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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  December 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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we start with a first look at the weather. chloe beardsley is tracking it from the weather center. chloe: gusty conditions is what we saw. although the advisory has expired, there is still some in effect for portions of the area, gusting in the valley right now. here is a look at the peak gusts so far in the neighborhood. 44 mile-per-hour wind, 39 miles per hour a north las vegas. as we look outside, calmer conditions across the eastern portion of the valley. neighborhoods, under 10 mile-per-hour wind, quite a breeze for el dorado and centennial. the wind continues to die down, but the real talker will be the temperatures. 14 degrees charleston, upper 20's pahrump.
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we have a wind advisory expiring in vegas. still an advisory to the east. but a hard freeze warning in effect for portions of indian springs, pahrump, some areas dropping to 15 degrees overnight. very cold air continues across the region as the air mass remains in place. we start off with very chilly temperatures tomorrow, starting in the 30's, overnight into the 20's. it looks like the cold weather will last quite a while. i will have the details coming up in a bit. gerard: it is chilly, but we would not ask you to go outside unless you are a reporter. we are joined live from downtown. a lot of folks braving the elements despite the impenfreeze. reporter: yeah, gerard, a lot of folks out here.
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here enjoying the extra long holiday weekend, and they say this cold snap will not scare them all.-- will not scare them off. ready or not, the winter chill is on. luckily, this family was prepared for this holiday getaway to las vegas. >> lately and has been warm, so i'm kind of enjoying the cold. reporter: the bone chilling temperatures taking some by surprise.>> the cold is not that bad, but with the wind it's awful. reporter: as temperatures dip near freezing, folks downtown have their own way of coping. >> just turning on the heater and that's it. >> i have to, like -- just keep out of it. nathan: chris brown was born and raised in las vegas, but if you ask if he was ready for the coldr --
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nathan: he is hoping the biggest chill will not last too long. >> 80, 85. i would say 75 to 80 is my ideal. nathan: hoping for those temperatures, but i know that's not th reality. we will have to do with the cold for a little bit longer. gerard, we had all day to lay her and get a cup of hot chocolate. i'm expecting that when i get back to the newsroom. i hope that you can make it happen. gerard: i would advise the san diegoans to do that. news 3 is the weather authority. jerry brown will have up-to-the-minute forecast information coming up tomomorning on news 3 live at 7:00.
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late into the evening to retrieve the body of a hiker who fell to death. the hiker fell about 80 to 1 00 feet in the oak creek canyon area, the last turnoff in the scenic drive. it is also the largest portion of the recreation area. the wind hampering recovery efforts. the hiker was in a group at the time of the death. that happened shortly before noon today. people try to save his life with cpr. the identity of the victim has to been relea coroner identifying a man shot inside the plaza. david cordova from north las vegas died of multiple gunshot wounds to his chest thursday night. his wife, maria escalon day, is in jail facing a murder cha child was in the room at the time of the shooting. escalanatte not only facing the
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endangered or neglected child. the couple was arguing at the time of the shooting.ashes from a fire pit started a house fire. that happened early this morning near lake mead and jones. ashes spread to the neighbor's house. and man try to put up a fire using a garden hose but suffered smoke in relation. he was treated at the scene. strong winds blew the hot ashes from the pit which had been lit for a party the night before. damage estimates are put at $10,000. cities in europe on high alert after the police nv and a warned of a potential terror attack between now and the new year -- police in vienna. reporter: the police nv and a, austria, say it came from a friendly intelligence service, warning of a possible bomb or gun attack sometime between
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they say they found no evidence of a plot, but they have increased security at big events austria as a precaution. >> we have asked the employees of the austrian train company and vienna transportation to inform us of suspicious items. reporter: it has been six weeks since the gun attacks and bombings tax in paris that left 130 dead. european capitals have been on a heightened state of alert ever since. two weeks ago, swiss authorities stepped up security around the united nations headquarters in geneva because otoday, a new audio message believed to be from the isis leader released, the first in seven months. it is 24 minutes long and in and he threatens israel, criticizes the new saudi-led coalition, and
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nbc cannot independently verify the authenticity, but it appears to be from baghdadi. gerard: republican front runner donald trump taking credit for homeland security's plans to deport families who came into this cnationwide raids expected to take place next month, focusing on hundreds of families who came here from central america.the plan is being condemned by democrats, but donald trump welcomes it. he says the plan is being implemented because of his regular calls to deport illegal immigrants. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders bringing his message to nevada tomorrow. he will campaign in reno. monday evening he will campaign here in vegas at canyon springs high school. doors open at 5:00. the sanders campaign running a
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sanders is running about 20 points below front runner hillary clinton. still to come -- a massive brush fire forces dozens from their homes. what sparked the blaze in the first place. and wild weather hitting hard the holiday weekend. a look at mother nature's ran. -- mother nature's wrath.
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gerard: a massive fire fight underway in southern california, fires northwest of the city of ventura. downed power line sent sparks flying into the vegetation, burning through 1200 acres. a dramatic home video from a family while driving home. they were not aware the fire was fast approaching. when they shot this video, burning embers landed on their car.
