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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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those unwanted gifts and snag those seasonal deals. news 3 live at 6:00 starts right now. announcer: this is news 3, live from las vegas area gerard: strong wind and a big drop in temperature making around across the valley tonight. good evening, i am gerard ramallah. chloe is in, she has a first look at the forecast. chloe: take a look outside how windy it is, the trees are shaking, the flags are going nuts. we will continue to see the breezy weather over the next few hours. current wind speed,m, sustained to 21 in centennial. this is the most up-to-date number you will see. outside, check this out in many neighborhoods -- reaching up to over 30 and even 40 miles per hour in many neighborhoods today.
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40 for centennial, and just to the east of us, also wind reaching to the mid-30's range. so far today, outside the valley is also very windy. check this out. 61 reported around mount charleston. 45 for torrey pines. as we take a look at conditions, the wind advisory remains in effect for gusty wind that will continue between 40-45 miles per hour. this creates a problem for people trying higher profile the a goals or ones with trailers attached to them. it could cause travel issues, so people driving the higher profile vehicles with trailers are advised to stay off the roads until the wind advisory expires after 10:00 tonight. a hard freeze warning is in effect outside the valley down into the teens and lower 20's tonight. here is a look at the sustained wind over the next few hours.
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get closer to midnight. overnight, calmer conditions, as well. we continue the next few hours, again, the wind advisory is up until 10 p.m. tonight. much colder but colder weather is headed our way for tomorrow. i will have details on that coming up in just a bit. gerard: ok, we have been warned. a height out at scenic red rocks ends in tragedy. search and rescue volunteers are working to recover the body. nathan o'neal joins us live with the latest on this tragic story. nathan? nathan: gerard, the hiker fell to his death about 80-100 feet out here in the canyon. according to metro police, this happened just before noon. as you can tell, it is still windy out here. that was a problem for metro's search and recovery efforts,
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take a look at video we shot just a couple of hours ago. this was the helicopter that managed to go out to the area. that was a couple of hours ago. as far as the recovery goes, we are told that the emergency call came in just before noon today out here at red rock canyon. specifically, the oak creek canyon, that is the last turn off for the camden area. metro called search and rescue and, volunteers for help -- the wind is causing a lot of problems, the amount of terrain they are having to deal with, as well. we are unsure exactly when metro was able to get the helicopter out there. we were told earlier today that they had some problems, as far as their plan of attack and how they will get out there with all of the winas far as the victim, he has not been identified yet. the clark county coroner will release all of that information.
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gerard: thank you for the update there. the coroner identifying the man who was shot and killed inside a room at the class a. david cordova died of multiple gunshot wounds to his chest thursday nighis wife is in jail right now, facing a murder charge. we are told the child was in the room at the time of the shootishe is not only facing murder but also a charge of danger in or neglect of a child. police say the couple was are arguing. a burglary suspect was shot and killed, and his identity is out. 34-year-old richard mcgee of california died in the shooting near fort apache and sahara. he was pounding on the door of the home, trying to force it open, when he was shot. says he ignored warnings and the person inside the apartment, who shot him
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no decision yet on whether the resident will face any charges. two las vegasns without a home, after ashes started a fire. it broke out near lake mead and jones. las vegas fire says the ashes spread to a neighbors house and a mantra to put it out with a garden hose. he suffered smoke inhalation and was treated at the scene. the strong wind blew the hot ashes on the pit, which had been lit great party the night before. damage is estimated now at $10,000. a late friday night shooting involving an off-duty metro officer and hers bows has been determined to be accidental. it occurred around 11:30 p.m. near decatur. the metro officer and her spouse were inside when a female relative who lives with them return home unexpectedly.
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the relative was hit by gunfire, she was taken to trauma centers with non-life-threatening injuries. new at 6:00, nevada's drought expected to be a topic governor brian sandoval will address in his upcoming state of the state address. a panel of experts spent most of the year analyzing the drought, and has handed the governor a list of recommendations on how to deal the public meetings were held around the state to get a better handle on the impact. one recommendations is to ramp up water conservation across the state. and still ahead here at 6:00, it is not over yet. severe weather hitting much of the country. we will have a look at the devastating death toll, and the biggest setback hampering rescue efforts tonight. also, how low will those temperatures go? chloe will be back in with more on this cold snap that is set to hit the valley tonight.
