a lot of hot chocolate. you cannot go wrong. gerard: it is a time of year. but you get a sugar high if you get too much. chloe: that is how i'm able to work. gerard: thanks, chloe. coming up, record-setting numbers in the ronda rousey
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amber: since 1983, ncaa basketball rivals the louisville cardinals and the kentucky wildcats have battle. they did it again today at rupp arena where john calipari is 61-1 against nonconference opponents. a win today would be his 200th for the wildcats. they were a 1.5 favorite over number 12 cards and rick pitino. first half, kentucky trailed by one, until tyler drives high off the glass. he had 21 today. and eight assists during this one.
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poythress for a 16 point lead. louisville and damion lee come back, the long three cut the lead to just one point. six seconds left in the game, louisville down by two, the game-winning three? air ball. kentucky wins, john calipari gets his 200th win with the team and improves to 8-1 against louisville. steph curry of the golden state warriors was willing to play for a major basketball program like kentucky. but he was not highly recruited. he went to davidson college and went on to be the seventh pick in the 2009 nba draft. today, the associated press named him male athlete of the year. last season, he helped the warriors win the championship. he was also the lead m.v.p..
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he beat out jordan spieth to win the award and joined lebron james, michael jordan, and larry bird as the only male basketball players to win the award and 85 years. yesterday, we told you the ap female athlete was serena williams. she got 50 first place. second place was holly lloyd. and third was ronda rousey. right behind her was the woman who upset her -- holly holmes. she knocked her out in the second round in melbourne, australia. new reports estimate the fight did between 1.1 million pay-per-view watches. it is among the fourth biggest pay-per-view events in history. it chooses not to release
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taking a look at college bowl games, marshall held on to win over connecticut in the st. petersburg bowl. washington beat miami and the sun bowl. washington gets it done over mississippi. and in the pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium, duke wins by a field goal in overtime -- 44-41. indiana would march back down to try to kick the field goal, it was ruled no good. it is really controversial because it looked kind of close. they cannot be reversed because it went over the top of the post. you cannot review it then. gerard: what would again be without a little controversy? very good. amber, thank you very much. still ahead, justin bieber may be the it guy in the music world.
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of gerard: that is from our london-based choir of national health service workers. the song's number one in the annual christmas song contest. it is a matchup of simon and garfunkel's bridge over troubled water and coldplay's fix you. they beat justin bieber to the number one spot. coming up on news three live at 6:00, today is turning out to be the biggest shopping day of the season. why a lot of people were not in the stores today to shop. plus, the drought. what one state agency is doing to make sure we do not run out of water.
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much more, coming up live at 6:00. meantime, that will do it for us. live at 5:00, we do appreciate you joining us. chloe mentioned it will be cold. be prepared. if you need more information, we have it all on our website nbc nightly news is straight ahead. we will be right back here in 30 minutes at 6:00. have a great evening. on this saturday night, state of emergency. after days of severe and deadly weather in the south, it's not over. tonight as some begin to recover, millions more face new tornado and blizzard warnings. firefight. the battle against a growing wildfire that threatens dozens of homes along a scenic part of southern california. tonight, we're on the front lines. cashing in on this day after christmas. time to shop all over again. the unhappy returns
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