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600 firefighters right now trying to work to get that blaze out. two of them have been injured. dozens have been forced from their homes. the fire has burned 1200 acres but is 60% contained. a state of emergency underway in alabama as heavy rain and flooding paralyzing the central and northern parts of the state. a tornado touched down in birmingham. at least one person was injured, several homes damaged. the south suffering severe weather since before christmas eve when a string of deadly s hit mississippi, tennessee, and arkansas. the death toll has reached 17. new tonight, people in texas bracing for what could be an historic lizard, a rear snowfall blanketing el paso and for western corners of the state,
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more foot of snow on the ground in the higher elevations. that history work blizzard could hit the texas panhandle cities of amarillo lubbock and also into oklahoma. up to 15 inches of snow could fall overnight. the region is under a blizzard warning through monday. still to come -- the nightmare after christmas. tonight, severe weather rips a community apart. >> it's like a nightmare! gerard: deadly tornadoes moving across several cities. chloe: the wind is slowly starting to die down across the area tonight, but we are
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temperatures tongerard: at least four people are dead tonight after storms ripped through north, just south of dallas. several homes were destroyed, trapping people inside, closing the dallas fort worth international airport for about an hour. residents say it happened quickly. >> it was like a scary calm. we do not know whether to stay or leave, and then we were
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our house has nothing. and then one street over his total distraction. gerard: residents remain under flash flood and tornado 3 your weather authority, and we will check our own forecast. we have a bit of a cold snap overnight. and by that i mean below freezing. chloe: bone chilling temperatures, some reaing single digits ova hard freeze warning in effect for some areas. we are just getting it all tonight. we will take a look at the temperatures across the country. most of the country is seeing very cold weather conditions. our friends on the east coast are cooling down, but i feel sorry for the people who are living in bismarck.
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digits denver and las vegas cold wise is no exception. it looks friendly, but it is chilly. earlier today, the windy weather conditions not just in the mounta valley. woke up with a nice, clear skies, but we felt the wind through the day. a look at conditions right now, currently sitting at 14 degrees mount carlson, no wind, with gusts reaching 62 miles per hour. very windy weather. that continues to die down this evening. 44 degrees at bennett elementary school. the wind is constantly changing. 41 mile per hour wind reported there. outside in most valley neighborhoods, in the 30's and 40's. slightly warmer, if we call low 40's warmer, on the east side of town, upper 30's henderson, 40
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much cooler summerlin, 26. very gusty wind is what we sell earlier today. the wind speeds have died down significantly. a wind advisory in effect for the vegas area earlier expired 10 p.m. still in advisory until 6 a.m. the talker was the hard freeze warning in clark county overnight tonight. the chilly weather will not just settling today. not too much change is expected in the weather pattern on the satellite right the wind continues to die down this evening, but it will be very cold overnight tonight. i'm talking temperatures in the upper 20's for the las vegas area, significantly below are normal temperatures overnight. the wind dies down overnight, still breezes up to 15 are possible in some neighborhoods.
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single digits caliente, six degrees overnight. in the teens mount charleston, 20 degrees pahrump, 20 three sandy valley overnight. the highs tomorrow cooler compared with what w46 degrees mesquite, 47 overton, 46 degrees pahrump, 43 the high temperature in boulder city. another chilly day across las vegas again, below normal temperatures, the wind just out of the north at 10. call him or conditions are expected tomorrow compared with what we c --almer conditions are expected to them are compared with what we saw today.highs in the 40's the next several days, the temperatures overnight in the 20's. not too much recovery the next few days. the cool weather settles in. my recommendation, stay warm, crank up the heater, and bring
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>> it is been a rough year for demarco murray with the eagles. coming into tonight's game
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the eagles could pull into a first-place tie. the eagle score first, but then washington scores twice, leading 13-7. leading 16-10 before the half. on the last play, instead of spiking the ball, kirk cousins takes a knee, runs the clock out. 16-10 at the half. the eagles coming back in the third. 23-17 washington. but kirk cousin gets is for the touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of the game. washington colleges the nfc east and i was heading to the pl-- and is heading to the playoffs. 7-7, ucla, the freshman, leaving 14 haven't seven. they led 21-seven. brusca scores three straight touchdowns before the half,
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how about this, armstrong to morgan, one-handed. nebraska pulls off the upset. frank beamer's final game as head coach of virginia tech. tulsa started off with a quick touchdown. va tech gets the ball and they score quickly, 51 yards. that ties it up. later in the second, stroman fields the punt for virginia tech come 67 yards. 45-31 at the half. 86 points in the first half? beamer's team wins. did you see this, not so sunny at the sun bowl in el paso, texas, snow falling in the miami-washington state game, heavy snow in the fourth quarter. miami going for the win, but
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washington state gets the fumble and they hold on to win. the washington huskies win also, sodas marshall, and duke -- so does marshal, and duke beats indiana. sometimes a.p. voters have interesting votes. instead of derrick henry for the first time in six years as the winner, today, seth curry of the warriors, a male athlete of the year. unbelievable shooter, nice guy, but he beat out jordan spieth who won the fedexcup. and american pharoah, the first triple c winner in over 30 years for stop you can throw out the horse, but jordan spieth? we will see what steph curry can do. gerard: i think maybe they
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triple prize>> the way that jordan spieth is playing golf. gerard: finally, a louisiana police officer learns you never know who you may encounter oofficer lance benjamin was patrolling christmas eve with his window rolled down when an owl flew into the car. it was captured on his body camera. the owl started packing and scratching at the officer, causing them to crash into a ditch. fortunately, he only suffered a minor cuts and bruises. once the car door was open, the owl flew off back into the guardedness -- back into the darkness. chloe: that is so bizarre.
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