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and shoppers are returning to stores with one mission in mind -- to get the best deal. why today may be the busiest shopping day we will see all year.
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gerard: new at 6:00, the death toll in a series of deadly tornadoes that hit the south and the midwest is now up to 17. the latest twister touched down on christmas day in birmingham, alabama. fortunately, only minor damage is being reported. the bigger problem in the area now is the flooding. just in one community, 24 rescue device with what are crews in a span of just three hours. it touched down in mississippi, tennessee, and arkansas. meantime, thousands of people in northeast argentina dealing with severe flooding there. the uruguay river rose with a force not seen in 50 years. it is still rising. streets and homes are submerged right now. 20,000 pepele facing a mandatory evacuation. but 10,000 people have been forced from their homes. the flooding has killed at least two people.
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into a fire at a houston mosque. they say the fire appears suspicious tonight. after 200 people were inside for prayers. flames consuming the mosque. the fire was so intense, firefighters were forced to stay outside, thinking the roof would collapse. been found, which is why they think it was delivered lisette. still ahead on newsnight three live at six, the after christmas they'll is on. so are the bargains. we will show you the best deals at the stores, ahead.
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gerard: well, with the christmas holiday behind us, expect to see a lot of people out this weekend. according to a survey by american express, today may be the busiest shopping day of the year, head of black friday and cyber monday. christine kim is on the shopping beat tonight. christine: this is deborah elliott's eight year at jcpenney jewelry department. the supervisor says the prices the day after christmas are slahshed. >> hold onto your gift card, come in now and take advantage of the sale. christine: doors open at 8 a.m., a big day for shoppers to exchange unwanted gifts and take
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>> 75 percent off, i buy all my wrapping paper the day after christmas. christine: the sales are the best you can get. as retailers try to push out the old merchandise to make room for the new. retailers have reported record numbers this season, which is not over yet. >> you are not going to get a better deal. christine: she says her staff has nearly doubled. you spend $25 and you get $10 off. i think that is a deal, every day? right? here you go. christine: let us say you got a gift card to a store you do not like read many target stores will exchange that third-party card for a target card. the only catch is that the target card is of lesser value. i am christine kim. gerard: a massive firefight is
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this is the scene in ventura county in southern california. strong wind at spreading the fire just northwest of the city of ventura. it broke out last night, making a quick line for the pacific coast highway, also known as the 101. wind gust have been clocked at 50 miles per hour. the fire is also field by dry timber because the ongoing drought. dozens under mandatory evacuation orders right now. officials say it could take several days to get this fire and we are experiencing some of those winds here. chloe beardsley in for jerry brown as we can. it will also get very cold. chloe: last night we dropped down to the 30's. tonight, it is going to be in the 20's. cold weather will continue. the high tomorrow is not going to be very high. as we take a look outside, we
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not just in the valley but incheck out this time lapse from mount charleston. you can see how windy it was, reaching up to 60 miles per hour in some areas. we will continue to see this very strong wind over the next few hours. we would take a look at a few areas, boulder city looks like 43 degrees, why did d st now at 24 -- reaching up to 40. so far today, indian springs school, a bit of a different story. temperatures in the 30's outside right now. taking a look at the current wind speed, this is your latest up-to-the-minute wind speed. you will not find this anywhere else. we are seeing 17 miles per hour breezes for las vegas, variable conditions for downtown. lighter for the valley, and wind
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out, reaching 44 for centennial. 32 miles reported downtown grade also breezy weather in henderson. we will continue to see the strong wind throughout most of the evening. mount charleston, like i said, reaching up to 61 miles per hour. and as we take a look, we have a wind advisory that remains in effect for greater las vegas, including henderson. basically, the entire area you see in the tan color. there he gusty wind in mount charleston, up to 45. this remains in effect until 10 p.m. a hard freeze warning is in effect, that is the blue portion of your screen right here. temperatures dropping down to the low 20's overnight tonight, so very cold weather is expected to continue all across the area. north wind will continue being very strong over the next few hours, decreasing towards midnight.
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the look at the wind speed, this is the sustained wind with gusts reaching up to more than 45. colder conditions are expected, droppiow -- below our normal temperature for this time of year. we will see single digits tonight. 20 degrees for pahrump, 34 for mount charleston. highs tomorrow, like i talked about, not going to be very also, it is going to be a very chilly day for las vegas. you will want to bundle up. colder conditions, with light breezes just out of the north up to 10 miles per hour. as we take you up the next few days, not to warm, as you can see. not much change, and another system bringing us a few more clouds at the beginning of the work week. after that, not too much recovery-wise.
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warmest temperat have on saturday -- 53 degrees -- still below normal. so, no real warm-up headed our way. just a little more bearable in the week ahead. gerard: all of those people who were new to las vegas thinking it was all sunshine, they are getting a surprise. very cold. thanks, chloe. appreciate that. now that the presents have been unwrapped, the christmas tree recycling is in high gear. heading a program that will accept trees for more than three weeks at more than 30 drop off locations across the valley. that includes many local parks, many stores. for more information on drop off locations had to our website coming up, a controversial
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amber: every regular season since 1983, ncaa basketball rivals louisville cardinals a kentucky wildcats have a battle. they did it again at rupp arena, where john calipari was 61-1 against nonconference opponents. a win today would be his 200th with the wildcats. they were 1.5 favorites over the cards and rick pitino.
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he had 21 points and eight assists, including this one in the second half. he found a wide open alex poythress for the slam and the lead. but louisville and damion lee come back here. a long three cut the lead to just one point. less than six seconds in the game, down by two, the game-winning three? air ball. kentucky wins 75-73. john calipari gets his 200th win with the team and improves to 8-1 over the legal. in college football, right now, frank beamer is coaching h game with virginia tech. the hoagies facing -- the hokies in louisiana. after 29 seasons, frank beamer is going out with a bang. in the first half, tulsa and virginia tech combined for 76
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half in bowl history. 35-41 at last check at the half. virginia leads in the fourth quarter now. the number three has been unlucky for the indiana hoosiers, who took on the duke blue devils at yankee stadium today. hoosiers have lost their last three games. they were favored to win by three today, but ended up losing by three because of a controversial overtime, duke would take a field goal to give them the lead. indiana attempts to tie the game with a field goal, but it was called no good. here is another look. it passed over the top of the uprights. it was wide right. but because of ncaa rules, they cannot do anything about it. that rule says that field goals are reviewable, but if they pass over the upper right, they are
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other bowl game scores today, marshall holds on to win 16-10 over connecticut in the st. petersburg bowl. washington state beat miami in the sun bowl. washington gets it done against southern mississippi. and underway in a few minutes in santa clara, california, the foster farms bowl -- ucla plays nebraska. what did you think about the field goal? gerard: that is a tough call. amber: and that pesky rule -- over the top of the upper right. gerard: would not be a good game without controversy. amber: plenty of chances to make
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gerard: amber, thank you
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and counting until we say so long to 2015. and hello to 2016. news 3 is the place to be for the best seat to the fireworks show on the strip. all of the fun starts at 10 p.m. and it will not in until the last firework to shut off around midnight. i will be reporting from the cosmopolitan that night. hopefully, you will be up to join us there. coming up tonight, several countries in europe ramping up security because of a new terror threat. at 11:00, what we are learning about why the terror alert was sent out. plus, donald trump may be riding high in the latest polls. but at 11:00, our political analyst says the numbers are not telling the entire story of what is going othose stories, plus chloe beardsley with keeping tabs on the big chill.
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finally, here at 6:00, it is the day after christmas for us. in england and several other nations, it is boxing day -- when employees receive gifts known as a christmas box from their employers. yes, it like here, big discounts are offered to ramp up the holiday shopping season. reta britain expected to rake in $5.5 billion today. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? how y'all doing? i appreciate you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their third day.
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